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Full text of "A history of the New York stage from the first performance in 1732 to 1901 [microform]"

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A history of 
the New York 
stage from the 

• performance ... 

^1 Thomas Allston 


or TBI 


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Of this hook s$8 ttfm ham kttu frittted firm 
pf wMth S3 7<^^ ^ 
JOS Mr detklen^e paptr 


or TKI 


Fr9m ihe First Performana in 

IJ32 to igoi 



In Three Volumes 
Vol. Ill 



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A " 5 Sjii 


Copyright, /poj 
By Dodd, Mead and Company 

Publishctl October, 190) 




Puot's Misic Hall i 

Grand Oi'era Houst: H vi.i i 

Apollo Hall i 

Ne>»comb's Hall t 

St. Jambs Thkatrk « 

San Francisco Minstrel Hall 3, go8 

Daly's New Fifth .Avenue Theatre 3 

FlSKE AND HarKLNS FlFHi AVEXLE ThEAIRF. . . . . . . . , 2J 

Havekly's Fifth Avenue THEAntE 39 

Stetson's Fifth Avenue Theatre 35 

Eugene Tompkins' Finn Avenue Theatre Si 

Miner's Firrn Avenue Theatre S8 

PancTOB's Fifth AvionTg Thrathf . . . . . . . . . . . 8a 

Bryant's M ivsntEL Hall . . . , . . . . . . . . . . 

Germama Theatre .♦.....♦.« 8i, %07 

Tony Pastor's New FoiTHrgFvrH ?>rHyFr Thfatrf . . . . . . &i 

Tammany Hall 84 

Hippodrome RR 

Gii-morf's Garpfv M 

Madbon Square GAamcw 88 

Booth's Theatre 94 

Union Square Theatri: 145 

Kerh's Theatre 190 

Park Theatre 100 

Abbey's New Park Theatre 194 

QpgRA House . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . axQ 

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Haverly's Comedy Theatre » 210 

New York Comedy Theatrf . , , , , , .. , , . . . . zjj 

Dockstader's Minstrel Hall 213 

New Gaiety Theatre a 15 

St. James Hall 221 

r.Ain-t' 'I'HFATBg . . . . . , . . , , , . . . . . . 221 

Savoy Theatre aaa, jS78 

Jonah Theatre 222 

Sam Jack's 'I'heatrk 222 

Theatre Comique a a a, S 46 

Princess Theatke 223 

Third Avenue TaEAiitE 223 

Aberle's American Theatre 223 

American Theatre aa4i 579 

Dick Parker's Theatre a 34 

Apollo Theatre 225 

Jacobs' Third Avenue Theatre 326 

Sanford's Third Avenue Theatre a.ia 

Eagle Theatre 235 


Manhattan Theaitu: 267, 57a 

Rrighixjn Theatre 273 

Thomas' Opera House 373 

St. James Opera House 373 

Wood's Broadway Theatre 374 

Broadway Oplka Holse 274 

Bijou Opera House a 74 

Bnou Theatre a8i 

Aberle's Theaihe 303 

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Grand Centkal Theatre 30;; 

John Thompson's Eighth Street Theatre .to6 

Hebrew Theatrf. 306 

Gerjian Theatre 306 

Comedy Theatre 30^ 

Harry Kesnedv's Thmatrk ^p-j 

Wallack's Theatrk 3io>3gS 

Palmer's Theatre 331 

Bryant's Opera House 367 

Darung's Opera House 368 

t^tntv-third street theatre 368 

Theaire Fraw^ab 36g 

St. James Theatre and Theatre of Akto 36^ 

Kositr & Bial's Music Hau 369, S74 

Trocadero Music Hall 370 

Gramercy Lyceum 370 

Bon -Ton Music Hall 371 

Colosseum 371 

New York Aquarium 371 

Crtterion Theatre 373» 6ia 

New Park Theatre 373 

Hyde & Behman's New Park Theatre, Museum, and Menagerie . 376 

Harrigan's Park Theatre 376 

Herald Square Theatre 385 

Broadway Theatre 3(j6 

Lyceum Theatre 4iq 

Metropolitan Opera House 44 « 

Casno Theatre 481; 

Temi'Le 'iHy^vrKF. 507 

Twenty-third Street Tabernacle . fjoq 

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Proctor's TwEwnr-THnu) Street Theatre jjop 

Metropolitan Casino IS14 

Metropolitan Alcazar 51$ 

Cosmopolitan Theatre 516 

CosMOPOiiTAN Skating Rink 

Garden Theatre 518 

Berkley Theatre Sja 

Berkuy Lyceum 532 

Mrs. Osborne's Playhouse 532 

Eden Musee 53a 

Empire Theatre 53a 

Fall of Babylon 546 

Harlem Theatre 546 

Central Music Hall 546 

Grand Palace Theatre S46 

Pendv's Gayety Theatre 547 

Cyclorama 547 

Harlem Opera House 547 

Columbus Theatre 558 

Harrigan's Theatre s6s 

Garrick Theatre f;66 

Schi^ey Music Hall 57^ 

Imperial Musk: Hall 588 

Weber & Fields' Broadway Music Hall 588 

Chinese Theatres 589 

Yiddish Theatres 58^ 

National Theatrk 590 

Columbia Theatre 590 


Nickelodeon Theaike 590 


Tkatro Itauano Theatre S90 

Abbey's Theatre S90 

KWICKERBOCKER THEATRE • • • 597 Music Haix 6oj; 

HuRTtG Ayp Seamon's Music Hall 60s 

Hammerstein's Olymha 60s 

LvBir Theatre . . . . . . . . . . . . . , (to^ 

Nirw Vnnic Thf^tpr . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . (na 

Carwbcie Hall 613 

Proctor's Ple.\sure Palace 6i .^ 

Murray Hiu. Thfairk- 614 

Metropolis Theatre 619 

Doris' Winter CiRgjs 619 

MotLIN RoCGE 619 

Dewey Theatre 619 

Vi(-mmA Thkatbf . . . . . . , , , . , , . . . . fian 

Rkitkih- Thuairk 621 

Belasco's Thf-AIHe 62a 

IWDEX 62ji 

Brief Index or Actors 657 

Brief List of Theatre Riots 669 

Brief Lisi' of Benefits 669 

1^ OF Theatres destroyed by Fire 669 

Brief List of Mai.f. iMPERsoNATEt) hy Women . 669 
Noi ABLE Events connected with i he Si age in America . . 670 




sin rtir> ^ .-ctr> ^ nSn nir) ^ nSr) .1^ nir) -iSra .t&d nir) rtin nir> 


LARGE hall in Pike's Opera House building, 
entrance to which was on Twenty-third Street, a 
few doors west of Eighth Avenue, was known as 
" Pike's Music Hall." The first entertainment 
given here was by McAvoy's " Hibernicon," Sept. 
7. 1868. When the Erie Railroad company pur- 
chased this building, they used this hall as their 
offices. November, 1884* it was again used for 
entertainments. It was reopened Nov. 15, as the " Grand Opera 
Hous£ Hall/' and various kinds of performances were given. 


SITUATED at the north side of Twenty-eighth Street, a few 
doors west of Broadway, was " Apollo Hall," erected by Mr. 
Peter Gilscy. It was two stories in height, the upper part being 
used (or lectures, readings, balls, and political meetings. The lower 
floor was devoted to public amusenients, and was first opened Oct 
16^ 1868, with a concert by Jerome Hopkins, the proceeds of which 
were given to the Orphan Free School Fund. Mme. de Lussan, 
Sig. D. Paoliccbi, D. 1). Griswold, C. H. Dibble, and J. W. Pierson 
appeared. James Taylor, the London comic singer, and a company 
consisting of Charles E. Collins, Mme. Stutafords, Mr. and Mrs. 
R. A. Brennan, and Mr. Kilner (pianist), appeared Oct. 19. Alf. 
Burnett, the humorist, Prof. Sharpley, and Helen Nash joined this 
company Nov. 2, which closed Nov. 21. On Dec. 22 the Hibernian 
minstrels began a short season. The hail then underwent a com- 
plete overhauling; was reopened April 17, 1871 as " Newcomb's 
HALL." W. W. Newcorob was the new manager of the place, 
which he called *'Nbwcomb's Hau." and for his first attraction 

vol. III.— t 


oflfered Billy Arlin^on's minstrels. In the organization were W. 
W, Newcomb, William Arlington, J. H. Surridge, Charles Reynolds, 
J. B. Donniker, J. H. Murphy, Chas. Henry, W. Henry Rice, Harry 
Stanwood, and J, H. Withers, and also Cincinnatus, the dancer, who 
made his first appearance in this city. After a season of two 
months, the company went on ** the road " and the hall was dosed. 
Thev returned in August, and appeared Sept, 4. The company was 
as follows: Wm. Arlinfjton, Walter Bray, Harry Stanwood, M. 
Lewis, James Edwards, Sam Price, Lon A. Meyers, Andy McKee, 
Chas. Hudson, J. H. Surridge, D. A. Vernon, W. Bartlett, Harry 
Percy, O. P. Sweet, and Jesse Williams, musical director. Business 
was bad, and they closed Sept. 30. The next managers were John 
E. McDonough and H. A. Rarnshaw, who opened the hall Oct. 
23, 1871, as "The St. James Hall." Thomas W. Davey (father 
of Minnie Maddern) was the business manager, and Jesse Williams 
'musical director. The name of the place was again changed, this 
time to **Trb St. James Tbbatre.'^ A vaudeville entertainment 
was given by Susan Galton, James Arnold, Alfred Kelleher, O, P. 
Sweet, J H. Surridge, J. D. Thompson, Clarice Vernon, Kate 
Ercvoort and E. D. Davies, ventriloquist (his American debut). 
Annie Lonsdale was the next manager. "..fiacchua«ll a burlesque, 
was presented Nov. 20, with Miss Lonsdale, Clara Fisher, H. J. 
Brompton, Miss Lewis, Mons. and Adele Thorpe, O'Neil, and 
Arthur Matthison in the cast. The ** season " lasted one week, and 
the theatre closed. 

On Jan. 8, 1872, James Steele Mackaye appeared in a play called 
* lMonaldi written expressly for him. Mr . Mackay e on this 
occasion made his d€but as an actor, and attempted to exemplify 
the practical utility of the Delsarte system of dramatic expression. 
He was supported by his pupil Miss Griswold as leading lady. Mr. 
Mackaye's acting was a novelty to New York playgoers, inasmuch 
as it consisted principally of gesture. This was the predominating 
feature of his system. For years Mackaye had lectured on the 
Delsarte theory of dramatic art. M. Delsarte was a Frenchman, 
who conceived the happy thought of reducing facial expression to 
a system, the key to which he claimed to have found. If to grow 
stiff and limp by turns, to roll the eyes uncomfortably, to gasp con- 
vulsively, to make wry faces of a distracting variety, were sufficient 
to constitute acting, one would easily become a great actor. Mr. 
Mackaye believed the efficacy of the theory he practised to be so 
great that a mere mechanical application of its so-called principles 
would make an actor of anybody. Will a simple knowledge of the 
rules of elocution make an orator? Does a knowledge of the prin- 
ciples of vocalization equip a singer ? Will the study of law make 
a successful pleader? That actors need to be educated to a certain 
extent in their art is not to be denied, but that any one Is competent 

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to become an actnr by merely receiving dementaty education, is too 
nonsensical for discussion. 

The company assisting Mr. Mackaye was: A. H. Davenport, J. 
W. Thorpe, T. A. Dow, C. W. Butler, George Clement, W. Glass- 
ford, Miss Griswold and Miss Gushing (afterwards Mrs. H. B. 
Lonsdale). On Feb. 10 the new plav " Marriage " was produced 
with Miss Griswold as Margaret; Nina varian as Alice Brooks; : 
A. H. Davenport, Mr. Brooks; Mrs. Keith, Mme. de la Vigne ; 
Mr. Mackaye, Carrol Gray. The season closed March 30, 1872. 
McEvw's Hibernicon (panorama) came next and closed June i. 
W. S. Mansell made his American d6but July 9, delivering a bur« 
lesque lecture in female costume. The next occupants of this house 
were the San Francisco minstrels, who bad given up their hall, No. 
585 Broadway. The managers were originalfy V^liam Birch, David 
Wambold, William Bemara, and Charles Backus, but Mr. Bernard 
withdrew from the company when they left the old hall, and did not 
appear here with them. They commenced on Aug. 26. W. S. 
Mnnaly was musical director. Beaumont Reid made his Americao 
ddbut on the opening night. They closed March i, 1873, and went 
on " the road." Swayne Buckley and Sam Sharpley's minstrels 
appeared March 3, with the burl£s^ue_ opera, " La Sonnarabula 
and a "first part.** They afterwards took off the 'first parF, and 
give a protean farce, followed by an olio and a burlesque opera. 
They closed March 22. Frank McEvoy's New Hibernicon com- 
menced April 14, for four weeks. This finished the career of 
this hall. 

Early in June, 1873, the Gilsey estate concluded to transform it 
into a theatre. Work was at once begun, and the theatre was com- 
pleted in December, 1873. The building had a frontage of 60 feet 
on Twenty-eighth Street. The parquet seated about six hundred 
persons, the first circle four hundred, and the second gallerv five 


AUGUSTIN DALY obtained the lease of the house, which 
he called "The New Fipth Avenue Theatre, and opened 
it Dec. 3, 1873. John Moore was stage manager; Harv^ Dod- 
worth, musical director ; and James W. Morrissey, treasurer. The 
company was: D. H. Harkins, George Clarke, Louis James, James 
Lewis, Charles Fisher, H. Coaway, Gcoige hrfces, F. Ifardenbergh, 
W. Davidge, D. Whiting. Owen S. Fawcett. Frank Chapman, W. 
Beekman, J. Deveau, J. G. Peakes, George F. Dcvere. John Moore, 
Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, Ada Dyas, Fanny Davenport, Sara 

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Jewett, Fanny Morant, Nellie Mortimer, Nina Varian, Miss Griffiths, 
Minnie Conway, and others. An opening address by Dr. Oliver 
Wendell Holmes was delivered by Fanny Morant. and a comedy by 
James Alberry, entitled " Fortune," was acted for the first time on 
any stage, but, proving a failure, was withdrawn at the end oi the 
The cast was: 

Major Hawley 
Scale Beosome . 
Baggersly Dumm 

Chas. Fisher 

Louis James 
James Lewis 

Tom Hawley 
Jack Keating 

Geo. Oailce 
D. H. Hsrkins 

David Whiting, Geo. F. Devere, Jas. G. Feakes, Frank Chap- 
man, Fanny Davenport, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, Sara Jewett, Minnie 

Conway, Nellie Mortimer (Mrs. George Devcrc), and Stella Cong- 
don (Mrs. Frank Chapman) were also in the cast. " Old Heads 
and YouneHearts" was played Dec. 8. "N gy Year's Eve" was 
presented jDec'g snd it; *' Alixe," Dec. lo, I3, antflbatin^e Dec. 

13; and "London Assurance," Dec. 13, 15. 

" The Parricide," by Adblph fielot, had its first representation 
Dec. 17, and with this cast : 

Daodard Chas. Fisher 

LuUa ...... \V. David 

Laurent Geo. Clar 

Matt re Glaven . . . J. G. Peakes 
Agenor ..*..«. J. Deveau 
Jean F. Chapman 

Dr. Roze John Moore 

Planchett Geo. Gilbert 

Pulcherie Sara Jewett 

EtnelienDC .... Minnie Cooway 
Mariette .... NetHe Mortimer 
Mmc. de Lerry . . . Nina Varian 

Mme. Delissier 

Fanny Morant^ Kitliat 

Mme. Serchapt 
Mme. Lc'ain 
Fille d'Air 
Mme. Thenvort 
TroniMttie • 
Belle Eloile 
Roule . . 
The Banker 
Emery . . 
Torin . . 
Kegimbaat . 
Ther-gmy . 

.Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
Stella Congdon 
Lizzie Griffiths 
Mary Marcy 
Miss Stuart 
. MiM Ben 
•", Hardenbergh 
. D. Whiting 
Lonis Tames 
Geo. Devere 
O. S. Faweett 

Hart Conway 
\V. lieekman 

"The Parricide," ran until Saturday night, Jan. 3, 1874, when "Man 
ind-VVii^!!. was revived for three evenings. Ada Dyas made Yar 

American debut, acting Anne Sylvester. " Saratoga " was revived 
Jan. 7, and ran until evening Jan. 17: JamesTTewis as Hob Sackett; 
Davidge acted Papa Vanderpool ; George Devere, Remington ; 
Louis James, Muor Whist; J. G. Peakes, Frank; O. S. Faweett, the 
Artist ; Minnie Conway, Lucy; Sara Jewett, Virginia; Mary Norton 
Marcy, Mrs. Gaylover ; Nina Varian, Lily ; D. H. Harkins, Jack ; 
F. Hardenbergh, Hon. Wm. Castor; Geo. Parkes, Mortimer; D. 
Whiting, Corndius; Hart Conway. Frederick; F. Chapman, Gyp ; 
Fanny Davenport, Kffie; Fanny Morant, Olivia; Mrs. G. H.Gilbert, 
Mrs. Vanderpool ; and Nellie Mortimer as Muffins. " Man and 
_\Vife. was repeated Jan. 17, 19, 21, 23, 24; "Saratoga," Jan. 20, 

" Fo iling/ ' adapted from the French by Aug. Daly, was acted for 
I the first time Jan. 27, and had this cast: 

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Count dc Marsilie . . Louis James 
Cotnroisury of Police . J. C. Peakes 
Bastieane . . . • Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Rentf D. H. Harkios 

Gcnevoiz Cbtt. Fisher 

Pontaune Jas. Lewis 

Theotlosic .... Minnie Conway 
Andr(5 Hart Conway 

fiencfoy O. S. Fawc«U 

BapdMc G. Gilbert 


Gudin . . 
Gaspard . 
Cousin Lanbe 
Gabridle . 
Laurent . . 
Folline . . 
Groom . . 
Aglae . . 
Mme. Leguepy 

W. Davidge 
Geo. Parkes 
D. Whiting 
Sam Jewett 
Ada Dyas 
Geo. Devere 
Fanny Davenport 
Nina Variaa 

Folline " was acted until evening Feb. 21, when "Love's Labour's 
Lost " was given with this cast : 

K\ag of Navarre . . D. H. Harkins 
Don Adriano de Araiado 

Charles Rsher 

Master Holofernes . . W. Davidge 
JaquenetU .... NclUe Mortimer 
Princess of France . . . Ada Dyas 
Lords . . . Gilbert and Beekman 

Biron Geo. Clarke 

Lonj^avilie Louis James 

Dum.iin Hart Conway 

Sir Nathaniel .... D. Whiting 

Dull ...... Owens Fawcett 

Costard James Lewis 

Moth Stella Congdon 

A Forester F. Chapman 

Boyet ...... F. Hardenbergh 

Mercade J. Deveau 

Rosaline .... Fanny Davenport 

Maria Sara Jewett 

Katharine Nina Varian 

Heins .... James G. Peakes 

It was withdrawn March 3 for W. S. Gilbert's ** Charity," acted 
for the first time ia America, and with this cast: 

Ted D. H. Harkins 

Smailqr F. Hardenbeigh 

Fred Gea Clarice 

Fitz Partington . . 
The Skioner . . . 

The Footman . . . . W. Beekman 

Mrs. Vanbargh Ada Dyas 

Eve Sara Jewett 

Jas. Lewis Ruth Fanny Davenport 

W. Davidge 1 Caroline ..... Lizzie Gritl^ths 

The Butler F. 

" Uncle's Will " w as seen for the first time in this city April 6, 
cast tnus : Cnsa. uashmore, Louis James ; Baker, W. Davidge ; and 

Florence, Sara Jewett. This one-act comedy and "Charity" ran^ 
until Tuesday, April 14, when Alex. Dumas' "Monsieur Alphonse**' 
was acted, for the first time in America, and received this cast : 

Mme. Guichard . Fanny Davenport 

Capt. Mantaglin C. FIstier 

Octave Geo. Clarke 

lovin Jas. Lewis 

memf F. Hardeabefgh) 

Raymonde Ada Dyas 

Manon .... Mrs. G. H Gilbert 

Bonette Nina Varian 

Adrienne Bijou Heron 

On the night of May 11 W. Davidge acted Remy in place of 
Frank Hardenbergh. It was acted until May 12, when Daly's 
'iPjvorcej' was given, for the first time in this theatre, and the 
cast was : 


Alfred Adriance . . . Geo. Clarke, Pam G. Gilbert 

Rev. Harry Duncan . . Hart Conway Jim J. G. Peakes 

Fanny Morant Flora Nina Varian 

Fanny Davenport Kitty Roberta Norwood 

Ada Dyas Capt. Lynde Louis James 


Mrs. Ten Eyck . 
Lu Ten Eyck . 
Fanny Ten Eyck 
Mrs. Kemp . . 
Templeton Jitt . 
Jud^e Kemp . 

Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
. ■ Jas. Lewis 
D. Whiting 

Christmas F. Chapman 

Guinea ..... W. Beekman 

De Witt W. Davidge 

Burritt C. Fisher 

Dr. Lang Geo. Devere 

Grace Minnie Conway 

Molly Nellie Mortimer 

" Oliver Twiat " was produced May 19 with this cast: Oliver 
Twist, Bijou Heron; Bill Sikes, Louis James; Fagin, Chas. Fisher; 
the Dodger, James Lewis; Nancy Sikes, Fanny Davenport; Rose 
Maylie, Adelaide Lennox. James W. Morrissey, the treasurer of the 
theatre, took a benefit May 20. "Love's Labour's Lost" was re- 
I>eated June 1 ; "Charity," June 2; and the theatre closed June 3, 
with *' Mons. Alphonse." The productions during the season were : 
" Mons. Alphonse," 46 times ; " Charity," 43 times; "Divorce/' 38; 
"_folline;' 26; "Parricide," 20; "Ali.xe," 14; " Man and Wife," 12; 
" Madeline Morel/' 12; " New Year^ Eve," 13; "Saratoga," 10; 
"Love's Labour's Lost," 10; "Uncle's Will," 9; " Fernande," 8. 

The next season opened Aug. 25, 1874, with Mr. Daly's original 
drama "What Should She Do?" Sol Smith Russell and Alice 
Grey were added to the company. The cast of Mr. Daly's play was : 

Countess of Kenmair, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
Earl of Kenmair . . . . C. Fisher 

Bob Louis James 

Fritters James Lewis 

Lamech .... F. Hardenbergh 
Peabodv . . . .Sol Smith Russell 
Lady Clavering .... Alice Grey 
Lady Elaine Sara Jewett 

Maggie Nina Varian 

Dianthe .... Fanny Davenport 

Lord Bazil Geo. Clarke 

Dr. Titcomb W. Davidge 

Kitty Lizzie Griffiths 

Ordway W. Beekman 

Clarris Emily Rigl 

Muckra F. Chapman 

It was withdrawn Sept. 5, for the " Fast Family," which had this 

Didier D. H. Harkins 

Forrmichel . . . . J. W. Jennings 

President O. S. Fawcett 

Polydore Stella Congdon 

Fanfan Bijou Heron 

Clotilde Ada Uyas 

Blanche Sara Jewett 

Adolphine Alice Grey 

Hector Louis James 

Benoiton .... F. Hardenbergh 

Fran(;oi8 Hart Conway 

Jole ....... W. Beekman 

Servant W. Eytinge 

Rose Nina Varian 

Camille Emily Rigl 

Josephine Lizzie Griffittts 

^'^^.^chool for Scandal," which Mr. Daly had the temerity to 
s given with this cast Sept. 12: 

C. Fisher 
. W. Davidge 
Geo. Clarice 
B. T. Ringgold 

Lady Teazle . . . Fanny Davenport 

Trip Sol Smith Russell 

Joseph Louis James 

Moses . Jas. Lewis 

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On Oct. to, for the flnt tfme on m stage, a dnmatie entntiin- 

ment, in a series of li ving tabl eaux, or the poem of the late Henry 
W. Longfellow pntiflpd " ["1^^ Hg^pging nf the Crane," was given, 
while the poem itself was recite3 by D. H. Harlcins. The pictures 
were framed witfrio ft background, by C. W. VVithem, and peopled by 
Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, Alice Grey, Nina Varian, Stella Congdon, W. 
Davidge, B. T. Ringgold, O. S. Fawcett, and Bijou Heron. This was 
fpUowod bf ft revivftl of ** The Critic," with tiiis cfttt: 

Poff James Lewis 

Prompter John .Moore 

Earl of Leicester 
Lord Burleigh . . 
Sir Chrifltoi^ier . . 
Sir Walter. . . . 

A Heef-eater . . 
Don VVhiskerandos . 
of IhaHocM 

Geo. i'arke.s 
Frank Chapman 
. Lewis James 
Sol Smith Rossdl 

. O. S. Fawcett 
. Wm. Davidge 

The Governor. 

ILm^^le . .. . 
Sneer . . 

Sentinels . . 

Talburala . . 

Her Confidante 
First Niece 

J. G» Paakes | SseoBd Niace . 

J. W. Jennings 
D. Whiting 
. Hart Conway 
( Wm. Gilbert 
' I Deveaa 
Fanajr DaTenport 

. Alice Grey 
Nina Varian 

Previous to " The Hanging of the Crane," was acted " The Tw o 
Widows ," for the first time: Fanny Davenport as Fra no i n e" ^leorge 
Clarke as Edith, Sara Jewett as Cecil, and F. Hardenbergh as 

The Yokes Fftmily appeared in " Belleu)£lhe Kitchen " at a fare- 
well performance Monday afteroon, Oct. 12. ~" Uncle's Will " waft 
also acted. *' The School for Scandal " was repeated C5ctrT5, 16 

Bronsoo Howftrd's **.Moorcrofl;i or ^e Double Wedding** 
seen Oct if, for tlie first dme on ftny s^e, snil luidthis cast: 


;i Moorcroft . . D. H. Harkins 
tred .Savergne . . . D. H. Harkins 
Russell Moorcroft . . Louis James 
Harriogtoa Gautry . . Geo. Clarke 
Kathenne (first appearance in 

New York) .... Annie Graham 
Bella V an Kenselar, Fanny Davenport 
Mia. l*Mcn ... Sol Smith RnsseU 


Rackett ...... James Lewis 

Joanna Nina Varian 

Marie Emily Kigl 

Peters W. Davidge 

Pete J. W. jsnnlttgs 

Dennis O. S. Fawcett 

Thomas F. Cbapoua 

Tifpiiia *..... Sysra jewen 


It was witbdrawB Nov. 3, 3, for " The School for Scftndftl*' 
" BeUe'ft Strfttagem " was prsscoted Nov. 4, and cast thus : 

Letitia HafdjT . . 
Doricourt . . . 

. Fanny Davenport 
. . Louis James 

Old Haidf W. DavidR,- 

Flutter JaaMS Lewis 

" Masks and Faces " was played Nov. 10, whea Louise Allen made 

her first appearance on the N«r Yorlt Stage in seven years. The 
comedy had this cast : 

Triplet . . . 
CoMBder . . 

Pomander . . 
P^ Woffington 

. . . G. Fisher 
Sol Smith Russell 

D. H. Harkins 
Fanny Davenport 

Snan . . 

Mabel Vane 

F. Hsrdeabeigh 
. O. S. Fawoett 

Louise Allen 
Bijou Heroo 

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This was Fanny Davenport's first attempt as Peg. " E ver ybody 's 
Friend " was acted Nov. 20, with James Lewis as Major Wellington 
TDe" Boots, and Louis James as Felix Feathcrley. 

Geo. Clarke withdrew from this theatre on Nov. 2, under the fol- 
lowing circumstances : It is the custom in all first-class theatres that 
all artists engaged in old comedies shall, if so required, wear no hair 
upon the face, so as to accord with the fashion of the period. On 
Nov. 2, The School for Scandal " was revived for two nights, and 
a notice intimating as above was posted in the greenroom of the 
theatre. Geo. Clarke did not remove his mustache, and on the 
evening in question some words passed between him and Mr. Daly 
in reference to his disobedience of the order. This occurred before 
the screen scene, and Mr. Clarke refused to appear in it, telling Mr. 
Daly that he might read the part himself. Hart Conway, however, 
assumed the character at a moment's notice. 

Dion I^Qucic ault's dramatization of "The Heart of Midlothian," 
was produced Nov. 21, with this cast : 

The Duke Geo. Parkes 

Chief Justice D. Whiting 

David Deans C. Fisher 

Queen Emily Rigl 

Jeanie Deans .... Louise Allen 
Effie Deans .... Nina Varian 

Madee Fanny Davenport 

Laird o' Dumbiedikes . . Jas. Lewis 
Counsel for Defence . Louis James 

" Yorick " was seen for the first time on any stage Dec. 5, and had 
this cast : 

Sharpitlaw G. F. Devere 

Ratcliffe . . . . F. Hardenbergh 

Geordie Hart Conway 

Archibald O. S. Fawcett 

Pat Regan .... J. G. Peakes 

Frank J. W. Jennings 

Reuben Geo. Gilbert 

Meg Mrs. C. H. Gilbert 

Shakespeare C. Fisher 

Walter F. Hardenbergh 

The Author Jas. Lewis 

The Prompter. . . J.W.Jennings 

Alison Sara Jewett 

Edmund .... B. T. Ringgold 
Marger)' .... Nellie Mortimer 
V'orick Louis James 

" I^ndon Assurance" was played Dec. 11, 12; "Yorick" and 
" Uncle's Will," matinee Dec. 12. " She Stoops to Conquer," Dec 
14, 15, and matinee Dec. 19. with Wm. Davidgc, Sen., as Hardcastle, 
Geo. Devere as Sir Charles Marlow, Louis James as Young Marlow, 
O. S. Fawcett as Diggory, Sara Jewett as Miss Hardcastle, and Mrs. 
G. H. Gilbert as Mrs. Hardcastle. " Man and Wife " was presented 
Dec. 16, 17; " Lond on Assura.nce," Dec. 18 ; " A New Way to Pay 
Old Debts," Dec. 21, 22, 23, with Edward L. Davenport as Sir Giles, 
and Sara Jewett as Margaret ; Dec. 28 " Pygmalion and Galatea " 
was seen here, with this cast : 

Pygmalion .... D. H. Harkins 
Leucippe .... Geo. F. iJevt-re 

Agesimos J. G. I'eakcs 

Cynisca Annie Graliam 

Daphne .... Nellie Mortimer 

Myrine . 

Chr \ SOS 

Nina Varian 
Carlotta Lcclcrcq 
Jamt's Lewis 
j. W. Jcnnitius 


"The Merchant of Venice" was acted Jan. 11, 1875, with E. L. 
Davenport as Shy lock, and Carlotta Leclercq as Portia. " Chari ty " 
was seen Jan. 18, 19. 

* * Women of the Day ." by C hjirles M orton, wai given Jan. 20, for 
tbe imi iraoe m toia ctqr. The cast nrab: 

Major Steele Jas. Lewis 

Frank Laidlaw . . . Louis James 
Theo. Prescott . . . Geo. Parkes 
Judge O. S. Fawcett 

Doctor W. Davidge 

Paul D. Whiting 

Mrs. PinkeUran . . NcUie Mortimer 
Mn. Samaoo . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Mrs. RivinglOB . . > Jean Bumside 
Mn>. Mestayer • . Fanny Davenport 
James ...... F. Chapman 

Robert W. Deeicraan 

Adelaide ..... Annie Graham 

Amelia Lizzie Grii&ths 

Clara Sara Jewett 

Bella Nina varian 

" The Big Bonanza," was acted here Feb. 17, and had this cast : 

Jonathan CawaUader . 
Fraf. CawaUader . . 
Mrs. Lncretia CawaUader 

Annie Graham 
Mis. Caroline CawaUader 

Mn. G. H. Gilbert 
Mile. deVfode . . . Nina Varian 

EIHs Griffiths 

Uncle Rymple ... W. Davidge 
Bob Unggkm John Drew 

C. Fisher 1 Jack Lymer ... fi. T. Ringgold 

Jas. Lewis | Alphonsus Geo. Parkes kr .... Nellie Mortimer 

Mouser O S. Fawcett 

Crumpets J. W. Jennings 

Tsffii^ W. Bcekmaa 

Isau J. Deveaa 

John Sullivan 

Virgie Emily Kigl 

Eogimla .... Fanny Davenport^ 

On the afternoon of April i a charity benefit for the Central Dia- 
penaaff ma given, 'f, 4 Bull in a China Sh oo." by Frank Mayo and 

his company, Sol Smith Russell in a monologue entertainment, H. 
J. Montague and Ada Dyas in " A jia apy Pair." " Uncle's Will," the 
second and tbhd acta of "JThe big^ Bonansi,'' and Dan Bryant's 
minstrels was the entertainment. ' 

James W. Morrissey, the treasurer, took a benefit afternoon April 
21. when were acted " The Big Bonanza," and the screen scene from 
** School for Scandal ; " Zelda Harrison Seguin waa heard in ballads, 
and Marie Aimce in her song and dance, "Pretty as a Picture." 
A matinee benefit April 28. in aid of the fund for tbe widow and 
children of Dan Bryant. Thia waa the first matinee benefit under 
the direction of Augustin Jalyt who had withdrawn from co- 
operating with his brother managers. The entertainment con- 
sisted of a memorial address by the Rev. O. B. Frothingham; 
the singing of ** Massa'a in the Cold, Cold Ground,'* by the quartet 
of the San Francisco minstrels, including D. S. Wambold, Carl 
Rudolph, R. E, McGuckin, and A. H. I'elham. (A scene had been 
expressly painted for this by James Roberts, representing a view of 
an Old Kentucky plantation, with field hands and a grave in the 
foreground, with a negro kneeling at its side): the last four acts of 
*M^ndon Assurance " were also given, with this cast : 


I o 



Lady Gay Spanker, Fanny Davenport 
Grace Harkaway . . . Emily Kigl 
Sir Haic ourt C ourtley, Charles Fisher 
Charlca Conrlley . • . Geo* Parlces 

Dolly Spanker . . Owen S. Fawcett 
Solomou Isaacs . . . Geo. Gilbert 

Pert Nellie Mortimer 

Max Harlonra* . . . W. DavidM 

Meddle Jamea Lewb 

Danle B. T. Rtnggold 

Cool Frank Chapman 

James W. Beekman 

The performance cooduded with " The Good for Nothing," which 

had this cast : 

Tom Dribble* I. Lawial Young Mr. Simpflon . F. Chamaaa 

Chalky IoluiDt«w|l«ania G. Gilbert 

Hairy Johntoa . . . O. 8. Fkficett|Naa BQwiHaMi 

"XheJBij^ Bonanza" had its one handfedth rqyreaentatkm May 

24. The season closed June 28. 

The Voices Family reappeared here Aug. 2, in " Belles of the 
Kitchen ; " and "•His Own Enemy " was also seen, for the first time 
in America. *' A Bunch of Berries" was done Aug. 9, for the first 
time in America, and repeated week Aug. with " I|ivjng Too 
EagtiJ' Aug. 21 "Nan the Good for Nothing " and "JJtfi,WroQg 
Man in the Right Pl ace" were given, on which date the Voicei 
family closed. 

"The Big Bonanza" was revived Aug. 23. Fannie Frances and 
Maurice Barrymure were in the cast ; this wa^ their first appear- 
ance here. "The Mexican Juvenile Troupe" opened Aug. 30 for 
one vredc in **La Grande Ducheiie/' and Sept. 6 in " Kobinaon 

Augustin Daly commenced his next season Sept. 13, 1875, with 
• "Sarato g a." previous to which John Broogham delivcared anopen- 
ingaddreai. "Saratoga" had this cast: 

Jack Benedict 
Pi^ia Vandarpod 
Hon. Win. Otrter 

Reniin<;ton P^re . 
PVedcrick Carter . 
Old Wcathertree . 
Mrs. Vanderpool, 
Mrs. Gay Lovir 
Ully liTiagatooe . 
Bob Sackett . . 

. . D. H. Harkins 

. . Wm. Davidge 

. F. Hardenbergh 

. . . John Moore 

. . . John Drew 

. . . J. Deveau 
Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

. . . May Nunez 

. . ^te Holland 

. . . Jas. Lewis 

Major WUst 
Grip . . . 
UtdefieM . 

Sir Mortimer 

Kffie . . . 

Lucy . . • 
The Widow 
Maffias . . 

. W. Beekman 
Wm. Gilbert 

Geo. Parkes 
Fanny Davenport 
. Jeffreys Lewis 
. . Alice (]rcy 
. . Emily Ri^l 
. Sydney cowdl 

It was acted until the evening of Sept. 18, when " Our Boys " had 
its first American representation and this cast: 

Feikya MkUkarick . . James Lewis Chas. MkkUewkk . .D. H. HaiUna 

Mary Meiiose . . Faony Davenport Sir Geoffrey .... Clias. Fisher 

Violet Melrose . . . Jeffreys I.ewis Kcmpster J- Deveau 

Miss Champneys . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert Poddies W. Ueekmaa 

TUbot ChanpaeySi Maarke BairyaMre Belinda Sydney Cowdl 

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Edwin Booth, who had been announced to appear Oct. 4, met 
with a serious accident near his residence at Cos Cob, Ct. While 
out riding, in August, he was thrown from his carriage, his left 
arm and two or three of his ribs broken. "Our Boys" was re- 
peated and ran three weeks. After an absence of two years from 
the metropolitan stage, Edwin Booth commenced in " Hamlet, " Oct. 
2$, which was repnted Oct. 26^ 27, 39, and natinfo Oct. 3a The 
cast was: 

Polonius Chas. Fisher 

King V. Hardenbcrgh 

Gravedigger VV. Davidge 

Horatio B. Rinsgold 

Ophelia JtBnju Lewis 

Hamlet Edwin Booth 

Ghost D. H. Harkins 

Osric Geo. Parkes 

Guildenstem John Drew 

Queeo Alice Grey 

Laertes .... Maurice Barrymore 

" The Apostate " was played Oct. 28, evening Oct. 30; Richelieu," 
Nov. I, 2. 5; "Othello," Nov. 3, 4, Mr. Booth as the Moor; Nov. 
6, Mr. Booth as lago. On Nov. 8, 9, 10, 12, for the first time 
in this city, Edwin Bootii's own version or adtaptation of Shake- 
speare's " Richard II." was seen : 

Richafd Edwin Booth I Queen 

BofingbrolM .... Dan Harkins I 


Maurice Barrymore, Chas. Fisher, and F. Hardenbergh were also 
in the cast 

For the matinee of Nov. 10, Booth acted Claude, to Fanny Daven- 

K>rt's Pauline; Hamlet Nov. 11; as Shylock Nov. 13; Hamlet 
ov. 15-18 and »adn€e Nov. 20; Nov. 16 and 17, " King Lear; " 
matinee Nov. 17, "The Stranger" and "Taming of the Shrew," 
Fanny Davenport as Mrs. Haller and Katharina; Nov. 19, " Riche- 
lieu;" Nov. 20. "Othello," Booth as lago. He acted all this 
engagement with his left anD in a ding. He closed Nov. 2a 

Clara Morris, after an absence of three years, appeared Nov. 22, 
in " The New Leah " : 

Lorento W. Davidge 

Joseph .D. H. Harkins 

Fritz John Drew 

Jacob W. Beekman 

Hans 'J- Deveau 

Franr G. Gilbert 

Meenie Jeffreys Lewis 

Father Heoaias . . F. Hardeoberffh 
DMneEUe . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbat 

Owing to ill health, Clara Morris closed abruptly after the matinee 
Nov. 27. 

" Our Boys " was revived Nov. 29, with James Lewis as Perkyn 
Middlewick. The theatre was closed Dec. 13, and reopened Dec. 
14, with the first performance on any stage of "Pi9,ue/' which- had / 
this cast: " I 

Mother Grochen 
Frank . 
Rosie . 

MizacI • 
Marth.i . 
Esther . 
£sther, a child 

. Kate Holland 
. Bdk WhjurtOQ 
Ftorcnce Wood 
. . John Moore 

Cbas. Fisher 
. . Alice Grey 
. Clara Moms 
. . BelU Finch 

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/ Matthew Standnh . . Chw. Fiiher 
I Arthur Standfih . . D. H. Harlcini 

■ Raymond Leasing . M. H. Uarrymore 
f Rajj-Monney Jim . . F. Hartlenhergh 

I Little Arthur .... Belle Wharton 
Mabel Renfrew . . Fanny Davenport 
Aunt Dorothy . Mn. G. H. Gilbert 
Mother Thames . . . Kate Holland 

I Sylvie Liuie Griffiths 

Cfr. Goasitt . . . John Bronfham 

Sammv Dvmple . . . • Jas. Lewis 
Thorsby Gyll John Drew 

Picker Bob ... C. H. Rockwell 

Pedckr W. Davidge 

Rattlin W. Beekman 

Capt. Spears J. Deveaa 

Ludlle Renfrew .... Emily Rigl 
Mary Standish . . . Jeffreys Lewis 
Raitch Sydney Co well 

Ten performances were given the week of March 13, 1876, matin6e8 
Monday. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Silver change was 
given at the box office every evening during the week, except Friday, 
when gold change was given instead of fractional currency. Georgie 
Drew was seen April 17, as Mary Standish, her first appearance in 
New York. The one hundred and fiftieth performance of " _Piqu^," 
occurred April 28. It was acted until Saturday night, May 6, when 
D. H. Harkins took a benefit and presented " Money " : Lady 
Franklin, Fanny Davenport; Clara Doug^las. Georgie Drew; Stout, 
John Brougham ; and Alfred Evelyn, D. H. Harkins. "_£iftiie " was 
given week May 8, excepting the evening of May 13, when John 
Brougham had a benefit; " The Serious Family " and "J^aijojn,^^^ ' 
were acted: Capt. Murphy Mag^ire, John Brougham; Sleek,~W. 
Davidge; Torrens, Maurice Barrymorc ; I.ady Sowerby Crcamly, 
Mrs. G. H. Gilbert ; Mrs. Torrens, Georgie Drew ; Emma Torrens, 
Sydney CoweU; Mrs. Orrosby Delmaine, Fanny Davenport. The 
p cast or " Ptocahontas " was: 

I Pocahontas .... Sydney CoweU Opodeldoc John Drew 

I John Smith . George Vining Bower.s Wee-cha-ven-da . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
Mynheer Rolfe . . F. Hardenbergb Powbaitan .... John Bn>uj(ham 

' ' PiqiifL" was acted the week of May 1 5, except Saturday evening, 
May 20, when James Lewis took a benefit, and gave '* Charity " for 
the first time this season : Fitspartington, James Lewis; Dr. Ather- 
ney, Chas. Fisher; Ruth, Fanny Davenport; and Howard (first 
appearance in this city) as Mrs. Vanbrugh. " VVeak Woma n *' was 
also acted for the first time in New York, and had this cast : 

Capt Ginger .... James Lewis Edivards W. Beekman 

Arthur C Rockwell Lillian Svdn^ CoweU 

Dr. Fleming .... W. Davidge Helen Geanle Drew 

Tootles John Drew Mrs. Guutt . . . Mis. G. H. Gilbert 

Phillip Fanshawe ... D. H. Harkins 

•J^ique " was seen the week of Mav 22, except Wednesday matin(^e, 
May 24, when Fanny Davenport took a benefit. " As You Like It " 
was acted, with this cast : 

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Orisndo • . . • Iawkbcs Dwelt 

Jaques E. L. Davenport 

Duke Frederick .... Rockwell 

Touchstone W. Davidge 

Rosalind .... Fauioy Davenport 
Phebe Majr N«a«s 

AmicM Wm. Cattle 

Adam Chns. Fisher 

Oliver Du Bois . . . M. liarrymoie 
Banished Dlllce ... D. Harkins 
Celia . . . . > . Ctorglt Drew 
Audrey Sj&atf Cowdl 

In act four Fanny Davenport sang " The Cuckoo " song. At 
night "Jique " was played tor the one hundred and seventy^fifth 


William Davidge had a benefit May 27, when the same programme 
as at Mr. Brougham's benefit was given. " fique^' was acted the 
week of May 29, except June 3, when Stephen r istc, the business 
manager of the house, took a benefit. The second, third, and fourth^' 
acts of " Frou F rou " were given, for the first time in five years. j 

Froo Frou (first time in ■ Baronne . . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert ' 

New Yoric) . . Fanny Davenport Pauline Sydney Cowell 

Henri de Sartorj-s D. H. Harlcins Pitou C. Rockwell ] 

V'iconue lie Valreas . M. Harrymore Louise (ieorgie Drew ' 

Hrigard W. Davidge j Vincent J. Devc^u ,' 

The Baron Jas. Lewis | Zanetto W. Beekman ' 

Sol Smith Russell followed with his specialties, after which 
" JenniH^ji}|^j|M,lgst^" was played, with Fanny Davenport as Jenny 
iJ^ffienungsTrRenSm the Madrigal Boys and the sketch " '^'^t'"""' 
Twins ," in which W. Davidge, John Drew, John Brougham, and 
Sydney Cowell appeared. " ^ique " was acted the weeks of June 
5 and June 12, except matinec^une 17, when the same bill given 
at Mr. Brougham's benefit was presented. 

Augustin Daly took a benefit afternoon and evening June 23, 
and the following was the programme: afternoon, " Divorcei** 
with the first appearance at this theatre of Mary WelS! In the 
evening, " Piqn«»," for the two hundredth time, with D. H. Harkins 
as Matthew Standish ; Capt. Arthur, C. H. Rockwell ; Capt. Speers, 
W. Beekman; Mary Standish, Georgie Drew; Mother Thames, 
Ltzsie Griffiths ; Rag-Monney Jim, Sol Smith Russell; Picker Bob, 
J. Deveau; Sylvie, Florence Wood. The rest of the cast as on 
previous occasions. Georgia (Slavin's) minstrels followed, also 
Fay Templeton and Sol Smith Russell. A solid silver ticket was 
presented to each lady in the audience holding a reserved seat. 
** Jique " was acted the week of June 26, also matinee Tuesday, July 
4, and was withdrawn after Saturday night, July 29, its two hundred 
and thirty -eighth performance, and the theatre closed. 

During the season 1875-76 there were acted " Hamlet," nine times ; 
" Richelieu," five; " King Lear," three; " Richard II.," four; "The 
Merchant of Venice," one; " Othello," four; " The Apostate," two; 
**Tbe Lady of Lyons," one; *' The Stranger," one; "Taminic of the 
Shrew," one; **Piqile," two hundred and thirty-eight; *',Jbe^Bi|^ 

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^onanzaj" one week ; " SarjUoga^" one week ; " Our Boys," seven 
weelo;' *' Th^JisxJxth," one week. 

A summer season opened July 31, with the first appearance in New 
York in two years of Edward A. Sothern, in " Our American Cousin." 
In the cast were JefTreys Lewis, Ada Gilman, Alice Grey, WiUiam 
Davidge, Meroc Charles, O. S. Fawcett, B, T. Ringgold, M. C. Daly, 
John W, Jennings, and John Moore. This bill kept the stage until 
Aug. 28, when "David Garrick" was given, and Clement Bainbridge 
aiade his first appearance in New York as Jones, and Annie Ddand 
her first appearance here as Mrs. Smith, Mr. Sotbern played "Dun- 
dreary " Sept. 6 for his benefit, and closed Sept. 9. 

The regular season opened Sept. 12, 1876, with the following com- 
pany : John Brougham, D. H. Harkins, James Lewis, Wm. Davidge, 
Frank Hardenbergh, Maurice Barrymore, John Drew, J. H. Ring, 
B. T. Ringgold, Henry Crisp, Charles Fisher, Geo. Parkes, John 
Moore, Bainbridge, Cbas. Roclcwdl, Charles Ledercq, C. H. Morton, 
Deveau, Beekman, Geo. Gilbert, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, Emily Rigl, 
Sydney Cowcll, Jeffreys Lewis, Alice Grey, Ada Gilman, Hattie 
Richmond, Gubrielle du Sauld, Florence Wood, Meroe Charles, Mary 
Wells, Georgie Drew, Josie Moore, Kate Holland, May Nunez, Annie 
Deland, Miss Vinton, and Miss Boyd. "Money" was the Opening 
bill Sept 12, and had this cast: 

Oara Douglas . . . Jeffreys Lewis 

Evelyn Chas. Coghlan 

Stout John Hrougham 

Graves Chas. Fisher 

Sir John Vowy . . . W. Davidge 

Lofd GloswBore . . . Gso. Parkin 

Sir Pfcdcrfe .... M. Banyoiore 

The Old Member 

Dudley Smooth 


Georgiaoa Vesey 
Lady FanUis . 
Fraats . . . 
Toke .... 

J. H. Ring 

John Drew 
W. Beekman 

Emily Rigl 
Mary WeUs 

F. Bennett 
. J. Deveaa 

This was the American debut of Chas. Coghlan, and first appear- 
ance in New York of J. H. Ring. *' Money" was withdrawn Sept. 27 
r for "Life/' for the first time on the American stsge, adapted from 
' the ^?ench by Mr. Daly, and had this cast : 

Schuyler Samples . . Charles Coghlan 
Mrs. Masham MaUloiy . Amv Fawsitt 

Signorina Sanltl 
MUM Bcigbtstan 
Chomley Calvert . 

Spirit of the Sun . 
Spirit of the Snow . 

. Elsie MtKjrc 
. MlM Vinton 
Jdm Brougham 
Marie Bonfanti 
Mile. Sohlkc 

Mrs. Brown BostonyMn. G»H. Gilbert 

Pony Mutuel J. Lewis 

Lynn Lessurely . . . . C Fisher 
_ Frank Do4ge • • • Banymoie 

Lord Lomas J. Dcvcau 

Capitola Sydney Cowell 

Jenny Helen Dingeon 

Da»b W. Beekman 

Ethd Emily Rigl 

Harry Gresham ... G. Parkes 
Nosen Foki&s .... W. Davidj^e 

Traditi J. H. Ring 

Mrs. Gresham . ■ . Georgie Drew 

Mary Ann Mary Wells 

Sig. Okri ..... F. ficmtett 

This was the American d^but of Amy Fawsitt. She played until 
Oct. 10^ when she withdrew from the company, having made what 

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proved to be her last appearance on the stage the previous night. 
Geoigie Drew Msuined tbe cbaractar tcted by MIm Fawsitt, md 
played it during the remainder of the run of the oomcdy. Any 
Fawsitt died in this city Dec. 26, 1876. 

The short career of this lady in America was a sad, sorrowful, and 
•ombre one. On Oct. 3 she left the Stnrtevant House, where she 
lived during the greater part of her engagement at this theatre, and 
moved to a furnished apartment bouse in Eighth Avenue. Miss 
Fawdtt toM a woman living en tbe tame floor that tbe had gone 
there to escape the temptations to drink afforded by a large hotel, 
where there was much company and life. She was accompanied by 
Miss Dollman, her maid, whom she had brought from England. 
After remaining wtth her m week or two the maid left, and from that 
time Miss Fawsitt came completely under the control of a man re- 
siding in tbe same house. Advantage was taken of her weakness for 
lk|oor to keep her constantly tmder its inflnence; her money was 
stolen from her, her dresses and jewelry pawned, and she was kepi 
under lock and key and habitually abused and beaten by the drunken 
brute, who finally, in a fit of jealous rage, dashed her headlong over 
tbe balustrade and down a long flight of stairs into the hall below, 
where she lay bruised and unconscious till he carried her back to her 
rooms, threw her on the floor, cutting her head, and kicking her 
violently in the stomach, and leaving her locked up alone throughout 
the entire night. Three days after receiving this violent treatment 
Miss Fawsitt breathed her last. 

The mysterious manner in which Miss Fawsitt's death occurred, 
and the way in which ber itinera] was condwtted, would biive been 
sufficient to arouse suspicion. But the young woman's habits of in- 
temperance were, unfortunately, well known, and it was thought by 
the few who cared for her at all that it would be an act of Christian 
charity to make no inquiries and let the wlude affiiir die oot as soon 
as possible. In this it will be seen that a great wrong was done to 
Miss Fawsitt; for, though it would be impossible to defend her 
agrinst the chatge of intemperance, the peculiar circumstances in 
which she was placed and the treatment she received certainly go 
far toward clearing her memory firom the odium which was heaped 
upon it. 

Her funeral took place from **Tbe Little Church Around the 

Corner." The remains were temporarily placed in a vault in Second 
Avenue, prior to their removal to England Poor Amy I Fortune 
seemed to frown upon her first appearance here. The story of ber 
short sojourn here was a drama in itself. Her griefs and her errors 
were alike sacred, but in all her troubles, whether they affected her 
business relations or her own hearthstone, she was a good woman. 

Here, In a strange land, she met only the jealousies of ber pcofes- 

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sion and the cold hand of indifference. For weeks she could retain no 
food, and the last words which were heard to pan her Hpa were : ** I 
am hungry." She died in the silence of her chamber, alone and un- 
attended. There were only one actress and three actors in the 
church at her funeral — Adelaide Lennox, Charles A. Stevenson, H. 
J. Montague, and Harry Beckett. Is it not strange, is it not painful 
that, out of a profession comprising so many members who had acted 
with her in this city and iJondon, only four should have thought it 
worth while to stand at her bier? 

'^xje" was acted nntil Saturday evening, Nov. i8t when " As 
You Like It" was presented for the first time this season, and the 
cast was: 

Amieni Wm. Castle 

Jaques Chai. Fisher 

DuKc in Exile , . . . C. Rockwell 
Duke Frederick . . . Geo. Parkes 

Le Beau F. Bennett 

Charles, the Wrestler .... Laflia 

Audrey Sydnev Cowell 

Silvius John Drew 

Corin J. H. Ring 

Sir Oliver .... Frank Willard 
Adam F. Hardcabcigb 

Oliver ...... M. Bairymora 

J aaues, son of Sir Rowland F. Bennett 
Orhndo .... Chas. F. Co<jhlan 

Celia Jeffreys Lewis 

Phebe May Nunez 

Hymen Helen Diogeon 

Rosalind .... Fanny Davenport 

William w. Reekman 

Touchstone W. Davidge 

Dennis ..... Tboa. Francis 
Lord J. Deveau 

The Prince of Wales Theatre. London, Eng., version oC "The 
School for Scandal " was done Dec. 4, with this cast : 

Cliarles ....... C. Coghlan 

Oliver Joiin Brougham 

Bumper Wm. Castle 

Sir Peter C. Fisher 

Cardess Geo. Parkes 

Rowley J- ^ '^'"'^ 

The Prologue . . . Jeflfreys Lewis 
Mrs. Candour . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Fanny D.ivcnport 
Mary Wells 

L.ndy Tc.i/lc 
Lady Sneer well 


Moses W. Davidgv 

Crabtree .... F. Hardenbcrgh 
Maria Georgie Drew 

Joseph D. H. Harkins 

Sir Beiuamin J. Lewis 


The Amaranth amateurs, of Brooklyn, gave a matinee performance, 
Dec. 13, of ".Man and W*^**," for the benefit of the Cuban patriots. 

" The American " was acted Dec. 20 for the first time on any stage, 
li was an adaptation by Mr. Daly from Alex. Dumas' " L'Estrangcre." 
The cast was : 

The Duke C. Coghlan I Mrs. C 

M. d'Ermdine . . , T. M. Francis ' Serv.-in 

Alaia J. U. King 

Servant J. Deveau 

Mme. CalmcRm . . . . Miss Vinton 
Dr. Rcmolne . . John Brougham 
Duress de Septmeots 

Fanny Davenport 
MarcfaioiicM Mrs. G. H. GiBMrt 

Clark son . . . Jeff revs Lewis 
t .... W. H. 
Mme. d'Ermeline . . . May Nuner 

Isa Clarkson J- Lewis 

Mariceatt C. Fisher 

Gerard M. Barnrm ore 

Dc Herncottrt .... Geo. Parkes 
liaron F. Bennett 

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Its last performance was Jan. 12, 1S77. 

" The Lady of Lyons " was played matinde and evening Jan. 13, 
with Fannv Davenport as Pauline, and Chas. F. Coghlan as Gaude 
Melnotte, for the first time in America. " Lemons , or Wedl ock f or 
Seven," was produced Cor the first time Jan. 15, and liaiTthisTSDRT 

Lord Lnftus . 
Major Gooseberry 
Jack Perryn . . 
BeaDie Staric . . 
Emma Loftos 

John Brougham 
James Lewis 
, Chas. Co;;hlan 
Henry Crisp 
. BdlftWhanmi 

Annie Carria Vinton 

Drummer .... F. Hardenbcrph 

John F. Bennett 

May Stark. . . . Fanny Davenport 

Mrs. Stark . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
Marzie ...... Sydney CoweU 

Bertha Emily lUgl 

Matinee Jan. 17 a benefit was given to the poor of St. Stephen's 
Parish, under the direction of John Brougham. Charles Coghlan 
took his first benefit in America March 10, when be acted " Ham- 
let " for the first time in America, with Fanny Davenport, Ophelia, 
for the first time. "Blue G rass" was produced March 12, anid had 
this cast : " 

Estie Fanny Davenport 

Sophie Emily Rt^l 

Mrs. Bull • . . Mrs. G. H. (iilbcrt 

Millie Sydney Cowell 

Reginald Havens . . . John Drew 
Gen. Macthun . . John Brougham 

Julius Popheimer .... J. Lewi.<( 

Mrs. Camp . . • Florence Wood 

u...i^ f Anthony I'-ibliiU 

Hamlet .... ^ ^ Hardcnbergh 

Tom Havens . . . . C. F. Coehlan 
Col. Howltser .... C. Fisher 

It was a failure, and was withdrawn for " London Assurance," 
March 19, 20, 24; " The Lady of Lyons," March 21, 22, 23, matinee 
March 24, evenings March 26, 27, 28, 29. Mme. Ponisi was loaned 
hy the management of Wallack's Theatre to play Widow Melnotte. 
There was no performance Good Friday night, March 30. '^JPrii 
Royal " had its first performance March 31, with this cast; 

Coant von Lendoifi 
Frederick Tiendi 
Wolf von Raven 
La Metrie 
Kerner . 

Noirticr . 

W. Davidge 
C. Cortlan 

Harry Crisp 
C. Fisher 
F. Hardenbergh 
J. U. Studley 
. . J. Uwls 
. John Drew 
. G. Forrest 
. F. Bennett 

Father Herman 
Menzel . . 

Kotza . . 
Tony . . 
Aniete . . 
Mme. Dobd 
Gitana . . 
Nina . . 

John Moora 
. T. B. Francis 

. . J. Macartin 
W. Bcekman 
Fanny Davenport 
. Georgie Drew 
. Came Vinton 
. Sydney Cowell 
Mile, de Rosas 

Thb was J. B. Studley's first appearance tt this theatre. " Prin- 
cess Roya l *' was acted for the last time May $, for James Cewis' 


Adelaide Neilson began an engagement here May 7, as Viola in 
Twelfth Night sheappeared in " Cymbelinc " May 14. *tXfiP(|fin 

urance " was given matinee May 19, by the company, owing to 

the iHoess of Adelaide Neilson, who reappeared in " Romeo and 
VOL. m.— s 

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Juliet," May 21, 22, 24, with Kben Plympton as Romeo. "Twelfth 
Night " was played matinee May 23. For Adelaide Neilson's bene- 
fit, May 25, she played Pauline in " The Lady of Lyons," with Chas, 
Coghlan as Claude Melnotte, and also was seen in the balcony scene 
from " Romeo and Juliet," with George Rignold as Romeo. Fanny 
Davenport took a benefit May 20, when "The Hunchback" was 
acted, Neilson as Julia, Fanny Davenport as Helen, Chas. F. Cogh- 
lan as Clifford, C. W. Couldock as Master Walter, and Eben Plymp- 
ton as Modus. 

[ " Vesta " was first acted here May 28, and had this cast: 

Posthumia . . . Fanny Davenport 

Vestasper J. B. Studley 

Opinia Jeffreys Lewis 

Septia . . . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Jania Miss M. Chester 

Lentullus Fred Warde 

Ennius H. Harris 

Kaeso F. Bennett 

Galla Florence Wood 

Marcia Carrie Vinton 

Fabius Chas. Fisher 

Lucius K. K. Collier 

Caius F. Chapman 

Papeus John Moore 

This was the first appearance at this theatre of Fred B, Warde and 
Edmund Collier. 

The season closed June 2, with a benefit to Stephen Fiske, and 
the programme was: Adelaide Neilson as Juliet in the balcony scene 
of '* Romeo and Juliet." and as Viola in the duel scene from " Twelfth 
Night; " Fanny Davenport in three acts of " Vesta," and the cuckoo 
song in "As You Like It;" George RignoFd in" the wooing scene 
of " Henry V. ; " and Sol Smith Russell in specialties. There were 
acted during this season : " Money," fourteen times ; " The Lady of 
Lyons," nine; "As You Like It," seventeen; "The School for 
Scandal," fifteen; "Hamlet," one; "London Assurance," six; 
"Twelfth Night," nine; " Cymbeline," five; "Romeo and Juliet," 
three; " Life." fifty-three ; " The American," twenty-six ; "Lemons," 
fifty-six; " Princ cs8_ Royal." fifty-six; " Blue G rass," seven; and 
"Vesta," seven. 

A summer season ojicned June 4 with the b mJesq ue of "Evange- 
line," cast thus : 

Gabriel . . 
Basil .... 
Le Blanc . . 
Kin^ Gha 
Hans Wagner 
Capt. Dietrich 
The Jailer . . 
Lone Fi.sherman 

Eliza Weathersby i 
. . M. C. Daly 
N. C. Goodwin I 
. . E. S. Tarr 
C. kosene 
Geo. Knight ; 
Percy Vining ' 
. Harry Hunter j 

Queen . . 
Leo . 
Eulalie . . 
Catharine • 

Blanche Greene 
Richard Golden 
. R. Golden 
H. F. Dixey 
Jas. Nolan 
Lizzie Harold 
Lizzie Webster 
Harry Josephs 

Harry Josephs took a benefit June 30, when " Th^JJttlcRebel " 
was also acted, with Minnie Palmer as Laura. " " 

In " Kvangcline," Sophie Worrell acted G.tbricl ; Rose Temple, 
Evangeline ; and Venie Clancy, Eulalie. July 13 Lizzie Harold had a 

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benefit, when Sophie Worrell acted Gabriel; Lizzie Harold, Evange- 
line ; and Rose Temple, Eulalie. Geo. Fortescue, who had joined the 
company* took a benefit July 14, when Venie Clancy acted Gabriel 
(fourth appearance), Lizzie Harold, Evani^eline, and the last perform- 
ance occurred Julv 28. The theatre was closed July 30, and reopened j 
July 3 1 with Mark Twain's " Ah JSin." and the cast was : f 

Shirley Tempest . 
Mrs. Plunkett 
Bill Plunkett . 
Judfe Tempest 
Broderick . . 
MiB. Tempest 
Caratiiie . . 

. Dfira Goldthwaite 
Mn. G. H. Gilbert 
P. A. Anderson 
. H. A. Weaver 
Edmund Collier 
. . Mary WelU 
. Edith Bland 

Ah Sin Chas. Parsloe 

Fergiitoo W. Davidge 

Boston .... G. Vining Bowers 

York Harry Crisp 

Masters E. Varrey 

Jake Miller .... F. Chaptnan 
CaroHoe Anasia . . Edith BUud 

This was the first appearance here of Dora Goldthwaite. 

It was withdrawn alter the performance Sept. i, and the season 


The next regular season opened Sept. 4 with " Jhc Dark City/' 
for the first time. ' 

Old Will MaxweU 
Dolf Rooper . 
SimoB Sroafsby 
Dicey's Kftten 

Tommy Kipps 
John Mulfora . 
The Clerk . . 
Postal Agent > 
Maeoffey ( 
Nicholas Vannart 
Dudley Arden 

C. Fisher 
J. B. Studley 

. I. Lewis 
W. Davidge 

. John Drew 
. Ed. Varrey 
F. Ch^Nuah 

F. V. Bennett 

F. Hardenbergh 
. M. Barr)'more 

Motl)er Hundreds Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Eudosie Belle Wharton 

Slattery. . ^ Eastman 

Roundsman . . . W. Beekman 

Mitts Master Hogan 

Sibvl Chase Ada Dyas 

Rula l-.mily Rigl 

Belinda Sv'dney Lowell 

Janioe Sadie Bigelow 

Dolly Eugenia Paul 

Kitty Marian Chester 

The play was a failure, the house closed Sept. 15, and Augustin 
Daly retired from the management. The rent paid by him was 
^30.000. and f sx)0O additional was demanded by the Gilsey estate 
in 1877. 

This house was reopened Oct. 15, under the management of Ste- 
phen Fiske, with die C. D. Hesa opera company in *' A Summer 
Night's Dream," a romantic opera, produced for the first time in 
English. It had this cast : 

Queen Klitabeth 
Lady Olivia 

Emilie Melville 
Zekla Seguin 
. HeniyPewcs 

Lord Latimer 
Mine HoM . 

C. H. Turner 
. Wm. Castle 
T. J. Benits 

"The Bohemian Girl" was sun^ Oct. 19. mating Oct. 20, even- 
ings Oct. 20, 29, 30, matinee Nov. 3: Arline, Emilie Melville; 
Gypsey Queen, Zelda Seguin; Thaddeus, Wm. Castle; Devilshoof, 
Edward Seguin; and Fiorestein, Thomas Whiffen. "Chimes of 
Normandy" was beard Oct. 22, Nov. 2, 3, and all the weeic of Nov. 5 : 


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Emilie Melville as Mignonette, Lucille Searle as Gertrude, and Chas. 
Morton as Gaspard. " Fra Diavolo " was sung Oct. 31, Nov. i. 

Mary Anderson made her New York d^but Nov. 12, as Pauline in 
'* The Lady of Lyons," with this cast: 

Olaade Eben Plympton 

lieauseant J. Summers 

GUvis Gto. Beck* 

Mme. Deschappelcs, Louisa Eldridge 
Col. Damas . . . . H. B. Norman 
Gaspard £. MarbJe 

Miss Anderson was seen as Juliet Nov. 19, with Plympton as 
Romeo; *' Evadne " was played Nov. 26, 27, 28, matinees Nov. 29- 
Dec. I, with Mary Anderson in the title r61e; "Guy Mannering" 
was played Thanksgiving evening, Nov. 29, 30. Dec. i, 6, 7, 8-13, 
and mating Dec. 15. Nina Varian, Blanche Galton, and Clara Rain- 
ford were in the cast. ** Ingomar " was given Dec. 3, 4, 5, and 
matinee Dec. 8, evenings Dec. 10, 12, 15, with Miss Anderson as 
Farthenia. Manr Anderson took a benefit Dec. 14, and the pro- 
gramme was: " Ingomar," second and third acts; recitation of " Fon- 
tenoy " by Augusta Dargon ; " Guy Mannering," second and third 
acts. " Guy Mannering " was seen at the matinee Dec. 15 ; " Ingo- 
mar, " evening Dec. 15, 18, 20; "Fazio" was presented Dec. 17, 
when Mary Anderson enacted Bianca for the first time. " F'azio " 
was repeated Dec. 19. Mary Anderson's farewell benefit was Dec. 
20, when " Ingomar," "Box and Cox," and the sleep-walking scene 
from "Macbeth" was the programme. The engagement doted 
matinee Dec. 22, with " Ingomar." 

Helena Modjeska made her New York d^but the night of Dec. 22, 
in *' Adrieone Lecouvrenr," cast thus : 

Princess Helen Tracy 

Duchess . . . Annie Edmondson 

Jouvenot Edith Bland 

raasoa John Wood 

MaoHcede Saxe . Walter lUirrou-hs 

Qttittaatt Felix Morris 

Adrienne . 
Prince . . 
AVb6 . . 
Micbonnet . 

. . Modjeska 
Isabelle Thyne 
W. J. Le Moyne 
Thomas Wbiflen 
C. W. Cottldock 

Modjeska took a benefit Jan. 11, 1878, when " Adrienne Lecou- 
vrenr" and the balcony scene from " Romeo and Juliet" formed the 
programme; ** Camille ** was played Jan. 14. 

" Th^ n*ai| gf«*tip» '* was produced here Jan. 28, with this cast : 

Palma Katherine Rogers 

CrLiclieii . . . Annie Kdmondson 
Gertrude ..... Edith Bl.ind 

Lucille Isabelle Thyne 

George d'Artignes . . Geo. Clarke 
CHstol James Lewis 

Chico J. B. Studlev 

Capt. Breitman . C W. Couldork 
Altred Kamel . . . Russell Hassett 

Cottereaa Ken Maginley 

Germain Mr. McArtncy 

This was preceded by " '^j Pr^^'^^-fj B-^'^y, ' cast thus: 

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Bobtail James Lewis 

Wagtail Felix Morris 

Laapagd .... Runett Bawett 

Mrs. Bobtail . 
Mrs. Wagtail . 
Nancy Muddle 

. Edhh Bland 
Loniae Eldridge 
. laabeUe Tbyne 

i" was played Feb. 9. followed Feb. 18 by " The Diao ul' 
mMgh/* by Arago and Vermond. It had this cast: . 

Father Bndj 
Terry Cavan 
Arlv Flynn 
Laay l^cdelia 
Lady Clancy 

John Matthews 
C. W. Couldock 
Felix Morris 

Adelaide Vance 
Helen Tracy 

Neil Geo. Clarke 

Dugald Henry Dalton 

La^ Moma .... Julia Vaus:han 
Sir Ralph .... Tlinmas Whiffen 
Ona Louisa Eldridge 

This was the Rrst appearance here of Henry Dalton, John 
Matthews, Adelaide Vance, and Julia Vaughan. 

" Diaoulma ugh " was continued the weeks of Feb. 25 and March 
4, except the evening of March 9, when John S. Clarke appeared in 
" 4 Widow H unt " and " Toodjg g," which kept the stage until March 
25, when "The Heir at Law^ and "Toodlcs" were acted until 
April I, when " Uncl e Tom's Cabin" was presented, with Mr. and 
Mrs. G. C HowarJ, the Jubilee Sisters, Warren Griffin, G. W. 
Slaughter, Henry Duncan, Primrose Kelly, and Jasper Green in the 
cast. "The Bells" by MM. Erckmann-Chatrian, Easter Monday 
April 22. It was called " The Polish Jew." In the cast were J. 
B. Studley, L. F. Barrett, A. H. Hastiness, John Matthews, W. H. 
Partello, E. Sterling. Louts Massen, J. CluUnn Hall, Louisa Eldridge, 
May Gallagher, and Gertrude Stanley, her New York d^but. 

Sip:. Majeroni, who had apocared in this city with Ristori, made 
his American debut as an English-spealcing actor on April 29, in 
" The 01^ Corpora l" — D'Knnery's drama entitled " Le Vieux 
Caporal," also Tcnnwn as " The Soldier's Trust." Hamilton Harris, 
John Matthews, Helen Tracy, Gertrude Stanley, and May Gallapjher 
were in the cast. " ^u^hai^d a rid VVi fe " was done May 6, Mme. 
Majeroni making her debut in English as Dkna; "Camille," May 
13, Sig. Majeroni as Armand. Mme. Majeroni as the heroine. Sig. 
Majeroni died at Melbourne. Australia, Dec. 21, 1891. 

A summer season opened May 21 with " .^XhfiftUpaa. C^rol," 
"TjteJIuer,** and *' Humgty^IJuIaapiy's Dream*': Robert Fraser 
as tne Clown ; Elise Scott (Mrs. Jacques Kruger), Columbine; 
J. C. Franklin, Pantaloon ; J. W. Sandford, Harlequin. Jacques 
Kruger was also in the cast. June 12, benefit of Elise Scott, when 
E. K. Collier, Pat Ronney, Ddehanty and Hengler, and the La Verde 
Sisters appeared. The season closed June 15. 

The neat regular season opened Aug. 29, 1878. with Stephen 
Fiske and D. H. Harkins. managers. Mary Anderson appeared 
as Parthenia in " Ingomar," with Frank Mordaunt in the title role, 
James G. Peakes as the Timarch, O. S. Fawcctt as Polydor. and 
P rank K. Pierce (first appearance in .New York) as Myron. " Ingu- 

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mar" was repeated week Sept. 2. A benefit was given afternoon 
Sept. 5 for the plague-stricken people of the South. The programme 
was : " Ingomar," second and third acts, Mary Anderson as Parthenia, 
John E, McCullough in title r6le; " Othello," third act, Edwin 
Booth as lago; D. H. Harkins as Othello; E. A. McDowell, Cassio ; 
Alice Grey, Emilia; and Rose Osborne, Desdcmona; "Lend Me 
Five Shillings," Joseph Jefferson as Golightly, Joseph Jefferson, Jr. 
as Sam ; Agnes Elliott, Mrs. Major Phobbs ; Ada Whitman as Mrs. 
Capt. Phobbs. Mary Anderson acted Julia, Louise Muldener, Helen, 
and Frank Mordaunt, Master Walter, in "The Hunchback," Sept. 5, 
and the same bill was repeated week Sept. 9. "Evadne" was 
played Sept. 16, 17, 18, and matinee Sept. 21 ; " Romeo and Juliet," 
Sept. 19, 20, evening Sept. 21; " Ingomar," Sept. 23 ; "Evadne," 
Sept. 24; " Hunchback." Sept. 25 ; '* Romeo and Juliet," Sept. 26 ; 
the balcony scene of " Romeo and Juliet " and '* Fazio" were given 
for the benefit, Sept. 27, of Mary Anderson ; " The I^dy of Lyons '* 
was acted matinde Sept. 28, and Miss Anderson closed evening 
Sept. 28, with the balcony scene from " Romeo and Juliet," and 

Mme. Modjeska began an engagement Sept. 30 in " Camille," 
with this cast: 

Camille Modjeska 

Prudence .... Louisa Eldridge 
Nanine ..... May Gallagher 

Olympe Agnes Elliott 

Nichette .... Josephine Bailey 
Arthur W. G. Raynor 

Armand .... Frank Cleinents 

M. Duval F. R. Pierce 

I)e Varville .... J. W. Carroll 
Gaston ...... O. S. Fawcett 

Gustave Hart Conway 

Messenger Fred Jerome 

This was Frank Clements* American ddbut. " Camille " was 
played week Oct. 7, except evening Oct. 12, when Modjeska acted 
Juliet in " Romeo and Juliet," for the first time in this city. It was 
also played week of Oct. 14, except Oct, 19, when " Frou Frou " 
was given, and repeated weeks Oct. 21 and 28. except Nov. 1, 
when for Modjeska's benefit " Frou Frou," fourth and fifth acts, and 
balcony scene from " Romeo and Juliet" were seen. This bill was 
repeated Nov. 2, 4, 5 ; "Camille," Nov. 6, 7; "Frou Frou," for 
Modjeska's benefit, Nov. 8, also second and third acts " Frou Frou," 
third, fourth, and fifth acts of "Camille;" matinee and evening 
Nov. 9 " Camille." 

Edwin Booth appeared Nov. ii in " Hamlet," which was repeated 
Nov. 12, 13, matin<:es Nov. 16 and 30, evenings Dec. 2, 12, 14; 
"Othello," Nov. 14, Booth as lago, D. H. Harkins as Othello; 
matinee Nov. 15, Booth as Othello, Harkins as lago; evening Nov. 
16 and matind'C Dec. 7, Booth as lago, Harkins as Othello; " Riche- 
lieu," Nov. 18, 19, matinee Nov. 20, Dec. 3, 10; "The Fool's 
Revenge," Nov. 20, 21, 22, 23, Dec. 6, 9, 1 1 ; " Ruy Bias " matinee 


Nov. 33; King Lear," Nov. 25, 26; "The Merchant of Venice," 
Nov. 27, 28, 30; "Richard II.," Nov. 29; "Richard III.," Dec. 4, 
5, 7 ; " The Merchant of Venice " and " Taming of the Shrew," 
Dec 13 ; "The Lady of Lyons," mating Dec. 14. 

Joseph Jefferson appeared Dec 16 in " Rip Van Winkle," and 
the cast was: 

Rip \'aa Winkle . 
Derrick . . . . 
NickVedder . . 

Jacob Stein . . 
Hendrick Vedder 
Gretchen . . . 

. ■ T. Jeflenon 
Frank R. Pierce 
. L. F. Masien 

W. G. Rcgnicr 
. E. J. Buckley 
Constance Hamblin 

Katchcn Mrs. S. Phillips 

Little Mcenie . . . Maggie Gonzales 
Uttle Hendrick . . Master Burnett 
Cockles O. S. Fnwcett 

Clau.<*en E. D. Sterling / 

-Seth Henry Thomas I 

Meenie ...... May Coniey | 

Shortly after the opening of the doors on the evening of Jan. 6, 
1879, there was a strike among the company for salaries, and the 
theatre was closed. The heirs of the Gilsey estate applied for leave 
to institute and prosecute summary civil proceedings for the dis* 
possession of Stephen Fiske and D. H. Harkins from this theatre. 
This application was necessary by reason of the court having inter- 
posed ttsdf as virtual lessee and manager of the theatre by the 
appointment of ex-Judge Gunning S. Bedford as receiver. On Jan. 
8 there was posted on the outer entrance door of the theatre a notice, 
signed bv Gunning S. Bedford, stating " that the money for all 
unused tickets would be refunded at the box office." 

The theatre reopened Jan. 25, 1879, under the direction of D. 
H. Harkins. " j)r. Clyde. " a translation of the German "Dr. 
Klaus," was presented with ihis cast: 

Samuel Meeker 
Spriggs . . . 
Lord Hammond 
Tolburj' . 
Lady Hammond 

. Cbas. Fisher 
J. G. Peakes 

. . Mary Hill 
. . Henry Lee 
Owen S. Fawcett 
Laura Don 

Higgins F. Haidenbergh 

Barnes Thos. Jefferson 

Waiting Maid Miss Ayres 

Richard Qyde . . . G. D. Chaplin 

Lady Esmond . . . Hattie Richmond 
Jacob W. R. Raynor 

Waiter j. McArtncy 

Coachman Chas. Separd 

Emily Ellie Wilton 

Mrs. Clvde .... Minnie Monck 

Lady's VtteA Miss Boyd 

Annie Barrow 

Cook .... Miss Ada Whitman 
Jennie Agnes Elliott 

Anna Dickinson gave her lecture, " The Stage," Sunday evening, 
Feb. 9. 

"Pinafore" was presented Feb. lO, with Max Maretzek as 
musical director. The cast was ; 

Sir Joseph ..... James Burnett 

Deadeye Jas. Harten 

Bill Van Iluuten 

Hebe Ida Foy 

Capt Corcoran . . . J. r, Peakes 

Ralph Henri Laurent 

Josephine .... Blanche CorelU 
Buttercup Kate Gurnej 

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" Trial by Jury " and " Pinafore " were sung Feb. 24 and 
cast of the former was : 



of Jwy 

VinccDt Hogan I Defendant 
. J. H. BoHMtt Plaintiff . 

. . . Henri Laurent 
. . . Blanche CoreUI 

"Pinafore" continued week March 3, with Julie De Ruytherai 


^*and haS^ M ^ c»w^^ ^ Steele Mackaye, was presented March 10 

Detective .... Tom Jefferson 

Dickson V. Moray 

Collector F. Courtland 

hiUer J. McArtaey 

Thoaas W. Raynor 

Slover Mr. Goran 

Kate Mortimer .... Ellie Wilttm 

Old Sal Henrietta Irvtos 

AuatPhtUie LooiaeAUen 

Arthur Allston . . Joseph Wheelock 
Sir Phillip Mortimer . Ciiarlts Fisher 
Peter Van Slink . Frank Hardenbereh 
Harrv GrahMD . . . Geo. D. Chaplin 
Chief Inqwetor of Police, A. S. Upiiian 
Gwtiw (^ham . . Geraldine Maye 
Bflly Kloots .... D. H. Harkins 
R<^rt Hardy .... A. C. Dacre 
Mr> Bleek • • • Owen S« Fawcctt 

Under the title of "A Noble R ogue 
Chicago during the teaaon of 188^^9. 
,"^ojicy Mad." 

*',jt^m8^ flowed March 37 and had this cast : 

this play was acted in 
It has since been called 

Dr. Slaogliter .... Harry Lee 

Dr. Sadeye W. J. Gilbert 

Emanuel Chas. Fisher 

ROfer Thos. Jefferson 

Adelaide Kllie Wiltoo 

Sopbramla .... MayWiUians 

r.ur!i.i<jh . 
Olivia . . 
Suaan . . 

. F. C. Hugh 
. Robert Hill 
A. S. Lipmaa 
W. R. Ray nor 
Geraldine Maye 
May Gallagher 

Under the title of " Our Odditi es " this play had been presented 
in the small towna^ — 

The Laurent opera company reappeared April 7 in "Pinafore" 
and "Trial by jury," with Jennie Yeamans as Buttercup, and 
Winiam Hamilton as Capt. Corcoran. "Pinafore** and "Rose of 
Auvergne " were sung April 14. The house was closed evening 
April 21, and " Fatinitza " was given April 22, for the first time in 
English. Its first performance in America was April 14. at the 
Germania theatre, in this city. The cast at the Fifth Avenue was: 

Vladimir and Fatinitza Jennie Winstr.n 
Count Tinnoofey . VV. H. Hamilton 
Izzet Pacba .... Vincent Hogan 

Fadfloa Clara Maitland 

Manoa .... Mias L. E. Stooe 

W.isili . 
Osipp . 
Steipam . 

. Sallie Reber 
L. F. Masscn 
Myron Calice 
James Horton 
Lucie Brown 

Mnaiapha F. TanaehiU 

.\djutant J. McArtney 

Surenia .... May Richardaon 

Julian W. A. Morgan 

Haaaaa Bey . . . . G. V. Demerest 

Ivao Roae Chappelle 

Nikophor Edith Everlie 

Hseika May Sylvie 

Winka T. Uartleman 

Jussuf A. K. Osborne 

Nividah .... Fannie WlUiaaa 

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" Fatinitra" ran until May 31. 

Sallie Keber died at Rutherford Park, N. J., March 12, 1885. 
She wu the daughter ot Geo. Reber, a lawyer, and was bom at 

Sandusky, Ohio, in 1864. Early in 1879, having previously become 
well known as a concert singer, she made her debut at the Grand 
Opera House, in this city, in " The Bohemian Girl." She achieved 
success here as Lydia. in "Fatinitza." Her final appearance in 
this city was as Phillis, in " lolanthe," at the Standard Theatre, 
from Nov. 25, 1882, to Feb. 24, 1883. In 1880 she married Frank- 
lin F. R. Laing, who died September, 1883. 

The house was closed May 3 1 until alternoon June (S, when D. H. 
Harkins took a benefit and retired from the manapjement. The 
programme on this occasion was: " David Garrick " (second act) : 
Garrick, Geo. C. Boniface; Simon Ingot, W. H. Thompson; Ida 
Ingot, Stella Boniface; Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Geo. C. Boniface; Mrs. 
Brown, Ethel Lynton. "Inpjnmar" (second and third acts): 
Ingomar, D. H. Harkins; i'arthenia, Mary Anderson. "En- 
gaged" (second act): Cheviot Hill, James Lewis: Belvawney, 
Jos. E. Whiting; Symperson, W. F. Owen ; Angus, T. G. Riggs; 
Belinda, Agnes Booth; Minnie Symperson, Minnie Palmer; Mrs. 
MeFarlane, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert; Maggie, Sydney Cowell. Mar- 
garet Lamer did a recitation. " Babes in the Wood" (second act): 
Bad Man, Alice Atherton ; Sir Rowland, Louis Harrison; Dr. 
Fitzfluromery, Jennie Calef; Prince, Lena Merville; Physician, 
Henry Dixey; Tommy, Willie Edouin. **The Lady of Lyons*': 
Claude, Fred Paulding; Pauline, Geraldine Maye; Widow Melnotte, 
Louisa Eldridge. Leon J. Vincent was stage manager. This 
closed the house. 

Maurice Grau's French opera company commenced a season Sept. 
15. 1879. In the organization were Mile. Paola Marie, Mile. Angele, 
MUe. Felice Delorme, Cecile Gregoire, Sara Raphael. Louise Beaudet, 
Helen Esteve, Marguerite Armand, Camille Estradere, Marthe 
Sylla, Amelie Bazin, Antonia Bouvard, Camille Delray, Louise 
Dupare. Berthe Elsasser, Messrs. M. Capoul, E. Juteau, E. Jouard, 
J. Mezicres, E. Duplan, E. Poyard, M. Vilano, J. Dupuis, E. Vichon, 
A. Hayne, E. Terbel, Ferrande and Gerard, Cb. Ameras, musical 
director. •* La Fille de Mme. Angot " was the initial opera with 
Paola Marie as Clairette, Angele as Mile. Lange. Delorme as Ama- 
ranthe, Juteau as Pomponnette. M. Capoul as Ange Pitou, his first 
appearance in French opera. This was the American dibut of Paola 
Marie and Mme. Angele. " La PLricholc " was sung Sept. 24, Oct. 
9, 13, Nov. 3, Paola Marie, as the heroine; M. Capoul as Piquillo. 
*' Girofl^-Girofla " was heard Oct. 2, 6, 8, 10, 11, Nov. 4, matinee 
Nov. 8, Paola Marie in title rdle; M. Capoul as Marasquin. "La 
Fille de Mme. Angot," Oct. 7, matinee Oct. 11. " Harbe Hleiie," 
Oct. 13, Nov. 5, Boulotte (first time) Paola Marie, Barbe Bleue, 

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M. Capoul. "Le Petit Faust" Nov. 20, 21, 22, Paola Marie (first 
time) as Marguerite, Mile. Angele (first time) as Mephisto. Paola 
Marie took her benefit Nov. 23, in *' La Grande Duchesse " acting 
the heroine with Angele as Wanda, and M. Capoul as Fritz for the 
first time. A concert was given Sunday evening, Nov, 26, at which 
the principals of this company appeared. This was also the d^but 
in this country of Henrietta Markstein, pianist. " La Grande 
Duchesse " was repeated Oct. 27, 28. 29, Nov. 7 ; " Les Brigands," 
Oct. 30, 31, matinee and evening Nov. i ; evening Nov. 8, Paola 
Marie as Fiorella, Angele as Fragotello, and M. Capoul as Falsa- 
cappo. The second Sunday evening concert was Nov. 2, at which 
J. Levy, cornetist, Henrietta Markstein, pianist, and the opera prin- 
cipals appeared. Mile. Angele took a benefit Nov. 6. when '* La 
Fille de Mme. Angot " (second and third acts), and " La Vie Pari- 
sienne," with Paola Marie as Gabrielle, and Angele as Pauline. 
The third concert was Sunday evening, Nov. 9, with Henrietta Mark- 
stein and company. 

The next season opened Nov. 10, 1879, and Maurice Grau con- 
tinued as manager. " , Tbo Pirtnr^," a play by Ion Perdicaris, was 
produced. In it was introduced his colossal painting. The cast of 
" The Picture " was : 

Rudolph .... Joseph Wheclock 
Maurilz .... Harry Woodruff 

Ludwig Phillip Heck 

Franz J. R. Anderson 

Carl D. Robertson 

Hehzke L. S. Outram 

Jailer Mr. Pardy 

Count VVitgenstein . . Harry Colton 
Peter Schwindler . Lawrence Denham 

Grand Duke 
Von Hieson 
Netta . 
Page . 

Charles Loveday 
Lester Victor 
Mrs. E. M. Post 
Charlotte Adams 
. Annie Mitchell 
. Miss Laurence 
. Marie Prescoit 
. Nard Almayne 

This was followed the same night by " La Societaire^ " by Ion 
Perdicaris and Townsend Percy, cast thus : 

Sara Bernhardt . 
Sergeant M.ijor . 
Lord Filz Maurice 
De Luneville . . 

Nard Almayne 
Harr>' Colton 
Cyril Ho wen 
D. Robertson 

Prince Bellagio 
Rotomago . . 
Mme. Louise 
George Clairin 

, . J. R. Anderson 
Lawrence Denham 
. . Mme. Sontag 
, . . Phillip Beck 

"Self Conquest" was played Nov. 18, for the first time on any 
stage. It was based on Wilkie Collins' " Frozen Deep." It was 
thus cast : 

Lieut. Wardour . 
Lieut. Helding . 
:ut. Crayford . 
ut. Aldersley . 
It. Stevenson 

Joseph Wheelock 
Leonard Outram 
Harry Colton 
. . Phillip Beck 
. J. R. Anderson 
. . Ida Jeffreys 

John Want .... W. B. Cahill 

Dr. Graham Hartshorne 

Bateson R. McNair 

James L. Denham 

Mary Richmond 

Clara ...... Nard Almayne 

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Ralph Hugh Talbot 

BUI FredCliftoa 

Bob Cuthbeit 

Hebe Jewie Bond 

The pantomime of '^-Damg Trnt " was produced week Nov. 24, 
with James Maffitt and VV. II. Bartholomew as clown and pantaloon. 

D'Oyly Carte's London opera company opened Dec. i, under the 
maoageraent of John T. Ford in " Pinafore*' cast thus : 

C^|lt Corcoran . . . BlOCCoUni 
Dick Deadeye . . Furoeaax Cook 
Josephine . . . Blwache Rooaevelt 

Sir Joseph J. H. Ryley 

Buttercup Alice Barnett 

This wa.s the American d^but of J. H Ryley and Fred Clifton. 
Sig. Broccolini was formerly known as John Cbrke. W. S. Gilbert 
directed the Stage, and Arthur Sullivan led the orchestra. " Pina- 
fore " was continued weeks Dec. 8, 15, 22, 39, and Arthur Cellier 
was musical director. 

" The Pirates of Penzance '* was sung Dec. 31, for the first time on 
any stage. It had this cast : 

Richard Broccolini 

Frederic Hugh Tallwt 

Edward Fred Clifton 

Mabel .... Blanche Roosevelt 
Major Gen. Stanley . . J. H. Ryley 

Samuel J. E. Nash 

Kate Rosina lirandrum 

Edith Jessie Bond 

Isabel Miss Barlow 

Ruth Alice Barnett 

A mating performance Feb. 25, 1880, was given for the benefit 
of the Irish Famine Fund. The company closed March 6, their one 

hundredth night. 

Maurice Grau's company reappeared March 8, in " La Fille de 
Mme. Angot;" "Mignon." March 9, " Les Cloches de Corneville," 
March lO* " La Belle Hd^ne." March 11, "La Grande Duchesse/* 
March 12. matinee March 13, "La P^richole," March 13. "Mme. 
Favart," March 15, 18, Paola Marie (first time in New York) in title 
i^le. *' Le Pr^ aux Geres " (first time in New York), March 16, 19, 
M.Capoul as Mergy, M. Bouvard as Comminige, M. Poyard as Cant- 
relli. M. Jouard as Girot, Mile. Leroux Rouvard as Isabella, Angele 
as Margueritte, Gregoire as Nicette. " La Marjolaine" was sung 
March 17, 20, Paola Marie (first time in New York) in title rdle. 
** Mignon." matinee March 20, " Le Petit Due," March 22, 23. 
Paola Marie in title r6le for the first time. " La Petite Muette " 
was heard for the first time in New York March 24, and repeated 
March 25, 26, matinee and evening March 27. Its cast was: 

Don Jos^ d'Albatros . . M. Ouplan 

Don Gil Perelioe . . . M. Vilano 

Mercedci Paola Marie 

Caailda Mile. Angele 

Don Henrique .... M. Juteav 
Camomillas .... M. Mezitres 

Pedrido M. Poyard 

Don Rated M. Capoul 

This was annottnoed as the last appearance in opera boufle 61 Victor 


The next managers of this theatre were Edward Rice and Jacob 

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in this city of " 

Terry Dennison 
Rubv Darrell . 
Uncle Davy 
Mr. Ellingham 
Owen Garroway 
Foreman of the M 
Clerk of the Mill 
Will Barton . . 

who opened it March 29, with the first production 
Hearts jofjOalc " which had this cast : 


A. Heme 
W. H. Crompton 
. . J. W. Dean 
. H. M. Brown 
. J. S. Andrews 
Wm. Lawrence 
Lillie Hamilton 

Chrjstal . . . Katharine Corcoran 
Aunt Betsey . Henrietta Bert Osborne 
Little Chrystal . Little Alice Hamilton 
Tawdrev ' . . . . DoUic Hamilton 

Mr. Parker Mr. Harvey 

Tom J. Sherman 

Sleuthe T. Gossman 

The Baby Herself 

A Sunday night concert was given April 10, by Maurice Grau's 
principal opera singers. 

" Hearts of Oak " was acted until April 16, when the house closed, 
r and was reopened April 17, with "A Gentleman from Nevada," for 
the first time in this city. It had this cast: 

Alfred . . 
John Castle 
Ah Tye . . 
Mr. Sellers 
Hank Curtis 
Pete , . . 
Captain Vereker 

W. F. Edwards 
. . H. Dalton 

Harry I'ratt 
. D. H. Chase 

Frank Losee 
. . Jerry Lant 
Chas. Harkinson 

Christopher Columbus 
Rogers . . 
Conductor . 
Lady Alice 
Lady Edith 

. . J. B. Polk 
Geo. Mordaunt 

Frank Johnson 
Emma Fierce 
, Minnie Monck 
. Emily Bigelow 

Alice Hastings 

"The Pirates of P»;nz3nce " was revived May 17. The cast was 
the same as before, except that Wallace McCreery sang Frederic, 
and Sallie Reber Mabel. The season closed June 5, with the one 
hundred and fifty-fourth performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's oper- 
etta. Mr. Nunnemacher retired from the management May 29. 

A summer season opened June 7, with "The Sea Cadet, or the 
Very Merry Mariner," sung for the first time in English, and with 
this cast : 

Fanchette . . 
Donna Antonia 
Dom Lamberto 
Dom Domingos 
Captain Norberto 
Donna Carlina 
Donna Louisa 
Marie . . . 
Dom Januario 
Mungo . . . 
Brebantio . . 
Julio . . . 
Francesco . . 

Blanche Chapman 
Marion Bernard 
Eugene Clarke 
Matthew Holmes 
W. L. Van Dorn 
Fannie Howe 
Clara Howe 
Henrietta Sennach 
. H. R. Archer 
A. Van Houten 
Emily Lascellcs 
Fanny Miller 
Edward Burton 

Jaquino . 
Diergo . 
Enricho . 
lago . . 
Claudio . 
Cassio . 

W. H. Newborough 
Clinton Stevens 
Rose Regent! 
. Ootilda Operti 
Emma Saniley 
Florence Burton 
Maud Waldemere 
Gracie Sherwood 
. Lotie Derretta 
Madeline Ardorci 
Blanche Ardorci 
Louisa Maurel 

The house was closed July 12 and reopened July 19, under the 
management of Max Strakosch, with Gus H )thner as treasurer. 
Minnie Cummingi was the star in " Smpected." which had this cast : 



ierome Yorke J. B. Brown 
l&m'm Joyce .... Cyril Bowen 

Officer Ed. F. Merrill 

Jailer F. B. Jordan 

Cynthia .... Jennie Vcamans 
Agnes Vanderpool, Minnie Cummin^s 
Henry Boutwal . . Ledie Edmunds 
Commodore Nelson . . Sid S. Hicks 
Frederick Edijerton, L. H. Haywood 
Arthur Kavrnsford . . G. H. Griffiths 
George de Lascier. Donald Robertson 

Clarence Templeton, Harry Woodruff 
Alfoe Vanderpool, Connie Thompson 

Mrs. Templeton . Adelaide Thornton 
Bell Travers . . . Genevieve Mills 
Mrs. Houtwell . . Henrietta Irving 
Female Prisoner . . Bessie Byrne 
Ida Burton .... Dora St. Clalf 
Widow Harris . . . Besaie Bvme 

Beatrice Lottie Adams 

Ethel ...... Kita Gordon 

Madclon Alice Hunt 

The play was a failure, and Minnie Cumminc:s announced that she 
would oa Wednesday evening, July 28. speak on the " attempt by 
the press tocnidh her,'* but she did not get an opportunity to do so» 
as the house closed very abruptly the night before. She shortly 
afterwards published a card, stating that she was physically unable 
to continue, but at some future time she would expose the animus 
of " the attempt to crush her." 

The house remained closed until Aug. 23. 


THIS theatre was reopened Aug. 23 and called " Haverly's 
Fifth Avskub Trsatm" after its new manager, the re- 
doubtable "Jack" Haverly, who was also managing in this city the 
Fourteenth Street Theatre and Niblo's Garden and also the 
Brooklyn Theatre. 

Z wa» the opening attraction with this cast: 

Baby Carrie Swain I Si 

Isabdla Louise Paullin ' J.' 

Marie Alice Hutchings 

ParoeHa .... Jennie Reiibrth 
T. Henry Slnnim . W. A. MesUjw 

"_An American Girl," by Anna Dickinson, commenced the regular 
season ^pt 20, and was cast thus : 

Sir Hennr Ctthmere 
ames \ViDkerton . 


Geoige Fhraer . . 

. I. N. Long 
. W. Eckort 

Samuel Swain 
Win H. Bny 

Henry Walaoa 

Kate Vidan . . . Fanny Davenport 
Mrs. Charlotte Cranford 

Mrs. Geo. F. Devere 
Stella Camp . . . Dean McConnell 
Laurence Vivian . . . R. G. Wilson 

Dr. Henrv Camp F. Chippendale 

Julian Reirdon . . M. V. Lin^ham 
Fred Gowef .... Felix Alorris 

Lucy Vera Vere 

Allyn Cromarty .... Henry Lee 

/American Girl" was acted until Oct. 30, when Fanny Dav- 
enport presented *'I]«ah" and the second and third acts of ** Our 

Ame rican Girl." 

Lillian Spencer made her New York debut Nov. 1, in " Nora h's 
Vow," which had this cast: ' ' 

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Norah Kavanagh Lilliaa Spencer Little Norah Eva French 

Mrs. Netley • • Gabrielle du Sauld Cbandos .... Hamilton Harris 
Farmer Rokeky . . . B. W. Turner Sir Charies . . . . £. A. McDowell 

Jasper .... J. Winston Murray Detective J. R. Keene 

Edna Miller HeteaJiiat Jamea Jaa. Macarty 

John E. McCiiIlough appeared here Nov. 15, and his company con- 
sisted of Fred VVarde, Edmund K. Collier, Harry A. Langdon, John 
A. Lane, H. C. Barton, Edwin Dee, C. W. Vance, J. H. Rider, Huer, 
S. E. Knowlton, Cbas. Manning, J. H. Shewdl, E. L. Brady, Kate 
Forsyth, Augusta Foster and Mittens Willett. He played " Vir- 
ginias, " until Nov. 29 when " Othello," was given Nov. 30, Dec. i, 
matinde Dec. 4, 8 ; " King Lear," Dec. 2 ; " Richard HI.," Dec. 3, 4 ; 
•;j;he QUdiator," Dec. 6,7,11; " Virginias," Dec. 9 ; "Brutus " and 
** Taming of the Shrew," Dec. 10 for the benefit of Mr. McCullough. 
** The Lady of Lyons" was played matinee Dec. 11, and Mr. Mc- 
CuQoogh closed evening of Dec. Ii with "The Gladiator." 

Mary Anderson returned here Dec. 13, in "TTvadneT^repeated Dec. 
14, 15, 18, 29: Evadne, Mary Anderson; Colonna, Milnes Levick; 
Ludovico, Robert L. Downing; King of Naples, T. L. Coleman; 
Vioentio, Atltins Lawrence; IHige, P. J. Currier; Olivhi, Laura 
Clancey. *' Ingomar," with Robert Downing as Alaster, Dec. 16, 17, 
matinee Jan. 8, 1881 ; " lx)vc," Dec. 20, 21, 22. 3 r, Jan. i ; "The 
Hunchback," Dec. 23, 24, and mating and evening Dec. 25, 30, and 
Jan. 3, 6, 1 881; "Fazio," Dec. 27, 28; "The Lady of Lyons,'* 
matinee Jan. i and evening Jan. 7. Talfourd's " Ion" was presented 
Jan. 2, 3. 4, 5, for the first time in this city. Miss Anderson closed 
evening Jan. 8 with ** Guy Mannering." 

Frederick Paulding followed Jan. IQ^ in " Salvinti. *hm Sfflt^n* 
lian," with this cast: 

Raphael F Paulding 

Julian Hamilton Harris 

Matheo Frank Norcross 

Gtacomo Harry D. Dale 

Battisu M. Leffingwell 

Cosmo de Medici . Milton Ralnlord 

Judial de Medici . L. M. McCormack 

Meta Nettie Myers 

Nativa Loduski Young 

Galeotte .... Raymond Holmes 

Paulo John de Get 

Sylvia Emma Lathrop 

Emma Abbott's opera company commenced Jan. 17, with "The 
Bohemian Girl," which was repeated Jan. 22, 25; " Fra Diavolo," 
matinee Jan. 19; " Martha." evening Jan. 19. matinee Jan. 26, even- 
ing Jan. 29; "Romeo and Juliet," Jan. 21 ; " Chimes of Normandy," 
Jan. 24, matinee Jan. 29; "Faust," evening Jan. 36; "Mignon," 
Jan. 27; "Lucia Di Laromermoor," Jan. 28. 

The Comley & Barton opera company Jan. 31 in " Olivette ,*' with 
Catherine Lewis and John Howson in the cast The Max Strakosch 
and C. D. Hess English opera company, Feb. 28, with " Mephisto- 
file," for the first time in English, Marie Rose being the star : Helen, 
Marie Rose; Marta» Liaie Anandate; Faust, Perugini ; Mephisto- 

Digilized by Google 


file, M. Conley. "W'illiam Tell" was siino^ March i with Abbi Car- 
rin^on, Laura Schirmer, Carleton and Conley in the cast. " Carmen " 
was heard March 2, matinee March 5, evening March 7; "II Tro- 
vntore/' March 3 ; *' Mignon," March 4, when Ostava Torriant made 
his first appearance in eight years; "Faust," March 5 ; "Fra 
Diavolo," March 8; "Aida," first time in New York in English, 
March 9; The Bohemian Girl," March 10. 12; "Carmen," March 
II ; "Aida," matinee March 12. 

Genevieve Ward began an enj^gement March 14 in "J^Q[gB^^( 
Not," which had this cast: 

Stephanie . . 
Horace Welby 
Alice Veroey . 
Mn. Fol^ 

Genevieve Ward 
Frank Clements 
. Cora Tanner 
Laura Le Claire 

Porter Walter Morj^an 

Servant .... Percy Campbell 

Prince Horace Lewis 

Barrato Cbas. Dad« 

John E. Owens appeared here March 88 in ** XhatJMan from Cat- 
tarauff ia" which had tiiia caat: 

Allen Trueman . . 
Adolphus Trxieman . 
Edgar Livingston 
SolonuMi Stockman . 
Hon. Robert Grayson 
Henry Grayson 
Count de Varville 

John E. Owens 
F. S. Hartshorn 
Cieo. Parkes 
. . Jos. Arthur 
. Ed. Powvll 
W. S. Harkins 
. . Mr. George 

Rose Trueman 
Ellen Trueman 
Mrs. Trueman 

Jerusba Trueman 
obn Fetton 

Frankie McCIellan 
Georgie Knowlton 
Vilxinia Buchanan 
. . Marie Bates 
Russell Baisett 

Sneatham Oliver Wren 

Prof. Mueller .... J. H. Brown 

Comley & Barton's company reappeared April 18 in " Olivette," 
with Catherine Lewis and John Howson in the principal parts. 
Catherine Lewis took a benefit Tuesday afternoon. May 3, and pre- 
sented the following programme: Recitation, Harry Kd wards; 
scenes from " ^illee Taylo r," by Carrie Burton, Vernona Jarbeau, 
Rose Chappelle, J. H. Rylqr and William Hamilton; recitation, 
Cyrile Scarle; character song, John Howson; patter song, J. H. 
Rylcy and last two acts of *' Olivette." Qlive tte " was continued 
until May 16, when H. B. Mahn's opera company were seen in "Don 
Juniata/' cast thus: 

Rose Onfiuire and Jnoiata 

Jennie Winston 
Donna Olympia . . Rose Leighton 
Picador .... Arthur Van Houteo 
Petrita .... Janet Edmondson 
M.irco .... Marie Summerficld 
Dolores May Booth 

Col. Douglas 
Tepa . . 
Fitzroy . . 
Gaston . . 
Gfl Polo . 
Don I'ompomio 
Don Kif'o 

Arthur Bell 
. Clara Douglas 

Harry Dale 
. W. McCreery 
Vincent Hogan 
. . Ellis Ryse 
W. A. Morgan 

The house closed June 4, but was reopened Aug. 22, 1881, with a 
new play by Geo. Fawcett Rowe. called " Sroiff. " The cast was : 

ThaddeuB Smlff . 

Laurelia Smiff 
John Gennesee 
Alonzo Brown . 

iasen Pesrim . . 
f las cJwalladar 

. J. E. Nagle, Jr. 
Alma Stuart Stanley 
. G- C. Davenport 
. . C. S. Dickson 
. . Murry Woods 
. . Mary Stuart 

Philander Smiff 

Allien Smiff . 
Dapline Smiff 
Mimosa Smiff. 
Pipes . . . 

G. F. Rowe 

Jas Cooper 
Louise Balfe i 
K.iic Gurney j 
Harry Reeves | 


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This was the American d£but of Kate Gnrney and Louise Balfe. 

The Wilbur opera company appeared Sept. 5 in "The Mascot." 
Lorenzo, Harry Brown; Frederick, J. £. Conly; Fippo, W. Bishop, 
Rocco, Ed. Chapman ; Betttna, Lonisa Searle; Fiametta, Lillie Wett. 

" Mme. Favart" was first sung in this country Sept 19 and had 
this cast: 

Mme. Favart . . . Catherine Lewis 
Major Colignac . . Wm. Hamilton 
Sansouci .... Maud iieaumoiu 

Chas. Favart Fred Leslie 

Marquis John Howson 

Siuanne Marie Jansen 

Hector J. C. Annand 

Biscotin .... Richard Golden 

Vespre Lulu Carter 

Officer ...... J. Wilkin.son 

J'ierre Jennie Boyd 

Nipolas Alice Cooper 

Joli Coeur .... £mme LasceUe 
Fracasse .... Minnie de Roe 

This was Frederick Leslie's American ddbut 

Lawrence P. Barrett began an engagement here Oct. 4 in " Riche- 
lieu.'* His company consisted of Louis James, B. R. Rogers, Otis 
Skinner, C. K. Hawthorne, Marie Wainwright, Nestor Lennon, Addie 
Plunkett, Clara Flagg, and others. " Hamlet " was played Oct. 10, 
II ; " YoricWs Love," Oct 12. matinee Oct. 15 ; "The Merchant of 
Venice^' and " David Garrick." Oct. 13: "Julius Caesar," Oct. 14, 15. 

Robson and Crane appeared here Oct. 17 in "Our Bachelors," 
which was acted until Oct. 31, when "Twelfth Night" was presented 
with Robson as Sir Andrew Aguecheek and Crane as Toby Belch ; 
" Sharps and Flats ** was played Nov. 7, Cutler Sharp, Romon and 
Dullstone Flat, Crane. 

John E. McCullough returned Nov. 14 in " Virginius," which kept 
the stage until matinee Nov. 26, when ** Ingomar " was acted. " King 
Lear" was given Nov. 28, 30, Dec. 2 ; " Richard III." Nov. 29, Dec. 
1,3; " Ingomar," niatinde Dec. 3 ; " The Gladiato r," week of Dec. 5, 
except matinee, Dec. 10, when "The La^y ot Lyons," was given; 
Dec. 12, " The Bondman," by ^LewisWingfield. It was a new treat- 
ment of the^TYt^rroricat' story of JaclfCade's rebellion. It was a 
failure and on Dec. 17 McCullough reverted to Edwin Forrest's old 
play of "iackjCa^e." " The Bondman " had this cast: 

Jack Cade . . 

Earl of .Suffolk 
liasil Cade • . 
Oswald . . . 
Kenneth . . 
Henry de La Poole 

John McCullough 

Frank Lane 
H. A. I.angdon Little 
Edmund Collier 
John A. Lane 

Capt. of the Essex Rebels 

H. T. Cbuifran 

Officer of the King's Guard 

Geo. GriflTith 

Mistress Gwyllin . Augusta Foster 

Owen Wm. Bower 

Egbert H. S. Harris 

A. Bishop J. H. Sbewell 

Mildred Kate Forsyth 

"Brutus" was played Dec. 19, 20; "Othello," Dec. 21, matinfe 
Dec. 24; 'tThe GJadiator." Dec. 22; "Virginius," Dec. 23. 24. 
Fanny Davenport returned here Dec. 26 in " Camille," for the 

Ckpt. of the Sussex Rebels 

C. H. Kidder 

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week, except Dec. 31, when "The School for Scandal" was acted 
for the mating; *'Xfi!ldon_Assura^^ and ** QIikbc. J'wtst *' were 
l^ven in the evening. The Tatter plays were repeated Jan. 2, 1882. 
" As You Like It," Jan. 3, 4 ; " Xeah," Jan. 5 ; *' Lionette," an adapta-"" 
tion by HacLj^kson of " The Princess of Bagdad Bad its first rep- 
resentation JanT 6. The cast was : 

Lionette . . . Fanny Davenport I Commissary of Police . W. J. Hurley 
M. -Xouvady . . . Chas. Rockwell ; M. de Trevelle . . . Lewis Baker 

M. Godler Cbas. Fisher 1 Richard .... W.F.Edwards, 

Victor de Beriac . . . Geo. Clarke I Raoul Lydia Gaudman ■ 

It was repeated matinee and evening Jan. 7. Comley & Barton's 
opera company opened Jan. 9 in " QhVette," with Catherine Lewis 
as the heroine. John Ilowson, Marie Jansen, H. A. Cripps, J. C. 
Armand, F. H. Frear, and Frederick Leslie were in the cast; musical 
conductor, Alfred Cellier. " Mme. Favart " was revived Jan. 23, 
with Catherine Lewis as Madame and Fred Leslie as Favart. 

" ^fgjiaja" followed Feb. 6, for the first time in America. It was 
an adaptation of " Le Jour et la Nuit," and had this cast : 

Prince Catabazas . . John How.son 1 Christeval G. Paxton 

Te.Hsa Emma Lascelles i lieatrice Marie Jansen 

M.iiiola ..... Catherine Lewis j Miguel . . . . • C. J. Campbell 

Saochita .... Rose Chappelle Publo F. H. Frear 

Don Bradero F. Leslie | Soldier Harold 

Lawrence P. Barrett returned Feb. 13 in " Pcndrago n." for the 
6rst time in this city. It had this cast: 

Arthur Pendzagon . Lawrence Barrett | Gaherit Fred P. Barton 

ColjprevaaDce .... G. Davfdion \ Edyni .... Chas. Hawthorne 

Guinevere . . . Marie Wainwright AKravaine A. T. Riddle 

L.Tuncelot Louis James Lionel L IJrown 

Motired Frederick Bock Tor ........ J. Garrison 

ikdivere F. C. Motley i Dagoaet B. G. Rogers 

PeUcas Otit Skinner Vivien Kate Meek 

Lncan J. W. Thompson j Abbess Clara Klagg 

Gawain Chas. Rolfe < Cicely Addie Plunkeit 

Laadd D. GarriKm | 

" Yorick's I^ve " was played March 1,2,3,4," Richelieu," March 6, 
" JuliusXaesar," March 7, "Tl\fiJMaii o' Airlie," March 8, 9. "The 
Merchant of Venice" and " David Gafrlck^," March 10. "The Mar- 
ble Heart," matinee March 11, evening March 11, "Richard III." 
Comley & Barton*s opera company returned March 13, 14, in *' Ma- 
llola;""Qlivctte," March 15, 16, " Mme. Favart,** March 17, matinee 
and evening Slarch 18. Anna Dickinson commenced a fortnight's 
engagement March 20, in " Hamlet,' which was played throughout 
the week. The cast was : 

VOL. UL— 3 

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Hamlet ..... Aona Dickiason 

Gboat C. Overton 

Kii« L. F. Rand 

Laertes Beimelt Matbdc 

Hor.itio . . . , Percy Hunting 

J'olonius H. N. Wilson 

Kosencranz .... Wm. Spencer 

Marcellus J. W. Archer 

Gaildenstern .... Wm. johnstoo 
Pint Gnuradiggfer . . H< N. Wilson 

Second Gravedigger 
Player Queen 
Beniardo . 
First Actor 
Second Actor 
Priest . . 
Otric . . 
Ophelia. . 
Qfmn . . 

Jos. Waters 
Ed, I J\obertbon 
M. P. Robinaoa 
Edwaitl Be dl oe 
. J. M. JacksoQ 
Thos. Potter 
R. Shepherd 
Franklin Bernard 
. . Lillie Joyce 
Carrie Jaaiisoa 

Female Hamlets are novel, if not interesting, though they " make 
the judicious grieve " that ladies who may have some personal charms 
should attenipt what Heaven never intended they should do. Miss 
Dickinson played Hamlet in purple, under the idea, evidently, that* 
when the Prince refers to his " inky cloak," purple ink was then a 
fashionable article of stationery. " A Crown of f ^nma " followed 
March 27, and contintied the balance ci the engagement. 

James O'Neill appealed in " Ajgdcbrated Case " April 3. An ? 
afternoon performance of this play was given the aame day for the * 
benefit of the Actors' Fund. It was thus cast : 

James O'Neill Chanoioesse 
James Dqdd XfadeUoe . 

Robinson Visoooat 
J. A. F;^a Valentine . 

Wm. ScaUan Martha . . 
J. H. Fitzpatrick 1 Adrienne . 

Mrs. G. A. Farren 
. . Carrie Turner 
Forrest Robinson 
Maud Granger 

. . .Mrs. Thorpe 
. . Eva French 


Dennis . 

Count d'Aubeterre 
Coont de Itoraay 

It ran nntil April 1 7, when the Madiaon Square Theatre travelling 

company were seen in " Hi ffrf|Cir ke." with C. W. Couldock and Effie 
Ellsler in their original parts. iTiere were also in the cast: Frank 
Weston, Harry Lee, Chas. Bowser, W. B. Cahill, J. Edward Milliken, 
Frank Colfax. Kate Denin, Mra. Sol Smith, and Sydney Cowdl. 

Maurice Grau's opera company commenced April 24, in " La 
Mascotte," repeated matinde April 29, and thus cast : Bettina, Paola 
Marie ; Pippo, Nigri ; Fiametta» MHe. Gregoire ; Laurent. M. Mezi- 
eres ; Rocco, Duplan. " Les Mousquetairea " was sung April 25; 
•* Mignon," April 26, when Mile. Dalmont, as Philine, made her 
American debut. " Les Dragons de Villars " was heard April 27, 
when Mne Prival, aa Roae Friqoet, made her American d^t. ** La 
Fille du Tambour Major" was given April 28; "Si J'Etais Roi " 
(" If I Were King,") evening April 29. " Le Jour ct la Nuit " had 
its first representatifMia in French, in this city, May 1,3, and matinee 
May 6. Thecaatnaa: 

Manola Paola Marie 

Beatrix Mile. Gregoire 

Lancbette , . . . . Mme. Vallot 
PrfaMe M. 

Miguel M. Nigri 

De Degomes M. Motsf 

CristolAl M. Pojard 

Don Braseiio M. Duplaa 

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" Carmen " was done in its original form May 2, 9, and matinee 
May 13, with Paola Marie in title r61e; *' Paul et Virginie/' May 4, 
6, "Les Noces d'Olivette," May 5, " Divorgons," May 8, 13, with 
this cast : Cypricnne, Faola Marie; Des Prunelles, Meziercsi Cla- 
vignac, Nigri; Adhema, Tauffenberger ; Joseph, Poyard. *'LaP6ri- 
cliole" was sung May 10, "La Favorita." May ii» "La FlUe de 
Mme. Angot," May 12. This company gave a concert Sunday even- 
ing, May 14. 

" ^4 I h. rj^Aj^H T if«» " by A. ^rj^hio man. was first acted May 1 5, 
and ran one weeic It had this cast : 

Ernest Lenwood 
David Leawood 
Leonard . . 
Samuel . . . 
Dora . . . 
Toniiny • • 

A. Z. Chipman 
W. J. Le AloyDc 
Franlc Roberts 

c. A. ^^c^^anlIs 

Arthur Moulton 
. Kate Mayhew 
. John £. Nash 

Jacob . 

Puffle . 

Harold . 

Able . . 

Kittie . 

Emily . 

Frank M. Wills 
. S. P. Nofinan 
. W. R. Falls 

. Henry Merton 
. . Julia Stuart 
. Lizette EUani 
Uule Anderson 

Ada Gray appeared here June 10 in " East Lynne," and played 
until July i (inclusive), when the house closed Tor the season. A 
matinee performance occurred June 29 for the benefit of Gerald Eyre. 
The programme presented was : "The Happy Pair," by Osmond 
Tearle (last appearance in America) and Rose Coghlan ; " Patience," 
(second act): Bunthorne, Ed. Temple; Patience, Lillian Russell; 
".TheFirst Nigh t." Harry Saint Maur as Achille. Franlc Dalton as 
HyacuTthcrWilmot Eyre as Fitzdangle, Selina Delaro as Rose Du- 
fard ; recitation by Gerald Eyre ; song by Evan Thomas. 

The next season began Sept. 1 1 with John Stetson as manager. 
Mme. Th^o was the first attraction, who b^n in "Madame rArchi- 
dttc," with this cast : 

Marietta Mme. Thdo 

Fortttoato Buisson 



Arehdnke Duplan 

Piandolce Millet 

Beppioo Norbet 

Coast BoaaveDtaiB .... Salvator 

Giletti Noe 

The Count Huguet 

Duke Grivd 

Marquis Mussy 

Innkeeper Jalien Beer 

Konaldo Terancle 

Kicaldo Vincbon 

This was also the New York d^t of Mme. Dors^, Mme. Buisson* 

and Messrs. Huguet, Noe, and Grivel. In the third act Th6o intro- 
duced the chansonnette " Pi-ouit. " " Jolie Parfumeuse " was sung 
Sept. 18. Th^o sang Rose, and Miles. Bettv and Mosel made their 
American d^but. " Cloches de Comeville " was beard Sept. 25, 
26, 27. with Th^o as Serpolette ; " La Mascotte/' S^t. 28, 2g, 30, 
matinee Sept. 30, Theo appearing as Bettina. 

" The Vicar of Bray," Solomon and Grundy's opera, was first sung 
Oct 2 and stayed one week. The cast was : 

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Vicar Harry Allen 

Tommy Geo. Olmi 

Bedford Rowe . . - Harry Prown 
Rev. Henry Sanford, L. Cadwallader 

Dorothy Marie Jansen 

Nelly Biy Edith Bland 

Mra. Melton . . . Jcaaie Hughe* 

Kdward Solomon, composer of " Billee Taylor" conducted the 
orchestra. "Billee Taylor" was heard Oct, 9, with this cast: 

Billee Taylor . . . Harry de Lorme Hen Bamade .... Harry Brown 

Christopher Cobb Sig. Broccolini Phoebe Marie Jansen 

Sir Mincing Lane . . H. A. Cripps Kliza Jennie Hughrs 

Capt. Flapper . . . Jas. H. Rennie Susan Rose Chappelle 

Aiabella Vemoiia Jarbcau 



Maurice Grau't French opera company appeared for the first time 

in America Oct. id» in **Les Contes d'Hoffman" ("The Tales o£ 
Hoffman"). It was repeated Oct. 17, 19, 21, when Mile. Derivis 
(first appearance in America) acted the triple rdles of Stella, Oiym- 
pia, and Antonia. Mme. Naire made her American d^but as Hoff- 
man. " La Jolie Parfumeuse " was sung Oct. 26, 27, matinee Oct. 28 ; 
" Mignon," Oct. 20, when Henrietta de Moya made her American 
d^but, acting Philine, and M. Victor Capoul (first appearance in 
America in three years) as Wilhelm Meiater; "Les Cloches de 
CorneviUe " was heard matinee Oct. 21 ; '* Les Contes d'Hoflfman," 
Oct 21 ; " La Timbale d'Argent," Oct. 23, with Thco as Molda; 
** Le Voyage en Chine/* Oct. 24 ; " Mignon/' Oct. 25, Mme. Privat 
in title rdle, Mile. Derivis (first ^pearance in the rdle) as Philine. 

Tomasso Salvini commenced an encjaccemcnt here Oct. 28, in 
" Othello, "which was also played Nov. i,Marie Prescott acting Emelia, 
and Lewis Morrison, lago; "The Gladiator" was given Oct. 30. 
Nov. 3, and matinee Nov. 4. Adelc Belp:arde was Neodamia. Salvini 
played only four times during the week, and his stock company were 
seen the other nights, Nov. 2, 4, in " Rose Michel." '* The Outlaw" 
was played Nov. 6 ; '* Othello/' Nov. 7, 9, matinee Nov. 11;" Rose 
Michel," Nov. 8, 10. 

John E. McCuUough appeared Nov. 1310 " Virginius " for two 
weeks, except matinee Nov. 25, when *' Ingomar " was acted. "JThs 
.Xlladiator" was done for one week commencing Nov. 27, except 
matinee Dec. 2, when "The Lady of I^yons " was seen. "King 
Lear," Dec. 4, 5 ; " Jjrutus." Dec. 6, 7 ; " Hamlet," Dec. 8 ; " Othello/' 
Dec. 9; '* Ingomar/' matinfe Dec. 10; and *' Damon and Pjrthias/' 
evening Dec. 10. In the company were Kdmund K. Collier, Joseph 
Haworth, H. C. Barton, Harry A. Langdon, J. II. Shewell, Frank 
Lane, Henry Chanfrau, Chas. Kidder, Frank Little, \V. Bower, Ed- 
ward Wilson, Kate Forsyth, and Augusta Foster. 

Robson and Crane returned Dec. 1 1 in " I-'orbicMen I-Vuit." for two 
weeks. A. S. Lipraan, Chas.'Webb, Frank Campbell. B. W. Turner, 
W. F. Lane, F. £. Ambrose, Swift, Quick, Mary Myers, Leonora 

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Bradley, Sadie Bigelow, and Flora May Henry were in the organiza- 
tion. Kale Claxton followed Dec. 25, in " The Two Orphans, " with 
tilts cut: 

Mother Frochftitl 

Sist *r denevicve 
Sister Thercse 
Henrielte . . . 
Florette . . . 

. Marie WilMns 

Mary Drake 
. Mary Wilson 
Henrietta Vaders 
. Lillian Lewis 
. Edward Arnot 

Picard . 

Julia . 
Doctor . 

. R. J. DllSMQ 
. . Kate Meek 
Marie Lewes 
Juliet Everts 
C. Stevenioa 
J. W. Shannon 

The Yokes Family came Jan. 8, 1883, for one week, in " Our 
Conntry Cousin ** ("The Rough Diamond ") and " Funjii a Fog." 

Mary Anderson appeared Jan. 15, 16, 17, as Paulme in " The Lady 
of Lyons," with Robert L. Downing as Claude Melnotte. " Daughter 
of Roland " was played Jan. 18, 19, 20, Feb. 5 ; " Pygmalion and 
Galatea," Jan. 22, 23, 24, and Feb. 9; "The Hunchback," Jan. 25, 
26, 27, Feb. 8 ; " Ingomar," Jan. 29, 30, matinee, Feb. 3 ; *' Romeo 
and Juliet," Feb. i, 2, 6, 10; " Fazio," Feb. 3; and " l-ovc," Feb. 7. 

The German company from the Thalia Theatre, in this city, ap- 
peared here Feb. 12 in *' Countess Dubarry." 

The Boston Ideal opera company began a season Feb. 19. in 
"Fatinitza," sung also at the matinee Feb. 24; " Musketeers" Feb. 
20; ••Marriage of Figaro," Feb. 21 ; "The Mascot," matin6e Feb. 
22, and evenings Feb. 25, 28 and March 3; '* Pirates of Penzance," 
Feb. 23, 26, and matinee Feb. 28 and March 2 ; " Patience," Feb. 
24, 27, March i, matinee March 3. In the organization were 
Mathilde Phillips, Marie Stone, Myron W. W'hitney, Tom Karl, 
May Beebe, Geraldine Ulmer, Lizzie Burton, Geo. Frothingham, 
Hernden Morselle. H. C. Barnabee, and W. H. Macdonald. 

Gilbert and Sullivan's "lolanthe" was sung March 5, with this 

nuBCellor H. E. Dixey 

lolanthe Marie Janscn 

ToHoller Geo. Travener 

Artrat Vincent Hogan 

Strepbon Willet Seaman 

Private Robert Frascr 

Fairy Queen . . . Augusta Roche 

Celia Ruby Rogers 

Leib Helen Lowell 

Phyllis LetltisFritch 

"The Mascot " was heard March 19. with this cast: 

Lorenzo Dixev 

I'ippo Eugene Clark 

Frederick Alonzo Hatch 

Rocco W. Paul Bowo 

Mttieo F. Flake 

Harafane Mills Hall 

Physician H. Nichols 

Fiametta .... Hattie Richmond 
Bettina Letitia Fritch 

" Olivette" was heard March 26. 27, matinee March 28, with Alice 

Vincent as Countess ; Valentine, Henri Laurent; Merrimac, Joseph 
Greensfelder. Nellie Mortimer, Knvna Lascelles, May Stanford, 
Miss A. Praeger, John E. Nash, Fred Ijennox, and T. V. Ricketts 

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were in the company. Constance Lewis was announced to make 
her American debut the opening night, but illness prevented her. 
" Prince Conti " had its first hearings in New York March 29, 30, 
3 1 , Catherine Lewis in the title r61e, Constance Lewis as Friquelte. 
It was a Londoa veraton of Les Vth St Gervais.*' 

* ^jnderylla at School " was presented April 2, with H. E. Dixey, 
Eugene Clark, Paul Arthur, Frank Rea, W. P. Bown, Vernona 
Jarbeau, Rose Temple, Fiancesca Guthrie, Jennie Hughes, and 
Carrie Jackson in the cast. J. C. Mullaly was musical director. 

Modjeska returned here April 9, 10, 11, 17, in"Frou Frou ; " 
"Camille" April 12, 13, 14, with Maurice Barrymore, Norman 
Forbes, and Helen Leigh in the cast ; " Twelfth Night " was seen 
April 16; "As You Like It," April 18 ; "XldcU£»." April 19, 20, 21. 

Mrs. Langtry was seen in " Pygmalion and Galatea " April 23, 
for the first time in this city. " She Stoops to Conquer " was played 
April 30, May i, and mating May 5 ; ** An Unequal Match,^* May 
2, 3; "The Honeymoon," May 4 Kate Pattison had a benefit 
Thursday afternoon, May 3, when " The (jZ ynic " was played for the 
first time in this country. The cast was: 

Count Lestrange . . C P. Flockton , Capt. Fairfield .... Chapman 
Lx)rd Kusheville . . J. G. Macdonald i Sir Bruinmell . . . J. B. BuckstoM 
Carrie Beaufort . . . Adele Meaaor 1 Daisv Brent .... Kate Pattison 
Emily Challoner . . . Sam Laacdies Chaners Howard 

Lady Huscombc . Florence Chalgrove Dcwes Crisp 

Guy Faucit .... Frank Cooper j Servant T. Layard 

Job M. Sctton | 

Etdka Berry appeared here in " Camille" May 7, 8, ti, mating 

May 12 ;. •* Adrienne Lecouvreur " May 9, 10. Harry Saint Maur, 
Blanche Grey, David Murray, H. B. Norman, Mme. Ivan Michels, 
Ray Alexander, Will Cowper, and Jtilian Magnns were in the 

Lotta was the last star of the season, iqniearing in "Bob " May 
14, and staying for two weeks. ' 
Daring the snnmer John Stetson made many alterations and 

additions to the house. A new entrance was constructed on Broad- 
way and the house greatly improved. The season commenced Sept. 
14, 1883, with "La Princesse des Canaries," with this cast: Pepita, 
Ainice ; Inez, Mile. Angele ; Guzman (first appearance in Ameiica), 
M. Guy; Inigo (American debut), M. Larry; General Pataques, 
M. Mezieres. " La Mascotte " was sung Sept. 24, 36, 28, matinee 
Sqyt. 29: Bettina (first time in America), Aim^; Fiametta (first 
time), Mile. An^elc. "Boccaccio" was heard Sept. 25, 27, 29, 
Oct. 3, matinee Oct. 6. Mile. Nixan made her American debut in 
the title r6le: Beatrice, Mile. Angele. "Divor^ons" was seen 
Oct. I : Cyprienne, Aimce; " La Fille de Mme. Angot," Oct. 3, 4; 
" La Prittceise des Canaries/' Oct. 5 ; and the season closed with 

Digitized by Googic 


" Dtvor^ons " Oct. 6. Alms's Cyprieone was a remarkably clever 

piece of work. 

The dramatic season opened Oct. 8 with *' Money,** whicli had 
this cast: 

Sir John V«*ey .... John Jack 

Stout Geoi^e Griffiths 

Graves .... Clias. Wheatletgh 
Alfred Evelyn . . Cha*. C(»hlan 
Lord Glonraoire . . . Clinton Stnart 
Sir Frederick Blount, Walden Ramsay 
Sharp .... George E. Hrowne 

Captain Dudley Smooth, Herbert Kelcey 
Old Member . . H. W. Montgomery 
Sir John's Servant M.T.Harris 
Clara. Doiulas . . Florence Geiard 
Lady Franklin 

Emily Jordan Chamberlain 
Georgiana Netta (iuion 

This was the first appearance in America of Florence Gerard, 
and the reappearance of Charles Coghlan. Shortly after this, Florence 
Gerard became Mrs. Henry E. Abbey. She is of American birth. 

Geo. E Ikowne died in this city May 31, 1885. He made his 
first appearance on the stage about Dec. 7, 1833. at the Tremont 
theatre, Boston, playing Franco in the opera of "Guy Mannering,*' 
with Mr. and Mrs. Wood's English opera company. His first ap- 
pearance in this city as an equestrian star occurred Oct. 9. 1848, 
at the Bowery Theatre, when he played Dick Turpin in ' LRook- 
wood." As an equestrian actor he continued to travel until 1850; 
lhen~he acted as staj^e manager of various theatres at Philadelphia, 
St. Louis, and Rochester, N. Y., and afterwards he resumed his 
legitimate work on the boards, playing leading parts in a wide 
range of farces and comedies. This took him up to Nov. 24, i860, 
when he was engaged to play "The Remorseless Tyrant" in a 
burlesque of that name, produced in connection with the spectacle 
of *'Tlr ^''^' ^ Siste rs'* at Laura Keene's (Olympic) Theatre, this 
city. In thesaHnriMirlesque his wife (Louise Pray, sister to Mrs. 
Barney Williams) supported him. The following season (1861-62) 
he was engaged for the stock company at Wallack's Theatre and 
there he first appeared Sept. 25, 1861, as Griboulard in Tom Taylor's 
"The New President." At Wallack's he remained, playing second 
comedy rdles until 1878, when he retired from the stage to devote 
his attention to his restaurant ventures, which he had initiated with 
" The Green Room," a chop house purchased by him when he first 
joined the Wallack company in 1861. 

** A Celej itafd Case " was presented Oct. 15, with this cast: 

Sergeant of the Guard 

H. W.'Bfootgomery 
Valcntinr f!e Mornay, Lottite Moldcaer 
Uuthess d"Aubeterre 

Emily Jordan Chamberlain 
Chanoinesse . . Mrs. M. A. Farren 

MarUia Mariorie Bonner 

Joieph Andrew Jacques 

Jean Rcnaod .... Cbas. Coghlan 

D'Anbeterre John Jack 

The Seneschal ... N 1). joncs 
Dennis O'Kourkc, Charles \V heatieigh 
Madeline Renaud Florence Gerard 
Adrienae, a child Tommy Russell 
Capt. of the King's Own, M. T. Harris 
Count de Momay Lcwb Morrison 
Viscount Raoul .... Fred Ross 

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The theatre was closed evenings Oct. 22, 23 for rehearsals of 

"Xl>^l^<ilc^'> Motto," acted Oct. 24 with this cast : 

Gonzagues .... Lewis Morrison 

ytsop Theo. Hamilton 

The Regent ..... Fred Ross 
Peyrolla . . . . . Murry Woods 

Lemuel Geo. H. Griffitlis 

Navelles .... Andrew Jacques 

Chavernay G. Howard 

De Ureant J. WaUis 

Trumpeter .... Carrie Jackson 
Qi^pt. Henri di Lagiadere 
1.^ Charles Coghlan 

Carrickfercus . . Henry E. Dixey 
The Due de Nevers, Walden Ramsay 

MaUcorme C. Barton 

BaaDcrmaa .... A. E. Malleii 

Diego E. McArdle 

Hermann ...... W. Uurnell 

Tonio J. Harrison 

Lipardo M. T. Harris 

Blanche .... Florence Gerard 

Zillah Louise Muldener 

Duchess Helen Barry 

"JThe Dujiels j^otto" was acted until Nov. 10, when James 
O'Neill appeared In " Monte Cristo." 

The production of Dumas^ novel in a dramatic form has often 
resulted in either "a scene" or a fiasco. On the first occasion — 
at the Drury Lane Theatre, London, in 1848, when the company 
of the Th^rare Historique, Paris, attempted to play a version — 
. a terrible scene ensued; benches were torn up and the audience 
became nothing more or less than a howling mob, infuriated by this 
intrusion of Gallic players, and regarding the presence of the French 
company upon the tioards of the historic theatre as a degradation 
more serious than its immediately preceding condition — that of a 
hippodrome and concert room. The company returned to Paris 
unheard and insulted. One of the chief objections to the play was 
its inordinate length, the representation requiring two evenings. 
Upon the first night the troubles and sufferings of Edmund Dantes 
were exhibited ; on the second night was shown the consummate 
vengeance taken by him in the character of Monte Cristo. 

A lapse of twenty years took place before " Monte Cristo" was 
again produced, this time at the Adelphi Theatre, London. A 
strong cast could not save it : Fechter was Dantes ; Ben Webster, 
Noirtier; Carlotta Leclercq, Mercedes; Mrs. Alfred Mellon, Albert; 
Arthur Stirling as Fernand ; and Cicorge Relniore, Cadcroussc. It 
was voted as being feebly written, poorly constructed, and was a 
complete failure. 

"Lieut. Helene of the G uards " was produced Nov. 12 for the 
first^tiineTn XMew iTorkl ITHad this cast: ' 

Lieut. Helene 
Clemence . . 
Manucla . . 

Teresa . . . 
Josephine . . 
Chas. de V'alois 
His Lieutenant 
An Officer 

Amy Gordon 
. . Fanny Kice 
. . Jessie Calef 

Annie Winner 
. . Marie Uart 
. Hul)-. rt Wiike 
Chas. .Shackford 
Florence Bemeiiter 

Count de Vannes .... J. Otley 
Fripperon .... Henry £. Dixey 
BarberoQ Felix j. Movns 

Dominpo W. A. Morgan 

A Hanker J. H. Finn 

Forgeout H. A. AmlK-rg 

Munier .... Geo. A. Schiller 

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Henry E. Diiey was *' made up " to retefnble Henry Irving in 

this play. 

*J Pod '-' was presented Nov. 19, with John A. Mackay and Kate 
Castleton in the cast. " Monte Cristo " came Nov. a6, followed 
Dec. 17 by '* Th&jQlasjjt^.f^ahion'^ith this caat: 

Col. Trevanion . . 
Prince Borowski 
John Macadam . . 
Hod. Tom bUobope, 
PcR O ReiHy . . . 
Prior jenkyn . . . 

Herbert Kelcey 
Lewis Morrison 
Frank Mordaunt 
H. i*. Chanfrau 
. Stella Boniface 
J. G. McDonald 

Mrs. Trevanion 
Lady Coombe 
Harris . . . 

. . . Sara Jewett 
. . Minnie Monck 
. Marion Kussell 

Kerry Geo. TbompRon 

AnstiD J. H. Redding 

" Peril " was first acted here Jan. 4, 1884. I^artley Campbell, who 
had a copyright of that title, threatened an injunction, and the title 
was changed to **A Wife's Peril.*' It was a free adaptation of 

Sardou's " Nos Intimes," and had been acted in England under the 
title of " Frien'ls and Foes," and at VVallack's Theatre, this city, 
as Bosom Friends " The cast here was : 

Capt. Bradford . 
Sir Geo. Ormond 
Mrs. Cross] ;y 
Percy Grafton . 
Sir Woodbine * 
Dr. Thornton 

Charles Coghlan 
. . Joseph Carnc 
Mrs. G. C. Germon 
. }• H. Fitzpatrick 
. . . J. W. Pixott 
. . Fred Everill 

Mr. Crossley 
Meadows . . 
Kemp . . . 
Lucv OmMMd 
Sophie . . . 
Lady Ormond 

. H. A. Weaver 
. . K. Glover 
. Frank Seymour 
Adela Hou.ston 
Gortrude Warden 
Mrs. Langtry 

Rose Mnmpleford • Florence Gerard 

{antes Alf. Fisher 
/Ifchael Mtistle . . . Fred CliArni 

Violet Nctta Guion 

Maria Vernona Jarbeau 

Joseph Derrick's farce " Confusion " had its first performance in 
America Jan. 28, and had this cast : 

Christopher Blizzard, Heaiy E. Disey 
Mortimer Mumpleford 

Harry S:^nt Maur 
Rupert Sunbery Herbert Gresham 
Dr. Bartholomew Jones, Jos. Frankau 
Locfctia TricUeby . . Maria Oavisi 

It was preceded by "J>t«H«^gitig^^ Fnreifni> r«t " in which Henry 
E. Dixey and Florence Gerard "made up " as Henry Irvinp and 
Ellen Terry, and imitated those artists in scenes from " The Mer- 
chant of Venice" William^^^oILwas also in the cast. Sadie Martinot 
was afterwards added to the cast as Portia. This bill continued 
until Feb. 11, when " Princess Ida. or Castle Adamant," by Gilbert 
and Sullivan, was presented for the first time in America. It was 
also given the same evening at Boston, Mass. Its original pro- 
diictioo was at London, £ng., Jan. 5. The cast here waa : 

King Hildebrand 
Hilarion . . , 
Princess Ida . . 
Lady Psyche . . 
Lady Bluche 

. . C. Broccolini 
Wallace McCrecry 
Cora S. Tanner 
Florence Bemeister 
Genevieve Reynolds 
W. S. Rising 

Frarian Charles F. Lang 

Aiac M. Ainsley Scott 

Guron ].\mes Early 

Scynlhias K. J. Conley 

Kiiit; Gama J. H. Ryley 

.Mellissa Hattie Delaro 

Sacharlssa . . . Eva Harrington 

Chloe Eily Coghlan 

Ada Clara Primrote 


Shortly after its first production Chas. F. Lang sang Hilarion, 
and Mr. McCreery withdrew from the cast. Arthur Wilson sang 
Arac. Mary Beebe was the Princess Ida. 


revived March 24. when Sadie Martinet and 

John Thaxter appeared. It was preceded by " Delicate Ground," 
introducing Lewis Morrison and Sadie Martinot. " Claire and the 
Forgemaater" followed April 5, with Maud Granger as Claire, and 
Gwrye LeUTock aa Philippe Darblay. 

Louis Harrison and John Gourlay came May 14, in " 5>kipp ed 
by the Light of Lhc ^Mxion." and ran until May 19, when the bur- 
lesque of Sankou'a "Fedora/' called "Well Fed Dora," waa acFed, 
with thia out: 

Helene . . 
De Sirienx 
Desire . . 

Dimitri . 
Mfssenger No 
JaqiifS . . 
(iretch . . 
The Princess' 
The Countess 
Messenger No 

Venie Burroughs 
Hetty Trag 

. . KormaWm 

Hindie Harrison 
. Eva Shaler 
. Mark Lcssiems 
. Frank M. Wills 
Geo. K. Fortescue 
Carrie Godfrey 
. . Salome Stone 

Loris Ipaaoflf . . Edward P. Temple 

Jacques Hannibal Smith 

Lazfnski F. K. Elyk 

Doctor Geo. Strath more 

Pierre Carl J. Alberti 

Antoine Chas. St. Aubyn 

Robert Chas. Raymond 

Gaspard Robert Wilson 

GniJlamiie .... Hannibal Smith 

It was originally produced April 28. at Philadelphia. Augustus 
Pitou retired from the business management of this house May 24. 
The season closed May 30. 

"Called Back," dramatized from Hugh Conway's novel of that 
namer commenced the next season Sept. 1, for the first time in 
America, and interpreted hy the Madison Square Theatre com- 
pany. The cast was : 

Gilbert VaqghStt . 
Arthur Kcnyon . 
Anthony March . , 
Paoia M.ic.iri . ■ 
Chief of Police . . 
Major Myrkeloff . . 
Captain Varma)o£E . 
Seigeant of Cossadc 
Warder Kodril ; 

Robert B. Mantell 
Herbert Kelcey 
Forrest Robinson 
W. J. Ferguson 
Wm. Morris 
Harry Gwynette 
Nestor Ijennon 
. W. L. Denison 
. . Henry Talbot 

Mrs. Wilkins 
Dr. Ceoari 
Petroff . 
Bolski . 
Markd . 

May Robson 
C. P. Flockton 
. Ed. Tannchill 
. Geo. Watson 
. Chas. Seabert 
. Mis.H Millward 
Marie Bttrrottfbs 
. Sadie Belden 
Bessie Canenui 

**' ^ Cftlopg l" was revived Oct. 27, by Eric Bayley'a comedy 
company, and cast thus: 

Mrs. I^lythc . . 
Richard Forrester 
Lambert Streyke, 
Mrs. Forrester . 
Lady Tompkins . 
Col. Wottwell . 
Basil .... 

. Florence Gerard 

. Walter Kevnolds 
Rowland Huckstone 

. . Carrie Turner 

. , Maria Davis 

, , . Kric Bayley 

. . Cyril Maude 







Sydney Fcnwick 
P. Cunningham 
Croxteth Parke 
Keginakl Martin 
. HattieTiUaoo 
Miss M. Stuart 

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The Bijou Theatre opera company came here Nov. 3 in " Or- 
pheus and Eurydice," with Marie Vanoni, Adelaide Langdon, 
Daisy Murdoch, Lillic Alliston, Florence Bemeister, Belle Urquhart, 
Jennie McNuIty, Clara Andrews, Louis de Lange, Harry Pepper, 
Harry Davenport, Henri Leoni, and E. H. Aiken in the cast. 

** Fantasma," Hanlon Brothers' spectacle, was produced for the 
first time in Ainerica Nov. 10, with this cast: 

Arthur George Hanton i 

Fantasma Kate Davis ! 

Zatnaliel Nat D. Jones 

Pieo Alex Zanfretta 

Lena Miss Ida Maussey 

Mad<;c . . . Misi Annie Woodman 
Mother (ioslia . MiiS Lizzie Moulton 

Eaasebus Leo Zanfretu 

Bnrin Pbtt Farcer 

Farmer Close ... W. M. Hanlon 
Goddtss of Liberty . Sadie Williams 
Mercury . . . Little Amy Zanfretta 
Cupid .... Little Alice Hanlon 
Genus . . . Little Francis Hanlon 

Lichen Ella Langtry 

Irate Father J. Francis 

Lover A. C. Orcutt 

Dr. Laace .... J. F. MeG«vem 

The Florences followed Dec. 8, in 'Ojic^Mjght y Dollar/ ' 

Marie Aim^e, having retired from opera bouf!e in consequence of 

her voice having failed her, opened Dec. 15, for the first time in this 
city, in an English-speaking part. A play called " Mam'zelle " had 
been written expressly for her and was acted her^ with this cast: 

Tofnette Aim^e 

Lionel W. A. Whitecar 

Bob Frank E. Lamb 

Topplebjr A. K. Feeley 

Fraofob Lester VicUMr 

Tsrieton Tupper . . . J. O. Barrows 

Hiram Poster 
This way . , 
O'Club . . 
Mrs. Tapper 
Mary . . 

. Newton Oitsnetl 

J. A. Anderson 
Frederick Roberts 
. . Laura Wallace 
Charlene Weidman 

" Mam'zelle " afforded nearly three hours of innocent and healthful 
amusement. Airo^*s use of the English language was simply de- 
lightful. Her every word was distinct, and whatever foreign in- 
flection or tone she gave to a sentence made it all the more quaint. 
The writer of this travelled with Aimee as manager for one season, 
and found that her vivacity and spontaneous humor made her 
popular. She possessed that inimitable art which is found nowhere 
in such perfection as on the Parisian stage. ^ 

" We, Us & Co.'* was done Dec. 29, with this cast : 

T. Willie Rockingham, W. A. Mestayer 

Dr. Mulo Medicus 
Tammany K. O'Turk 
Kerfew Tolls . . . 
George Magillicuddy 
Melinda Magillicuddy 

Ezra S. Kendall 
C. F. Macarthy 
Hairy Amberg 
■ . Joseph Ott 

Theresa Vaugbaa 

Euphemia Coppergall, 
Cylinder Cogwheel . 
Bella Bustle . . . 
Kosa Perfectos . . 
Dr. Pulsiver . . . 

Jennie Fi.sher 
NLarie 15ockel ' 
. Libbie Noxon 
. Belle Deering 
\V. F. Rochester" 

Knox Dunlap Sam'l Reed 

Marie Bockel is in married life Mrs. Samud Reed. 
Edwin Booth opened Jan. 19. 1885, supported by the company 
from the Boston, Mass., Museum, with "Othello": 

Digitized by Google 


laeo Edwin Booth 

Othello Chas. Barron 

Brabantio ..... Alfred Hudson 
Cassio ...... Geo. K. Parks 

Roderigo Edwio Aidea 

Desdemona . . Blandie Tbompton 

Duke of Venice .... J. Burrows 

M Ontario A. R. VVhytal 

Gratiano Albert Lang 

Ludovico C. S. Abbe 

Enllla Annie Oarke 

This was the first New York appeartnee of Geo. R. Parks. On 

Jan. 20 Booth acted Othello, to Barron's lago ; " The Iron Chest " 
was played Jan. 21, 22, with Booth as Sir Edward Mortimer. 
" Macbeth," Jan. 23, 24; " Ruy Bias," matinee Jan. 24; " Hamlet," 
Jan. 26, 27, 28, 29; "The ApoeUte," Jan. 30. 31 : " Don Caesar de 
Bazan," matinee Jan. 31, Feb. 9, 10, II; ^'Richelieu/' Feb. 3, 3, 4, 
and matinee Feb. 7. The cast was : 

Cardinal Richelieu . . Edwin Booth 
The Sieur de B«ringhen, James Nolan 
De Clermont .... Geo. H. Cohill 
First Scoetarf • • C. £. Boardman 
Second Secretary . . Horatio James 
Captain of the Guard, H. 1'. Whittemore 
Jnlie de Mortimer . . Annie Clarke 
Marion de Lorme . Elisabeth Rollins 

Louis XIII. . . . . Inn Robertson 
De Mauprat .... Geo. K. Parks 

Baradas Charles Kent 

Josepli Alfred Hudson 

Gaston A. R. Whytal 

Francois ..... Edwin Arden 

Hucuet Albert _Lang 

ThM Secretary . . . J. M. 

" The Fool's Revenge " was played Feb. 5,6;" The Merchant of 
Venice*' and "Taming of the Shrew." Feb. 7; " Richard III.*' Feb. 
12. 13; "The Iron Chest" matinee Feb. 14; and "The Fool's Re- 
venge" closed the enp^apjement night Feb. 14. 

Geo. R. Parks died at Boston, Mass., May 31, 1887. M. B. Curtis 
opened Feb. 16, in "_Spot Cash ," its first production in this city. 
Wm. Morris, B. Reyn^olcls, l-rank O. Savage, Albina de Mer (Mrs. 
M. B. Curtis), Emily Stowe, Josie Wilmere, Harry Courtaine, and 
Bessie Moore were in the cast. 

The Boston Ideal opera company appeared here March 9, 10, 
mating March 11, in '* Girofl^-Girofla/' cast thus: 

Don Bolero d*Aicarazas 

H. C. BariMbce 
Mourzourk . . Myroo W. Whitney 
Marasqnin Tom Karl 

Aurora Lizsle Burton 

GirofI<5 r.irofla . . . Marie Stone 
Paquiia . . . Marietta Siegfried 

" Pinafore " was sung March it, 19. 21, with this cast : Josephine, 
Geraldine Ulmcr ; Ralph Rackstraw, Tom Karl ; Sir Joseph, H. C. 

Barnabee ; Capt. Corcoran, Myron \V. Whitney. "The Bohemian 
Girl" was sung March 16, matinee March 21; " Fra Diavolo," 
March 17 ; " The Mascot," matinee March 18 ; " Fatinitza," evening 
March 18; *' The Musketeers," March 20. 

On March 23 *' Oye r the Garden W all " was presented, with this 
cast: " 

Digitized by Google 


Mrs. Snilz . . 
Julius Snitit Jr. 
Ittlins Soitt 
Tom . . . 

Therese Newcomb 
. . Mr. Graham 
Geo. S. Knight 
. . . Mr. Crane 

Hridgrtt W. Monroe 

Moaet ........ JackioB 

Rom Marion Fleming 

Nelly . . . Mrs. Geo. S. Knight 

Tbatcher, Primrose & West's minstrels came here April 6 and 
stayed two weeks. 

" Wc. Us.&XpJ' returned April 20, with Alice Harrison as Bella, 
Mary Gray as Euphemia, and Belle Stokes as Rosa. The season 
closed May 16, but the house reopened May 18 with English opera, 
under the direction of Charles £. Ford. ** Fra Diavolo " was sung 
May 18, and mating May 27. with this cast: 

Fra Diavolo . , Goo. W. Ttaverner Beppo Henry Peakai 

Lord Allcash .... James I'cakes Gtacomo .... Alonzo Stoddard 

ZerlinS Alfa Norman Matteo Lewis Carlberg 

Lorauo .... Tbos. A. Cbrispy Lady AUcaih .... Zelda Seguin 

"Bohemian Girl" was given May 25. and matinees June 3 and 12, 
wiih Alfa Norman as Ariine. '* Martha" was heard June i : Lionel, 
Charles H. Thompson (his first appearance) ; Martha, Alfa Norman ; 
Nancy, Zelda Seguin. " Chimes of Normandy " was sung June 8, 9, 
10, cast thus: Germaine, Zelda Seguin; Gaspard, Henry Peakes ; 
Marquis, Alonzo Stoddard; Seipolette (first appearance), Marie de 
Jonge. "Maritana" was heard June 15, Alfa Norman in title rdle. 
On June 19 Zelda Seguin took a benefit, and the prognmaie was : 
" II Trovatore." third act; sextet, from "Lucia di I^mmermoor;" 
cornet solo, J. Levy; song, Harry Pepper; second act of "Fra 
Diavolo; " and the second act of "Mantana." The house closed 
June 20. with " Fra Diavolo." 

" The Mikado " was given Aug. 19 by the D'Oyley Carte London 
company with this cast : 

Katisha . . , , . Elsie Cameron 
Pooli I!ah .... Fred Billington 

Pish Tush G. B. Browne 

PittiStng Katia Foster 

Mikado Fred Federici 

Kanki Poo . . . Coortlce Pounds 

KoKo GeaThorne 

YomYnm .... Gecaldlne Ulmar 
Peep Bo . . . GciaUlne St. Mawr 

On Sept. 24 Sir Arthur Sullivan led the orchestra. 

F. Federici died at Melbourne, Australia, April 13, 18S8, while 
singing the part of Mephistopheles in " Faust," at the Princess 
Theatre. FcNierici was descending the slide to the infernal r^ions, 
when he suddenly grasped the edge of the stage and sank back dead. 
The coroner's verdict was death from heart disease. After its one 
hundred and seventieth performance here " The Mikado " was taken 
to the Standard Theatre, this city, owing to a prior engagement 
havinf; been made with Edwin Booth, who opened Feb. i, 1886, for 
four weeks, supported by the Boston Museum company. " Hamlet" 
given Feb. 1 and continued one week. 


Hamlet Edwin Booth 

Ghost ..... Charles Barron 

CUodiiu Charlei Keat 

PokmiiiB .... Alfred Hudion 

Laertes J. B. Mason 

Horatio Albert Lanij 

Rosencrantz . . . . A. R. Wliyial 
First Player . . . James Burrows 
Second Player . H. P. Whittemore 
First Gntvedigfor . . W. F. Owen 

Second (iravedigger . James Nolan 
Player Queen . « . . Louise Jordan 
Guildeiuiteni .... Louis Atkins 

Osric C. S. Abbe 

Bernardo M. Eaton 

Francisco Bates 

Priest Henry Curry 

Gertrude Annie Clarke 

Ophelia .... Blanche Thomusoa 
Marcellua . . . . C £. Boardnuui 

"King Lear" was acted Feb. 8, 9, 10; "Jjr utus," Feb. 11, 12, 
matinde and eveninp:, Feb. 13 ; " Macbeth," Feb. 15 ; "A New Way 
to Pay Old Debts, " Feb. 16, 17 ; " Richelieu," Feb. 18, 19, 20; " Fool's 
Revenge," Feb. 22, 23 ; ** Richard III.," Feb. 24, 25; ** Julius Caesar/* 
Feb. 26, 27. 

** Tbe Mikado" returned March i. The two hundred and fiftieth 
and final performance was April 17. Owing to previoiis engage- 
ments it was withdrawn and sung at the Metropolitan Opera House 
on April 26, under John Stetson's management, for a fortnight. 
^he Little T ycoon " succeeded the " The Mikado " April 19 and 
June 26. rue cast was : 

Montgomery .... Frank Darcy 
Dolly Dimple .... Netta Guion 

Violet Annie Leaf 

Teddy J. W. Denicb 

Gen. Knickerbocker . R. £. Graham 
Lord Dolphin . . Ed. A. van Veghten 
Miss Hurricane . . . Klma Delaro 
Alvin Barry .... Will S. Rising 
Kufus Ready . . . . R. N. Duabor 

"The Little Tycoon" was first sung in this city at the Standard 
Theatre, March 29, 1886, with Graham as Knickerbocker, Wm. Ri»> 
ing as Alvin, and Dunbar as Rufus. 

Oil May 10 Edith Ainsworth acted Violet. 

The house closed June 26, and reopened Sept. 6, 1886, with Joseph 
Murphy for two weeks. 'LlLaayGow " was acted the first week, 
and *'3.havin Rhue" tbe second week. Henry E. Dixey made his 
first appearance"siDce his European engagement Sept. 20, in 
•VAdonis." Mrs. Langtry's third American tour opened here Oct. 4, 
in " A Wife's Peril," which was continued for two weeks. Weeks 
of Oct. i8-2$t " The Lady <rf Lyons,** Mrs. Langtry's first appearance 
in America as Pauline. She closed her engagement Oct JOl "The 
Mikado" was revived Nov. i, with this cast: 

Yum Yum . 
Nanki Poo . 

The Mik.ido 
Pish Tush . 

Geraldine Ulmar 
Courtice Pounds 
N. S. Burnham 
. . Jos. C. Fay 

Pooh Bah 
Peep Bo 
Katisha . 
Ko Ko . 

Si^. Broccolini 
Edith Jenncsse 

. . Alice C'Lihle 
. J. W. Herbert 

It was sung for the two hundred and ninety-fourth time on Nov. 
20, and was followed Nov. 22 by " Princess Ida," which had this 

Digitized by Google 


Kiqg HUdefannd . Sig. BroccoUni 
Hlhrlu .... Cowiioe Poonds 

Cvril Phil Branson 

Florian Stuart Harold 

King Gaaa . . . . J. W. Herbert 

Arac Jos. Fay 

Guron ..... N. S. Burnham 
Sqrntbias . . . . L. W. Rajnoiid 

PrinceM Ida 
Lady Ulaaeha 

Mellissa . 
Lady I'syche 
Sacharisaa . 
Cbloe . . 
Ada . . . 

Geraldina Ulmar 
. . Alke Carte 

Agnes Stone 
. Helen Lamont 
Edith Jennesse 
. Miss BraosoQ 
. MliaMeGuui 

B. Mantell made his d^bot here as a atar Dee. 13, in 
ves." with thii cast: 

Helen Garth 
Edith Aiosley 
Awrt Elln • t 

. Eleanor Carey 
. Effie Shannon 
Louisa Eldridge 

Joseph . 
A Dude 

Nelson Wheatcroft 
. . W. F. Blandc 

R. J. Dnatan, Kate Stokes, Helen Windsor, and B. T. Ringgold 
were also in the cast. Mantell appeared Jan. 31. 1887, in " Marble 
Heart," which continued for a fortnight ^^Jacj|J' bad its first per- 
formance Feb. 14, and bad this cast : 

Jack . 
Mrs. Boon 

Eben Plympton 
VV. G. (-ilniorc 
. J. B. Hollis 
. John Archer 
. Gcorgie Drew 
. AdcJe Clarke 
Virginia Bncbaoan 

Noel Rlake Chas. Kent 

.Major Spott .... Myron Calico 

Sebastian John I nee 

VVithcra .... Jacques Martin 

Jenkins F. Hodaon 

Toby JoaieHaU 

Qlbeit and Sullivan's " Ruddygore " had its first representation 
in America Feb. 2t, by D'Oyley Carte's opera company, and the 

cast was: 

Robin Oakapple . . George Thome 
Richard Dauntless . Courtice POnnds 
Sir Deqpard Murgatroyd 

Fred BiUlntrton 

Old .Adam Goodheart Leo Kioss 

Sir Roderick Murgalroyd, F. Fcderici 

Rose May bud . 
Mad Margaret 
Dame Hannah 
Zofah . . . 
Ruth . . . 

Geraldine Ulmar 
Kate Forster 
. Elaie CaaMfOo 
> AJda JeiuMue 
. AnyAnganla 

Giant " was acted April 1 1 for the first time in this 

city, and the 

Alex FwMax . . . McKee RaaUn 

Duncan Le .Moyne Nester Lennon 
Bc:isie F.iirfax . Mrs. .McKee Rankin 
Max W'.iyne . , J. Winston Murray 
Old Mack .... Chas. J. Greene 
Robt Mumy 

Mrs. Boggs 

Jack Mason 
Bixby . . 
Flynn . . 
Ethel Gray 
Jadt Falrnx 

Loolae IMdEBOB 

. Robt. Hilliard 
. Chas. Stanley 
. Luke Martin 
. . Daisy Dorr 
. Onia Berkley 

Mn. Langtry reappeared April 25, acting " Lady Clancarty" for 
the first time. On May 12 she played Pauline in "The LadydT 
Lyons," and she closed May 14, 1887. 

Lillian Olcott was seen in "Theodora" May 23, for one week, 
when the season closed. The next season at this theatre was opened 

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Sept. 5, with the first performance in New York — or, in fact, in 
any city outside of San Francisco — of " /Vllari Dare/ ' a dramatiza- 

I tion by George JB. Jj ijymore of Admiral David l^rter's novel, 

I ** Allan Dare and KSbert Le Diable." The cast : 

Robert Le DtaUe 

I Mungo Park . . 

1 Chiefof Police . 

' Louise Morton 

Flossy Carrolton . 

Mary S.^nipsoa • 

Simon Gale . . 

James . . . . 

.Charles . . . . 

Charles Gale . . 

Dick Long . . . 

Circus Man . . 

1 Agoes Gale . . 

W. Lackaye 
W. H. Thompson 
. . R. Johnson 

Louise Pomeroy 
Addle Cummings 
Kate Maloney 
• J. Stevens 
E. Hughes 

C. Forman 
G. Tubbs 
Agnes Proctor 

Mary Kate Hurlingame 

Ellen Louise Berkley 

Little Mary . . . Dot Clarendon 

Allan Dare F. Carlyle 

Geo. May . . . . F. B. Conway, Jr. 
Hans Hummel .... L. Martin 

Tormenteur F. (iretton 

liellette L. Konnell 

Servant James Hill 

Mid-ret Lena Hill 

Numlier 20 J. Roberts 

Number 21 F. Keene 

Number 9 R. Long 

Mrs. Langtry's engagement of six week» at this theatre opened 
Sept. 19, when the first performance on any stage of Eank^Rpgers* 
version of F. C. Philips' novel, " Ait j" ^( Ookinfi Glas s," was given. 

The cast: 

Capt Jack . . . 
Lord Udolpiio 
Lord Slamberton 
Mons. Camille 
Major Koljcrts 
Laay Darner . . 
Count Paul . . 
Sir Thomas . . 

Maurice Barrymore 
. Robert Hilliard 
. . Syd. Herbert 
Katherine Florence 
Georgte Raiemond 
Walter Lennox, Jr. 
. . Hatiie Russel! 
. . F. A. Everitt 
H. A. Weaver, Sr. 

Florence . . 
Lady Gage 
Lena Oespard 
Algernon . . 

Capt. Fairfield 
Lord lien ley . 
Kalmuck . . 
Felicee . . . 

Lillian Florence 
Rose Roberta 
Mrs. Langtry 
Louis CaWert 

.J. H. Mollis 
W. Nicholson 
M. Jones 
N adage Doree 

Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 25, there was a benefit for the Actors' 

Mrs. J. Brown Potter made her first appearance on the professional 
stage Oct. 31, 1887. The auction sale of seats for Mrs. J. B. Potter's 
professional d^but on the American stage took place afternoon of 
Oct. 20. The box usually reserved for Manager Stetson's use went 
for S400, while the next one broiight $200. I^ox A was held, as 
usual, for the Gilsey family. Sixty-four seats were reserved for the 
press, and speculators bought nearly all the rest. "Ji austine d e / 
. Bresftier ." the initial performance, was acted for the first time in this 
country. The cast : 

Jacques Rosny . 
Doctor Granoier . 

Capt. Maubcrt 
Henri dc Gucssaint 
Madame Rosny . 
Faustlne de Dressier 
Pierre Roaoy . . . 

Kyrle Bellew i Marias Kenneth Lee 

J. F. Hagan I Etiienne ..... F. B. Conway 

Fred W. Sidney 
Hart Conway 
Minnie Monck 
. Mrs. Potter 
Leslie Allen 

(u-orget* • . . . . Sydney Drew 

jean Jacques Martin 

Fran9ois P. J. Reynolds 

Nellie Maida Craigen 

Aurdie .... Genevieve Lyuoa 

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This was Mr. Sidney's first appearance in America. The third 
md final week of Mrs. Potter opeaed Nov. 14, with " l^yal Lo ve," 
a roiiiantk dnuBa by;^JSl)|g^eaL'' The cast: ~ 

loei Mrs. Potter 

Pedro Kyrle Bellew 

The King ^^^^'^ 

Donna LeoAocm . * Maida Craifcea 
Aittooio .... Jaoques Martin 

Gonzales .... Joseph Haworth 

Sebastian F. B. Conway 

Count di Luna . . . Hart Conway 
Lais Sydney Drew 

The McCavll opera company began a three weaka' atay Nov. ai, 

singing for the first time in this city Ranald De Koven'a comic 
opera. " The Begum." The cast : 

Tlie Begum of Oude, Mathilde Cottrelly 
Howja-Dhu . . . De Wolf Hopper 
Pooteh-Wehl .... E. W. Hoof 
Klahm-Chowdee .... H. WUke 
MThnt-Jhuleep .... DMw Ball 
Aminab MarkMiManob 

Jhust-Naut J dc Angelis 

Asch-Khart . . . H. Macdonougli 
Namouna .... Laura Joyce-Bell 

Damayand Annie Myers 

Kafeh Josephine Knapp 

Hoyt & Thomas' company, in " Hole i n the Ground ," commenced 
Dec. 12, and was followed Dec. 19 by kichard Mansfield in " Mon- 
sjeur." " Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was produced Dec. 26 by 
RFchard Mansfield. The lioston Ideal opera company commenced 

ian. i6» i888. In **The Danghter of the Regiment/' Zelie de 
*iiaaan then making her New York d^but in opera. The cast was : 
Marie, Mile. Zelie de Lussan ; Tonio, Frank Baxter ; Sergeant 
Sulpice, W. H. Clarke; Bruno, Clement Bainbridge; Corporal, 
J. C. Miron; Countesa <^ Ferkenfddt, Harriet Avery; Babette, 
Louise Edo^ar. 

Zelie de Lussan was heard all the week in " The Daughter of the 
Regiment," except night of Jan. 19 and matinee of Jan. 21, when 
"Martha" was given, with Carlotta Pinner in the title rdle. Misa 
Pinner is a New York ^irl who studied abroad, and is best recalled for 
her connection with the American Opera company. " Carmen " was 
aung Jan. 23, 25, 27, with this cast: 

Don ]o»6 Geo. Appleby 

E.scamiBo W. H. Clarke 

11 Dancaim . . dement Baiabrid«e 
IlRemendado . . Ftaak Haarilton 
Zoaiga J. C. Miron 

Morales . . . . . G. £. Holmes 

MichaeU Ida Klein 

Frasqalta Harriet Avery 

Mercedes . . . Helen D. Cwnpbeu 

Ctmwn . . . Mile. Zelie de Lnssan 

Daughter of the Regiment," Jan. 24, 28, and mating Jan. 26; 
'* Bohemian Girl,*' mating Jan. 28. 

The third week of the month's stay of the Boston Ideal open 

company opened Jan. 30 with a repetition of *' Carmen," which was 

also the bill for Feb. i and Feb. 4; Jan. 31, Feb. 2, and matinee of 

voi. m.— 4 c' 

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Feb. 4, "The Daughter of the Regiment; " Feb. 3, " The Bohemian 

Prof, and Mme. Herrmann opened a fortnight's stay Feb. 13. On 
Washington's Birthday (Wednesday, Feb. 22) every theatre in the 
city save the Tbalia and the Star gave a matinee. " Deacon Brodie " 
was produced Feb. 27 by Edward J. Henley's company, which in- 
cludeid Mr. Henley, Carrie Coote, Mittens Willett, Edmund D. Lyons, 
and H. Vernon. The company closed March 10. On March 9 and 
10 a new play, called " Fortune Hunters," was acted for the first 
times in America. The cast : 

Archie Boyeaut . . . E. J. Henley 

Denee Brayne ... E. D. Lyons 

Cranleigh Poole .... C Sutton 

Tom Tattleton . . . . J. B. HoUrs 

Kob Wyndleigh . . . . J. B. Baur 

Amy Langfora . . . Carrie Coote 

Btlla firown . . . Mittens Willett 

Anbella Brmra .... Miw Stuart 

Robert B. Mantell opened March 12 in " ^onbafg ^' for the first 
time in New York. " M onbars ," was a new version of DTonery's 
old play, " La Dame de~StrTropez," at least one English version of 
which — " The Isle of St. Tropez " — had been previously acted in 
New York. 

Clan Morris commenced a fortnight's engagement April 2, in 
* ^Ren< e de Moray ," which had this cast: 

Count de Moray . . . B. R. Graham 
Admiral de La Marches Vemer Clarges 
Antonio Palmerl .... Giles Shine 

Kmest Drake . . E. A. McDowell 
Cecile de Moray .... Lilia Vane 

Duchess de San Lucca, Mrs. C. Watson 
Mme. de La Marche . Mrs. O. Allen 
Rente de Mmay . * . Clara Morris 
Claude BokI , . . . W. C Kelley 
Maltar ..... M. W. Rawley 

This bill continued for a second week, and Clara Morris was fol- 
lowed April 16 by Louis James and Marie Wainwright, in " Virginius," 
for one week : Virginius, Louis James ; Marie Wainwright as Vir- 
ginia; F. C. Mosley as Icilius ; Charles D. Mackay as Lucius. The 
other rflles were intrusted to William Harris, Erroll Dunbar, H. A. 
Langdon, F. C. Huebner, Willis Granger, E. N. Hoyt, Harry 
Leighton, Kate Meek, and A. Samer. 

"Othello" was given April 23, 24, 28, followed by "Much Ado 
About Nothing." They closed April 28. Monday night, April 30, 
John Stetson's lease of this house expired, when a new play by 
I " Martha Mort on, entitled " Helene, '* was acted for the first time on any 
stage, liscast was: 

Manrice Clermont . E. H. Vanderfelt Helene Boderoff . . Minnie Selitfmaa 
Raymond de Serene . E. J. Henley Sylvaine de Serene . . . Jane Stuart 
Lord Car\lsford . . C. H. Bradshaw Lady Carylsford • . Blanche Weaver 
Siunor Gi.iciiino Conari . Nitk Lorii; | M.ulame ClemOBt . . Ethel Douglas 

Teddy Smith . . Frank M. Kendrick I Achilles R. J. Dillon 

Mods, de Tour . . H. Wood Bmce Maid . Miss Dunbar 

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Eugene Tompkins assumed the direction of the theatre May ist. 
" Jiatural Ga s" was the inaugural bill. Jennie Yeamans, Amy Ames, 
May Yobe, Katherioe B. Howe, Eddie Giiard, John D. Gilbert, and 
Heniy V. Donndly were of the company. J. D. Gilbert was unable 
to appear the opening nigbt,and tiie following day be was permitted 
to withdraw from the cast. 

A special matinee was given May 17 for tiie benefit of the widow 
and children of A. S. Phillips, who died in this city April 27, 1888. 
This terminated the season. 

The next regular season opened Aug. 27, 1889, with ''JP^hjlip 
Heme.** by Mar^Jjske^ and it bad this cast : ' 

Philip Heroe 

iames Bolton 
Matthew Moulton 
Tom P.nrrett . 
Grenville Hudson 
George Maitland 
Evdjn Armitags 
Min Pentecost . 
FloraweHenM . 


. J. S. Haworth 

Joseph Wheelock 
. Fred Pauldinp; 

\V. Eddinger 
. Helen Russell 
Lillian Chantore 
. FloraiM 

Florry . . . 

Jarvis Heme . 
Dr. Hague . . 
Judge Howe 
Mons. Nordoff 
"Jim" . . . 
Landlord . • 
"Kate". . . 
Mfs> HerM 

WaUie Eddtnger 

Eaeene Jepson 
N. C. Forrester 
. C. R. Gleason 
H. R. Spenser 
* . H. Wilson 
. G. A. Oalton 
Henrietta lander 
Mnie< Ponisi 

Estelle Clayton appeared Oct. i in "T he Quick or The Dead?" 

JackDerittg . . . . T. D. Firtiiilefl Edgar Johnny Hughes 

Col. Sam Bazxy . Geo. W. Parkhurst j Edith Eddie Hughes 

Rev. Mr. Trehune . . Collin V^arrev , Aunt Frisby . Mrs. U. B. Vanderen 

Sampson L. M. Martell ! Martha Ellen . . . Alice Mansfield 

Cupid . . Master U. S. G. Wilson 1 Barbara .... Estelle Clayton 

Miss Clayton closed Oct. 27. 
Joseph Jefferson appeared Oct. 29 in "The Rivals," cast thus: 

Bob Acres . . • . 
Mn. If aliprop • ■ 


Sir AttOoay Miselhite 
Lydia Lugiiiili . . 

. Jos. Jefferson 
Mrs. John Drew 
. May Woolcou 
. . J. GHbcrt 
. EmoHiVaders 

Captain Absolute . Geoffrey Hawley 
Sir Lucius O'TftefCT . J. £. Kellerd 

Fauikland G. F. Nash 

Fag «••••••• J« Wftfrai 

• • • • • ] 



" The Rivals" wss first produced at Covent Garden Thtttre, Lon- 
don, Eng., Jan. 17, 1775, with the following cast: 

Sir Anthony Absolute 
Captain Absolute 
FaalUud .... 
Acres . • . . • 
Sir Ladm 0!THgfer 

Mr. Shuter 
Mr. Woodward 
. . Mr. Lewis 
. . Mr. Quick 
Mr. Lee 

David Mr. Dunstal 

Coachman Mr. V'earon 

Mrs. Malaprop .... Mrs. Green 
Lydia Languish . . . Miss Barsauti 

TttHa Mn.Bullcley 

Lucy Mn. Leitiofbam 

Fag Mr. Lee-Lewes 

After the first night, and owing to his failure in the part, Lee 
withdrawn from the cast and OTrigger was acted by Clinch. 

The Edwin Booth-Lawrence Barrett company commenced Nov. 12, 
and their lepertoiy was as follows: Nov. 12, 13, 16, 17, " Othello": 



ItftO . . . 

OUiello . . 

Brabantio . 

Cassio . . 

RoderiM . 
Dult« ol Vaaict 

Gntiano . . 

. Edwin Booth 
Lawrence Barrett 

Ben G. Rogers 
. John A. Line 
Charles Koebler 

Charles CoUhu 
Charles Hanford 
Frederic Vroom 

I'aulo . 
Marco . 
Julio . . 
Herald . 
Emilia . . 

Lawrence Hanley 

William Stafford 
. . F. Harrison 
. T. Wolseley 

BMumont Snith 
Wtlter Thomas 
. Minna K. Gale 

Gertrude Kellogg 

"The Merchant of Venice " was presented Nov. 14, and repeated 
Nov. 15, matinee Nov. 17, Nov. 19, 21, 23, 24, 27, mating Nw, 18, 
evening Nov. ag, matinee Dec. i, and ewenings Dec. 3, 5» 7» 8. 

"Othello" was repeated Nov, 20. 22, matinde Nov. 24, evenings 
Nov. 26, 28, 30, Dec. I» 4, 6, matinde Dec 8. Booth and Barrett 
opened their fifth wedc Dec. lo^ with " Julina Caesar." The cast was : 

Marc AotODV 
InHos - 

Casta . . 

Octavius C»sar 
Metellus Cinaber 
Popilius Lena 
Titioius . . . 

Edwin Booth 
Lawrence Barrett 
Charles Hanford 
. John A. Lane 
Charles Col] ins 
Ben G. Rogers 
Lawrence Hanley 
William Sufford 
. W. C. Stone 
. T. Wolseley 
Ftrederic Vroom 

Gnna . . 
Findarus . 
Servios . . 
Flavins . . 
LudttS . . 
First Citizen 
Second Citizen 
Portia . . 
Cali>bumia . 

Beaumont Smith 
. F. Hnrrison 
Charles Koehler 
Walter Thomas 
. James Morris 
AsBes Acfss 
Owen S. Fawcett 
Oliver Doud 
Minnie K. Gale 
Gertrude Kellogg 

'*Jtdiu8 Cesar** had a run of two wedcs. The feHowing week 

double bills were presented. Dec. 24, 25, and matinee of Dec. 29, 
" The Foors Revenge," with Mr. Booth, and "The King's Pleasure," 
with Mr. Barrett; matinee Dec. 25, "Julius Cassar; " Dec. 26 and 
27. "The FooPs Revenge" and ** David Garrick;** Dec. 28, 29. 
"Poors Revenge'* and " Yorick's Love.** The cast oC "David 

Garrick " was: 

David Ganrick 
Simon Ingot . 

Squire Chivy . 
Mr. Smith . . 
Anuaiata BnMm 

. L. Harrett 
B. G. Knj;ers 
O. S. F.ivvrett 
. C. Collins 
AfDcs Acns 

\f r. Brown Fnd Vroom 

Mr. Jones C. Koehler 

Ada Ingot . . . Minna K. Gale 
Mrs. Smith . . . Mrs. Sol Smith 

For thdr closing week the attractions were : Dec. 31, ** The Mer- 

chant of Venice;" Jan. i, 1889, "Othello; " Jan. 2, "Julius C.xsar; " 
Jan. 3, matinee Jan. 5. "The Fool's Revenge" and "The King's 
Pleasure ; " Jan. 4, " The Fool's Revenge " and " David Garrick ; " 
Jan. 5. " The Fool's Revenge " and "JVTiirick'sJ^^ove," 

While the appearance of l^ooth and Barrett as lago and Othello 
was an interesting event, I can remember four Othellos at different 
theatres on the sane night in London, Eng. : Henry Irving, Edwin 
Booth, John E. McCuUough, and Charles Warner. Thia was during 
the spring ol x88i. 

Digitized by Google 


Mrs. Langtry be^an an eDgigement Jan. 7, 1889, in " A Wife 'a 

Peril," which had this cast: 

Captain Bradford . 1 
Sir Georee Ormonde 
Sir Woodbine Gn(toa 
Doctor Tbomtott 

Perrv Grafton 

H. Vanderfelt 
L. Calvert 
. S. Herbert 
F. A. Everin 

Ivan Peronet 

Lucy Ormonde Kathenne Florence 

Mrs. Crossley Beck 
Lady Ormonde 
Crossley Beck 


Sophie . . . 

Hattie Russell 
Mrs. Langtry 
L. A.Gnsd 
Wm. Spencer 

. H. Avling 
Rose Roberts 

proauced in laviah 
as Lady Macbeth. 

in g Glas s" was revived Jan. 14 
1 style Jan. 

" Macbeth " was 
21, with Mrs. Langtry for the first time 
The cast was: 

Duncan F. A. Everill 

Malcolm L. Calvert 

Donalbala Alexander 

Macbeth Chas. Coghlan 

Banquo J- T. Malone 

Macduff Jos, Wheelock 

Lenux Ivan Peronet 

Rosse H. Dalton 

Mentetb J. Dempsey 

Angus C. Emmons 

Caithness ..... W. Kinijstiury 
Fleance .... Kathenne Florence 
First Apparitioa . . . Kate Baxter 
Second ApparMon . . Rose Roberts 

Third Apparidon 

Miss Whitney 

First Witch . 
Second Witch 
A Gentlewoman 

Seward . . . 
Seyton . . . 
A Physician . 
A Serjeant 
First Murderer 
Second Murderer 
A Messenger . 
A Servant . . 
A Porter . . 
Third Witch . 
Lady Macbeth 

Louisa Eldridge 
Emma Bradden 
. Hattie Russell 
Sidney Herbert 
William Spencer 
Louis A. Grisel 
. . . D. Allen 
. C* G. Horton 
. . H. Ayliof 
. R. Trenchraan 
. T. Bingley 
W. H. Smithcr 
Eliza Young 
Mrs Langtry 

** Macbeth" was continued until matinee Feb. 9, when Mrs. 
Langtry appeared as Rosalind in "As You Like It." Her sixth 

week opened with "Macbeth," Feb. 11, 12, 13; " As You Like It," 
Feb. 14, 15. 16, and matinde of Feb. 16. Charles Coghlan was ill 
Feb. 15 and 16, and did not appear as Jaques at the three |>erform- 
ances on those dates. Geo. C. Boniface was secured in his place. 
Feb. 18, 19, 20, "Lady Ciancarty " was played; Feb. 21 and 
matinee Feb. 23, " The Lady of Lyons ; " matinee Feb. 22 (Wash- 
ington's Birthday). " Pygmalion and Galatea;'* Feb. 22. 23, ** Mac- 
beth." "Lady Ciancarty" was repeated Feb. 25, 26, and 27; 
" Macbeth," Feb. 28, March i and 2 ; and " The Lady of Lyons," 
matinee of March 2. 

N. C Goodwin appeared March 4, in Gold Mine/' by Brander 
Matthews and George Jessop, for the first t7me In New York. This 
play was written for and several times acted by John T. Raymond, 
but was here presented with N. C. Goodwin in the leading rCle. 
The cast was: 

Silas K. Woolcott . N. C. Goodwin 
Gerald Riordan . . . E. J. Buckley 
Sir Everard Foxwood, Robert G. Wilson 
Geo. Fox wood . . Harry Eversfield 
Julius Krebs . . . John T. Craven 

Wilson . . . . 
Mrs. Meredith . 
Una Foxwood 
Mrs. Vandcrvast. 

Thomas H. Burns 
. . Kate Forsyth 

Nanette Corostock 
. . . Ida Veroott 


Digitized by Google 


Ed. J. Buckley and Harry Eversfield withdrew from the cast April 
8. and their characters were acted by Robert HiUiard and John H. 

Edward J. Buckley died in this aty Dec. 27, 1897. 

Mr. Goodwin closed his engagement April 27, and was followed 
April 29 by Minnie Palmer, in " Mv Brother's Sister," which had 
this cast: ^ 

Nadine Minnie Palmer Geraldine Previous . Carrie Reynolds 

Adiile Hear] de La Bemadot Waldcofler Grosscrly . K. A. Roberts 

J. W. Jennings I Mr. Parker . . Charles W. AUisoQ 
Mrs. Livingstone. Maud Brennan I Schnitzer .... Ben Hcadflck 
Richaid Liviufstone . W. J.. Kobertsoa | Maiy Ana Unie Conwaj 

Prof. Herrmann appeared May 27 and the home closed June 8. 

The next regular season began Aug. 19, 1889, with Adelaide 
Moore as the star, in "The Love Story," produced for the first 
time in America. The cast was: 

Madelaine Booth . 
Paul Falshawe 
Charles Marcbcastle 
Samuel BnunertOD 
Mn. Fabhtwe . 

Adelaide Moore 
Otis Skinner 
. Frazer Coulter 
■ Wm. Raoous 
Josephiae Laiiraos 
. . J. E. lace 

Sergeant Jones 
George Bescoby 
Graves . . . 
Miss Jones 
Mary . . . 

. . H. Tansey 
. . Chas. Kidd 
F. Livingstone 
. MarioaEarle 
Gertrude Dawes 

This lady continued for one week to fair business. The James 

C. DnflT opera company followed Aug. 26, with "Paola." a comic 
opera by Harry Paulton and Edward Jokobowski, which bad this 


Sapolio Harry Paulton 

Paola ..... Leonore Snyder 

Chillina Louise Beaudet 

Laden Csroli . . . Qiamioejr Okott 

Margarine .... Fannie Edwards 
Uncle BragKadodOi, Wm. Mclaughlin 
Griffo Fred Clifton 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kendal made their American debut Oct. 7, 
in J. Palgrave SimpsMt's version of '*A Scrap of Paper," and the 
cast was: 

Sir John Ingrsm 
Ladjr Ingram . 
Mrs. Penguin . 
Lucy Franklin 
Mrs. Perkins . 
Giabam . . Miss 

. T. H. VV'enman 
. Violet Vanbnigb 
Fanny Cdkman 
. Angela Cudroore 
. Miss Pauncefort 
Forbes Robertioo 

Col. Blake . . 
Dr. Penquin . 
Archie Hamtltoa 
Thomas . . 
Jones . . . 
Susan Hartley 

W. H. Kendal 
J. £. Dodsoa 
. S. Hicks 
. H. Deane 
. H. Moyse 
Mrs. Kendal 

This was the American debut of J. E. Dodson, Seymour Hicks, 
Violet Vanbmgb, Angela Cudmore, Fanny Coleman, and Miss 
Forbes Robertson. 

"A Scrap of Paper" was acted until Oct. 17, when " The Iron , 
Master " was produced and thus cast : — — ^ 

Digitized by Google 


Philippe Derblay . . Mr. Kendal 

Due de Bllgny J- Carne 

Octare J. Glendinning 

Baroo de Prefoot. . A. M. Denison 
Marquise de BeauHeux, Fanny Coleman 
Baroone de Prefoat . Violet Vanbrugh 

Athenais . . . 
Susanne Derblay 
Claire de BeauUea 
Moulinet . . . 
Bachelin . . . 
General Pontiac * 

Florence CoweU 
Angela Cudmore 
Mrs. Kendal 
. J. £. Dodson 
T. H. Wenman 
. . S. Uicka 

Wilson Barrett, supported by his Eng^lish company, reappeared 
in this city Nov. 4, in " Ben-My-Chree," a dramatization of Hall 
Caine*s"Tlie Deemster" (its first production in this city). The 

Dan Hylna . 
Moaa Ajrlraa . 
Ewan Bdylrea . 

Davey Fayle . 

iim C^low . . 
lilly Quilleash 
Mr. Harcourt . 
Nad Teafe . . 
ThorkeU M^na 

Wilson Barrett 
Miss Eastlake 
. Cooper Cliffe 
Geo. Barrett 
. W. Beimore 
. . S. Smith 
M. Caron 
. . E. Irwin 
. W. A. Elliott 

Gilchrist Mylves . . Amtin Melford 

Jabez Gawn C. Gartli 

Hommy Beg J. Welch 

Michael Looney ... P. Beimore 
Jim Curphey . . . T. W. Percy val 

Kittle Lillie Beimore 

Piza Tear A. Gambier 

Nancy Alice Belmon 

Bridget Beasie QwykM 

Lila Garth, who played the " C m Queen " in the harvest festival, 
fractured one of her ankles TTTfrngFT M Nov. 6, and during the 
remainder of the weeic Lillie Beimore took her place. 

*' Claudian " was revived Nov. 18. " The Silver King " was acted 
Nov. 25. for the first time here, by Wilson B«rrett,for whom the play 
was written. The cast was : 

Nellie Deaver . 
Geufljcy M^afe 

Tipsy Passenger 
Ohve Skinner . 
Tabitha Dusden 
Mrs Ganunage 
WiUied Denver 
Cissy .... 
Ned ... . 

Daniel Jailces G. Banretk 

Franic Selwyn F. Grace 

S.imucl Mazier .... S. Smith 
Capt. Skinner .... C Cliffe 
Henry Corkett . . . . M. Carson 
Elijah Coombea .... A. Melford 

Cripps W. A. Elliott 

Parkyn K. Irwin 

Susy Lillie Helmore 

For the last week of his engagement Mr. Barrett produced H Qito'' 
Dec. 9, 10, and matinee and night of Dec. 14; mating Dec. 11, 
"The Color Sergeant," "A Clerical Error/' and " Chatterton." 

"^nW^^'V " a drama from Mr. Barrett's own pen, was played for 
the first time Dec 11, and was repeated Dec. 12. The cast was: 

■ MissEasUake 

. T. W. Percyval 

. . J. A. Welch 
Grace Huntington 
. . Alice Cooke 
Mrs. Alice Gambier 
. . . W. Barrett 
. Olive Homans 
. . Nellie Steele 

John Saxton . . 
Tom Saxton . . 
Sir Harry Croydon 
Dick Howling . . 

Gabriel Harper 
Downev bleater 

Wilson Barrett 
Mamy Carson 
. Cooper Cliffe 
George Barrett 

Stafford Smith 
Austin .Melford 

Sandy Gough . 
Bob Fietiawold 
Juniper . . . 
Kitty Saxton . 

Jenny Dowling 
Amy Harper 

. W. A. Elliott 
James A. Wclcli 
. Alfred Rivera 
Mfss Eastlake 

Lillie Helmore 
Alice Gambier 

"Hamlet" was played Dec. 13. Marie VVainwright appeared 
Dec. 16, with " Twelfth Night." The cast was : 

Digitized by Google 


OUrfai Blanche Walsh 

Marfat Louise Muldener 

Malvolio iJ.irton Hill 

The Duke .... Frederick Ross 
Sir Toby Belch . . Wm. F. Owen 
Sir Andiew AguecbMk, Percy Bnx>ke 
Sebastian .... Edwanl Eisner 

Festo E. Y. Bnckus 

Fabian Wallace Bruce 

Antonio Frank Kenble 

Valentine Chas. Gaty 

Curio Neil Cray 

Friar John R. Sumner 

First OfBcer . . . George Orton 
Second Oifionr .... L. Stanton 

Roberto T. I. Laimnee 

Violn Marie Wal«R%bt 

Julia Marlowe began ao engagMMiit Jan. 13, 1890b in "Ingoanrt** 

which bad thU cast: 

Inipmiar . . 
The Timardi 

Polydor . . 

Alastor . . 

Lykoo . . 

Ainyntas . . 

" Ingomar 
presented Jan 
in New York, 

Rosalind . . 
OrUodo . . 

JSJS* • • 

TOQcnsione • 

Adam . . 
The Duke . 
Duke Frederldc 
Le Beau . . 

JnBa Mariowc 

. . E. Plynpton 
. . . M. Levick 
W. H. Crompton 
. C. D. Herman 
. C. Leslie Alteo 

^■68 Cooper 

Neoclea . 
Ambivar . 

Samo . . 
Novio. . 

Actca . . 
Tbeano . 

. MyrtNl Slot 
C. F. Cbatterton 
Paul Davis 

. E. McWade 
. H. Mathews 
Dodson MitcheU 

Mrs. M. A. Peni 
. . EmnmHincI 


was played for two weeks. " As You Like It " was 
27, with Julia Marlowe as Rosalind, for the first time 
The cut Wit : 

. Julia Marlowe 
. . E. Plympton 
. . . M. Lewc k 
VT. ff . Crompton 

. C. Leslie Allen 
. . M. J. Jordan 
. . . j. Cdopcr 
. H. Hanscombe 
C D. Herman 

Jacques du Bots 
Corm .... 
SylvfaM . . . 
WOHam . . . 

Amiens . . . 

Paul Davis 
R. I., de Witt 
E. D. McWade 
. D. MIteheU 
. . H. Arthur 

Charles F. Colfox 

Audrey ..... Emma Hinckley 
Phebe ..... Annie Haines 
CdIa Mary Shaw 

" The Hunchback " was played Feb. 10, for the first time by this 
nctreM in New York dty. 

Julia Tuiia Marlowe 

Sir Thomas QifiEord . Eben Plympton 
Master W^ler ■ . Milnes Levick 

Modus Ian Kolx-rtson 

Fathom .... W. H. Crompton 
Master WiUbnl . Cbaa. D. Herman 

Master Heartwall . . . Paul Davis 

Gaylove Dodson Mitchell 

Lord Tinsel . . . James Cooper 

Stephen Ed. McWade 

Thomaa ....... E. J. Ellis 

Helen Mary Shaw 

Mating Feb. 15 "Pygmalion and Galatea" waa aeen. In 
sequence of bad basiocaa Miat lAarlowe'a engagement was cnt abort 

by three weeks. 

Mr. and Mra, Kendal returned here Pd>. 17, reappearing in " The 
Weaker Sex»" which had thia caat : 

Digitized by Googi 


Ira Lee W. H. Kefidal 

Dudley SilchestM*. . T. H. Wenman 

Hargus J. E. Dodson 

Lord Dillingham . . A. M. Denison 
George Liptrott . . Sejmour Hicks 
Wade-Green . . Htrbeft Cadiout 
Hawley Hill ... Mr. Brandison 

Spencer H. Deane 

Lady GiUii«liaiii . . Violet Vanbtngh 

Lady Liptrott . . Claire Paunoefort 
Mrs. }?oyle-Chewton, Fanny Coleman 

Rhoda Florence Coirell 

Sylvia Anfda Codmora 

Mra. Hawley HiU 

MIsa F. Forbes Robertson 

Fetch Miss Bailey 

Lady Vivash . . . .Mrs. Kendal 

"The Weaker Sex" was played all the week except Feb. 20 and 
imtiii6e Feb. 22, when " Imouls^ " was acted. This drama had 
not been seen in New York since lU production at WallacWs theatre 
in 1883. 1'he cast was: 

Capt. Crichlon . . W. H. Kendal 
Col. Macdonald . . T. H. Wenman 
Sir Henry Auckland . A. M. Denison 
Victor De Rtel . John Gleodinning 

Graham H. Deane 

Parker ScjmoarHicki 

Waiter Mr. Edwards 

.Mrs Macdonald . . Violet Vanbrugh 
Miss Kilmore « . . Fanny Coleman 
Mrs. Birkett . . Claire Pauncefort 
Mrs. fierseford . . . Mn. Kendal 

"A White Lie " was presented Feb. 24, 25, 26, with this cast; 

Sir John Molyneux 
Geo. Desmond . . 
Capuia Tempest . 


Lady Mdyneiw . 

W. H. Kendal 
T. H. Wenman 
J. Glendinning 
. . H. Deane 
Violet Vanbnigh 

Hannah .... 
Maid Servant 



Kate Deamond 

Clafat Pauocefort 

Forbes Robertson 
. Georgie Martin 
. . Mra. Kendal 

**The Queen's Shilling" was seen for the first time in this city 
Feb, 27, and continued for the remainder of the week. "The 
Queen'a Shilling " ii from the French of **Le Pils de Famille." 
The cast wai: 

Fhmk Maidand . 

Jack Gambler . . 
Colonel Daunt . . 
Sergeant Sabrctaclie 

. W. H. Kendal I Frederick H. Deane 

John Glendinning Mrs. Major Ironsides, Fanny Coleman 

A. M. Denison 
T. H. Wenman 
J. £. Dodsoo 

Jenny Claire Pauncefort 

Kale GrevlUe . . . Mrs. Kendal 

Another version of the French original, called "Jhe Lan cers," had 
been presented to New York audiences some yttrH USforo by 
Lester Wallack, and also by Charles Wyndham. 

The Kendals commenced their third and last week March 3, in 
" The Iron master." which thev repeated March 4 and matinee March 
8 ; A ^CTap of Paper," March 5, 8; "The Queen's Shilling/' 
March 6; " Impulse," matinee March 6 and evening March 7. 

The Joseph Jefferson and Wro. J. Florence combmation appeared 
here March 10, in *' The Rivals," which had thia cast: 

Digitized by Google 


BobAcKs .... 

David G 

Jo*. JeSeraon 
G.F. Nash 

\V. Denham 

Captain Absolute 
Mrs. Malaprop . 


Lydia Languish 

Loqr .... 

, Fred Paulding 
Mrs. John Drew 
. . J. Warren 
. . Viola Allen 
. Agnes Milkr 

Sir Lucius O'Trigger . W. J. Florence 
Sir AnthoBj AbMUtte . . E. Vsrnjr 

The refifular theatre prices were slightly increased for the first 

three weeks' stay of this company, the orchestra seats being placed 
at $2. " The Rivals " was continued a second week. 

" The Heir at Law " was revived March 24, and had this cast : 

Dr. Pangloss . . 
Zekiel Homespan 
Daniel Dowlas . 
Dick Dowlas . . 

Kenrick .... 
Henry Moreland . 

. Joseph Jefferson 
VV. J. Florence 
. . Edwin Varrey 
Frederidc Paulding 

Geo. W. Denham 

. . Geo. F. Nash 

Waiter . . . . 


Deborah Dowlas . 
Cicely Homespun 
Caiofinn Donner 

Joseph Warren 
. John Goodwin 
. . Kate Meek 
. . Viola Allm 
. Agnes Miller 

Mr. Jefferson had not played Dr. Pangloss in this city since he 
was in Laura Keene's company season 1858-59, while Mr. Florence 
had never before acted Zdcid Homespun to a New York audience. 

^'^^atural Gas " was presented March 31. " A Mi ghty Power " 
was acted for the first time on any stage, afternoon of April 23, and 
had this cast : 

Gen. Micracoff . 
Col. Jablowitz , 
CbL ZngoroS . . 
Lie Petrotofsky . 

Antonio Lavosky 
I Sir .Moses Lavosky 
I . . . 
I Solomon . . . 

" Natural Gas 
ment of the house 

Rudolph .... William Spencer 
Second Soldier . . . Wm. Hatter 

First Soklier Ed. Bolger 

Guard Wesley Williams 

Serv.ant Fred Smith 

Julie May Hampton 

Isabel Minnie Seligman 

. Geo. Osborne 
. . Henry Lee 
James Edwards 
Thos. Joyce 

Wiltnn Lack.iye 
Cli.T.s. Dade 
. Hud.soti Liston 
Harry Gwynette 

closed April 26, when Eugene Tompkins' manage- 



MANY improvements were made in the house now called 
"Miner's Fifth Avenue Theatre." during the summer, 
and electric lighting was substituted for gas. " pn^Erro r " was 
the opening attraction August 25, and the cast was: 

Judith Orme .... Cora Tanner 
Laura Penstone . . Minnie Dupree 
Coraline Garnier .... Ada Dwyer 
Alberu Packer .... Lulu Klein 
Randolph Courtney . . HaroU Russell 
Hartley Graeme . . . Myron Caliee 

Packer Geo. R. Edeson 

Archib.ild Penstone . Harry Meredith 
Karl Kreulser . . . Owen Westford 
Freddy Bndd . . . Theo. M. Brown 

Aiax Geo. M. Windsor 

Simon Henry Davis 

" Goggles," by Charles Byrnes, was presented Sept. 22 : 

Digitized by Google 


Josiah Scoggins . 
Samuel Scoggins 
Job . . . 
Mr. Purchase 
Svifk . . • • 

. . F. Mordauot 
. W. A. Thompson 
. . . H. Vaughn 
. . . S. Edwvds 
R. C ChaaibeiMn 

Charley , 
Brooks . 
Wiggs. . 
Kate . . 

Esther Lyon 
Louis Mann 
H. Lewis 
£. S. Grant 

. Ethel Gray 

This play was " forced " for two wedcs. It was not an adaptation, 

but a memorized version of Grundy's " A Pair of Spectacles " which 
had been adapted from the French of "Les Peiits Oiseaux." I have 
never seen a clumsier, coarser, or more stupid bit of stage work. The 
difference between "Goggles" and "A Pair of Spectacles" was 
that the latter was a pure, neat oonedy, while ** Goggles " was a low, 
vulgar farce. 

Louis Aldricfa came Oct 6, in a new play called *' The Editor,** 
iriiich had this cast: — 

Col. John Hawkins . 
Sir Montague Moon, 
Stephen Morton . . 

William IJarrington . 
Clinton Harrington 

. Louis Aldrich 
Alexis Markham 
. William Lee 

. L. R. Willard 
A. W. Nichols 

Tim Frank B. Hatch 

Joaephine Jeffries . Dora Goldthwaite 
Ellen Barrin^rtoo . Grace Huntington 
Laura HawkUM > • • May Haines 
Pattie Marie Dorman 

Rnbgr P. J. Reynolds 

Alexis Markham is now known as Alexis Gisiko. 

Mr. and Mrs. VV. H. Kendal began their second American tour 
here Oct. 13 with "The Squire," byA. W. Pinero, and with this cast: 

LteaL Tbomdyke . . W. H. Kendal 1 Gilbert Hytbe . . . J. H. Barnes 
Rev. Patd Dormer . A. M. Denison Gmmion J. E. Dodson 

Representative of TAe Pagley ' Izod Haggerston . . . . S. Hicks 

Afercury H. Deane Fell A White 

Christiana Ha^gentOO, Florence Cowell Kobjohns. Jr. . . . H. B. Wildman 
Felicity Gunnfon . . Nellie Campbell \ Kate Verity .... Mrs. Kendal 

An afternoon performance took place Thursday, Oct. 16, in aid of 
the fund of the Little Mothers' Society. A four act play, entitled 
" Princess Zilah," was presented, with this cast : 

* R. B. Shepherd 
. • • E. Dixon 
F. C Biooha 

Jacquemin . . . 
Michel Menko . 
Yemada . . . 

Felix Tully Marshall 

Servant L. B. Mason 

Marsa Lazlo . . Mafjgoerite St. John 
Countess Diaati . . . Grace Filkins 
Lnde . . Netta (Cortelyou) Guion 
Prince Zilah .... J. Glendinning 
General Vogotzine . . G. M. Wood 
Variicly Menko . . . R. Gantbony | 

"The Queen's Shilling" was played matinee Oct 29. "All for 
Her," by Herman C Merival^ was produced here Nov. 6, and had 

this cast: 

Hugh Trevor . . . . W. H. Kendal 
Radford j. E. Dodson 

Greystone H. Denne 

Crake Seymour Hicks 

Lady Marsden . . . ^Irs. Kendal 
Lord Edendale . . . Joseph Carne 
Cobmel Daaer . . A. M. Denlaoii 

Maiy Riven . . . Nellie Campbell 
Chart . . . Jolmson E. Edwards 

Hamilton . . . . H. B. Wildman 

.Morris H. Nye 

Officer A. Wbue 

Lindsay Herbert Catbcart 

Digitized by Google 


" A Scrap of Paper " was revived Nov. 17, 
* * The Ironmas ter " followed Nov. 24. 

a' penormance for the benefit of Mrs. Agnes Robertson-Bouct- 
cault occurred Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 35, and attracted a crowded 
audience, while many persons who were not present contributed 
money to swell the fund. The total receipts were $2,000, nearly all 
which was given to Mrs. .Eoqcicaul t. Those who appeared were: 
Nina Boucicault, E. H. SotlTern, and the latter's company, in an act 
of " TJ he Highes t Bidder;" Clinton Elder, tenor; Katie Mayhew 
(her New York reappearance after a lapse of years), in a song ; 
Marshall P. Wilder ; Minnie Palmer, song ; the third act of ** Capt 
Swift," by Maurice Barrymore; Mrs. Agnes Booth and the Madison 
Square Theatre company ; Lillian Russell, song ; H. S. Hilliard, song ; 
the Muenchener ensemble, from Amberg's Theatre, in a peasants' 
dance; Amy Roselle (her American reappearance), in a recitation; 
and J. H. Stoddart, H. Millward, Alice Eaton, H. Holliday, and 
Agnes Robertson (her first appearance in several years), in a scene 
from "The Long Strike." 

The Kendals commenced the last week of their stay on Dec. i 
with two one-act farces : " It Was a Dream, " and " Gatherwool, or 
Out of Sight, Out of Mind," and the one-act comedy, " Uncle's 
Will." The cast of It Was a Dream/' was : 

Lord George Armytage . .J. Came 
MafcbioncM of Knaresborough 

Violet Vanbrugh 
Mile. Celestine . . Florence Cowell 
Lady Gecxse Annytagc, Mrs. Kendal 

Alfred Hart .... J. E. Dodson 

SulomoQ Hart S. Hicks 

Maud Miss Fairbrotber 

Servant H. Deane 

It was written for production at the ComMie Fnuicaise» Faris, in 
1880. The cast of '* Gatherwool " was : 

Gathenraol . . . . W. H. Kendal 
Spongeman ... A. M. Denisoo 
Capuin Prettyman . . H. Nye Chart 

Mrs. Gathenraol . Ndlte Campbell 
Meggy Fkmnce Cowell 

" Uncle's WiU " was cast as follows : 

Mr. Barker . . 
Charles Cudmore 

. J. E. Dodson I Floreace Mangold 
. W. H. Kendal 

Mrs. Kendal 

This bill was repeated evening Dec. 2 ; " The Ironmaster," mating 
Dec. 3; " A Scrap of Paper," night of Dec. 3 ; "The Ironmaster," 
Dec. 4 : " Queen's Shilling," Dec. 5 ; " A Scrap of Paper," matinee 
Dec. 6; and the Kendals closed with '^The Ironmaster " evening 
J?f Dec 6. Margaret Mather began an engagement Dec 8, in 
J IeaJiiifi.d7Vrc,." adapted from the French by Wra. Young, produced 
I here as " Joan of Arc." The cast was : ' — 

Digitized by Google 


.... OtU Skinner J^y":,.^^- 
La Hire C d'JE»tiv«t 

Jacques dPArc Gllee SMm Iteoh . . 

Slward H. E. Walton Isabelle . . 

Gordon . . G. Scott Mengctte 

KingClHUlM VII. ... J. Malone Catherine . 

DeThoaan H. Kyle St. Margaret 

MIcbolaa Loyseleor . . . H. Hartaell St. CatberiiM 

Joan of Arc . . . If aifftrat Mathor 

It was coatiniied for two weeks. This boute was closed Monday 

evening, Dec. 22, for a dress rehearsal of Sardou's " Cleopatra, ' 
acted for the first time by Fanny Davenport Dec. 23. The cast was : 

Mwtha Porteous 
. . Giles Shine 
Leonora Bradley 

. Carrie Jamison 
Beatrice Ingram 
Miss Byrnes 
Miaaie SoHgnaa 
. SadlaGotlea 

Geopatra . . . Fannie Davenpoit 
Amosas . . . Hdcn Mason Osborne 
Olympua .... Frank Tannehill 
Gov. of Tarsus . . S. B. Stephanv 

Octavius Ida Frohawk 

Charmion .... Blanche Moulton 

Iris Ulian Burke 

Kephfcn Tbeo. Roberts 

Wm. Fljmn 

Dercetas . . 

Dellius . . . 
Octavius Csesar 
Marc Antony . 

. . Geo. Osborne 
. . H. B. Bradley 
J. H. Hollingshead 
. . J. F. Smiles 
M. MacDowell 
F. Mayer 

Juba W. Hale 

Strepseiade H. Devere 

A. Merchant CHoUand 

Tbis theatre was entirely destroyed by lire Friday night, Jan. 3, 
1891. Half an hour after the performance was over that evening, 
flames were discovered underneath the stage. The disaster was 
nnaooonipanied by loss of life. A performance by Fanny Davenport 
and ber company of " Qeopatra " had been witnessed by a crowded 
bouse, which had dispersed shortly after eleven o'clock. Miss 
Davenport's chief loss was sustained in the burning of the " Cleo- 
patra" sooner v, properties, costame plates, music, and books, to- 
getber with a lot of plate and bronzes. The individual wardrobe of 
Fanny Davenport and ber busband (Melbourne MacDowell) was 

An investigation into tbe origin of the fire was made by tbe Fire 
Marshal, and it was bis opinion were started by a 

lighted cigarette. 

On Jan. 8, 189 1, the Gilsey estate signed a lease giving to Henry 
C UlMr tbe occupancy of a new theatre for ten years. The Gilsey 
estate agreed to build a new and really fire-proof house. 

The auditorium is parallel with Twenty-eighth Street, instead of 
Broadway, as in the old house, and the stage occupies the site of the 
Gilsev mansion in Twenty-eighth Street, so that the stage faces 

The seating^ capacity of the house is fourteen hundred. 

The new Fifth Avenue Theatre was not ready for occupancy until 
Saturday night, May 28, 1892, when Maurice Barrymore and Charles 
PUemer's comic opera, " The Robber of the Rhine," bad iu first 
lepc es e a ta tion, and with tbis cast: . ■ 

Digitized by Google 




Waldemar ... C. Hayden Coffin 
Cunigoode .... Marie Dressier 

Flip Edith Kenwood 

Klooti H. C. Peakes 

Kaspar R. David 

Baron Otto von Piffleseltzer J. H. Rylev 
La Comtesae Terrine Cecilia PoUodc 
The Ahb6 SeiapUn . . . E. Tmnpte 
The Rhinemve von Bamileihaiiie& 

W. F. Owen 

Fromraessel .... Sydney Price 
Dr. Palver von Seidlitz, H. J. Bagge 
The Grafin HUdetarde 

Marion Manola- Mason 

Schpoof W. Pease 

Schwelp G. Biggs 

Scbplitz J. A. Day 

Dr.Hyadnth. . . .G. M. Herbert 
J. Ince 

This was the American d6but of Hayden Coffin. Murry Woods 
withdrew from the stage management June ii, and was succeeded 
by Max Freeman. Henry Bagge also withdrew from the cast June 
1 1. The season closed July 2. 

■ The house reopened Aug. 8, with " Settled Out of Court." The 
I comedy was in three acts, and a free adaptation, by William H. Gil- 
/ lette, of Alexandre Biason's French force *^La FamUle du Pont 

Marie Harriman . 

Garence Taft 
Joseph Plunkett . 

Michael Veehorn 
Charles Augustine 

Mr. Spencer . . 

Joseph Holland 
William Faversham 
M. A. Kennedy 
. T. C. Vafetttine 

Chas. S. Abbe 
. Robert Hickman 
. Cha«. T. Greene 

Lucreda Plunkett 

Georgie Drew Banymoie 
Matilda Harriman . Evdvn Campt>eU 

Alice Plunkett . • . Agnes Miller 
Mrs. Chatfield . . Margaret Craven 

Mrs. Dutellc Ada Curry 

Katherine O'Dommn . Minnie TitteU 

Pauline Hall and her opera company began an engagement here 
Sept. 19 with " Puritania," which had this cast: 

Vivian Pauline Hall 

Elizabeth .... Louise Beaudet 

Abigail Eva Davenport 

Jonathan .... Jacques Kruger 
Charles II John Brand 

Killsin .... 
Lord Chamberlain 
Paul .... 
Smidi .... 

Harry McDonoogh 
. . Helen DunMf 
. . Sylvia Thorae 
. . FredSakNBOB 

^N. C. Goodwin appeared here Nov. 7, in " A Gilded F ool " and the 

Chauncey Short . 
Mathew Ruthven 
Bannister Strange 
De Fuystc-r Rntb' 
Jack Duval 

Nat C. Goodwin 
. R. G. Wilson 
Clarence E. Holt 

. . Chas. Allen 
Arthur Hoops 

Rev. " Jacob Howdl, William IngersoU 
Perkins Louis Payne 

Morgan Louis Barrett 

Janitor John Lock 

Sophia Ruthven . . Ethel Winthrop 
•Miss Jessica Rood . Estelle Mortimer 
Nell Audrey Ruthven, Minnie Dupree 
Margaret Ruthven . . . LUlaVane 

Baroness Elizabeth L. Blanc made her New York d^but Jan. 2, 
1893. in "^ec^piion/' translated by Ma ttie Sheri dan from A Dumaa' 
novel, " Lc Demi Monde." * 

Digitized by Google 



Eleanor Duse, the Italian actress, made her American d^but Jan. 
23, as Camilla. The pricet 6S ftdmissioii were: boxes, ^35 and $25 ; 
orchestra and balcony (first two rows), $3 ; balcony (from third 
row), $2; gallery, $1.50, $r. 00, and 75 cts. General admission, ^2.00. 
She was supported by an Italian company. Duse did not appear 
Tuesday evening, Jan. 24. The second performance of the Theatre*^ 
of Arts and Letters company took place Jan. 25, when Clyde Fitch's 
play, " ^sJ^aHfiStf" was presented, with this cast : 

. Ida Conquest 
• • Ua Irving 
Maicaret Raven 
. Marie Curtis 
. F. VV. Sidney 
Helena Chalmers 
Adele Belgarde 

Clergjrinan . 
Bride . . . 
Groom . . . 
Bride's Mother 
Groom's Mother 
Second Usher, 
TUidUiher . 

. . . Alex. Butler 
. . Grace Henderson 
. . Francis Carlyle 
. . . May Roberts 
, . Clara Baker Rust 
Joteph Wheeloclc Jr. 
. . Geo. Olmstcad 
Vr« B. Soiith 

First Girl Friend 
Second Girl Friend 
Third Girl Friend 
Fourth Girl Friend 
The Bride's Uncle 
First Lady Guest 



Master John McKeever 

' [Squirrel Inn,** a pastoral comedy by Frank R. Stockton and 
Eu gene vV rTreshrey, was given on the saihe occasion, with this 

Stephen Petter . . . Alex Fisher 
Mrs. Petter .... May Robson 
Walter Ijodoe . . • Paul Arthur 
Mr. Tippenfiay . . . F. F. Maclcay 

Mrs. Christie 
Calthea Rose 
Ida Maybeny 

Adeline Stanhope 
. Sarah McVicker 
. . Mary Shaw 
. Joseph Haworth 

Jan. 27, whicK 
15 and 18, and 

"Femande" Jan. 30, Feb. 10 and 13; " Caval- 
and *'La Locandiera" ("The Hostess") Feb. 5, 

and matinee March 9, night March 10; "Fedora" 

Duse acted "Camille" for the second time 
was repeated Jan. 28, Feb. i, 11, matinees Feb 
night Feb. 22 ; ~ 
leria Rnsticana 

15, 24, March 7 

Feb. 4, 8, 17, 25, matinees Feb. 28 and March 3 ; " The Wife of Clau- 
dion " Feb. 6 ; " Divorced " Feb. 7 and matinee Feb. 21;" Fran- 
ciIlon"Feb. 20 ; "Divorgons" March I. For her farewell, March 11, 
she acted " Camille." The theatre was closed March 6-7, and., 
night of March 9. The third performance by The Theatre of 
Arts and Letters took place Feb. t6, with " SMov>*" by £. R. 
Fandly: *^ ' 

John Iran Nesa 

Mrs. van Ness 
Harry . . . 
Gertrude . . 
Jack Matthews 

. Jeeeph Whedoek 

Aaele Belgarde 
Master H. Eldridge 
, . Baby P.irker 
. . Paul Arthur 

Alex. Fisher 
Duse acted 

matinee given 


Dora Etlen Burr I 

The Doctor . . Nelson Whcatcroft 

Joe Burton Alex. Fisher 

.Margaret Mary Sliaw 

Maid Miss Parkej 

died in this city Nov. 2, 1893, aged 70. 
•* Francillon " Feb. 20. There was a professional 
by Madame Duse Feb. 21, but the regular prices of 
demanded. In everything she acted, Mme. Dose 

Digitized by Google 


exhibited individuality, originality, concentration, and superb techni- 
cal command of her art, and she moreover suggested a latent power 
that perhaps constituted the greatest charm of her work. Of the 
many brflliant performances of " Divor^ons " in this country, none 
has surpassed this in delicacy and freedom from burlesque. Mme. 
Duse's Cyprienae was a graceful, fascinating, coquettish creature, 
whow capnctoat moods were watched with delight. The very per- 
fection of her Fedora and Camille was partly due to natural advan- 
tages in the way of a face and eyes full of mournful beauty. Duse's 
Camille was not a woman of the world, with all the cynicism of the 
demi-monde and the hardened laugh of the modem Jesebel, but was 
a girl in thought and feeling. 

Victor Capoul and pupils of the Conservatory of Music appeared 
here March 9 in " Faust ; " Rose Coghlan began an engagement 
March 13 in "Diplomacy," which had this cast: 

Henry Beanclerc, . Fred de Bdleville 

Capt Julian Heauclerc John T. Sullivan 
Count Orloff . Fred RoliiDson 

Baron Stein . . Robert Fist her 
Algie Fairfax . . jobn C. Buckstone 
Maridnm .... |ohii S. Marble 

Don Sadie Martiwrt 

Marquise Mme. Von Tniutman 

Lady Henri Fairfax . . Mabel Katon 

Mion Frankie Gale 

CouotCM Zicka . . . Kose Coghlan 

Coghlan played " Diplomacy " four weeks. Mme. Duse gave a 
farewell performance of " CamiUe" on the afternoon of March 17. 

Edward Vroom acted in *' Ruy Bias " afternoon of March 23. 

Chas. Cojihlan acted Henry Beauclerc in " Diplomacy" March 27, 
with De Belleville as Orloff; "Peg Woffington" ("Masks and 
Facet") was presented April 17, for two wedu, with this cast: 

Chttriet Pomander 

Ernest Vane 
Triplet . . 
Colley Clbber . 
Quia . . . 
Soari . . 

. Cburuiey Thorpe 

. John T. Sullivan 
Frederic Robinson 
. . . J. R. Polk 
. Robert Fischer 
. Charles J. Bell 
. . Grant Stewart 

Colattder . . 

James Burdock 
Mabel Vane . 
Kitty Clive . 
Mrs. Triplet . 
Roxalana Triplet 

Pcf Woffiogton 

Hany Coortaine 

Cyril Young 
. Marie Burress 
Eleanor Lane 
Kuhnc Beveridge 
Juliet dc Gri^an 
. Koae Cogbfam 

Stuart Robson came here May t, with ** She Stoops to Conquer": 

Charles Marlow 

Young Marlow 
Hardcastle . . 
Hastings . . 
Tony Lumpkin 
Diggory . . 
Farmer Btincer ■I'ulllc 

Wm. Yearance 

. W. H, Elvvao.l 
Geo. S. Woodward 
. . J. J. Farrell 
. . Stuart RobsoD 
John J. Wooderson 
. . . J. Jamieson 
. . Geo. Hallton 

Landlord Stingo, . 
Dick Mugf;in» , 
Jack Slang . 
Tom Twist 
Miss Hardcastle, 
Mrs. Hardcastle . 
Miss Neville . . 
Betty . . . . 

Geo. D. Macintyre 
. . Joseph Zahncr 
E. A. I'oole 
. Stephen Leggett 
Mrs. Stuart Robson 
Gabridia MeKean 
. . . Am^ Busby 
. . . Olive May 

' Lilen rietta " was acted May 15. Thomas Seabrooke appeared 
here May 29, in " The Isle of Champagne." Two city debuts took 

Digitized by Google 



place in this production: that of Elsa Gregori, who formerly sang in 
Italian grand opera, and that of Joseph F. Sheehan. Adele Ritchie 
appeared in Toe Ide of Champagne," June 5, making her New York 
diSbat; also Juliet Cordon. — . 

The season closed July 8, and the regular season of 1893-94 opened / 
Sept. ^ with N. C Goodwin, in his new play, " In Mizzoura ." which 
had thu cast: 

Jin Radbvm ■ 

Robert TraveiB 
Jo \'ernon . . 
Col BoUiMnr 
BiUSarber . 
Sam Fowkr . 
Dave . . . 

Nat C. Goodwin 
. £aUDet Corrigan 
Burr Mcintosh 
William G. Beach 
Robert G. Wilson 

Etfoni • < > • J> ^KT. McAndfews 

Kelly Louis Barrett 

Cal Charles Miller 

Mrs. Jo Vernon . Jean Clara Walters 
Elizabeth VerooQ Mianie Dapree 
Emily Radbum . . . Mae E. Wood 
Kate Vernon .... If abel Amber 

. . Arthur Hoops 
. . Louis Payne 

" Beau Bru mmell." by Blanche Jerold, was acted Oct 19 by a 00m- 
pany of amateurs headed by Chas. Leonard Fletcher. 

" The S ilent System " was given on the same occasion. 'JjhonP 
Acres j; by James A. Heme, had itt first performanoe in thia ci^Ocu 

Martin Berry . . 

S Gates . . . 
lb Blake . . 
Warren . . 
Capt. lien Hutchios 
Dr. Leonard . . 
Squire Andrews . 

Tim Hayes Gnf Fey 

Yooag Nat Berry 

Master Charles B. Hamblln 

Cbarles G. Craig 
Geo. W.WUm» 
Franklin Gsriaad 

David M. Murray 
. Phineas Leach 
James Burrows 
Alden Bass 

Ike Richards 
Lero Consant , 
Abe Higgins 
Steve Bailey 
Dave Burgess 

. . R. S. Percy 
Leon Fernandez 
C. L. Schneider 
. B. A. Sanford 
. Fred Johnson 

Gabe Kilpatrick 
BiU Hodgekins 
Bob Bciry • 

Mail Driver 
Anna Herry 
Helen Berry . 
Liddj Aao Nye 
Mrs. Andrews 
Mrs. Leonard . 
Periey . . . 
Mary Berry . 
Billy Pierce . 
Mandy Gates . 
Nathan'! Berry 
Millie Berry 

. . Fred Johnson 
. . . J. H. Haley i 

D K. CooneUy ( 
. . Master Lynott 
Grace Gayler Clarke 
* Katherine Grey ' 
. . Hden Gould; 

MinS. Davidson'' 
. Mrs. C. G. Cr.-iig 
. . Lizzie Corner. 
. . May Richards- 

Maater Preaton 
Florence Richardson* 
. James A. Heme 
. Daisy Stevenson 

George Wilson retired from the cast Nov. 6, and Chas. B. Haw- 
kins acted Joel Gates. " Th e T exan " was presented the afternoon 
of Nov. 23 by Chaa. Leonard Fletcher^a puplia, together with several 
professional actors. 

Chas. Craig played Nathaniel Berry on Nov. 23, and acted it until 
Dec. 2, when Heme resumed the part. 

A Woman of No Importance," by the late Oscar Wilde, 
in New York for the fiiat time, with thia cast, Dec. 1 1 : 

Lord Illingworth 
John Pontcfract 
Lord Alfred Roflbffd 
Mr. Kelvil . . . 
D. Dsabeny . . 
Gcnid Arbuthnot 
Ls^ Hunstanton 
VOL. ni.— 5 

Maurice Barrymore 
. . Grant Stewart 
. Edgar Norton 
Robert Fischer 
Thomas Wbiffen 
. Robert Taber 
. . Ada Dyas 

Carolina Pontefract, Mrs. D. P. Bowers 
Lady Stuffield . . . Constance Levien 
Mrs. AUenby 

Mrs. Louisa Tborndyke Boudcsult 
HeslarWoralcy . . . fifisShaaaon 
Miss Arbuthnot . . . Rose CqgUao 

Digitized by Google 


On Jan. 2. 1894, Chas. Coghlan and Aubrey Boucicault appeared 
as Lord Illingworth and Gen. Arbuthnot "Lady Barter " 
produced on Jan. 15, and had this cast: 

Col. Pearce . . 
Eustace Brent 

Archdeacon Short . Thomas Whiffen 
Gen. Peters . . . Robert Fischer 
Wright Edgar Norton 

Ch.irles Coghlan Porter Edwin Jam t.s 

John T. Sullivan Mary Brent .... Effie Shannon 
Juliette .... Alice G. Cleather 
Lady Barter .... Rose Coghlan 

" Thorough Base," by Edgar Pemberton, was also acted on the 
same occasion, with Thomas Whiffen as Bernard Bodfisb, Aubrey 
Boucicault as Handle Hopcraft, and Eily Coghlan as Lennette. 
** Forget Me Not " was played Jan. 22, with this cast: 

Honce Wclby . 
Banmtto . . . 
Priaoe Maleotti . 
Porter .... 

John T. Sullivan 
Robert Fischer 
Thomas Whiffen 
. Edwin James 

Alice \'erney .... Effie Shannon 
Mrs. Foley . . Kale Den in Wilson 

Rose Alice G. Cleather 

Stephanie Rose Coghlan 

Mme. Modjeska began an enp^agement of two weeks Jan. 29, in 
" Magda," from the Carman of Hermann Sudermann's " Heimath." 

The cast was : 

Magda Modjeska 

Marie Maod Durbin 

Mrs. Schubert . . . Anna Proctor 
Francisca von Wendel, Hannah Sargent 
Countess von Klebs . . . Miss Keith 
Baroness von Elrich . Lulu B. James 
Mrs. Felhnan . . . Catherine Jerome 
Teresa Pameht Keith 

Dr. Weber Howard Kyle 

Privy CoaocWor von Kdlar 

R. Peyton Carter 

Max von Wendel 
Count von Klebs 
Prof- Beckman 
Major Schubert 

Guy Lindley 
Wadsworth Harris 
. K. N. S. MorrU 
. . Otis Skinnn- 

On the afternoon of Feb. 5, for the benefit of an orphan asylum, 
Rose Braham made her first appearance on the stapje, as Juliet in 
the balcony scene of " Romeo and Juliet," with Olive Oliver as 
Romeo. The trial scene from **The Merchant of Venice" was 

also given, with MmOt Modjeska as Portia and Oti.s Skinner as Shy- 
lock. This was followed by the love scene from " The tiunchback," 
with Mary Shaw and Eben Plympion as Julia and Clifford. The 
performance closed with the third act of " Othello," with John 
Malone as the Moor; VVm. Ingersoll as lago ; Kmma Field, Desde- 
mona. Katherine Clemmons made her New York ddbut Feb. 12, 
in " A Lady of Venice" with this cast : 

Raphael Doria 
Ugone Splnob 
Siona . 
Nlcolao Biarrs 

D'Estalla . . 
Villctri . . . 

. Francis Carlyle 
Maurice Barrymore 
Jaqucs Kmger 
Clarence H . Taylor 

Richard Ganthony 
. . £. T. Gavin 

Grimoaldo D. Barmore 

Captain of the Guard . Charles Fuller 

Andrea E. L. Wilson 

Courier from Florence . Charles Dale 
Courier from Venice . . Albert Hill 
Laurana . . . Jinnie Goldthwaite 
Brigitta . . . . Mary K. Barker 
Nina .... Katherine Clemmons 

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This play was written by Richard Zouch Troughton, and was 
originally called " Nina Sforza." Was first put upon the stage by 
Macready at the Drory Lane Theatre, London, Eng., in 1841, )U8t 
prior to his assuming; the lesseeship of Drury Lane Theatre. The 
heroine was at that time played by Helen Faucit. Frank Carlyle 
withdrew from the cast Feb. 17, and E. J. Henley acted Raphael. 
** Mra. Daacot " was produced March 5, for the first time on any 
stage, and had this cast: Henry Palgrave, Maurice Barrymroe; 
Count Jacobus, Edward J. Henley ; CapL Patrick Beresford, Charles 
J. Bell; Maj. Arthur Harleigh, Arthur Giles; Gen. Pooltney, 
Robert J. Dunstan ; Charles Clifton, Richard Ganthony ; Doctor 
Penn, Frank Tannehill ; Percival Howells, D. P. Steele ; Hawkins, 
Geo. D. Macintyre ; Thomas, Edward Gavin ; Houlak. Frank Tan- 
nehtll ; Allah, J. R. Furlong ; Mahomet, Robert Sheridan ; 
Lady Clifton, Mary E. Barker; Margaret Clifton, Eleanor I^ne; 
Cornelia Baker, Lillian Lawrence; Nellie Potter, Nanon Fow- 
ler; Mrs. Helene Dascot, Katherine Clemroons. This lady's 
right name was Viola Dayan, and she married Howard Gould, June, 

" Love's Extract " was seen here March I2, with this cast : 

Jnsiah PerldflS • John Jennings 

Bob Morttw . . Charles B. Welles 
Chatles Ramsom, Jameion Lee Finney 

Don Pedro -Max Figman 

Matthew Walton . . . Fred. Lotto 
Roberts ...... David Elmer 

Johnson £d. J. Connelly 

lUcbards . . . . L. F. Gottschalk 



Clarisse de Flavignol 

Odette Bi»son . . . 


Mary Ann . . . . 
Lottie .... 

Kate Davis 
. FanoieWard 
. Grace Fllkins 

Queenie Vassar 
. Marie Carli.sle 
. Clara Thropp 
Mattie Fei^uson 

" Ma|-g aret Fleming," by James A. Heme, was produced here 
April 9, and ran until April 30. '* Hannele, " a vision play by 
Hauptmann, was acted for the first time in America May i, when 
it had this cast: 

Hannele Anna Blancke 

Gottwald . . . Charles J Ricliman 
Sister Martha .... Alice Uuiler 
Talpe ..... Sadie Stringham 

Hedwig Mattie Ferguson 

PleichM John E. Ince 

Hanke Fred Lotto 

Seidel W. P. Sheldon 1 

.... Lawrence Eddlnger | 

Schmidt . . . Franklyn Roberts 
Dr. VVachkr .... David Elmer 
Mattern .... Emmet Corriijan 
The Figure of Hannelc^s Dead 

MotMT Maude Banks 

A Great Dark Angel . Mr. Hastings 
A V^illage Tailor . Graliani Henderson 
First Old Woman Marie Carlisle 

The theatre was closed May 11, 12, 13, owing to the death of Mrs. 
Henry Miner, John Duff's opera company produced "The Mikado" 
June 14, and gave it this cast : 

Digitized by Google 


Mikado . . . Edwin A. Stevens 

Nanki-Poo A. S. Kinsley 

Ko-Ko Joseph Herbert 

Pooh-Bah Mark Smith 

Pish-Tush . . . H. W. Ravenscroft 

Yum-Yum .... Eloise Morgan 

Pitti-Sing Lillian Swain 

Peep- Bo .... Florence Coolcy 

Katlsha . . .Miss Drew Donaldson 

Eloise Morgan was formerly known as Ollie Archmerc. On June 
20, seven Japanese dancing-girls were added as features of "The 
Mikado." H. W. Ravenscroft assumed the r61e of Pooh-Bah on 
Aug. 31 and Sept. i. The house was closed the week of Sept. 3 
and night of Sept. 10. The pantomime Humpty Dumpty Up To 
Date," in the German language, was produced Tuesday night Sept. 
II, with "The Liliputians" in the cast. Carrie Turner appeared 
here Nov. 12 in " TlieComing^ VVonaan." It was a dramatization 
by Mervyn Dallas ancPSeHley Brown of Edmund Gale's novel 
" Bro ken to Harness." The cast was : 

Charles Gorden . Edgar L. Davenport 
Lord Granville . . Eugene Ormonde 
Stephen Blackmore, Joseph E. Whiting 
Simon Screwdge . . J- C. Padgett 
Lawrence O'Donnell, E. D. Tannenill 
Jack Presicott . . Jefferson Jackson 
Job Merritt . . . Hawley Francks 

Parker Melville Frank 

Simpson F. B. Hill 

Georgina Blake ■ ■ . Marion Abbott 
Dorothy Blackmore, Carrie RadclifTe 
Mrs. Dobson . . . Jean Chamblin 
Kate Melton .... Carrie Turner 

A performance given the afternoon of Nov. 20 was for the benefit 
of St. Luke's Hospital, when " A Lover's Knot," by Marguerite 
Merrington, was acted for the first time; other entertainments were 
also given. " The Crust of^Society " was played Nov. 22, 23, 24, 
and had this cast : ' "' 

Oliver .... Edgar L. Davenport 
Capt. Randall Northcote, John Flood 
Cavendish Comyns, Joseph E. Whiting 
Earl of Colchester . . Herbert Ayling 
Mrs. Echo . . . Elita Proctor Otis 

Violet Esmond Carrie Radcliffe 

Lady Downer .... Kate Lester 

Nathalia Jean Chamblin 

Mrs. Eastlake Chapel, Carrie Turner 

A comic opera called " Jacinta" was produced here Nov. 26, and 
had this cast : 

Jacinta Louise Beaudet 

HIanca Cecile Eissing 

Inez Jennie Reiffartn 

Delgardo .... Edwin Stevens 
Mctcpcc Harry Brown 

Miguel Stuart Harold 

Romaldo W. S. Johns 

Fanilla Alcen Burke 

Paloma .... Marienne Converc 
Morrelos Sig. Perugini 

The house was closed night of Dec. 10 for a rehearsal of " Gis- 
monda," by Victorien Sardou, which was produced for the first time 
in America Dec. 11, and had this cast: 



GisiDOoda . . . Fanny Davenport 
Almerio . . Melbourne UaodMrdl 
Zaccaria Franco Acciacioli 

Theodore Roberts 
Bishop Sophron . . . Arthur Elliott 
Gregoras Drakos . . W, T. Doyle 
Agnello AcdadoU . ■ Ida Frohawk 
Stradella . . . Robert Curainings 
Prince Jaoqttes Ltuignan, Lauren Rees 
Date Jacques Criqw Delle Career! 

Fred Hardy 

Baron Guistiniani . Geor;ge Sjdvesltr 
Count Leonaoa de Tocco 

W. H. Tooter 
OonBridaa . . . Gaoifa CMmj 

Rasiliades . . . . 

Simonetti . . 

Spiridlon . . 

Tiberio . . . 

Andrioli . . 

Pasquale . . 

Giristofano . 

FnmceMO . . 

Pericles . . 

Epiphane . . 

Thisbe . . . 

CyprielU . . 
Domia . . . 

Frank TannehiU 
Ellis Ryse 
Fred M. Mayer 
. W. H. Fouget 
Edward B. Adams 
Frank Marlowe 
John Ilynes 
George Clifton 
.... Bijov 
. K M. Harton 
. C. E. Lellett 
Mary E. Barker 
May C. Standith 
. LIliM Buries 
Afoea lUynaid 

" The Little H ussar/* by Elizabeth Stagg and Emma Steiner, wat \ 
acted afternooD oTDec. at, with this cast: 

Theresa Clara Thropp 

Cpapteaa .... Amelia Harriaon 
Frattleio Goospiel, Sylyester Comiab 

Christina Ada Gilman 

Lisbeth SaJlie Johnson 

A. W. F. McCoUto 

Sig. Stradelii .... Nat B. Cantor 
Btfon Aacb .... Arthur Seaton 
Otto Undan . . Harry Scarborough 

William Opperman . . Frank Thropp 
Jacob Marie Carlisle 

**Gisroonda" continued until Feb. 25, 1895,00 which date Wil-' 
liam H. Crane came, with " His Wi fe's Father," by Martha Morton, 
for the fint time io tbia city^^TTEaS'tbis cast : 

Billings . Wm. H. Crane 
Fnuk HamihoD . . . Orrinjohoaoa 
Maynard Ejupton . Geo. F. D ere re 

Ferdinand Langdon, Jos. VVheelock. Jr. 

Matthew Percy Brooke 

Nell BilUofi .... Anne O'Neill 
Aoot Elin . . Kate Denin Wiison 
Mfs. Gtiuuy • • • FfolBott Paget 

Kitty Canary 

Mary Sanders (Mrs. Percy Winter) 

AddaMs Langdon 
Celis LsBfdon 
Rawlins . . 

Dr. Andrews . 
Maid . . . 

Marfe Carlisle 

. Louise Brooke 

D. J. Fingleton ■ 

B. Douglas Ryer I 

. Frank Calburt \ 

Ida Burrows | 

"Wildfire." by Maude Banks, was first acted the afternoon of April 
36, with Idas BankslB Ren^, a boy. An afternoon performance, 
May t6, was for the lieneiit of the Kindergarden Plant Association. 

The programme began with a monologue by Mile. Pilar-Morin ; then 
La Petite Marie sangand Nettie Crowell whistled ; Anna Buckley 
HIDs also sang ; the Twenty-second Regiment band played, and tben 
a series of " tableaux-vivants " finished the entertainment. 

A performance of " The Rivals " was given on the afternoon of 
May 31, for the benefit of Charles W. Couldock. The cast was: 

Sir Anthonv Absolute, Wm. H. Crane 
Capt. Abeoluts . . . Henry Miller 
Faulkland . . . Thomas \V. Kccne 
Bob Acres .... loseph Jefierson 
% Lnctas OTrigger, NstC Goodwin 

Fag Thos. Q. Seabroolce 

David De WoU Hopper 

Mrs. Malaprop . . Mrs. John Drew 
Lydia Languish .... Viola Allen 
Locj NcnsMcHcnfy 

Digitized by Google 


The net profits were ^5.359. Wm, Crane closed his engagement 
f^une I, and "F or Fair Virginia." by Russ- Whytal, was acted June 3 
for the first time in this city. The cast was : 

Edward Esmond 
Julian Esmond 
Stephen Dunbar 
John Laughlin 
Frank Weslyn 
Col. Lester 

Edward J. Morgan 
. Lottie Briscoe 
. Frank Doane 
. Russ Whytal 
Frederic V'room 
Lyster Sandford 

Col. Shattuck .... William Parke 
Uncle Zeb . . . . R. F. McClannin 
Sergeant Mclntyrc . . Fehx Hancy 

Sentry C. B. Thomas 

Virginia . . Marie Knowles Whytal 
Nell Minnie Dupree 

" A Poors Errand," by I ^o Ditric hstein. was acted the afternoon 
of June 5, (or Ihe'Sandy Hook's I'lJot Fund. " Fpf F air Virgip'^ " 
was also played. There was a professional matinee June 13. The 
programme was : "TapSj^ War Memory," by R uss W hytal, with this 
cast : Anne Leslie, ^TarieTCiiowIe.s Whytal ; James l^rrington, Russ 
Whytal ; Herbert Langdon, Frank Doane. " ^atha Dene," a one- 
act comedietta by RussJ^hytal. was also seen, with this cast: Felix 
Archer. Frank Mordaunt ; Alan, Russ Whytal; Agatha Dene, 
Marie Knowles Whytal; Prudence, Minnie Dupree; Jannet, Miss 
Loux. Also *^ Night." by Riuss Whytal, with Whytal as Bertrando, 
and Marie Knowles Whytal as Paola. The theatre was then closed 
#or the summer, and the next season began Sept. 2, 1895, with a play 
called " Jhe Bathing Girl, " by Rupert Hughes, which had this cast: 

Klingbury Botts 
Lord Fitjpoodle 
Miss Terriberry 
Miss J hones 

William Stephens 
. . William Blaisdell 
. . . Grace Golden 
Miss Drew Donaldson 

Mrs. Braune 
Mrs. S my the 

. Blanche Drayton 
Katherinc MacNeill 
. . Marjorie Teal 

The play was so bad that it was given but one performance. The 
house closed Sept. 3 until the i6ih, when N. C. Goodwin returned 
in "A Gilded Fool," with this cast: 

Chauncey . 
Bannister . 
De I'eyster 
Jack Duval 
Jacob Howell 
0*erkins . . 

Nat C. Goodwin 
. J. C. Saville 
George Fawcelt 

Chas. Allen 
. Arthur Hoops 
Henry Bergman 

Louis Payne 

Morgan Louis Barrett 

Janitor ..... Charles Morris 
Sophia Ruthven . Jean Clara Walters 
Jessica Rood . . . E.stelle Mortimer 
Nell Audrey Ruthven, Ethel Browning 
Margaret Ruthven . . Annie Russell 

This comedy was continued until October 7, when " David Gar- 
rick " was played, with Goodwin as Garrick, and Annie Russell as 
Ada Ingot. Mr. Goodwin also appeared in " Lend Me Five Shil- 
lings " the same night. 

" Ambition," by Henry Guy Carleton, was acted Oct. 22. Fanny 
Davenport followed Nov. 11, in " Gismonda." The annual benefit 
for the B. P. O. Elks Lodge of this city occurred Thursday afternoon, 
Nov. 14, when the following programme was given: Henry Irving 


and his company in the third act of "Charles I. ;" FlorrieWest, 
Mile. Parqueritte, Chas. Kent, Lydia Yeamans Titus, M. Bruett, 
Mroe. Rivierre, Clara Wieland, and John Myers in a miscellaneous 
entertainment; tfaeaccond act of In j^j^ht of St. £aul." by Wm. 
Calder's company; and " Agatha D encV by Rnss Whytal's company. 
James A. Heme reappeareaN ov^ '2 5 , Tn " Shore Acres." " Benedict 
Arndd," by E chard Gold en, was played the afternoon of Decra/, 
fbr tbe first time on any stage: 

B«iMdict AnioM . . . Henry Jewett | Alex. Hamilton . Henry Weaver, Jr. 
Capt. Devenent, . Edward J. Mor£:rin ! Col. Lord Lauerdal^ Vincent ScnaiM 
Major Garkson, Clarence liandysides Peg^;y Shippeii 


riL V Robinaoa 

J. F. Bricn 

Frances Hastings (Mrs. Jewett) 

Gen. Howe . . . . H. A. Weaver i Dorothy Mayhew Maude de Venner 

" Gentleman Joe, or the Hansom Cabby," a London musical 
comedy, was seen, for the first time in this city, Jan. 6, 1896. Basil 
Wood was the author, and it had this cast : Earl of Donnybrook, 
Henry Hallem ; Ralli-Carr, Joseph C. Fay; Hujihie Jaqucson, 
Arthur Pacie ; Pilkington Jones, G. K. Fortescue; William, Eugene 
B. Sanger ; Photographer at Margate, A. W. Maflin ; Mabel Cava^ 
naugh, Laura Moore ; Potts, Adelaide Worth ; Ada Pilkington, Vio- 
let Fortescue; Emma, Annie Meyers; Gentleman Joe, VVillard Lee. 

M. B. Curtis was announced to appear in the title rdle, but was 
enjoined the courts. The house was closed after night of Jan. 14 
by order of the court, Rudolph Aronson having secured an injunction. 
It reopened Tuesday night, Jan. 21, when W. H. Crane returned, with 
" The Governor of K entucky," by Frankljn_Fyles. It had this cast : 

William Lee . . William H. Crane 
Dauiel Boone BiQgleyt Burr Mcintosh 
Mason Hix .... Edwin Arden 
Carlisle Kenton, Joseph Wbedock, Jr. 

Col. Henry Clay Bingley 

WnHam Boag 
Daniel Esbrooke. . . Percy Brooke 

Monty Jones . 
John .... 
Jewel Esbrooke 
Betty Buncc . 
Mamie Darrov 
Amy Danow . 
Mrs. I^e 

Lorimer Stoddard 
. . K. D. Tyler 
. . Anne O'Neill 
Marion Abbott 
MaiBuret Robinson 
Anna Robinaon 
Kate Denio Wilton 

The character of Leonard was introduced at the matinee Jan. 23, 
and acted by Geo. F. Devere, owinf; to Mr. Crane's superstitious 
dread of a cast of thirteen characters. Crane closed Feb. 22, and 
Eleanors Duse reappeared in America P'eb. 24, in " Camille," which 
was repeated March 16, and matinee March 18; " Cavalleria Rusti- 
cana" and " La Lacondiera," with Duse as Santuzza and Mirando- 
lina, on Feb. 23; "Casa Patema" (Heimath) by Herrmann 
Sudermann, March 2, with Duse as Magda. There was an afternoon 
performance March i6, for the benefit of the Kindergarten Asso- 
ciation. Duse appeared in a new r6le, — that of Pamela in Gokloni's 
comedy of the same name. The receipts were $6jooo. 
j^TCards," by S^da SY Rosen feld, was played for the first time March 
23, and bad this cast : 

Digitized by Google 


I Eleanor Cuthbcrt . . Maxine Elliott 

IGwynne . . . Henrietta Crosman 
Mn. Uofd Oitlibert 
Mrs. Thomas Barry 
I MtSi Pt(ilxN]|f Lester 

L Caroline Kate Oesterle 
Latherine .... Maude Monroe 

Maid at the Buria|M, Isabel Haskins 
Ned Garland . . . Frank WorthiDg 
Peter Burlap .... Frazer Coulter 
Dick Miller . . Edgar L. Davenport 
Lord Artlrar Grencetter, Grant Slewait 
Llovd Cuthbert . . . F. F. Mackay 
Hoffmann Charles Craig 

Mme. Duse acted "Magda" tnatinee March 25; " Cavalleria 
Rusticana " and "La Lacondiera," afternoon March 27. The Con- 
federate Veterans' Camp of this city took a benefit the afternoon of 

April 9, when John Drew and Maude Adams acted in " A Pair of 
Lunatics; " there was also presented an act of " A Hng jie pf Card s " 
and an act of *' Widpw Jones ; " Joseph Jefferson and company ap> 
peared in *'Lend Me Five Shillings ; " Harriet Vernon, Juliette Cor- 

deaux, Wm. Pruette, and F. McLaughlin sang, as did the Excelsior 

Quartet. The house was closed the week of April 13 except April 
i8, when Thomas Q. Seabrooke commenMd in a farce called " The 
Speculator," by Ge ynte Bro adhurat, which had this cast : " 

John FuUertoo, Thomas Q. Seabrooke 
lohert Fullerton . . Sydney Booth 
Henry Duncan . . Atkins Lawrence 
Frederick Leicester . . Prince Llo^-d 
Charlie Floreace . . . Roy Fairchild 

Count de Vamean 
Edward Hathaway 
Kate Duncan . . 
Mrs. Florence 

Fred W. Peters 

Harry Driscole 
Lorraine Dreux 
Blanclie Moahoa 

A performance given the afternoon of April 21 was for the benefit 
of the French Benevolent Society, when among other entertainments 
"The Kiss." by Charles Renauld, from the French of Theo. de Ban- 
vilte was acted by Edward Vroon and Minnie Dupree. Eleanor 

Duse gave three matinee performances: April 29, " Cavalleria Rus- 
ticana" and " La Lacondiera ; " April 30, " Magda ; " and May i," Ca- 
mille." The theatre closed May 3 for the season, but was reopened 
afternoon and night of May 30, by the Joseph Jefferson all star cast 
of " The Rivals." This cast was the same as that given May 7 for 
Chas. W. Couldock's benefit. The next season began Sept. 16 with 
, " Lo st, Strayed or Stolen." a musical comedy adapted from the French 
by J. Cbeever Goodwin, with music by Woolsen Morse. The cast was : 

Bid.-irt Louis Harrison 

Cbachignon ... MA. Kennedy 
Courte Botte de Roqoencoart 

Jns. Iferbert 

Galampois .... Claude lirooke 

Jolivet John Gilroy 

Honorine Girardin . Fannie Bulkeley 

Catherine Rose Beaudet 

Pauline Caroline Leigh 

Gaston de Champignol . . Cyril Scott 
Captain Latour . . Edward VVilks 
Corporal Bridoux . . Dan Packard 

Achille David Torrence 

Papa Bigot Max Rosen 

Renaod Horace Sparlcs 

Franqoise Irene \>rona 

Ninette Sue Meade 

Louise ; ..... Emma Janvier 
Kose d'Eti .... Geor^a Caine 

Julie Florence Thornton 

Cerise May Cuthbert 

Mile. Doucy . . . Mauile Chandler 
Esteban Pacbeco . Henry Bergmaa 


The annual benefit for the B. P. O. Elks occnrred Thnnday after- 
noon, Nov. 12, and the programme was: Address by the Grand 
Exalted Ruler of the order; third act of " Northern Lights," by Cal- 
der's company; second act of " Mj^ Friend from India; " one scene 
from "The Geisha; " Gun Scene"from "The Cherry Pickers," and a 
miscellaneous bill by Grace Golden ; the Donizetti Quartet ; Violet 
Lloyd, assisted by a chorus of twenty ladies ; Cissy Fitzgerald, Max 
Eugene, Henry Thomas, R. F. Outcault, and Adetaide Randall. 

William H. Crane returned Nov. 23, in " His Wife's Father," by 
Martha Morton. On Nov. 30, "The Fool oTFortunc," by Martha 
Morton, was seen here for the first time, and had this cast : 

Elisha Cunningham, William H. Crane 
Nathaniel Lloyid . . . Percy Brooke 
Karl Worresdorf . . . Boyd Putnam 
Count de Cluny . . . Edwin Arden 
Cornelius Green . . . William Boag 
Ezekiel Powers . . . F. F. Mackay 

James Stetson . . Vincent Serrano 
Thomas . . . Charles J. Jackson 
Marjorie Cunningham, Effie Shannon ; 
Jennie Cunningham . . Dallas Tyler 
Mrs. Oumingbam . . Kate Lcaler 


H. M. and Joseph Holland appeared here Jan. 4, 1897, in "Col. Car- 
tcr of Ca rtersvillc." dramatized by Augustus Thomas from the story 
of i''. Hopkinson Smith. It had this cast: 

CoL Carter , . . . E. M. Holland 
Fitipatrick . . . Charles Mackay 
Witt Harkios J. B. Maher 

Chad . . . 
Groceryman . 
Light Barbour 

. Will J. Dean 
Thomas Oberle 
Blanche Burton J 

" A Superfluous Husband," by Clyde Fitch and Leo Ditrichstein, 

was given on the same occasion, with this cast: 

Or. MTood • . • * 
Edward De WiotOO, 
Jack Turner . . . 
De Huyster Biiiell . 
Mr. Murrnr • • • 
R^[iiMld strove • 

Joseph Holland 
E. M. Holland 
Charles Mackay 
J. B. Maher 
Thomas Oberle 
. WiU J. Dean 
Charles Harbury 

Charles Knox . . . C. Dibdin Pitt 

Brooks W. Butt^rfield 

Mrs. Lawson .... Olive Oliver 
Lucy Woods . . • Blanche Burton 
Mrs. Murray • • • Augusta Foster 
Possy Murray . . . Nora Lamison 
Ellen EAei Dooj^tas 

" A Social Hi|hwaj^man " was revived Jan. 18 by the Holland Bros. 
J. Charles Davrs~retire<f from the business management of this the- 
atre on Jan. 18, and Horace McVicker assumed the position. On 
Feb. I. for the first time on any stage, " -Dr. C laudius." by F. Marion" 
Crawfbrd and Harry St. Maur, founded on MrrCrawford's novel, 
was pceaented, with thu cast : 

Clandlas . . . 

Silas B. Barker . 
Duke of Cranston 
Horace BeWQ^HUn 
Screw .... 

Joseph Henaml 

E. M. Holland 
Albert Gran 
W. J. Le Moyne 
. Walter Craven 

Count Nicholas BameS 

Leo Ditrichstein 

Vladimir . . 

Willis . . . 
Countess . 
Lady Victoria . 
Miss Skeat 

Richard Wtltiams 

Harry Holliday 
Eleanor Morctti ' 
. . Jane llurby 
. Ethel Douglas \ 


The play proving a failure was withdrawn Feb. 13, when the house 
was closed until March 2, when Minnie Maddern Fiske appeared for 

rihe firat time upon any stage, in ** Tew of the p'U rber y illes," in four 
acta, dramatited by Ltt ^ B| gr fito dnarm tmm 'thama& Uardy*» novel 
I bearing the same titlei The cast 


Angel Clare . . . Edwaid M. Bdl 
Alec Stoke-d'Urbenrilte 

Charles Coghlan 
John Darbejrfiekl . . . John Jack 
Abraham DnrbeyfieU . Anee Pierce 
Farmer Crick . . W. L. Branscombe 

Jonathan Wilfrid North 

Tim Alfred Hickman 


. . . . W. E. lUifterfield 
. . . W. L. Branscombe 
Joan Dnrbqrfidd . . Mary £. Barker 
Teas .... Minnie Maiddem Fiske 

*LizaLn ' Edith Wrif^t 

Marian Annie Irish 

Retty Nettie Lingard 

1st Bijou Femndes 

A matinee entertainment April 30^ for the benefit of a hospital. 
Le Moyne assumed the rdle of Durbeyfidd March 20. and continued 

in it until May 3. when John Jack resumed the part. Afternoon of 
May 7 Minnie Maddern Fiske appeared as Cypriennc in " Divor- 
fons." The season closed May 15. 

The next season began Sept. 4, with Edwin Knowles as manaprer. 
! "^ Southern Romance," adapteil by B. R. Valentine and Leo Di- 
trichstein from the novel " In God's Cduniry," by Dora Higbee, was 
prdaoced, with this cast: 

Col. Wyckhoff Ransom 
1 Frank C. Bangs 

I Beverly Johnstone • Emmet Corrigan 
: Claude Groves . . Frank Burbeck 
' Bourdin .... Thomas Oberle 
1^ Andrf Leo Dltrichstdn 

Dr. Attbray . Herbert E. Bostwick 

Tom Robert G. Thomas 

Jim John Rea 

Lydia Ransom . . Katherine Grey 
Emily WyckboS . . . Maud Haalam 
Mericky .... EmmaBrennan 

Richard Mansfield began an engagement here Oct. 4 with 
Devil's Disciple." by G. Bernard Shaw. It had this cast : 


Anthony Anderson . . Mr. Johnson 

Judith Anderson . . Beatrice Cameron 
Mrs. Annie Dudgeon . Minnie Monck 
Richard Dudgeon . . Mr. Mansfield 
Christopher Dudgeon . Mr. Andrews 
Unde William Dudgeon, Wm. Griffiths 

Uncle Titus Dudgeon 
Essie .... 
Lawyer 1 i.wvkins . 
General Burgoyne 
M^or SwincuMi 
Rev. Mr. Brudenell 

Mr. Lefevre 
. Miss Briscoe 

Mr. Hunter 
Arthur Forrest 

Mr. Weaver 
Mr. Courtenay 

*' The Professional Woman's League " took a benefit Thursday after* 
noon. Oct. 28 ; Sol Smith Russell, Dan Daly. Nat C. Goodwin, Maxine 

Elliott, Nora Smith, the New York String Quartet, and Ethel Irene 
Stewart appeared. " Mr. Valentine's Christmas" was given, in which 
Sol Smith Russell acted, and " The Silent System," in which Mr. 
Goodwin and Maxine Elliott were" seen; also "The First Jury of 
Women," arrancrcd by Mnry Shaw, with twelve women of the jury, 
and the Sheriff, by liurr Mcintosh. 

Mansfield appeared in " Richard III." Nov. 22 ; " Prince Karl ." 

Digitized by Google 



Nov. 23 ; " Merchant of Venice," Nov. 24 ; "The Devil's Disciple," 
matinee Nov. 25; and "Beau Brummell," night of Nov. 25, and 
mating Nov. 27 ; Mansfield closed Nov. 27, with "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. 
Hyde." Mme. Viarda, a Polish actress, made her debut here Nov. 
29, in " Alexandra," a tragedy from the German of Richard Vom. 
.The cast was: 

Erwfn Max Apple j A Physician . . . Harry Gwynette 

Andrea A. H. Stuart Mme. von ErbCfti . Jennie Reiffarth 

Anthooy MoU Baail West Charlotte .... Effie Densroore 

Geriaad Fnmk EiraM I Alenadia . . . . AfenndraVfafda 

This bill was continued a second week. The Memorial services 
of the B. P. O. E (New York Lodge) occurred Sunday evening, Dec. 
5. Viarda acted in '* Deborah " Dec. 1 3, for the week ; E. J. Henley 
acted Nathan until Thursday, Dec. 16, when he withdrew from the 
cast and Clifford Pembroke succeeded him in the part. The theatre 
had been rented for font weeks by Viarda, but the business was so 
bad that the house was closed Monday, Dec. 20, and was reopened, 
Dec. 21, with Charles Coghlan as the star in "The Royal Box." a 
romantic play in five acts, adapted from the French 01 Alexandre 
Dumas, by Mr. Coghlan. It had this cast: 

Clarence . . . 
Prince of Wales . 

Count Felsen . 
Lord lias.sett . . 


Winch and Stage Maosger 

Gande Brooke 
Marmaduke aad Mercutio, Edwin Ho(T 
benvoUo .... Frank Sheridan 
. . . Gay Nichols 

. Chat. Coghlan 
HaroM Rnnell 
Albert Bruning 
. Walter Craven 

Davis ... 
Wigets . . . 
Servant . . . 
Countess HdSB 
CeliaPiyse . 
Lady Robert . 
Juliet . . . 
Ebba. . . . 

. Charles Plonkett 
. Taytor Granville 

William Morton Jr. 
. . . J. W. Kinu 
. Elisabeth Garth 
. • GiaGeFilkins 
. . . Luhi Klefn 
Gcrtru(!c Coi^Maa 
. Addie Pluokett 

Joan d'.Arc . , 
Charles VII. . 
Nksholaa . . 
Cuy de Lavell 
Jacaucf ... 
Earl of Warwick 
Bishop Beaavais 
Dnke d'Alenecm 

Fanny Davenport 
. . Henry Jewett 
. Cbaa. W. Stokes 

Cunningham Deane 
. Frank Tannehill 

Louis Hendrick 
. . Albert Lang 

Fred M. Mayer 

Count Dunob 
I'asquerel . . 
Agnes . . . 

Isabeau d'Arc 
Hauvctt . . 

"Shore Acres" followed Jan. to^ 1898. Fanny Davenport appeared 
Jan. 24 to Jan. 38 m *' La Tosca ;" and '* Cleopatra" for the rest of 
the weelc She played in " Joan, ** by Frances Aymar Matthews, | 
Jan. 31, Feb. I and 2. The cast: ' — | 

. • . Geo. Lay 
. Wm. T. Duland 
Dorothy Rossmore 

. .Mrs. W. G. Jones 
Frances Hastings 

Third Jailer Ellis Ryse 

Clitchet . . Melboane MacDowell 

"Fedora," Feb. 3 and matinee Feb. 5; "Cleopatra," Feb. 4, and 
closed night of Feb. 5 with '* La Tosca." 
Fanny LOy Gipsey Davenport died at South Duzbofy, Mass., Sept 

Digitized by Google 


26, 1898, and was buried at Forest Hills, Boston. One year prior to 
her death she had a severe illness, caused, it is said, by the work and 
responsibility of producing " A 3.oldier of France." at the Boston 
Theatre, and her keen disappointment at TFs TatlBte. Her last tx^ 
gagement was at the Grand Opera House, Chicago. 

Fanny Davenport came of an unusually talented theatrical parent- 
age. Her father was Edward L. Davenport, one of the most cdebrated 
of American actors. She was born in Great Russell Street near the 
British Museum, London, Eng., April 10, 1850. The eldest of five 
children, Fanny was brought to America at the tender age of 

Her first glimpse of the footlights was at Burton's Chambers Street 
Theatre in this city, Feb. 23, 1857, then a child of about seven vears. 
She sanK a verse of '* The Star Spangled Banner" in a ballet of little 

girls. Shortly after this she was at the Howard Athenaeum, Boston, 
Mass., and played Papoose to Brougham's Metamora, August 12, 1857, 
when Brougham's burlesque of "Metamora, or The Last of tiie 
Ppllywogs" was produced. " 

Miss Davenport came before the New York public Feb. 14, 1862, 
at Niblo's Garden, where she played Charles I., King of Spain, in 
•* Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady," to the Ruy Gomez of her 

In 1882 Miss Davenport went to England, making her debut as an 
actress in her native land on Sept. 9 at Toole's Theatre, London, in 
the title-rdle of a new veraion of '« Diana de Lys." While abroad 
her attention was attracted to Sardou's " Fedora." From Miss 
Davenport's mother came the suggestion that she should go to 
France, see Sardou, and secure the American rights to *' Fedora." 
Miss Davenport went direct to the French dramatist, and upon the 
payment of a cash bonus of $5,000 obtained the sole rights of presen- 
tation of "Fedora" in the United States and Canada. On her 
return to this country, she produced the play Oct. i, 1883, at the 
Fourteenth Street theatre. She retained "Fedora" for a number 
of years, and on March 3, 1888, at the Broadway Theatre, this city, 
gave to the American public, for the first time, " La Tosca," another 
of Sardou's works. *' Cleopatra" was the next Sardou play which 
she presented in this country, Dec. 23, 1890, at the Fifth Avenue 
Theatre. " Gismonda" was the last play by Sardou in which she ap- 
peared, and this was given its first performance Dec. 11, 1894, also 
at the Fifth Avenue Theatre. Her last play %iras written by Frances 
A. Mathews, and was given its initial production Oct. 20, 1897, at 
the Boston, Mass., Theatre, under the title of " A Soldier of France." 
She afterward presented it as " The Saint and the FooIT* anTlater 
under the title of "Joan." 

Fanny Davenport was married July 30, 1879, to Edwin F Price 
(who has recently been divorced from Kate Baker), and was divorced 

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from him June 8, 1888. On May 10 of the following year she be- 
came the wife of Willet Mefbourne llacDoweil. 

Madame Modjeska began an engagement here Feb. 7 with Joseph 
Haworth as leading num. " Mary Stuart " was given, with this cast : 

^^.^ry Stuart . . . Mme. Modjeska 
Elizabeth Anna Proctor 

Robert Dudley 
George Talbot 
WUliara Cecn . 

Earl of Kent . 
Amias Paulet . 

Lester Lonergan 
George S. Spencer 
. . John Malone 

. George Sylvester 
Wadsworth Harris 

loicph Haworth 

James M. Ward 

Edward Mortimer 
Andrew Melvil 

Burgoyue . . . W. VVilliam Wilson 
Hannah Keooedy, Mrs. H. £. Sargent 

Page Maud Northam 

Maigaict Kjrie .... Anna Daly 

"Magda" was revived Feb. 14-17; "Macbeth" was played Feb. 
15-19; "Camille, " matinee Feb. 16; "Maiv Stuart," night of Feb. 
16; "Measure for Measure,** Feb. 18 and mating Feb. 19. De> 
Wolf Hopper appeared here Feb. 21, in " El C apitan." The theatre 
was closed week of March 7, and reopened Marctl'14 Modjeska 
in ** Mary Stuart," repeated all the week except mating March 19, 
when " As You Like It " was presented. " Mary Stuart " was given 
March 17 ; ** Macbeth," week of March 21, except matinde March 26, 
when '* Measure for Measure" was acted. The Actors' society took 
a benefit afternoon March 24 ; Minnie Maddem Flake revived "Tesa 
of the O'Drbervilles," March 28 ; " Hedda Gabler." by Henryk Ibsen, 
was produced afternoon March 30, and had this cast : George Tcsman, 
Leo Ditrichstein i Hedda Tesman, Elizabeth Robins; Juliana Tea- 
man, Mrs. Griffith ; Mrs. Elysted, Maida Craigen ; Judge Brack, Wfl- 
liam Courtleigb; Ejlert Lovborg, Ernest Hattinga; Bertha, Ellen 

On April 1 1 " A Bit of Old Chelsea " in one act, by Mrs. Beringer, 
was produced, and had this cast : 

JackHittier . 
Phil McDonnell 
Jlra Dixon . . 

. Forrest Robinsoa 

. . Wilfrid North 
George Trader 

Paul Raymond . Frank McCormack 

Alexandra Victoria TU lchamber 

Minnie Maddem Fiske 

On the same occasion " Love Finds the Way," a comedy in threc"^ 
acts, from the German, by Mar guerite. Me rington. was produced with 1 
this cast: 

Doctor Lee . Frederic de Belleville 
Douglas Colbert . . Forrest Robinson 
Raymond Winficld . Verner Clarges 
Edgar Towassad . . George Trader 

SinMO Wilfrid North 

Winian. . . . Frank McCormack 

Leslie I.otta I.inthicum 

Mrs lifssel! . S\ ilnc) Cow ell 

Madeline, Mrs. Minnie Maddem Fiske 

Helen Alberta Gallatin | 

Jane Dorothy Cheater J 

" Divor^ons " was played June 6, with Mrs. Fiske as Cyprienne. 
The honae was dosed June is for the summer. 
The next season bqgan Sept 10^ with Charles Coghlan in " The 

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^>au " Joseph Jefferson began an engagement Oct. lO, in 
irals," whioi had this cast : 

Anthony Absolute 

Captain Absolute 
Lucius O'Trigger 
Bob Acres . . . 
Faulklaad . . . 

Verner Clarges 
Otis Skinner 
Wilton Lackaye 
Joseph Jefferson 

Joseph Warren 

David George Denham 

Fag Walter B. Woodall 

Mrs. Malaprop . . . FfoUiett Paget 

Lydia Elsie Leslie 

Lucv Blanche Bender 

In consequence of the illness of Mr. Jefferson, the house was closed 
Friday night, Nov. 4, until Nov. 21, when Augustin Daly took the 
management of the house for a few weeks and presented ".A Runa - 
way Gir l." that had been running at Daly's Theatre, Adele Ritchie 
was in the cast, having replaced Yvette Violette as Dorothy. Minnie 
Maddem Fiske returned here Feb. 27, 1899, in " Magda," supported 
by Fred de Belleville. 

" Love Fi nds The Way" and "A Bit Of Old Chelsea" were re- 
peated MarcK 13 ; " Frou Frou " was produced March 20. This play 
was continued March 27, 28, 29. "Divor^ons" and "J^ittle Italy" 
were seen March 30 and the two following nights. "Little Italy" 
was by Horace Fry, and the cast was: Fabio Ronaldi, Frederic 
de Belleville ; Michele, Tyrone Power ; Gioja, Ipha Dahl ; Giulia, 
Minnie Maddem Fiske. 

The annual benefit for the Actors' Fund occurred afternoon of 
March 23. Robert G. Ingersoll gave an address, entitled " The Chil- 
dren of the Stage;" a scene from ". Jhc Musketeers " presented by 
James O'Neill and company followed. Alter this came the second 
act of " The Moth and the Flame," by Herbert Kelcey and Effie Shan- 
non ; then the one-act play, "The Silent System," by Nat. C. Good- 
win and Maxine Elliott ; CissieXoftus gave her imitations ; and single 
acts were given from " iiex^riffit^h Davenijort " by James A. Heme 
and company ; "TheJ^ead of the Family," by Wni. H. Crane and 
company; and "Ftou Frou," by Minnie Maddem Fiske and com- 
jiany. April 3 " Tess of the DMJrbervtlles'* was revived. The house 
f was closed April 1 1, but was reopened April 12 with Chas. Cogblaa*8 
I new play " Citizen P ierre/' which had this cast : 

Pierre de Briard . . Charles Co'.,hlan 

Paul Robert Urouet 

General Guyot Lebel, Charles Stanley 
Abbtf Daogeau . . . Barton Hifl 
Dantoo .... Cbarics Cbappelle 

Hue W. J. Hurley 

Mesnil Claude Brooke 

Laporte J. \V. 

Godard Harry Hanlon 

Blanchard . . . . R. C. Chamberlin 
Young Blanchard, Beatrice Morrison 
Waiter W. Morton 

Heloise Tisoa . 
Madane TIson . 

Hermance I.ebe! . 
Madame 151ancliard 
Marcelline ... 
Madame cic Scrvan . 

Margaret Anglin 
. Ro»e Evtinge 
. Adelyn Wesley 
Miss H. Neville 
E. Barriscale 
. ^!rs. E. Davis 

Owing to the failure of the play the theatre was closed abruptly 
night of April 17 and the audience dismissed. The house was re- 
opened May 4 with " The Char latan." a comic opeia ; music by John 

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Philip Sousa. book bv Charles Kle in. Dc Wolf Hopper played the 
principal character. The house was closed for the summer June 10, 
The next season bepan Tuesday, Sept. I2, with " Becky Sharp," 
adapted by Lang don Mitc heli. from Thackeray's " Vanity Fair." TTjc 
cast was: — — 

Maraals of Steyne 
Sir Pitt Crawley, 
Pitt Ciawley . . 
Rawdon Crawley, 
William Dobbin . 
George Osborne . 

ioseph Sedley . 
«f ajor Loder . • 
Lord Hareacres . 
Lord Tarauin . . 
Lord SooOidown . 

. . Tvrooe Power 
Robert V. Ferguson 
. Charles Plunkett 
Maurice Barrymore 
. . Wilfrid North 
. Stanley Rignold 
. WUIiam F. Owen 
. . E.L. Walton 
W. L. Branscomhe 
. . Frank Keicher 
Fruk McConnadc 

Duke of Brunswick . . B. B. Belcher 

Ragples Arthur Maitland 

Landlord Otto Meyer 

Ik-cky Sharp . 
Amelia Sedley 
Miss Crawley . 
Marchioness . 
Lady Bareacres 
Hriggs . . . 

. . Mrs. Fiske 
. Zenaidc Williams 
. . Ethel Uouelas 
. . Jean Chamblin 
Francesca Lincoln 
Mary Maddern 
FiAne Ethelwyn Hoyt 

Augastos Cook appeared Nov. i8 as the Marquis of Steyne. 

Dec. 25 " Three Little I^mbs," by R. A. Barnet with music by 

E. W. Corliss, was piwluccd, with this cast: 

jack Hardwicke . . William £. Pbilp 
DayM Tooke . . Raymond Hitckcock 

Hungry Jim . Edmund Lawrence 
Col. lloKcy Bulger . . Harold Vizard 
Willie Putter .... Tom Hadaway 
Oakou Dick . . WUIiam T. Carleton 
0*Hara TbomasWhiSen 

A ley Vandemeer 
James Meek . . 

Beatrice Jerome . 
Gretchen Dare 
Phyllis Aisjie . 
Patience . . • 
Janet Vane . . 

Richard Ridgely 
John Taylor 

. Adele Ritchie 
Nellie Braggins 
Marie Cahill 
. Clara Balmer 
. .IdaHawlcy 

The house was closed Feb. 6, 1900, but was reopened Feb. 7, with 
" The Coiin tcss Chiffon," adapted from the French by Harry St. 
Maur. fKe~pT5y^trjrt this cast: Alix, Wm. Harcourt ; Adelle, 
Grace George ; Duchess de Ligne Droit, Henrietta Osbourne ; 
Eugenie, Bijou Fernandea; Mark Flamaran, John Bhur; Rose, Ella 
Salisbury; Achille Bougerot, J. G. SaviUe; Stefan Sepptemonts, 
Walter Clifford ; Le Marquis de Froidet, Frank Hatch ; M. Huelvin, 
Edgar Walton ; Madame de Noiret, Vivia Ogden ; Annette de Noiret, 
Roth Coptey; Marie, Affie Warner; Madame Dumont, Bertha 

It was a complete failure and Feb. 12 " Mile. Fifi" was presented, 
with Grace George as the star ; Mme. Modjeska returned Feb. 26, 
in " Mary Stuart," which was repeated Feb. 27, 38 ; March t, 2, 3, 
*' Marie An^cytnctte " by Clinton St uart, was given, with this cast : 

Louis XVI. . . . John E. Kellerd Queen Audu Mary Hall 

Madame Elizabeth . . Kate Dalglish • Citizeness Bault . Hannah E. Sargent 
Madame Adelaide, Hannah E. Sargent j Marie Antfrfnette . Hdena Modjeska 
Madame de Tounel . Hattie Buskirk I 

For the matinees March 3. 7, " The Ladies Battle " was played 
with Cissie Loftus as Leoni i March 3, "Macbeth," with Kellerd as 


Macbeth, John T. Malone as Macduff, and Modjeska as Lady 
Macbeth. Matinees March 6, 8, "Twelfth Night," with Cissie 
Loftua as Vida ; *' Macbetii ** was given all the week of March 12 
except mating March lo^wbeo *'Mucb Ado About Nothing" was 

r"^" Qiiver Goldsm ith." by Augustus Thomas, was seen for the first 
time in New York» March 19, with this cast: 

BosweU Beaumont Smith 

Featbrntooe . . . Edward Dodge 

Roger Walter Clews 

Capt. Horneck . . . Clifford Leigh 
Sarah Featherstone . Jeffreys Lewis 
Mary Horneck Florence Rockwell 

Edrounde Burke . . 
Dr. Samuel Johnson, 
David Garrick . . 
Capt. Homedk . . 
Kenrick .... 

. Walter Hale 

H. A. Weaver 
Henrv E. Dixev 
. Cliftord Leign 
Ogdcn Steveni 

Oliver Goldsmith. . . Stuart Kobsoa 
Coleman . . . Joseph P. Winter 
Tony Lumpkin . . . O. £. Hallam 
Drummona . . . Bert Washburn 
Little Annie .... Ricca Scott 
Little Mary . « . Monica Harris 
Mrs. Higgfns .... Bessie Scott 

Twitch Henry E. Dixey 

Flannigan James Grant 

Biff Chaikt E. Long 

The Confederate Veteran camp had a benefit afternoon of April 

6, given by Stuart Robson and his company. 

Joseph Jefferson returned here April 16, in " Rip V^ILWinkle," 
which he played all the week except night oT* April 21, wlien 
"The Rivali'* was given. "The Cricket o n the He arth" and 
" Lend Me Five Shillings " was^tHc bill April 23, and continued for 
two weeks ; April 30 and May i, 3, and matinees May 2 and 5. " Rip 
Van Winkle," also nights May 2, 4; " The Rivals," night of May 5 ; 
**iCRcket on the Hearth" and "Lend Me Five Shillings," May 17. 
Then the theatre was closed, to be reopened May 7 under F. F. 
Proctor's management as a vaudeville house of " continuous perform- 
ances." The transition of the Fifth Avenue Theatre from a dramatic 
temple to a variety house was accomplished within forty-eight hours. 
Joseph Jefferson and his company retired after the evening perform- 
ance on the 5th, and workmen at once began removing the old 
scenery of the theatre, which was replaced by a new and handsome 
scenic outfit. The first performance was Monday morning. May 7, 
1900. Among the attractions were Thomas Q. Seabrooke,Jeannette 
I^urie. George V. Hpbart, Eric Hope (£arl of Yarmouth), Louise 
Gallowy, and others. 


WHEN Mr. Dan Bryant and bis company vacated Mechanics 
Hall, 472 Broadway, they sought a home further up town, 

and found in Tammany Hall on the north side of Fourteenth Street, 
near Third Avenue, a theatre fitted up in this building, which they 

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opened at '* Bryant's Minstrel Hall" May i8, 1868. In the 

company were: Nelse Seymour, James Unsworth, Eugene, Monroe 
Dempster, W. P. Grier» Charles Henry, J. P. Hogan, Eph Horn, R. 
Hughes, C. W. Rockafeller, J. H. Ross, G. B. Ross, J. Garatagua, 
G. H. Schott, James Morrison, G. Trunkett, and Francis Bracht 
J. K. Emmet joined in June, and remained a few weeks. Warren 
White, F. St. Clair, Raphael de SoUa (boy tenor), and Neil Bryant, 
his first appearance in three years, were shortly afterward added. 
The company closed April 17, 1869, and went on a brie! tour, bat 
reappeared May 10, with Dsve Rood in the organiaUioo. The 
season was closed July 24. 

The Bryants commenced their next season Sept. 13, 1869, with 
Dmi Bryant, Dave Reed, Unawortfi, Eugene, W. P. Grier, J. G. 
Russell, T. Brandisi, Monroe Dempster, G. W. Rockafeller, Delc- 
hanty and Hengler, Jasper H. Ross, J. Morrison, J. Garatagua, and 
J. H. Savori. Savori retired from the profession several years ago 
and bM been living in Hariem, practising medicine at Dr. wheeler. 
" Shoo FlyJ2-was a very successful song and dance ; it reached its looth 
performance Jan. 22, 1870. The budesiiueof " Hamlet" was done 
March 21, with Eugene as the Queen, GrU^TT. Griffin as the King, 
Unaworth aa the Qieat, Little Mac aa X^aertea, Biandiai aa Horatio, 
and Rockafeller as Ophelia. It ran until May 25. " Shoo Fly" had 
225 representations. The house was closed night June 2, as Dan 
Bryant had a benefit at the Academy of Music. The house was re- 
opened night of June 3, and the Bryants doaed the season and their 
tenancy of this hall June 4. John Allen and Chas. Pettingill's min- 
strels took possession of this hall June 6, and with the following 
company : Johnny Allen, Cbarlev Pettiogill, Eph Horn, Walter Bray, 
Fajrette Welch, Bobby Newcomb, and othera. Their aeaaon lasted 
two weeks. The house was next known as "Tbs Germania 
Theatre," and was opened Sept. 27, 1874, for German dramatic 

Ssrformances by Ad. Neuendorf, and continued until January, 1881. 
oaen'a comedy, " Lemons" was first acted here Nov. 18, 1875. 
"Through New York in Eighty Hours," a local sketch by Mr. Neuen- 
dorff, was played for the first time Nov. 3, '1876. Mathiide CottreUy 
appeared in the character of a variety actress. 

Tony Pastor, in February, 1881, leased this bouse. The bur- 
lesque, '• The Pie-Rats of Penn Y an." was given Feb. 8, 1881. Flora 
Irwin, \VrS. Marks, Sam'I HoTdsworth, John Morris, Frank Girard, 
William Lester, Lillian Russell. May Irwin, and Florence Merton 
were in the cast N. D. Roberts rented the house for one week, 
eonmiencin^ Oct. 10, and produced the pantomime, "Humpty 
Dumpty." This house became known to the public as " Tony 
Pastor's New Fourteenth Street Theatre." The season be- 
gan Oct. 24, 1 88 1, with the following company : Ferguson and Mack, 

Frank E. McNisb, Lebuid Slaters, Lester and Allen, Lizzie Sims,— 6 


French Twin Sisters, Lester and Williams, Lillie Western, Ella 
Wesner, McAvoy and Rogers, Dan CoUyer, and Frank Girard. A 
matinee performance April 3, 1883, was for the bienefit of the 

fetors' Fund. 

, The burlesque of " Patience, or The Stage Struck Maiden ," was 
seen here Jan. 23, iS!&3, wim tnis cast: rRRIICSnCnHliriRbssell; 

Bunthome, Jacques Krugcr ; Lady Angela, May Irwin ; Grosvenor, 
Flora Irwin. This ran for eight weeks and was followed, March 19, 
with " Billie Tjivlor," which continued for four weeks, cast thus: 
Fhoebe, uHian Rundl; Barnacle, Jacques Kniger; WOIiani, Flora 
Irwin ; Eliza, Jennie Christi ; Susanna, Bessie Grey. Mile. Barretts 
did a sailor's hornpipe during the burlesque. This lady was after- 
wards known as Marie Vanoni. Mme. Janauschek appeared here 
March 30 for Harry Sanderson's benefit. 

" The Mascot " was presented April 15, with Fanny Wentworth as 
Bcttina ; Maggie Duggan, Fiametta; and J. H. Rennie as Lorenzo. 
"Billie Taylor" was revived March 18, 1883, and ran for three 
weeks. Rose Temple was Phoebe ; Jacques Kruger, Barnacle ; and 
Flora Irwin, William. Neil Burgess produced 'jJCua" Sept 3, 1883. 
Evans and Hoey's "A Parlor Match " was first acted in New York 
at this house Sept. 22, 1884. Mr. and Mrs. George Knight came 
here Jan. 4, 1885, in •* Over the Garden Wall," for four weeks. The 
burlesque " Orpheus and Eurydice " was presented Feb. 8. 

" Bijah Fr^H xi " a faroe comedy, was produced June 37, 1887, with 
this cast : 

Bijah Frisby .... John Jennings 
Tom and Henry . Robert V. Ferguson 

lenialia Mollie liernard 

Tim P. N. Smith 

Ctariker .... Blanche Sherwood 
Maikm ..... Q"C*Bi« VaHsr 

Bang Harry Kernel] 

Patsey Joe Hart 

Tick Katie Hart 

Mrs. Sdstofs . . . Mrs. Sd Atketi 

Meek H^'X IJpphart 

Tatters Geo. Hoey 

Louise ...... Lirrie Hunt 

Horace J- I^. Browne 

Clarence . . • . H. D. Blackmore 

Pete J. D. Rowland 

Jew Joseph Howard 

Adam John Kerneli 

Reubca Sol Aiken 

TillT BeUe La Verde 

Twister Sam Bernard 

Rags Chas. Smith 

Mrs. Prim Gussie Hart 

[woFine Ducks*' was presented July 18, 1887: 

Sylvester Cornish, metropolitan debut, Dec. 19, 1887; Richard 
Pilrot, New York debut, Dec. 19, 1887; Elmer Ransom, March 5, 1888. 
In Feb., 1888, Mr. Pastor renewed his lease for ten years, at an annual 
rental of ^ICVOOO. This was one of the very few theatres that were 

open on the memorable blizzard night, March 12, 1888. On March 26 
the Sisters St. Albert, Revene and Athos, Farrell and Wilmott, and 
the Armstrongs made their American debut. ' ' I,-ittle- ^ugget " 

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was first performed in New York at this theatre on April 23, 1888. 
Early in the summer of 1888 the house was renovated and repaired 
at an eiqiense of $15,000. The work was on the point of being; 
finished, when a fire broke out and the place was completely de- 
stroyed morning of June 6, 1888. " Muggs' Landing" was the at- 
traction during the week of the fircT A new house was built and 
opOMd Oct. 22, 1888, when Annie Oakley. King Kalkaska, Bibb and 
Bobb, Millie Hylton, Kate and James Donnell, and the Twibett 
Sisters made their American ddbut. The Darrows appeared Nov, 
19, 1888. There was an afternoon benefit for the widow of T. M. 
Hengler Jan. 10. 1889. Theo Julian appeared March 51, 1890. 
" Widow Bcdott " was played Jiiuy 7, with Joseph Pdmer as the 
Widow! James Reilly first appeared in this city as a star Aug. 18, 
1890, in " The Brpom Majcer of Carlsba d." Juniori Valarez, French 
singer, made her American deout JNov. 30, 1891 ; Birdie Brightling 
(American d^but), Aug. i, 1892 ; Vesta Victoria, vocalist (American 
d^but), Dec. 12 ; Mile. Paquerette, vocalist (American d^but), Jan. 2, 
1893. Some of the very best European and American specialty 
performers have appeared at this house. Among them, and not in- 
cluded in the list given above, are the following: Richard Pitrot, 
New York d^but, Dec. 19, 1887; Elmer Ransom, New York d6but, 
March 5, 1888; The Darrows, New York debut, Nov. 19, 1888; 
Jennie V^almore, American d^but, Dec. 25, 1889; Henri Cazman, 
American d^but, March 31, 1890; Theo Julian, New York d^but, 
April 7, 1890; Three Haytors, Eva Vincent, and the Sisters Hed- 
derwick, New York d^but Oct. 27, 1890; Mile. Beatrice, New York 
debut, Oct. 7, 1890; Bessie Bonehill, American debut, Oct. 31, 1889; 
the Downies, American d^but, Jan. 26, 1891 ; the Glinaerettf Troupe, 
American d^but, Jan. 26, 1891 ; Jenny Hill, American d^but, Feb. 
23, 1891 ; Amy Swaine (Pearl Andrews), professional debut, March 
17, 1891 ; May Oliver and James Brownson, American d^but, April 
13> 1891; Gcrtrode Reynolds, professional d6bot, April 13, 1891; 
Kva Bertoldi, Kara, Mr. and Mrs. Ailison, and Fulgora, metropol- 
itan d^but, Aug. 31, 1891 ; Frank Caffrey, Sept. 28. 1891 ; Herbert 
Albini, American d^but, Nov. 2, 1891 ; Fred W. Malburn, American 
d^bttt, Sept. 12, 1892; Mile. Vallery Chattell, American d^but, Nov. 
21, 1892. 

Tony Pastor celebrated his twenty-eighth anniversaiy as a 
theatrical manager, March 21, 1893. 
Mile. Theodora made her American d^but April 10; Nellie 

L'Estrange, vocalist, Aug. 2; Bessie Bonehill reappeared in America 
Aug. 14; Mile. Duclerc, vocalist, first appeared in America Nov. 13. 
Minnie, Jennie, and Emmie Lynan made their American d^but 
March 19, 1894; Vesta Tilley was seen for the first time in this 
country April 16, in male impersonations ; Antoinette Barga made 
her Amencan d^but Dec 1; Kitty Nolan, Dec. 17; VesU Tilley, 


having retorned from Europe, reappeared here April 22, 1895. and 
sang *' The Man who Broke the Brokers Down in Wall Street" 
Her new songs were : " Some Dance the Lancers," " Captain 
Wallop 'Em," "French Mamzelle." "Down Rotten Row/' and 
•'The SmI Sen Waves." 

The regular season closed June i . The Harry Watson combina- 
tion appeared here June 3, in " The Two, Flat s." Bessie RcUwood 
reappeared Nov. 25 ; Billy Birch had a benefit Sunday night, Dec. 
22. On Jan. 20, 1896, there was a change in the policy of the 
hoaae, when Tony Pastor commenced the " continuous performance'* 
system. The prices of admission were reduced to : balcony twenty 
cents, parquet 30 cents. Tony Pastor celebrated his thirty-first 
year as a manager on March 23. Lady Sholto Douglas (Loretta 
Addis) made her d^bot May 25. 


EARLY in 1867 " The Tammany Society," New York, came to 
the conclusion that Park Row was top fwt down town for their 
social and political purposes, and they found a new home on East 
Fourteenth Street, where they erected the present "Tammany 
Hall." It was situated on the north side of Fourteenth Street, be- 
tween Third Avenue and Irving Place. The comer-stone was laid 
July 4, 1867, by John T. Hoffman, mayor of the city and Grand 
Sachem of the society. The building was completed early in July, 
1868, and was opened Sunday evening, July 12, with a concert, pro- 
ceeds of which were devoted to benevolent purposes. G. F. Hall, 
Arthur Matthison, S. C. Campbell, W. H. Davis, Henry Sanderson, 
Howard Glover, Mme. Rar;eard, Fanny Stockton, Lillie Eldridge, 
and Grafulla's Seventh Regiment Band appeared on this occasion. 
No other entertainment was given here until Henry C. Jarrett and 
Harry Palmer secured a lease of the buildmg at an annual rental of 
$25,cxx>, and called it "The Tammany." 

The Tammany Society used a small room, and Bryant's minstrels 
occupied a hall on the first floor. The upper hall, which was fitted 
up in the style of a first-chiss theatre, was devoted to the principal 
performances, while the rooms upon the other floors were used as a 
smoking divan, a ladies' restaurant, a bar-room, and a small hall for 
msgical performances. In the basement were the Punch and Judy 
show, a panorama, a lunch counter, and the har. Leonard Grover, 
director. The admission was 50 cents, with an extra charge for 
reserved seats. 

The initial performance took place Jan. 4, 1869. "The Star 
Spangled Banner," by Robt Green, baritone, and the entire com- 

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pany, iodiidiBif a boy choms. Sig. G. Operti was the ooaductor. 
An address, written by A. Oakey Hall, was delivered by Louisa 
Moore: a ballet followed, led by Marie Bonfanti; then came the 
cbonM, " The Meo of Harlech," followed by comic songs by Ernee 
Clarke; burlesque scenes by the Dashwood Sisters, Emily and 
Lizzie; a burlesque by H. B. Farnic, called "The Page's Revel, or 

Ket«ev, SaTlie Maddox, Bessie Sudlow, and others ; comic duet* by 
Sberioan and Mack; burl esque sce ne, " After Dusk," by Mr. and 
Mrs. Valentine Love ; trapSzeperfbrmances By M. and Mme. Sen* 
yah ; " N ico<|emqa." a pantomime, by the Maffit and Bartholomew 
company ; trapteze exercises by the Victorellis ; and an allegorical 
tableau, called ** The Birth of the New Year." by Getz. In the side 
salons were seen Punch and Judy, Fantoccini, stilt>walkin|r by G. 
Parker, and other entertainments. 

On Jan. 16 a large hall in the basement was opened and known as 
the " Cafe Amusant." It was under the direction of the Messrs. 
Dorhm, the oyster men. The Schopfer Family, at occasional inter- 
vals, rendered Tyrolean airs. Subsequently Risley's band of Japanese, 
Harry Raynor, and the Gregory Family, gymnasts, appeared Jan. 
23. The gross receipts for the month ot January amounted to 
^40,302, an average of f 1*443 nightly. April 21, a burlesque, by 
Farnie, on " ^pKincrtn r'^gnf' " was produced, ih^tfris Louis 
Mestayer, the Zanfrettas, the t^arons, and many other new people 
appeared. On May 24 M. VV. Lefiingwell, Emma Grattan, Leona 
Cavender (her first appearance in New York), Mrs. W. A. Andrews, 
and Laura West came to the house, and the burlesque of " Cinder- 
ella" was produced. On June 7 J, J. Wallace joined the company, 
and Leffingwell was seen as " Rotneo la ffiei^ Je nkins." Adelgitha 
Monti, dmumatt «nd Robert Green, baritone, were among the attrac- 
tions; also Henry Ellard, tenor; Albert Stuyvesant, basso; Wm. 
Fletcher, basso profundo; Masters Henry Whiting, James Hurlburt, 
Vincent Ludlow, Hiram Ellsworth, Franklin Barnes, Geo. Cleveland, 
G. Smith, David McKenna, William Henderson, Homce Betty, 
James Walters, Clinton Walters, Henry Cassiday, Lewis Hart, 
Horatio Nelson, John Furguson, Ben Maginleyand Frederick Kent. 
In the terpsicborean department were Marie Bonfanti, Emma Clarke 
(her first appearance in America), the Lascdle Sisters, Jose Strandd, 
Marie Theresa, Miles. Caroline, Gabrielle, Delaflamina, Amelia. Rose 
Hopgood, Alice McLean, Lillie Whiting, Mary Colson, Emma Schell, 
Laura West, Miles. Melvina, Elsie, Saxe, Carrier, and others. Mons. 
Carlo Carl was the maitn de halUt, In the pantomime company 
were James H. Maffit, Clown; William Bartholomew, Pantaloon; 
C. W. Ravel, Harlequin ; and Marie Remond, Columbine. In the 
variety department were Ernee Clarke, vocalist ; Sheridan and Mack, 
Mont, and Mme. Senyab, the Brothen Victordli, William, Matthew, 

A Summer 

Harrison, Lizzie 

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and Antoine, gymnasts, and Christian Hartz- The Punch and Judy 
show was under the direction of Manley and Brewe. There was 
an orchestra of twenty-three musicians, under the direction of Sig. 
G. Operti. "Fra Diavolo" was produced June 11, and the season 
closed June 19. Business for the first month was very great, the 
attendance averaging four thousand persons. 

The next season commenced Aug. 16, 1869. The company con- 
sisted of the Lauri Family of pantomimists and dancers, Fanny 
Prestige, Ahce Harrison, Maggie Desmond, Annie Cornforth, Marion 
Geddes, May Robinson, Irene Walcot, Louis Mcstayer, A, H. Sheldon, 
Pauline Markham, W. H. Graham, Roscoe Vining, Snevelicci Hat- 
field, Lucas Snodgrass, a corps of twelve clog dancers, headed by 
Bobby Newcomb ; a corps de ballet of twenty-three ladies, directed 
by John Lauri; the VVesner Sisters, danseuses\ Harry Gurr, the 
swimmer; J. B. Curran, Roscoe Vining, G. Freeman, and Prof. 
Roberts, illusionist. The Sylvester Family, consisting of Prof. 
Alfred, Alfred junior, and Miss Sylvester, from the Royal Polytechnic, 
London, were announced for the opening night, but did not appear. 

Joseph Arnold led the orchestra in the theatre and Herr Heinrich 
Gunzel was director of the music in the concert-room. S. H. Verney 
was stage manager. The dramatic feature of the opening was a 
burl£fi4ij£. called "The (^ueen jiLUcarts," in which Pauline Mark- 
ham played FlorizeTT Alice Harrison, Princess Euchre ; Miss Des- 
mond, Sarah; Louis Mestayer, the Queen; C. Lauri, the Knave; 
and H. Lauri an Old Woman. In the third act was introduced a 
trapeze act by the Torres Brothers, a skating act by Moe and Good- 
rich, the song and dance of Love Among the Roses" by sixteen 
boys, and a wooden-shoe dance by the corps de ballet. In the lower 
saloon Harry Gurr gave his aquatic feats in a glass tank, eating, 
smoking, and drinking while under water. In another room Prof. 
Logrenia exhibited his trained canaries. 

James B. Curran of this company died in Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 
2, 1888, aged fifty-eight years. His last appearance on the stage 
was at the Opera House, Cleveland, during the week of June 11, 
1888, as Dr. Lanyon, in " Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." The Rizarelli 
Brothers, gymnasts and acrobats, appeared here Sept. 13, and 
James Mace, the pugilist, made his American d^but Sept. 20, in 
" poses plastiques." Pooley Mace, his brother, appeared Oct. 4, and 
the two were seen nightly in sparring exhibitions. Mace closed 
his engagement Oct. 16. Levy, the cornet soloist, appeared at a 
Sunday concert Oct. 17. 

The Hanlon Brothers, George, William, Alfred, Edward, and 
Frederick, appeared Nov. i in their gymnastic and acrobatic per- 
formances. Lauri Family, with Prof. French and his performing 
dogs and William Carleton, Irish comedian, were seen the same 
night. On Dec. 6 Dick Sands, clog dancer, came here ; Rose Massey 

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played in the farce " The Eton Boy;" and Fanny Herring and Moses 
^ W. Fiske presented " Bad Dick p y ." a travesty of " Richard III." 

Williaro Carl eton ^JSStmttedsuicide in this city Aug. 18, 189$. 
His Ameircan d^but was made at Xony Pastor's Opera House^ where 
the People's Theatre now is, Feb. 26, 1866, as Nathaniel Winkle 
in " Pickwick Papers ." He appeared at the Worrell Sisters' Theatre, 
BroaSlUfiy, near highth, Jan. 22, 1868. He was married to Mrs. 
Peck, formerly Jennie Gilmore, who died May 5, 1874. His second 
wife died in 1879. He was the author of Emmet's play "Fritz in 
Ireland," and travelled with him. , H e revis ed "..Muldoon's Picnic " 
and caUed it * ' Irish Arij,tocrgpy. '* He was the author of many 
other successful playX 

John Allen, Charles Pettengill, and Delehanty & Hengler's min- 
strels appeared here Jan. 3, 1870. " I^'^p QJorious Seven" was. 
produced Jan. 31. Rose Massey, Ethel Norman, AliSB" Harrison, 
Edith ChaWis, Belle Land, M. W. Fiskc. J. J. Wallace, and A. Hi 
Sheldon were in the cast. John C. Heenan and Jim Mace were seen 
in a sparring act Feb. 17, 18, 19, and the house was closed Feb. 23. 

It was reopened April 4, under the management ol Josh Hart; 
amoldng was permitted, and an attempt was made to introduce the 
London music hall style of entertainment. In the company were: 
Frof. Risley's European combination, including a Spanish ballet 
corps; Azeila, a female gymnast ; G. W. Jester, ventriloquist ; Emma 
Altord, serio-comique ; Clara Vernon, balladist; Sydney Franks, 
comic vocalist, and the Sisters Leiia and Florence ; the Lauri Family; 
M. Agouste, ju^ler ; William Hamilton, vocalist; Prof. Tanner and 
his dogs ; Cool Burgess, Chas. Howard, Billy Carter ; and an English 
ballet was given. The gallery was divided into two portions, and 
the admission was fifty and twenty-five cents. Smoking and drink- 
ing were permitted in the lower part of the house. It was closed as 
a regular place of amusement, June 18, 1870. 

On Sunday evening, April 9, 1876, an entertainment by a band of 
colored people, called the " Centennialites," gave a Jubilee concert. 
It was given under the management of Tony Denier, who gave the 
New York public a sight of Dr. Landis, a gentleman who had been 
*' acting" in Philadelphia. The Tammany was engaged for May 9, 
lOkand he appeared as Hamlet and Richard III., in costume, with an 
imaginary company, which meant that no other person was allowed 
on the stage. Richmond, Lady Anne, and the other parts were read 
from behind screens, while the Doctor alone roared and bellowed. 

This was the last entertainment of any kind given in the 

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SITUATED on the west side of Fourth Avenue, between Twenty- 
sixth and Twenty-seventh streets was the Hippodrome. About 

1853 the Harlem Railroad company bought the property. At first 
the only use they made of the hnd was ror a small starting-office at 
Twenty-sixth Street and Fourth Avenue, for the city car line. In 

1854 a building was erected for the reception of milk trains and the 
delivery of milk and farmers' produce at night. In 1863 a passenger 
station for the New Yorie, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad was 
built. When the Grand Central Station at Forty-second Street was 
completed, in 1871, the building was abandoned by the railroad 
company and leased to P. T. Barnum, Wm. C. Coup, Dan Costello, 
and Hard in 1873, who opened a place of amusement with the 
" Congrets of Nations," a colossal equestrian entertainment. 

5oon afterward Sheridan Shook and Patrick Gilmore put the 
building into use as a museum. It occupied an entire block, extend- 
ing from Fourth to Madison Avenue and Twenty-sixth to Twenty- 
seventh streets. The Moody and Sankey religious revivals were 
held here, attended by crowds that packed the place. Barnum fol- 
lowed with bis circus menagerie April 27, 1874, and Roman Hip- 
podrome After that there were dog shows and horse shows. 
Gilmore began a season of summer concerts May 29. 1875, and the 
house was familiarly known as '* Gilmore's Garden." Harvey Dod- 
worth was musical conductor, and M. Arbuckle was one of the 
attractions. Jacques OfiEenbach, the composer, made his American 
debut May II, 18761 

Rarnum opened here Oct. 9, 1876. In September, 1877, Sheridan 
Shook was proprietor, E. G. Gilmore manager, and P. S. Gilmore 
musical director. On May 31, 1879, the place was called "The 
Madison Square Gardbn/' and opened with a concert; Harvey 
Dodworth, musical director. Comic opera next reigned for a time, 
" Pinafore" was sung Aug. 25, 1879, on a real ship surrounded by 
real water in a great tank, which, it is said, was the largest ever 
used for such a purpose. Fart of the cast was: 

Ralph HaydenTWa 

Sir Joseph Porter. . . . Digby Ikll 
Deadeye .... John J. Printz 
Btttterevp . . datkitte Huichings 

Josephine Llxette Erlanl 

Capt. Corooraa ... J. F. Brand 
liobstay .... Arthur Van Houten 

It terminated its run Sept. 12. 

Marie Aim^ appeared here in a Sunday concert on Sept. 7, 

assisted by Maurice Grau's opera troupe. A six davs' " po-as-you- 
please" walking-race commenced Sept. 22. Charles Rowelli Samuel 
Merritt, George Hazael, and others were contestants. 

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A benefit peiformaiicc wn given here March 17, 1880^ in aid of 

TAf Herald Irish Relief Fund. The Hanneman Homoeopathic Fair 
was held in April, 1880, and one night a terrible accident occurred, 
one of the walls falling in and several persons being killed. 

All kinds of enttrtaimnenCs have been held here, — professional 
pedestrian contests, boxing-matches, athletic tournaments, and dizzy 
French masked balls. John L. Sullivan and many other prominent 
lights of the fistic arena have boxed in the glare of the Madison 
Square gatligbti. It was here that Charkv Rowell, the English 
pedestrian twice travelled to victory and the possession of many 
thousands of dollars. On Nov. 22, 1882, Adam Forepaugh opened 
this " garden " with Codv & Salsbury's, Wild West Sho w." in a more 
extensive and effective form than ever beiore RHAWA in coDoection 
with that enterprise. It was presented in a dramatic form. Steele 
Mackaye conducted the programme. "Joe" Coburn, the pugilist, 
had a benefit Dec. 28, 1882, when, in addition to several " set-tos " 
betneco other pro&ssionals, John L. Snllivan and Cobam gave the 

Lilian Norton was a solo singer at the Gilmore summer con- 
certs. She is now a leading prima donna, and known as Mme. 
Lilian Nbidica. 

P. T. Burnum took possession of this place March 26, 1883, with 
his drcus. He also occupied it on March 16, 1885. ''Finslore" 
was done here June 13, 1887, with this cast: 

Sir Joseph Chas. Coote 

Capt. Corcoran . . . Gustave Hall 

Ralph Henry Hilliard 

Deadeye Henry Peakes 

BobsUy John Clarke 

Josephine .... Emma Henry 

Hebe Sylvia Genrisb 

Buttercup .... Delia Kellogg 

Silent Man .... Robert Fraser 

The Bamum and Forepaugh circus and menagerie, with Buflfalo 
Bill's "Wild Wes t " show, appeared March 14, 1887. Fred Innes' 
Thirteenth Kegimeot hand made its first appeanmoe in New Yorlc 
Is concert Oct. 7, 1888, and P. T. Bamum commenced a season 
March 22, 1889. A company was formed during the summer of 
1889, for the purpose of erecting a new building. The members 
of it were J. Pierpont Morgan, James T. Woodward, Charles Lanier, 
Alfred B. Darling, Darius O. Mills, Charles Crocker, Geoiige & 
Bovvdoin, Adrian Iselin, Edward D. Adams, Corndius Fellowes» and 
William C. Gulliver. , 

Workmen commenced to tear down the old boildmg August 7, 
1889. The new "Madison Squarb Garden Ahpbithbatrb" ex- 
tends from Twenty-sixth to Twenty-seventh streets, and occupies 
about two-thirds of the block between Madison and Fourth avenues. 
Sooth tA the main entrance, overlooking Madison Square, is a concert 
ball, capaUe of seating mie thousand persons, and it can be converted 


into a ball-room. On the north side of the main entrance is the 
Garden Theatre. The great amphitheatre has a permanent seating 
capacity for nearly eight thousand people, tndoding one hundred 
and fifty private boxes ; while for conventions and limiliar great 
gatherings twelve thousand persons can be accommodated. 

This colossal place of amusement was opened June i6, 1890. The 
attractions were Johann Straus' orchestra and two baUets. The 
first was " Choosing the National Flower," the second was "Peace 
and War," and they were directed by Leon Espinosa. In the first 
there was an introduction of the " flying dancer " by M. Eugene 
and Mile. Azella. T. Henry French was general manager ; James 
W. Morrissey, bodness manager; Alfred Thompson, director of 

The one hundredth appearance of Straus in America took place 
July 25. There were about eight thousand people present. Leon 
Espinosa retired Aug. 25. The Garden clmed after the perform- 
ance of Sept 13 until Sept. 20, when it was reopened with Anton 
Seidl's orchestra. Lager beer and other drinks were sold. The 
Amphitheatre was closed Nov. i until Nov. 10, when the stage was 
removed and stalls Irailt for the borse show. This was the attrac- 
tion for one week. The Flower Show commenced Nov. 24, under 
the direction of Messrs. Pitcher and Manda. The amphitheatre 
was laid out in variously shaped beds, separated by paths ten feet 
wide. The flower exhibition closed Sunday evening, Nov. 301 

A ball took place here Friday evening, Jan. 30, 1891, given in 
the name of Carmencita, the Spanish dancer. The immense floor 
of the Garden level, from one end of the oval to the other, with its 
thirty thousand square feet, was well waxed. Carmencita executed 
a Spanish dance on a temporary stage. The second annual show 
of the New York Poultry and Pigeon association took place the 
week of Feb. 5. 

A six days' " go as-you-please " race took place from March 16 
to March 31. Bamum & Bail^^'s circus appeared here March 26. 

There was no circus performance afternoon and evening of April 
lOi the day of P. T. Barnum's funeral at Bridgeport, Conn. 

Phineas Taylor Bamum vna bom on July 5, 18 10, in Bethel, 
Conn. At twenty-one years of age he published a newspaper called 
T/ie Herald of Freedom^ in Danbury, Conn. He was arrested for 
libel, and sentenced to pay a fine of ^100, and to go to jail for 
sixty days. He edited his paper from his prison cell. He re- 
tired from the newspaper business and removed to New York in 
1834. He opened a boarding-house at 52 Frankfort Street. In 
the summer of 1835 he purchased an interest in Joyce Heth, who 
was a n^ro woman, said to be one hundred ami sixty years old, and 
who had oeen the nurse of George Washington. This was his first 
experience in the " show business. " Joyce Heth died the follow- 

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ing April. His next attraction was Sig. Antonio, who did wonder- 
ful feats in balancing, stilt-walking, and plate-spinning. Barnum 
changed Antonio's name to Sig. Vivalia. He paid him $122. week, 
but by successful advertising Barnum received $50 for his second 
week's service, and thereafter $iSO a week. His career in the 
circus business bcjcjan in April, 1836, with Aaron Turner's circus, 
as ticket seller. He next bought Scuddcr's Museum at Broadway 
and Ann Street, New York. In 1842 he introduced to the public 
Charles & Stratton, afterwards known as Gen. Tom Thumb. In 
January, 1844, he took Gen. Tom Thumb to Europe. He brought 
Jenny Lind to this country in September, 185a Barnum died at 
his country seat, Marina, in Bridgeport, Conn., April 7, 1891. 

The first boxing tournament held in the Amphitbeatre occurred 
April 30, when F. P. Slavin, the Australian puj^ilist, gave an ex- 
hibition. Afternoon and evening May 2, an entertainment took 
place for the benefit of the Grant Monument Fund It was called 
" The Allegory of Song. " At tbe eastern end of tbe Amphitheatre, 
on an elevated stage stretching nearly across the building, were 
one thousand singers ; in front of them was the orchestra, and a 
military band occupied the balcony above. The motive of the 
allegory was tbe simple story of troops marching to tbe war and 
returning home. Around this theme clustered the incidents of 
the entertainment. There was an overture by the orchestra, and 
then an ode to Peace by the chorus. Then Gen. Horace Porter 
made a brief address laudatory of Gen. Grant Tbe uprising of 
the North was then represented by the long roll of snare drums 
and by bugle calls, after which the ten companies of the Ninth 
Raiment, Col. Seward commanding, marched in and went once 
around tbe Garden, being reviewed at the western end by Gen& 
Sickles, Slocum, O'Beirne, Nugent, Sigel, O. O. Howard, Schurz, 
and Butterfield, and Maj. Gen. Chappell. In a box decorated with 
flags midway on the southern side were the widow of Gen. Grant, 
MrsL Sarton% bis daughter, and her children, and Ulysses S. 
Grant The colors of the regiment were lowered in a salute 
before this box. After the supposed departure of the troops to 
the war, which was amid an inspiring waving of flags by the spec- 
tators, there were repeated all the well-known war songs of both 
the Union and tbe Confederacy. The climax was reached when 
the soldiers returned home, represented by veterans of Duryee and 
Hawkins' Zouaves waving battle-torn flags and marching to the 
tone of "Johnny Comes Marching Home." 

A series of summer evening concerts commenced Saturday 
night, May 30, with Gilmore's Band; Maud Powell, violinist; 
Sig. Campanini, and Ida Klein. Theo. Thomas and his orches- 
tra, July d Fred Innes' Band commenced Aug. 18 and closed 
Sept d Anton Seidl's orchestra commenced Sept 91 Tbe Alle- 

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gory "The War in Song " was given Oct. 2, 3, under the direction 
of the composer, S. G. Pratt, and Gens. O. O. Howard, Horace 
Porter, and Daniel E. Sickles acted as reviewing oflficers. The 
receipts were for the Grant Monument Fund. A six days' bicycle 
race took place Oct. 19-24 The Flower Show was opened Nov. 
2 and closed Sunday night, Nov. 8. A sparring exhibition took 
place Nov. 17. Barnum & Bailey's circus began a season here 
March 21, 1892. A negro jubilee was given evenings of March 26, 
27, 28, when M. Sisieretta Jones, "The Black Patti," made her 
d^but as a vocalist The Actors' Fund Fair commenced May 2 
and closed May 8. A supplementary sale of the articles left 
over was held afteinoons of May 10, 15. The profits were about 

Adelina Patti gave two concerts May 10, 12. On the first night 
Mme. Patti was heard, in all, about six times. She was on the pro- 
gramme for the Jewel song from " Faust," Mascheroni's song " For 
All Eternity," and "The Last Rose of Summer." She had to 
sing again after these selections, choosing "Home, Sweet Home," 
"Coming Thro' the Rye," and "On the Banks of the Allan 
Water." After Patti, the chorus, numbering nearly one thousand 
voices, gave "Thanks be to God," a "sanctus," by Mr. Chapman, 
the chorus master, and the hymn from "Cavalleria Rusticana." 
Then came Mme. Fabbri, Sig. Novara, Herr Dippel, and Sig. 
Galassi. Sig. Arditi led an orchestra of one hundred men. The 
second concert, May 12, was a greater success. Mme. Patti her- 
self, perhaps, felt the stimulating effect of success, for she sang 
seven times. Other contributors to the concert were Mile. Fabbri 
and Herr Dippel. A matinee concert was given May 14, by Mme. 

A party of thirty Mohammedan monks, known as the Howling 
Dervishes, made their first appearance in America at a private per- 
formance here Friday afternoon, Aug. 5. Two bands of Germany's 
infantry and cavalry made their American d^but on Sunday night, 
April 23. The Flower Show was the attraction the week of May 
I. On Tuesday, May 9, Anton Seidl and his orchestra began a 
series of concerts. 

Mme. Terzi, a Spanish prima donna, made her American d^but 
with Seidl's orchestra May 15. On May 29 the Amphitheatre 
was used for music hall performances, when the sliding roof was 
opened. The Roof Garden performances commenced May 30. 

The new concert hall connected with this establishment was 
opened Oct. 23, 1891, with the first concert of Alfred and Hein- 
rich Gruenfeld, the former a pianist and the latter a violoncellist. 
This was their American d^but. 

The next Roof Garden concert season began May 30, 1892, 
with J. Alex. Sibberberg, pianist; the Tipaldi Brothers, mando- 

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lin players; Minnie Renwood, serpentine dancer; Brooks and 
Denton, and others. Fifty cents admitted one to both the 
Amphitheatre and the Roof Garden. The Roof Garden concerts 
for the summer of 1893 commenced May 30, and were entirely in- 
dependent of the Amphitheatre performance, but all visiting the 
Roof Garden were admitted to the Tower until eleven p. u, with- 
out any extra charge. From eight to twelve p. m. a vaudeville 
entertainment was given in the Amphitheatre May 29, but the 
place was too large for that style of performance, and it was 
withdrawn aftor one wedc, and Mr. Seidl with his ordiestra re- 
l^peared June 5. 

The En^'lish Military Tournament commenced Sept. 11. The 
commands represented the Royal Horse Artillery, the First Life 
Guards, the Fifth Royal Irish Lancers, the Eleventh Hussars, the 
Grenadier Guards^ the Forty-second Highlanders, the Connaught 
Rangers^ and sections from the Royal Engineers and the Medical 


The hofses, one hundred in number, were trained chargers, 
troop or battery animals brought from England. 

The tournament opened with a march past of the entire brigade. 
The band was headed by " the smallest drummer boy in the Eng- 
lish army," and at the entry of the troops the regimental march of 
each corps was played. The Royal Horse artillery, with two guns, 
six horses to each, came first. Then came, in order, the First Life 
Guards, all scarlet and white, with nodding plumes and steel 
cuirasses; the Fifth Royal Lancers, for whom the band played 
"The Harp That Once Through Tara's Hall;" the Grenadier 
Guards; the Forty-second Highlanders, kilted and proud of their 
name as "The Black Watch ; " the Connaught Rangers, known to 
the army list as the Eighty-eighth regiment, stepping bravely to 
the air of "St Patrick's Day;" last, the Rifles and ambulance 
corps. It was a British army in miniature. 

The Horse Show opened Monday afternoon, Nov. 13; The Bailey 
Circus came March 26, 1894; a Farm Show was seen April 27, 
and continued for one week. The National Sacngerfest occurred 
June 23, 24, 25, and afternoons of June 24, 25. The Roof Garden 
concerts closed Sept. i. Hagenbeck's animals were on exhibition 
Sept. 3. The National Horse Show opened Nov. 12 for one week. 

There were three exhibitions each day. The Toy Fair was 
opened Dec. 6; the Dog Show exhibitions began Feb. 20, 1895. 
Bailey's circus came March 28, when Evetta, the female clown, 
made her American debut ; the Cat Show opened May 5. " Black 
America," consisting of a large number of male and female colored 
people, gjave an entertainment consisting of different phases of negro 
life Primrose and West's minstrels came here March 9, 1896, and 
the i^incipals celebrated the twenty*^ith anniversary of their co- 

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partnership with a jubilee performance. Bailey^s Circus returned 

April 2 and closed their en{::^rifjement April 25. 

Miss Arrigossi, wire performer, made her American d^but 
March 6, 1897. 

Bamum and Bailey's circus returned here Thursday afternoon, 
April I, and continued until April 24; Buffalo Bill's "Wild 
West** appeared April 26; the comic opera of "Captain Cook," 
by Sands W. Forman and Noah Brandt, was presented July 12, and 
continued two wedu; the Horse Show commenced Nov. 15; Buf- 
falo Bill returned with his "Wild West ' March 30, 1898. 

The Oscar Hammerstein benefit took place in the Garden 
Theatre, Amphitheatre, and on Roof Garden, Wednesday night, 
June 29, 1898. Imre Kiralfy*s naval exhibition commenced 
Aug. II and remained six weeks. Buffalo Bill returned March 
29, 1899, and was followed April 4, for two weeks, by Forepaugh 
& Sells Bros. ' circus. The Horse Show commenced in the Amphi> 
theatre Nov. 16. The National Sportsmen's Association met at 
the Amphitheatre for two weeks in March, 1901. Buffalo Bill, 
with his "Wild West" show, reappeared Tuesday, April 2; Fore- 
paugh & Sells' circus began a season April 22, for four weeks. 


BOOTH'S THEATRE was located on the southeast comer of 
Twenty-third Street and Sixth Avenue. The property was 
purchased July i, 1867. After the buildings that stood upon the 
land bad been removed a foundation of solid rock was discovered, 
which had to be blasted. The plot of ground was irregular in 
form, consisting of three lots on Sixth Avenue, with a front on 
Sixth Avenue of fifty-nine feet, three inches, by a depth of sixty- 
four feet on Twenty-third Street, one hundred and fifty feet by a 
height of seventy-five feet from the ground to the cornice. 

The corner-stone was laid April 8, 1868, by James H. Hackett, 
the veteran actor, who wielded the same trowel that had been used 
when the comer-stone of the Shakespeare Monument in Cential 
Park was laid. 

The theatre was one hundred feet deep from north to south. 
The main entrance was on Twenty-third Street, with another en- 
trance on Sixth Avenue. The building was of granite in the 
Renaissance. The auditorium consisted of parquet, orchestra 
circle, balcony, second gallery, amphitheatre, and five proscenium 
boxes each side, with a seating capacity of one thousand eight 
hundred and seven, and standing room for at least three hundred 
and fifty more. It was of horseshoe form. The musicians were 

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placed below the front of the stage, and under the level of the 
main floor. The distance from the footlights to the rear wall was 
fifty-five feet, and the stage seventy-six feet wide. An entire 
scene could be sunk out of sight. Not a single nail was used in 
the flooring of the stage, as it was secured by screws. Instead of 
ropes, stout wire cables were used. An auction sale for the choice 
of scats took place at Irving Hall, Jan. 25. Gov. Hoffman took 
the lowest box on the right, and Mayor Oakey Hall that on the 
left. These seats were principally bought up by ticket specula- 
tors. Those gentlemen were allowed to purchase all the tickets 
they wanted, but were refused permission to sell in front of the 
house; and the result was that on the second night the house was 
half empty, though every seat in it had been sold. 

Edwin Booth was proprietor and manager; John Henry Mago- 
nigle, business manager; Joseph A. Booth, treasurer; Mark Smith, 
Sr., stage manager; Edward Mollenhauer, musical director. The 
opening occurred Feb. 3, 1869, with "The Star Spangled Banner," 
by the orchestra, after which Edwin Booth, in evening costume, 
appeared and said: 

Ladies and Gentlemen. — Before the curtain rises I wish to avail my.sclf of 
the privilege of a host in bidding you all welcome to my own new house. It has 
long been mv desire to erect a theatre which should be in some degree worthy of 
this great city. Owing to the kindness of my noble-hearted friend, Edward F. 
Robertson. I have at last succeeded, as yon see. It is now two years since I 
had the honor of appearing' before a New York audience. In the interval I have 
been laborin;; veiy hard in my profession, and have been under great responsi- 
bilities (glancine round the tiouse), as you may suppose. On the nirht of the 
burning of the winter Garden Theatre I was announced to appear in tne charac- 
ter of Romeo. It has seemed to me proper to make my reappearance in that 
character which was announced when my engagement was so abruptly terminated. 
I bttve endeavored to present the play with great care, with what success is for 
yon to judge. I hope you will overlook any bungling that there may be in the 
shifting of the scenes on account of the complication and the newness of the 
machinery by which it is worked. In any case I feel sure of tfae geneRMS 
eDOOuragement with which you have always received me. 

" Romeo and Juliet " was then acted, with this cast : 

Komeo Edwin Booth 

Mercutio Edwin Adams 

Benvolio C. N orris 

Tybalt H. Langdon 

Friar Lawrence • . • . M. Smith 

Friar John J. P. Deuel 

Balthaiar G.A.Vinton 

Peter C. Peters 

Sampson J. Chatterton 

Old Man of the ^pulet Family 

W. C. Drumroond 
ficrt Mmidaa Augustus Waters 

Second Musician . W. H. V. Wintle 
Third Musician ... C. J. Dade 
Lady Capulet . Miss E. V. Proudfoot 

Gregory N. Decker 

Escaltts Angnstus Pitou 

Paris F. Monroe 

Montague T. J. Hind 

Capulet A. VV. Fenno 

Abraham .... Henry Hogan 
An Apothecary ... H. Mackey 

Juliet Mary McVicicer 

None . f » , » Fanny Moiant 


Charles Peters was the Brrt penOB in the play that spoke. Aug. 

Pitou was in the first performance, and was business manager of 
the last performance ever given in the house. Smith Tuthill, 
machinist; J. P. Deuel, properties: Midiael Caffrey» gas man; 
Thomas Joyce, oostnmer; and Andfev Boyd, janitor, wtn the 
officials on the opening night. 

Edwin Adams pla^^ " " Saturday night, Feb. 20^ 

which was repeated tor five consecutive Saturdays, Edwin Booth 
appearing only at the matinee on those dtfes. " The Marble Heart *' 
was played March 27, April 3, 10, and 16, with Edwin Adams as 
Raphael and Frank Lawler as Volage. " Romeo and Juliet" was 
given, for the sixty-eighth and last time, night April 1 7. " Othello " 
was produced April 19, with Booth as the Moor, Adams as lago, 
Mark Smith, Sr., as Brabantio, Fanny Morant as Emilia, and 
Mary McVicker (Mrs. Edwin Booth) as Desdemona. Edwin 
Adams repeated " The Marble Heart " on the Saturday night 
On April 26 Booth was lago, and Adams Othello. Week ci 
May 10 Booth played Othello, and Adams lago, and the follow- 
ing week they alternated the characters. They so continued £or 
a fortnight. 

On Saturday evenings, May 8, 15, 22, Edwin Adams played in 

" Wild Qati." A reading of Byron's "Manfred" was given by 
MrsT Booth, assisted by the Philharmonic society, matinee May 
26. Edwin Booth made his last appearance this season May 29. 
"The Lady of Lyons" was played May 31, with Adams as Claude, 
and Blanche Debar as Pauline. This was Edwin Adams' benefit 
and the New York d6but of Blanche Debar. " The Lady of Lyons " 
was played all the week. The next week, "Narcisse," "The 
Marble Heart," and "Wild OaU" were actedT Julie de Mar- 
gueritte's dramatization of Tennyson's "fngsbJ^cden " was given V 
June 21, with this cast: 

Fnorh Arden . . . Edwin Adams Reuben A. W. FemiO 

Philip Ray Frank Lawler Miriam Lane . . . Fannv Morul 

Cspt Sterling .... T. J. Hind Anide Lee ... . Blanoie Debar 

" Ejjoch Arden " held the stage for six weeks, followed Aug. 
2 by Joseph Jefferson, in "^jjE-J^*?*^ Winkle." A mating per- 
formance of " Rip Van Winkle was given Sept. 8, for the benefit 
of the family of J. G. Henley, late stage manager of the Winter 
Garden Theatre, when the season closed. Wm. C. Drummond, a 
member of Mr. Booth's company, retired from the stage at Uie 
close of this season, and became a teacher of dancing. He was 
the first husband of Miss Stockwell, afterwards Mrs. Geo. H. 
Barrett, the bare mention of whose name recalls at once to the 
mind the palmy days of the drama, when she won golden opinions 
from all sorts of people. During ber eventful life Mk& Barrett 

Digitized by 



flaw nany reverses, and her path was strewn with thorns rather 

than roses ; still, above and through the clouds that so often settled 
about her the star of her genius shone resplendent. Her remark* 
able personal attractions were spared her to the last 

She died April 20^ 1857, of oonsnmpiion, at an institution in 
New York directed and aiqperin tended by the Sisters of Cliarity. 
She was fifty -five years of age. Those who saw Mr. Drummond 
at Booth's Theatre playing a second old man could not believe 
that he was the aetor who had made hit American ddhut in iSia 
Like Wm. Hield. he had been so long out of sight that he was 
supposed to have been dead many years. 

The second season opened Sept 20, 1869. The first star was 
Kate Bateman, in Augustin Dalv's adaptation of "Leah.** Geo. 
Jordan played Rudolph, Thea Hamilton, NathanT~Branche De- 
bar, Madeline. Kate Bateman played Saturday matinee, but 
not in the evening, Sept 25. Then Axthur Jdatthison's version 
of "Enoch Arde n " was acted, with Theo. Hamilton as Enoch 
Arddi, [lUhy Morant as Miriam, and Blanche Debar as Annie 
Lee. Oct. 18 Tom Taylor's "Mary Warner" was seen for the 
first time in America, and had this cast: 

MiBjr IMgg (her fifst ap- 
pearance). . . . Virginia Francis 
Mary Warner . . . Kate Batenuu 
Geo. Warner .... Geo. Jordan 
Bob Leavitt . . * Theo. HsmHton 

Mr. Tanks . . . '. . A. W. Fcnno 
Sergeant Toilit . . . . C Pcteta 

Mrs. Floyd Mrs. Francis 

Child Miss McCabe 

Kate Bateman closed Nov. 27. " Tim e and Hour" was acted 
the three Saturday evenings, Nov. 13, 20, 27, wifh Theo. Hamil- 
ton as Sir Philip Deverell, Chas. Peters as J. Montgomery Bowen, 
Aug. Pitou as Geo. Aylmer, and Fanny Morant as Marian Bock. 
James H. Hackett appeared Nov. 29, as FalstaiF, in ** Henry IV." 
Lizzie C. Winter (wife of William Winter) acted Lady Percy, 
Gus Fenno as King, D. W. Waller as Hotspur, Theo. Hamilton 
as Prince Hal, and Fanny Morant as Dame Quickly. " Dreams of 
Delusion" was played roatinte Dec 11, with William E. Sheridan 
in the leading part. "Tl^ g Lady and the Devil " was also acted, 
in which Fanny Morant executed a guitar solo. The Saturday 
matinees were dispensed with after this for some time. 

•*Tlie Merry Wives of Windsor" was produced Dec 20, with 
James Hackett as Falstaff, D. W. Waller as Pistol, Wra. E. 
Sheridan as Ford, Theo. Hamilton as Page, Aug. Fenno as Dr. 
Caius, Nelson Decker as Shallow, T. £. Morris as Slender, Chas. 
Peters as Host of the Garter, Fanny Morant as Mrs. Ford, Mrs. 
Winter as Mrs. Page, and T. J. Hind as Sir Hugh Evans. 

Mr. Hackett 's last appearance on the New York stage was made 
Dec 25. Emma Waller appeared here Dec. 27, as Meg Merrilies 
in Guy Mannering. " D. W. Waller was Dirck Hattcraick ; Theo. 


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Hamilton, Dandy Dinmont; Arthur Matthison, Henry Bertram; 
David C. Anderson, Dominie Sampson; Blanche Debar, Lucy; 
and Mrs. Winter, Julia. 

Exiwin Booth returned Jan. 5, 1870, appearing in "Hamlet" 
Mrs. Waller played Meg Merrilies Monday, Tuesday, and Satur- 
day evening. Edwin Booth acted Hamlet Wednesday, Thursday, 
and Friday evenings, and Saturday matinee. Edwin Booth acted 
Hamlet Jan. 10, and every evening except Saturdays, when Emma 
Waller continued with Meg Merrilies Jan. 10, 17, 24, Feb. 5, 12, 
19. " Fazio " was given Feb. 26, March 5, with Mrs. Waller as 
Bianca, and March 12, 19, 26, Meg Merrilies. Edwin Booth 
played at the Saturday matinees, Mrs, Waller on the Saturday 
nights. "A New Way to Pay Old Debts," with Booth as Sir 
Giles Overreach, was seen March 21, 22, 23. "The Lady of 
Lyons" was acted March 24, 25, and matinee March 26. "Mac- 
beth," March 28, with Booth as the hero. This continued the 
bill until April 14, when "The Lady of Lyons" was played for 
the evenings, and " Macbeth " for the matinee April 16. 

" J very body's Frien d " was presented April 18, with John S. 
Clarice as the star (his first appearance in New York in five 
years). The cast: 

Major Wellington De Boots I Trap Willie Seymour 

J. S. Clarke Mrs. Swansdown . . Fanny Morant 
Frank Featheriy . . W. E. Sheridan ! Mrs. Major De Boots . . Marv Can- 
Icebrook .... Thea Hamilton j Fanay . . . Mary Loduski Young 

In "Toodles," given the same night, Mr. Clarke played the 
title r61e; Nelson Decker, George Acorn; D. C. Anderson, 
Farmer Acorn; August Pitou, Charles Fenton; Mr. Fenno, 
Farmer Fenton; T. J. Hind, Abel Ghrjmes; H. Hogan, Coun- 
tr>'man; Mary Carr, Mrs. Toodles; and Mary Young, Mary 
Acorn. "Everybody's Friend" was announced on the bills as 
"The Widow Hunt," and was really a mangled version of the 

"The School of Reform" was presented May 9, with Clarke as 
Bob Tyke; also a farce by Brougham, called " Amon^ ths_£i£ak- 
ers ; " " Fox and Goose," and the farce, " Lost Ashore " were played 
^ay id J. H. McVicker appeared here May 30, in "Taking the 
Chances." June 13 the theatre was closed, and June 14 "The 
Huguenot Captain " was produced, in which Ada Clifton reap- 
peared on the stage as the Duchess, and Bella Pateman made her 
first appearance at this theatre as Juanita. The season closed 
July 4, with this play. 

Joseph Jefferson reappeared Aug. 22, 1870, in *1B'P 
Winkle." Edwin Booth followed Jan. 9, 1S71, as Richelieu, 
with Lawrence P. Barrett as De Mauprat, and Bella Pateman as 

Digitized by 



Julie. Booth played at the Saturday matinees; Barrett was the 

star at night. March 6 "Much Ado About Nothing" was pre- 
sented, with Bella Pateman as Beatrice, Booth as Benedick, Barrett 
as Don Pedro, Robert Pateman as Verges, J. H. McVicker as Dog- 
berry, and Miss Selden as Hera "Othello" was given March 20 
and during the week, Booth and Barrett alternating the rOles of 
the Moor and lago. Blanche Debar was the Desdemona. April 
3 "The Fool's Revenge" was played; April 17, "Richelieu;** 
Afwil 25, "The Winter's Tale;" June 5, "The Man o' Airlie,** 
by G. W. Wills, dramatized for Herman Vezin, but bought by 
Mr. Barrett, was first acted. Blanche Debar closed her engage- 
ment June 3, and the season ended July 4. 

Lotta began an engagement Aug. 14 in "Little Nell and the 
Marchio ness. " John T. Raymond, D. C. .fiTnderson, ' John WI 
i^orton, John Wilson, Robert Pateman, A. W. Fenno, Nelson 
Decker, Charles Rosene, T. F. Brenncn, Marius Turck, Henry 
Hogan, F. C, Richardson, John Taylor, Mary Wells, Marion 
Andrews, McDouall, Ellen Livingston, Mary Young, Burgess, 
Ross, and Whitlock were in the company. John T. Raymond 
appeared during Lotta's engagement only. 

The season opened Sept. 25, with Charlotte Cushman as Queen 
Katharine in" Henry VIII.,** Wm.Creswick being the Cardinal Wol- 
sey. Oct. 23, " Macbeth," with Creswick as Macbeth, and Cushman 
as Lady Macbeth. There was not a single redeeming trait about 
Creswick's performance. He lacked magnetic power and force, and 
was neither Msynor graceful. "Guy Mannering** was the next 
production, with Miss Cushman as Meg Merrilies; David Ander- 
son, Dominic Sampson; Aug. Fenno, Dandie Dinmont. Charlotte 
Cushman's engagement, which was highly remunerative, terminated 
Nov. 4 John E. Owens followed, Nov. 6^ as Caleb Plummer in 
"The Cricket on the Hearth;" Mary Wells as Tillie Slowboy; 
W. Pateman as Tacklcton. "Solon Shingle" was the next pro- 
duction. Edwin Booth appeared as Hamlet Dec. 4; F. C. Bangs 
as Laertes; D. W. Waller as the Ghost; and Bella Fateman, 

"Julius Cjesar " was presented Dec. 25, 1871, with this cast: 
Marcus Brutus, Edwin Booth; Caius Cassius, Lawrence P. Barrett; 
Marc Antony, Frank Bangs ; Casca, James Stark ; Octavius Caesar, 
Wra. H. Norton; Portia, Bella Pateman ; Calphumia, Miss Selden; 
Caesar, D. W. Waller. Lawrence Barrett retired from the cast Feb. 
' 17, 1872. This magnificent production of "Julius Caesar" was seen, 
with Edwin Booth as Cassius, to Creswick*s Brutus, on Feb. 19. It 
was the only notable revival of the season, which closed June 29. 
A more magnificent setting no piece ever received in New York, 
or, it is fair to presume, in the world. The scenery was not simply 
gorgeous— it was scrupulously correct The noble simplicity of 


Roman elegance was faithfully reproduced. One was transported 
as if by magic to those scenes of ancient grandeur when liberty 
was fought for and for centuries maintained. The Roman Senate 
and the Forum where Antony delivers his oration over the dead 
body of Caesar, were the finest acts of the piece. I have never 
seen so many accurate stage pictures. Each was a reflex of the 
epoch upon which the action of the play is founded. The dresses 
were models of the period. Mr. Booth was excellent as Brutus. 
His acting thrilled all hearers. In the assassination scene, and 
when visited by the ghost of Caesar, his work was of the most in- 
tense nature. Mr. Barrett's Cassius was a masterpiece of acting. 

Booth appeared March i8 as Edward Mortimer in "The Iron 
Chest," repeated matinee March 23; as Bertuccio in "The Fool's 
Revenge," March 20, 21, 23. Carlotta Leclercq appeared March 
25, as Rosalind in "As You Like It;" Nilsson as Ophelia in 
"Hamlet," afternoon April 8; Carlotta Leclercq as Julia in "The 
Hunchback," April i ; week of April 8, Leclercq as Fontagnes 
in Tom Taylor's play, " Plot and Passion;" April 11, 12, and 15, 
Leclercq as Ann Carew in "A-Sh eep's Cki t^'v^c;." and Juliana 
in "The Honeymoon;" April 17, 18, as Julia in "The Hunch- 
back;" matinee April 20, "Plot and Pasjijjn. " Edwin Booth 
commenced April 22 as Edward Mortimer in "The Iron Chest," 
repeated April 23, 24, and matinee April 27; as Bertuccio in 
"The Fool's Revenge," April 2$, 26, and 27; as Edward Morti- 
mer April 29, 30; also as Petruchio in "Taming of the Shrew." 
Edwin Booth played "Richard III.," for the first time in New 
York in seven years, week of May i, except afternoon May 4, 
when he acted Claude Melnotte in "The Lady of Lyons;" 
"Richard III." was repeated week of May 6, except afternoon 
May II, when Booth acted "The Stranger;" "Richard III.," 
week of May 13, except afternoon of May 18, when he appeared 
as "Don Caesar de Bazan." Edwin Adams commenced May 20 
as Enoch Arden. For the benefit of those who were thrown out 
of employment by the destruction of Niblo's Garden by fire, a 
matinde performance was given May 22, when was acted the fourth 
and fifth acts of "The Stranger," and the third, fourth, and fifth 
acts of " London Assurance." Edwin Adams continued with 
" Enoch Afden " up to June 29, when the season closed. 

The two per cent tax upon the gross receipts of all places of 
amusement was repealed July 14, 1872. 

The next season commenced Aug. 19, 1872, with "The Bells," 
James W. Wallack, Jr., playing Mathias. Mr. and Mrs. Dion Bouci- 
cault made their reappearance on the American stage Sept. 23, in 
" Arrah Na Pogue." Shiel Barry and C. Alexander also made their 
American dtibut. Adelaide Neilson was first seen on the American 
stage Nov. 18, as Juliet, in " Romeo and Juliet," with James W. 

Digitized by Google 



Wallack, Jr., as Mercutio, and Joseph Wheelock as Romeo. She con- 
tinued to act Juliet until Dec. 5, when she appeared as Rosalind in 
" As You Like It," to Wallack's Jaques. and Wheelock as Orlando. 
This bill was repeated until matinee Dec. 14, when she closed with 
" The Lady of Lyons." ' . 

Helen Temple made her firftt appearance in this city Dec. 16, act- 
ing Joan of Arc in " The Lilyo / France." James W. Wallack, Jr., 
appeared Dec 23, as rienry DimBair uTthe play of that name. 

Edwin Booth made his appearame Dec. 30 ^for the first tine in 
seven months), as Richard IIL He acted Lucius Junius Brutus in 
" Brutu s "Jan. 20, 1873, for the first time in six years ; matinee Jan. 
25, he was seen in " Much Ado About Nothhig^ - apd he closed his 
cnj^sgenent Pdi. i. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence appeared here Feb. 3, hi-'' The Ticket 
of Leave Man," and acted it until March 3, when "No Thorough- 
fare" was played and continued for two weeks. 

Dionfiflfldfiiult appeared March ij, in " Dadd y O^Dowd/* pro- 
duced tot the first time on any stage. The cast; 

O'Dowd .... Joseph Wheelock 
Percy Walsingham . Robert Pateman 
Moses Shiel Barry 

Bridget O'Oowd . . . Mary Wells 
Capt. Forrester . . . George Becks 
Chalker Sol Smith 

Bella Pateman and Mary Loduski Young were also in the cast. 
" Arrah Na Pogu e" was acted April 20. Mr. Boucicault retired 
Biay la^ 

Adelaide Neilson reappeared May 12, in "Amy Robsart," a 
dramatization of Scott's " ^nilworth." "As You Like It" was 
given June 14. when Neilson closed her engagement. " A Regular 
Fix" was also played the same night, with £. A. Sothem as Hugh 
de Brass. Frank Roche (first appearance at this theatre) acted 
Orlando in " As You Like It." 

James W. Wallack, Jr., died in a sleeping car Mav 24, 1873, while 
mtU to New Yoric from Aiken, & Cf., where he had spent several 
weeks for the benefit of his health. J. W. Wallack's first appearance 
in this city was at the old National Theatre (Leonard and Church 
streets) in 1839, as Fag in " The Rivals." Leontes in " A Winter's 
Tale" and Leon in " Tlie Iron Mask " were his most eflfective rep- 
resentations. He possessed a manly person and expressive face. 

Edwin Booth's manai^ement of this theatre terminated June 9, and 
he rented it for the following season to his elder brother, J. B. 
Booth. Jr. 

The nest season b^can Sept. i , and the company was : D. W. Waller, 
stage manager, Mrs. J. B. Booth, Bella Pateman, Mary Wells, Rachel 
Noah, Mrs. H. A. Weaver, Aifie Weaver, the Misses Howard, David 
B. Booth, Joseph Whedock, H. F. Daly, F. G. Msynard, Robert 
Fateman, Shirley Prance, H. A. Weaver, Wm. Scallan, Joseph Sef- 


ton, James Stark, Nelson Decker, S. W. Glenn, Master Julian Reed. 
Charles Rosene, G. F. I^earock, R. L. SUnpaon, Frank Gotthokl, 

J. P. Deuel, and J. Taylor. 

• Joseph Jefferson was the star, in '* Rip Va^i Winkle ; " H. Weaver 
as Derrick Von Beekroan ; also the first appearance here of Rachel 
Noah, who acted Meenie Sept. 13 (evening) in " The I jew Mag- 
d^kn," for the first time here, Sept: .6 also Sept. 27 and Oct. 4. 
Maggie Mitchell made her first appearance here Oct. 6, as Fanchon, 
with J. W. Collier as Landry.- Mrs. H. R Grattan first appeared, as 
Dame Barbeaud. Edwin Booth returned here Nov. 3, in " Hamlet," 
which had this cast : 

Hamlet . . . . * . .' Edwin Booth 

Horatio F. G. Maynard 

Guildenstttn »* T . . . J. P. Deuel 

Priest* w> S. W. Gleno 

Bernardo G. Goriiain 

Ghost H. A. Weaver 

Second Actor .... R. Skidmore 

Gertrude Mary Wells 

Claudiiu (first appearance here) 

H. F. Daly 

First Gravedigger . . R, Pateman 
Kosencrantr . . . Geo. F. Learock 
Second Gravedigger . . Jos. Stfton 

Laertes Jos. Wbeelock 

Pokmivt Jos. Stark 

Osric Nelson Decker 

Marcellus Chas. Rosene 

Francisco J. Taylor 

First Actor . . . Shirlej Franca 
Actress .... Master Fruk Little 

Matinee Nov. 8 "The Lady of Lyons," was given, with Edwin 
Booth as Claude Melnotte ; Nov. 10, " Richelieu ; " matinee Nov. 15, 
** Much Ado About Nothing," Booth as Benedick, Whcelock as Don 
Pedro; Nov. 17, "Brutus;" roatin^e Nov. 22, "Don Caesar de 
Bazan," Booth as Don Ciesar ; Nov. 24. "Othello," with Booth as 
the Moor, and W heelock as lago. They alternated the rdles, Booth 
playing lago, Nov. 26. Booth played Shylock Nov. 27, for the first 
time at this theatre. Matinee Nov. 29, Edwin Booth played "The 
Stranger" and "Taming of the Shrew." In the first named play, 
Wm. Scallan made his debut at this house as Peter. 

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence appeared Dec. i. as Bob Brierly and 
Emily St. Evremond in " The Ticket of Leave Man ; " "Eileen O ge " 
was played Dec. 8 ; F. S. Chanfrau was seen in " Kit," Dec. 15. Mrs. 
J. B. Booth appeared Jan. 19, 1874, as Diane Berard in " La Femme 
de Feu.** "Elene," Feb. t6, 17, with Mrs. J. B. Booth in the title 
r61e : Feb. i^^rg, " La Femme de Feu ; " Feb. 20 and matinee Feb. 
21, " The Lady of Lyons ; " and evening of Feb. 21 Mrs. I^ooth closed 
her engagement, as Juliet in " Komeo and Juliet," — her first appear- 
ance in New York in this character. Joseph Wheelock played 
R< 1 , and Charles Walcot, Jr. (first appearance at this theatre), 
Mercutio. Mme. Janauschek commenced Feb. 23, as Lady Dedlock 
and Hortense in " Chesney Wold," supported by Chas. Walcot, Jr.» 
Milnes Levick, and'othera.' CveningFeb. 28, '* QfibOEah," which was 
repeated March 5. Janauschek played Mary, Queen of Scots, in 
** Mary Stuart," March 3,4; Medea, March 5 ; Lady Macbeth, March 

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7, with Milnes Levtck as Macbeth ; " King Henry VHI. " was given 
March 12, Levick as Wolsey, Gustavus Levick (his first ap- 
pearance in this city) as Cromwell, and Janauschek as Queen Kath- 
arine. Dion Pgwrjil"^*^ returned March 16, as Myles in "X^olleen 
^wn»" when HeTeiw'racy made her first appearance in this theatre, 
as Anne Chute ; Minnie Monck was Mrs. Cregan. A charity matinee" 
benefit took place March 26, when *' Kerry , or Night and Morning," 
was acted with this cast: 

Kerry Dion Boucicault 

Gerald Desmood. . . . H. F. Daly 
Blanche Bella Pateman 

Kate Gerald! ne Stuart 

Coddham .... Nelson Decker 
Dr. MeDfth S. Gtenir 

After this came " The Lady of Lyons," thus cast : 


Claude Melnotte ... J. Wheelodc 
Mons. DeachapeUes . S. W. Gtena 
Col. Daiaas .... James Stark 

Caspar Nelson Decker 

Landkird C. 

Pauline Mn J. B. Booth 

Beraieant H. F. Daly 

Ciavii Robt. Pateman 

Widow Melootte . . . Minnie Monck 
Mme. Dctcbapdles 

Mn. H. P. Grattan 

Lotta returned here March 30, in ".S^or Point Lynde Light," with 
Edward A. Locke as Philosophy Jack. Adelaide Neilson reappeared 
in April, in " Romeo and Juliet": JuUet, Miss Neilson; Romeo, 
Joseph Wheelock; Mercutio (first appearance at this theatre), Chas. 
Wheatleigh ; April 25 "As You LiIm It" was played ; April 27, 29, 
first times in this city, Neilson played Julia in The Hunchback ; " 
April 28, Juliet in " Romeo and Juliet; " matinee May 2, Rosalind 
in ** As Yon Like It ; " and evening Miss Neilson closed her engage- 
BSent with " Romeo and Juliet." 

John E. McCuUough commenced his first star engagement in this 
city May 4, as Spartacus in " The Gla diator,' ' with W. £. Sheridan (first 
appearance this season) asTSSsarius.' Miss IJllie (right name 
Swin^^urst, and afterwards known as Lillie Glover) made her first 
appearance here as Senona. This bill kept the stage all the week, 
followed May 11 by " Richelieu," for one week; May 18, 19," Ham- 
let ; " May 20^ 2 1, " Damon and Pythias ; May 22, 23. ' Jack Cade ; " 
mating May 23, '* The Stranger.** ** King John " was acted May 25, 
with this cast : 

Faulconbridge . John E. McCuIlough 

King John J. B. Booth 

Prince Arthur. . . Minnie Maddern 
Lady Faulconbrid^ Miss Oliver 

CodstiBce Agnes Booth 

Pembraks .... NcImo Decker 

Blanche .... Estelle Mortimer 

King Philip Jas. Taylor 

Hubert H. A. Weaver 

Austria H. F. Daly 

Lewb Gus Leviw 

Queen .... Mn. H. P. Gratlaa 

The season closed May 30^ when all interest of the Booth family 

in this theatre ceased. 
Tomasso Salvini under Maurice Grau's management appeared 


here Jnne 8, in " The Gladiator/' supported by an Italian company. 

" The^ Roinimce oT a Poor Voung^ Man" was given June 9, and 
""TTamlet " June 10. ~Tifatinle June 12, a performance was given for 
the benefit of Charles £y tinge, the Shakspearian reader. 

The programme was : "/V Cftnji|g|ai T^«nn" by John T. Raymond 
and Eliza Weathersby ; Charles Eytinge recited Whittier's war bal- 
lad. "Barbara Frcitchie; " fourth act of "Camille": Clara Morris, 
Camille ; Maud Granger, Olympe ; Emily Mestayer, Mme. Pru- 
dence; McKoe Rankin, Annand; Stuart Robson, Gaston; H. W. 
Montgomery, Count de Varville; Claude Burroughs, Gustave. 
'* Ten Minutes Talk with Little Boys and Girls," by Stuart Robson, 
came next, after which Rose iivtinge recited " The Battle of Fo nte- 
noy ^" Cliaa. Eytinge narrated Bret Harte^s poeff Cicely " and then 
^ttme the fourth act of *' The Lady of Lyons," caat thus : 

Pauline Carlotta Leclercq 

Col. Damas . . . . T. £. Morris 
Mme. Deschapelles . . Marie Wilkins 

Widow MSlBOlte ■ . Melinda Jonet 

Claude John McCuUoui^h 

Beauseant .... Eben Plympton 

Charles Eytinge then recited " Lochinvar," and the entertainment 
closed with a burlesque by Dan Bryant's minstrels. Salvini acted 
** OAello " June 12 ; matinle June 13, Earl of Essex in " Elizabeth, 
Queen of England;" June 15, " La Morte Civile" (Civil Death) 
Salvini as Conrad; June 17, Alfieri's Biblical tragedy, '* Saul," for 
the first time in America; June 19, "Samson," June 20, farewell 
performances of Salvini, when he played Sullivan in *' David Garrick.** 
This closed the season. An entertainment was given June 23, con- 
sisting of vocal and instrumental music and recitations, by the Col- 
lege of New York. Dan Bryant took a benefit June 25, prior to his 
departure for Europe. He played Tim in "Prt TrHK Efiia^graP^i" 
for the first time in this city in six years. The Ethiopian sketch of 
"School," by Bryant's minstrels, followed, after which the song and 
dance, "^po ^'iy»" by Dan Bryant and Dave Reed ; then Unsworth 
gavea stump speech, and the penormance dosed witii '* Handy Andy.** 
' Jarrett & Palmer were the next lessees of this theatre, and they 
opened their first season Aug. 10, 1874, with " Belle JLamgj:, ' 
which had this cast: 

Marston Pilce 

. . F. B. VVardc 
. G. F. S. Bolton 
Patrick Stuart . . Chas. Rockwell 
Remmy Shea . . . Chas. Leclercq 
Uncle Dan .... J. E. Irving 
^aaox McQuade, Marguerite Chambers 

Philip Bligh . . . John McCullough 

Gerald Owen Marlowe 

Gen. Jackson . . . . F. F. Mackay 
Clarboume Rhett VVm. Carpenter 

I'at Dwyer J. W. Brmone 

Isabel Lamar, Kate Rogers Randolph 

The subject of "Relic Lamar" was an episode in the American 
conflict, written expressly for John E. McCullough, by Dion Bou- 
cicault. This was Fred Warde's first appearance in America, and 
the first appearance in New York of J. K Irving. Joseph Tooker 

Digitized by Google 


was business manager; J. Leon Vincent, stage manager; and 
Michael Connolly, musical director. The sixth and farewell week 
of John E. HcCulIough opened Sept. 14, when he played Pierre in 
Boucicanlt's altered version of Otway's "Venice Preserved," and 
Fanny Brough made her American d6but as Belvidera. For John 
E. McCullough's benefit, Sept. 19, " Richard III.," with McCul- 
lough as Richard; D. E. Ralton, King Henry; Frank Little, 
Prince of Wales; Saidee Vivian, Duke of York; G. W. Waldron 
(first appearance in this city), Earl of Richmond; Fred B. Warde, 
Duke of Buckingham; J. W. Brutone, Duke of Norfolk; C. W. 
Rockwell, Tressel; Chak Leclercq, Lord Stanley; E. K. Collier, 
Catesby; Melinda Jones, Queen Elizabeth; Hden Tiacy, Lady 
Anne; Mary Wells, Duchess of York. 

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams began an engagement Sept. 21, 
in " Conjiifii Sjacfi^iv OLiht. joUx. Peddler. " 

A matinee performance Oct 8, for the benefit of the family 
of Mark Smith. The programme was: "Uncle's Will," Geo. 
ParkM, J. W. Jennings, and Nina Varian in the principal char- 
acters. J. L. Toole in "iJIL-UieLine." assisted by W. Herbert, 
H. Westland, Eliza JohnstoneTlGna Agnes Michell. Violetta 
Colville made her American d^but as Lucia in the last act of 
"Lucia di Lammermoor." Sig. Benfratelli sang Edgardo; Sig. 
Scolara, Ramondo; G. W. Hall, Ashton; with Max Maretzek, 
musical director. Birch and Backus followed with a negro sketch; 
the second act of "Jlhe Gilded Age " closed the entertainment, 
with John T. RaymondpWeTsh" Edwards, Milnes Levick, W. J. 
Ferguson, John H. Burnett, Gertrude Kellogg, Mrs. T. J. Hind, 
and Alice Clav in the cast. 

Violetta Colville was the daughter of Mary Provost, by her first 
husband, John Adams, brother of " Gus " Adams. About 1865 
Mary Provost became known as Mrs. Samuel Colville. In 1876, 
Miss Colville made her d6but in grand opera in Milan, Samuel 
Colville having expended considerable money to give the young 
lady a thorough musical education. She remained on the stage 
but a brief time, as she was married to Mr. Kendall, and became 
known in this city as Mme. Kendall, teacher of vocal music. In 
April, 1 891, she gave a concert at Scottish Rite Hall, this city, 
with a few of her pupils, assisted by eminent artists. 

"The fai ry Circle, or Con Q 'Carolan's Dream," was acted Oct. 
12. by Mr. and Mn. Barney Williams. Barney Williams' firrt 
benefit in five years was Oct. 16, when **The Fairy Circle," 
"Customs of the Country," and the second act of "Connie 
SoogUi " formed the bill. Annie Kemp Bowler played Milly 
Manners in the second piece. 

Charlotte Cushman began the last engagement she ever played 
in this city Oct. 19. in " Henry VHL " The cast was : 


Cardinal Wolsey . . Geo. Vandenhoff 

King Henry John Jack 

Cromwell Fred Warde 

Cardinal Campius . Edwin Sheppard 
Duke of Buckingham, 

Charles Wheatleigh 
Cardinal Capricius, Charles Leclercq 
Duke of Suffolk, . . . D. C. Ralton 

Earl of Surrey . . . E. K, Collier 

Gardiner John Weaver 

Anne Boleyn . . Loube Henderson 

Lady Denny Mary Wells 

Agatha .... Annie Kemp Bowler 
Patience .... Carlotta de Berg 
Queen Katharine, Charlotte Cushmaa 

" Macbeth " was produced Oct. 24, Vandenhoff as Macbeth, and 
Miss Cushman as Lady Macbeth. Miss Cushman played Meg 
Merrilies, in "Guy Mannering," Oct. 31, with Kitty Blanchard 
(Mrs. McKee Rankin) as Julia Mannering; Louise Henderson, 
Lucy Bertram; Julia Davidson, Rebecca. For her farewell in 
this city, Charlotte Cushman acted Lady Macbeth, the character 
in which she made her first appearance upon the dramatic stage 
at New Orleans, La., as well as her first appearance in this city. 
The following is a copy of the progjramme: 

Prices — Admission, (1.50; seats in any part of the house, $2. 

Last Night 

of the farewell engagement of the illustrious tragedienne, 
and her last appearance on the metropolitan stage, 
Saturday Evening. Nov. 7, 1874, 

Lady Macbeth 
Gentlewoman . . 
First Apparition . 
Wounded Officer. 
Second Murderer 
Macbeth • . . 
NfacduflT . . . 
Duncan . . . 
Banquo . . 
Malcolm . . . 
Hecate . . . 
Ko.'ise . . . . 

Charlotte Cushman 
Emma Grattan 
. . Frank Little 
. . H. C. Bridges 
. . . T. Conner 
. Geo. Vandenhoff 
. Fred B. Warde 
. Edwin Sheppard 
Chas. Wheatleigh 
. . C. Rockwell 
Annie Kemp Bowler 
. . D. E. Ralton 

Lennox E. K. Collier 

Officers, Messrs. Carpenter, Torriani, 

Ranon, etc. 

Seyton Stuart Bolton 

Fleance Miss L. Naylor 

Donaldbain . . . Miss L. Byron 

Physician John Weaver 

First Witch .... C. Leclercq 
Second Witch .... Mary Wells 
Third Witch . . . . J. W. Brutone 
First Murderer J. Major 

The songs, incantations, etc., will be by Annie Kemp Bowler, Mabel Lvndon, 
P.iuline Rutherford, Maria Newman, Jennie Dallimore, Tillv Getchell, Tlierese 
Phillips, Charies Pike, J. C. Chamberiain, W. E. Phillips, Charies Telbin, and 
the choruses by one hundred members of the Crescent Singing Society. Upon 
this eventful occasion appropriate ceremonies on the stage will supplement the 
play, under the auspices of the Arcadian Club. The arrangements are for the 
following order of proceedings : 

I. Music by the orchestra, under the direction of Michael Connelly. 

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2. Reading by Prof. Roberts. New York CdU^, of an original Odft, written 
for the occasion by the poet R. H Stoddard. 

3. Address to Charlotte Cushman by Wm. CuUcn BiTsnt Praentatkm of a 
floral tribute ftom the Arcadian Qob. 


Daring these proceedings the stage will also be occnpied by the Arcadian, 

Lotos, Palette, Army and jN'avy Clubs, managers of the principal metropolitan 
and surburban theatres, with prominent members of their companies and the 
Jonmeliatic pniaaeioii. 

Long before the hour announced for the opening of the doors, the 
crowd became so dense that the management decided to open the 
doors an hour earlier than usual, which being done there was not 

an empty seat in the house at half-past seven o'clock. 

The auditorium was decorated with flags festooned around the 
fronts of the various tiers; tiie private boxes were draped ; the can- 
delabra and gas brackets were ornamented with wax flowers ; over 
the upper gallery were suspended the flags of the different States of 
the Union, and over the sidewalk leading to the main entrance, on 
Twrenty-third Street, an arch had been erected and covered with flags, 
and ornamented with evergreen. The performances commenced at 
eight o'clock, and Charlotte Cushman as Lady Macbeth and Geo. 
Vandenhoff as Macbeth received a torrent of applause. At the con- 
clusion of the tragedy the stage was cleared, and rearranged for the 
ceremonies to be conducted by the Arcadian Club. As the curtain 
rose, a drawing room scene, filled with gentlemen in evening dress 
and standing in a semicircle, was revealed. Among these were rep- 
resentatives of many clubs, members of the theatrical profession, 
and distinguished citizens. Charlotte Cushman, having laid aside 
her stage attire, was escorted to a position in front of the semi- 
circle by Jarrett and Palmer, and, as soon as the applause which 
greeted her had subsided. Prof. Roberts, of the New York college, 
read a poem. At its conclusion, William Cullen Bryant, who then 
had recently celebrated his eightieth birthday, advanced to Miss 
Cushman, and presented her on behalf of the Arcadian Club with a 
wreath of laurel leaves. After the applause which had greeted this 
address Ind subsided. Miss Cushman said : 

" Hcggar that lam — 1 am even poor in thanks, but 1 thank you ! gentlemen. 
The heart has no s[>eech<— its only language is a tear or a pressure of the hand, , 
and words very feebly convey or interpret its emotions. Yet I would beg you to 
believe that, in the three little words I now speak — ' 1 thank you,' there are 
heart depths which I should fail to express better, though I shouhi use a thou-sand 
Other words. I thank you, gentlemen, tor the great honor you have offered to 
me; 1 thank yoa, not only lor myselt bat for my whole profetsion, to which, 
through and by me, you have paid this very graceful compliment. If the few 
words I am about to say savor of egotism or vainglory, you will, 1 am sure, pardon 
me, inasmuch aa I am here only to ipesk of myself. Von woiiid like to conplt. 
nent me npon an honorable Uie. 

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■ I 


As I look back upon Aat life it seems to me that it would have been absolutelv 
impossible for me to have led any other. In this I bavet perfaape, been men> 
Mly helped more than are many of my more beanlifal ibters in art I was, by 

a press of circumstances, thrown at an early age into a profession for which I had 
received no special education or schooling; but I had already, though so youne, 
been brought foce to teea wfth necessity. 1 found life sadly real and intensely 
eamcat; ud, in my ignonoce of other ways of study, I resolved to take therefrom 
my text and my watchwoid. To be thoroughly in earnest, intensely in earnest, 
in all my thoughts and in all my actions — whether in my profession or out of it 
— I^ecame my one single idea, and I honestly believe herein lies the secret of my 
success in life. I do not bcUeve that great aoocesa in any art can be adiiavea 
without it. 

I say this to the beginners in my profession, and I am sure all the associates in 
mv art who have honored me with their presence on t)ic occasion, will indorse 
wbat I say in this — art is an absolute mistress; she will not be coquetted with 
or iKghted ; abe reqvirea the nioet entire eeltdevotiott, and ibe repaya with fpand 
triumphs ! 

To you, gentlemen of the Arcadian Club, and to all who have united to do me 
honor; to the younger poet who has enthroned me in his verse, and to the older 
poet, who brings the prestige of his name and fiune to add a glory to the crown 
ne oflfere me; to the manasera of tiila dieatre, who have 10 nberany OMt all my 
wishes and requirements during this engagement, as well as to the members of 
the company who have so cheerfully seconded efforts, and last, not least, to 
the members of my profession who have SO graciouslv added by l^eir presence 
to the happiness of this occasion — I return my cordial thanks. 

To my public — what shall I say ? From the bottom of my heart I thank vou, 
who have given me always consideration, encouragement and patience. Who 
have been ever my support, my comfort, my main bdp. 1 do not now say fare- 
well to yov in the usual sense of the word. In making my final representations 
upon the mimic scene in the various cities of the country, I have reserved to 
myself the right of meeting you again, where you have made me believe that 
I give you the pleasure which I receive myself at the same time at the reading 
desk. To you, then, 1 say, may you fare well and may I fare well, until at no 
distant day we eeeet again there. Meanwhile, good load fHends, good night, and 
God be with yov. 

Miss Cushman's last words had scarcely died away, when the 
enthusiasm of the audience found vent in a burst of applause. 
While Miss Cnshman bowed her acknowledgments some lady on 
the stage began singing "Auld Lang Syne." The refinain was 

taken up by the people assembled on the stage and by some in the 
audience, and a scene of enthusiasm, never before or since wit- 
nessed in an American theatre, ensued. While these scenes were 
transpiring within the theatre, a vast crowd had entirely filled the 
square in front of the Fifth Avenue Hotel and Twenty-third Street 
down to the theatre. In the immediate vicinity of the theatre was 
a delegation of the Arcadian Club, bearing lighted torches, who 
partially allayed the impatience of the multitude by firing off 
rockets and Roman candles. As Miss Cushman emerged from 
the stage entrance on Twenty-third Street, and stepped into her 
carriage, drawn by four bay horses, the multitude sent up a cheer 
that made the welkin ring. Escorted by the Ninth Regiment bend. 

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the flaming tordies, borne by men of wealth and eminence, a per- 
fect feu de joie of rockets and Roman candles, which brilliantly 
illuminated the scene, the line of march was taken up to the Fifth 
Avenue Hotel. Upon arriving there Miss Cushman was escorted 
through the corridors and parlon^ where she wis greeted with mani- 
festations of pleasure by a few privileged ladies and gentlemen. 
She was then taken to the balcony over the main entrance of the 
hotel. A serenade was given by the Ninth Regiment band, fol- 
lowed br a magnificent display of fireworiES, lasting over half an 
hour. Henry C. Jarrett was asked, as one of the rockets went 
out in the darkness, what became of the sticks. Miss Cushman 
promptly replied for him that Mr. Jarrett was so much occupied 
with ** stars ^* that he could pay no attention to sticks. The re- 
ceipts at die box office of the theatre on this occasion reached 
$7,cxx), every seat in the house, the gallery included, being sold 
for %2 each, while some sixteen hundred admission tickets were 
sold at $1.50 each. The receipts at the matinee that day ex- 
ceeded $3,000^ making the receipts of the two perforoMBces up- 
wards of $10, 00a 

On May 3, 1875, Miss Cushman began at the Globe Theatre, 
Boston, her last professional engagement. She acted in ** Henry 
VIII.;" "Macbeth," May 4. 6; "Gu>^Mannering," May 5, 7. 
matinde and evening May 8. She took^^her farewell of the 
stage May 15, as Lady Macbeth. She died at Boston, Mass., 
Feb. 18, 1876. A monument was erected over the grave of this 
actress at Mt. Auburn (Mass.) cemetery. The shape is of the 
ancient obelisks, made of granite, and is thirty-three feet high. 

Miss Cushman took more "farewells" of the stage than any 
player, living or dead. I find that on May 3, 1852, she began 
an engagement at the Broadway Theatre, in this city, and that on 
the fourteenth of that month she was announced to take a " farewell " 
benefit, previously to her retirement from the profession. Shortly 
after that she went to Europe, and resided at Rome. After an 
absence of little more than five years she returned to this city, 
and, Sept. 28, 1857, she began an engagement at Burton's New 
Theatre (afterwards the Winter Garden^, and subsequently made 
a professional tour of the principal cities of the country. She 
began a "farewell " engagement at Niblo's Garden June ai, 1858, 
and toward the close of the engagement the announcements were 
as follow: July 2, "Miss Cushman as Lady Macbeth — her fare- 
well benefit! *' July 3, "Miss Cushman as Lady Teazle — her last 
nigtittl** July 6, "Miss Cushman (for one night more) as 
Merrilies!!!" July 7, "Miss Cushman's last night (positively) as 
Lady Macbeth !!!! " She again visited Europe, but returned and 
commenced an engagement at the Winter Garden, in this city. 
Oct I, tSftx Fc^ 3, 1861, she took "a final and irrevocable 

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farewell " of the Philadelphia stage. Feb. 21, in that year, she 
began another engagement at the Winter Garden, in this city, and 
during the following summer returned to Europe. In 1863 she re- 
turned to America, and, although she declined a number of very 
lucrative engagements which were offered her, she consented to 
act upon a few occasions for the benefit of the U. S. Sanitary 
Commission. She so performed at Boston, New York, Phila- 
delphia, Baltimore, and Washington, netting a fund of over 
^8,000. Nov. 7, 1874, she took her farewell of the New York 

As a tragic actress Miss Cushman held an unsurpassed position. 
Of her greatness in her art, there is no question. Shakespeare has 
had no grander exponent. She stood upon the topmost height. 
Her reading was the finest on the stage, especially in its justness. 
Its accuracy was wonderful, and the astonishing power of emphasis 
which she would sometimes concentrate upon a single word was 
contrasted with the most delicate discriminations of meanings. 
She seemed to have settled to her own satisfaction that her ex- 
alted status and her stage ability were universally recognized, and 
therefore adverse or friendly criticism of her performance gave 
her no concern. Meg Merrilies was generally considered her 
greatest character. She acted many male rdles, such as Hamlet, 
Romeo, and Cardinal Wolsey. There was nothing new in her 
Hamlet. It was a quiet, old-fashioned performance, even to the 
breaking of Ophelia's fan, an ancient stage tradition. But her 
Romeo was one of the very best I ever saw. She had all the 
fervor and ardor needed for the part. In many respects Miss 
Cushman was a peculiar woman. She always made it a point to 
know everybody by name about a theatre, and would remember 
them for years, and was remarkably strict in her stage discipline, 
particularly so with the women. She died leaving a fortune of 
^600,000. In 1874 the dramatic critic of a Washington, D. C. 
newspaper wrote to Miss Cushman, asking her to give a gratuitous 
representation for the benefit of the poor of that city. To this 
request Miss Cushman sent the following reply: 

Dear Sir: I am in receipt of yours of the ist, in answer to which I find 
myself under the necessity of saying " No" to^our request that 1 would give one 
of the nights of my short engagement in Washington for the benefit of your local 
charities. My reasons for this decision are as follow : I think the time has come 
in which some one should make a protest against the system, now so fully inau- 
gurated, of making artists pay so much more than the rest of the community for 
charities in which they are not especially interested, and which have no claim 
upon them. You simply of me that I should give from ^400 to $?oo to your 
poor, while those immediately concerned, those who are bound by all the ties of 
neighborhoixl and common brotherhood, think they are doing their part in pay- 
ing their quota of a dollar or two. when they receive in return a full equivalent 
out of the lal)or, severe enough, of the often hard pressed and struggling artist. 
Each one of these already docs the best of bis or her ability, within the range of 

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.1 1 1 

the claims which fall upon every human creature alike. You may think it indeli- 
cate, but it is surely not irrelevant for me to say here that I give to mv poor and 
needy, and my poor's poor and needy, upward of |s,ooo, which I consider a very 
fair percentage upon my income. As for myself, it would take every day of every 
year if I were to respond to one half the applications of this kind that meet me 
at every turn; and each one of us who are so freelv called upon in these ways, 
I have no doubt, have not only their rq;uhur clientele of claimants to whom they 
are bonnd, and for whom they are aecoantaMe, bat abo hosts of soCfa applica- 
tions and claims for which they are in no way bound- 
It strikes me that the whole afiair is onesided, and that a word is necessary in 
the way of justice. I am wHHiif to place myadf in this breach, and say for all 
my confreres in art — whose errors have never been on the side of niggardliness 
— that It is nnfoir we should do all the work, and pay also, both publicly and 
privately, as we do to my certain knowledge. 

Allow me to sugeest that, in place of this easy manner of doing good, a house 
to house visitationlor charitable objects would place it within the power of every 
citizen to help the poor of his own city and neighborhood, with much greater 
comfort to his conscience than this cent per cent contract of so much money for 
so much amusement — and the poor tinown in. Believe me to be, wUh mnch 
coosideratioDi respectfully yours. 

Edwin Forrest and Charlotte Cushraan for years greatly admired 
one another. Each declared that the other was the greatest dra- 
matic artist living. During the Civil War they both agreed to 
play in "Macbeth," for the benefit of the Sanitary Fund They 
had never been on the stage together before. The performance 
was a great success. Both appeared at their best. But from that 
time they were sworn enemies, and each expressed the utmost con- 
tempt for the professiofuil qualities of the other. Forrest used to 
say that Cushman "was not a woman at all," and Cushman de- 
clared Forrest was a butcher. Miss Cushman's donations in 1863 
to the sick and wounded, through the United States Sanitary Cora- 
mission, were as follow: 

Benefit at Academy of Music Philadelphia, Sept. 12 Si,3l4>37 

Benefit at Academy of Music, Boston, Sept. 20 3,000.75 
Benefit at Grover's Theatre. Washington, Oct. 17 1,800.00 
Benefit at Ford's Theatre, Baltimore, Oct. 19 360.00 
Benefit at Academy of Music, New York, Oct 22 2,272* 27 

Total $8,267.39 

Joseph Jefferson began an engagement at this theatre Nov. 9, in 
'MRjp^yan-JitinklJL.'' On Saturday evening, Nov. 14, «id every 

iJaturday evening during his engagement, Kate Field appeared 
as Peg Woffington in "Masks and Faces." This was her first 
appearance on the stage. "Ehea Plympton acted Sir Charles 
Pomander; Charles Whertleigh, Triplet; and Estelle Mortimer, 
Kitty Clive. Julia Seaman made hei d^but here Nov. 28, as 

John S Clarke returned here Nov. 30 in "Red Tape> " W. E. 
Sheridan, Cbas. Waloot, Jr.» Mrs. W. A. Chapman, and Mrs. 


Chas. Walcot were in the cast. " A Widow ^u nt " was also acted, 
with Lewis Morrison as Icebrook. On Dec. 3 the theatre was 
sold at auction under a foreclosure of mortgage. Oakes Ames was 
the purchaser, at $85, 00a 

'"^ " The Hero of the Hour, " by G eo. Fa wcett Rowe, was produced 
If or the first time Dec. 14, and kept the stage until Christmas after- 
noon. It had this cast : 


iDuc de Richelieu 

iPortcallec . . 

La Louris . . 

'Barbelotte . . 
.' Flower Girl 

' Chevalier . . 

' Loisel . . . 

I Badin . . . 

1 Rea^ . . . 

Emma Grattao 
. . Henri Stuart 
Henry Weaver, Sr. 
Augusta Raj-mond 
. Estelle .Mortimer 
Miss R. Rutherford 
. Chas. Rockwell 
. . Edwin Ir\'ine 
. . Ed. Sheppard 
. . Fred Monroe 

Sourdac J. W. Brutone 

Countess Mary Wells 

La Pistole .... Chas. B. Bishop 

Bertrand F. B. Warde 

Chizac Chas. Ledercq 

Th^ri^e LiUie Eldridge 

Duchess .... Maud Granger 
Aldee .... Louise Henderson 

Zeriine Rose St. Clair 

Muquette Hattie Tracy 

This was the first appearance in an English-s{>eaking character 
of the French actor, Henri Stuart, and the first appearance at this 
theatre of Charles B. Bishop. Rose St. Clair afterwards became 
Mrs. Charles Leland, and was manager of the Of>era House; 
Albany, N. Y., where she died March 10, 1889. Mary Wells, 
known in private life as Mrs. Richard Stapells, died in this city 
July 16, 1878. Her first appearance in New York was Jan. 21, 
1S56, at Laura Keene's V^'arieties (afterwards the Winter Garden), 
acting Mme. Deschapelles in *'The Lady of Lyons." She was 
the original Madge in " The Heart of Midlothian ; " also of Sheelah 
in " Thc_QaIIgSIL Bawn , " produced at Laura Kecne's Olympic 
Theatre, this cit)-! Her last appearance on the stage was at 
this (Booth's) theatre, in January, 1878, when she played Mrs. 
Tracy in *' Won at .Last " Augusta Raymond is now the wife of 
EdwardKicMer. the playwright. 

Geo. Vandenhoff made his re-entr^e upon the metropolitan stage 
evening of Dec. 26, as Macbeth, to the Lady Macbeth of Matilda 
Heron. Fred Warde played Macduff. " Little ^ni'ly." drama- 
tized from Dickens' "David Copperfield," was given Dec. 28, 
with Gca Fawcett Rowe as Wilkins Micawbcr. Mr. Warde took 
a benefit Jan. 30, 1S75, when "Little Em'ly" and ** Thfi_3_crious 
Family ' were given. The benenciar)- appeared as Dan'l Peggotty 
in the former play, and Charles Torrens in the latter. The theatre 
was closed from Feb. I to Feb. 5 for the rehearsals of " Henrj' V.," 
acted Feb. 6. under the direction of Charles Calvert. It had this 
cast : 

King Henry 
Cower . 

Geo Rignold Williams 
. H. B. Bradley Nym 
Frederick Tborne Bardolph 

Fred Warde 
Edwin Irving 
Chas. Lcckrcq 

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Rmwr, n ClianUf Mn. Chntei Cdvert 
Duke of GIOMMlHr . . C. H. Putnam 

Pistol C. B. Bishop 

Boy .... , . . Frank Little 

MontiOT £. K. Collier 

Dame Quickly .... Mary Weils 

Alice Fanny Reeves 

Iiabd .... Louue Hendertoa 

Dake of Bedford . . . W. V. lUnooi 

Duke of Exeter . . . Henry Wetrer 
Archbishop o£ Canterbury 

James Bardett 
Lewis, the Dauphin . Henri W. Stuart 
Duke of Orleans ... R. P. Steele 
Constable of France, Edwin Sheppard 
Princess Katberine . Bertha Cirardin 

This was the lint appearance in this countiy of Mrs. Chas. 

Calvert, Geo. Rignold, Frederick Thome, and Mrs. Henri Stuart 
(Bertha Girardin). "Henry V." was magnificently placed on 
the stage. There was a ballet of twenty-four ladies, four chil- 
dren, twelve English page boys, twelve rrench page boys, four- 
teen male chorus singers, seven horses and groonSt one hundred 
and thirty-niae supemumersries, and seventeen "supers" in 

George Vandenhoff took his farewell of the stage Oct. 28, 1858, 
at Liverpool, Eng. , after a career of 44 years. 

Mr. Stuart died in this city Jan. 6, 1891. He was born at Lon- 
d<Hi, in 1845. He made his first appearance as an actor in the . 
Cluny Theatre in Paris, and acted afterward in the Porte St. 
Martin, and at the Gymnase. After the run of "Henry V." at 
this theatre he gave some performances of French comedy, and 
returned with his wife to France. He reappeared in America in 
1888 with the Coqudin-Hading company at Wallack's Theatre in 
this city. When "The Knights of Tybum*' was produced at 
Niblo's Garden (April, 1890) he was the stage director. About 
one month prior to bis death he became stage manager at the Eden 
Mus^e, this city. 

A matinee was given March 4, 1875, of *'The Lady of Lyons,'* 
for the benefit of J. A. Zimmerman, the treasurer of the house. 
Edwin Adams was Claude Melnotte; John VV. Carroll, Beauscant; 
John Jack, Col. Damas; Wm. R. Floyd, Glavis; John Matthews, 
Deschapelles; Rose Eytii^ge, Pauline; Mary Wells, Mme. Des- 
chapellcs; and Mme. Ponisi, Widow Melnotte. Geo. Rignold's 
benefit, matinee April 15, consisted of "The Lady of Lyons" and 
"Black Eyed Susan." Geo. Rignold played Claude, Fanny Daven- 
port, Pauline. In the afterpiece Geo. Rignold was the William; 
Maud Granger, Black Eyed Susan ; and Affie Weaver, Dolly May- 
flower. Adelaide Neilson returned here April 26, in "Amy Rob- 
^ yrt " which was played ten times. J. B. Studley, Fred Warde, 
Ida Vernon, Florence Richmond, Affie Weaver, Anne Missouri, 
and Miss Davidson were in the cast 

A matinee performance was given April 29, for the benefit of 
the Dan Bryant Fund, and the play was "The Ticket of Leave 
Man.** with this cast:. 

VOL. m.— 8 

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Bob Brierly 
Green Jones 
Mr. Gibson 
Maltby . . 
Mrs. Willoughby 
Emily St. Evremond 

May Edwards, M 
Jem Dalton 

W. J. Florence 
Fred B. Warde 
C. B. Bishop 
. . T. J. Hind 
Thos. E. Morris 
Mrs. Selton 

rs. W. J. Florence 
rs. F. S. Chanfrau 
Frederick Thome 

Melter Moss . . . Charles Leclcrcq 
Sam Willoughby . Roberta Norwood 
Second Detective W. Carpenter 

Burton C. Kent 

Walter H. Hogan 

First Detective ]• Davis 

First Party R. Kent 

Second Party A. Bliss 

First Navvie .... W. Hawkins 
Second Navvie ... T. Hamblin 

Mr. and Mrs. W. J, Florence, Mrs. F. S. Chanfrau, T. F. Hind, 
and Thomas E. Morris acted the characters originally perfornoed 
by them in the first production of the drama in America at the 
Winter Garden, in this city, Nov. 30, 1863. 

John L. Vincent, stage manager, took his benefit matinee May 
6. The programme began with "To Oblige Benson." Effie Ger- 
mon, Kate Bartlett, Harry Beckett, John W. Carrcll, and H. B. 
Lonsdale were in the cast. Pauline Rutherford then sang a 
ballad; Joseph F. Wheelock recited " Shamus O'Brien;" the 
musical comedy, "Child of the Regiment," followed, with Ellen 
Morant as Josephine, Mrs. Henry Weaver, Frederick Thome, 
Henry Weaver, Charles Leclercq, Harrj' Hogan, W. V. Ranous, 
J. B. Bowen, W. Carpenter, and C. Kent in the cast ; after which 
came a duet by Alfred Wilke (his first appearance in America), 
and J. R. Thomas, accompanied by Fred Intropidi. This was 
succeeded by the Madrigal Boys, who sang " Spring, Gentle 
Spring" and "Killarney. " The performance closed with the 
second and third acts of "X^i^-.§5EMi^-£!221'ly»" Geo. Fawcett 
Rowe as Capt. Murphy Maguire. There were also in the cast 
Mary Wells, Helen Tracy, Aflfie Weaver, Estelle Mortimer, 
Emma Grattan, C. B. Bishop, Fred Warde, Charles Rockwell, 
and Harr>' Hogan. For Miss Neilson's benefit. May 7, "The 
Hunchback" was played: Julia, Adelaide Neilson; Helen, Ida 
Vernon; Master Walter, J. B. Studley; Sir Thomas Clifford, 
Fred Warde; Modus, Fred Thorne; Fathom, C. B. Bishop. 
"The Lady of Lyons" was acted May 8, for Neilson's last 
night, when she played Pauline with Fred Warde as Claude, 
and Mary Wells, Widow Melnotte. The balcony scene from 
"Romeo and Juliet" was also given, with H. J. Montague as 
Romeo, and Miss Neilson as Juliet. 

Clara Morris firstaDD^red here May 10, as Evadnc, with Geo. 
Clarke as Vion|iil|iP|HHH||^ Ludovico; Geo. Morton, King; 
Blanche Grey,0'* ' ^' Tookcr's benefit (matinee May 
13) the v;'' •• - JHk 0- R'gnold as William); 

Mr. an Jjj^^^^ in " The Yankee House- 

keeper ^^^^^M 0 and Juliet," Adelaide 

^^^^^^^r .\nierica, as she sailed for 

Digitized by Google 



Europe May 15), H. J. Montague. Romeo; lj[arr|yan and Hart in 
a sketch called "Patrick's Par ade ; " and " Nan the Good For Noth- 
ing" : Bijou HWon as Nan; James Lewis, Tom Dribbles; and 

Owen S. Fawcett, Harry Johnston. " Macbeth " was produced 
May 17. with Clara Morris as Lady Macbeth, and Geo. Rignold 
as Macbeth. 

John L. Vincent was admitted to the Actors' Fund Home 1892. 

The next production was " Jane Shore," with Clara Morris in the 
title r61e. For H. J. Montague's benefit (matinee May 27) the first 
act of " The Shaughraun," with Montague as Capt. Molineaux ; Eben 
Plympton, Robert Ffolitott; John Gilbert, Father Dolan; Edward 
Arnot, Kinchella ; Harry Beckett, Harvy Duff ; Boucicault, Conn ; 
Jeffreys Lewis, Arte O'Neale; Dora Goldthwaite, Claire Ffolliott ; 
Mme. Tonisi, Mrs. O'Keily, and Miss Baker, Moya. This was fol- 
lowed by " Tears, Idle Tears/' next by a recitation of ** The Charge 
of the Light Brigade," by Mrs. Rousby. and the first, second, and 
third acts of * * London Assurance," with this cast: Sir Harcourt, 
Chas. Fisher; Max, W. Davidlge, Sen.; Charles Courtley, Fred 
Warde; Dssde, H. J. Montai^; Lady Gay, Fanny Davenport; 
Grace, Jeffreys Lewis. Clara Morris acted " Camille," May 31, with 
Charles R. Thorne, Jr. as Armand ; matinee June 2, for a Masonic 
benefit ; V Woman's Heart ," the last three acts of " Othello," and the 
second scene, toarth act, of the " Hunchback." A number of Masonic 
brothers (amateurs) appeared, and the several plays were cast as fol- 
lows : " W omao'8_Heart " (" T ime Tries All ') ; 

Leeson .... Bro. Sam W. Fort Tommy Tioey • BfO. C. W. Butler 

YawQ .... Bro. John P. Cooke Joim Mr. Carpenter 

Clinton FiaidE litth Lum . . . Mrs. A. H. Davenport 

Matthew Bstas . W. Bro. John Grifin Fanny Elne Moore 

In "The Hunchback" Virginia Mitchell appeared as Julia (her 
first appearance in New York). In " Othello " Mrs. L. H. Scofield 
played Desdemona; John H. Bird, Othello; Thos. F. Clarke, lago; 
Chas. Ulmer, Cassio; and Joseph Byrnes, Roderigo. Geo. Clarke 
took a benefit June 36^ and acted Alned Evelyn in ** Money," for the 
first time in this city. 

Barry Sullivan made his reappearance on the American stage 
Aug. 30, in " Hamlet," repeated Aug. 31 ; James Catbcart was the 
Ghost; Louise Hibbert (first appearance in America), Ophdia; 
Fred Warde, Laertes; Geo. Becks, Osric; "Richelieu," Sept. i, 2; 
"Richard HI.," Sept. 3,4: Harry Dalton as Tressel, Cathcart as 
Earl of Richmond, Fred Warde as Duke of Buckingham. Fred 
Warde played, matinee Sej^t. 4, Claude Melnotte. Barry Sullivan 
acted Beverly Sept. 13, 14, in "The Gamester," Barry Sullivan as 
Beverly, and Ida Vernon, Charlotte; Sept. 16, " Hamlet ;" Sept. 17, 
" Richard IlL ; " " The Gameste r/' Sept. 18. George Bdmore made 


his fint ftppearance here, actiiif Nat Gosling in " ThLEMj^gS^d/' 
Sept. 20, when Blanche Grey acted Julia, and Rosa Kane (first 
wpearance here) as Katev Rideout. This was also the d^but at 
IDM hoiite of Mn. Fted WilliaiDS m Bob Buckskiii. and Agnet 
Michdl aa Lord Woodbine. For Geo. Belroore't beDeit, Oct. 8, 
" N fwm an Noggs " ("Nicholas Nickleby") was acted, with Mr. 
Bclmore^n tfietitle rdle ; also the last act of " Fljring Scud." 

George Gmkb Befanore diod in ibis dHy Not. isTiSfs. aged fifty 

The Kellogg opera company began an engagement Oct. 1 1. The 
company consisted of Clara Louise Kellogg, Annie Montague (first 
appearance in opera), Julia Rosewtki, ^Jinie -Bcaatnont, Zelda 

Seguin, William Castle, Joseph Maas, William Carleton, William 
Hamilton, Henry Peakes, Geo. A. Conly (first appearance in New 
York), Harry Allen, Edward Seguin, Morgan, Cayla, Marsen, Jen- 
nie Van Zandt, and J. G. Peakes. The repertory for the week was : 
*'Mignon," Clarm Louise Kellogg in the title r61e. and Julia Rose- 
wald as Filina; "Ernani." "Bohemian Girl," "Faust," "The 
Huguenots," and " Fra Diavalo; " "II Trovatore," Oct. i8, "The 
Bohemian Girl," Oct. 19, 23, " Martha," Oct. 20, " The Lily of Kil- 
lamey," Oct 21, when its composer, Julius Benedict, made his first 
appearance in America and conducted the orchestra. 

Geo. L. Fox appeared Oct. 25, in " Humpty Dumptv." and was 
engaged for a season of nine weeks, but he retired Nov. 27. Among 
tbe specialty artists were Mile. Lucia, Orrin Bros., acrobats and 
gymnasts; Kynock and Smith, roller skaters; Little Todd, con- 
tortionist, etc.; Edward and Charles Dunbar, vocalists; and 
Louise Boshcll, wire walker. Mr. Fox's illness necessitated the 
engagement ol James S. Maffitt, who appeared as clown on Nov. 
15, Mr. Fox plnyinj; the first act and Mr. Maflfitt the third act. Its 
last production with Geo. L. Fox, in this city, was Nov. 27, when 
it was withdrawn, Mr. Fox then exhibiting symptoms of insanity. 

"Humpty Diimpty" was originally produced at the Olympic 
(formerly Laura Kecnc's) Theatre. After having enjoyed four 
hundred and eighty-eight representations, it was withdrawn May 
15, 1869, revived Aug. 31, 1871, and withdrawn June 11, 1872, 
having been performed three hundred and fifty-three times. Re- 
vived Febk 17, 1873, and withdrawn June 7, after one hundred and 
twenty-seven performances. Total number of performances at 
that theatre, nine hundred and forty-three. Revived at the Grand 
Opera House Nov. 35, 1873, where it was acted seventy-nin6 
times. It was withdrawn i5ter Feb. 7, 1874. G. L. Fox per- 
formed " Hum^ty Dumpty " in the Bowery one hundred and 
eighty«five times, making his total number of performances of that 
character, up to date last mentioned, one thousand two hundred 
and seven times. In all, th^ " Humpty Diunpty " was played .in 

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New York alone with Mr. Fox, one thousand two hundred and 

sixty-eight times. 

He went to Washington, D. C, April 23, 1861, with the Eighth 
Regiment, N. Y. S. N. G. Geo. L. Fox died at Cambridge, 
Mass., Oct 24, 1877. His last appearance on the stage was at 
this theatre, Nov. 27, 1875, as "Humpty Dumpty in Every 
.CHjnfe," Having for some time given evidence of^dementia, he 
was that night taken to Boston and thence to the insane asylum at 
Somerville, Mass. In the autumn of 1876 he was removed from 
the asylum and taken to his home at Brooklyn, N. Y. It was 
thought at one time that he might recover, but in March, while 
walking in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, he was stricken with paralysis, 
and soon after was removed to his sister's residence at Cambridge, 
Mass. From that time until his death he had but two lucid inter- 
vals. As a pantomimist he never had in America a superior and 
very few equals. It was while playing at Barnura's Museum 
(Broadway above Spring Street) that he was called "The Grimaldi 
of America," by the late John Oxenford, English dramatist and 
critic, who was then on a visit to this country. He was also an 
excellent low comedian. 

Emma Waller appeared here Dec. 6, as Meg Merrilies in "Guy 
Maonering," and was followed, Dec. 13. by Mr. and Mrs. Barney 
Williams, in " Co nnie jSo ogph ." "Julius Caesar" was revived 
Dec. 27, with this cast: 

Caius Cassius . . . Lawrence Barrett 
Marcus Antonins . . F. C. Ban^s 
Octavius Caeaar . . . £. K. Collier 
Decius Bnitus . . . H. B. Bradley 
Publius Casca . . Henry Weaver, Sr. 
Lucius (with song) . . Helen Morant 

Calphurnia Rosa Rand 

Marcus Junius Brutus, E. L. Davenport 
Julius Ca:sar . . . Milaes Levick 
Trebonias • . • . Hsny Lsngdoa 

Tliere were twenty-six supernumeraries for citizens, twelve 
lictors, six trumpeters, eight magistrates, ten old soldiers, two 
officers, and hve children — over one hundred and sixtv persons on 
the stage, besides the regular cast The one hundredth consecu- 
tive performance of "Julius Caesar" occurred March 3a It was 
withdrawn April i, 1876, having had a run of fourteen weeks — 
eighty-five nights, fourteen Saturday mating, and four extra 
mating. Lawrence Burrett withdrew from the company, and 
Junius Brutus Booth pla)red Cassius. James S. Rooney (right 
name J. R. Stevens) died at Belding, Mich., March 13, 1888. 

The house was closed the week commencing April 3, to prepare 
for "Henry V.," which was produced April 10^ and had a run of 
five weeks. The cast was: 

uinna a. jacquet 

Publius Charles Kent 

Metellus Cimber . . . . F. Monroe 
Caius Li^arius. . . . J. S. Rooney 
First Citixen .... C. Leclercq 

Titinius J. K. Davia 

Flavlat Harry Honn 

Servius Marian Saclcett 

Portia Mary Wells 


Sir Thomas Grey . . . H. Hotan 

Gower H. B. Bradley 

Mac Morris J. Dowling 

Flucllen Fred Thome 

Jamey John Sutherland 

Williams . . . Edwin F. Knowlcs 

Bates J. W. Dowling 

Nym Chas. T. Parsloe 

Bardolph C. Leclercq 

Pistol C. B. Bishop 

Boy Frank Little 

Charles Aug. Pitou 

Louis W. A. Whitccar 

Ramhures Albert West 

Grandprd .... Arthur Weisse 

Montjoy E. K. Collier 

Hostess Mary Wells 

Isabel Laura Grayson 

Alice Gabrielle du Sauld 

Rumor, as Chorus . . . Rosa Rand 
Earl of Westmoreland, Wm. F. Monroe 
Earl of Warwick . . Thos. J. Edwin 
Archbishop of Canterbury 

W. H. Meeker 
Earl of Cambridge . . D. R. Young 
Sir Thomas Erpingham, J. R. Davis 
Duke of Burgundy . . W. H. Meeker | 
A French Soldier, Mons. Paul Juignet I 
The Constable . . . C. A. Stedman 
Governor of Harfleur . . J. C. Pyke | 
Princess Katherine . . Louise Doret 
King Henry .... Geo. Rignold 
Duke of Gloster .... Hay-ward I 
Duke of Bedford . . . Geo. Weber 
Duke of Exeter . . . H. A. Weaver 
Duke of York . . . . H. Harvey 
Earl of Sali.sbury .... G. Moore 
Bishop of Ely . . . Lewis Haller 
Lord Scroop .... CM. Pyke i 

John L. Vincent took his annual benefit (matinee) April 27, and 
the performance consisted of " AP"? CAajk ." with Geo. Rignold 
in the leading part. " T9Qdlcs " was the afterpiece, with Chas. B. 
Bishop as Toodles. Geo. Rignold had his benefit at a matinee 
May 4, when "Romeo and Juliet" was acted, with Rignold as 
Romeo; Frederic Robinson, Mercutio; and Sara J e wet t as Juliet. 
The Clara Louise Kellogg English opera company began a week's 
engagement May 8, in " The "Star Nor th." Wm. Tillotson, 

the treasurer of the theatre, took a lienefit matinde May 9. The 
picgramme consisted of " Alnt^p, " Geo. Rignold as Col. Chalice, 
and " Thji,XlQin.ica2 Countess," Marie Gordon as the Countess, 
Geo. hawc ctt Ro wc as the Chex'alier. The house was closed week 
of May 15 until Friday afternoon, May 19, when Joseph H. 
Tookcr, the business manager o£ the theatre, took his benefit. 
The programme was: "David Garrick," Lawrence Barrett as Gar- 
rick, and Ada Dyas as Ada Ingot; Clara Louise Kellogg fol- 
lowed, with a Scotch ballad; then came the second act of "Black 
Eyed Susan," with Rignold as William, Sara Jewett as Susan; 
the forum scene from "Julius Caesar," E. L. Davenport as Brutus; 
and the entertainment ended with the Girards in grotesque dances. 

The season closed May 27, after one week's performance of 
"Julius Ca'sar," Lawrence Barrett as Cassius; F. C. Bangs as 
Marc Antony; Milnes Levick, Julius Caesar; Rosa Rand, Cal- 
phurnia; and E. L. Davenport. Brutus. Lawrence Barrett took a 
*■ " • ^lay 31, and the bill was : " David Garrick," with Barrett as 
. the fourth act of "The Merchant of Venice," E. L. 
n as Shylock. Chas. R. Thome, Jr.. as Gratiano, Joseph 
vk as Bassanio, and Sara Jewett as Portia. The farce of 
Babj' " was also given June i. 1876. 

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The company which had recently played "Henry V." at this 

theatre, with T.awrence Barrett in place of George Rignold, were 
taken to San Francisco, Cal. Jarrctt & Palmer's transcontinental 
train, that left Jersey City at 9.22 a. m. Sunday morning, June 4, 
arrived at Oakland (Cal, ) June 7. The journey was made in eighty- 
three hours, thirty-nine minutes, sixteen seconds, and the rate of 
speed from forty to forty-four miles an hour, — the fastest time 
made by rail from New York to San Francisco. The company 
appeared in ** Henry V." at the California Theatre, San Francisco, 
June 7. Bijou Heron had a benefit (matinee) June i, when Sara 
Jewett, Chas. Stevenson, and H. A. Weaver, Sr., played "My 
Uncle's Will." "Medea" followed, with Matilda Heron in the 
title r61e, Constance Leigh as Creuaa, and Bijou Heron as Lycaon. 
This was followed by " Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady.^' with 
Miss Sutherland as the Duchess, and Bijou Heron as King Charles. 

The next season opened Aug. 14, when Lord Byron's "Sarda- 
napalus" was produced for the first time in America, under the 
direction of Charles A. Calvert and John L. Vincent The simu- 
lated conflagration at the end of the last act was a grand piece 
of stage work. In act two there was an Italian ballet led bv Mai- 
vina &rtoletti and Sig. Ernesto Mascagno. Mesdames Fkliadino, 
Mascarini, Stickel, Besesti, and Parmegiani, with four first-class 
dancers, eight coryphees, six ballet ladies, ninety-nine "supers," 
twenty-four negro boys, twelve chorus women, eight chorus men, 
and forty-eight ''extra" ladies,, comprised the working company, 
besides the following cast : 

Sardanapalus .... F*. C. Bangs 

Arbaces . . . • . . E. K. Collier 
B«lese« .... Harry Weaver, Sr. 

Ahads ...... Harry Hogan 

Paria .... Edwin F. Knowles 

Sfiro B. L. Matlack 

Znes A.H. Fomst 

Edgar E. L. Davenport 

Edmund £. K. Cmlier 

Earl of Kent . . Wm. E. Sheridan 
Duke of Cornwall . Louis F. Barrett 
Duke of Albany . . Harry Langdon 
Dake of Bwgandy, Geo. w. Wessda 

Salemenes (first appear- 

ance here) .... Louis Aldrich 

Balea A. Jacques 

Herald H. N. WUMm 

Zarina .... Dora Goldthwaite 

Myrrha Agnes Booth 

Capbearer Frank Qarke 

Earl of Gloucester Henry Weaver 
The Fool .... Willie Seymour 
Gooeril Gertrude Kello^ 

Repan .... Dora Goldthwaite 
Cordelia Stella Boniface 

After a run of one hundred and thirteen consecutive perform- 
ances it was withdrawn Dec 2. "King Lear" was produced for 
the 6r8t time in this theatre Dec 4, when Lawrence Barrett im- 
penooated Lear for the first time in this city. The cast was : 

Harry Langdon was admitted to the Actors* Fund Home 
November, 1902. 

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On Dec i6 Colley Gibber's version of "Richard III." was 
played: Richard (first time in this city), Lawrence Barrett; Rich- 
mond, Fred Warde; Duke of Buckingham, W. E. Sheridan; Lord 
Stanley, Harry Langdon; King Henry, Henry A. Weaver, Sr.; 
Prince of Wales, Laura Thorpe; Tressel, Willie Seymour; E^arl of 
Ratcliffe, L. F. Barrett; Sir Wm. Catesby, E. K. Collier; Queen 
Elizabeth, Gertrude Kellogg; Lady Anne, Dora Goldthwaitc; 
Duchess of York, Mrs. M. A. Farren ; Duke of York, Master 
Aug. B. Eling. This play was repeated matinee Dec. 21, for the 
sufferers by the Brooklyn Theatre fire, that occurred Dec. 5, 1 876. 
"Daniel Druce," by W. S. Gilbert, was first played Dec. 25, and 
had this cast: 

Daniel Druce . . Lawrence Barrett 
Sir Jasper . . . Wm. E. Sheridan 
Reuben Haines John W. Jennings 
Geoffrey Wynyard Fred B. Warde 
Marple Hear)- Weaver 

Dorothy (first appear< 

ance here) 
Joe Ripley . . . 
Soldier . . 

Minnie Palmer 
. E. K. Collier 
Andrew Jacques 
. Frank LitUe 

The house was closed Jan. 20. 
Fifth A venue." a local play by Geo. Fawcett Rowe, was first 
[acted Feb. 5, 1877, with this cast: 

i Richard Blake 
Richard Blogg 
Horatio Nelson 
Jacob Schnitz . 

,Col. Gushing . 

'Larry Doolahan 
Simon Schuyler 

. Geo. Rignold 
. E. K. Collier 
. . John Wild 
Geo. S. Knight 
. Chas. Rosene 
J. A. Meade 
Ja.s. H. Taylor 

Hon. Graham Liddi-sdale, Fred Warde 
Col. Mark Anthony Smart 

Geo. Vining Bowers 
Jem Maggs Henry A. Weaver, Sr. 

Exodus Jerome (first appearance 
in New York) . . . Atkins Lawrence 
Hiram Shortey . . Chas. T. Parsloe 
Sergt. Mulligan . . Chas. W. Butler 
Marie Antoinette . Marion Sackett 

Jutkins Jas. K. Fox 

Porter H. B. Lonsdale 

Olivia Maud Granger 

Mrs. Smytbe .... Annie Deland 
Cleopatra ..... Kate Girard 
Aunty Kate Singleton 

" A Trip to the Moon *' was produced by the Kiralfy Bros. 
Marclr~niu The premieres danseuses were Mile, de Rosa, Mauri, 
Palladino, and Mascarina; also Gaugain, Sig. Mascagno, male 
dancer. Venie Clancey, Florence Ellis, and Jennie Hughes were 
in the cast. It was withdrawn March 24, and the house closed. 

John E. McCullough began an engagement April 2, as Virginius 
in the play of that name: Fred Warde as Icilius: Jas. H. Taylor, 
Dcntatus; E. K. Collier, Appius Claudius; Willie Seymour, 
Lucius: Cito. Becks, Titus; Maud Granger, Virginia; Mme. 

and Nellie Wilson as the Female Slave. " Riche- 
(aycd April 8, 9; "Richard HI," April 10. 11; 
^pril 12 and matinee April 13; night of April 13, 
McCnlloutjh alternated the character of lago and 
)Cs W. Collier first appeared here in "Othello," 
Mme. Ponisi was the Emilia. McCullough acted 

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Spartacvs in "JDie J^}a4iator,'' April 16^ with Mand Granger at 

Senona, and Nina Varian, Julia; "Metamora" was acted April 21, 
Fred Warde as Walter, Geo. Becka as Kawesbioe; Blaud Granger, 

Joseph TbolMr, the business manager, took a benefit mating 

April 19. The bill was: Glees by the English opera chorus; the 
closet scene of the fourth act of "The Wife," by John E. McCul- 
lough and £. K. Collier; ballad by Clara Louise Kelloge; balconv 
soene^ "Romeo and Juliet," by Fanny Davenport and John £. 
McCuIlough; Annie Borie in ballads; the farce, "Slasher and 
Crasher,*' with Stuart Robson as Slasher and W. H. Crane as 
Crasher, Joseph H. Tooker as John, and Louisa Eidridge as Dinah. 
The entertainment closed with the singing of "The Star Spangled 
Banner," by the English operatic ^oma, Madrigal Boys, full 
orchestra, church chimes, and organ accompaniment. Annie Borie 
was the soloist John £. McCullougb acted Spartacus April 20. 

John L. Vincent took his benefit mating April 25, and the pro- 
gramme was: song, "A Sailor's Life for Me," by William Hamil- 
ton, with a chorus by Pyke's Madrigal Boys, after which the trial 
scene from "The Merchant of Venice," John McCuIlough, Shy- 
lock; Lillie Eidridge, Portia; followed by second act of "Our 
JBoarding H ouse." with Stuart Robson, W. H. Crane, W. E 
Sheridan, J. W. Carroll, Alexina Fisher Baker, Maud Harrison, 
Virginia Buchanan, Minnie Doyle, and Meta Bartlett in the cast. 
This was followed by the military band (sixty-five performers) of 
the Twenty-second regiment, under the direction of P. S. Gilmore; 
Mme. Fannie Goodwin then sang "Listen, Dear Father," from 
the opera of "Dan'l Druce." Geo. S. Weeks sang the serenade 
of " Oh I My Beautiful Dorothy. " John McCuIlough recited " The 
Little Hero;" C W. Couldock recited "The Vagabonds;'* Geo. 
Weeks then sang "Beware," and "The Tramp Chorus" cloaed the 
entertainment, by the Madrigal Boys. 

"Virginius" was acted April 25, 26, and matinee April 27. 
John McCullough*s engagement terminated April 28, with " Mac- 
beth," Mme. Ponisi as Lady Macbeth. On the occasion of 
McCuUough's benefit (April 27), he was presented with a laurel 
wreath. Jarrett & Palmer's three years' lease of this theatre 
expired May 4, 1877, when the season closed. 

A summer season commenced May 14. under the management of 
Geo. Rignold, W. W. Tillotson, and J. G. Brown. "Alone" and 
"Black Eyed Susan" were given, and continued May 15, 16. 
"Romeo and Juliet "was played May 17. 18, 19, Geo. Rignold as 
Romeo, Marie Wainwright as Juliet, F. B. Warde as Mercutio. 
This was Marie Wainwright's first appearance on the stage in this 

Misa Wainwright'a mother died in Philadelphia, when Marie 



was six months old, and she made her home witii her grandmother 

in Virginia. 

Not long afterwards her grandmother died, and Marie, at the 
age of seven, was again in a new home, with her aunt, Mrs. 
Pleasants cf Philadelphia. In i86l her father, then Commodore 
in the United States Navy, was killed on the Harriit Lane at the 
time of the Rebellion at Galveston. He was the son of Bishop 
Wainwright of New York. 

In 1870 she was married in Paris, France, to Henry H. 
Slaughter, and was a second time married to him by an English 
clergyman at a little English chapel, to please her aunt. On their 
return to America, Mr. and Mrs. Slaughter went through the cere- 
mony a third time to please Dr. Edward Pearce of Philadelphia, 
the lady's guardian. She finally became a pupil of Fanny Morant, 
and made her d^but as Juliet. She was the original Josephine in 
America in "Pinafore," at the Boston Museum. She was divorced 
from Mr. Slaughter who died in Australia; was married to Louis 
James March 14, 1883, from whom she separated in 1891, and soon 
after married Franklin Roberts. 

"c^inos^Oark " was played May 21, 1877, with Rignold in the 

title part, Fre3^B. Warde as Sir Robert Clavering, and Marie 
Wainwright as Mildred. 

A performance took place matinee May 28, in aid of the Cuban 
sufferers. The attraction was: H. J. Montague (first appearance 
in New York in six months) and Ada Dyas in "A Happy Pair," 
and the Amaranth club (amateurs) of Brooklyn, appeared in 
** Conscience." 

Minnie Lummings made her first appearance evening of May 28, 
as Juliet, to Mr. Rignold's Romeo. 

"Henry V.*' was revived May 29, with Rignold as the King; 
mating May 30, Geo. Rignold took a benefit. "Romeo and 
Juliet" was acted, and the novelty of seven Juliets was announced 
as follows: the balcony scene by Adelaide Neilson; the potion 
scene by Fanny Davenport; nurse and marriage scenes by Ada 
Dyas; banishment scene by Maud Granger; parting scene by 
Marie Wainwright; the tomb scene by Minnie Cummings; and 
the masquerade scene by Grace d'Urfrey. All these ladies ap- 
peared except Miss Neilson, who at the last moment declined. 
Fred B. Warde was the Bfercutio on this occasion. " Henry V.*' 
was acted June i, 2, when the house closed. Anna Boyle made 
her New York d^but July 30, as Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet" 
She had taken the house for one week, but two performances 
appeared to be sufficient for the lady and the public, as the house 
was closed the third night Walter Treville was Romeo» and 
M lines Levick, Mcrcutio. 
The theatre was reopened under the management of James C 

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Duff, Sept E3» 1877, with the Marie Aim^ French opera bouffe 
company, in "La Petite Marite," which had this cast: 

Graiielle Almte 

The Prodesute Jouard 

Monteflascone Duplan 

SaoCario MorUaad 

Lucrezia Desirtfe 

Theobaldo .... Adele Co^mard 

Beatrix ........ Duparc 

Bcppo Caatel 

Ray Trafiord . . Maurice Banr y roo r e 
?tari Edith Eland 

Laura .... Constance Hamblin 
Judge .... Wm. Davidge, Sen. 
Peachbloaioiii .... Mbs Paul 

This was the American d^but of M. Jouard. Mile. Berthe 

Mario made her d^but Sept. 14, as Mme. Lange in "La Fille de 
Mme. Angot. " "La Boulang^re a des ficus " was done for the 
first time, Sept. 24, 25, 26. In the company were Florence 
Duparc, Sophie Gherzi, Mons. Legras, Marie Vandamme, Mons. 
Hayne, Mile. Adrienne, and Mons. Davalis. They closed Sept 
29, and opened at the Broadway Theatre, Oct. i. 

Augustin Daly was the next manager of this theatre. He began 
a season Oct 29, with Joseph Jefferson in ".jRip Van Winkle," and 
continued until Dec. i. " Under the Gaslight ' was performed on 
each Saturday evening, except Mr. Jefferson's closing night, when. 
" Rip " was played. The cast of *' Under the Gaslight " was : 

Byke Chaa. Fisfaer 

Jndaa .... Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
Snorlcev .... Owen S. Fawcett 

Bermodaa John Drew 

SifBal Man . . Frank Haidenbefgii 

Aim^ and company returned Dec. 3 for one week. 

Fanny Davenport appeared Dec. 23 as Rosalind, in "As You 

Like It ; " Geo. Vandenhoff was Jaques, Wm. Carleton (the opera 
singer), Amiens; Constance Hamblin, Celia; Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, 
Audrey; Amy Stuart, Phebe; Wm. Davidge, Touchstone; Charles 
Fisher, Adam; Owen S. Pawcelt Corin; and Thomas Jefferson, 

William. "Twelfth Nifjht" was acted Dec. 26, and the season 
closed Dec. 29, with Fanny Davenport as Lady Gay Spanlcer and 
Lady Teazle, in acts from " ^jOndon Assurance " and " The School 
for Scandal*' 

A play called "Sula" was produced Dec. 31, with Pauline 
Markham, Jennie Hughes, Wm. H. Lytell, and the Ross sisters 
in the cast It was withdrawn after a few nights and the house 
was dosed. 

Frank Hardenbergh, having become bereft of his reason, was 
taken to an insane asylum, Aug. 29, 1884, near Hartford, Conn. 
During a performance of " Seven T wenty-eight." by Daljr's com- 
pany, at the Grand Opera nouse, riroonyn, N. Y., April, 1884, 
his trouble first manifested itself. During the performance he be* 
came so involved in his lines that the other members of the com- 
pany either held the stage with him in order to prevent any 
stoppage of the performance, or crowded the wings so as to be 


ready to come to his rescue if he altogether lost himself. He 
blundered fearfully, but with the assistance of others, he con- 
trived to pull through till the last night of the engagement. On 
that night when the curtain went down poor Frank stood motion- 
less upon the stage, and did not move even after the lights were 
put out. He was taken away, and that night his mind went out 
just as completely as had the footlights. Hard study, with a 
world of domestic woe, was the alleged cause. He was a very 
hard student, and had mastered many parts. That may in some 
measure account for his mental trouble. But there were other 
matters of a domestic nature that, no doubt, helped to dethrone 
his reason. He married when he was young in the profession, 
and lived happily with his wife for many years, and as he pros- 
pered, contrived to save a considerable sum of money. But he 
began to feel his way of advancement, and he commenced to 
study very hard. His wife, who was childless, thought he spent 
too much time with his rdles and too little with her, and believing 
herself neglected, became cross and morose. He and his wife 
quarrelled and disagreed so often that at last they separated, and 
Frank g^ve his wife half of his property. For several years he 
had reason to believe that she was dead, and in that belief he 
married again. His last wife was Helene Coe, sister of Isabella 
Coe. Almost simultaneously with the birth of his first child the 
wife he supposed to be dead made her appearance, and demanded 
pecuniary assistance. I am told that he paid her $50 a week as 
long as he was able to earn any salary. For a time he fought 
off and vanquished the fear that seized him, that his first wife 
would expose him and break up his happj home; but at last the 
dread grew too oppressive, and his friends saw that his mind was 
giving way. He would barricade himself in his room in the 
middle of the day and express the fear that "she" was crying, 
and would often say: "She'll be here; give her all the money 
she wants," or words to that effect. He died at Hartford, Conn., 
Feb. 28, 1889. 

This house was reopened Jan. 7, 1878, with Edwin Booth as 
lessee; Horace McVicker, business manager; J. Leon Vincent, 
siiijje manager; and Antoine Reiff, Jr., musical director. "Rich- 
ard III." was acted, with this cast: 

Duke of Clo-iter . . . Edwin BooUi ' Stanley A. H. Hastings 

Dakeof! ham . Frank Evans Hastini^ . . . Chas. A. McManus 

' ct i (first appear- Ratcliffe . . . . S. Harrv Pierson 

* Yorki . Eleanor Carey Norfoik J.'R. Davis 

nt . Emma Waller i Rivers W.H.Collins 

^l^aoi iotk . Mar\- Wells I Bishop of Ely . ... J. L. Mason 
^^Hk; ... Jc>s W'heelock First Murderer .... Harry Rich 
^^^Ktrvt . Frank Pierce Lord Ma>-or . . . . M.J. Jordan 
^^K^ . . Milncs Lcvick | Lady Ad'dc Lizzie Rich 

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"Richard III." was played two weeks, ending Jan. 19, except 
matinee Jan. 12, when "King Henry VIII." was acted. "Rich- 
ard," mating Jan. ig, and for the evening Jan. 19, "King Henry 
VIII. " and '* TaminiT of the Shraw. " ThU was the fint time Mr. 
Booth had played Cardinal Wolsey ("Henry VIII.") in New York. 
In "Taming of the Shrew," Wm. F. Owen made his appearance 
in this city, acting Grumio. Mr. Booth played " Hamlet " from 
Jan. 31 to Jan. 26, also Feb. 11, and matinte Feb. 15, with Joseph 
Wheelocfc as Laertes; Milnes Levick, Claudius; C. A. McManus, 
Horatio; Frank Pierce, Polonius; Frank Evans as the Ghost; A. 
H. Hastings, Guildenstern ; W. F. Owen, First Gravedigger; 
Hany Rich, Second Gravedigger; Eleanor Carey, Ophelia; and 
Belle Flohr, Player Queen. 

Chas. A. McManus died at Big Rapids, Mich., Dec. 11, 1888, 
and bis remains were interred in Elks Rest, Philadelphia. Edwin 
Booth played lago Jan. 26, to Wheelock's Othella Booth acted 
Othello Jan. 28, and Wheelock lago. Eleanor Carey was the 
Desdemona. Booth as Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice," 
ending with the trial scene, Jan. 2a There was also played the 
same evening "Lend Me Fivt Shillings," W.' F. Owen as Go- 
lil^tly, and Mrs. Lizzie Rich as Mrs. Major Fhobbs. 

Jan. 30, 31, Feb. i, 2, "The Fool's Revenge;" "Richelieu," 
Feb. 4, Rachel Noah as Julie de Mortimer, Joseph Wheelock as 
Dc Mauprat "Richelieu" was given until Feb. a when '*The 
Merchant of Venice" and "Taming of the Shrew made up the 
bill- Mr. Booth repeated " Richelieu " Feb. 14, with Eleanor 
Carey as Julie de Mortimer; "The Merchant of Venice," was 
played Feb. 13 with Eleanor Carey as Portia; "King Richard 
II.," Feb. 15, Booth as Richard; Wheelock as Bolingbroke; 
Milnes Levick, John of Gaunt; and Eleanor Carey, the Queen. 
Booth played Ruy Bias matinee Feb. 16, and at night terminated 
his engagement and six weeks' lease of the theatre with "King 
Lear." Wheelock, Edgar; Eleanor Cuey, Cordelia; MaryWella* 
Goncril ; and Lizzie Rich, Regan. 

" Uncle Tom' s Cabin." arranged in six parts, with tableaux, was 
prMuceJ Feb. 18, and ran three weeks. Jarrett and Palmer took 
the nucleua of an "JJjosJfi Tom's Cabin" company to England in 
August. There were the following people engaged : Marie Bates, 
Topsy; Mrs. Fanny Denham Rouse, Aunt Ophelia; Harry Hawke, 
Marks ; Harry Rowe, Legree. The company appeared in London, 
Aug. 29, 1878, at the Princess' Theatre. After a successful run 
of three months, "Uncle Tom" was taken on the Continent visit- 
ing all the principaTcities of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzer- 
land, Holland, and Bavaria. The tour lasted for about nineteen 
months. The serious illness of Harry Palmer stopped negotiations 
lor.Ffaiice» and bis death, in London, July 19, 1879^ copipletely 


changed the affairs of this company. Palmer was the manager, 
while Jarrett remained in America. Several other people were 
sent to Europe by Jarrett to play in this piece, and while the first 
company was at the Princess' Theatre in the evenings, another 
company was at the Aquarium, London, each afternoon. After 
the death of Palmer all returned to America, with the exception 
of Marie Bates. 

James C. Duff was the next manager; he opened March 18, with 
Max Strakosch's Italian opera company in " Atda," with this cast: 

Ai'da Louise Kellogg 

Amneris . . . Anna Louise Cary 
Kadamus .... Sig. J. Fropolli 

Amonastro Sig. G- Verdi 

Kamfis G. A. Conly 

The King G. Gottschalk 

Marie Roze made her New York ddbut as Leonora, Tom Karl 
as Fernando, Verdi as Alfonso, and Conly as Baldassarc in ** La 
Favorita;" March 20, "Aida;" "Faust," March 21, Roze as 
Margherita, Ann is Monteglie (first appearance) as Siebel, Tom 
Karl as Faust, with Kaufman (first appearance, as Mephis- 
topheles; March 22, "Mignon," Marie Roze in the title r61e; 
matinee March 23, Kellogg as Aida, Cary as Amneris; "Aida," 
March 22, 26, matinee March 30, and night of April 2; "Rigo- 
Ictto," March 27; matinee April 1, "II Trovatore," when 
Francisca Guidotti first appeared in America, singing Azucena ; 
March 28, "Un Ballo in Maschera," with this cast: 

Amalia Marie Roze 

Oscar Montague 


Mile. F. Guidotti 

h " Jhe E x- 
Jaines iTuff 

March 29, "Lucia di Lamroermoor," Kellogg as Lucia; March 
30, "Mignon;" April i, "Faust;" April 2, "Mignon;" April 4, 
"Martha;" April 5. for the benefit of Clara Louise Kellogg; and 
the programme consisted of : first act of " La Traviata ; " second act 
of "Mignon;" fourth act " Les Huguenots," concluding with the 
mad scene from "Hamlet;" April 6, "II Trovatore": Leonora, 
Marie Roze; Azucena, Mme. Guidotti. This was the closing 
portormance of the season. Reopened April 10, with 
lies." This play was first produced in this city by 
arihe Broadway Theatre (now Daly's), March 2. L. R. Shewell, 
D. H. Harkins, Ed. J. Buckley, Mark Price, D. J. Maguinnis, C. 
Leslie Allen, H. R. Davies, John T. Craven, G. Wiley, Geo. A. 
r.irkess R. 1. Dillon. J. H. Howbnd, C. Rolfe. J. Casey. Geo. 
J.ivis, H. Lowe. H. Wilcox. H. Hines, T. H. McXar)-. E. Chase, 
Armstrong, H. A. Cripps, S. Spencer, Marie Wainwright, and 
T. M. Hunter composed the company. The season closed 

J. Montague took a farewell benefit matinee June 3; First 
" Fntz, • scv-ond and third acts of "The Romance qii^Vogr 

Digitized by Google 



Young M ao;" William Horace Lingard in his sketches; last act 
of " The Two OrpbaDS," with Kate Clajcton as Louise, and "To 
Oblige Benson." 

Marie Aim^ returned here with an opera bouffe company, June 

3, 6; matinee June 8, " Les Cloches de Corneville " was sung; June 

4, "La Reinc Indigo;" June 5, "La Marjolaine;" June 7, "La 
Jolie Parfumeuse;" June 8, "La Timbale d'Argent;" June 10, 
"Girofl^-Girofla;" June 11, second act of "La Petite Marie;" 
last act of "La Marjolaine," and third and fourth acts ol "La 
Vie Parisienne." This closed the season. 

Genevieve Ward appeared for the first time in America Sept. 2, 
in "Jane Shore," supported by Geo. Vandenhoff, James H. Taylor, 
and Milnes Levick. Jarrett & Palmer were again managers. Gen- 
evieve Ward commenced Sept 33 in "Henry VIH., with this 
cast : 

Lady Denny . 

Anne Bokvn . . . 

Qaeen Katharine . . 

Cardinal Wolsey . . 
Duke of Buckingham 

High ChamberilUn . 

Earl of Surrey . . 

Duke of SufTolk . . 

Sir Thomas Lovell . 

Lord Abei^veony . 

Mrs. W. H. Rowe 
, . £ily CoKhlan 
. Genevieve Ward 

. Geo. Vandenhoff 
. Milnes Levick 
J. L. Carhart 
John Swinburne 
Sam Carpenter 
Frank Kilday 
Wm. V. RaiuHis 

Duke of Norfolk 
King Henry 
Cromwdl . 

Lord Sands 
Surveyor . 
Henty Gvildfoid 

M. A. Kennedy 
. Jas. H. Taylor 
Frank littf e 

. C. F. Herbert 
. . Gea Jones 
H. A. Williams 
Henry Rich 
Andrew Jac 
. Chas. Mcl 

"Macbeth," Oct. 21, 22, 23, with Genevieve Ward as Lady 
Macbeth, Vandenhoff as Macbeth, and Milnes Levick as Macduff. 
"Jane Shore" was seen Oct. 24, 25, 26, For her benefit, Oct. 
2$, Miss Ward acted Juliana in "The Honeymoon," and Jane 
Shore. John Bird acted Duke Aranza in " The Honeymoon. " 

A season of opera bouffe commenced Oct. 28, with "Jeanne, 
Jeannette et Jeanneton." In the company were: Rosine Stani^ 
Zelie Weil, L Benedick, Havienne Dralia, Berthe Edant, Lea 
Desonrbray, F. Doria» £. Mialet, C Lecuyer. " Girofld-Girofla " 
was presented Nov. 7. 

The theatre was closed Nov. 12, but reopened Nov. 25, under 
the management of William R. Deutsch. with " That Las s o* 
Lowri c's." Marie Gordon, J. B. Booth, Jr., Henry Dafton, Sier- 
aldinc Maye, William Davidge, Sr., and Georgine Flagg were in 
the company. " Our American Cousin " was produced Dec 9, with 
Geo. PEurkes as Lord Dundreary, and Frank Hardenbergh as Asa 

John Stetson's " Evangeline " company appeared Dec. 16. Gus 
Williams, James Maffitt, Harry Josephs, Larry Tooley, Nellie Lar- 
kelle, Clara Fisher, and Eugenia Paul were in the cast. 

The Renyi ooncert oompany appeared Sunday evening, Dec. 


15. The Mapleson Opera company g^ve a Sunday night concert 
Dec. 22. 

A season of Italian opera began Jan. 6, 1879, by Max Strakosch, 
and the company consisted of Clara Louise Kellogg, Marie Litta, 
Anna Louise Gary, Signorina Galimbertini, Miss Lancaster, 
Charles Adams, Rosnati, Lazzarini, Westberg, Pantaleoni, Gotts- 
chalk, Cauffmann, and Geo. A. Conly. "Alda" was the opening 
opera, followed by "Lucia di Lammermoor," Jan. 7; "Faust,'* 
Jan. 8, 11; " Martha," Jan. 9; " Un Ballo in Maschera," Jan. 10; 
"Lucia," matinee Jan. 11. A concert was given Sunday evening 
Jan. 12, the proceeds being for the musical education of Marie 
Tuck. "II Trovatore" was sung Jan. 13. "La Traviata," Jan. 

14, with the first appearance of Giulia Mario as Violetta; "Les 
Huguenots," Jan. 15, matinee Jan. 18; "Rigoletta," Jan. 16; 
"Carmen," Jan. 17, 22, Miss Kellogg (first time in New York) 
in title rdle; "Alda," Jan. 20. lima di Murska made her d^but 
Jan. 23, as Leonora in " II Trovatore." The season closed matinee 
Jan. 25. 

A dramatic season commenced Jan. 27, with Mr. and Mrs. 
McKec Rankin in "The Djinites." Louis Aldrich and Chas. T. 
Parsloe were in the cast. 

Dion Boucicault appeared Feb. 10, in "The C olleen Baw n." 
Agnes Robertson made her reappearance in this city, after an 
absence of several years, and acted Eily O'Connor. " The C ol- 
leen Bawn " was repeated Feb. 14. 

"The Colleen Bawn " was followed by " Arrah Na Pfigjie " Feb. 
II, 12, 13, 15; matinee Feb. 12, "Kerry "and " The §haugtiJ3un ; " 
Ada Dyas appeared at each performance; Dominick Murray acted 
Michael Feeny in " Arrah^ Na Pogue," and Danny Mann in "XllC 
Colleen Bawn ; " Jolin Brougham was the O'Grady in "_Arrah Na 
P5|nie;" John Gilbert was Father Dolan; and Harry Beckett was 
Harvey Duflf in " The Shaughraun." The engagement closed Feb. 

15, and Agnes Robertson sailed for Europe Feb. 27. 

James C DuflF opened this house March 17, with the comic 
opera, "The Little Duke." The cast was: 

Henri .... 
Ve Na\-aillcs . 
De Nancey . . 
De .VIerijjnac . . 
De Charjjnv 

re mousse 
|e Tanneville 
Ic ChamprailUni. 
^ Ribeaumont . 

. Florence Ellis 
. Henr%- Fraser 
. C ri. Marcy 
. Geo, Gibbons 
. Sidney Barnes 
Edwin thapman 
Edward Burton 
Victor Harroan 
Wilfred Montrose 
. R. .McDonald 

Bernard Fred Goldthwaite 

Le Chex-alier . . W. H. Macdonald 
Mile, de l.a Roche . Helen Grayson 
Mile, de La Champ . . Rose Wilson 
Mile. St. Maur . . Emnu Hinckley 
Third Page . . HenrietU Fischer 

Blanche Louise Beaudet 

Dianne Marie Bauman 

Governess .... Ethel Champney 

This was the first appearance in New York of VV. H. Macdonald. 
he engagement closed April 5. 

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Maurice Grau gave • slioit leason of Frendi open, bouffe, be- 
ginning April 12, with Marie Aim^e as the star. The company 
was: Cecile Gregoire, Sara Raphaels, Jeannie Canonge (first ap- 
pearance in America), Felice Delorme (American dibut), Louise 
Beaudet (first appearance in French op>era), £. Jutau, A. Poyard, 
E. Jouard, Dttplan, Mezi^res, Dupuis, Vilano, Vinchon, Salvator» 
Hayme, Gavaut, Terranele, Mile. Vallot, A Leroy, Desflinde, 
Estradere, Elsasser, Salvator, and many others. " Le Petit Due," 
with Aimile as Le Due de Parthenay, was the initial performance; 
" La Marjolaine " was sung April 24. The company closed May 
3 and went to Abbey's Park Theatre, where they opened May 5, 
in "Le Petit Due." This house was opened Sept. 4, 1879, under 
the management of Dion Boucicault, with a drama by himself 
entitled ' LRescue d. or A_Girr8 Romance,'* then acted for the first 
time on any stage "The cast was : 

The Eart of Mount 

Lady Sibyl Ferrers 
DicKsie, a newstx)y 
PhCBQix O'ReiUy 
Blind Biddv . 
J.ine Garside . 
Mine. Aiirelie . 
Servant • . . 
Rnskov . . . 
John Wealheihy 


I). Rillings 
. Rose Cd^hlan 
Ada Ciilman 
John Brouffbam 
Mn. Cecile Rush 
Marie Prcscott 
Nellie Mortimer 
W. G. Mordant 
. George Clarke 
. . J. Clayton 


Jerry Tarbox 




Miss Clary 

Miss Elliott 
Miss Stewart 
Miss Ransom 
D. Murray 

Mr. Manifold . . . . G. F. Devere 

Widicoff - W. Herbert 

Maggie Lizzie Keisey 

Jennw Alice Barnicoat 

Dan Pearl Eytinge 

During the summer many alterations were made in the audi- 
torium. The two front rows of seats in the orchestra were 
replaced by commodious folding chairs, for which two dollars was 

Dion Boucicault appeared Oct ti in L ouis X I.," which had 

this casP 

Louis XI • Dion Boucicault 

Marie de Comlnes . Rose Coghlan 
Francois de Paul. . . G. F. Devere 
Philippe de Cominea . A. D. Billings 
The banphin . . Dion Boucicault, Jr. 
Nemours ..... John Clayton 

Coitier John Brougham 

Marcel .... Dominick Murray 
Maithe Nellie Mortimer 

Tristan W. Cahill 

Oliver W. Herbert 

De Lude .... Alice Barnicoat 

Jamac Miss Clary 

Beaujeaa Mfas Chase 

De Rohan ..... Nellie Ransom 

Rosette Miss Stockton 

Reine Agnea ElUoti 

This was the first appearance on any stage of Dion Boucicault's 
son. The engagement was a failure and the house closed 

Oct. 25. 

John Brougham's last appearance on the stage was at this house, 

as Coitier in " Louis XI." He died in this city June.7, i88a Ht 
VOL. xn.— 9 — 



made his first appearance on the American stage Oct. 4, 1842, at 
the old Park Theatre, as O'Callaghan in " His Last Legs." He 
was stage manager at Burton's Chambers' Street Theatre 1848-49. 
He opened Brougham's Lyceum Theatre (afterwards Wal lack's), 
Broadway and Broome Street, Dec, 23, 1850. He was manager of 
the Old Bowery Theatre 1856-57. He played in this city and 
Philadelphia the same night, Nov. 13, 1856. He reappeared at 
the Broadway and Broome Street (Wallack's house) April 6, 1857, 
where he remained three seasons. He appeared at the Fifth Avenue 
(the present site of the Madison Square Theatre), Jan. 25, 1869. 
He was at this theatre under the management of Aug. Daly for 
two seasons. He received a benefit at the Academy cf Music, 
this city, afternoon and night, Jan. 17, 1878, which netted him 
$9,394.41, and a matinee benefit at VVallack's Theatre Feb. 14, 
which netted $884.15. These sums were invested in an annuity 

[tor him. Ho was the aiithQj:;_^ thefollowing dramas: "Life in" 

/the Clouds." "The Revolt orTTiF'Sextons," "Reputation," 
"Brougham & Co.," "A Row at the Lyceum," "Romance and 
Reality," "Money Market," "Game of Life," "His Love and 

' Murder," "A Decided Case," "Neptune's Defeat, or the Seizure | 
of the Seas," "Take Care of Little Charley," "Quentin Matsys ; 
vs. Art and Artifice," "Playing with Fire," "The Duke's Motto," 1 
"Bel Dcmonio. " "Flies in the Web," "O'Donnell's Mission," ', 

1" Caught in the Toils," "The Lottery of Life," "Better Late than 

'Never." "The Dramatic Review of 1868," "An Irish Stew, or the | 
Mysterious Widow of Long Branch," "The Red Light, or the ■ 
Signal of Dans^er," "Minnie's Luck," "John Garth," "Dead Sea 
Fruit," "The Emerald Ring." "The Lily of France," "The Pirates 
of the Mississippi," "The Declaration of Independence," "The 

; Irish Emigrant." "Tight as a Brick." "The Red Mask," "Orion, I 
the Goldbeater." "Slander." "A Great Mistake," "My Cousin 
German," " Metamora " (burlesque), "Pocahontas," "Tom and 
Jerr)-, or Life in Boston," "Valentine and Orsino," "Don Keyser i 
de Bassoon," "Columbus, el Filibustero," "A Great Tragic Re- 1 
viN'al," "The Belles of Shandon " (collaborated with Henry 
Morford), "Much Ado About a Merchant of Venice," and a ; 
number of plays tiken from the novels of Chas. Dickens. Asa 
writer Mr. Brougham was decidedly popular: not for his stage 
effect merely, but for a vein of rich wit and humor, as well as a 
deep pathos, which ran through much of his writings. His native 
humor, obliging disposition, and genial manners secured him the 
friendship of all with whom he came in contact. He was married 
JHrice: first to Emma Williams, who died in this city June 13, 
H65: his second wife was Mrs. Coppleson Hodges, formerly 
Hnnette Hawley Ntlson, whom he marrietl in 1847. She died 

J this city May 3, 187a 

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sato3 BOOTH'S THEATRE 131 

Maurice Gnu's French opera company returned Nov. 24, in 
"Lcs Cloches de Corneville," with Paola- Marie as Serpolotte; 
Nov. 26, 27, 28, 29, "La Relle Helene" was sung with Paola- 
Marie as the heroine, M. Angele as Orestes, M. Capoul as Paris. 
Mile. Leroux Bouvard made ner d^but Dec. i, as Mi^on, in the 
opera of that name. " La Camargo *' was announced for Dec. 1 1 , 
but owing to some difficulty it was not done, and the season closeil 
Dec. 13. An Italian opera season commenced Jan. 19, 1880^ with 
** Lucia di Lararoermoor," Marie Litta singing Lucia, and Ptetro- 
vitch, Edgardo. Teresina Singer was announced to make her New 
York debut in *' ATda " on the opening night, but illness prevented 
her from appearing until Jan. 22, when she sang Aida. Mile. 
Blanche (Davenport) first appeared in this city Jan. 20, as Viuletta 
in " La Traviata.'* The season closed Jan. 3 1 . 

H. E. Abbey was the next manager of this theatre. He opened 
it Feb. 4, with " Humpty Dumpty." The officials of the house 
were: Abbey & Hickey, proprietors; Geo. H. Tyler, business 
manager; J. S. Maffitt, stage director; John L. Vincent, stage 
manager; Henry Wannemacher, musical director; J. Cheever 
Goodwin, treasurer. The cast of "Humpty Dumpty" was: 

Genius of i!ie I)r.iim.i, H.ittie O'Neill 
Muse o£ Comedv £iU Whittredge 
Mote of Trageciy . . Marie Longley 
Spirit of Pantomime . . Louis Snow 
Poor Pillicoddy . . . Henry Flohr 
Sir Joseph Porter . . frank Crane 
Boiialo fiill . . . ; . W. Carpeater 
Uttle Red Rfdiog Hood, LUde Hattfe 
Mother Hubbard . . . Little Alice 
Jack and Jill, Little JohDnie and Jennie 
UtUe Ho Peep . . . Lfttle Cvfie 
Matthew Maize . . Edward Mooes 
Tom and Timothy 

Miseei Rupert and Gray 

Peter and Paul 

Baptislan and Kale Frueis 
Jonathaa, Jacob 

Misses Crone and Reeves 

Samiid, Saul 

Liziie and Maggie Francis 
Mary and Martha 

Lizrie and Jennie Timony 
Polly and Peg, Nellie Gray and Barbour 
Humpty Dumpty, Sr. . J. S. Maffitt 
Humpty Dampty, Jr. . Robert Fiaser 
OM Om Two . . W. H. Bartboloniew 
Old Three Four ... N. D. Jones 

Reddy, a Policeimui ■ Robert Boder 
Grouty Gnu . . . A. S. Mattbewi 
KwiUPen Frank Crane 

Tommy Tucker . . J. F. Raymond 
Bobby Shaftoe . Mile. E. \fenzelli 
Litde Goody Two Shoes 

Pauline Bamtta 
Little Misi Moffet . . Kate Fiands 
Josephine, Jessie, Mowbiay and Fettou 
.Molly aad Meg 

Came La Fome and Harkina 

Eileen BeUe Wharton 

Hamlet Thos. Johnson 

Stalacta ..... Kate Francis 
.Mephisto .... Blanche Franklin 

Ballet Bertha Rupert 

Gabriel Carrie Williams 

Young H. D Master Willie 

Felix Fodder G. Lansing 

Stephen Stubble .... J. McGraw 
Benjamin Bran .... B. Smith 
Korn Shock .... A. Carpenter 

Reuben Rye W. Comley 

Francis Fleece .... T. Ryan 
William Wether .... J. Hatzel 
Edward Ewe . . . . H. Humphrey 
Lionel Lamb C. CoUina 

The premiires were Marie Bonfanti, Elizabeth Mcnzelli, Pauline 
Barretta, and Elise Soott. The Brothers Valjean. jugglers and 


balancers; Fred Laventine, equilibrist; the Snow Bros., acrobats; 
and the Spanish Students were the specialty people. A concert 
was given Sunday evening, Feb. 8, at which the Spanish Students, 
Amy Sherwin (first appearance in this city), Sig. Tagliapietra, 
Teresa Carreno, and Charles Pratt were the attractions. A benefit 
for the Irish Fund was given Feb. 19. 

"Humpty Dumpty " was played for eight weeks. 

Edwin Booth began an engagement here March 30, 1880, in 
"Macbeth." The cast was: 

Rosse . . 
Lenox . . 
Seyton . . 
Flcance . . 
First Witch 
Second Witch 

Edwin Booth 
J. C. McCollom 

M. Rain forth 
M. V. Lingham 
. . O. H. Barr 
Walter C. Kelley 
. . John Daily 
. Harry Fierson 
Harry Woodruff 
. J. H. Melton 
Wm. Cullington 
. Wm. F. Owen 
. E. C. McCall 

Third Witch . . 
First Murderer 
Second Murderer 
Porter .... 
First Officer . . 
Second Officer 
(jentlewoman . . 
Wounded Officer 
First Apparition . 
Second Apparition 
Third Apparition 
Lady .Macbeth 

Louisa Eldrid^e 
E. T. W'ells 
M. Mitchell 
Horace Lewis 
Geo. Warren 
. W. Squires 
. Belle Flohr 
Otis Skinner 
Walter Steward 
. B. Williams 
Master J. Ellis 
Mrs. D. P. Bowers 

M. V. Lingham played Banquo two nights, after which C. G. 
Craig acted the character. " Macbeth " was also played March 31, 
April 16, 21, 23; Mr. Booth played "Richelieu" April i, 2, 3, 
19, supported by J. C. McCollom as De Mauprat, and Ellie Wilton 
as Julie de Mortemar. Matinde April 3, Mr. Booth played Bene- 
dick, to Mrs. D. P. Bowers' Beatrice, in "Much Ado About Noth- 
ing." J. M. Hardie wa^ the Don Claudio; Otis Skinner, Conrad; 
and W. F. Owen, Dogberry. April 5, 6, 7, Mr. Booth's new ver- 
sion of " Richard III.," was given, with Master Harry Woodruff as 
Duke of York, Mrs. D. P. Bowers as Queen Margaret, Kate Meek 
as Queen Elizabeth, Ellie Wilton as Lady Anne, and Louisa 
Eldridge as Duchess of York. Mr. Booth played "Othello" April 
8, 10, 20. with Mrs. Bowers as Emilia, and Ellie Wilton, Desde- 
mona. "The Fool's Revenge," with Booth as Bertuccio, followed 
April 9, 10. 22, 24, with Ellie Wilton as Fiordelisa, Kate Meek 
as Francesca, Louisa Eldridge as Brigita, and Belle Flohr as 
Gencvia. "Hamlet" was played April 12, 13, 14, 15, 17. Mr. 
Booth commenced his third and last week April 17, with "The 
Merchant of Venice" and "Taming of the Shrew;" Mrs. Bowers 
was Portia in the first-named play. " Ruy Bias " was given matinee 
April 24, and Mr. Booth closed with "The Fool's Revenge" that 

Adelaide Neilson reappeared here April 26 in "Cymbeline," 
which had this cast : 

Digitized by Google 


Imogen . * 

Cvmbeline . 

Cloten . . 

Guiderius . 

Arviragut . 

Madan . . 

Locrine . . 

FIsaaio . . 

, . Miu Neilson 
H. A. Weaver, Jr. 
C. H. Ilradshaw 
. H. A. Weaver 
W. A. Eytinee 
J. H. Mnler 
G. R. Sprague 
. Frank Currier 
. .L. F. Rand 

M L. Leffinj^ell 

Caius Lucius ) 
Philario J • 
Leonatus . . . Edward Compton 
Cornelius ..... Mr. Lickford 

Qaeen Kate Meek 

Hden Katie Baker 

Lewis Mr. Burnham 

lachiroo J. B. Studtey 

Varat Mr. Smith 

"Twdfth Night" was acted April 27, matinee May 8» nights 
May II, 13, 18, and had this cast: 

Viola Miss Neilson 

Malvolio .... Edward Comptoo 
Ortino .... Fmnk W. Sanger 

Sebastian Edwin Cleary 

Antonio L. F. Rand 

Friar .... H. A. Weaver, Jr. 
Curio R. Stnith 

.Sir Toby- 
Sir Andrew 
FaMan . . 

Sea Captain 
Olivia . . 
Maria . . 

. H, A. Weaver. Sr. 
. . C. H. Bradshaw 
. . W. A. Ey tinge 
M. L. Leffinifwell. Jr. 
. . . J. H. Miller 
. Josephine C. Bailey 
. . LinieGoode 

On May 3, 17, and matinee May 22, Miss Neilson was seen as 
Juliet, with Mr. Compton as Romeo. " As You Like It " was given 
May 4, raatin^e May 1 5, and evening May 20, with this cast: 


Duke . 
Le Beau 
Charles . , 

. Adelaide Neilson 
. Edward Compton 
H. A. Weaver, Sr. 
. . . L. F. Rand 
. F. W. Sanger 
W. A. Eytinge 
. . Wm. Edwin 
. C. H. Bradshaw 
H. A. Weaver, Jr. 

Amiens ... M. L. Leffinj^well, Jr. 
Audrey . . . MlB. F. A. Tannehill 

Oliver J. Miller 

Sylvius Louis F. Maasen 

Jaques de Bois . . . L. H. Stacey 

William Edwin Cleary 

Eustace .... Frank E. Currier 
Celia .... Josephine C. Bailey 
Phebe Katie Baker 

In consequence of the illness of Adelaide Neilson, the house 
was closed May la "The Hunchback ** was given May 12, Ellen 

Cummens as Helen. This performance was repeated May 15. On 
May 14, 19, "The Lady of Lyons" was played. For Miss Neil- 
son's benefit and farewell appearance, May 24, the programme 
was: selections from the third and fourth acts of "Twelfth 
Night;" the balconv scene from "Romeo and Juliet;" the fifth 
act of "Cymbeline;" and the second and third acts of "Measure 
for Measure." This was the first time in thirty-five years that 
"Measure for Measure" had been played in New York. Mr. 
Compton was Claudio; H. A. Weaver, Sr., the Duke; Frank 
Sanger, Angclo; L. F. Rand, Escalus; Walter Hytinge, Lucio; 
Eklwin Cleary, Elbow; Chas. Bradshaw, Pompey; J. H. Miller, 
Froth ; H. A. Weaver, Jr. , Provost ; and L. F. Massen, Thomas. 

Miss Neilson's last appearance on the stage was at Baldwin's 
Theatre, San Francisco, July 17, 1880, when she acted Juliet in 
the balcony scene of " Romeo and Juliet," and Amy Robsart in the 
play of that name. She had been acting there from June & Re- 

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turning to New York, she sailed for Europe July 28. In eighteen 

days she was dead Miss Ncilson suffered from dyspepsia, com- 
bined with neuralgia of the stomach. During the violent recur- 
rence of pain she fell into a state of syncope, and died while in 
that condition, at F^ris, Aug. 15, 188a She was heautiful on or 
off the stage. Her performance of Viola in "Twelfth Night " and 
Imogen in "Cymbeline" added greatly to her reputation. She 
was also excellent as Lady Teazle, Beatrice, Pauline, Juliet, 
Julia, and Isabella (*' Measure for Measure"). Her voice was 
musical and impressive, capable of very great modulation, and a 
most artistic command of all the delicacies of elocution. 

This actress' right name was Lizzie Jones, and she was born in 
a little village in Yorkshire, Eng. She did not have Spanish or 
gypsy blood in her veins, as was claimed, but was the child of a 
poor basket-maker. At twelve she coaxed her old uncle to let her 
ride in the market wagon that was goine to London. When the 
old gentleman had crossed London Bridge, Lizzie could not be 
found, and her parents heard nothing more of her for five 3rears, 
w^hen they discovered her to be Adelaide Neilson. Only five years 
had passed between the time that the barefooted country girl, who 
spoke with a strong Yorkshire accent, had dropped from the back 
of the cart and the time when she appeared as Juliet. 

I asked Miss Neilson once, while she was in a talkative humor, 
why she was sighing. "You have youth, beauty, genius, wealth, 
the admiration of the world. What more could woman ask ? ** ** I 
will tell you in one word," she replied; "I would give all else for 
it; I want health! How can I fully enjoy the others of God's 
great gifts without that which I am always praying for? I am 
apprehensive of an early coming of the end." 

Miss Neilson was the ideal woman of Shakespeare. She seemed 
the bud and flower of human perfection — the embodiment of all 
that men dreamed of in Juliet and Rosalind. 

"Thfi rirQQfh?WP " was produced for the first time on any stage 
May 25. It was written expressly for W. ^ Cahill. T. F. 
Meagher was announced as manager of the tEeatre. The cast 

Paujre Pender 
Dennis Harratt 
Pierce Barratt 
Tom Barratt . 
Sir Talbot . . 
Gerald Gwynne 
Eugene Lacy . 
Pbil .... 

W. B. Cahill 
T. Chapman 
J. F. Peters 
L. R. WiUard 
S. T. Mount 
H. S. Duffield 
John Matthews 

Geo. S. RobiBBon | Nora 

Mick Moynchan 
Father Parrell . 
Callaghan . . 
Maureen Lacy 
Grace Gwynne 
Mary Kcrnan . 
Rose Moran . 

. . M. J. Jordan 
. . Ellis Martin 
Maurice Strafford 
. . . Rose Lisle 
Florence Robinson 
. . . J. Christie 
. . Rose Parker 
. . Alice Wells 

It was played three nights. A benefit was given June 2, to the 
members of the American Medical association by the New York 

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Pharmacal association. " Othello " was acted, with Edwin Booth 
as lago; Frederic Robinson, Othello; Miss Atkinson (her first 
appearance in America). Emilia; Ellen Cummens, Desdemona. 

The next regular season began Sept. 13, H. E. Abbey as lessee, 
with the Bostdn Ideal opera company in ** The Pirates of Penzance/* 
thus cast : 

Rkhud M. W. Whitney 

Smnd .... W. H. Macdoaalcl 

Frederic Tom Karl 

Edward .... Geo. Frothingham 
Isabel May Mitchell 

Vladimir . . . Adelaide Phillips 
Sergeant . . . Geo. Frothingham 

Princess IMarie Stone 

Count M. W. Whitney 

Izset H. C. Barnabee 

JuHwi Tom Karl 

Nipikiphar Emma Tuttle 

Nursidah Mary Calef 

Marsaldshi ..... Lizzie Barton 
Mustaphm H. £. Dixey 

Maior-Geoeial Stanley, H. C. Barnabee 

Mabel Mary Beebe 

Edith Clara Merlvale 

Kate . Lizzie Burton 

Ruth Adelaide Phillips 

Hassen Gus Kammerlee 

Ossip Gus Kammerlee 

Vasfl G. W. Tuttle 

Dimitri ...... Lizzie Burton 

Ivan Mary Calef 

Fedor .... Zephie Dinsmore 
Zu!eiki .... Miss H. A. Brown 
Dioaa .... Zephie Dinsmore 

Besika Stella Hatch 

Voika A. J. Hubbard 

Marie Stone sanp: Mabel Sept. 15; W. H. Fessenden was Fred- 
eric; Sept. 16, and evening of Sept. 18, Miry Beebe appeared as 
Mabel* and Tom Karl as Frederic. "Fatinitza" was sung Sept. 
27, with this cast : 

"Pinafore** was sung Oct. 7, 8, 9. "Cinderella" was pro- 
duced, under the direction of Henry C. Jarrett, Oct. 11. In 
the cast were Catherine Lewis, Elma Delaro, Jennie Hughes, 
Annie Shaffer, Katie Seymour, Mark Smidi, W. H. Seymour, 
James Vincent, Edward Connell, Arthur Gennon, and Lizzie 

Sarah Bernhardt made her debut in America Nov. 8, at this 
theatre, as Adrienne Lecouvreur, in the play of that name. Her 
company consisted of MM. Angelo, Gaily, D'Orsay, Bouilloud, 
Chamonnin, Gangloff, Thefer, Detetraz, Joliet, Mile. Jeanne 
Bernhardt. Mme. Mea, Miles. Sidney, Vernct>Laflcur, Martel, 
and La Petite Bageard. Maze Edwaids was manager for Mr. 
Abbey. The prices of admission during the Bernhardt season 
were: Season tickets (twenty-four performances), $60; single 
seats, orchestra, orchestra circle, and balcony, $3; single seats, 
itnrn circle (first night), $2.50; single seats, dress circle, other 
performances, $2\ reserved fomily circle (first night), $21 re- 
served family circle, other performances, $1. Her repertory con- 
sisted of "Adrienne Lecouvreur," "Frou Frou," " Le Sphinx," 
"L'fitrang^re," "La Dame aux Camelias," "Phedre," "Hemani." 
Every performance was given in French. Her second engagement 

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terminated Dec. 4, with the second and third acts of "Frou Frou," 
" Le Passant," and fourth and fifth acts of "Camille." 

" T he Celebrate d Case" was produced for one week, commencing 
Dec. "^7 with James O'Neill as Jean Renaud. There were also 
in the cast Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Morrison (Rose Wocd), Harry 
Edwards, Gabrielle du Sauld, Eva French, and William J. Scanlan. 

Tomasso Salvini reappeared on the American stage, after an 
absence of several years, Dec. 13, in "Othello," supported by an 
American company. The cast was : 

lago ...... L. R. Shewdl 

Cassio Henry Crisp 

Roderigo W. F. Owen 

Brabantio .... A. D. Billin^^ 

Montano Frank Kilday 

Othello Toma.sso Salvini 

The Doge T. M. Hunter 

Lodovico ..... N. D. Jones 

Gratiano J. H. Ring 

Paulo Chas. Mason 

Antonio W. Warren 

Luca S. Mortimer 

Desdemona .... EUie Wilton 
Emilia Marie Prescott 

"Othello" was repeated Dec. 15: "Hamlet," Dec. 17; "La Morte 
Civile," Dec. 18. There was no performance Tuesday, Thursday, 
and Saturday evenings. "Othello" was repeated Dec. 20, 25; 
".Sullivan," Dec. 22: "The Gladiator," Dec. 23. 

Uncle Tom's Cabin ' was revived Dec. 27 by H. C. Jarrett & 
Harry Palmer's company. The cast : 

Fletcher .... Chas. Wheatleigh I Haley Geo. Mordant 

Legree Lewis Morrison Topsy Marie Bates 

Uncle Tom ... A. H. Hastings Eva Zoe Tuttle 

Marks Harry Courtaine Ophelia . Mrs. Fanny Denham Rouse 

Geo. Harris . . . Ogtlen Stevens Cassie Jennie Carroll 

St. Clair .... Nelson Decker Eliza Blanche Delwr 

Emeline ..... Josie Wilmere Skcggs W. A. Lavclle 

Mrs. St. Clair . . . Mabel Lozier I SamM> ...... Chas. Rosene 

Tom Loker . . . . L. F. Barrett 

" Uncle Tom " was withdrawn Jan, 29, 1881. 

A sjiecial matinee performance took place Dec. 28 for the bene- 
fit of M. V. Lingham, when a host of volunteers appeared, includ- 
injij Charles R. Thorne (recitation, "Sheridan's Ride"); Emma 
Abbott in ballads; second act of "■ J)an ilgs." by Mr. and Mrs. 
McKcc Rankin and company ; selections from " Olivette," by Marie 
Janscn, H. Armind, Citherine Lewis, and JohiTTfowson; scene 
from "School tor Scandal," by Rose Coghlan and John Gilbert; 
third act of "The Guv'nor." by Wallack's Theatre company; 
Charles Drew and Amy Gordon in an Oflfenbachian sketch; 
*' Widow BssJott," bv Charles Bishop and company; selections by 
Gilmorc's band ; and the trial scene of '* BanJeU-XSi^J^kwick," by 
Geo. Kawcclt Rowe, and others. 

Tomasso Salvini rcapj^earcd Jan, 31, in "The Gladiator," re- 

Digitized by Googl 



peated Feb. 2, 3, and mating Feb. 5 ; ** Enoch Arden " was acted 
Feb. i» mating Feb 2, evenings Feb. 4, 5, with this cast : 

Enoch Arden .... James 0*NeiU 
Phillip Ray .... Henry Crisp 
ReabeD A. D. Binfngs 

Peter Lane W. F. Owen 

Annie Leigh .... Agnes Booth 
Miriam . . . Mrs. E. L. Davenport 

"Othello/' Feb. 7; "Ingomar," Feb. 9; "Macbeth," Feb. 10. 12 
(first times in America); " Enoch Arden," Feb. 8, matinees, Feb. 

g, matinee Feb* 13. 

On the afternoon of Feb. 11 a performance was given for the 
purpose of raising funds to secure for presentation to the Metro- 
politan Musenro, Central Park, a life-size alto relievo, in bronzy of 
Edgar Allan Foe. The following programme was presented, under 
the direction of A. M. Palmer, with J. Leon Vincent, stage man- 
ager: Dan Godfrey's band in Scotch melodies; Gilmore's band; 
recitation of "The Bells," by Chas. Roberts, Jr. ; farce of "Betsy 
Baker," by John T. Raymond, Lewis Baker, Jr., Cecil Yorke, and 
Louise Sylvester; Locke Richardson's reading of the wooing scene 
from " Henry V. ; " Sig. Tagliapietra, solo, " La Stella Confidante," 
accompanied by Chas. Pratt; the sleep-walking scene from "Mac- 
beth," by Clara Morris, Louise Eldridge, and Thomas Chapman; 
violin solo by Caryl Florio; screen scene from "School for Scan- 
dal." by John Gilbert, Osmond Tearle, Gerald Eyre, Harry Holli- 
day, and Rose Coghlan ; Kate Field in selections from " Eyes and 
Ears in London;" "Sullivan the Actor" David Garrick by 
Tomasso Salvini, Ellie Wilton, Mrs. E. L Davenport, and others; 
Nellie Holbrook, reading of Poc's poems, "Annabel Lee," and 
"A Dream Within a Dream;" the "Colleen Baw n." with Agnes 
Robertson Boucicault as Eily; Wro. Elton as IkCyles; Charles 
Wheatleigh, Danny Mann; Louisa Eldridge, Sheelah ; Catherine 
Lewis in a song from " Girofle-Girofla ; " and the entertainment 
closed with the second act of " OiUL^oarding House," in which 
J. B. Polk, Leonard Grover, Sidney Drew,' Mrs. Geoi^ie Rowe 
(Georgie DicksSn); — Joste" Batcheldcr, Belle Mackenzie, and 
others appeared. John Howson was announced to sing, but did 
not appear. 

Salvini gave a professional matinee of "Othello" Feb. 14. In 

the eveninj^, Feb. 14, " ^One Hundred Wives" was presented by 
the De Wolf Hopper & Goescfie company, consisting of De Wolf 
Hopper, Frank \Veston, Alex. Fitzgerald, John Ince, Ada Gilman, 
Geocgie Drew, Mra. J. Wheeler, Little Vivia Ogden. John Ogden, 
Charles Rolfe, L. Eddinger, and Geo. R. Sprague. 

Janauschek began an engagement here March 7 in "Brunhilde," 
which was repeated March 9; March 8, 10, matinee March 12, 
"Mother and Son" was played; March ii, "Medea;" evening 
March 12, "Macbeth;" March 14. 18, "Mary Stuart;" March 


15, 17, mating March 19, " Bleak Hous e;" March 16, "Deb- 
orah;" March 19, "Macbeth." 

" Voy agers-in Southern Seas, or the Children of_C ^ptain Grant," 
was produced March 21, by the Boston Theatre company, which 
consisted of Frank Weston, Leslie Allen, D. J. Maguinnis, Mark 
M. Price, Otis Skinner, Geo. R. Parks, M. J. Jordan, John T. 
Craven, H. A. Cripps, H. E. Chase, E. G. Backus, R. G. Moss, 
Arthur Moulton, Mrs. M. A. Pennoyer, Rachel Noah, Mary 
Tucker, Master Harry Woodruff, Charlene Wiedraan, Bonfanti, 
Mile. Gigia Riparaonti, Mauer Marechal, and Ariel, the Flying 

A benefit was given, matinee April 7, to minstrel Charley 
White. Among the volunteers were : J. K. Emmet; Jas. O'Neill 
in the fourth act "Richelieu;" a comedy company in the " Gob- 
JnjS;" the Russian athletes; Ariel, Anna Berger, Ella Wesner, 
Annie Renner, Gus Phillips, John Wild, Prof. Davis, John and 
Maggie Fielding, and many others. 

Bsrnhardt reappeared April 18, in " La Princesse Georges," for 
the first time in New York; April 19, " Cam i lie; " April 20, " Her- 
nani ; " April 21," Frou Frou ; " April 22, " Adrienne Lecouvreur; " 
matinee April 23, "Camille;" April 25, " La Princesse Georges;" 
April 26, 29. "Camille;" April 27, " L'litrang^rc; " April 28, 
matinee April 30, "Frou Frou." H. E. Abbey's management of 
this theatre terminated April 30, when it was leased by John 
Stetson, who opened Aug. 31, 1881, with " Michael Strogoff, " 
postponed from Aug. 29. The cast was : 

Ivan ...... Newton Gotthold 

Governor A. D. Billings 

John Philpot .... Felix Morris 

feofar Geo. Robinson 

Officer Geo. Copin 

First Traveller 
Second Traveller . 
Passport Agent 
Telegraph Clerk . 
A Bohemian . . 
Gen. Verouzoff . 
Sangarre . . . 

. . Harry Cope 
. . . Wm. Tape 
Chas. Torrencc 
. . T. F. Atkins 
. Andrew Nfahone 
. . John Bright 
Florence Robinson 

Gen. Krezof 
Richard Hunt . 
Chief of Police 
Marfa . . . 
Michael . . . 
Innkeeper . . 
Hich Priest . 
First Fugitive . 
Wassil Feder . 
.Aide de Camp 
Grand Duke 
Nadia . . . 

John Swinburne 
Isadore Da\'idson 
Dclancv Barclay 
. Eliza Bates 
F. C. Bangs 
Geo. BowTon 
W. H. Pope 
Thos. Barton 
John T. Burke 
Walter Eytinge 
Frank Beresford 
Rachel Sanger 

This was the first appearance in New York in four years of F. 
C. Bings. The play was presented under the stage direction of 
Thomas R MacDonough. It was first produced in America at 
W4^s Eiiihth Street theatre, near Broadway, Aug. 29, 1881. 
^Isodone by the Kiralfy Bros., at the Academy of Music, 
' ~ept 3, 1881. 
Booth made his reappearance on the American stage 
r his European tour. He remained three weeks, and 
nations were: "Richelieu," Oct. 3, 4, 8, and matinee 

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Oct. 22; "Maclieth/' Oct. 5, 6; "Othello," Oct. 7, mating Oct. 
8, II (Booth acted Othello, and Samuel Piercy, lago, Oct. 7; 
Booth as lago, and Piercy as Othello, Oct. 8 ; and Oct. 14, Booth 
as lago and Piercy as Othello); "King Lear, ' Oct. 17, 18; " Tam- 
ing of the Shrew" and "The Merchant of Venice," Oct. 19; 
"Richard III.," Oct. 22. He was supported by Bella Pateman, 
Samuel Piercy, Cyril Searle, David C. Anderson, Robert Pate- 
man, F. C. Huebner, William A. Whitecar, Louis F. Barrett, 
Edwin Cleary, Mason Mitchell, Newton Chisnell, W. Carpenter, 
Henry Bristol, Frank Lander, Mrs. C. Calvert, Eva Garrick (Mrs. 
Maze Edwards), Miss Calvert, and Louisa Eldridge, under the 
direction of Henry E. Abbey. 

A matinee benefit Oct. 14 was for the Michigan fire sufferers, 
given by Edwin Booth and Lawrence Barrett "Othello" waa 
presenteid, with this cast: 


Caasio . 






. Edwin Booth 
. Louii James 
. B. G. Rogers 
Chas. Plunkett 
. F. C. Mosley 
. Charles Rolfe 
Fred. P. Barton 

Othello . . . 
Duke of Venice 

Antonio . . 

Julio . . . 

Messenger . 

Desdemona . 

Emilia . . . 

. . L. P. Barrett 
. . . Fred Bock 
. Albert T. Riddle 

Chas. Hawthorne 
Nestor Lennon 
Marie Wainwright 
« * BeUa Patemaa 

For his second week Mr. Booth acted "King Lear," Oct. 17, 
18: "Taming of the Shrew" and "Merchant of Venice," Oct. 19; 
"Richelieu/' Oct. 20, 21, matinee Oct. 22; "Richard III.," even- 
ing Oct 32; for his third week, Hamlet," Oct. 24. 29; "Riche- 
lieu," Oct 25, 28; "Merchant of Venice" and "Tanning of the 
Shrew," Oct. 26 and matin6e 27; "Richard III.," Oct. 27. 

Ernesto Rossi first appeared in New York at this theatre Oct. 
31. as Othella His American d^but was made at the Globe 
Theatre, Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, as King Lear. His repertory 
here was: "Othello," Oct. 31, Milnes Levick as lago, Nov. 2, 
matinees Nov. 5, 8; "Romeo and Juliet," Nov. i, 4, 9; "Hamlet/* 
Nov. 3, 7, 10, mating Nov. 12; **King Lear." Nov. 11: Milnes 
Levick as Edgar; Leslie Gossin, Edmund; Louise Muldener, 
Cordelia; Constance Hamblin, Goneril. The cast of "Romeo 
and Juliet" was: 

Mercutio . . • , . Milnes Levick 

Benvolio Leslie Gonin 

Tybalt .... Harry Weaver, Jr. 

Capulet E. A. El^erle 

Montague J- H. King 

Friar Lanrenoe 

Prince of Veitma . . . Chas. Kent 
Lady Capulet . . Mrs. H. A. Weaver 

Grepnn,' T. F. Kelly 

lialthusar £. Elberts 

Paris William Moiris 

W. J. Shea] Apothecary . . . . W. V. Ranout 

, . . . . Roui Juliet Louise Muldener 

H. A. Weaver, Sr. | None .... Mrs. £. A. Eberle 

On his opening night the attendance was not large. 


Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta "Patience" was presented Nov. 
14, by Edward E. Rice's company, consisting of Vernona Jarbeau, 
Irene Perry, Rosa Cook, Rose Temple, Henry Laurent, Gustavus 
F. Hall, Eugene Clarke, A. W. F. McCollin, Geo. A. Schiller, 
and Thomas Sage. 

Mile. Rhea Hrst appeared in this city Nov. 28, as Adrienne 
Lecouvreur. (Her American d^but was Nov. 14, at the Park 
Theatre, Brooklyn, as Camille. ) "Camille" was acted Dec. i, 2, 
3. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Florence commenced a two weeks* stay 
Dec. 5, in "The I^ii^ty Dollar." The Yokes Family appeared 
Dec. 19, in " Belles of the Kitchen." A contract for the sale of 
this theatre to~J. Augusfus Page tor $550,000 was signed Dec. 22, 
by the representatives of the Oakes Ames estate. 

"The Two Orphans" was played matinee Dec 26, and con- 
tinued for one week, with this cast : 

The Chevalier . . . Edwin Thorne 
Sister Genevieve .... Ida Vernon 

Pierre James OWeill 

The Doclor . . . Thos. E. .Morris 

La Frochard . . . Marie Wilkins 

Jacques Chas. Steveniion 

Henrietta .... Henrietta Vaders 
Louise Kate Claxton 

Mary Anderson began an engagement here Jan. 2, 1882, and 
played "Romeo and Juliet" all the week except matinee Jan. 7, 
when she was seen in " Pygmalion and Galatea," and evening Jan. 
7, as Julia in "The Hunchback." "The Hunchback " was acted 
all the week of Jan. 9, except night Jan. 14, when Miss Ander- 
son appeared for the first time in this city as Berthie in "The 
Daughter of Roland," repeated Jan. 16, 17; "Love" was played 
Jan. 18, 19, 20; " Pygmalion and Galatea," matinee Jan. 21, even- 
ings Jan. 23, 24, 25, 26; evening Jan. 21, "Romeo and Juliet;" 
Jan. 27, for her benefit, she was seen as Galatea and Berthie in 
third act "The Daughter of Roland;" "The Lady of Lyons" was 
given the matinee Jan. 28, and she closed her engagement as Par- 
thenia in " Ingomar " the night of Jan. 28. 

The Greek play "CEdipus " was acted for the first time in this 
city Jan. 30, George Riddle in the title i61e in Greek, Georgia 
Cayvan as Jocasta. All the other characters weie in English. 
Lewis Morrison acted Creon ; James F. Hagan, Thiresias; J. J. 
Hayes, Priest of Zeus; P. C. Hagar, Messenger; and Perston 
Wilcox, Corypheus. 

The Boston Ideals, consisting of Gerald ine Ulmar, Marie 
Stone, Mathikie Phillips, Lizzie Burton, Tom Karl, W. H. Fes- 
senden, Myron Whitney, H. C. Barnabee, George Frothingharo, 
G. Kammerlec, and others, appeared Feb. 6, in "Fatinitza;" 
Feb. 7, "Chimes of Normandy;" Feb. 8, "Czar and Zimmer- 
man;" Fob. 9, "The Mascot;" Feb. 10, " Pirates of Penzance;" 

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matinee Feb. 11, "Olivette;" evening Feb. 11, "Pinafore;" " Fa- 
tinitza," Feb. 13, 18; "The Pirates of Penzance," Feb. 14; "The 
Bohemian Girl." Feb. 15; ''Olivette/' Feb. 16; "The Mascot," 
Feb. 17, and "Pinafore,^ matinee Feb. 18. 

The Strakosch Italian opera company commenced Feb. 20 in 
"Lucia di Laramermoor;" "Aida" was sung Feb. 21-March 
4; "La Sonnambula." Feb. 22, matinee March 4; "II Flauto 
Magico," Feb. 23; "Un Ballo in Maschero," Feb. 24; "II Bar- 
biere di Seviglia," matinee Feb. 25, night March 2; Feb. 25, 
"Faust;" Feb. 27, "Hamlet," Gerster as Ophelia; Feb. 28, "II 
Trovatore;" March i, "La Traviata;" March 3, " Ernani." The 
organization consisted of Etelka Gerster, Maria Lestino, Maria 
Prasini, Abbie Carrington, Bertha Ricci, Kate van Arnheim, Miss 
Arcone, Marie Lancaster, Mile. Corbi, Francisco Giannini, Pas- 
quale Lazzarini, Giovanni Perugini, Massimo Ciapini, Gea Sweet, 
Roberto Mancini, Agotto Carbone, Th. Habelman, G. F. Hall, 
and Bardini. S. Behrens and De Novellis were musical directors. 
This was the first appearance in New York of Lestino, Prasini, 
Giannini, Ciapini, Mancini, and Carbone. 
Bo ucicau lt's play, "Suil-a-Mor, or Life in. Gal way,** was first 
m tbis city MarcfilS^ and with this cast : 

Lord Barromore . . P. W. Coolidge 

Bertie Harrv Lee 

Lord Ossidew . . J. T. Galloway 
Romacy Leake . . EM. Holland 

Bemy j. J. Williams 

Sligo Dan .... Geo. D. Marfcey 

Morrissey H A. Clarke 

Daly Robert Archer 

Kitiy Heart Eytinge 

Sheelah Mary Wells 

The O'Dowd . . . Dion Boucicault 

Lady Rose Helen Tracy 

Mrs. Fowler . . . Minnie Upham 

Mike Ogdea Stevens 

Mvldoon T. W. Ford 

Chalker Sol Smith. Jr. 

MoUie Hattie Treville 

?t§uiJjjL^Mor " continued a second week, followed by the Boston 
Comic opera company, March 20, in "Patience,** with Vemona 
Jarbeau in title r61e. It was sung until "Pirates of Penzance" 
was put on, March 23, 24; " Pinafore," matinee and niglit March 
25; " Billec Taylo r," March 27, for one week. The organization 
consisted ot A. r. McCollin, Broccolini, William Hamilton, Henri 
Laurent, Rose Dana, Fannie Hall, Rosa Cook, Y^™o°> Jarbeau, 
and Herndon Morsell. 

The Florences returned here April 3, in "The Ticket of Leave 
Man," for one week. 

A matinee performance was given April 3, for the benefit of the 
Actors' Fund, in nearly every theatre in this city and Brooklyn. 
Tickets admitting to any one cf the theatres were $\ each. The 
performance at this house consisted of * *The M ighty Dollar." by 
the Flmvnces, assisted by Chas. Dade, Sol Smith, Frank Lamb, 
Lin Harris, A. Tavemier, C. N. Barbour, Oliver Jenkins, £. 


Jones, L. M. Lein, J. Irving, Ethel Greybrooke, Annie Ellsler, 
Ida Tavernier, L. Novello. 

Salsbury's Troubadours appeared here April lo, in " Greenroom 
Fun ." by Bronson Howa rd, acted for the first time in this city, 

Edwin l5ooth returned April 17, prior to his departure for 
Europe. He acted in "Richelieu" April 17, and matinee April 
22; "Othello." April 18, Booth as Othello; April 19, "Mac- 
beth;" April 20, 22, 28, "The Fool's Revenge;" April 21, 
"Othello," Booth as lago; April 24, 27, matinee April 29, "Ham- 
let;" April 25, "King Lear;" April 26, "Richelieu;" and his 
engagement closed April 29, with "Richard III." 

A spring season opened May 8, with Edward Rice's " Surprise 
Party " in " Cinderella at School. " The leading artists were : Irene 
Perrv (afterwaids Mrs. Albert Weber, and sister of Helen Sedg- 
wick), Rose Temple, Carrie Perkins, Jennie Calef, Henry E. 
Dixey, Eugene Clarke, and Geo. K- Fortescue. This company 
continued a second week. 

The next regular season began Sept. 16, with the first perform- 
ance in America of "The Romany Rye," which ran until Nov. 27, 
and had this cast : 

Jack Heame 
Boss Knivett 
Philip Royston 
Edward Marsden 
Black Nathan . 
Jabez Duck 
Gertie Hcckett 
Lara Lee 
Kiomi Lee 
Mother Shipton 
Mrs. Knivett 
Workman's Wife . 
Landlady of the I no 


. John W. Norton 
Henry E. Dixey 
. Charles Rockwell 
E. L. Tilton 
Geo. McDonald 
Sidney M. Howard 
. Emma Stockman 
Gcorgie Cavvan 
Octavia Allen 
Bertha Foy 
Emma Babbitt 
. Marie Wilkins 
K. A. Tannehill 
. Miss Jackson 
Angie Griffiths 


Joe Heckett ... F. F. Mackajr 
Goliath Lee . . . F. A. Tannehill 
Dimity Lee .... Maggie Dean 
Sol Lee . . . Master Frank Dean 

Scragger O. B. Collins 

Ginger Bill J. W. Murray 

Bill Smith E. Knight 

The American .... P. Nannary 

Plato Neil Grey 

Detective J. Swinburne 

Master Slive . . . Lewis Mitchell 
Boatman .... C. J. Burbidge 

Emigrant John Taylor 

Miss Adrian .... Fanny Bort 

This was Sidney Howard's American d^but. Robert B. Mantell 
replaced John W. Norton Oct. 30. Mr. Mantell first came to 
America in 1874 for the Boston Museum company, but failing to 
get a favorable opening he returned to England. In 1878 here- 
visited America with .Moiljoska, and, after touring the country, 
returned to Englan;!, but revisited America under engagement to 
Brooks and Di. with "The Romany Rye" and act 

Jack HoMjl 

"The ^^^m N ..ctcd for two weeks, commencing 

N<>v. UJ^k. IT. as Rosalind (first time in 

)r one week ; "Twelfth Night" 
i^i- J^^^^^H the week "Camille;" also 

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played Christmas matinee and night; " Frou Frou," Dec. 26, 
Modjeska acted Sardou's *' Odette" week of Jan. I, 18S3, for the 
first time in America. 
"The Conican Brothers" was acted here Jan. 3, with this cast: 

The Twin Brothers 

Chaa. R. Thorne, Jr. 
Chateau Renaud . . F. C. Hangs 
Le Baron de Montgiron . Geo. Parks 
M. Meynard . . . Clinton Stuart 
M. Martelli .... H. Saint Maur 
Griffo .... Wni Richardson 

Jose W. T. Harris 

Boiste .... Joseph A. Wilkes 

Fraaoob J. E. Hynes 

Savib KstoMeek 

Marie Margaret Cone 

Colonna Edward I^mb 

Orlando J. W. Shannon 

Estelle Lizzie Goode 

Grain d'Or .... Annie Boudinot 

Celestine Katie Stokes 

Coralie Lillian Lewis 

Antonio H. A. Weaver 

Tomaso John bwiabume 

Sureeon Fiank Lawlcr 

Emuie de Lasparre . . Enilj Rigl 

Charles R. Thorne, Jr., was compelled by illness to retire after 
Jan. 9 (his last appearance on any stage), and the theatre was 

closed Jan. 10, but was reopened Jan. 11, when John Clinton Hall 
read the dialogue of the Twins, and Bangs was the Chateau Renaud. 
F. C. Bangs began the impersonation of the brothers, and Theo. 
Hamilton that of Chateau Renaud at the matlnte Jan. 13. "The 
Corsican Brothers" was withdrawn Feb. 12, for "Monte Cristo," 
when James O'Neill was the Edmund Dantes; Katharine Rogers, 
Mercedes. Hart Conway, H. A. Weaver, B. T. Ringgold, Gerald 
Eyre, J. A. Howell, Harry & Bradley, and J. W. Shannon were 
also in the cast. 

This theatre was closed March 17, with "Monte Cristo," but 
was reopened March 26, with a new version of "It's Never Too 
Late to Mend,*' which had this casfT — 

Tom Robinson 
Wm. FieldiDg 
Isaac Levi . 
Jackie . . 
Hawes . . 
Eden . . 
Geo. Fielding 
John Meadows 

. . Geo. Carke 

. . E. Tannehill 
H. A. Weaver 
Harry Jackson, Jr. 
. . C. T. Nichols 

. . A. H. Forrest 

Peter Crawley . . John W. Jenninn 

Susan Helen BIythe 

Merton E. Coleman 

Evan C. N. Barbour 

Fry J. R. Smith 

.\bner W. Harris 

. Jas. .M. Hardie 1 Carter Geo. Wilson 

Frank Moidannt I Josephs Katie Gilbert 

"-The Banker's Daughter" was revived April 9, for one week, 
with Sara Jewett, Geo. Clarke, Frank Mordaunt, John W. Jen- 
nings, W. J. Ferguson, Barton Hill, H. A. Weaver, Sen., Nettie 
Guion, Mrs. E. J. Phillips, and W. T. Harris in the cast. 

Tomasso Salvini and Clara Morris played togetlier in " La 
Morlc Civile," called on this occasion " Ihc^Qutja w, " April 16, 
17, 20, mating April 3i. 24, 27; "Othello," April 18, 25, 28. 
The cast ol "The Outlaw " was : 


Rosalie Clara Morris 

Dr. Arrigo .... Lewis Morrison 
Gaetano .... Newton Chisnell 
Emtna Ida Vernon 

Conrad Salvini 

Ferdenando . . . Archie Cowper 
Giaocchino . . . J. H. Fitrpatrick 
Agatha .... Virginia Buchanan 

In "Othello" Clara Morris was the Emilia April i8, and April 
28 Katharine Rogers acted Emilia. 

Thursday afternoon, April 19, a benefit for the Actors' Fund 
was given. Modjeska appeared in the third act of " Frou Frou ; " 
Brignoli, Clara Morris, Joseph Murphy, and company in "Kerry 
Gow;" Georgia Cayvan, Louis Aldrich, and Cbas. T. Parsloe; the 
fifth act of " T)ie Corsican Brothers." by Fred de Belleville and 
others; also a number of variety artists appeared. 

Tomasso Salvini's farewell was made April 28, 1883, in 
" Othello." 

Andrew Boyd, the janitor of the house, engaged Modjeska and 
her company for a performance of "Romeo and Juliet," for his 
benefit. The affair took place April 30, and was the last perform- 
ance ever given in this theatre. The cast was: 

Juliet Modjeska 

Komeo .... Maurice Barrymorc 
Mercutio .... Frank Clements 
Friar Laurence . . G. H. Griffiths 

Tybalt Norman Forbes 

Benvolio James Cooper 

Paris ..... Mason Mitchell 

Capulet . . 
Teter . . 

Page to Paris 
Lady Capulet 
Nurse . . 

. . N. D. Jones 
. . W. F. Owen 
. . Royal Roche 
Clara Ellison 
. Francis Oarmont 
Louisa Eldridg^ 
Qara Fisher Maeder 

After the conclusion of the tragedy, Modjeska made a brief 
speech, which terminated with: "I say to Booth's Theatre, fare- 
well!" These were the last words spoken on that stage. It was 
with " Romeo and Juliet " that Booth's Theatre opened fourteen 
years previously, and that was the last play ever produced on its 

The theatre was sold at auction in February, 1883. The deed 
conveying the theatre and the land on which it stood to James D. 
Fish and Ferdinand Ward for $507, 500 was signed by Oliver Ames 
and Oakes A. Ames April 30. The removal of the scenery and 
properties began May 1, 1883. Hyde & Behman purchased the 
fittings April 2, and subsequently put them into their Park 
Theatre. The building was shortly after alteied into a large 
dry-goods establishment. 

" curtain was rung up the first night the theatre cost 
000, of which sum Edwin Booth had paid in cash 
million dollars — the money that he had accumulated 
at his profession. He soon became embarrassed, 
>reseen and unfortunate occurrences, rather than to 
judgment or business capacity on the part of the 
theatre. The panic of the previous year was fol- 

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lowed by a dull mtrket in real estate. Mr. Booth's creditors 
became pressing, and he was forced to succumb. Under the 
effect of a foreclosure by a third mortgagee, be was compelled 
to go into voluntary bankruptcy. His schedule was a matter of 
record. When the panic came he was carrying $45,000 in the 
shape of accommodation paper of his own, and about $70,000 of 
acc<Hnmodation paper placed by a former partner. The schedule 
showed the whole liabilities on the theatre^ including taxes, to be 
$450,000. The property was assessed by the city at half a million 
dollars. When it was advertised for sale it was not described as 
Booth's Theatre, but as so many lots of ground on Sixth Avenue. 

O Sheridan Shook the New York public owe the famous little 

JL playhouse known as the "Union Square Theatre." Mr. 
Shook secured a lease of Union Place Hotel, situated on the 
southerly side of Union Square, in the middle of the block be- 
tween Broadway and Fourth Avenue The centre of the property, 
covering about forty-five feet wide by one hundred and forty feet 
deep, was appropriated to the building of this theatre. The chief 
constructor was H. M. Simons, who had also built Daly's Fifth 
Avenue Theatre upon the site now occupied by the Madiaon Square 
Theatre. The initial performance took place Sept. 11, 1871, under 
the management of Robert W. Butler, who opened the house as a 
variety house. Felix Rogers, Geo. H. Goes, Lizzie VVilmore, 
Belle Howitt, Marie Bonfanti, David Braham (musical director), 
Edward H. Gouge (treasurer), Annie Adams (American d6but), 
Fred Foster (English comic singer), Mathews Family (gymnasts 
and acrobats), Mons. Grossi, and an excellent cor^s de ballet ap- 
peared. The Martinetti-Ravel troupe in the pantomime "Pat* 
a-Cake, Baker's Man;*' Lew Rattler. Ashcroft and Morton, James 
Wambold, Madelaine Hardy, Jeff, de Angelis, Mile. Bertha, and 
others of note in the variety business were also seen during the 
season. A melange, called ''Ulysses, or the Retfim of U. S. G.," 
was among the first productions. Miron J. LefTingwell, Sen., ap- 
peared as Romeo Jaffier Jenkins in "Too Much For Good Nature." 
Prof. Hilton, ventriloquist; Emma Alford, vocalist; and Hughey 
Dougherty commenced Oct. 23. " Pocahontas " was the next pro- 
duction : Belle Itowitt as Fncahontasrand i^tzaie Wilmore as Capt. 
John Smith. 

Harrigan and Hart first appeared here Nov. 20, followed Nov. 
27 "By uus Williams; Dec. 4, with John Mulligan; and Dec. 
3D, K. D. Davies, ventriloquist. Jan. i, KS72, the Lauri troupe 
made their appearance. The burlesque "B ad Dicke y," Feb. 19^ 
VOL. m.— 10 " 


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with Moses W. Fiskeand Laura Lc Claire (now Mrs. W. A. Sands) 
in the cast. Sheridan and Mack, Add Ryman, Gus Williams, and 
Jennie Kimball came here March 2, followed by the burlesq ue 
" The Pirates jol-tbe Bamepat;" the b urlesque " Er nanir Wirch 
1 ST with Geo. Atkins/ Annie Wood, Minnie Jackson, Jennie Kim- 
ball, and S. A. Freeman in the cast. Lelia Ellis and Sappho 
were seen April 1 in the operetta "The Ring and the Keeper." 
Millie Cook and Welsh Edwards joined the company on April 8. 

Tlic Yokes Family made their American d^but here April 15, 
1872, in "The l^elles of the Kitchen." Their success was in- 
stantaneous. "Th¥y~WfeTe^hgaged in England by Robert Butler, 
and Wardel Corbyn (father of "Sherry" Corbyn) accompanied 
them to this country as business manager. The company con* 
sisted of Fred, Fawdon, Victoria, Jessie, and Rosina Vokes. 
"IVljLJtlteserver '' was acted before the "Belles of the Kitchen," 
introducing A. H. ("Dolly") Davenport, E. f". Thorne, Harry 
Hotto, Welsh Edwards, Gea Atkins., Geoi^e Goes, Minnie Jack- 
son, Annie Wood, and Minnie Cook. The Vokes Family made 
their first appearance, as a combination of children, on Christmas 
night, 1861, at Edinburgh, Scotland, and hrst appeared at London 
in June, 1862, at the Alhambra. They were billed as •*The Five 
Little Vokes." After a provincial tour they reappearecf in Lon- 
don, at the Lyceum, Dec. 26, 1868, as the Vokes P'amily, in the 
pantomime "Hijmpty Dumpty." "T he B^lle of the Kitchen" 
called ("The Kitchen Belle **) was first done >eb. 27, 1869^ at 
the Standard, London. After a six months* tour in America they 
returned to England, and produced there, for the first time, Oct. 
5, 1872, " Fun in a, Fog. " Their second appearance in America 
was at Niblo's, this city. April 14, 1873. After a stay of one 
year and nine months, they revisited England. Their third sea- 
son in this country commenced at the Fifth Avenue m this city, 
Aug. 2, 1875. Theyremained three months, after which they re- 
turned to England. The Vokes Family, without Rosina, came back 
to America in April, 1881, when they appeared at the Globe, Bos- 
ton, April 4. They returned to I.ngland (except Fred) June i, 
1882, but reappeared in America in the autumn of 1882. Their 
last reappearance in New York was at the Mount Morris Theatre 
(Harlem), Jan. 20, 1883. In June, 1883, Jessie, Victoria, and 
Fawdon returned to Europe. Fred Mortimer Vokes was born at 
London, Jan. 22, 1848, and died June 3, 1888. He married Bella 
Moore, ilaughter of Gea W. ("Pony") Moore. Victoria was born 
at London in 1851, and died in London, Eng., Dec. 4, 1894. 
Fawdon is not a Vokes, and in no way related to them. Jessie 
died at London, Aug. 7, 1884. After her marria|;e Rosina Vokes' 
pla<» was taken by Bessie Sanson. Victoria visited this country 
for a starring tour season 1890-91. Rosina Vokes died at Babbi- 

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oombe, near Torquay in Devonshire, England, on Jan. 2y, 1894, 

aged thirty-seven years. Her last appearance on the stage was in 
December, 1893, National Theatre, Washington, D. C. 

Robot Butler severed his connection with the Union Square 
Theatre June i, 1872. Sheridan Shook secured A. M. Palmer as 
manager, and, as it had failed as a variety theatre, it was decided 
to make it a first-class "home of the drama." A. M. Palmer was 
then in Sheridan Shook's internal revenue office in this city. He 
was at one time librarian of the Mercantile Library. The first 
attraction Mr. Palmer offered was the Alice Oates .burlesque com- 
pany, June 3, 1872, in "fjoitujiip and His Gifted Servants." The 
organization consisted of Nellie Alleri,'^. H. Crane, Harry Allen, 
Hany Pratt, C. H. Drew, A. W. Mafflin, Mrs. James A. (Alice) 
Oates, and Frank Howson, musical director. Mrs. Oates closed 
her engagement July 2. The Howson English opera company fol- 
lowed in "The Grand Duchess," with Emma Howson, Blanche 
Galton, Thos. Whiffen, W. H. Crane, and John Howson in the 
cast. The Yokes Family reappeared July 15, and continued to 
play before large houses until Aug. 10, when the house closed for 

The next season opened Sept. 17, 1873, with Sardou*s "An- 
drea," called here 'lAgnes." It had this cast: 

Agnes Agnes Ethel 

BaroacM .... Plessy Mordaunt 

Delphioe Jennie Lee 

Therese . . Josephine Laurens 

Dressmaker .... Kate Holland 

MilUoer Charlotte Cave 

Stephen D. U. Harkins 

Milleflettr Ed. Lamb 

Mens. Baroldi . . . F. F. Mackav 

Mark Smith 

Moos. Bonnardin 
Ra^pliael Bienville 
Mens. Bobey . . 

. . Geo. Parks 
Welsh Edwards 

Polydor Morant, H. W. Montgomery 
Mme. Gradifnard . Emily Mestayer 
Philippe Lanille, Claude Burroughs 

Call Boy Hattie Thorpe 

Stella Phillis Glover 

Dr. Coulisse . . . W. B. Laurens 
Lucien Revell . . . . I. P. Bamett 

Jobineaa W. H. Wilder 

Cyprien Frank Lamb 

Heauluisaot W. Stuart 

Petitpiene Thos. Atkins 

.Marbleau W. S. Quigley 

There were also in the company engaged for the season : Fannie 
Hayward, Mary GriswoiU, Imogene Fowler, James W. Thorpe. 

t^Agnn**was written especially for Agnes Ethel. It ran one 
hun3Tea~nights, to large audiences. Welsh Edwards died in this 
city Nov. 6, 1S83. His last appearance on the stage was at the 
Academy of Music, Philadelphia, as the Earl of Glostcr, in "King 
Lear,** Oct 15, 1883. "Agnes** was followed, Dec. 23, by **Lon- 
dpB Assura nce,** cast thus : ' 

Dattle . . ■ 
ChM. Coortlejr 
Max HarlcawftT 

Mark Meddle . 
iX>liy Spanker . . . 
Sir Harcourt Oittrdey . 

D. H. Harkins 
. Geo. Parks 
F. F. Mackav 

Edward Lamb 
J. P. Burnett 
.Mark Smith 

Ciaoe Harltaway . Fannie Hayward 

Lady Gay Spaaker . . Phillis Glover 

Solomon W. H. Wilder 

Jamea W. S. Quigley 

Cool W. Stuirt 

Martin Frank Lamb 

Pert Joaepblne Lanrena 


"The School for Scandal" was prodiiced Dec as* and the cut 

Joseph . . 
Sir Benjamin 
Trip . . , 
Snake ■ • 
Sir Peter Teazle 
Mrs. Candour. 
Lady SaeerweU 


B. Laurens 
. . . Geo. Parks 
H. W. Montgomery 
Claude Burroughs 
. . W.H. Stuart 
Clara Jennings 
. . Mark Smith 

Lady Snecrwell'i Servant 

W. S. Quigley 

Maria Imogene Fowler 

Sir Oliver F. F. Mackay 

Charka D. H. Harkina 

Crabtree Edtrard Lamb 

Rowley Welsh Edwards 

Plessy Mordaunt I Moses W. H. Wilder 

. f lessv fl 


" Money " was produced Dec 27, and had this cast : 

Loid GloHinore • 

Sir Frederick Blount 
Capt. Dudley Smooth 

Servant to Sir John . 
Georgiana Vesey . 
Clan Doqgtaa . . 

. J. P. Bamett 
. . Ct^ Paika 

W. Montgomery 
. W. S. Ouigley 
. Mary Griswoid 
. Clara JeoDiaga 

Lady Franklin . 
Alfred Evelyn . 
Sir lobn Vesey . 

Benjamin Stout . . . Mark Smi 

Graves Ed. Lamb 

Sharpe W. H. Wilder 

Toice Fiank Lamb 

Emily Mestayer 
D. H. Harkins 
F. F. Mackay 

' A Son of the Soil " was presented Jan. x, 1873, and the cast 

Count de Valmont . . J. P. Bumttt 
Otisea Ariatidei} H. W. Montsomeiy 
atisen Leooldas . . . W. H.lV1kler 
Committee Member . . . W. Stuart 
Manot .... Josepliire Lanrena 
Louis Martel ... D. H. Haridas 

Mme. Tallien 
The Duke . 
Gen. Roche 

Guest . « 

F.'F. Mackay 
Welsh Edwitnb 

. W. S. Quteley 
Clara Jennings 

It was preceded by " Orange_Blossoms. " 

Athe rly Court," by John Brougham, had its first representa- 
i tion on any 'stage Jan. 6. The cast was : 

i Pbinia Mariton 

Gerald Mars ton 
Luke Sharp 
Polly . . 
Fannie . 

D. H. Haridni 

W. B. Laurens 
. Edward Lamb 
. W. H. Wilder 
. . W. Quigley 
Emily Metitayer 
Plessy Mordaunt 
Mary Griswoid 
Lixfle Edwards 

Farmer Grace . . . Mailt Smith 

Klsie Grace .... Clara Jennings 

Sarah Phillis (j lover 

Margery Hattie Thorpe 

Eari o< Atherly . . . F. F. Macfcay 

George J« Buraett 

Counsellor .... Welsh I-'dwards 
John E. Sinclair 

"One Hundred Years Old" was first seen here Jan. 29^ and had 
this cast": 

George Fauvd 

Jacques Fauvel 
Bernard . . 
Louis . , . 
Camille . . . 
Mme. Larooqne 

. Welsh Edwards 

Mark Smith 
H. W. Montgomery 
. . . W. Stuart 
Clara Jennings 
. Imogene Fowler 



Juliette . 

, . F. F. Madmy 

. George Parks 
Claude Burroughs 
, . W. H. Wilder 
Mary Griswoid 

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bj Olive Logan, foltoved Mafdi 

Col. Collins Wood 
Hooker Wood 

Palissy Inpraham 
Peter Pettigrew , 
Soloo Blaaa . . 
Asher Beyer . . 
Nicholas 1 

D. H. Harkins 
. Welsh Edwards 
. . . Geo. Paifct 

. . F. F. Mackav 
. . . Ed. Lamb 
Claude Burroughs 
W. H. WUder 
. . W. H. Stuart 

'. Qoidev 

Thomas ...... W. Qoigley 

Heiitrich Sinclair 

Mra. Certlandt fttter Chn Jennines 

Faony Ingraham . . Mary Griswold 
Mrs. Hooker Wood . Emily Mestayer i 
Josephine Laurens ^ 

Hessie Home 

Maria McBeggs 
Hannah . . . 

HaUie Thorpe 
CharioHa Gkvcu 

This play ran two weeks, and gave place, March 24, to " Cousin 
Jack." " Pron Frou " was acted April 14, with this cast : 

^^^^^ ^^^^^^■fc * 

Gnberle A.gnts Ethel 

Louise Mary (iriswold 

Baroone de Cambri . Emily .Mestayer 

FuBm Jennie Lee 

Governess Kate Holland 

Angelique .... Chariotte Cave 

Henri Sartorys 

Brigard . . . . 
Comte de Valreas 
BaroB de Gurtiri . 
Pitou . . . . . 
Vincent ... 

D. H. Harltfns 

F. F. Mackay 
Geo. Parks 
. Edward Lanb 
. J. W. Thorpe 
W. H. Wilder 

D. H. Harkins took a benefit May 16, when Fanny Davenport 
acted in " Frou Frou " for the first time in New York. "Without^ 
a_ Heart." by Mrs. Sh_eridan Shook (now Mrs. A. M. FalmerX, was / 
first played May 21. The cast was: 1 

Robert Marstoa . . D. H. Harkins 
Sir William Broughtoo^ F. F. Mackay 
Sk Heory Jobnatone . . .Ed. Lamb 
Lord StumeM . H. W. Montgomery 

Rev. Mr. Sherwood . W. B. Laurens 
James Dobson . . . Welsh Edwards 

.Servant W. Stuart 

Laura Hathaway • • Maud Granger ^ 
Lilly Sherwood . . Mary Griswokl ^ 
Mansii Stone Mrs. J. D. Germon | 

Alice Kate Holland 

Mary ....... Hattie Thorpe . 

Hmd Witter . . . . W. Qnti^fly Jsm Chariotte Cave 

' Asnes" was revived May 29, wHh Marie Gordon (Mrs. John 

T. kayroond), as the fnmUrt danseuUt dividing the honors with 
Agnes Ethel. One evening, when Agnes Ethel was ill, her part 
was taken by Marie Gordon. " Fernande" was first acted June 4. 
The " 

Fernande Agfnea Ethel i PhOlp 1 

Countess CMidi^ Mis. E. L Davenport Marqui 
Geoffigetta . . . . Kate Ciaxton 
Madame Seneschal, Emil^ Mestayer 
Mmcde I.a Brienne, Josephine Laurens 
Peachbloom . . . Fannie Hayward 
Gibralta . • • • . Helen Forrest 
.... Chartotte Cave 
.... KateHonaad 
Mis. Wilder 


s Andre . 
Commander Jarbi 
AUred . 
Antoine . 

. D. H. Haridns 
Qaqde Burrouglis 
Ed. Lamb 
W. B. Laums 

H. W. Montgomery 
W. Stuart 
W. H. Wilder 
. Frank Lamb 
W. S. Quigley 

This was Mrs. E L. Davenport's Urst appearance in New Yorlt 
ia seveml ycwi^ nd the fint appeanmce at this thsatre of Kate 

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Ctaxton. Jennie Lee took a benefit June 13. " Caste " was acted, 
with J. H. Stoddart as Eccles, and Ed. Lamb as Sam Gerridge. 
The season closed June 14, with a benefit to Ed. Lamb, when 
*' TQo<^J es " and "Everybody's Friend " were acted. J. H. Stod- 
dart's benefit occurred June 17. wben he played, for the first time 
in New York, Joe Sparritt, in " Secret Marria ge." and also ap- 
peared in " Americans in Paris,*' with Kannie Foster, Annie 
Deland, Julie Gaylord, Fannie Reeves, B. T. Ringgold, Chas. 
Roclcwell, Tbos. J. Hind, E. M. Holland, Hany MonUgue, and 
F. F. Mackay in the cast. 

A summer season Commenced Jane 18, with " Jane Ey re," which 
had this cast : 

Jane Eyre . . Qiarlotte Thompson 
Mrs. Keed .... Melinda Jones 
Mrs. Fairfax . . . Marie Wilkins 
Lady Georgiaoa . . Edith Cballis 
Lady Clawdon . . . Kate Holland 

Bessie JOMphine Laurens 

Grace Poole .... Hattie Thorpe 

John W. S. Qttigley 
aoob .... H. W. MoatgiMMfy 

Adele ...... Lillie Thorpe 

Maniac Jennie de Lacy 

Rose Charlotte Cave 

Lord Rochester . . D..H. Harkiu 
Brockelhurst ... F. F. Mackay 

Lord Clawdon Ban field 

Col. Dcot .... J. W. Thorpe 
Frederic Lfna . . Claude Biuroai^ 

T. E. Osmun (better known as Alfred Ayres) took a benefit Aug. 

9. It was~Hls version of "Jane Eyre" that Charlotte Thompson 
acted. Alfred Ayres died in Kew York, October 26, 1902. The 
house was closed with this performance, and was reopened Aug. 
II, 1873, with the Yokes Family in "FiinjiLa_Fog/' preceded by 
*^*01d P hil's Birthday." The characters in the latter play were 
assumed by Lulu Prior, Meta Bartlett, F. F. Mackay, Chas. P. 
de Groat, Claude Burroughs, John Burnett, and W. S. Quigley. 
Sept I. '*EiUL iiLJLj^og" was preceded by "Mil^yWhite.** 
" Belles of the Kitchen," was played Sept lOt preceded 1^ *'jyil- 
k ins M Icawber " : 

Wilkin* Micawber, Geo. Fawcett Roife I Twaddles . . H. W. Monti^inery 
Uriah Heep . . . . F. F. Mackay ' Hetsy Trotwood, Mte. Marie Wilkins 

Wickiield J. J. Prior I Agnes Lnla Prior 

David Claade Burroogha | tm. MIcawber . Josephine Laurens 

' The season of 1873-74 opened Oct. i, with "Xhc Geneva Cross" 
by Geo. Fawcet^ Rowe. The company: Rose Eytinge, Eliza 
WeatherabyriCate Claxton, Marie Wilkins, Emily Mestaver, Maud 
Granger, Meta Bartlett, Chas. R. Thome, Jr., McKee Rankin, Stuart 
Robson, John Parselle, F. F. Mackay, H. VV. Montgomery, Claude 
Burroughs, Hattie Thorpe, Charlotte Cave, J. J. Prior, W. H. Wilder, 
Kate Holland, Mrs. Wilder, WUIiam H. Bokee, W. S. Quigley; J. 
W. Thorpe, sti^ naoager. The cast of *' The Geneva^ross " was : 

Digitized by Google 


Rid du Boaxgt Charles R. Thorne, Jr. 
Pierrft Le Bran . . . John ParseUe 
Mathew Moineau . . F. F. Mackajr 
Simon Carnrfchel . Stuart Robson 
Spadassio . . . H. W. Montgomery 

Pontarme J. J. Prior 

Jean W. H. Bokee 

Fraisettc . . 
The Unknown 
Antoine . . 
Gabrielle . . 
Cas&andre . . 
Martafon . . 

Maud Granger 
. W. H. Wilder 
. W. S. Quigley 
. Rose Kytinge 
Emily Mestayer | 
Ella Weatbenbjp t 

This was the firat appearance in this theatre of Cbas. R. Thorne^ 

Jr., Stuart Robson, W. H. Bokee, and Eliza Weathersby, and the first 
appearance in New York of John Parselle. Mr. Parselle died in this 
city Feb. i6, 1885. " Tj^ Geneva Cross " enjoyed forty-eight per- 
lormances. ** The Wicked World.'^byW. S. Gilbert, was first acted 
here Nov. 17. The cast was : 

Etbals .... Chas R. Thorne, Jr. 
Fhyilan (first appearance here) 

McKee Rankin 

Sttter Stuart Robson 

Selene (firat appearance here) 

Gara Monrig 


Neodie . 

Mand Granger 

Kate Claxton 
Meta liartlett 
Kate Holland 
Emily Lewis 

Clara Morris continued for a brief season, and then went " star- 
ring." Acfr^y " an adaptation of ** La Tentation," by Dion 
Boudcault, was acted for the first time Dec. 8, and had this cast: 

Count Rudolph Chaadoce 

C. R* Thome, Jr. 

Baron Mont Gosline 

Claude Burroughs 
Armande Chandoce . . Rose Eytinse 
La Fontaine . . . . W. H. Wilder 

Robert W. S. Quigley 

Suzanne . . . Eliza Weathersby 

Sophie KateHelhuid 

Geo. de Lesp.trre McKee Rankin 

Hector Piacide . . Stuart kobson 
O'Haia . . . H. W. Montgomery 
Baroness .... Emily Mestayer 
Dowager .... Marie VIHIkins 
MathDdtt KatAdaxton 

A charity benefit took place Thursday afternoon, March 26, 1874, 
at Ave of the principal New York theatres. The idea originated 
with A. M. Palmer. The general result of this noble effort is given 
elsewhere in this history. The performance at this theatre was 
"/ The Geneva Cross " and the receipts were $612. "Led Astray" 
ran 214 nights, and had to be withdrawn March 14, 1874, when 
*' (braille** was produced, owing to a prior contract with Chira 
Morris, who of course played Camille, Emily Mestayer as Prudence, 
Maud Granger as Olympe, C. R. Thorne, Jr. as Armand, McKee 
Rankin as De Varville,,Stuart Robson as Gaston, and John Parselle 
as Duval. 

'VLed— AjliSjt" was revived June 6. "Camille'* was repeated 
June 8, 9, 10, and 11; "Led Astray" June 12 and matinee 
June 13. Claude Burroughs took a benefit June 15, with " L$id 
Astray" as the attraction. The season closed June 16, witna 
benenf to Henry Tissington, musical director. 


A summer season commenced June 22, with Bartley Campbell's 
1* PeriL" The characters were assumed by McKee Rankin, M. A. 
Kennedy, H. W. Montgomery, Edward Marble, Belvil Ryan, H. W. 
Mitchell, E. S. Russell, Maud Granger, Marie VVilkins, Ada Gtlman. 
^ay Roberts, and Augusta Raymond. It was withdrawn July 4. 
"_\Vit h the Tide," by C ^as. Ga yler, was given for the first time July 
20. In the cast were KaTTMayhew, W. H. Lytell, S. Shortley, Harry 
Rich, Henry Dalton, Fred Percy, Delancey Barclay, H. B. Lonsdale, 
Marie Le Brun, Hattic Thorpe, Mary Davis, Madelaine Hardy, M. 
Lock wood, and S. Robinson. "Jane Eyre" was reproduced Aug. 
19, 1874, with Charlotte Thompson as jahe Eyre; Fanny Morant, 
Mrs. Reed ; Marie Wilkins, Mrs. Fairfax ; Maud Granger, Georgiana ; 
Frederic Robinson, Rochester; Thomas E. Morris. Col. Dent, and 
A. D. Bradley as Brockelhurst. The season terminated Sept. 19. 

The next regular season commenced Sept. 21, 1874, with " The 
SphytLx .'* which had this cast : 

Admiral John Parselle 

Henri McKee Rankin 

Lord I>orDOch Frederic Robinson 

Arthur Lajardie . H. W. Montgomery 
Everard . . . Claude Burroughs 

Ulrich F. F. Mackay 

Blanche de Chelles . . Clara Morris 
Bertha de Savigny, Charlotte Thompson 
Clemence Lajardie, Roberta Norwood 

In addition to those in this cast, there were in the company: Rose 
Eytinge, Fanny Morant, Kate Claxton, Marie Wilkins, C. R. Thorne, 
Jr., Stuart Robson, Maud Granger, Kate Holland, Ella Burns, Meta 
Bartlett, Hattie Thorpe, Cora Cassidy, T. E. Morris, W. S. Quigley, 
F. E. Lamb, C. M. Collins, W. H. Wilder, and John Parselle, stage 
manager. " The Hunchback " was presented Oct. 26, with Frederic 
Robinson as Master Walter, C. R. Thorne, Jr., as Sir Thomas Clif- 
ford, Stuart Robson as Modus, Owen Marlowe as Lord Tinsel, Harry 
Dalton as Master Wilford, Clara Morris as Julia, and Kate Claxton 
as Helen. "Jane Eyre" was revived Nov. 16, with Charlotte Thomp- 
son as the heroine, 

"Love's Sacrifice" was presented Dec. 7, with McKee Rankin 
as Matthew Elmore, C. R. Thorne, Jr., as St. Lo; James W. 
Collier (first appearance here), Eugene de Lorme; F. F. Mackay, 
Paul La Fonte; Stuart Robson, Jean Ruse; Rose Eytinge, Mar- 
garet Elmore; Kate Claxton, Herminie; and Marie Wilkins, 
Manou. "The Two Orphans," by MM. d'Ennery and Carmon, 
adapted by Hart Jackson, especially for this theatre, was first 
acted Dec. 21, and ran continuously until June 15, 1875, when the 
season closed. "The Two Orphans " had this cast : 

Maurice de Vaudrey, 

Chas. R. Thorne, Jr. 
Count de Linieres , John Parselle 

Jacques Frochard .McKee Rankin 
Pierre Frochard . . . K. F. Mackay 
Marquis de Presles . VV. J. Cogswell 

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Martin . . . LyMador Thompton 
Officer of the Guard, 

John W. Mtttbews 
ConotetB Dbuie de UBierea 

Pannv Morant 
Sister Geoerieve . . .Ida Vernon 
Stater Theme . . Hattie Thorpe 

Picard Stuart Robson 

Lnfleur . . . . H. W. Montgomery 

Doctor Thos. £. Morris 

Chief Oak . . . .W.H. Wilder 

Servant Mr. Quiclcy 

Footman CM. Coriias 

Marianne Row Evtinge 

Louise Kate Claxton 

Henriette .... Kitty Blanchard 
La FrodMid . Marie Wilkins 

Victorine EUa Buma 

Julie Roberta Norwood 

Florettc Kate Holland 

Cora Cora Cassidy 

This was the first appeanmce in this theatre of W. J. Cogs- 
well, Kitty Blanchard, Ida Vernon, and Ella Burns. The cast 
was changed Jan. 16, 1875, by the substitution of Maud Granger 
for Rose Eytinge as Marianne. The play enjoyed one hundred 
and eighty consecutive performances. A mating of "T^g Qeneva 
Cross, " was given April 29, for the benefit of the Dan Bryant Fund. 
T he^ast was the same as when the drama was originally produced 
here, except that the rdle of Moineau, orieinally played by F. F. 
Mackay» was acted by McKee Ranlcin; John Matthews as Pon- 
tarne, Wilder as Jean in place of W. H. Bokee, W. J. Cogswell 
as the Unknown in place of W. H. Wilder, Marie Wilkins as Cas- 
sandre in place of Emily Mestayer, Maud Granger as Martagon in 
place of Eliza Weathersby, and Kate Holland as Fraisette in lieu 
of Maud Granger. 

A summer season began July 21, with Salsbury's Troubadours 
in " P atchwork ." preceded by "T\YOjQan Play at tha t Game," in 
which Rose Massey, Geo. D. Chaplin, "aiul Ctl&S.' Vihdenhoff. Jr., 
were seen. "The Troubadours" closed July 27. A preliminary 
season commenced Aug. 16, with John T. Raymond as Col. Sel- 
lers. Eben Plympton, T. E. Morris, James G. Peakes, Cbas. 
Walcot, Jr., Welsh Edwards. W. H. Gillette. J. H. Burnett, W. 
H. Wilder, Lysander Thompson, Willie Seymour, Marie Gordon, 
Grace Stuart, Marie Wilkins, Jennie de Lacy, nnd John Matthews 
were of the company. Mr. Raymond closed his engagement 
Oct 2. " Ast ray " was acted Oct. 4- - 

The regular season commenced Nov. 23, 1875, with the first 
production on the American stage of *'RflafiJ£ichel." The cast: 

Coant de Vernay . Chas. R. Thorne, Jr. 
Daron de Marsan . . John Parselle 
Baron de BelleveUi Frederic Robinson 
Pierre Michel ... J. H. Stoddart 

Moolfawt Stuart Robeon 

Master Beniaid . . Thos. E. Morris 
Andre . • . . . Eben Plympton 
OOoer of the Cuanl . W. H. wnder 


Ruffian . . 

Servant . . 
Roae Michel 

Louise . . 

Baroness . 

Lvsander Thompson 
W. S. Qui^lcy 
. C. M. Collins 
. Rose Eytinge 
. Fanny Kf orant 
Nina Varian 
Augusta Raymond ^ 

Another version of t his drama, by H. C. H u sted. was acted for 
the first time in AiSefica, at Rondout, U, Y., Nov. 18. The com- 



pany engaged for the season included, betides those in the cast of 

"^ose Michel": Kate Cbxton, Marie Gofdon, Edward Arnot, 
Claude Burroughs, H. W. Montgomery, W. Seymour, Marie Wil- 
kins, Blanche Grey, Meta Bartlett, and Anna Brown. 

Rose Eytinge took a benefit Feb. 4. 1876k ** RssSLMicbel " was 
withdrawn March 18, after its one hundred and twentieth consec- 
utive representation. J. W. Collier replaced C. R. Thorne, Jr., 
as the Count de Vernay during the latter part of the run. " £er- 
riol " was first played in America March 2t, and had this cast: 

Ferriol .... C. R. Thorne, Jr. 
Marquis DumarM • . John Parselle 
Lavardaad .... Fred Kobinson 
Palamedes .... Stuart Kobson 

Martial J. H. Suxldart 

Maxtme .... Claude Burroughs 
Mme. d'Orbesson Ida Vemoo 

Mme. de L'Estague . . Marie Wilkiiu 
Mine. d'Artiffues . . Ida Jeffreys 
Mme. de Vaftamers, Roberta Norwood 
Denise .... Augusta Raymond 

Dr. Biodnt . . . . T. E. Morris 
Rudolphe .•.!!* W. Montgomery 

SexUttS W. H. Wilder 

Vardel . . . Lynnder Thompson 

Simon Alfred Becks 

Bonneaa .... W. S. Quigley 
Alexia CM CoUins . 

{ean Frank Lamb 
tobcrte Kate Clazton 

Thcrsse Mand Harriaoo 

This was the first appearance on any stage of Ida Jeffreys, and 
the dibut at this house of Maud Harrison. Stuart Robson took 

a benefit matinee April 20, when "Married Life" was acted, with 
C. R. Thorne, Jr., and Kate ClaxtonaT Mr. " Snd Mrs. Younghus- 
band; John Farselie and Marie Wilkins as Mr. and Mrs. Coddle; 
Stuart Robson and Fanny Morant as Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dove; 
Claude Burroughs and Marie Gordon as Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Lynx. 
The telegraph scene from "The Long Strike" introduced J. H. 
Stoddart as Moneypenny, and a ne w bur le s<|ue of "Hamle t," with 
Stoait Robson as the Dane, was also'^one^ Kate Claxton took a 
benefit April 28. "^pua^cience," by Julian Magnus and A. E. 
Lancaster, was playedfortKeiirst time on any stage May 9. The 
cast was: Eustace Lawton, C. R. Thorne, Jr.; Nathaniel Hare- 
wood, Fred Robinson; Judge Van Coort, John Parselle; Dr. Mor- 
daunt, J. H. Stoddart; Cyril Harewood, C. A. Stevenson; David 
Delve, Theo. Hamilton; John Pry, Alfred Becks; Richard Cobb, 
VV. H. Wilder; Jailer, VV. S. Quigley; Constance Harewood, 
Kate Claxton; Tabitha, Marie Wilkins. Marie Wilkins had a 
benefit May 26. H. J. Montague took a benefit (matinee) June 5, 
and made his last appearance in New York this season ; he died 
in San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 11, 1S78, "Queen Mab" was acted ^ 
for the first time in America; also " A^Sheep in Wo U's Cjot hing," » 
June 5. Ada Dyas, Mrs. Farren, ^e tiermoil, ROW St Clair, 
Kate Claxton, Harry Beckett, and C. A. Stevenson appeared. 
"Conscience" was played until June 9, when the season closed. 

The Yokes Family reappeared June 19, in "The Belles of the 
Kitchen." Previous to this '*The Post Boy'* was givcmTwith J. H. 

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Stoddart, Laura Don, Harry Josephs* and Geraldine May in the 

cast. " A^Bunch-oLBerries," by the Yokes Family, was seen June 
26, followed by "Fun in a Fog," July 3, 4; "The Hellcs of the 
Kitchen," July 5, 6; " Kun in a Fog "and "Nan the Good For 
Nothing," July 7, for the benefit of Rosina Yokes. They closed 
July 8. A preliminary season commenced Aug. 28, when was^ 
acted, for the first time on any stage, " The Two M«i_of Sandy 
Bar," by Bret Harte. The cast was: 

Co). Culpepper • . . Stuart Robson 
John Oakhufit . . Theo. Hamilton 
Sandv Morton . . H. S. Murdoch 
Concho . . . . H. W. Montgomery 

Don Jos<5 H. F. Daly 

Hop Sine . . Cbas. T. Parsloe, Jr. 
Pritchwd . . . Lyaaodcr Thompson 
Jovila Latin Don 

Soapy . 
Silky . 
Jaclcson . 
Copper . 
Servant . 
May Morris 
The Duchess 

Joseph Wilkes 
W. S. Quigley 

John Matthews 
W. H. Wilder 

Herbert Ayling 

. . Mary Cary 
Ids Vemon 

Maud Harrison 

This was the last appearance here of H. & Murdoch. The sea- 
son closed Sept. 30. 

The next regular season commenced Oct. 2, 1876, with a revival 
of "The Two Orphans," with this cast: 

CheraHer ... C. R. Thome, Jr. 
Count de Linimt . . John Parselle 
Jacques ..... Fred Robinson 

Pierre James O'Neill 

Picard .... Claude Burroughs 

Marquis J. G. Peakes 

Lafleur . . . . H. W. Montgomery 

Doctor T. E. Morris 

Martla . . . Lysander Thompson 

Marianne Kate Girard 

Sister Genevieve . . . .Ida Vernon ; Cora . 

Julie RoberU Norwood j Sistor 

Florette Ethel Allen I 

Officer . 

Chief Clerk 
De Mailly 
Antoine . 
Louise . 
La Frochard 

J<din Matthews 

. W. H. Wilder 
Herbert Ayling 
. . W. Raynor 
W. S. Quigley 
.CM. Collins 
Fanny Morant 
. Kate Claxtoa 
Sara Jewett 
Marie Wilkins 
. Lillian Cleves 
Mrs. L. E. Seymottr 

This was the first appearance here of James O'Neill, Kate Girard, 
and Sara Jewett. This play was acted consecutively until Nov. 
18. During the week beginning Oct 9^ H. F. Daly acted Count 
de Linicres, in place of John Parselle. At the matin6e Nov. 11, 
and thereafter, Sara Jewett replaced Kate Claxton as I.ouise, and 
Maud Harrison appeared as Henriette. J. B. Studley replaced 
Frederic Robinson as Jacques Frochard, and Lysander Thompson^ 
acted the Doctor, instead of Thomas E. Morris. "Miss Multon," j 
by Nus and Beloit, adapted and rewritten by A. R. Ca/auran, was ; 
first acted in America here, Nov. 20, 1876, with tRis cast : ' 

Maurice ...... James O'Neill 

Dr. Osborne . . . J. H. Stoddart 

Mr. Bella John Parselle 

Paul Mabel Leonard 

Thomas C. M. Collins 

Louise Helen Vincent 

Sara Multon .... Clara Morris \ 

Mathilde Sara Jewett i 

Arabella Marie Wilkins ' 

Jane BijoQ Heron \ 

Kitty Louise Sylvester J 

Digitized by Goo; 

■ ■■ . ■ I » I 


This was the first appearance here of Bijou Heron, and the first 
appearance in two years of Clara Moiris. The play ran until Dec. 
5, when the theatre was closed in consequence of the Brooklyn 
Theatre fire. Many Uvet were lost; among the rest was Ctaode 
Burroughs. His last appearance on the stage was on that fatal 
night, as Picard in "The Two Orphans." His first appearance on 
any stage was July 25, 1865, at New Haven, Ct He first acted 
in this city at the Winter Garden Theatre, Sept 6» 1865. in 
" Ey| ^t)ody 's Fri end. " under the name of Claude Blenau. 

The annual benefit of the B. P. O. Elics took place afternoon of 
Nov. 23. The theatre was closed Dec. 6, and remained dark the 
rest of the week, in consequence of the Brooklyn Theatre calamity. 
It reopened Dec. 11, with "Mis s Mnlto n." On Dec. 26, Clara 
Morris was taken sick, and CharTolfe 1 hnmpson acted Sara Multoa 
Miss Morris reappeared Jan. i, 1877. On Jan. 8 Miss Morris was 
again sick, and Katharine Rogers played her rOle 

The last performance bf " jliss Mult on" was FeK 3t and the 
receipts were 5 141 5. 

"T he D anichgffs " was first produced Feb. 5. Cast: Osip, G. 
R. TEorne, Jr. ; Vladimir, James O'Neill; Zakaroff, J. H. Stod- 
dart; Prince Walanoff, John Parselle; Roger de Talde, W. R. 
Floyd ; Paul DanicheS, H. W. Montgomery ; Father Andre, H. 
F. Daly; Nikifor, W. H. Wilder; Dr. Koureff, John Matthews; 
Ivan, Lysander Thompson; Herr Linder, Walden Ramsay; the 
Countess, Fatmy Morant; Annie Ivanowna, Sara Jewett; Prin- 
cess T.ydia, Katharine Rogers; Baroness, Ida Vernon; Anfissa, 
Marie Wilkins; Mariana, Mrs. M. A. Farren; Nathalie, Lillian 
Cleves; Mme. Germaine, Mrs. Seymour. C. R. Thome took a 
benefit Feb. 2a "The^Panicheffs" was withdrawn May 5. 
**Smike,*' a dramatization of Dickens' "Nicholas Nickleby," had 
its first representation here May 7. The cast was: 

Newman Noggs . . J. H. Stoddnrt 
Ralph Nickleby . . . John I'arsclle 
Saucers W. J. Le Movne 

ionn Browdie • . . . Gieo. lioniuce 
licholas NicUefay . C. A. Steveniioii 
Snarley .... M. L. Lcffingwell 
IJrooker John Carroll 

Waiter Edjpr Moore 

Mrs. Squeers .... Mane Wilkins 

Smike Hijou Heron 

Kate Nickleby . . . Kate Girard 
Tilda Price . . Roberta Norwood 
Fannif Squeers . Louise Sylvester 
Mrs. Nickleby, .Mrs. K. A. Tannehiil 

At a dramatic and musical entertainment (matinee), May lO, for 
the benefit of Henry Tissington, the musical director, Christine 
Dorsset, the prima donna, made her lint appearance in this city. 
The fourth act of " Cam i lie " was played, with Katharine Rogers 
and Chas. R. Thorne, Jr., as the heroine and Armand; "Uncle's 
Will was given by Sara Jewett and Chas. A. Stevenson, and "A 
Conjugal Lesson " by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Raymond. * *-Smike." 
closed the season June 9. 

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A sammer teaioii commenced July 23, with "Poor Joe ," dnmp 
atized from Dickens' "Bleak House." The cast was : Joe, Mary 
Gary; Inspector Bucket, Frank Mordaunt ; Tulkinghorn, Jas. 
Taylor; Leicester Dedlock, Geo. Devere; Rosa, Rose Wilson; 
Maid, Jennie Elberts; Guppy, George Wilson; Mercury, H. R. 
Davies; Lady Dedlock, Mrs. Thomas Barry; Hortens^ Isidore 
Cameron; Ivsther, Lizzie Hunt. Its final performance was Aug. 
II. A preliminary season commenced Aug. 15, with "Pink Dom- 
inos," for the hrst time in this country. In the cast were: -Chas. 
F. Coghlan, John W. Jennings, C. A. Stevenson, Wm. Herbert, 
Geo. Giddens, John Matthews, Alfred Becks, Agnes Booth, Linda 
Dietz, Maud Harrison, Anna Wakeman, and Mrs. E. J. Phillips. 
It was acted for the last time here Sept. 15. Mags^ie Moore and 
J. C. Williamson appeared here Sept. 17, in "St ruck Oi l." They 
closed Oct. 27, playing the last week, in addit(onto " Strudc,OiJj, 
**.Jic_i^hincsc Question." 

The next season opened Oct. 29, 1877, with a revival of "Pink 
Doroinos," and the cast was: 

Chas. Greythome . . C. F. Coghlan 
Joskin Tubb . . . . J. H. Stoddart 
Sir Percy Wagstaff . . . J. B. Polk 

Henry George Giddeas 

Briskstt . . . . H. W. MooigMMiy 

Lady WagstafiE ... Sara Jcwett 

Sophia Linda Diets 

Mrs. Tubbs . . . Mrs. H. T. Allen 
Rebecca . . . Roberta Norwood 
MiMBamn . . . AnaaWakeoiu 

This was the first appearance in this theatre of J. B. Polk. 
" Pink Dominos " was withdrawn after Nov. lOy and was followed 
by *'The Mother's Secret," which had this cast : 

Henry C. F. Coghlan 

Marquis ...... John Parselle 

Mr. Goarmet ... J. H. Stoddart 
Mom. Floriim . . . Jo. O'Ncfll 
Alfred Domont . . . . J. B. Polk 

Mlle.Zoe .... Louise Svlvester 

Umda MaryWdls 

Abelard George Giddens 

Dominiqae H. F. Daly 

Fritr W. H. Wilder 

Seraphine . . • Katharine Rogers 
Klise ...... Sara Jewett 

Diane Linda Dietz 

If me. La Rose . Roberta Norwood 

Its last performance was Dec. 24. " T^hg ^an n{ Surceaa " had 
its first representation Dec. 26, and the cast was: 

Raoal .... Chas. F. Coghlan 

Tibergo J. H. Stoddart 

Geo. Lovdl .... Jas. O'Neill 

Hector ...... John Paraelle 

The Banm ...... J. B. Polk 

The Peanat Qaeen, Roberta Norwood 

M. Lajonay . . H. W. Montgomery 

Roland H. Smith 

The Mayor . . . . . H. F. Daly 

Henriette Agnes Booth 

Ceeile Sara Jewett 

Baroaees Linda Diets 

This play ran until Jan. 22, 1878. " A^^Celeboited Case " was 
acted, for the first time in America, Jan. 23, and had this cast: 


Count d'Aubeterre . . John Parselle 
LazAre . . . . H, W. Monteomery 
Adricnne . . . Little Eva French 
Count de Mornay, Frank Hardenberg 
Chanoinesse . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
Viscount Raoul . . Nelson Decker 
DucheKs . . Mrs. Chas. W. Poole 

Jean Renaud C. Coghlan 

Martha Lulu Jordan 

Julie Margaret Cone 

Julie, Adrienne's maid 

Roberu Norwood 

Dennis J. H. Stoddart 

Corporal W. H. Wilder 

The Seneschal . . . . H. F. Daly 

Captain F. Goldthwaite 

Madeline Agnes Booth 

Annette Hattie Thorpe 

Adrienne Sara Jewett 

Valentine Linda Dietz 

This was the fiist appearance in this theatre of Frank Harden- 
bergh, Mrs. Chas. Poole, Mrs. G. H. Gilbert, and Nelson Decker. 
Sara Jewett took a benefit matinee May 7, with "The School for 
Scandal " as the attraction. The cast was : 

Sir Peter Teazle . . . John Parselle 
Sir Oliver T. E. Morris 

Sir Benjamin Backbite . 
Sir Harry Bumper, H. W. 
Joseph Surface . . . 
Lady Sneerwell . . . 
Lady Teazle .... 
Mrs. Candour . . Mrs. 

W. R. Floyd 
. Montgomery 
Harry Crisp 
Linda Dietz 
Sara Jewett 
G. H. Gilbert 

Charles Surface ... C. Coghlan 

Crabtree J. H. StMdan 

Rowley H. F. Daly 

Moses W. J. Le Moyne 

Careless .... Nelson Declcer 

Trip Geo Giddens 

Snake W. H. Wilder 

Maria ...... Bijou Heron 

" A Celebrated Case " had its last (one hundred and eleventh) 
performance May 11. On May 13 the Hess English opera com> 
pany appeared here in "The Chimes of Normandy." The cast: 

Mignonette . . . Emilie Melville 

Germaine Zelda Seguin 

Gertrude . . . . Mrs. C. D. Buck 
Sheriff Edward Seguin 


Notary , 

William Castle 
, C. H. Turner 
C. H. Morton 
. . J. J. Beniu 

This operetta was sung for the last time May 28. "The Bo- 
hemian Girl" was given May 29: Gypsy Queen, Zelda Seguin; 
Arline, Emilie Melville; Count Amheim, Henry Peakes; Devils- 
hoof, Edward Seguin. June 3 "Martha" was sung; June 4, 7, 
"Chimes of Normandy;'" June 5, "Fra Diavolo;" June 6, "A 
Summer's Night's Dream;" mating June 6, "The Bohemian 
Girl." Leona Moss made her d^but June 10 as Pauline in "The 
Lady of Lyons," with Joseph Wheelock as Claude Melnotte. For 
her benefit, June 14, she appeared in a scene from "Macbeth," as 
well as in "The Lady of Lyons," and for her farewell, June 15, 
' yed in a scene from "Cymbeline," in addition to "The Lady 
Henry Tissington took a benefit June 19, and the 
was " Frou Frou," third and fourth acts, with Rose 
I, Josephine Baker, Lulu Jordan, Mr. and Mrs. Sol Smith, 
ivans, Albert Roberts, Thomas VVhiflfen, and Illion Daveau 
ist ; the sleep-walking scene from " Macbeth " was given 
J. H. ffackelt and others; and the musical comedietta, 
[from the War," by Pearl Ey tinge, Thos. G. Riggs, Wm. 

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Herbert, and Harry S. Duffield. Gea Vining Bowers took a 

benefit afternoon and evening June 28. 

A preliminary season commenced Aug. 14, with "Olivia,** 
dramatized from Goldsmith's "Vicar of Wakefield," for the first 
time in America. The cast was: 

Olivia . . . 
Sophia . . . 
Mrs. Primrose 
Polly . . . 
A Gypsy . . 
Dr. Primrose . 
Squire Thorohill 
bara .... 

Fancy Davenport 
. . Linda Dietz 

Mrs. C. W. Poole 
. . Eugenie I'aul 

Mrs. F. Tannchill 
. . Chas. Fisher 
. C. A. Stevenson 
. Florence Gillette 





Dick . 

Bill . 


. . Edwin Price 
. G. B. VValdron 
. John McDonald 
. \Vm. Herbert 
Little Effie Barret 
Little Anna Maride 
. . Enuna Vadeis 

This play ran until Sept 22, and the regular season began Sept. 
24, with " Mother and Son,*' cast thus: 

Fabrice C. R. Thorne, Jr. 

Ansclm John Parselle 

Trabaod . . . . W. J. Le Moyne 

Oavajol J. B. Polk 

Amaury Walden Ramsay 

M. Lerbard . . . . C. W. Bowser 

Marcelle Linda Dietz 

Claudine Mrs. Seynour 

Mme. Cotteret . . . Marie Wilkins 

Francois'rd . 
Aotoine . 

Clarisse . 
Zoe . . 
Felice . 

. H. K. Daly 
Master Eling 
R. S. Scatter 
Fanny Morant 

Sara Jewett 
Nina Varian 
Maud Harrison 
. MiasRoos 

The one hundredth performance took place March 9» 1879. 
"Tbe Bank er's Daughter," bjr Branson Howard, was moduced 
Sept. ^ A.'R. Caxannxk ad^ed one act to this play. The cast 

was : 

John Strebelow . . . . H. F. Daly 
Laorenoe WeaAroolce . John ParMlle 

BaOMe J. H. Stoddart 

G. Washington Phipps . J. B. Polk 

Mr. Brown 
Count de Carojac 
Harold Routledge 

M. Montvillais . 
Dr. Watson . . 

W. J. Le Moyne 
M. V. Lingham 
Walden Ramsay 
, C. W. Bowser 
. . H. F. Daly 

Guy de Courci . . C. R. Thome. Jr. 
Vincent de Paul . . . John Parselle 
Jacqaes Foamier > W. J. Le Moyne 
Capt. of dw Mnaketeers. 

Harold Fosberg 
Philip de St Val . Mabel Leonard 
Stephen Fonnier . Hattie Anderson 
CovBlcas de St. Val Linda Dieu 

Countess di Sfona, 
Sister Cecilia . . 
Dolce .... 

Althotas . . . 
Dr. Lafont . . . 

. Sarah Cowetl 
M. V. Lingham 
J. H. Stoddart 
. . H. F. Daly 

Marco Mcmmo . . . C. W. Bowser 
Arictio . . . Lysander Tbompaon 
Dtne CallMiiiie .... Ida Vcrwrn 

Jerrold W. S. Quigley 

Lillian San Jewett \ 

Florence Brown . . Maod HairisOB ; 
Mrs. Fanny Halcomb, < 
Mrs. £. J. Phillips 

Lizette Sarah Cowell 

M,*.it. (Little Effie Barret 

Natalie . . J LitUe Leila Cianger • 

The one hundred and thirty-seventh and last performance of 
this drama occurred April 16, 1879- The first representation of 
"The T^st C|^ fldr«n-" by A R. Cazaoran, took place April 17, and 
the cast was: 

Digitized by Google 


The last performance was at the matinee May 17. In the even- 
ing Marie Wilkins took a benefit, when "Mother and Son" was 
played, and the season ended. ' ^ 

A summer term commenced May 19, with the " Rice^ Surprise 
Party," in "Thejiabes in the Wood, or Wl\^ Killed Cock Robin 
wTiich had this castV * 

The Bad Man . . Alice Atherton 
The Very liad Man . W. A. Mestayer 
Sir Rowland . . . Louis Harrison 

Doctor Jennie Calef 

Golightlv Jessie Calef 


Lady Macassar 

Marion Elmore 
. Louise Searle 

Prince Pretty Fellow 
Sir Rupert .... 
The Family Physician, 

Lena Merville 
Florence Baker 

Miss Jones 
Dr. Bigfee . 
Dr. Littlepill 
Dr. Callagain 
Dr. Overpaid 

Henry E. Dixey 
. Marion Singer 
Andrew Metzger 
D. P. Steele 
Donald Harold 
. E. R. Morse 

The new burle^^e "Jiorrors" was first acted May 28. Ed. 
H. Gouge, treasurer of the~Theatre, took a benefit June 27, when 
Charlotte Thompson, Ida Vernon, Geo. C. Boniface, Sen., Lysander 
Thompson, and Chas. S. Dobson (Chas. Dickson) appeared in "The 
Belle's Stratagem;" Maud Harrison and J. B. Polk gave one scene 
from "Xbc Banker's Daughter;" Pat Rooney and Gus Bruno did a 
specialty act ; Hattie Anderson gave a recitation ; and " Rice^ s Sur- 
pri ^ Par ty " gave^elections from " Horrors. " The fiftieth and last 
performance here of "Tlorrors " occurred July 5, when Alice Ather- 
ton (Mrs. Willie Edouin) acted Prince Achmet for the first time in 
New York. 

A preliminary season commenced Sept. 16, with the first repre- 
sentation on any stage of " My ^ ^rtner," by Bartley Campbell, 
which had this cast: 

Joe Saunders .... Louis Aldrich 
Ned Singleton . . . Henry Cnsp 
Major Henry Cl.iy Britt 

Frank Mordaunl 
Matthew Brandon Harry Edwards 
NVellincton Widger}-, Chas. Webster 
Mary iirandon . Maud Granger 

Grace Brandon 
Posie Pentland 
Wing Lee . . 
JaMan Scraggs 
Sam Bowler . 
Jim Johnson . 

Minnie Palmer 
. . Alice Grey 
. T. Parsloe, Jr. 
. J. W. Hague 
. J. H. Burnett 

John V. Dailey 

This was the first appearance in this city of Harry Edwards. 
"My Partner" was acted until Oct. 18, when the season closed. 
" My Partner " was written by Bartley Campbell for Louis 
.Mdrich. Chas. Parsloe had a pecuniary interest in the play 
during the first five years of its existence. Then Mr. Aldrich 
became the sole owner. After paying Mr. Campbell $12,000 in 
royalties, .Mdrich purchased for 53,000 the entire author's rights. 
T '.s Aldrich died of apople.xy, at Kennebunkport, Me., June 17, 
He was bom in Ohio, Oct. i, 1843, and his leal name was 
1 In very early life he was also known as "Master Moses," 

Digitized by Google 





and afterwanlt itured m Muter McCaitby. Alter being absent 
from the stage one year, he reappeared as a member of the Marsh 
juvenile comedians, and remained with them five seasons. For 
three seasons, beginning in 1863, he was in San Francisco, Cal. 
The season ^ 1873-74 ^e was the leading man at the Ardi Street 
theatre, Philadelphia. His last appearance on the stage was March 
25, 1899, at the Academy of Music, this city, in ''Ji^r^Atoncment.'' 
He was elected First Vice-President of the " Actors' F^anJ^ ih June, 
1888k and held that office until, in June, 1897, he was made Resi- 
dent. Owing to ill health he retired from the "Fund" in May, 
1901. His remains were interred in Forest Hills, Boston. Mass. 
His last and best work was the raising of money to build the 
Actors' Fund Home. He completed this task, and then resigned 
his office. Henry Crisp died at Chicacjo, Aug. 27, 1882, aged 
thirty-eight years. His first appearance in this city was at Daly's 
(now Madison Square Theatre), Sept. 5, 1871, as Rev. Henry 
Duncan in " Divorce ." There he remained two seasons. He 
reappeared in this cTty at the Park (Broadway and Twenty-first 
Street) Sept. 3, 1877, as Ernest Glendenning in "Th e Crush ed 
Tr ag edian. " His last appearance on the stage was at Philadelphia, 
April 22, 1882. 

The eighth regular season opened Ocf. 21, 1879, with ''French 
Flats," for the first time in America, and the cast was: 

Bloodeaa . . 
BoQBy * • • 

Ernest Vallay . 
Sig. RifBardini 
Marquis . . 
Biliardo. . . 


Old Pluchard 

GosUfe . 

. John Panelle 
J. H. Stoddart 
W. J. U Movne 

. . J. B. Polk 
Harry Coartaine 
WaUra Ramsay 

. .H.F.Daly 

M. V. Lingham 

. T. £. Morris 1 Mariette 

. EdwiaMonls FiwiM. 

Anna BlondcsB 
Pidnter . . . 

Brisquet . . 
Mme. Blondesa 
Baroneas . * 
Mme Bonay . 
I Bianca . . . 

Mand Harrisoo 
. W. H.Wflde^ 
W. S. Quigtey 
Hattie Anderson 
. i Jewett 
. EllieSWUton 
. . Ida Vernon 
- Sarah Cowell 
Roberta Norwood 
Cowtnqr Bmes 


This was the first appearance at this theatre of Harry Courtaine, 

Ellic Wilton, and Courtney Barnes. "French Fhts was acted_, 

for the last time Jan. 20, 1880. 
representation on any stage Jan. 

Lucien Gleyre Charles R. Thorne, Jr. 
CuthbertFkldtalg . . H. Courtaine 

J. H. Stoddart 
. John Parselle 

. . J. B. Po!k 
Walden KHmsav 
. H. F. Daly 
. T. K. Morris 

"A False Friend " had iU first / 

21, aiul the cast was: | 

Gen. Santley . 

Cyril Garland 
John Ax 
Thos. Bayard . 

Wm. Meadows 
Hob . . . . 
Edith fielding 
Lady O^en . 



.Mrs. Nina Chauncey 

Lysaudcr Thompson f 
. Alfred Becks i 
. . Sarajewett f 
Mn. E. niillips ! 

Kllie Wilton j' 
Ida Vernon ; 
. M ine Wilkins ! 
. .^arah CowellJ 

It was withdrawn after March 20. A benefit for the Irish Re- 
lief Fund was given the afternoon of March 17, when "A False 
vot. III.->tl 

Digiiized by Google 

Friend" was played. "The Two Orphans" was revived March 

22, and had this cast: 

Chevalier . Chas. R. Thome, Jr. 
Count De Lioieres . . John Parselle 

Picaid J^B. Polk 

Doctor , 

Harrv* Courtaine 
W'alcfen Ramsay 

Louise . . 
Henriette . 
Countess . 

La Frochard 
Marianne . 

H. F. Daly Sister Genevieve 
Thos. £. Morris Victorine . . . 
A. H. Stoartl 

, . . Sara Jewett 

. Maud Harrison 
Mrs. E. J. Phillips 

. . Marie Wilkins 

. . EUie Wilton 

. . .Ida V'ernon 

. . Netta GaioD 

This was followed April 12 by a revival of "^y Partner," played 
until May 17, when Mahn's comic opera company appeared in " Boc- 
csccio *' for the first time in New York. The cast : 


Isabella . 

. Alice Hoemer 
Fanny Prettiee 

Miss Somerville 
Hattie Kichmoad 

Leonetto . 
Boocacdo . 

, . Bertha Foy 
W* A> Mo^pui 
Jeooy Wiutoa 

Fred Dixon and A. H. Pell also in the cast. They continued three 
^weeks, and were succeeded by " The Love of ^His Lif^" produced 
I for the first time on any stage June 14: • '** * 

Paul Dangfaurs . 

Marnot . . . . 

Count Raool . . 

Chariot . . . . 
Due de Beauvieu, 

De Beauvois . . 

Mme. Lavemie . 

Fred. Paulding 
. Frank Mordaunt 

B. T. Ringgold 
. . Chas. Bowser 
Lysander Thompson 

Geo. C. Jordan 

Ourie Jamison 

Dc Massin • • . • John Matthews 
De Lancy ..... Alfred Becks 

Servant Wm. Morse 

Hortense Emily Rigl 

Adrienne .... Louise Muldener 
CecUle Ourie McHemy 

The season closed June a6i 

A preliminary season commenced Aug. 16, with "Two Nights 
in Rome," produced for the first time on any stage, and had this 
cast : 

Gerakl Massen, Joseph Wheelock, Sen. 
Abija Peabody . . Frank Mordaant 

Herr Franz 
Capt. Warmstree 
Lonis Bennidetti . 
Gen. Aubrey . . 
George Seeley 
Ferdtt Fortescoe . 

Henry Edwards 
. J. R. Grismer 
. J. B. Studley 
. Geo. Devere 
. J. W. Thorpe 
. Harry B. BeU 

Walter . . . 
Beppo . . . 

Antonia . . 
Evelyn Aubrey 
Lily Davenant 
Mme. Sylvia 
Tema . . . 

. M. B. Curtis 
. John Morgan 
Julia Stewart 
. Katie GUbert 
Adelaide Thornton 
Genevieve Mills. 

Maud Granger assumed the rdle of Evelyn Aubrey for the first 
time Sept. 7. The Blanche Roosevelt opera company appeared 
Sept. 14, with the first production in New York of '*The Sultan 
of Mocha," which had this cast: 

Digitized by Google 


Admiral Sneak . . . Fred Dixon 

Captaia Flint .... Harry Allen 

Peter Eueene Clarke 

Chief Scribe ... J. W. Reynolds 
Grand Vixier • . . . G. B. Snyder 

Jenny Enma Guthrie 

The Seyd Shaltah . Wm. HaaitttM 

Lord Chamberiain . . . Mills HatI 

Hosen Bill W. Merton 

Davy Joaes .... Tom Bowling 
Hatchway Jim .... E. Recce 

DoUy Leonora Braham 

Iridora Qurie Reynolds 

Mogfy Peari Eveile^ 

It ran until SepL 27, when " .Deacon Crank ett " was produced In 
the cast were B. R. Maginley, J^eptT Wheelock, Harry Eytinge, 

Helen Sedgwick, Annie Ware, and others. 

The next regular season opened Oct. 16, with "I )aniel R ochat," 
which received this cast: ~ 

Daniel Rochat . Chas. R. Thome, Jr. 
Dr. Bidacbe ... J. H. Stoddart 
William Fargis . . . John Parselie 
Casimir Fargis . . Walden Ramsay 
Charies Hendenon . Joseph Whiting 

Laurent Thos. E. Morris 

Rev. Septimas Clarke . Chas. Collins 
M. Turler . , . . Owen S. Fawcett 
M. Qavaron .... H. F. Daly 

Pieraon Andrew Jaqaes 

KeOy W. H.EUng 

Julien WUliam Morse 

V'crley .... Janes W. Thorpe 

Antoine W. S. Quigley 

Robert S. du BoU 

Lea Henderson . . . Sara Jewett 
Esther Henderson Maud Harrison 
Mrs. Powers . . Mrs. E. J. Phillips 
Arabella Hloomfield . Florence While 
Ellen Bloomfiekl . . • Netta Guion 
Andiam ..... Alfred Becks 

Rochat*' was withdrawn after Dec 14, and "Thfi. 
(^tighter** revived Dea 15, when Frederic de Bellc-^ 
ville made his first appearance here, and acted Count de Carojac 
Owen S. Fawcett was the Washington Fbipps. 

Clara Morris b^gan a aeries of Tuesday and Thursday matinees 
Jan. 4, 1881. The first performance was of 'Ij^liiJL-Multon,** with 
Clara Morris, Eleanor Carey, Marie Wilkins, Roberta Norwood, 
F. de Belleville, and J. H. Stoddart in the cast. It was acted for 
the last time Jan. 27. "Camille" was produced Feb. i, and with- 
drawn Ifardi la There was no mating March 15. "Con- 
ac^ienc e " was acted March 17 (no performance March 247Trnd 
witK3rawn March 31. Louisa Eldridge played Madame Prudence 
in "Camille." "Ihfi-Cteole" was first acted Jan. 17. The cast 

Dorain .... Owen S. Fawcett 

President of the Cowt . T.E.Morris 
Denis ...... Chas. Collins 

Diana Eleanor Carey 

Henriettc d'Armagny Maud Harrison 
Countess . . . Mrs. E. J. Phillips 

Count de Malllepre, 

Charles R. Thome, Jr. 
Count de Malcsberbes . John Parselie 
CbOBtde Lavarde . F. de Belleville 
Armand .... Walden Ramsay 
Chevalier de la Tourette, J. H. Stoddart 
Banm d'Arangny . . . H. F. Daly 

This play held the stage until I'cb. 8, when " The Danicheff s" 
was revived, with this cast : ' ^ ^ 


Otip .... Chu. R. Thorne, Jr. 

Vladimir Dauicheff . F. de Belleville 

Prince Boris , 
ZaiuLToS . . 
DeTalde . . 
Ivan .... 

Father Andre . 
Paul Danicheff 

. John Parselle 
J. H. Stoddart 
WaUen Kamsay 
. T. E. Morris 
. . H. F. Daly 
M. Howard 

Herr Under G. Glover 

Countess Danicheff, Mrs. E J. Phillips 
i he Princess Walanoff, Eleanor Carey 

Anna Maud Harrison 

Mariana .... Louisa EldrkMie 
Anfissa . . . Mn. F. A. Tann«hill 

Nathalia Nctta Cuion 

Baroness Dozcne . Nellie Morant 

This play continued until Feb. 28^ when " Feli cia, or Woman's 
I-ove," had its first representation : "" ' 

Capt. John . . Charles R. Thorne, Jr. 

Mornay John Parselle 

Ferri J. H. Stoddart 

. F. de BcUeville 
. Owen S. Fnwoett 

Cawagnac . . 
Clatuie Clavarel 

Mme. Dumont 
Dolores . . 
Eleanor . . . 
Mme. Dorioonrt 

. . Rose Eytinge 
. . . Sara Jewett 
Mn. £. J. PhUlips 
EsteUc Clayton 

Reny VV. J. Le Moyne 

Adrienne Eva French 

Dieadonni T. £. Morria 

This was the first appearance at this theatre in five years of 
Rose Eytinge. The play was withdrawn after the matinle April 
23. "Camille" was acted evening of April 23. The last week 
of the season opened April 35, with "Raym^de," thus cast: 

Mme. Guichard . . . EflTic Germon 
Mons. dc Montaiglin . James O'Neill 
Mods. Octave ... F. de Belleville 
Raymonde Gara Morris 

The Yokes Family returned here May 2 with "Belles o f the 
Kitchen": Lucinda Scrubbs, Jessie Yokes; Mary, victoria 
Yokes; Barbara, Bessie Sansom ; Timotheus Gibbs, Fred Yokes; 
Wipgins, Fawclon X'^okes. This was followed by " Cousin Joe " 
("The Rough Diamond"): Cousin Joe, Fred Yokes; Margery, 
Victoria Yokes; Lady Plato^ Jessie Yokes; Lord Plato^ Geo. 
Gallaway; Sir William Evergreen, Byron Douglas; Capt. Blen- 
heim, Lilford Arthur; Servant, T. W. Blakeley. " The Wrone ; 
Man in the Right Place " was played by the Yokes Family May 
23, and they closed their engagement May 28. 

A preliminary season commenced Aug. 8 with "Coney Island, 
or Little Ethel's Prayer," which had this cast: 

John Oakhurn 
Henry Oakburn . 
Richard VVeyland 
Dr. Wilbur . . 
Jasper Blunt 

Cyril Searle 
. Edwin \'arrey 

r. J. .Martin 
F. Chippendale 
. W.W. Allen 

Hans Von Blmnenachmidt 

E. A. Locke 

James McCormick . Harrv H. Pratt 
Budd .... Geo. F. McDonald 

Jas. H. Cummings 
Joseph J. Sullivan 
Chas. Sturgess 
Laura WaUiace 

Primrose Green 
Larry .... 
F'luke Morris . , 
Adele Oakburn . 
ArabeHa Wtlkens 

^^rs. Fanny Dcnham Rmise 
Hetty Johnson . . . Marion Fiske 
Little Ethel . . Fanchon CnmpbeO 

•Jts run terminated Aug. 27, and the house closed. 

Reopened Sept. 12 with a production of "The Rivals," with this 

Digitized by Google 


Bob Acres . • . 
Sir Anthoojr . . 
Captain AlMolnte 

Mrs. Malaprop . 
Falkland . . . 

. Joseph Jefferson 
Frederic Robinson 
. Mark Pendleton 

. Mrs. John Drew 
. Henry F. Taylor 

David James Galloway 

Lvdia Rose Wood 

Sir Laeius Chat. Waverljr 

Fag Thomas Jefferson 

Lucy Eugenie Paul 

A matinee performance was given Sept. 21, and Mr. Jefferson 
closed Sept. 24. Charles Waverly died at London, £ng., Sept. 3, 
1883. The house was closed night of Sept 20, out of respect to 
the late President (Jas. A. Garfield). Genevieve Ward opened 
Sept. 27, in "Forget ^le Not," cast thus: Horace Welby, Frank 
Clements; Servant, Percy Campbell; Stephanie, Genevieve Ward; 
Mrs. Foley, Belle Cuthbert; Prince Maleottt, Wm. Farren, Jr. ; 
Barrato, Gea Weasels; Alice, Agnes Bamett. A performance 
was given afternoon Oct. 5, when the proceeds were given to the 
Michigan Fire Relief Fund. 

Mme Janauschek appeared here Oct. 24 as Lady Dedlock and 
Hortense in "Bleak House." "Mary Stuart" was played Nov. I, 
with Janauschek in the title r61e. " The Doctor of Lima" was 
acted for the first time on any stage 'XMov. 7, and had this cast: 
The Subject, Janauschek; Austin, Alex. H. Stuart; Babcock, Jas. 
H. Taylor; Wilson, R. F. McClannin; Gea Tilton, Harry Rain- 
forth; Jones, G. B. Waldron ; Domingiies, J. T. MacDonald ; 
Donna Inez, Isabel Waldron; Rose, Henrietta Irving; Jennie, 
Dora Connor; Jimmy, Arthur Gray. Janauschek closed her en- 
gagement Nov. 12. 

The next regular season opened Nov. 14, i88l| with a produc- 
tion of "Daniel Roc hat. ' which had this cast: 

Daniel Rochat . Chas. R. Thorne, Jr. 
Charles Henderson . . F. de Belleville 
Dr. Bidache . . . 
Wm. Fareis . . . 
Caaimir FWgfs . . 
Laurent . . . . H 
Rev. Septimus Clarice 

. J. H. Stoddart 
. John Parselle 
Wuden Ramsay 

W. Montgomery 
Julian Magnus 

Turler Owen S. Fawcett 

Clavanm T.W.Thorpe 



Lyaander Thompson 

Pierson S. du Bois 

Julien . . . I . . . Wm. Morse 

Verley Alfred Becks 

Antoine W. S. Qjtigley 

Lea Sara Jewett 

Esther Maud Harrison 

Mrs. Powers . . Mrs. £. J. Phillips 
Arabella .... Estelle Clayton 

£Uen Nctta Guion 

Louise Nellie Wetheiell 

Six performances of "Camille" commenced on Nov. 28, with 
Clara Morris, Maud Harrison, Eleanor Carey, Netta Guion, Mrs. 

E. J. Phillips, Chas. R. Thome, Jr., John Parselle, F. de Belle- 
ville, Owen S. Fawcett, and Walden Ramsay in the cast. "The 
Lights o' London " was acted for the first time in America Dec 5, 
when the cast was : 

Harold Armytage 
Clifford Armvtage 
Philosopher Jacic 
Percy die Vera 

C. R. Thorne, Jr | London Policeroan, LysanderThorapaon 
F. de Belleville Hettic Preene . . . Eleanor Carey 
Owen S. Fawceit I Armvtage, Sr. ... A. D. Billings 
Walden Ramsay | Maries Thos. E. Morris 


Seth Prcene . . . . J. H. Stoddart 

Jos. Jarvis John Parselle 

Shakespeare . . . Maud Harrison 

Jim Jarvis W. Morse 

Skemngton . . . . J. W. Thorpe 

Cutts Geo. C. Robinson 

Watu J. P. Winter 

Jo Andrew Jacques 

Bancroft .... John Matthews 
Miles John Swinburne 

Irish H. W. Montgomery 

Bojcer E. Elberts 

Tim Eva French 

Bill F. W. Gretton 

Mrs. Jarvis . . . Mrs. E. J. Phillips 

Annie Netta Guion 

Supt. Police .... Julian Magnus 

Bess Marks Sara Jewett 

Janet Eloise Willis 

Sal Nellie Wetherell 

On Dec. 8 a matinee performance was given for the Poe Memo- 
rial, when Charles Roberts recited Poe's poem, "The Bells;" 
Selina Dolaro and the Bijou Theatre opera company were in the 
third act of " The Snake Charmer ; " Theresa Berger gave a cornet 
solo; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence and company appeared in one 
act of " frof. Qpst^ in :" Agnes Ethel and company in the third 
act of " Frou Frou ; " John E. McCullough and company gave the 
wooing sCeneTrom " Richard HI. ; " and Joseph Jefferson and com- 
pany did " Lend Me Five Shillings," 

Clara Morris g^ve a series of Tuesday and Thursday matinees, 
commencing Jan. 5, 1882, with " The New Mag dalen." The cast 
was : 

Julian Gray . 
Surgeon Wetzel 
Horace . . . 
Surgeon Surville 
Grace . . . 
Lady Janet 
Mercy Merrick 

. James O'Neill 
John Parselle 
Walden Ramsay 
Owen S. Fawcett 
. Eleanor Carey 
Virginia Buchanan 
Clara Morris 

Capt Arnault . . 
James . . . . 
Special Officer . 
German Sergeant 
French Sentinel . 

. . Julian Magnus 
H. W. Montgomery 
Lysander Thompson 
. . Robt Warren 
. . . W. Morse 

Max W. S. Quigley 

"The I'jfiw Magdalen " was withdrawn Feb. 16, and " Artic le 
47" was first acted here Feb. 23. The cast was: 

Geo. Duhamel 
Mazilier . . 
Dr. Coombes . 
De Brcive . . 
Pontaine . . 
Mile. Marcelle 
De Lille . . 
Lauristot . . 
Countess . . 

Alex. Salvini 
Walden Ramsay 
Welsh Edwards 
. John Parselle 
Owen S. Fawcett 
. Eleanor Carey 
Geo. S. Robinson 
. Julian Magnus 
Miss Abbott 

Paul Ginton Stuart 

Porter Robt. Warren 

Ser\'ant . . . . H. W. Montgomery 
Doctor's Attendant . . W. S. Quigley 

Cora Clara Morris 

M me. Gerard . . Virginia Buchanan 

Louise Mollie Revel 

MissDowson. . . . Miss McKee 

This was Alessandro Salvini's American d^but. He was the 
son of Tomasso Salvini and gave promise of perpetuating the 
family name on the American stage. There was no matinee 
March 7, in consequence of the illness of Clara Morris. The 
matinee season closed March 30. 

Performances in behalf of the Actors' Fund were given by the 
united managers of New York and Brooklyn Monday afternoon, 
April 3, 1882, as follow: Abbey's Park Theatre, " Divor^ons ; " 




Booth's, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence in "The Alighty Dollar; " 
Daly's, "Odette;" Gerroania, " Anonymous C orresponde nce," 
•' ^1 of Mischief, " and ** A Husband Locked Ouf; " Grand Opera 
House, i^iara Morris in ^Article 47, ' flarrigan and Hart's, 
"Squatter Sovereignty;" Haverly's Brooklyn Theatre, combina- 
tion of attractions from Sinn's Park Theatre, Hyde & Behman's, 
Grand Opera House, and Bunnell's Museum, consisting of Haverly's 
Mastodon minstrels, Neil Burgess and company in " Widow Bedott," 
" Evangeline." "The Two Orphans," and Bunnell's attractions; 
Plarry Miner's Variety Theatre; Miner's Eighth Avenue Variety 
Theatre; Madison Square Theatre, "Esmeralda;" San Francisoo 
Minstrels; Standard Theatre, " Claude ITuval ; " Tony Pastor's 
Opera House; Thalia Theatre; Union Square Theatre, "The 
Lights o" London;" Wallack's, " Youth.: ' Niblo's Garden did 
not give any performance. TidcenlrSFe $t each, and admitted 
to any one of the above-mentioned houses. 

The one hundredth performance of "The Lights o' Lontion " 
occurred March 11, and it bad its last performance this season 
April 15. 

An adaptation of Thomas Hardy's "Eat-irom the Madding' 
Crowd " by A. R. Cazauran, was done April 17. The cast wis': 

Squire Bsthdiebai . . Clara Morris 
Soberness . . . Mrs. H. A. Weaver 
Jacob Smailbury . Clarence Heritage 
Wm. Snialllmrf .... Frad Lotto 

Fanny Netta Guioo 

Liddj MoUie Revel 

Mary Mrs. J. Wilder 

Temperance .... Hattie Thorpe 
Mil. Tall Mrs. CSroeroo 

Walter Vaoi^n . . . Geo. Darrell 

Dr. Falkner . . . . B. T. Ringgold 

Beal Brack . . . . H. A. Weaver 

Moae. Solaoce . . Emenie Legnwd 

Laban Chas. WiUon 

Andrew W. H. Eling 

Sergt. Troy . . . . F. de Belleville 

Gabriel Chas. Vandenhoff 

Bold wood . . . . H. Weaver, Sen. 

Poorgrass John E. Ince 

Fray Julian MagniM 

Cain Alfred Beds 

Mathew J.J. Seoor 

Dorothea Maiy Maddcrn 

Maude Netta Guion 

Fitx Marquarrie . H. W. Montgomery 
WaahWinple . . John Matthem 

The season closed April 291 A supplementary season opened 
May I, with Eugenie Legrand as the star (her first appearance in 
this city) in "Solange," acted for the first time in this country. 
The cast was: 

Mroe. Legrand played Cam i lie May 8, to the Armand of Lewis 
Morrison. Mme Legjnnd acted Pauline in "The Lady of Lyons " 

May 23. 

This actress was the wife of Kyrle Bellew, from whom she 
obtained a divorce in May, 1888. He was married to her in 1884. 
They never lived together, the wife going her way and Mr. Bellew 
his, immediately after the marriage. Mme. Legrand closed her 


engagement May 27, with a benefit to the attaches. "_The Living 
Age" was acted for the first time on the stage May 30. TRi! uast 

Jules Lewis Morrison 

Arthur B. T. Ringgold 

Charles Dan Leeson 

Jacob Moses W. Fiske 

Timothy . . . H. W. Montgomery 

I key John I nee 

Hotel Porter Anderson 

Hotel Waiter Broughton 

Andrew Fred Bock 

Cora ...... Nelh' Cummens 

Marie Ellie Wilton 

Little Moses . . Charlene Weidman 

Mat John Irwin 

Nick Thos. Brannick 

Pete A. Decrfoot 

The play was a failure, and was withdrawn June 10, 1882. 
"_Ji\t HHrk F'^C " was seen here for the first time Aug. 21, 
and the cast was: 

Harry Glyndon 
Owen Glyndon 
Jack Glyndon . 

Capt. Handyside 
Lem Seaton 

E. F. Thome 
. Edwin Varrey 

Thomas J. Martin 
. . J. G. Saville 

. Geo. S. Robinson 
. . John I nee 

Ned Elira Weathershy 

Naomi Agnes Proctor 

Topfcy Carroll . . Jennie Murdoek 
Ruth Glyndon . Florence Robinson 
Sim Lazarus ... N. C. Goodwin 

Its final performance occurred Sept. 16, and was followed Sept. 
18 by Jos. Jefferson in "The Rivals." The cast was as before, 
except that H. F. Taylor was Falkland; Sam Hemple, David; 
and Lillian Lee, Lydia. Mr. Jefferson played "The Rivals" 
until Oct, 28. The theatre was closed Oct. 30, and reopened 
Oct. 31, with Charles Wyndham's comedy company in " Fourteen 
Days. " The cast was : ' 

Qaude Delafield 
Col. Gunthorpe 
Fanny . . . 
Tippette . . 
Percquine . . 

Hamilton Astley 
H. R. Teesdale 
Miss Norreys 
Miss E. Vining 

Chas. Wyndham 

Arthur Wilford Draycolt 

Timothy Geo. Giddens 

Jones H. Saker 

Angelina Mary Rorke 

A version of " Saratcjga^," called "^n|^on," was first acted here 
Nov. 20, when thTcast was : 

Bob Sackett . . 

iack Benedict . . 
jr. Vanderpump 
Mr. Carter . . . 
Fred Carter . . 
Sir Lewis Parke . 
Columbu.s Drake 

Charles Wyndham 
. . W. H. Day 
William Blakeley 
. . . H. Saker 
George Giddens 
Hamilton Astley 
H. k. Teesdale 

Effie . . . 
Mrs. Alston 
Mrs. Carter 

. . F. G. Richards 
. . . Rose Saker 
. . . Mary Rorke 
Florence Chalgrove 
Rose Norreys 

Mrs. Vanderpump, Mrs. Edmund Phelps 

This was the American d^but of Astley, Draycott, Rose Saker, 
Misses M. Rorke, Norreys, and Vining. Its run closed Nov. 25. 

The next season bc;;an Nov. 28, with "The Rantzaus," seen for 
the first time in America. It had this cast: 



I 69 

Louise . • . . » Maud Harrison 
Marianne . . . Mrs. E. J. Phillips 

Jaliette Netta Guion 

Sebel O. S. Fawcett 

Doctor . £. L. Tilton 

Dominick « > > • . W. S. Quigley 

MartlB AIMBecks 

Ella Annie Wakenan 

Justice . ' . . 
Mary . . . 
John Kantzau . 
Philip Kantzau 
James Rantzau 
Father Florence 
Mother Nanette 

Miss A. Thorpe 
. Miss Preston 
. J. H. Stoddart 
Walden Ramsay 
. F. de Belleville 
. John Paraelle 
Mn. Ivan Mldtel 
Chas. M. Collins 

John Dnnont . 

"The Rantzaus" was played until Jan. 8, 1883, inclusive, and"^ 
the theatre was closed Jan. 9 for a rehearsal of "A Parisian Ro;^ 
manca. " adapted by A. R. Cazau ran. and acted for the HrsTtune 
Jin. to: ^ 

Henrv F. de Bellevine 

Sig. Juliani . . . Jos. E. Whiting 
Dr. Chesael .... John Parselle 
M. Tirandel ... Walden Ramsay 
M. Laubanere . . . G. S. Paxton 

M. Trevy A. Kaufman 

M. Falaise A. Becks 

M. Duchalct ...... W.Morse 

Anbroiae ..... Charles Collins 

Pierre W. S. Quigley 

Mme. de Targy . 
Mme. de Luce 
Baron Chevrial . 
M. Vaumartin • 
MarceUe de Taigy 
Rosa Guerin . . 
Baroness Chevrial 
Mme. de Valmery 
Maria .... 

. . Tda Vernon 

Ncttn Guion 
Richard Mansfield 
Owen S. Fawcett 
. . Sara Jewett / 
Maud Harrison | 
. Eleanor Carey 
. Eloise WiUis 1 

A benefit performance was given Jan. 25, in aid of the Charity 
Fund of St. Cecelia Lodge, No. 55, F. A. M. Kate Claxton acted 
Gilberte in ''£xou-tjy4U^'' supported by her company. This was 
the first appearance in this house of this actress since she was a 
member of the stock company. "JV Pa risian Romap ce** was with- 
drawn April 7, when the season closed. 

Charles Wyndham reappeared with his English company April 
9, in " Brig^ton^" A benefit to the Actors' Fund afternoon of 
April 12, when "Bti^ihton'* was acted. This play was withdrawn 
after April 30. '^^Tcflreat Divorce Case " was acted May i for 
the first time in America. The cast : Geoffrey Gordon, Chas. 
Wyndham; Samuel Pilkie, Wm. Blakeley; Weathersby Grandi* 
son, Geo. Giddens; Sir Francis, H. R. Teesdale; Detective, 
Richards; Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Edmund Phelps; Mrs. Gordon, Miss 
Norreys; Lady Hamnierton, Miss Chalgrove; Parker, Mary Rorke; 
Mn. Tucker, Miss E. Vining; Caroline. Miss Morganti; Grace 
Marlowe, Miss Curzon; Mrs. Graham, Rose Saker, 

A special performance took place afternoon of May 3, for the 
benefit of Henry Tissington, with the Wyndham company in 
'^RuihlsRom^nce;'* the McCaull opera company in the second 
act of "^'he borcerer;" recitations by George Osmond Tearle and 
Bessie Byrne; violin solo by L. G. Knapt ; T,ouis St. Claire, 
double-voiced vocalist; and Salsbury's Troubadours in the second 
act of " Greenroom Fun. " Chas. Wyndham closed his engagement 
May laTand HeleH "Barry made her first appearance in America 
May 14 in "Arkwright's Wife." The cast: 

Digitized by Google 


Sir Richard Arkwright Henry Holland 
Hilkiah Lawson . . Walter Reynolds 
Peter Crookmouth . Thos. Brannick 
Sir Richard Clayton Leighton Baker 
Dicfc O'Jobna • • • Edward Rowbaod 

Bob O'Chowbent 
Nancy Hyde . . 
Marjxaret Hayet . 
Peter Hayes . . 
Chadwlek . . . 

. T. McCartney 
. Jennie Hughes 
Helen Barry 
Harry St Mauiir 
Chaiwi Howard 

A. M. Palmer retired from the management of this theatre May 
14, 1883; Sheridan Shook and James M. Collier assumed the 


At an extra mating, May 23, Helen Barry acted the Countess 
in "The Ladies' Battle"; Henry Holland as Henry, Walter Rey- 
nolds as the Baron, Harry St. Maur as Gustave, and Kate Magnus 
as Leonie. Miss Barry closed her engagement May 26, and the 
-Theatre was dark the week of May 28. It reopened June 4, with 
" The T hunderbolt," for the hrst time on any stage. The theatre 
inMlinTed~foifl!ire week by William Harris. Newton Gotthold 
was the star. The play was a foilure, and was withdrawn at the 
close of the weeL The cast : 

Joseph Renard . . Lewis Morrison 
Walter Brenton . . . W. C. Cowpcr 

Tom Cronan Ed. Lamb 

Jim West M. C. Daly 

Toots Madge Butler 

Sam Haskint . . . . J. C. Elliott 
Antonio T. Brannick 

Ned J. Cummings 

Blanche Westleigh . . Katie Gilbert 
Mrs. AUyn WeMeIgh . Octavia Allen 
Sally West . . . Georgie Dickaoa 

Julia Laura Brunner 

Paul Rodette . . J. Newtoo Gotthold 

Bake r took a benefit June 18. The programme consisted 
of scenes from "The Hunchback" : Helen Bancroft, Julia; J. B. 
Studley, Master Walter; song, William Castle; Charlotte Thomp« 
son and company, in **Jane_Kxi^' " recitation, F. F. Mackay; 
Frank Mordaunt as Jerry Clip in "A Widow's Victim;" Roland 
Reed in song, "The Dude's Lament;" and Milton Nobles in 
"J'hK tir'^'^o r Interviewe d. " 

Oscar Wilde's play, "Vera the Nihilist,*' was originally acted 
Aug. 20, 1883, with this cast: 

The Ciar . . . 
Prime Minister . 
BsroD Roff sad Peter SsvoarolF 

Julius Kahn 

Page Lewis Mann 

Gen. Kotemken . . Geo. S. Paxton 
Vera Marie Preecott 

Geo. C. Boniface ] Michael B. W. Tamer 

£d. Lamb 1 Alexis Lewis Morrison 

Prince Petrovitch and NIdtolas 

Frankie Furlonjj 
President of Nihilists . J. K. Furlong 

Marfa J. F. De Gel 

Demetri Fied Lotto 

Edward Lamb died in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 5, 1887. Marie 
Prescott died in New York, Aug. 28, 1893. Julius Kahn made a 
travelling tour season 1889-90 with Charles Arnold in " Hans the 
.B^tnuOjL." under the management of the writer of thi& At tne 
close of the season he retired from the stage and went to San 
Francisco, Gal., where he toolc up his residence, and began the 

Digitized by Google 



study of law. In 1892 he was elected to ths State legislature, and 
in 1894 was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of Cali- 
fornia. Id 1895 be was representing the fourth district of Cali- 
fornia in tbe national House of Representatives He is the second 
actor to achieve that honor. The late Charles F. Crisp, speaker 
oi the House of Representatives, was the first. 

"Vera" was a failure, and was withdrawn at the close of the 
we^ A preliminary season commenced Sept. 10, with Charles 
Wyndham's company in " The Great Divorce Case. " " Pink Domi> 
nos " was played Sept. 22 : Charles Greythome, C. Wyndham ; Percy 
Wagstaff, H. R. Teesdale; Joskyn Tubbs, Blakeley; Harry Green- 
lanes, Gea Giddens; Mrs. Tubbs, Mrs. Edmund Phelps; Rebecca, 
Miss E. Vining; Brisket, Horatio Saker; Waiter, F. G. Richards; 
Lady Wagstaff, Rose Saker; Mrs. Greythome, Kate Rorke; Miss 
Barron, Miss Norreys. 

This was preceded by "Xh e Household Fairy . " Gea Giddens as 
Julian, and Kate Rorke as katheflli&. Tbe Wyndham company 
closed Oct. 6, and Joseph Jefferson followed Oct. 8 in "The 
Cricket on the Hearth" and "Lend Me Five Shillings." In 
the latter play Mr. Jefiferson acted Golightly; Thomas Jefferson, 
Sam; and Rosa Rand, Mrs. Phobbs. This bill was played until 
Nov. 17, when the season closed. 

The thirteenth season opened Nov. 26; Shook & Collier, pro- 
prietors, and Jan es W. Collier, manager. The attraction was 
Robert Buchanan's " Stormbeaten," for the first time in America. 
It had this cast: 

S^plire Orrhardson . . John Parselle 
Richard Orchardson, Joseph E. Whiting 
Dame ChriNtianson, Mrs. £. J. Phillips 
Christian Christiansen McKee Rankin 
Kate Christtansoo . Maud Harrison 
Priscilla Stfton . . . Effi* Ellsler 

iabez Greene . . Wm. H. Seymour 
ohnny Downs . . Charles Stanley 
Capt Higginbotham E. L. Tilton 

Sexton .... Lysander Thompson 
Jacob Foracre ... J. B. Wiboo 

" Stormbeaten " was acted for the last time Jan. 26^ 1884, and^ 
was followed, Jan. 28, by Hartley Ginipbeirs new play, " Separs- 

tion/' which had this cast: 

Madge Somers 
Lucy Roberts 
Jennie Jansen 
Annie Forrester 
Mother Fenella 
Mr. Sefton . 
Jacob Marvel 
Sdly Marvel . 
^^ale . . . 
May Budd 
KuXb . . . 

Annie Cameron 
Marie Greenwald 
Evelyn Champney 
Louise Hamblin 
Nellie Wetherell 
. J. H. Stoddart 
. Chas. Collins 
Eloise WiUb 
. W . S. Quigley 
. Fanny Gillette 
LUlun Greer 

Bentoo Blair . 
Felix Fawn . 
Abner Day . 
Major Maxwell . 
DnW Warren 
Fann^' Maxwell 
Mamie Maxwell 
Mile. Forine . 

. Chas. Coghlan 
Jos. E. Whiting 
. J. H. Stoddart 
. . J.. Parselle 
Henry Chanfrau 
. Maud Harrison 
Mrs. £. J. Phillips 

Abigail Day 
Millv . . 
M. Meyer 
Mr. Swift 
Meldrum . 
Dora Hlair 
Mabel Ulair 

Nellie Wetberdl 
Felix Morris 
Julian Magnus 
L. Thompson 
Eleanor Carey 
. Effie Elbler 


A molt effective scene was the avalanche, or snow slide. Ib 

l^gone years playwrights made little use of this sensation, as its 
presence restricted the action of the play to one or two uncongenial 
localities. But recent writers have gotten over the difficulty by 
rechristening the effect a "land slide." A sensation scene akin 
to the avalanche was done at the Lyceum, London, Easter, 1853. 

In the earlvpart of 1884 Shook & Collier wanted a society drama 
for their stock. Robert Buchanan, of London, agreed to furnish one 
for $5,000 and $250 advance pa3mient The advance payment was 
made, and Mr. Buchanan came here with a play entitled "A Hero 
in Spite of Himself." Shook & Collier found that the scenes were 
laid on the prairies, and that the leading characters would have to 
appear in red shirts, with their troaiers in big hoots. They de- 
cided that the play was not a society drama. It was rejected, but 
Mr. Buchanan refused to return the advance payment. Shook & 
Collier sued him to recover the money, and got a verdict against 
him for $94$. On the date of the first production of this play, 
the prices of admission were reduced to $l for the best seats. 

" Separatio n " was withdrawn April 5. The theatre was closed 
' week of AprU 7 for rehearsal of " The Fatal Letter/ ' by A. R. 
Casauran, presented April 14, with this cast: 

Rachel Trevor . . 
Capt. Trevor . . 
Little Harry Trevor 
Hirry Trevor . 
Mrs. Edmond . 
Octavia . . , 
Dr. Bell . . , 
Somen . . . 
Capt Appersoa 
Lieut Walker . 

. Helen Barrv 
Joseph Haworth 
Tommy Russell 
Ednfn Cleary 
Kate Denin VVitson 
. . Eloise Willis 
. Charles Walcot 
. Andrew Jaques 
Geoffrey Hawley 
Gca S. Robiiiion 


Col. Watterton . 
Eliphaz Tresham 
Pulaski • . . 
Major Macbedk . 

Lytton Sumttr . 
Maurice . . • 
Mrs. Warrington, 
Miss Apperson . 
Mrs. Denison . 
Mrs. Snnter 

Harold Forsberg 
Edward H. Sothem 
. . John Matthews 
Lysaoder Tliompeon 
. . . Emiin Howe 
. . C. J. Burbidge 
Mrs. Charles Watson 
. . Kate Maffnoa 
Miss St. Quintia 
Marie HfUbrdft 

It was withdrawn April 26, 18S4. Prof. Cromwell began a 
series of his lectures June 23, and closed his engagement July 2a 
" Quee na " had its first representation here Aug. i& The cast 

'as : 


Lord Httntjn|(ton 
Earl of Chandoe . 

Frank Morton . 
Henry Wilkins . 
Queena Montrose } 
MUe. Rene i 

Ebea Plymptoa 
Ctias. L. Harris 

. Henry Holland 
J. W. Summers 

. Lillian Spencer 

Alice St. Claire 
Anna Montrose 
Mrs. Montrose 
Little Queena . 
Florence • • 

Ethel Greybroolce 
Kate V. Tonsey 

Louise Dirk.son 
. Edith Widmer 
Sadie Martinot 

Sara Jewett rejoined the company of this theatre at Chicago, III , 
Aug. 25. "J.y nwood " was acted here Sept. 18, with Maud 
Granger as Lucille, Eben Plympton as Victor, B. T. Ringgold as 
Dudley, Chas. Norris as War Correspondent, and Rachel Booth 
as Gay Carlisle. Its run terminated Oct. 4. " The, yirtjst's 

Digitized by Google 



DauAter" was seen for the first time on any stage Oct 6, and 
bad tbts cast : 

Duke de Halys . . Geoffrey Hawley I Nannette PoochoB . . EtolM WlOla 

Marquise de Gironde, Joseph Whiting | Andre J. H. Barnes 

Count de Louvois . . J. B. Mason ! Gaspard J. H. Stoddart 

Chevalier de Laixun . . Julian Ma^^nus Coro ..«.*. E. L. Tilton 

Dr. Murtlvale .... John Parselle 
Sergt. Falkm . Lysander Thompson 

Duchess de Chalys . . Ida Vernon 
Sybil Muriel . . 
MUe. de Vans . 

Joseph Owen S. Fawcett 

Antoine W. E. Morse 

Louis W. S. Quigley 

. Marie Greenwaki 1 Blanche Sara Jewett 

Mn.£. J.PhiUipalMarie MmidHairison 

This was the first appearance at this theatre of J. H. Barnes. The 
play was withdrawn Oct 25, 1884, when "French Flato*' had 
this cast: 

M. Bloodeaa .... John Parselle 

M. Honay J. H. Stoddart 

M. Ernest Vallay . Owen S. Fawcett 
Sig. Rifflardini . . . . J. B. Polk 
Marquis de Bamuneda, Jos. £. Whiting 

Binardo J. B. Mason 

Tancredi .... Geoffrey Hawley 

Martin Julian Magnus 

OU Ptochard .... E. L. Tilton 
Gostavtt .... Wm. £. Morse 

Painter W. S. Qtrfgley 

Upholsterer . . . J. H. Williams 

Baroness Sara Jewett 

Anna Blondcau . . Maud Harrison 
Mme. Blondeau . . . Nellv Howard 

Mme. Bonay Icfa Vernon 

Bianca .... Mrs. E. J Phillips 

Mariette Eloise Willis 

Frozine Ndlte WetheraU 

**^ Puprcz & .Son " was originally acted Nov. 19, and had this 
cast: DiTprez, JoTTn Parselle; Morel, J. H. Barnes; Armand, J, 
E. Whiting; . D'Arcy, J. H. Stoddart; Rousseau, E. L. Tilton; 
Remy, Julian Magnus; Footman, W. E. Morse; Louise Rousseau, 
Sara Jewett; Elaine Ferrand, Maud Harrison; Suzanne, Mrs. E. 
J. Phillips; Juliette Morel, Blanche Duffield. It was withdrawn 
Dec 6 for " Three Wives to One Husban d." acted Dec. 8, when 
the cast was: 

Ralph Cobbe . 
Andrew Dohbs 
Dobbs . . . 
Cobbe . . . 
Caricol . . . 
Mods. Bonqnet 

. J. H. Barnes 
J. B. Mason 

, J. H. Stoddart 
Jos. E. Whiting 
John Parselle 
. Julian Maj;nus 

LuItt Sara Jewett 

Mrs. Batterbjr . Mrs. E. T. Phillips 

Euphemi.i .... Maua Harrison 
Mrs. Caricol . . Mrs. G. C. Germon 

Juliet Eloise Willis 

Marie Nelly Howard 

Biddy NeUie Wetberell 

RcKistnur E. L. Tilton 

Paddy Owen S. Fawcett 

On Dec. 13 it was preceded by "One Touch of Nature," in 
which Maud Harrison, J. H. Stoddart, J. E. VVfilting, Julian 
Magnus, and Owen S. I^'awcett appeared. It was acted until 
Feb. 2, 1885. theatre was cloaed Feb. 3 for a rehearsal, 

and part of the time thus idle was devoted to a refitting of the 
hcuae with new orcheatra chaira. The new play with which the 


house reopened, Feb. 4, was " A^isonci for L-ic ," an adaptation 
of " Stella," and had this cast 

Louft XIV. . 

Count dc Valney 
General . 
LaroM . 
Charies . 
Lambin . 
Captain . 

. John PaneUe 

. J. H. Barnes 
Jos. E. Whiting 
J. H. Stoddart 
. £. L. Tilton 
Geoffrey Hawley 
Owen S. Fawcett 
Julian Magnus 
Lysander Thonpeon 

Jacques . 
A Soldier 
Valet . . 
Louise . 
Lucy . 

. . R. F. Carroll 

W. S. Quigley 
W. J. Leonard 
. . Sara Jewett 
. NeUie WetbereU 
Mrs. E. J. Phniips 
. . Eloise Willis 
. Maud Harrison 

Kstelle Clayto n appeared as a 
Story of a Wa if." written by 


Feb. 6, in " Favette. t he 
The cast was 

Bernardus . 
Alfred Vane 
Jacques . . 
Angelique . 
Fnvette . . 

F. de Belleville 
. Edward Sothern 

Wm. Davidge, Jr. 
Constance Murielle 

Mrs. Chas. Poole 
. Eatdle Cbyton 

Earl of Esmond 
Due de Loire 
Adolpbns • 
Ficot. . . 
Grandmlra . 
Julie . 

Geo. Holland 
Jos. Murray 
. IdaMoUe 

Minnie Palmer appeared here Feb. 27 in " Mv Sweetheart" : 
Tina, Minnie Palmer; Tony Fanst, Chas. Arnold; Joe SbotWil, 

T. J. Hawkins; Dudley Harcourt, Lawrence d'Orsay; Dr. 
Bartlctt, Augustus Cook; Farmer Hatzell, H. R. Davies; Tim 
O'Lcary, Eugene O'Rorke; Louisa Shotwell, Mattie Earle; Mrs. 
Hatzell, Mary Myers. This was Augustus Cook's first appear- 
ance in America. The opening night was for the benefit of Leigh 
S. Lynch, treasurer of the house. Frank Mayo began an engage- 
ment here May 18 in " Nor deck , " its first performance in this city. 
The cast was : 

Nordeck Frank Mayo 

Prince Leo Edwin Mayo 

Herr Fabian . . . Ceo. C. Boniface 
Count Morynski . . . H. B. Phillips 

Witold Edwin Varrey 

Cbrisloph OadcU . WiJlC. Cowper 
Frantz Vogel .... E. Sylvester 

Radowies . . . Eogene F. Eberie 
Bantowtld . . . victor Harmon 

Justin Erolin Howe 

Paul T. H. Conly 

Counteis .... Kathryn Kidder 
Princess .... HenrietU Vaders 
Margaret Stdla Teuton 

Sydney Kpsenfeld appeared as the manager of an opera company 
which opened here July 20, 1885 with "The Mikado," then pro- 
duced for the first time in this city. Roland Reed acted Ko-Ko 
and Alice Harrison, Yum Yum. Only one performance was given, 
as an injunction had been obtained. Mr. Rosenfeld and Ed. Clay- 
burgh were subsequently committed to jail for contempt of court. 
Another company produced this opera here Aug. 17, under the man- 
agement of Harry Miner. The cast was : 

Digitized by Google 


Mikado J. W. Herbert 

Ko-ko ...... Rofauid Reed 

PUi-TiMh . . . G«o. H. Broderick 

Fftti-Sing Belle Archer 

Katbha . . . Emma Mabella Baker 

Nanki -Poo . • . S%> A. Montegriffo 
Pooh-Bah .... Herbert Archer 
YiuB-YidD .... AKce Harrisoo 
P«^Bo Mte MolUe 

The first performance in America of this opera was Iqf a small 
company July 6, under the management of Sydney JRosenfeld, at 
the Museum, Chicago, 111. On Aug. 17 Hattie Starr and Jessie 
Quigley assvmed the parts of PittUSing and Peq>-Bo here. W. 
T. Carleton was the first one to secure the right of producing "The 
Mikado" upon the road. 

On Aug. 31 " A Brav( ; W^jPf*" "was first acted, by the Sarah 
von Leer and Jaiiies Bf. Hardie company. 

This house was opened under the management of James M. 
Hill on Sept 7. 1S85, with "A Moral Crime," which had this 

Philippe .... Joseph Haworth 
De Glairs . . . Henrv' E. Walton 
Father DaUkm . H. A. Weaver, Sen. 

Marias J. W. Pijggott 

Sandoto Edwin Cleary 

Jnks E. H. Sotb«m 

Miy Hwry 

Mme. Foalaine t 
Flora V ' 

Mme. Girard . . . Carrie J :imison 
Totote Girard . . Charlotte de Musset 

Marie Genie Langdon 

.... Marie FreaooU 

It was withdrawn April 10, 18&6, and the bouse closed April 
12. "Romeo and Juliet" was produced Oct 13, when Margiret 
Mather made her New Yofk d6but as a star. 'The cast was: 

Juliet Marg;aret Mather 

Romeo .... Frtderick Paulding 

Mercutio M lines Levick 

Eacalai F. A. TannehQl 

Friar Lawrence . H. A. Weaver, Sen. 

Friar John Frank Rea 

Capulet Harry Eytinge 

Montague .... Wm. Johnston 
BomBlio .... WiUiam Wilson 
Tyball EdwiaClaaiy 

Paris Ivan Peronet 

An Old Man .... \V. E. Reed 
Apothecary . . WiUiam V. Ranoua 
Peter .... Ffodwldc W. Pelsfa 
Balthasar .... Sidney Bowkett 
Abram .... Charles r redericks 
Samson ..... Geo. A. Dalton 
Gregory .... Henry A. Horn 

Narse Came Jamison 

Ladjr Gapolct .... Jeaaie HaraU 

It was given in nine tableaux and sixteen scenes. The crimson 

plush curtain put up by Manager J. M. Hill especially for "Romeo 
and Juliet " caught fire just as the curtain was about to rise on the 
last act, evenine of Nov. 12, from a torch in the hands of a "super." 
The firemen and stage hands, by beating against the curtain, had 
the flames extinguished in a few minutes. 

The final performance of " Romeo and Juliet " was given Jan. 2, 
1886. The house was closed Jan. 4, and reopened Jan. 5, with 
" Leah^' which had this cast: 


Leah Manauret Mather 

Nathan Mtlnes Levick 

Rudolph .... Freri. Paulding 
Lorenzo . . . . H. A. Weaver, Sen. 
Father Herman . . . Edwin Cleary 

Lttdov^ Harry Eytinge 

Abraham .... Wm. v* Ranoos 
Sarah Daisy Wood 

Jacob Fred W. Peters 

Frtts Geo. A. Dalton 

Johan C. Fredericks 

Madelina .... Jennie Harold 
Mother Groicben Carrie Jamison 
Gertrude ..... Annie White 

Rose Miss A. Johnston 

Uttle Leah .... Baby Wood 

Frederick .Fauldigg . owing to illness, retired from the cast after 
Jaa 18. On Jaa 19^ 20, 21, Cyril Searle acted Rudolph; Edwin 
Cleary took the part Jan. 22, and continued to play it until Mr. 
Paulding's return. Margaret Mather was seen for the first time 
here Feb. i, as Juliana in "The Honeymoon/' which had this 
cast: Juliana, Margaret Mather; Duke Aranza, Milnes Levick; 
Rolando, Frederick Paulding; Balthazar, H. A. Weaver; Jacques, 
Harry Eytinge ; Count Montalban, Edwin Cleary ; Lampedo, 
Wra. V. Ranous; Lopez, Fred W. Peters; Campillo, Gea A. 
Dalton; Pedro, Chaa. Fredericks; Almedo, Jna Thomas; Vol- 
ante, Maud £. Peters; Zamora, Jennie Harold, and Hostess, Car- 
rie Jamison. 

Carrie Swain appeared here Feb. 6, in " lack io-the Box. " which 
had this cast : 

iack Merry weather . . Carrie Swain 
(tehard. C.W.Barry 

Edward Walter Bentley 

Roy Carlton . . McCullough Ross 
Cano Toroni . . . Rilph Delmore 
Geo. Bolton .... Paul Thomas 
PraC 0*SidBfU .... Hugh Fay 
Police Secfeant . . . Tbad. Shine 

Beppo Harokl Russell 

Tonio Newton Dana 

Rocco Little M.imie 

.Marcoo S. Phtlleo 

Topley F. D. Simonds 

Milly de Vere . . . Blanche Thome 
Mra. Menyweatfaer . . Julia Broloiie 
Catarlna .... Aoetakle Ardiur 

'^PcjxLU, or the Girl with the Glass Eyes," a comic opera, was 
first heardnere March 16, and had this cast: 

ProL FoDgo . . . Jacques Knwcr | Donoa Carmansuita 

Glavolo Fred. Qimn Alma Stuart Stanley 

Pablo Chauncey Olcott Pnsqiieli Lizzie Hughes 

Juan Geo. Wilkinson Maraquita Miss Jackson 

Curaso Fred Solomon Chiqiuta Cora Striker 

Pepita Lillian RusseU Juana Julia Wilson 

This was Chauncey Olcott's d^hut in opera, he having been a min> 

strel performer hitherto. The opera was withdrawn after May 22. 
McNish, Johnson, & Slavin's minstrels came May 24, and remained 
for a fortnight. 

The next season opened Sept. 30^ 1886, with Marie Aim6e and 
her company, under the management of Simmonds & T. Allston 
Brown, in "Mam'zelle," cast thus: 

Digitized by CndB|le 


Toinette Jacotot > 
Fleur de Lis j 
Tarleton Tapper . 
Lionel Leslie . . 
Bob Pritchard 
CoL Hfaim Pwltr 

Thos. H. Burns 
A. del Campo 
. John Matrble 
NevtoD ChiMuU;oto ..... Lester Victor 

Topplebejf Collin Varrey 

Taisway J. Charles 

O'Club L. W. Browning 

Mrs. Louisa Tupper . . Clara Baker 
M«y Jonnte WilUaaw 

Aim^e appeared Sept. 28 in "Marita" (first time on any stage), 
by Victoricn Sardou, translated by Barton Hill. Another version 
was first produced in 1879, by Carl Rosa, at Her Majesty's Theatre, 
Limdon, under the title U "FiocoUna" The cut at this hoaee 

MarcasMMi . . . L. W. Brviminfl; 

Marita Maria Aimte 

Elena <n Sifwil . . . Clara ftiker 
Madam TidOMUl . . Emma Skerrctt 

Charlotte Fannie Nash 

Denise ..... Jennie Williams 

Rosette Ada Laurent 

Angelique EMtBobb 

.... BcHe Stepletoa 

Frederick A. del Campo 

Mnianlfai .... Tboa. H. Buma 
QuMmwd . • • . . Join Marirfe 
Valeaifae • . . Geo. A. Ketchum 

Comete Lester Victor 

Father Hdnan • . Newton Chisnell 
Matboia . . . Gra. J. Uendersoa 

Chrietiaa CIms. Edeson 

Veiias CoOin Varrey 

The play was a failure, and was given only three tines. 
"Mam'zelle" finished out the week. Clara Morris appeared 
Oct. 4 in " ft l."^^f" pl^^yed three evenings; "Article 47," 
Oct 7, 8; "Camille,'* matinee Oct g, and the company acted 
"Engaged" evening Oct. 9. Clara Morris was not in the cast. 
The house closed Oct. 1 1 for rehearsal of " Much Ado Abottt 
Nothing," presented Oct. 12, with this cast; 

Benedick . . 

Don Pedro . . 
Count Claadio 

Don John . < 

Leonato . . . 

Antonio . . . 

Dogberry . , 

Verges . . . 

Coorade . . . 

. J. H. Barnes 
B. R. Graham 
W. Lackaye 
. Geo. Morton 
. . J. E. Dean 
. W. J. Hurlev 
Harry Hawk 
Frank Willard 
Edmond Pembroke 

Friar . . 
Seacoal . 
Hero . . 
Ursula . 

ErroU Uunbar 
Thomas Mellor 
. John Sutherland 
. J. F. Deheaney 
Gnevieve -L^ton 
Alma Aiken 
. Mary E. HiU 
Faony JDiaveDpeit 

This was the first time Fanny Davenport ever acted Beatrice. 
Modjeska began an engagement Oct 25 in "As You Like It," 
whidi had this cast: 

Duke ...... James Cooper 

Frederick Albert Lang 

Jaqves .... Chas. Vandenhon 

Anriens Robert S. Taher 

LeBeao. . . . Hamilton E. Bell 

Oliver Wm. Haworth 

Adem Jas. L. Carhart 

Dennis Hazard Perrv 

Charles Geo. Ketchefl 

Jaquc.s du Bois . . Robert Burnaby 
VOL nt.— IS 

Orlando . . 

Sylvius . . 


William . . 

Hunter . • 

Rosalind . 

Cella . . 

Phebe . . 

Audrey . . 

Maurice Barrymore 
Wm. F. Owen 
. Ian Robertson 
Howell Hanscll 
Chas. B. Kelly 
Waller Hampshire 
. . Modjeska 
Grace Henderson 
Laiir.i Johnson 
. Clara EUi&oa 


S. Taber was 
did the vocal 
Modjcska as 
hearsals of ' 
time on any 
was founded 
Bretagne en 

first week was given up to "As You Like It." R. 
billed to sing Amiens' songs, but Walter Hampshire 
work. "Twelfth Night" was done Nov. 4, 5, 6, 
Viola. The bouse was closed Nov. 8, 9, for re- 
houans. " by Paul t^o^fer. given for the first 
stage, NOV. la The novel on which this drama 
was originally called "Le Dernier Chouan, ou la 
17991" The play had this cast: 

Marche-a-Terre . 
Pille Miche . . 
Cibot . . . . 
Jeanoie . . . . 
La Barbette . . 
Francine . . . 
Col. Hulot . . . 
Capt. Gerard . . 
Scrgt. Beaupied . 
Coreatin . . . 
Marie de VeraevO 

Ian Robertson 
. William Haworth 
. Howell Hansen 

Laura JohuoB 
. . Mary Shaw 
. . Clara Ellison 
. James L. Carhart 
. . Robt- Taber 

Kobt. Burnaby 
Chailes Vaodenhoff 
. . . Modjeska 

Marquis de MoDtanran 

Maarice Barrymore 
fiaion du Gueaic . . Albert Lan? 
Coant de Beaimaa . . Hamilton Bell 
Major Brij^nt . . . Frank Lyman 

Cottereau James Cooper 

Countess de Kamac, Grace Henderson 
Prinoesa de Roban . Miss Siddewell 

Priest Albert Mario 

Footman Joseph Leon 

Coupiau .... Chas. b. Kelly 
Mme. de Gua Saint Cyr. Mary Eraser 

"Twelfth Night" was acted week Dec. 6, and for Modjeska's 
closing week, Dec. 13-18, "Danicla" was played for the first 
time in America, and had this cast: Egon, Maurice Barrymore; 
Baron Kunz, E. Hamilton Bell; Dr. Carl, Ian Robertson; Ferdi- 
nand, Chn?. Vandenhoff; Daniela, Modjeska; Felix, W. F". Owen; 
Braucr, Howell Hansell ; Fritz, Robert Burnaby; Wilbelm« C. 
B. Kelly; Toni, Grace Henderson. 

The house was closed Dec 20, but was reopened Dec. 21, with 
Margaret Mather in "Leah." "The Honeymoon" was given Dec. 
27. *' Romeo and Juliet " was revived Jan. 3, 1887. Helen Hast- 
ings made her American debut Jan. 17, as Phyllis, in " .Pen aqd 
Ink." The cast: Mr. Van Sittart, J. H. Clark; Capt Mcunt- 
Stewart, Menry E. Walton; Tim Murphy, J. Daily; Mrs. Brent; 
Ida Jeffreys; Ada, Helen Corlette ; Aristarchus, Eugene Jepson, 
Dick, VVm. A. Faversham; Alex. Macnab, S. Fox; Mrs. Van 
Sittart, Annie Ware; Phyllis, Helen Hastings. 

Helen Hastings closed her engagement Jan. 29. Rose Coghlan 
appeared here Jan. 31, in "J^ondon Assurance;" F^eb. 7, S, 9, in 
" Masks and Faces." Rose CogTiTah acted Rosalind in "As You 
Like It," Feb. 10, it, 12. "Masks and Faces" was repeated 
week of Feb. 14. Richard Mansfield commenced Feb. 21, in 
" PrinceL Karl." In the company were Joseph Frankau, Cyril 
Scott, Albert Roberts, Harry Gwynette, Effie Germon, Charles 
Eldridge, James Burnett, Emma Sheridan, Adelaide Emerson, 
and Beatrice Cameron. For the benefit of John M. Morton, 
jonrnalist, actor, and author, a Sunday evening entertainment was 
given Feb. 2/. Among the attractions were : Mrs. D. F. Bowers, 

Digitized by Google 


Rose Coghlan, Nellie McHenry, N. Salsbury, John G. Webster, 
Helen Bancroft, Ethel Corlette, Florence Gillette, Eben f lymp- 
ton, Jos. F. Wheelock, D. H. Harkins, Herbert Archer, and 
George F. Devere. Bessie Byrne gave a matin6e performance 
March i, of "Leah/V Agnes Herndon opened in " IhcJ^om-^ 
mercial Tourisr s Bjadfii." March 14. Janauschek was seen here 
Apnl il, U Meg Merrilies in ** Guy Mannerin^" Annie Pixley 
appeared here April 25, with " The Deacon'a Dattj j^hter/* for the 
first time in New York. The cast was: 

Ruth Homewebb . . Annie Pixley 

MalatesU Ed. Temple 

Sqtiire Hinm . . . Robert Ffieiier 

Amadie P. Redmond 

Mrs. Brown . . . Aoaie Barclay 

Isaiah . . . 
Charles . . . 
Irving . . 
Mrs. Homewebb 
Mary . . . 

. M. C. Daly 
. Geo. Backus 
W. G. Regnier 

Annie Douglas 
Irene Avenal 

Annie Pixley gave a professional matinee May 17. A. L. 
Heckler took a benefit Sunday evening, May 22. Annie Pixley 
closed the sixth and last week of **Tht De acon's Daug hter." June 
4. Murray and Mnrpby played " Our Irish v/lsitors " lor six weeks, 
OOnnnencing June 6, and the seasorrcTose^^uIy "9. ^ 

J. M. Hill opened the next season Aug. 29, 1887, with "One 
Against M any " (its first performance on any stage), with John L. 
Snrleigfi as tne star. It had this cast : 

Baron Menchikoff . . Franz Reinau 
Prince Michaelovitch . Dan Leeson 
Isaakofi Zamarofi . . Alfred Kleio 
Ctttbberth Chotmonddy 

Albert Roberts 
George F. Devere 

Herman MuUer 
Henri le 

Redficid Clarke 
Frederick Goldthwaite 


Frant^ois . . 
Ivan .... 
Gregory . . . 
Counten OIgm 
V'assailssa . . 
Neira . . . 
Piene de Montalanbert 

Edwin Phillips 
H. P. Harrison 
. I. C. Tieman 
. Katie Gilbert 

Carrie Jackson 
. Effie Germon 
Mr. Burkigh 

It was withdrawn after Sept. 

On Sept. 26, for the first time on any stage, "T\ 
by Bronson Howard, was produced, with this cast: 

Nicholas Vanalstyne Wm. H. Crane 
Dr. Parke Walnwrlgbt, H. J. Lethcourt 

Nicholas Vanalstyne, Jr. Charles Kent 
Bertie Vanalstyne . • Stuart Robson 
Loid Artbiir Trclawney 

Lorimer Stodclard 
Rev. Murray Hilton, F. A. Tannchill, Jr. 

Watson Flint . . . 
Musgrave .... 
Mrs. Cornelia Opdyke 
Rose Vanalstyne . . 
Agnes Lockwood 

Henry Bergman 
Loais Carpenter 
. Selena Fetter 
Sibvl Johnstone 
Jessie Storey 

Lady Mary Trelawney . May Waldnm 

May Waldron is now Mrs. Stuart Robson. 

&ira Jewett, who had been ill for some time, was given a benefit 
afternoon Dec. 15. The receipts were about $i,soo. The pro-^ 
gramme was: "A Sa.d CoQue tt e ," by Estelle Clayton, for the first 
time on any stage, and witntEnT cast : 


I Paul Mortimer 
} Lord I^wton . 

I Sir C harles 

I Frederick West 
I Haoael . . . 
I Tramp . . . 

. Eben Plymyitnn 
. . Geo. Holland 
William Faversbam 
. Lorimcr Stoddiud 
. . FkawRdaan 
• C* R* Dodawofth 

Little Hobby . 
Lady Law ton . 
Mrs. Higgins . 
Selina Merritt 

. OIlie Perkley 
Louisa Eldridge 
. Selena Fetter 
. . Loie Fuller 
Eatdle Claytoa 

Aurclio Cerulos, Spanish pianist, made his American d^but 
(piofessionally) afternoon of Feb. i, i8S8. Lillie Eldridge, 
I. S. Haworth, R. C. Hilliard, George C. Hall, M. P. Wilder, 
Mrs. Alice J. Shaw. Mary J. Dunn. P. Sinzig, Comtlandt Palmer, 
C. Palmer, Jr., C. P. Flockton, Lelia Wolstan, Charles Rent, John 
Darling, Marion Lee, and others appeared. 

This theatre was destroyed by fire Tuesday afternoon, Feb 28, 
1888. A new theatre was erected, the architect heing[ John E. 
Terhune, and the consulting architect Leopold Eidlitz. The 
theatre is owned by the Courtlandt Palmer estate. The building 
is constructed of ma&orry and iron throughout, no wood having 
been used except in a few parts where it was absolutely necessary. 

The initial performance took place Wcdnesda)' nijjht, March 
27, 1889, with " A Woman's Strat agcro." otherwise "The Ladies' 
Bsttle," which had'thls caai: B&ron de Montrichard, Frank Mor- 
daunt i Gustavede Grignon, Chas. Glenney; Henri de Flavigneul, 
J. M. Colville; Brigadier, Victor Harmon ; Leonie de Villegontie, 
Leiia Wolstan ; Countess d'Autreval, Helen Barry. Helen Barry 
closed April 27, and " J<t- b<-rt Klsmere." a dramatization <tf Mrs. 
Humphry Ward's novel, was acted April 2% for the first time, 
and had this cast: 

E. H. Vanderfeh I Lady Cbarlotte Wynnstay 

John T. Sullivan Kate Denin Wilson 
Harry Harwood ] Cecil Wanlcss . . . Kobt. Backus 
W. H. riiompson Dr. Edmonsoa . . . W. B. Arnold 
. Doruthy Durr j .Mrs. Leybura . . . . May RobsOQ 
. Effie Shaaaoa 1 Julia £Ua Moffu 

"Old Ted Prout;r^' was first acted in this city May 13, and the 
cast was: 

Robert Elsmere . 
Edward L.m;;ham 
Albert \V \ tnistay 
Mr. New come 
Catherine Elsmere 
Kose Leyboro 

Ted Prouty . . 
Lige and Hanley 
Beacon Hiil . 

tobnTodd. . 
lemmingway . 
Zack Wilcox f 
Maginnis > 
{Valentine . . 

A summer 
had this cast: 
Major Grubb, 

Richard Golden 
Fred W. Peters 
■ Chas. Bowser 
. Jas. F. Dean 
' M. J. Jordan 

Frank R. Jaclcaon 

. H. M. Moise 

Joe Stover F. C. Wells 

Dick Stubbs . Master Chas. Thropp 

Martha Lillian Chantore 

Tribulation Mrs. Frank Tannehill, Sen. 

Fanny Esther Drew 

Mrs. Stubbs .... Helen Rrnoks 
Alice Millie Smith 

season commenced June 3, with ** Ardriell,*' which 

Shacky, Chas. Theodore; Cherub, Walter Perkins; 
J. C. Harvey; Neil» Roy Staintoo; Manthic, May 

Digitized by Google 


Leyton ; Leone, Annie Lippincott; Sibyl, Helen Fiske; Ardriell, 
Louise PauUin. The season closed June la A preliminary sea- 
son opMied Aug. 15, with Yank Hoe, Japanese illusioaist and 
equilibrist, assisted by Omeiie, a Turkish dancer. The house 
closed Aup^. 16 and 17, and was reopened by Yank Hoe, Aug. 19, 
for a few nights, "f^rncliff " was produced Sept. 9.- In the cast 
were T. J. Herndon. E. H. Vanderfelt, William Hawortb (the 
author), John B. Maher, Henry Pierson, Mamie Moore, Belle 
Flohr, Rebecca Warren, Fanny Marsh, and Angela Ogden. 

"Love and Li her tit ." was produced Sept. 23, 1889. The cast 
included (Clarence Handysides, Ralph Delmore, W. B. Arnold, 
Franz Reinau, Henry Holland, Victor Harmon, Walter Fletcher, 
Owen Neil, Emmons Ball, William Verner, Henrj' Reynolds, Amy 
Busby, Stella de Lorez, and Helen Barry. Herrmann's Trans- 
Atlantiques followed Oct. 7 for three weeks. Then came Clara 
Morris, Oct. 28, in "Camille," with Fred de Belleville as Armanc'. 
'U^ g | ene " was acted Oct. 29 for the first time at this theatre, and 
had this cast: 

Dr. Clermont . . . . F. de Belleville 
Baron Acliille de Serene J. G. Saville 
Raymond de Serene J. M. Colville 
Lord Carylsford . . . Verner Claifw 
Giaoomo Cooari . . Win. J. Fefgatoo 

Teddy Smith . . Beatrice Moreland 
Sylvaine de Serene . . . Kate Massi 
Lady Carylsford . . Mittens Wiliett 
Mme. Clermont . . . Octavia Allen 
Hdene Boderoff . . . Clara Morris 

This drama was originally acted at the Fifth Avenue Theatre 
(Broadway and Twenty-eighth Street, afternoon of April 30, 1888, 
and was, during the season of 1889-90, known as " The Hp fu j;ee j5 
P?MghtP*'f" Cora Tanner starrioe in it *' JH[elen e " was reputed 
the second week, except matins Nov. 9^ when "Camille" was 

Neil Burgess appeared Nov. 11 in " Xhc County Fair ," which 
was thus cast: 

OHs Tucker . . . Robert Ffteher Bab WiUie McKay 

Solon Hammerhead Wallace D. Sbaw Ta^gs Clara Tliropp 

Tim Chas J. Jackson Sallie Greenaway . . . May Taylor 

Joel Bartlett . . . Hardee Abigail Pnie . • . > Neil Buigess 
Bill Parker .... George Erroll 

A performance of "The County Fair" was given matinee Jar. 
29b 1890b for the benefit ^Boston Lodge, No. 10, B. P. O. Elks. 
** Nellie Ely" lectured here Sunday evenings Feb. 9. 16, and March 

10. " Xhe County F air " reached its three hundredth metropolitan 
performancOTarcn I'S. Under the title of " An Orif^inal Play," a 
four-act drama by Olma E. Graev e, was acted at a matinee. Dan 
Rice took a benefit'^linday eVAhing, May 11. Dan Rice erected 
the first soldiers' monument in America, in 1S65. He was then 
rich and lived at Girard, Pa. He erected the monument to the 

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memory of the officers and soldiers from Erie County who died in 
the war. Dan Rice died in Long Branch, N. J., Feb. 22, 190a 

" A Perfect Trust " was presented, for the first time on any stage, 
matinee May 21. The cast included Stella Rees, Harry Meredith, 
Frank Karrington, Robert Fischer, Myron Leffingwell, Jr., John 
Ward, Laura Le Claire, Rachel Warren, Mamie Doud, Emma 
Hooker, Dan Lacy, and Logan Paul. At a special matinee per- 
lormance May 22, '* Xhii«flUfiiy-'Eair ' done for the benefit of 
the Post Graduate Hospital. Neil Burgess finished his engage- 
ment May 31. The house continued closed until June 9^ when 
it was reopened with " Ratj j lan's Way. " which had this cast: 

Mattie Earle 
. Annie Blancke 
Little Dot Clarendon 

Marda Dane 
Tippy Sitgreaves 
Gladys RadStt 

Stryker F. E. Cooke 

Footman L. Thomas 

Robert! Edson Dixon 

Price .... Staniilaui Stange 


Monsieur jean . . 
Myrtle Vanderttyle . 

Caroline van Oesten 
Jess Morgan . . . 
Helen Marchmont . 


Kewton ChUnell 
. James Gcoq;e 
. Selena Fetter 

Marion Erie 
, Leila Wolstan 
Blanche Walsh 
Lilla Linden 

Guy Rawlan .... Edwin Arden 
Ivan Kobeloff . Nelson Wheatcroft 
Commodon Sitgreaves 
t R. F. McCIannin 

I Alan Trebcme . ■ • Howard Kyle 
1 Vivian Minnie Seligman 

\ The drama was first acted on any stage June 6, i888» at Pater- 

Lson, N. J. 

*'T^q Mer( ^hant," by Mar I ha Mgt ffl. was acted fof the first time 
mi any stage mat^e June 26, 1890, and the cast was: 

Carrdl Cotton Vanderstyle 

Nelson Wheatcroft 
Frederick Dupre< . • H.J. Henley 
Matthew Higrins . M. A. Kennedy 
Lord DudleyNorfbwick 

Gias. Dickson 
Will Robbing .... Fred Peters 
Edwards .... Geo. D. Fawcett 
IGresham .... F. M. Kendrick 

Two weeks before it was produced the play was purchased by 
Thomas B. Macdonough and H. C. Kennedy for $5,000. I£dwin 
Arden closed his engagement June 28. " Jhc_ ]':.isilisk " was 
produced Tuesday afternoon, July 3. In the cast were cnarles 
Nevins, Frank Kendrick, Charles Charters, Helen Russell, Grace 
Filkins, and Kate Bartlett. 

The next season opened Aug. 16, with a specialty company, in- 
cluding Mens. Aldnw, ]\Ille. Th6o, Sig. Mario Moro, the Nalus- 
kies, Minnie Cunningham, Bros. Morani, Leonce, Mile. Lotta, 
Charles Chaplin, the Avolos, Jo Clemolo, and the Lady of the 
StemheimSy all of whom made their first appearance in America. 
There were also in the organization, but who had previously ap- 
peared in America, Henry Cazman, Lieut. Travis, the male 
member of the Stemheims (formerly of Stemheim and 55alzcr), 
and Maude Branscombe. All these people appeared the same night 
at the Standard Theatre, under the same management, but this 
London scheme (of playing in two theatres the same night) was a 

Digitized by Googk 



failure, as one night at the Standard Theatre proved. John W. 
Ransone joined the company Aug. 29. Neil Burgess reappeared 
with " The CpyntY F air " Sept. 8. Hardee Kirkland retiied from 
the cast Nov. 10, an^ 15avid Towers played the part of Joel. A 
benefit to Tommy Russell was given afternoon Nov. 18. The 
performance began with the fourth act of "X ke Cou ntjr FairJ' 
followed by a recitation by R J. Henley. Louise Gerrarf sang, 
Ada Gray recited, and J. H. Stoddart, Maud Harrison, Mr. Tyler, 
Harry Woodruff, and H. Holliday appeared in " '1'"'"^^ nf 
Nature." In "A Gam e of Card^*' E. Jansell Wendell, Alice 
Cleathe, and Greenville jaises (amateurs) appeared. Master 
Tommy acted as head usher. The run of " The County Fair ** 
terminated March 28, 1891. 

**j\um RhjiH |Mn» " was produced March 30, for the first time on 
any stage. In the cast were Gustavus Levick, E. J. Henley, Max 
Freeman, John Glendinning, Frank Lander, Alexis Markham, 
Frank Hatch, W. A. Brady, John Lonigan. George White, Maida 
Craigen, Marie Rene, Klcanor Barry, Jessie Storey, Stella Drake, 
Louise Raymond, Jean Travillian, Eva Taylor, Kate Fisher, and 
Miss McDonald. On and after Wednesday, April 8, W. T. Doyle 
played Perkyns. Thoa. W. Donnelly, who was to have played 
Perkyns in this drama, and was prevented by pneumonia, died 
April I. "Thou Shalt Not " was acted until the evening of 
April 9, when the house was closed by order of the Mayor, who 
threatened to refuse a license to the house for another year if the 
play was continued. The house was closed evenings of Thursday 
and Friday, and was reopened Saturday night, April 11, with 
"The Two Orphans," Kate Claxton and Mrs. McKee Rankin as 
the sisters, and C. A. Stevenson as the Chevalier. The engage* 
ment closed April 17. On Saturday afternoon, April 19, " Two 
of a_ KiBsL had its first representation, with this cast: 

Heacon Uegg . 
Capt. Frost . 
Major Winter. 
Harry BeaufiMt 
Tim .... 
Waiter . . . 

. Henri Lynn 
'. Tyrone Power 
. . W. J. Shea 
Edwin Belknap 
. . S. k. Berry 
Mortimer McKim 

Arabella Snarle . . • Julia Elmore 
Delia Snarle . . . Annie D. Ware 
Maud Tripper . . Rita Buchanan 
Daisy Sweet . . . Eleanor Markelle 
Suaan Kate Cheater 

Stuart Robson, without W. H. Crane, began an engagement 

April 27 in "The Henrietta." The cast was: 

Nicholas \ ilstyne 

r.eo. .S. Woodward 
Dr. Parise Wainwright . E. J. Ratcliffe 
Nicholaa Vaoabtyne, Jr. 

Stanislaus Stange 
Bertie Vanalstyne . . Stuart Robson 
luird Trelawnev . . Franklyn Rcglid 
Kev. Murray Hiltoa . . J. B. Everbam 

Watson Flint . . Ceo. D Madntyre 
Musf^rive . John L. Wooderson 

Mrs. Cornelia Opdyke . May Waldron 
.Mra. Roae Vanalatyoe 

Eugenie Lindeman 
(Mrs. Ceo. Woodward) 

Agnes Olive May 

Laudy Mary Trelawncy . . Amy Busby 


Gertrude Conkltng played Lady Mary evening May 13, for that 
night only. John G. Saville acted Dr. Parke Wainwright from May 
4 to the close of the engagement. A performance of " _The Henri- 
ettaj/' afternoon of May 28, was for the charity fund of the Confed- 
erate Veteran Camp, of this city. Stuart Robson terminated his 
engagement May 30, when the house closed for the season. 

"A Nigjit's Frnlir " was acted for the first time in this city 
June 10, and for that night only, and had this cast: Margaret 
Vane, Helen Barry; Sophie Sedley, Mary Shaw; Nellie Stanton, 
Lillie Vinton; Capt. Chandon, John H. Gilmour; Commodore 
Stanton, W. H. Thompson ; Claude Delmont, Robert Edeson ; 
John, Owen Neil; Stephen, Frank Russell; Oakley Sedley, 
Owen Westford. A benefit was tendered to Robert A. Duncan 
and Lee Townsend Saturday evening, June 20. 

The theatre was reopened Aug. 24, 1891, with " The Black 
^lasgue, " by F. R. Giles, which had this cast: 

Leon E. J. Henley 

Bardanais Myron Calice 

Conzaldo Frank Lander 

Orlando Henri Lynn 

Jocose S. A. White 

ueen Fortunetta . . Julia Arthur 
abette Duddie Douglas 

Anita Lillian Alvord 

Motniala .... Louise Courtney 
Trocustus .... William Muldoon 

Scarbuto Jake Kilrain 

Matteo Ernest Roeber 

Raddo Hugh Leonard 

"■Eii^h tBe Jl s " was presented for the first time in New York 
Sepfr T^^TrT the cast were Percy Kingsley, C. F. Herbert, Geo. 
W. Kerr. E. A. Kerr, Howard Powers, Tom Browne, Geo. Morti- 
mer, J. D. McCabe, K. A. Edwards, M. D. Johnson, Philip How- 
ard, K. \V. Gregory, Ada Dare, Lizzie Hight, Dora Branscombe, 
Edith Hoyt, Hortense Dean, Mrs. Helene Byrne, B. F. Thomas, 
John F. Byrne, James Byrne, Matthew Byrne, and Andrew Byrne. 
It proved to be the old farce, " To^£aijs and Back for ^q ." with 
acrobatic and other specialties thrown in. " 

r "The Cadi, " by "BilJJiyc," backed by Stuart Robson, was pre- 
jsented Sept. 21, for the first time in New York. The cast was: 
: The Cadi, Thos. Q. Seabrooke; Geo. Packenham, Eugene Moore; 
•• Silent Sage Hen, R. J. Dustan; Taylor Wellington, Francis Neil* 
son; Hop Long, Charles T. Parsloe; Arnold J. Constable, Jay Wil- 
son; Croupy Daggett, Minnie Dupree; Arietta Kilgore, Lizzie 
Hudson Collier; Dora Stanley, Ruth Carpenter; Helen French, 
•Jennie Goldthwaite. Chas. T. Parsloe retired Sept. 24, and J. 
Wilson played the Chinaman that night. An entertainment of a 
varied nature took place Sunday evening, Oct. 25. Jessie Bartlett 
Davis, H. C. Barnabee, Hughey Dougherty, Thos. Q. Seabrooke, 
Dot I'arkhurst, and others appeared. Sunday evening, Nov. i, a 
benefit entertainment for the B. P. O. Elks was given. Thos. Q. 
Seabrooke, while dancing evening of Nov. 11, sprained his ankle, 


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which prevented him from appearing during the rest of the run of 
"TK«. ^adii'' which ended Nov. His part was played by R. J. 
Dnstan. R. D. MacLean and Marie Preacott appeared Nov. 21 in 

" The Gladiator." "Antony and Cleopatra " was acted on alter- 
nate nights during the week. The Mac Lean -Prescott company con- 
tinued a second week, commencing Nov. 28, with the same two 

The third and last week opened Jan. 4, 1892, with "The Mer- 
chant of Venice," repeated Jan. 6; "Othello," Jan. 5, Mr. MacLean 
as the Moor, Marie Prescott as lago, Florence Malcolm as Desde- 
mona; Jan. 7, 8, and matin<^e Jan. 9, "Cleopatra." Mme. Mod- 
jeska acted Jan. 11 in "As You Like It;" Jan. 12-16, "Mary 
Stuart ; " Jan. 13, " Countess Roudine " (first time in this city), with 
this cast: ' 

Uana Modjeska [ Servant Ddaacjr Barclay 

Count Sage nofF . . . John A. Lane Princess Bodanka . . . iCate Meefe 

Prince Morouoff . . T. B. Thalberg 
Count Varensky . . . Howard Kyle 
Baron Karobine . . Robert P. Carter 
Hector Jules Chttetti 

Baroness Karobtue 

Mrs. Beaumont Smith 
Mme. d'Evey .... Edith Meek 

Jan. 14, "Measure for Measure;" Jan. 15, "Much Ado About 
Nothing;" mating Jan. 16^ "Camille;" evening Jan. 16, "Mar}- 

Geo. W. Monroe appeared Jan. 25 in " Aunt Rrid gpf's Rahy/' 
followed, Feb. i, by "I LPowd's N jg ig ^hhQrs." The Agnes Hunt- 
ington opera company began an engagement Feb. 15 in " Capt . 
Tb6r^" for the first time in this city. It had this cast: 

ThrfrJse . . . Agne.s Huntington I Marquis c!e \''arsdeuU . Scott Russell 

Hermine Millie Marsden Col. Sombrero . . Hallen Mostyn 

Marcellaine .... Effie Chapuv Sargent La Tnlipe . . • Sid Reeves 

Claudine Vinnie Cassell Vadebonceor . . . John W. Smiley 

Chambermaid. . . . Annette May ; Boulignac J.Hart 

Tancredc Eric Tliorne Campastro .... J. Wyn Nickols 

Philip Clinton Elder . Major de La Confreire • • Karl Mora 

Dttvac Albtrt James ' An ofdeily .... Joseph Severo 

In consequence of Agnes Huntington having a sore throat, the 

house was closed Feb. 16, 17, 18, 19, and matinee Feb. 20. Agnes 
Huntington resumed evening of Fel». aa " Paul lo nes-l' was given 

Feb. 29. 

" 'C hii l ast ^tr?y " was seen Maich 7, for the first time here, 

and had this Robert Millward, \V. H. Thompson; Arthur 
Hemsley, Wm. Faversham; Horace Diprose, Nelson Wheatcroft; 
Henry Farquhar, Gustave Frankel ; Bassett Doyle, Frederick Perry ; 
Wilson, Charles Collins; Gunter's Man, Alfred W. Palmer; Mrs. 
Hemsley, Minnie Scligman; Mrs. Bcechman, Laura Booth Wood- 
hull ; Annette, Adelaide Stanhope. It was preceded by " jrier FirsL 

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^ Love ," with this cast: Rose Cheston, Ida Vernon; Carrie Cheston, 
Jane Stuart ; Gordon White, Geo. Backus; Mary, Vida Croly. 

" A_ Modern Match " was produced March 14, and the cast was : 
Robert Hunt, Nelson Wheatcroft ; Jack Warren, Wm. Faversham ; 
Geo. Synott, W. H. Thompson; Paul Manners, Geo. W. Leslie; 
Gerald Rankin, Geo. Backus; Cecil Norris, Fred Perry; Doctor 
Walters. Charles Appleton; Violet Hunt, Minnie Seligman; Mrs. 
Thompson, Ida Vernon; Sue Thompson, Jane Stuart; Eleanor 
Synott, Adelaide Stanhope; Alice Warren, Laura Woodhull; 
Dorothy, Vida Croly. 

"Geoffrey J^liddjeton " followed Thursday, March 31, 1892, for 
the first time in fiew York, and had this cast: 

Mrs. Courtenay Middleton Ida Vernon 
'* Harry " Middlcton . . Jane Stuart 
Mrs. Hatchett . Adelaide Stanhope 
Frau von Graiffe . . . Vida Croly 
Margaret Merritt . Minnie Seligman 
Courtenav Middleton . Charles Collins 
Geoffrey Middleton, Nelson Wlieatcroft 

Bob. Middleton . 
Thomas Merritt . 
Thomas Merritt, Jr. 
Herr von Graiffe 
Manorborn . . 
Uncle Ben . . . 
Servant . . . 

Wm. Faversham 
. W. H. Thompson 
Geo. W. Leslie 
. . Geo. Backus 
Frederick Perry 
. Gustave Frankel 
. Alfred W. Palmer 

"Spooks" was produced April 11, the cast of which was: 

Cynthia Burdock Sarah McVicker 
Continue-in-Well-Doing Jones 

Uavid P. Steele 
Kate Dullewitte . . . Rachel Booth 
Deacon Wisby . . . J. J. Coleman 

Hephzibah May Tyrell 

Celia Dickie Delaro 

Fletcher Bartlett . . Charles Dade 
Deliverance Peabody 

Adelaide Thornton 
Thankful Larkin .... May Steele 
Clarissa . . . . . Viola McNeill 
Retire Tompkins . . . Gus Bums 

It was preceded by "The Holly Tree Inn." The cast was: 
Harry Walmers, Jr., Master Wallie Eddinger; Nora, Viola 
McNeill; Cobbs, J. J. Coleman; Capt. Walmers, Chas. Dade; 
Tom, Gus Burns ; Mrs. Cobbs, Adelaide Thornton ; Betty, May 
Steele. "Cyiitiiia's Loy grs " was the original title of " Spo oks. " 
The house was closed April 30 and May 2, 9, 16, except night of 
May 7, when a concert was given. J. M. Hill's connection with 
the theatre ceased in June, 1892. Richard Hill, his brother, took 
the theatre during the summer of 1892, just before J. M. Hill 
failed, and managed it until A. Y. Pearson and Henry Greenwall 
obtained a five years' lease of it. 

I ho house reopened June 6, under the new management, with 
Robert C. Hilliard as the star in " The Fabricator ." with the 
curtx-iin raiser" called "AdrifL." whichhad this cast; 

Rotiert Hilliard 
lidg^r Norton 
. Geo. Leslie 
J. Lewers 
Chas Nevins 

Postman John F. Wolfe 

Grace Andrews May Galyer 

Mrs. Mead Mabel Bourne 

Mrs. Howlett .... Mabel Blair 
Valet J. Arthur 

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J^ay Galyer is batter knoini as May Gallagher. The cast of 

" ricator'' 

Tobias Harry Brown 

.... Geoise W. Leslie 
J. H. Bunn 


Or. HiMoa 

Aug. Cooic 
|. L. Ottomeyer 

Wilber E4S*r Norton 

Mrs. Pilkington .... Ida Vernon 

Lily Katherine Florence 

Kitty .... Mdtto Yale Nelson 

Row ....... May Galyer 

jMk Robot HiUiod 

The houae was cloaed anddenly Saturday night, June 1 1, and was 
reopened Aug^ i, for two weeks with ".CithQjand^" which had thia 


Herman Leop<M 
Henry Stanford 

Digby Barnes 
Hans Veeder 
Otto Wolfe 
Rudolph . 
Ladwig . . 
Mat . . . 
Cria . . . 

. C. A. Gardner 
. . Henry Lee 

Robt. Ferguson 
Barney Reynolds 
. W. H. Turner 

Inace Conradi 
. rranl 

rank Gnrass 

. Carl Hofer 
George Metz 

Harry Lee withdrew from the 
and Harry Vaughan acted Henry 
The house, s^ter being cloaed 
22, 1892, with the first perf( 
-Colonel." the cast of which waa: 

Rhoda Stanford . . . Emma Vaders 

Dorothea Marion May 

Charlotte VfWgUK . • . Ethul Grey 

Meenie Baby Parker 

Ron MirzIMeister 

Lena Olga Schweitzer 

Gretchcn Carrie Grauaa 

WilbdflBS EttieGfeen 

cast after Wedoeaday, Aug; 10^ 
Stanford. — ^ 
for one week, was reopened Aug. 1 
on any atsge of "_A Kent ucky 

Lias . . . 
Sam Hritsides 
Joe Britaidas 
Sheriff . . 
Jailer . . 
Isom . . 
Mrs. Osbury 
Ella Mayheir . 

J K. Mortimer 
. Harold Korsburg 
. . Robert Allen 
• . Harry Smiley 
Robert Duncan 
. S.umn:! Myers 
Florence Robinson 
. . Mary Morton 
Mri. Sidney Drew 

Pemhe rton Osbwy 
Boyd Savely . . 
Philip Burwood . 
Buck Heineman . 
Jack Gap . . . 
Lark Mose C 
Frederick Osbury 
Jim Britsides . . 
Ca iHain Bhw . 

• ^fcKee Rankin 
. Frederick Dryton 
. . Sidney Drew 
Robert Fischer 
. Harry C. Stanley 
lart nce Hand)'sides 
. Henry Woodruff 
. Geo. S. Robinson 
. . .GeObSidney 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew retired from the cast Sept. 5, and 
were succeeded by Wm. G. Beach and Belle Stoddart. The Lilli- 
putians, who made their American d^but at Niblo's Garden, Sept. 
15, 1890, appeared here Sept. 19, in "Candy/' a spectacular musi- 
cal comedy. They closed their en;{agenient Dec 10, and Mrs. 
James Brown Potter and Kyrle Bellew were seen Dec 12, in 
"Tb^r^se Raquin/' adapted from Emile Zola's novel, for the first 
tine in this city. The cast was : 

Laurent Kyrle Bellew 

Camille Mason Mitchell 

Grivet John Ward 

Hldinad Vemer Clarges 

Mme. Raqain 
Suzanne . . 
I h^f^ Raqain 

. . . Ida Vernon 
. Perdita Hudspeth 
MiB. Brown Potter 

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" The Crust of Socie ty." by Alexandre Dnmas, followed Dec 

26, and had this cast: 

Oliver St. Aubvn . Jgicph Haworth 
Cafit. Randdi Norfhcote 

Edgar L. Davenport 
Cavendish Comyns, Joseph E. Whiting 

Earl U Colchester . . Harry St-Manr 
MiB. Eaittakr Cbapd Carrie Tamer 
Mn. Ernestine Echo, Elita Proctor Otis 
Violet Desmond .... Jane Stuart 

Emma Stokes acted Mrs. Ernestine Echo Jan. 5, 6, 1893, and 
Katie Stokes (Mrs. John Stetson) appeared in the part afternoon 
j^Jan. ; ; " Capt Heme, U. Si A ." was first acted in this city Jan. 
t 9, and the cast was : 

Capt. Harry Ludlow 
Corporal Blair . 
Inez de V'imey • 
May Heme . . 
Nanette Raodo^ 
Fudge . . 

Beresfoid Webb 
Jas. Kearney 

• Dorothy Dene 
. . Lisle Leigh 
. Irene Everett 

Pauline Maitlaod 
. . IdaVenMNi 

Capt. Heme .... E. J. Henley 

JeofTrey Colchester . Lawrence Hanley 

Thoe. JcffecMM Randolph 

Bert G. Clarice 
! Laurence Fitch . . . Arthur Byron 
I PhiUp de Bar . . . C. F. Gibney 
' Gen. GcOb A. Biayton, W. J. Lonergan 
' Soceant Casey . . . John £. laoe 

During the performance of "Capt. Herng" night of Jan. 18, in 
the fencinpj scene in the first act, Mr. Henley's sword snapped in 
two and one of the pieces cut a deep flesh wound in Ida Vernon's 
forehead The actress fainted and the curtain had to be lowered; 
but she partly recovered and finished her work for that evening. 
She did not appear at any of the succeeding performances, being 
confined to her residence as a result of her injuries. J^nie Reif- 
farth took Miss Vemon's place. 

"Qiir Qlnlj" was acted Saturday afternoon, Jan. 21, also all of 
the following week. This comedy was played at Wallack's 
Theatre during the season of 1878-79; " glorian a" came here 
Jan. 30 for one week; "_Thr_^^3jn'' App ointm ent," Feb. 13. 
Milton Nobles was the star Feb. 20, in "J^ qt Ike venue Only ." 
In consequence of ill health A. Y. Pearson withdrew from the 
management of this theatre on Mardi I, selling his interest in 
it to Henry Green wall. 

Thomas W. Keene began a two weeks' engagement here March 
6 in "Richard III.." which was thus cast: 

Richard III T. W. Keene 

Earl of Richmond f rank Hennig 

Henr\- VI. . . Frederick Paulding 
Duke of Buckingham, Frederick Vroom 
Sir William Cateabyt Thomas Ea^leson 
Lord Stanley .... Carl Ahrendt 
Tressd .... Robert T. Haiaea 

Prince of Wales . 
Duke of York 
Tyrrel . . . . 
Queen Elizabeth 
Lady Anne . . 
Duchess of York 

. Maude Dudley 
Hazel Regan 
. Robert Haight 
Henrietta Vaders 
. Maida Craigen 
Sarah A. Baker 

" Richelieu " was acted March 13 and 18; "Louis XI. March 
14; "Othello," March 15-17; "Hamlet," March 16; "Merchant 
of Venice," matinee March 18. In " Louis XI." Mr. Keene.played 

Digitized by Google 



the King; in "Othello" Keene was the Moor; Frank Hennig, 
lago; Fred Paulding, Cassio; Maida Craigen, Desdemona. In 
"Hamlet" Keene was the Prince; Fred Paulding, Laertes; Carl 
Ahrendt, Polonius; Frank Hennig, the Ghost ; and Maida Craigen, 
Ophelia. Ramsay Morris's company appeared March 20 in 
" Toseph. " an adaptation of "Femand C. Noceur," with this cast: 

Constance Fluttcrby . Elsie de Wolfe 
Amelia Chadwell . . Maiy Peoficld 
Mn. Horace BeUiqgbam 

Mrs. E. J. Phillips 
Hden Stock well 

Felix Flutterby . . John Glendinning 
Horace Bellingham . Harrv Gwynette 
Thomas CbadweU . . . Reabeo Fax 
JoMph Flutterligr ' Georae GlddeM 
Dick Gkmop . Jameton Ltt Finney 

On April 4 B. F. Keith received from the Courtlandt Palmer 
estate full possession of the theatre and a perfectly clear and flaw- 
less lease, for a period of tivc years, all prior claims by other 
persons Inving been fully surrendered. There was a mating 
performance March 23 for the benefit of Emma R. Steiner, the 
composer of "P'leurette." J. H. Stoddart, Edward Bell, VValden 
Ramsay, Edward S. Abeles, and Maud Harrison presented "One 
Touch of Nature;" Helene Lowell, Kate Quinn, and Delle Thomp- 
son were seen in "Petticoat Perfidy;" F. Le Mon Sparks, Taylor, 
and B. R. Throckmorton, Misses Quinn, Alice Merritt, and Lowell 
presented "Jhc Twr ^ Puddifoots. " Miss Steiner was conductor of 
the orchestra. There were recitations by B. Russell Throckmor- 
ton, Kathryn Kidder, and Dclle Thompson; songs by Sig. E. 
Campobello, Harry Pepper, William H. Rieger, and Catherine 
Linyard-Smeetser; a song and dance by Annie Lewis; harp solo 
by Angeline Allen; and three one-act plays were given. 

Mr. Keith took possession of the house Saturday night April 8. 
Walter Whiteside began an engagement April 10, making his New 
York d^bttt as Hamlet, with this cast : 


Claudius . . 

Polonius . . 

Laertes . . 

Hontio . . 

GbMt . . . 

Osric . . . 

Rosencrantz . 

Guildenslern . 

. Walter Whiteside 

. . Edwin Ferry 
. . J. L. Saphore 
. . John Sturgeon 
Frank L. Davis 
. . . Pope Cook 
I . James Young 
, . Walter Vincent 
Frederick Meadow 
, . Henry Hinton 

Bernardo J. T. Senrmont 

First Actor . . . Morton Edmunds 
Second Actor . . Thomas Anthony 
First Gravedigcer . . . Harry Clyde 
Second Gravraigger . J. E. McGregor 

Priest Charles Otiver 

Gertrude . . . Constance Hamblin 

Ophelia Harriet VVeems 

Actress .... MarUia RudcsUl 

"Hamlet" was continued all the first week except April 14, 
when " Richelieu " was presented, with Whiteside in the title r61e 
and Harriet Weems as Julie de Mortemar. "Hamlet" was re- 
peated April 17, 19, 21, and matinee April 22; "Richelieu," 
April 18, 20, 22: " '^^'^ FmtHl ftf g"^i*'*Y " was produced here April 
24, with this cast : 

Digitized by Google 


Joseph Haworth 
Sheridan lilock 

Olivier de Jalin . . , 
Raymond de Nanjac . 
Maurice de Richmond 

Geo. S- Robinson 
Marquis de Thonnerins 

William Colcuhoun 

Servant . . . Charles Edwin Enslee 

Angelcde Lizzie Duray 

Claire Emma Field 

Valentine Miss Hooper 

Maid Ida Sollee 

Suzanne Emily Rigl 

Wilson Barrett began an engagement here May i, in "Ben-My- 
Chree," the cast of which was: Dan Mylrea, Wilson Barrett ; Mona 
Mylrea, Maud Jeffreys; Ewan Mylrea, H. Cooper Cliffe; Thorkell 
Mylrea, Franklin McLeay; Gilchrist Mylrea, Austin Melford ; Har- 
court, Charles Lander; Fayle, Ambrose Manning; Jim Curphey, 
Prince Lloyd ; Homey Begg, Horace Hodges ; Coroner, H. B. 
Gibbon; Kitty, Annie Dacre; Bridget, Rose Northcote; Lizzie 
Teare, Gwendolen Floyd; Nancy, Alice Gambier; Katherine, 
Kate Barton. This continued all the week. " Cla^udiaj " was 
acted May 8 by Wilson Barrett; "The Lady of Lyons," after- 
noon of May lo; "Othello," May ii 
"£laudian," afternoon and night of May 
of Dr. S. Weir Mitchell's poem. May 15 
one-act play By Henry Arthur Jones, May 

; "Hamlet," May 12; 
13; "Jdiser," a version 
"A Clerical Error," a 
17, with this cast: 

Richard Capel 
Dick Capel . 

. Wilson Barrett 1 Perry .... 
Franklin McLeay I Minnie Heritage 

Austin Melford 
. Maud Jeffries 

On the same night "Chatterton," a one-act play by H. A. Jones 
and Henry Herman, was played, and cast thus : 

Chatterton .... Wilson Barrett Cecilia Alice Gambier 

Nat. Boden .... Austin Melford Mrs. Angel .... Alice Belmore 
Lady Mary ..... Maud Jeffries 

"Ingomar" was given afternoon of May 25, when Agnes Bur- 
roughs Arring made her New York debut as Parthenia, with 
Edwin Ferry as Ingomar, Florence Gerald as Actea. After mak- 
ing extensive alterations in the auditorium as well as behind the 
curtain, Mr. Keith opened the theatre Sept. 18, 1893, as a vaude- 
ville house, with "continuous performances" commencing at 11 
A. M. and closing at 1 1 p. m. 


PLAYHOUSE with a comparatively short but exceedingly 

was "The Park Theatre," situated on 
id way, between Twenty- first and Twenty- 
rHcrick Draper was the architect. It had a 
1 Street of sixty feet, and ran parallel with 
and ten feet, the southeasterly comer ex- 
d twenty-four feet. The principal entrance 

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to the theatre was on Broadway. The house was built for Dion 
Boucicault, but legal difficulties and other delays prevented that 
gentleman from ever having any share in its management 

The Broadway front was concealed from view by a row of build- 
ings in front of it. The auditorium was divided into parouet, dress 
circle, and gallery. There were twelve private boxes, six on each 
side oif the stage; The entire cost of the building itself was about 
$100, coo. 

Boucicault a nnounced the opening for the summer of 1873, and 
he had a company engaged which indoded himself and wife (Agnes 
Robertson), Mr. and Mrs. McKee Rankin, and Edward Lamb. 
Postponement after postponement followed, and Mr. Boucicault 
finally severed his connection with the enterprise. The opening 
finally occurred on April 15, 1874, with William Stuart as man- 
ager, assisted by Charles Fechter as stage manager, with " Eovel s 
iififlajifig," adapted by Fechter from a work of Count d' Avrigny 
called "Le Medecin des Enfants." Fechter acted Dr. Karl in the 
prologue and Hartreck in the drama, Edward Lamb was Shambear, 
Gcraldine Stuart as Clarissa, J. B. Studley as Rocklane, and Dal- 
ton as Maube. It was played for the last time May 6, as the 
sheriff took possession of tne property the following day. 

The house was reopened Sept. 16, with John T. Raymond as 
the star. " The Gilde d Age " was then produced for the first time 
in this city. It was announced that this was its first representa- 
tion on any stage. This was not correct, as the play was first 
acted at the California Theatre, San Francisco, Cal., enrly in 
1873, for the benefit of John T. Raymond. Mark Twain (Samuel 
Clemens) wrote the book, which was dramatized by George R 
Dinsmor^ of the San Francisco press. Shortly afterwards, by 
an arrangement made between them, Mark Twain secured the 
exclusive right to the play, and his name thereafter appeared as 
its author. The cast: 

Col. Mulberry' Sellers, J. T. Ravmond 
Col r,. r)r«:;c Selbj * . Mllaes Levick 
Clay Hawkins . * W. J. Ferguson 
Uocle Daniel . . . John H. Hurnett 
District Attorney . Welsh Edwards 
Counsel for the Defence, John Matthews 
John Peterson . . . Frank Langley 
Foreman of Jury ... J. H. Rttldy 

Laura Hawkins . . Gertrude Kl11(i;:^ 
Mrs, Si Hawkins . . Mrs T. iliiul 
Emily Hawkins . . . Alice Clayton 
Mrs. Col. Sellers . . Bella Wallace 

Si Hawkins Sol Smith 

Judge ....... Mr. Naylor 

Lafayette Wm. Mack 

Sheriff ...... Mr. Abies 

The one hundredth performance of this drama occurred Dec, 23, 
and Mr. Raymond closed his engagement Jan. 9, 1875, with the 
one hundred and nineteenth performance. 

On Jan. 11 Maurice Grau and C. A. Chizzola's French opera 
company appeared in " Le Voyage en Chine." M. Duplan, De 
Quercy (first appearance in America), Valaire, Clautaul, Victor, 


Mile. Minelli, Mile. Guerzy, Blondet, Thwillard, and Davallo 
were in the cast ; " La Kille de Madame Angot," with the Ameri- 
can debut of Bertha Girardin as Clairette, was sung Jan. 21; 
" Girofl^-Girofla " had its first performance in New York Feb. 4, 
and the cast was : 

Girofl^Girofla . . Coralie Geoffroy I Aurorc . Mile. Kid 

Marasquin .... Mile. .Minnelii Pedro Mile. Dorel 

Bolero M. Duplan Paquita Mile. V'andame 

Mourzouk M. de Quercy 1 Chef de Pirates .... M. Valter 

" Giroflc-Girofla " had its original production June 6, 1874, at 
the Opera Comique, Paris. 

Grau & Chizzola s company closed March 20. Frank Mayo 
began an engagement here March 22, in "Davy Crock ett, " and 
played until May i, when the season en Jed. On April 29 a 
matinee performance of "Jiav.:y_CrocJcctt " was given for the Dan 
Bryant benefit fund. "Davy Crockett " had this cast: 

Davy Crockett . . . Frank Mayo 
: Eleanor Vaughan . . . Rosa Kand 

Maj. H. Royston . . . H. Forsburg 
- Yonkers Mr. Louis 

Briggs Mr. Cooke 

Big Dan .... Harry Gwynette 

Oscar Crampton . . . \I. Haviland 

Neil Crampton . . . . W. Southard 

Parson Ainsworth ... J. Weaver 

Emerson's minstrels occupied the house from May 31 until 
June 21. 

r'^he next season opened Sept. 26, 1875, with the Florences in 
/"^hc Rljghty Dollar," for the first^time on any stage. The cast 
I was': " 

Bob Crockett . Master Buckingham 
Dame Crockett . . . Helen Coleman 

Quickswitch Mr. James 

Watson Mr. Henrv 

Mabel Miss C. Leigh 

Maud Pearl Eytinge 

Little Sally .... Hattie Naylor 
Trot Tootsey 

/ Bardwell Slotc . 
Lord Clairngorm 
Charley hrood . 
Mrs. GilHory 
Lemaitrc . . . 

. . W. J. Florence 
. W, J. Ferjjuson 
. . . Cl»as \'illcrs 
.Mrs. W. J. Florence 
. . Wallace Grant 

George Mr. Jenkins 

Clara Dart .... Maud Granger 
Col. Dart .... J. C Padgett 
Roland Vance . . . . J. G. Saville 
Libby Pearl Eytinge 

Annie Edmondson, Kdith Osmond, Grant William, J. W. Bru- 
tone, and Frank Langley were also in the cast. 

Despite an interruption on the eighth night of their engage- 

ment, through the closiOj 

tachmcnt against th^ 

of one hundred 
"*^4lay night. Dec. 
^ I'erh - ''v f 

wa.s th ff* 

Hall ;i 


e house by the sheriff on an at- 
es reaped the benefits of a run 
r^nd closed their engagement Fri- 

rought forward in this theatre 
^t)ec. 18, of Ex-Mayor A. Oakey 
n play, " Thg^Crucible," which 



Clency . . 

Wilmot , . 

Austm . . 

. . Annie Edmondson 

. . . Harry Gwynette 
. . . G. R. Holmes 
. . . . J. A. Wflkes 

Peggy . . 

Silas . . . 

Reuben . . 
Count . . . 

De Gex . . 
Clerk , . . 
Tipstaff. . . 

. Miss J. C. Rodanira 

. . John Dillon 

. . . . T. J. Hind 
Geo. Vining Bowers 

... J. C. Parker 
. . . . M. Wilton 
C> A. Mootrase 

W. C. Franklin, W. A. Rouse, C. Clarence, G. W. Murray, J. W. 
Bnitone, C. Roiene^ C Flinlo^ and H. B. Cutter were ineinbefs i 
of the jury. A. Oakey Hall took his farewell of the stage Jan. | 

8, 1876. 

Light comedy, vaudeville, and farce occupied the stage from 
Jan. 10 to Jan. 18, when the house closed abruptly. John Dillon 

was the star in " The Wj^ joMLHunt," when the theatre reopened 
again Jan. 18, introducing" Kate~Livingston, Maud Granger, May 
Stuart, W. J. Ferguson, and Frank Langley ; also " My Turn 
Next" was given the same night, with John Dillon, Chas. Para- 
loe, Harry Gwynette, J. W. Brutone, Pearl Eytinge, Kate Living- 
ston, and Annie Edmondson, closing with " Kun ir| a Jury Room :" 
Feb. 17, "My Turn Next," **A Pretty Piece of Snsitiess.** and 
"Jones' Baby." The theatre was reopened Feb. 16, with a 
comedy called "Brass." Geo. ^Favvcett Rowe acted Waifton 
Stray, J. C Paagett as Admiral Hawker, and J. H. Redding as 
Tom Masham. There were ^so in the cast Rose Wood (first ap- 
pearance in New York), Geo. Vining Bowers, Chas. Norris, W. 
G. Coggswell, Rose Lisle, Marie Louise, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 
Brutone, Lewis Morrison, Cyril Searle, J. P. Cooke, and Chas. 

" Brass was withdrawn May 22, after its one hundredth per- 
formance, and was followed by "Uncle. Toy' s Cabin," for a sum- 
mer season. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. tiovrard acted lEheir original 
parts of St. Clair and Topsy, Bijou Heron was Eva, George 
Kunkel as Uncle Tom, and the Georgia Jubilee singers. They 
played three weeks. Joseph Murphy opened June 10, in "Kerry 
Gow," by Fred Marsden, its first performance in this city. May 
Nunez, Annie Mortimer, J. C. Padgett, J. W. Brutone, Chas. 
Rosene, W. G. Cogswell, and Joseph A. Wilkes in the cast. 
This was the attraction for three weeks. The theatre closed July 
t. On July 4 Rose and Harry Watkins acted " Jrodden Down^' 
matinee and evening. Hart Jackson opened the regular season as 
manager, Sept. iS, with "CloudS p" for the first tinr.e in this city. 
The cast was: J 

VOL. UL— 13 

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Ella Randall . 
Mrs. Malvernon 
Wm. Winb«rty 
Stella Gordon 
MatiUU . . 
Frad. . . . 

Annie Edmondson 
Isabel Herman 
A. D. Bradley 
. . Rose Wood 
Mrs. A. F. Baker 
. . . J. B. Polk 

Dr. McLeu .... J. W. Brutone 

Cora Ida Jeffreys 

Eola May Gallagher 

Walter W. 6. Cogswell 

Ralph Cyril Searle 

Biltj J.CPadfett 

Annie Edmondson is now Mrs. Fred. B. Warde. 

" Clouds " was withdrawn Oct. i6, for "Sweethearts" and "Tom 
CobSiT'nboth by W. S. Gilbert. "Adam and Eve/' an adaptation 
in one act, was done Oct 3a It was a sketch with the same sauce 
of pleasantly as " Forbi dden Fruit" This bill continued until 
Nov. ir. ' "**^' 

" The Crabbed Age ," from the French, was to have followed 
Nov!. 1 3, by Amter, but the illness of that actor caused a 
postponement, and the house was closed, and reopened as "Abbey's 
New Park Theatre. " 

Henry E. Abbey became the next manager of this house, which 
he called "Abbey's New Park Theatre." He opened Nov. 27, 
1876, — Lotta, who backed him financially, appearing as the star 
attraction. Lotta made her first appearance in New York in three 
years, in ".Muzette. " W. G. Cogswell, Thomas Whiffen, Thomas 
E. Morris, Annie Edmondson, John Carroll, P. A. Anderson, Bel- 
vil Ryan, Sara Stevens, and Mrs. D. Vanderen were in the cast. 
Dec. 18 Lotta was seen as "Little Nell and the^ Marchioness," 
W. H. Crane as Dick Swivel ker, r. A. AnaefsorTas Ouilpi John 
Carrnll as Grandfather Trent, Harold Forsbcrg as Samson Brass, 
and Mrs. Vanderen as Sally Brass. Runnells, Murray, and Clit- 
ford, gymnasts, appeared in the play. " Zip, or Point Lynd e 
Ligh t," was acted Jan. 8, 1877. Lotta closed her engagement 
Jan. 13. Charles R. Thome, Jr., William F. Sheridan, Peakes, 
P^anny Morant (first appearance here), Katharine Rogers, Roberta 
Norwood, Maud Harrison, Mrs. M. A. Farren, and Stuart Robson 
(first appearance here) acted " The Marble Heart ** Jan. 1 5 ; "ied 
Astray." Jan. 22, 23; " The Geneva Cr oss." Jan. 24, and the rest 
of the week. 

f 'lQMr_Boardi nj;^ Hpuse *' had its first represratation in this city 
- Jan. 31, and was withdrawn April 28. The cast was: 

Joseph Fioretti . . W. E. Sheridan 

Prof. Gregarious Gillypod, 

Stuart Robson 

Col. M. T. Elevator 
Walter Dalrymple . 
Mathew Eligible . . 
Clarence Dexter . . 
The Letter Carrier . 
Beatrice Maonheim . 
jyiargaret Dalrymple, 

Viiglaia Bttchaoaa 

W. H. Crane 
A. H. Stuart 

John W. Carroll 
Harry Little 
F. K. Lamb 
Maud Harrison 

Maria Colville, 
Violet Kligible 
Annie Colville 
Dr. Shouter 
Jack Hardy 
Tim . . 
Alonzo . 
Miss Nash 
Betty . 

Alexlaa Fisher Baker 
. . Minnie Doyle 
. . Meta Bartlett 
. Thos. £. Morria 
. W. G. Conwell 
. . John P. Cooke 
Joseph P. Wilkes 
. Aim Dorrington 
. . . Ella Hunt 
Roberta Norwood 
. Master Bcgaidas 

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This was the commencement of the copartnership of Robson 
and Ciane; after thecloteof this engagement they continued to- 
getliernntil May i8. 1889, when they played for the last time aa 
partners at the Star Theatre, this city, in "The Henrietta." 

In an interview with Mr. Crane, at the close of his~Star Theatre 
engagement he mid: 

My first meetine with Robson was a peculiar one. The air was full of law> 
■ttits. For several days we did not speak to each other. The circumstances 
were these : Mr. Abbey had accepted " Our Boarding House," and had engaged 
me to pfay the Indiog comedy part of Gillypod. One day while playtcg at 
Boston, preparatory to Abbey's season, I received word from him, asking me 
to play M. T. Elevator, the second comedy part, and that Robson would play 
(iillyp)od. 1 telegraphed immediately that I would hold him tn his contract. I 
consulted a lawyer, and he told me that I could refuse to play the part, and 
collect tdwy. I came to New Yoric, and finally agreed to pUy the part, under 
protest, reserving all my legal rights. I did this because I discovered that 
Mr. Abbey had been forced into accepting Mr. Robson. Abbey was then in 
very low water, and had been compelled U> make some kind of a deal witii A. M. 
Palmer. Well, we started in with the rehearsals, Mr. Robsoo taking what I 
coaaldcied my part. For several days the only speeches we exchanged were 
those set down by the author of the play. Finally, however, I became interested 
in the part of Elevator, and thought I would do what I could with it. Then I 
went to Robson. I told him I was "dead sore,* as I had been originally en- 
gaged for Gillypod. He said he had beard of it, and, if he had known it soon 
enough, he woiud not have accepted any aocb en^ifement. However, I agreed 
to let the matter eo, and told him it was necessary for the success of twtn our 
parts that we should work together. He said he knew it, and, from that time, 
only a few days before the first performance, we began to develop our jiarts. 
We exchanged sugeestiona, worked in gaes and made things hum generally. I 
had no chance in Oe hurt act» ud I tola the aathor, Leonard Grover, dnt he 
woukl have to give me an entnooe so that, at least, I should not be forgotten. 
After some persuasion he agreed to do so. I told him the speech 1 wanted him 
to write. I had my own idea about a scene in the last act, and all I wanted was 
to get my nose on the stages. Well, Grover gave me the speech. It was less 
than a minute lung. Then I went to Maud Harrisoai who was playing Mrs. 
Mannheim, and told her what I wanted to do. She was very nice about it, and 
agreed that I should go ahead and work out my idea. The night came, and I 
went on in the last act. Instead of Grover's little speech, I had one about a 
yard long. And how it did go ! The audience went into spasms. The result 
justified everything I had done But Grover, yovt may be sure, was wild. " Our 
Boarding House " continued for twelve weeks, and at the end of that time the 
Rofaeon and Crane partnership was formed. We tried to buy " Our Boarding 
House" when the partnership was started, and offered ("irovcr $20,000 for it. 
Bat he would not sell, and later on we were able to get it for $i,aoo. We held 

^D^r fl^ ^^h^ft^K Iftfll^l ^As^B^ft ^0^^ ^^^S^S^^s 

IQu llpaniiAg. House " closed April 26, and John T. Raymond 
began an engagement April 29 in "The Gilded Age," prior to his 
sailing for Europe. He acted Col. Seirers in "The Gilded Age; " 
Marie Gordon (Mrs. Raymond) was Laura Hawkins, and Charles 
W. CotUdock. Joseph £. Whiting. Frank Evans, J. Burnett. Wm. 
CnlUngton, Mrs. Aleiinn Fisher Baker, and Mrs, Chas. Peters 
were ^ao in the cast The season closed May 19. 


A summer terra commenced July 16, with "Baby," a farce pur- 
chased in Europe by Thomas B. Macdonough. It bad this cast: 

Howard St. Paul . . W. H. BaUey 
Mn. Howard St. Paul 

Mrs. Chas. Poole 
Willie St. Paul . . Edwin F. Thome 
May Grafton . . . Stella Boniface 
Oliver Magnus . Gco> BonifMCb Sen. 

Mrs. Oliver Magnus . Kate Newton 
Susan . . . Mrs. Frank Murdpck 
Mme. Aurelia .... Linda Diets 

Tracy Coach . . . W. J. Le Movne 
Young Atkins Harry Lee 

It ran until Aug. 36, when the flcaion closed. 

E. A Sothern opened here Sept. 3, with " The Crushed Tra -^ 
ge^ian " (first time here), an adaptation of Byron." s^lLPjiompter s 
ISox.". Russell Bassett was Frank Bristowe, Henry Crisp was 
Ernest Glendenning, and Ida B. Savory, Florence. Geo. F. 
Devere, Geo. Holland, Wm. Cullington, H. S. Curley, Nellie 
Mortimer, and Julia Chapman were also in the cast. On Oct. 
22 it was reconstructed and ran until Nov. 20^ when "T^** ^ftf"?*'* 
Neit. " was produced, with this cast : 

Sidney Spoonbill . . . E. A. Sotliern | Mrs. McTab 

Frederick H. Crisp 

Bingham Fred Percy 

Drone Geo. Holland 

Gen. Bloat. . . . RusscU Bassett 
Dnraimer .... W. H. Wallace 
Straight Tippe . . . W. H. Lvtell 
Mrs. Mandrake . . Nellie Mortimer 

Mrs. Harry Chapman 

Hall Marks . . . Geo. F. Devere 

Bulbs Wm. Cullington 

Dollop H. C. Curley 

Cramp C W. Parker 

Carry IdaSavonr 

Jane Rose Wlbon 

The Park Theatre company, with Mr. Sothern, left Jersey City, 
Oct. 24, at 9 o'clock, A. M., for Philadelphia, by the Bound Brook 
route, arriving there at ia39^, making the trip in qg^ minutes. 
They performed at the Walnut Street Theatre for the benefit ot 
the widow of Edwin Adams. "The C fushe^ Tragedian" and 
"Nan the Good for Nothing " was the bill. 

The curtain rose at 12 m. and the performances closed at 
3.05 p. M. The company left for New York at 4.50, arriving at 
6 o'clock p. -M. , and performed that night in the Park Theatre. 

The company of the Park Theatre, under the management of 
Henry E. Abbey, with E. A. Sothern as the star, left the Grand 
Central Depot at 11.35 . on Oct. 30, for Boston, Mass., to 
perform at the Boston Theatre on the following day, at a benefit 
given for the widow of Edwin Adams. The train arrived at the 
Summer Street station Oct. 31 at 9.50 a. m, , being one hour and 
fifty minutes behind time. One cause of the delay was Senator 
Blaine of Maine, who, quite ill, was on his way home in lom 
Scott's private car, which it was intended to attach to the train; 
but the coupHnj^ would not fit, and it was found necessary to make 
alterations which consumed much time. On arriving at Boston 

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the entire party proceeded in* carriages to the Boston Theatre. 

At 10 30 A- M. , the curtain was rung lip for the performance of 
"Tho ppieK^ri T^^.^A^^j^" the final curtain fell at 12.45 ^' ^• 
The party then tow carriages for the depot, and at 1.04 p. m. the 
train left for this city, where it arrived at 6.48 p. m. The railroad 
distance travelled each way was two hundred and fourteen miles. 
Mr. Sothern and the company performed the same piece at the 
Fulc Tl»eatre tint night, comnencing at the usual hour. It will 
be seen that two performances of "The Crushed Tragedian'* — 
one of them in a city two hundred and fourteen miles distant—* 
were given by the same company within twenty-tour hours. ' 

"Our American Consin'* was revived Etec. 3, with Liasie 
McCall as Mary Meredith, Josie Bachelder as Augusta, H. Crisp 
as Asa Trenchard, Sothern as Lord Dundreary, and Geo. Holland 
as Binney. " David Garrick" and "A Regular Fix" were pro- 
duced on Dec. 36» and Mr. Sothern closed Jan. 5, 187!. 

John T. Raymond acted Sgljcs " the week of Jan. 7, with 

Lillie Eldridge. J. G. Saville, John Clinton Hall, W. H. Bailey, 
Wm. Lytell, and Sydney Cowell in the company. The one thou- 
sandth performanM was announced for Jan. i !. "Risks, or I nsure 
Your L ife." was a new play, produced by Mr. Raymond Jan. 14. 
In the cast were Minnie Palmer, Lillie Eldridge, Sydney Cowell, 
Agnes Elliott (now Mrs. John Keller), Florence Noble, Marion 
Taylor, W. J. Le Moyne, and Master Kelly. He closed Feb. 2. 

"Baby" was revived Feb. 4, with J. B. Polk, Minnie Palmer, 
Geo. Giddens, Gabrielle du Sauld, and Annie Wakeman in the 
cast " Cha^pftgpe ai^d Oysters " by [ . W. Shan non, was pro- 
duced Feb. 1 3. Jam«Lewis (first appearance here), Ben). 
Maginley (first appearance here), Maud Granger, Minnie Palmer, 
and Gabrielle du Sauld were in the cast. 

Rohaon and Crane produced, Feb. 25, for the first time in New 
Yorie, "Hii- |||i»ii»iyiia *» with this cast : 

Bachelor Bangles • . Stuart Robson 
Edward Waring . . . Edwia Thome 
Mfs. Em aiatoa . . Maud Grai^^r 
Mrs. Mouser . Alexina Fisher Balcer 

Kitty Annie Wakeman 

Jii4f» Fester . . . . W. H. Cam 

rne and O^ers" was again done April 8, 9; "Our 
Aldeiman," hv l. ll.'^u nnion. was first acted here April 10^ with 
VV. J. Le Moyne as Birney, and T. G. Riggs as O'Malley. This'"> 
was followed, April 24. by "The Big Bonanza," thus cast: 

Doctor Bruce .... Frank Evans 
Muldoon ..... T. G. lUggs 
Snug Wm. CtalHnfrUm 

Bella Mrs Edwin Thorne 

Clara ...... Alicia Robson 

Prof. Cadwallader . . James Lewis 
Jonathan CSdindladar . Den Maginley 
Jacic Lyroer .... J. G. Saville 
Euj^eoie Sydney Cowell 

Bob Ruggles . . . . £. F. Thorne > 

De Hans Fred Percv ' 

Virete Jennie Murdock 

NeUy . . . Mrs. Harry Chapman 

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Kate Singleton was also in the cast 

W. W. Tillotson, the treasurer of the theatre, took a benefit 

April 25, and the programice was: "Slasher and Crasher," with 
James Lewis and Ben Maginley; "The Marble Heart," Geo. 
Clarke as Raphael, K. F. Thome as Volage, and Agnes Booth as 
Marco; "Othello" (third act), John E. McCullough as Othello, 
Joseph Wheelock as lago, Maud Granger as Desdemona, Mme. 
Ponisi as Emilia; Joseph K. Emmet in " The ^ew Fritz. " and 
John Brougham in "His Last Legs." The season closed May 2, 
with "The Bip BonanzaT' 

A summer term commenced May 3 by the Marie Aim^e French 
company in "La Marjolaine; May 6 " La Vie Parisienne" was 
sung; May 7, and matinee May 11, "Girofl^-Girofla;" May 8, 
"La Jolie Parfunieuse ; " May 9, 24, "La Fille de Mme. Angot;" 
May 10, "La Perichole;" May 11, 23, "La Vie Parisienne;" 
May 13, 14, 13, and matinee May 18, 21, " Les Cloches de Corne- 
ville;" May 16^ "La Grande Duchesse;" May 17, "Les Cents 
Vierges;" May 18, "Les Dragons de Villars ; " May 20, "Barbe 
Bleue;" May 22, "La Belle H^l^ne; * matinee May 25. "La 

The Lingards opened May 27 in "Sweethearts," Fred Warde 
as Harry Spreadbrow, Charles Leclercq as Wilcox, Helen Vincent 
as Ruth, and Alice Dunning (Lingard) as Jenny Northcott. " Mr. 
and Mra. Peter White " was the afterpiece, and between the plays 
W. H orace Lin gard gave his sketches. 

" Our l?bys was produced June 12, for the first time in New 
York, in its original state as written by H. J. Byron, and acted 
by permission of Aug. J[Ialy, who heM the American right of its 
production. Mr. Lingard acted Perkyn Middlewick. On July 
I " Tit Ta* " played by the Lingards. The season closed 
July 6. 

The theatre was reopened Aug. 31, 1878, with the first produc- 
tion in this city of two plays by Bronson Howard, called 'lOl^L 
I Love Lc ttec^" and "jlur ricane s." The cast of the first was: 
' Florence Brownlee, AgnesBboth; Hon. Edward Warburton, 
Joseph E. Whiting. 
The cast of " HiMrica nes " was: 

LilCjr Batterson . . . Agnes Booth 
Mtm. Gen. Compton Mrs. Louise Allen 
Blanche .... Minnit I^mer 

' Julia Alicia RolMon 

Gen. Paruidge Compton 

^ Frank Hardenbeish 

Jack James Lewis 

Frederic Frank Sanger 

Mra. Stonetience Tnttle 

Mrs. G. U. Gilbert 
Mrs. McNatnara . . Sydney Cowell 
Catter Wn. Cvllington 

J. W. 3I}^nnon's translation from the German, ' 
bmbshelis,^''vinu first acted Oct i, and had this cast : 

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Capt Victor Violet . . Geo. Clarke 
On. Sir John Ljax, 

Frank Hardenbergh 
Viscount Gowddd . . Frank Sanger 
Peter Jenkins . . . Wm. Cullington 
Lady Violet . . Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 
JbsqiUiie Lynx . • Minnie Palncr 

Horatio Softly 
Serg. O'Reilly 
John Fuss . , 
Lady Sophia . 
Lady Belling . 
Susan Duck . 

James Lewis 
, W. F. Owen 
J. P. Cooke 
Agnes Booth 
Louise Allen 
Sydney Cowell 

This was the first appearance at this theatre of Geo. Clarke and 

W. F. Owen. 

On Oct. 15, 16, 17, and matinee Oct. 19, " Baby" and "O.Ld Love 
Lette rs " were given; Oct. 18, 19, " jyUirrica^es " and " Qld Love 
Letters ; " Oct. 21, 22, 23, " Q^iam pagne and Oyflers; " Oct. 24, 25, 
""Baby" and "Old Love Letters." There was no matinee Oct. 26. _ 

Lotta reappeared here Oct. 26, in Ol ive L ogan's " La C igale," cast 


La Cigale i 
Leliode Lalmirl * * ' 

MariKoan Ed. Marble 

Micira W. F. WatKs 

Filoche Fred Percy 

Tourlot J. P. Cooke 

Count de Hoppe . . W. H. Wallis 
£dgar .... Clement Bainbridge 

Harry Josephs 
H. B. Br 

Carcasonne . . 

Hi Bi, Hercules . . . H.U. Bradley 
Donald MacDonald . P. A. Andenoo 
Countess . . Mrs. Geo. C. Bonfbce 

Legs Master Cooke 

Adele Julia Hanchett 

No. 6 Minnie Doyle 

No. 7 Miss Cameron 

No matinees were given during Lotta's engagement. 

"The Comedy of Errors" was produced Nov. 25, with Stuart 
Robson as Dromio of Syracuse, and Crane as Dromio of Epbesus, 
preceded by " One Touch of Nature" for a few nights, C. W. Coul- 
dock playing Penholder."" 

Samuel Colville's burlesque company commenced Dec. 23, in 
" Pahes in the W ood." wttii Bfiss Eoiine Rouscait the Star. They 
closed Jan. 18. 1879, A**^ ^"^"^ followed Jan. 10 by John E. Owens 
in "Dot." with this cast: 

Caleb Plummer 
John Peerybinglc 
May Fielaing . . 
Mrs. Fielding . . 
Tilly Slowboy 

John E. Owens 
. C. W. Couldock 
. Josephine Baker 
Mrs. J. W. finitone 
. . Ada Gilman 

Bertha . 
Edwin . 
Dot . . 

J. C. Padgett 
Sara Stevens 
H. S. Duffield 
Minnie Palmer 

On Feb. 3 Mr. Owens acted in " The Vict ims" and "Solon 

Shingle." ' 

~'^gaged," by W S Gilbert, was produced Feb. 17, and ran 
until May 4. The cast was : 

Cheviot HiU . . 4 . James Lewis 

Minnie Minnie Falmir 

Belvavrney . . . Joseph E. Whiting 
Mr. Sympenon ... W. F. Owen 
Major Mac^lllcttddy Wm. Cnllington 

An»us Macalister . . T. G. Riggs 
Belinda Treheme . . Agnes Booth 
Mrs. MacFariand Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Maggie Sydney ^oweli 

Parlcer Marie 


A matinee of " Engaged " was given March 20, and the season 
closed May 3 with the same comedy. 

Marie Chester retired from the stage, and for some time has been 
living in New Rochelle, N. Y., the wife of a Mr, Ross, real estate 

Marie Aim^e appeared May 5 in " Le Petit Due." The first repre- 
sentation in America of ** Mme. Favart " occurred May 12. Mile. 
Aimde closed her engagement May 31. 

The house was next rented for one week by Marion Darcy, and 
was opened Aug. 25, 1879, with " A Living StatueV which had this 
cast : 

Noemi Keller . . . Marion Darcv 
Count Paul . . . Joseph Wheelocfc 
Lucian David .... Harry Dalton 
Marquis Tourbulu . . . T. J. Hind 
Pelagic Adrian! . . H. T. Ringgold 
Mr. Silvester . . . W, A. Whitccar 
Lucy Eleanor Reed 

Father Anselmo ... L. F. Rand 

Victor W. G. Regnier 

Erminie .... Stella Congdon 

Prassed Meroe Charles 

Susanne ..... Eva Garrick 
Eugenie Josie Wilmere 

Miss Darcy has since appeared on the stage as Marie Acosta. 

E. A. Sothern returned here Sept. 8, as Dundreary, in " Brothe r 
Sap ." In the cast were Percy Compton, W. Blakeley, and Julia 
"STuart, who made their American debut. 

Edward H. Sothern, now one of the most popular actors in Amer- 
ica, and the second son of the Sothern who made Lord Dundreary 
famous, first appeared on any stage at this house, acting the Cab- 
man in "Br other Sam ." He afterwards joined the stock company 
of the Boston Museum, where he remained for three months. Dur- 
ing the season of 1880-81 he returned to England with his father. 
When John E. McCulIough was in Europe he engaged young 
Sothern for his American tour, at the close of which he returned 
to England, where he remained for two seasons. He returned to 
America in Aug., 1883, and travelled with John E. McCulIough 
throughout the season 1883-84. He next appeared at the Union 
Square Theatre, in ".X ^ . Fa tal Le tter." May 26, 1884, he starred 
in a farce called " \Vhose a ic-They? " at the Star Theatre, and after- 
wards appeared at Wallack's Theatre in " Nita's Fir st." He was 
seen at the Star Theatre, with Helen Dauvray, April 27, 1885, in 
"^lona." The following year he made his first appearance at the 
Lyceum Theatre, as Captain Gregory, in " One of Our Girls." 

E. A. Sothern acted " The Crushed^Tragedian." Sept. 22; "Our 
American Cousin," Oct. 8 ; " David Garrick" and "A Regular Fix." 
Oct. 20. Joseph K. Emmet followed E. A. Sothern Nov. 3, 
and played for eight weeks in " ^itz in Ireland, or the Bell^ 
ri tiger of the Rhine, and the Love^of tJbcL_StiainTrocIc7^ which iiad 
This cast : 


Digitized by Google 



20 1 


Lawyer Priftgins . 
Baron Hertfort . 
Captain HercalM 
Lord Seaton . . 
Patrick Blackeye 
Master Herbert . 
Lmiiia Hertfort . 
Lady Amelia . . 

. . John Mackay 
. . I. H. Rennie 
, William Carlton 
. . Chrystie Miller 
. . . J. O. Burk 
Uttle Annie Rennie 
. . Emily Baker 
LeBwe Bigdow 

Mme. Schultz . 
Judy Callahan 
Lena Srhultz • 
f ritz Schultz . 
Spoldger . . 
Chai. Seaton . 
TlxM. Goldfioger 

Louita Watson 
. Tillie Mc Henry 
Little Annie Rennie 
, . J. K. Emmet 
. . J. H. Rennie 
. . Oliver Doud 
. . . J. H. Ryan 


On I>e& 29» 1879, Bartlcy Campbell's " Fajrfax, or Life in the 
Sunny^SQUth," was aeen for the first time in this city, ahiS wsuT thus 

Edwin Fairfax 
Dr. Guv Ga^lord 
Jame.5 Mamgold 
Webster Winne . 
Wime Waiprtair . 
Diana Dorsie 
Susanne Dorsie . 

Joseph E. Whiting 
Fred Robinson 
. Louis F. Barrett 
. W. I. Ferguson 
. . Affred Selwyn 
. . Sydney Cowell 
Mrs. G. H. Gilbert 

Uncle Ben 
Moses . . . 
Sheriff . . . 
Mrs. Marrifold 
Tibbetts . . 
Viisie . . . 

. W. F. Owen 
Wm. Cullington 
. Fred E. liond 
. Agues Booth 
. Mane Chester 
Effie Banctt 

A matinee of" Fairfax" was given Jan. 22, 1880, and it was acted 
for the last time at the matinee Jan. 31. In the evening, " The 
Wedding March.** adapted by W. S. Gilbert from '*Le Chapeau 
FuUe d'ltalie " of Labiche. was given, with this cast : 

Woodpecker Tapping, W. F. Burroughs 
Dukeof Tumiptopshlre, W. J. Ferguson 
Major-Gen. Buntnunder Jas. Dunn 
Cousin Foodie . . . Alfred Selwyn 
Anna Maria Poppytop . Marie Chester 
Sophie Crackthorpe . Marion Booth 
Lenora Bunthander . . Acnes Elliott 
Lady Popton . . Maude A. Mowbray 

lytop . . 
Uncle Popaddy 
Capt. Bapp 
Cripps . . . 
Wilkinson . . 
Jackson . . 
Marcbiooess . 

Patty Florence Roberts 

. Jas. Lewis 
W. F. Owen 
J. H. Hazleton 

W ■ Ciillington 
Geo. Williams 
J. F. Brennan 
Rachel Sanger 

This was the first appearance this season of James Lewis, Jamea 
Dimn, and Agnes Elliott ; also the d^but at this theMre of J. H. 

Hazleton, J. F. Brennan, Ifaude Mowbray, and Marion Booth. The 
"Wedding March" wa-s preceded by "Sweethearts," with this cast: 
Harry Spreadbrow (his first appearance at this theatre), W. F. 
Barroogns; Wilcox, wm. Collington ; Jenny Northoott (first appear- 
ance in New York), Rachel Sanger; Ruth, Miss Roberts. This 
bill continued for two weeks, followed Feb. 16 by " Engaged." 

Byron's comedy. "ChawleSi or A Fool and His Money," was first 
acted Feb. 24, and kept the sti^ for four weeks. " Champagne and 
Oysters," by Joseph Shannon, was revived Friday, IWarch 19, and 
continued until Easter Monday, March 29, when Lotta appeared in 
'■Uhe Little Defective. " and continued until April 25. Oenman 
Thompson began an engagement April 26 as Joshua Whitcomb, 
and closed June 12. This terminated the season. 

The theatre was reopened Aug. 23, by Sol Smith Russell in 


'oiks." produced for the first time in New York. It 

had this cut : 

Tom Dilloway . . Sol Smith Russell 
Rev. Arthur Melville Clias. Rockwell 
Deacon Absalom HartUvicke. Sol Smith 
F"osdick Skinner Walter Lennox, Sen. 

tAdolphus Gilsoa Wm. Warmington 
aith Hardwicke . Carrie Mc Henry 
Phcebe Jane Hardiridct, Mrs. Sol Smith 
Annie Dilloway . . . Mattie Earle 

On Sept. 20 *• Lawn Tenni s " 
and the cast was : 

Hiilda Hardwicke 
Matilda Bates 
Little Sylvia . . 
Ferguson . . . 
Fiu Altamont . 
Mr. Springton- . 
WilKm .... 

. Nellie Taylor 

Jennie Wharton 
. Iklle Wharton 
J. W. Lanergan 
B. T. Ring^ 
Harry QvAm 
. Z. WilKamson 

was seen for the first time here. 

Algernon Prout . 
Alfred PiidrhToot 
George FarleigU . 
BdU Stanley . . 
Laura OoU . . 

. . John Howson 
. . Digby V. Bell 
. . J. C. Armand 
yilian Brooks-Bell 
■ Adelaide Carleton 

Mrs. Doll . . . 
Capt.iin DDwtOB . 
Datchett . . . 
Mrs. Comwallis . 
Cicely Fay « . 

Mrs. J. H. Rowe 
. . Jas. Barton 
. F. W. Lennox 
. . Hetty Tracy 
. Marie Ja 

Mrs. J. H. Rowe is better known as Georgie Dickson. In the 
second act of " Laitn^Tennis " an operettina, by liJLJ^otf* en- 
titled " Qiakh and D jill'^f " lack and Jill"), was introduced. 

The boose was closed Oct. 4, 5, and reopened Oct. 5, with "A 
JBaflfled B eauty^" for the first time on any stage. In this R<5e 
Eytinge appeared as the Duchess. There were also in the cast: 
Edwin CIcary, J. K, Grismer, Gabrielle du Sauld, Mark Tendleton, 
Harry Courtaine, J. G. SavUle, Barton Hill, Ellie WiIton» and Jose- 
phine Baker (now Mrs. John Drew). It was acted for the last time 
Oct. 25. 

Clara Morris appeared here Oct. 26 in " .Alixe,'' with Mrs. Emily 
Thome Chamberlain in her support. "Articic 47" was pteved 
Nov. I and all the week (except Saturday mating), when Clara 
Morris closed her engagement. 

A drama called " TJi e Legion of Hono r," by Samuel W^Pierc v. 
was produced here Nov. 9. The original title of this play was 
*' De^emion." During the rehearsal it was learned that another 
play, byWaurice Barrymorc, was in preparation at VVallack's The- 
atre, and the similarity between the plots of the two dramas was so 
great as to excite comment A conference was held by all the per- 
sons interested, and by comparing the manuscripts it became evident 
that both had been derived from the one source. Mr. Wallack de- 
cided not to give Mr. Barrymore's. 

Mr, Piercy played Raoul de Ligniers. " The ^tfi K***" ^nnnrJ' 
was quite successful, anti Mr. IMercy toured the country with it, 
until he joined Edwin Hooth's company. Mr. Piercy died in Bos- 
ton, Mass., of smallpox, Jan. 9, 1882, and he was buried in Elks' 
Rest in Cedar Grove cemetery. He was thirty-three years of age. 

Clara Morris acted "Article 47" matinee Nov. 11. '*'Ulfi 

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Lpiyjoa. . nf Ho^ or " was continiial the weeks of Nov. 5-22 and 
^lara Morris gave matinees Tuesday and Thursday of "Article 
47." " Tl^e Legion of Honor. " Nov. 29, for one week, with Clara 
Morris in " Alixe " for the Tuesday and Thuraday matinees. " The 
X££Lion of honor , had a change in the caat Doc 6, and continued 
ior two weeks. 

Lawrence Barrett began an engagement here in "jroriqk.'s j 
^Orc" on Dec. aa The cast nas: 

Yorick L. F. Barrett 

Hejrward Fred Bock 

Woodford .... Chaa. Plunkett 
Thomas .... Chss. Hawthorne 

Tobias P. Haquett 

AHoe .... Marie Wadnwright 

Dorothy Addle Phmkett 

Edmund Louis James 

Walton F. Moseley 

Gregory B. G. Roeers 

Pbiup R. C. HudaoD 

James C. Duff's opera company began a season here Jan. 17, 
1881. in "QliiBtte," which had this cast: 

De Merrimac 


. . Ed. Marble 
. . Chas. LsiDg 
Edward Coonell 
. Henrjr Dixon 

Wm. DavidKc Jr. 
. . Juli.i Polk 
. Marie Conron 

L. W. BnmAng I 

De Joyeux Holland 

Due dcs Ifs . . . Harry Courtaine 
Mile, de Ceroay . . E. Champneys 
Bleuette Annie Gardner 

Piou-Plou Marco Stuart 

La Baronne .... Lizzie Newman 
Mou.stique . . • Sophie Hummel 
L'^ureutl .... Ruby Tbomton 

"Fr esh the America n," with John T. Raymond as the star, was A 
played xor Ib^ lldae on any stage, Feb. 7, 1881, and ran until | 
April 7. The cast was: ( 

FercBnand . . . .John T. Raymond 
Adinet Pacba . . Geo. F. Devere 
Water Lily . Master Chas. Parham 

Sadia Miss Andrews 

liaron E. J. Buckley 

Mabomt Walter Kelly 

Fkm Lizzie Creese 

Zenora May Gallagher 

Lalla ...... Jalia Evarts 

Mathias .... Wm. Cullinston 

Zazarack John Vdtch 

Adolph Lewis Baker 

Doria J. W. Archer 

Erema ....... Laura Don 

Helene LnnBascmnb 

Miriam Miss Yale 

Laura Bascomb was the daughter of Harry Bascomb and Emma 
l^wrrett She married a foumalist and r^ired from the stage. 

She died in this city March 6, 1897. 

" F | - gsh "- reached its fiftieth representation on March 28, and 
John T. Raymond closed his engagement April 7. Lotta re- 
turned here April 9, in "I -^^Ir rrti jnj the Marchioness** and 
**M?'*^'^ttPi" May 2 Lotta acted in " La Cigale." and closed her 
engagement May 7. The Grayson -Norcross company appeared 
May 9 in "The Mascot," Miss Carter as Hettina. Haydon Tilla 
appeued in the first act as Fredericlc Miss Grayson acted Fred* 

Digitized by Google 


crick in the second act ; Lizzie Harold was the Fiametta ; Sydney 
Smith, Prince; Seth M. Crane, Pippo. Tbos. E. Morris was an- 
nounced for the Physician, bnt did not appear. This company 
continued for three weeks, when the season terminated. 

The next season commenced with the Hanlon-Lees company — 
better known as the Hanlon Brothers — with their Parisian ab- 
stirdity, "Le Voyage en Suisse, " pffoduced Sept. ta, for the first 
time in this country. This attraction was secured by the writer of 
this in Europe for a three years' tour of America, under the direc- 
tion of Simmonds &l Brown. The version of " Le Voyage en 
Snisse " for America was arruiged fay Henry Pettitt, the E^Iish 
playwright, and had this cast: 

. • • . J. Bcfri 
... R. Jonet 
Miss A. Randolph 

. Daisy Kngland 
Emily Keaa 

Tipp . 
Juliette . 



Anastuia Miss Gbazaies 

Ambrosina .... Lillian Tajlor 
Alice Miss Merritt 

Capt. Patriclc Maguire . T. H. Glenney 
Franic Magfuire . , . Nelson Decker 
Heniy d'Escargot . Francis G. Wyatt 
Owindledowa . . . W. s. Penicy 

John Wm. Hanlon 

Bob Fred Hanlon 

Ned Edward Hanlon 

Harry Geo. Hanlon 

Jack Alfred Hanlon 

CrcvasM Percy Meyoall 

H. Reeves Smith (now an excellent actor) came from England 
with this company to play Frank Maguire, but at rehearsals he 
was found to be incompetent, and his return to his native land 
quidtly followed. Nelson Decker was engaged for the rdle. He 
was the only American, with the exception of the ballet, in the 
cast. After a few weeks Emily Kean succeeded Miss Randolph 
in the character of Juliet, and Daisy England acted Euphrasia. 
The entire outfit — pr(^ierties» tricks, scenery, and all the me- 
chanical arrangements, were brought from Europe. " Le Voyage 
en Suisse " was played at this theatre for twelve weeks, after which 
it went to the Cosmopolitan Theatre (now the Broadway Theatre), 
then to Niblo's Garden; after which it made a tour of the country, 
and with the exception of one week (^en route to San Francisco), 
and the night of ^ the day of President Garfield's funeral, it did not 
lose a performanoe for eighty-two weeks, giving five hundred and 
seventy-four representations. The famous Hanlon faunily, probably 
the greatest gymnasts of modern times, originally consisted of eight 
boys, viz. : Thomas, George, William, Alfred, Edward, Henry, 
Robert, and Frederick. Iliomas was bom at Manchester, Eng* 
land, in 1836; George at Ashton-under-Lyne, Eng., in 1840; 
William, Alfred, and Edward, Manchester, Eng., respectively in 
1842, 1844, and 1846, and Frederick at Everton (near Liverpool) 
in 1848. Early in 1847 Prof. John Lees, a well-known acrobat 
induced the father of the Hanlon boys to let him take diiife qI 

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George and Willitm, ten and eight yean of age, and with then he 

practised gymnastics at Manchester — Lees lying upon his back, 
tossing the children up and down on his feet. They made their 
debut at the Adelphi Theatre, London, doing their acrobatic busi- 
ness betweth the pla]fs. They beoune Icnown as the Hanlon-Lees. 
They visited Paris, and the best part of 1847 was spent in France. 
Early in 1848 they went to Spain, where they performed before 
Queen Isabella II. Three years were spent in Spain. Alfred 
joined the party in 1849, ^^^Y ^^^^ Icnown as The Original 
Three Hanlons. They visited Gibraltar, Malta, Corfu in the 
Ionian Isles, Smyrna, Constantinople, Alexandria, Cairo, Cat- 
cutta, Ceylon, India, Java, and Australia, remaining in the last- 

Chili, Peru, and Panama. Crossing to Aspinwall in the winter 
of 1855, Lees got the yellow fever, and the second day out he 

The Hanlona then visited America, and joined Geo. F. Bailey's 
circus for one season, after which they returned to England. 

They then made a trip to Russia, and the three brothers were 
joined by Thomas. They returned to England and appeared in 

Manchester, where William, while doing a trapeze act, fell, for 
the first time, and broke his arm. Shortly after this they were 
engaged for America by James M. Nixon and appeared at Niblo's 
Gwden, Jan. 16, 1860^ in eonjunctieih with dook's ctreua. Al- 
though the six brothel s, Thomas, George, William, Alfred, Ed- 
ward, and Freddy, were now together, William seldcm appeared at 
Niblo's, owing to his bad arm. Thomas did " L'Kchelle Peril- 
lense " for the first time in America. The somersaults of William 
cn the shoulders of Thomas were wonderful, and were the most 
difficult feats then known to gymnasts. William was the first man 
who ever did a back somersault fiom the shoulders of one man to 
those of another. 

At the close of their Niblo's Garden engagement they travelled 
West, returning to New York and appearing' at Niblo's in April, 
1861. Thomas did " L'Echelle Peril leuse." George and Thomas 
did the acrobatic act "double parterre," and Thomas, George, and 
William did the "triple parterre." In Havana, Thomas was sud- 
denly taken ill ; the ladder was up in the dome ready for " the leap 
for life," and the people began to clamor to have it done, when 
William finally agreed to do it. He fell forty feet on a wooden 
stage. His arm was driven into his side, a rib was broken, his 
arm shattered, and he was laid up for many months. One of the 
Hanlons appeared at Tammany Hall, New York, Nov. i, 1869^ in 
what was called "The Great Act" "Little Bob" a boy acrobat, 
was thrown a distance of thirty-five feet from one brother to an- 
other, while upon a trapeze erected within a few feet of the ceiling 

Then they went to New Zealand, 

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of the theatre. In the course of the transit through the air " Little 
Bob " threw somersaults and turned completely around. A net was 
stretched under the trapece. This net was invented by the Han- 
Ions, and it was the first time they had ever used one. 

When the brothers came to this country the last time, Alfred 
was in very poor health, and shortly after the New York engage- 
ment he was sent to Los Angeles, Cal., for the benefit of his 
health. He died at Pasadena, Jan. 24, 1886. Shortly after the 
company went on the road, and George became too ill to appear on 
the stage. William and Frederick played the two servants in 
"Le Voyage en Suisse," and Edwiud did the Dutchman. Then 
William became so ill that he appeared only in the principal cities 
on the first night, and Edward and Frederick were the servants. 

In July, 1885, Edward and Frederick went to Europe. Fred- 
erick died at Nice, April 6, 1886. George Hanlon relinquished 
all interest in theatrical affairs on Jan. 26, 1892, and devoted him- 
self to religion. He returned to the stage with his two boys sea- 
son 1901-02, and appeared in a pantomime sketch in the vaudeville 
theatres. There arc now only three Hanlons before the public 
— George, William, and Edward, who manage pantomimes like 
"Superba," etc. 

Maurice Grau's French Opera company followeil the Hanlon 
"Bros, at this theatre Nov. 28, 1881, with "Madame Favart ; *' 
Nov. 29 and Dec. 3, "Si i'^tais Roi " was seen; Nov. 30-matin6e 
Dec. 3, "La Mascotte;*' Dec i, "La Fille de Madame Angot," 
Dec. "Les Mousquetaires; " Dec. 5, " Les Cloches de Come- 
vtlle;" Dec. 6, "Les Noces d'Olivette;" Dec. 7, "Tambour 
Major." Miles. Leroux and Lentz, MM. Mauras, Mauge, Dangon, 
Pb^ard, and Tauffenberger were in tihe company. 

A matinee was given Dec. 8 for the benefit of the New York 
Hospital for Women. 

** Mother in Law," a comedy by G. R. Simms, was seen Dec. 8. 
John Dillon, E. M. Holland, Henry Lee, J. T. Burke, Laura Don, 
Marie Chester, and Jean Delmar were in the cast. Lester Wal- 
lack appeared here Jan. 16, 1882, in "The Colonel," produced for 
the first time in this country. It had this cast : 

WoottweeU W. Woodd, Leiter Wallack 
Richard Forrester . . . Eric Bayley 

Lambert Streyke . . .CP. Flockton 
Basil Georgione . . . E. T. Webb€r 
I.ady Tompkins . . . Maria Davis 

Edward Lilford Arthur 

MiiWot Ian Robertson 

Parkes WiUiam Roftton 

Romelfi Leslie Ednrands 

Olive Mindha Bayley 

Nellie Therese Walaron 

Mrs. Bl)'t]ie .... Rachel Sanger 
Goodali Helen Hewitt 

It was acted until Feb. 27, when "XUc^Membcr for 
had its first representation here, with Mr. andTSTrsT 


Digitized by Google 



win, Jr., as the stars. " Divorgons" was presented for the first 
time March 14, and had this cast: 

Cvprienne . . Alice DttBDfng Linerard 
Mme. de V'alfontaine . . Clara Cole 
Mme. de Brione . Nellie Mortimer 
Mile, de Lusignan Elizabeth Andrews 
Dcs Pmnelles . . . Chas. Wakot 
Adhcnar de GiatteiMUH 

Chas. B. Welles 

Commissioner of Pdice 

Thomas E. Morris 
Uastien G. Montscrrat 

Joseph . 

■ . Eliza Long 
VV. T. Harris 
Herbert Avling 
Chas. Meyer 

A matinee performance of "Divor^ons" was given Apiil 3, for 
the benefit of the Actors' Fund. "Divor^ons" had its last repre- 
sentation here April 22 (matinee), and in the evening, "After the 
Opera ," styled a midnight comedy, in four acts, by A. C. "GlihtL cr, 
was produced. Chailes Walcot, Chas. B. Welles,' J. O. Barrows, 
E. M. Holland, J. G. Saville, Mrs. Alice Dunning Lingard, and 
Louise Dillon were in the cast. 


mac vT^ib 111 kiiv^ v.aoi.. ■— 

' Fog g's Ferry" was first produced here. May 15, and continu^ 
two weeks, with Minnie Maddern as the star. The cast was: 

Chip .... 
Wm. Still . . 
Zebulon Fogg . 
Jim Bolter . . 
Gerald White. 

Minnie Maddern 
Wm. Cullinrton 
. Wm. Herbert 
A. H. Hastings 

Atkins Lawrence 

Bruce Rawdon . 
Judge Norwood . 
Blanche Norwood, 
Samanthy Kogg 
Martha ' 

. C. Russell BUlce 
. . R.C. Wilson 
M. Loduski Young 
Ivan C. Michels 
. . Alke BiooIm 

Julia Hunt appeared May 29 in "f Iqrinel.** In the cast were 

Constance Hamblin, C. B. Welles, Georgme Flagg, Chas. W. 
Butler, Alice Grey, Edward Hammond, Adelaide Thornton, B. 
W. Turner, Mme. Michels, W. J. Hurley, Jennie Kennark, Ed- 
mrd Powell, and Charles B. FOore. 

The last season of this house commenced Sept. 2, 1882. Mr. 
Abbey rented it for four weeks to Maggie Mitchell, who appeared 
in 'i^^lsybZ produced for the first time on any stage. " Jane Eyre ** 
was acted the weeks of Sept 11- 18, and for her last week Iniiss 
Mitchell played "Fanchon." John T. Raymond followed Oct. 2 
with " Fresh, the American." having rented the house for four 
weeks. Oct. 16-23 played "Qol^ Mulberry Sellers^" and 
closed his engagement Oct. 28. - . 

Mr. Abbey announced the opening of his regular season on Oct. 
30, with the American d^but of Mrs. Langtry in " The Unequal 
ifatch,*' but the theatre was entirely destroyed by lire on the after- 
noon of that day. 

About a quarter before five o'clock while some of the employees 
of the theatre were completing the setting of the stage for that 
night's performance, they were startled by the appearance of fire 
in the vicinity of the upper private box, on the Ikoadway side of 
the auditorium where some upholsterers had been at work. Mrs. 


Laagtfy't wardrobe had not been sent to the theatre, although 

the costumes of several members of her company had been taken 
there and were destroyed. Manager Abbey estimated his loss at 
$icx),ooa His lease of the house had two years to run, and be 
had been oflFered n laige sum for it The theatre was never 


DURING the summer of 1874 a large billiard hall in the 
Gilsey Building on the west side of Brosdwuy, between 

Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth streets was reconstructed for 
the San Francisco minstrels. The auditorium was divided into a 
parquet and one gallery, and would seat about eight hundred 
persons. It was opened Sept. 3, 1874, and called "The San 
Francisco Minstrel Hai.i.. The performance on April 29, 
1875, was for the Dan Bryant Benefit fund The programme 
introduced A. Pelham, Charley Backus, David Wambold, Billy 
Birch, Carl Rudolph, Mackin and Wilson, Add Ryman, Ricardo, 
J. G. Withers, and the burlesque of " Schoo l." A matinee March 
17, i88o^ was in aid of "the tund ~for the tamine-stricken people 
in Ireland. The season closed April 24, i88a 

David Wambold retired from the company April 24, 1880^ when 
the season closed. 

David Wambold, before his retirement had saved money enough 
to take care of him during his life. He was one of the very hot 
in the minstrel business. He died in this city Nov. 10^ 1889^ 
Charley Backus died of Bright's disease in this city, June 21, 
1883. He was born at Rochester, N. Y., in 1831. He bad been 
thrice married. His first wife was Leo Hudson, the well-knowB 
"Mazeppa" actress, from whom he separated ; his second wife was 
Kate Newton, widow of G. C. Davenport, the Irish comedian, 
who died in this city Jan. 24, 1884. Backus' third and last 
wife was Tissie Mason, of Niagara Falls, M. Y., to whom he 
was married Oct. 17, 1876. William H. Bernard died a very 
wealthy man. He was formerly a practising attorney in Cali- 
fornia, a genial whole-souled fellow, full of humor and an excel- 
lent conversationalist. He had a full, rich, baritone voice, and 
helped Birch and Backus to keep their audiences in a constant roar 
of laughter. As an interlocutor the minstrel stage has never seen 
his equal. His right name was White, and he died in this city 
Jan. 5, 1890. When this firm disbanded, Billy Birch put his 
money into Wall Street, and lost it all. He was born at Utica, 
N. Y., Feb. 26, 1831, and had been in minstrelsy since 1844. He 
first appeared with the San Francisco minstrels, Dec. 6, 1855, in 

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San Francisco, at San Francisco Hall, under Tom Maguire's man- 
agement Billy was a fellow of infinite jest, and was one of the 
best men on the " bone " end ever connected with ntgto minitrelsy. 
He died in New York, April 30^ 1897, aged sixty-six yean, a very 
poor man. 

A summer seaaon began here May 3, with " T^ie Bo arding 
. School.'' The cast: Jessie Falrlove, Minnie Palmer; Samantha 
bmith, liimma Jones ; Mrs. Fairlove, Mrs. W. S. Harkins; Jennie, 
Emma Lib^ ; David Boodle, W. J. Scanlan ; Prof. Grimcrack, John 
E. Ince; mrry Hamilton, Geo. C. Davenport Minnie Palmer 
took a benefit May 31, after which the house closed for the season. 
"Tbe BP^Ming '^'^h^n^ " and " Xll£^]Litt|e JUtea&urc " were acted. 
Among those who appeared were Harold E. Warren, Geo. C. Daven- 
port John E. Ince, Graham Henderson, Sedley Brown, Edmund 
Oakes, Mrs. W. S. Harkins, Emma Jones, Emma Libby, Mary 
Berger, Nellie Aldine, and W. J. Scanlan. The next season 
hepin Aug. 30, 1880^ when the San Francisco minstrels, who had 
been on the road reopened and continued until April 30, 188 1. 

Prof. Alex. Herrmann leased this house for four weeks, and 
appeared April 25, assisted by Val Vose (ventriloouist), Louise 
Linden, the Ganretta Family, and Arthur Bent After this the 
hall remained closed until Sept. 5, 1881, when the San Francisco 
minstrels reappeared. They continued until April 15, 1882, when 
they closed, but gave a benefit April 3 to the Actors' Fund. 
Among those who appeared were Billy Birch, Chas. Backus, H. 
M. Roe, Stanley Gray, H. W. Frillman, L. Brahan, Ricardo, 
Johnson and Powers, Bob Slavin, Harry Kennedy, Edwin French, 
and Jas. Johnson. 

On April 17 the liouse was reopened fay T. Clayton, with **AU 
at Sea." The cast: '"'^ 

Dr. Pitton A. W. Mafflin 

Rnloa O'Coooor • . . W.W.Allen 
Cbas. SathcflMd . Geoffrey Tyrrell 

Harry W. P. Hampshire 

May Blackburo . . Emma Ducbateau 

Peter CM.AIliMm 

Levy Fnwk Boih 

Lucy Kafe Castleton 

Kate Agnes Hallock 

Miss Skinner .... Lou Thropp 

It was continued until June 4, when the house was closed. It 
reopened Sept. 4, 1882, with Birch, Hamilton, & Backus' min- 
strels, and the season terminated March ?4, 1883. Willie Edouin'a 

** Sparks" company appeared here March 26, in "A B unch of 
.Ke^s," Charles H. Hoyt's farce comedy. The cast: Teddy Keys, 
Alice Atherton ; Rose Keys, Carrie Godfrey ; May Keys, Anna 
Brevoor; Dolly Dobbs, Marietta Nash; Matilda Jenkins, Genie 
Holtzmeyer; Gilly Spooner, Julian Mitchell; Jonas Grimes, 
James T. Powers; Tom Harding, C. B. Stevens; Sam Foss, 
Harry Delorme; Littleton Snaggs, Willie Edouin. 
VOL. 01.^14 

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The next attraction was " Two Ch ristmas F.vyy," with Annie 
Berlein as the star. (This lady is better known as Annie Mack.) 
The cast : 

Jack Spratt . . . Will Henderson 
Tin^-LiDg .... Frank Budworth 
Farmer Woodfold • ■ Harry P. Keen 
Berlie . . > . . Tommy Russell 

Sidney John Watson 

Pat O'GafF Thos. Clark 

Cieorge Wasbioston . W. H. Ryno 
Friu Meyer . . . .J.H. " '"'^ 

Woodford . . . Anne Berlein 
Beatrice de Vigne . . Annie Barclay 
At^sta Hayden .' . . Genie Howard 

Sara Smart kthel Gray 

Florence Kitty Scallen 

Paaline .... Mamie Henderson 
Clarence Everett . .■ . R. E. Graham 
Stephen Burrftm . . Chas. Mason 
Gentle Jim C. T. Nichols 

After one week the house was closed, and was reopened on Aug. 
27, 1883, with Billy Birch's San Francisco minstrels.- It was then 

called "The Opera House.'* Francis Leon, Frank Cushman,. 
Luke Schoolcraft, and Bob Slavin were in the company. They 
closed on Dec. I. J. H. Haverly, having secured a controlling 
interest in this theatre, reopened it Dte. 3 as "Havbrly's- San 
Francisco Minstrel and Comedv TiiFATur " Billy Birch retain- 
ing an interest. Joseph A. Gulick was manager, and in the new 
minstrel organization were Billy Birch, Hughey Dougherty, Bob 
Slavin, Bobby Newcomb, Fbul Vernon, Seamon, and Frank 
Girard. They closed Dec. 29, and the San Francisco minstrels 
were disbanded. 

J. H. Haverly then leased the house from Billy Birch, called 
it "Haverly's Comedy Theatre," and played combinations. J. 

Vandcrfelt Spader was the financial man of the enterprise. He 
first associated with Steele Mackaye when the Lyceum Theatre 
was opened, and was one of the founders of the Lyceum School of • 
Acting with David Belasco and Franklin Sargent. 

Haverly's first attraction was Maurice Grau's opera company, - 
which appeared Dec. 31 and played the following repertory : Dec. 
31, "La Fille de Madame Angot,'* with Marie Aim^e, Mme. 
Angele, and Mile. Fouget in the cast; Jan. i, 18S4, "I. a Mas- 
cotte;" Jan. 2, 5, 12, "Boccaccio;" Jan. 3, 4, matinee 21, "La 
Jolie Parfumcuse ; " Jan. 7, 8, matinees 9, 12, 17, "La Vic Furi* 
sienne;" Jan. 10, "La Princesse des Canaries;" Jan. 11, "La 
Coeur et la Main;" Jan. 14, "Mme. Favart ; " Jan. 15, 18, 
"Olivette," with the first appearance of Marie Aim^e as the 
heroine; Jan. 16, "Divorgons;" matinee Jan- 19, "Le Cceur et 
la Main;" evening Jan. 19, "Mme. Favart;" Jan. 21, 22, " Les 
Cloches de Cornevillc," Marie Aim^e as Serpolette; Jan. 23, 24, 
"La Grande Duchesse;" Jan. 25, for the benefit of Aim^e, first 
act "La Mascotte,*' second act "Mme. Angot," and third act 
"La Vie Parisienne;" for the matinee Jan. 26, "Boccaccio;" 
evening Jan. 26, "La Grande Duchesse," when the company 

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This house was next leased to Gale and Spader, who opened- it 
Jan. 2$, 1884, as "The New York Comedv Theatre," with " Fun 
on the Bristol." John W. Ransone was the Widow O'Brien; 
Rose Dana, Lulu Evans, Marion Fiske, £lla Bordeaux, Josie 
Intropidi, Annie Winner, Emma Calef, D. R Bedell, Frank 
Tannehill, Jr., Georgie Reynolds, and W. F. Rochester in the 
company. "Confusion" was done Feb. 11, Henry K. Dixey, 
Harry St. Maur, Herbert Gresham, Fisher, J. Frankau, Clifton, 
Sadie Martinot, Davia, Vemona Jarhean, and Netta Guion in the 

Rich & Harris were the managers on March 10, when " Peck's 
Bad Boy " was produced and ran four weeks. The cast was : 

His^Girl . . 
The Minister . 
The Doctor . 
The Pottceman 

Florence Bates 
Fred Mower 
Chas. B. Stevens 
. Chat. T.Ellis 

Peck's Bad Boy . . William Carroll 

His Cham Mollie Fuller 

His Pa Jas. GUbert 

The Gisoirrauui . . .J. W. Gnidi 
HisMs. ..... UtlsE.1^ 

The house was closed April 14, 15, and reopened April l6witir 
" A Great Sc heme — ^ Our Dime Museum." " Queen 's£xi4sUlCC," 
April 28, for one week, with Florence Noble and Harry Jackson, 
Jr.; as the itar& "Jlaa^mtLShat** was iirst acted May la The 


Random Shot . 
Percival Lester 
Alfred Lester . 
M aj. Wram^ . ' 


J. Newton Gotthold 
C. Leslie Allen 
. J. E. Nagle, Jr 

• A. C. Moreland 

• . W. L. Gleasoa 


Laura . . . 
Edith . . . 
Elvira Chester 
Belle Bmnner . 
May Glover . 
Alice Summertoa 

. Mad?e Butler 
May (jallaither 
Annie U. Ware 
. May Bardell 
. Mary Bennett 
Joan Craran 

It was withdrawn May 24. Gus Williams followed Biay 26^ in 

A Mountain 

"Capt. Mi shier." The season terminated June 28. 
The next regular season commenced Sept. i, with 
The caat: 

Harold mnot 
Scip .... 
Col. Traftoo . 
Belle Trafton 
Felix Boaoory 

. Chas. F. Tingay 
. . J. M. Johnson 
Chas. A. McManus 

Carrie L. Radcliffe 
. . T. M. Hunter I Jim Peters 

Genevieve Rogsn I John Hindle 

Jerr)' Richards . 
Jack Weeks . . 
Symantha Weeks 
Sincerity Weeks . 

, T. J. Lanyjdon 
Harry Hawk 
. . Marie Lear 
Ada Oilman 
Harry Stoddart 
. . A. Gilbert 

William H. Gillette's version of "Der Bibliotbekar." called 
^ Dii^by's Secre tary. " was acted Sept 29 for the first time in 

New^ V ork. T he cast : 

Charles Buflliiro . Frank Tannehill. Jr. 
Sir Henry DIgby . . H. B. Phillips 
Rev. Job McCosh . William Gillette 
Florence DIgby . . Gertrude Johnson 
Mrs. BlizxarS . Mme. Ivan C. Mictu-ls 

Alfred Digfay 
Col. Buffnoi 
Bucoll . . 
Kate Carroll 


Miggs' Butler . . Lysaader Thompson j Mrs. McCosh 

Chas. F. Tingay 
. T. M. Hunter 
. Maurice Pike 

Eula Talbot 

Mrs Nt.iry Stuart 

£liia Youog 

kli)y GoogU 


After being closed for a brief time, the bouse reopened Nov. 
24. under the management of M. B. Leavitt, with " An A damless 

Pvtvr Poppc • • . . Topiy Venn 

Mrs. Syntax .... Pauline Hall 
Lady Mantrap .... Amy Ames 
DucnesB of Breeks . . Marie Sanger 
Ladv Dorotbjr . E, Gertrude Gardiner 
Oirtittne .... Venie Burroughs 

Algjr Georgie Gray 

Perjury Jones .... Mabelle Stuart 
iMj Curlew .... Sidney Haven 

Sirmh Stamps . 

Ruby Wallop . 
Skimmery Hall 
Fred Blazer 
Minever . . . 
Sable. . . . 
Gales .... 

. . Rita Carrol 

Annette Nicholson 
. . Gertrude Citti 
Emma Duchateaa 
. Marie St Aubyn 
Conatance Foy 

Child of the School Board 


Dec 17, for the first time in America, a one-act operetta by Ch. 
Lecocq, entitled "Grandolfo," preceded "An Adamless Eden." 
The house was closed Jan. 4, 1885, and reopened Janr 6, with 
Rice's SurpriM Fttfty*' in "A Bottle of Ink .** which tan for 
three wedcs: .-i.— 

Jefferson Jingo 
osiah Buttlebury 
Herman Zwugg . 
Clara Vere de Vera 
Mn. Bnttlebtirjr * 
Mra. Zwugf . . 

John A. Mackay 
. Chas. L. Harris 
. JefiF d'Ancelis 
. Carrie Perkioa 
. Edith Jenneaa 
Flwtnce Conliffe 

Pie Ceo. A. Schiller 

Sig. Orelli Chas. F. Lang 

Pete N. S. Burnham 

Eliza Ann Hattie Stan- 
Kitty Ida Malic 

"Ixioo " was revived Feb. 9^ with this cast: 

Bacchus . . . 
The Eagle . . . 
Clerk of the Weather 
Senator Curz . . 
Editor Shurtis . 
Queen Dta . , . 
FiratCitiien . . 
Second CItiwn . 
Third Citizen . . 
Venus .... 

Beulah Sandford 
. Eleanor Ellis 
. Linie Bradley 

' . Sidney Haven 
. . Rita Chase 

Mabel dc Babiaa 

• • • '''m 

. Fanny McNi 

. Mabel Bennett 
. Pauline HaU 

Ixion Alice Harri.son 

Cupid Kate Foley 

Jupiter ..... Carrie Godfrey 

Juno Gertrude Gardner 

Minerva Harry Brown 

Ganvmede Fred Lennox 

ApoUo Kathleen Lynne 

Mercury .... Eva Barrington 

Mars Belle UrquTiart 

Diana Bt-be Vining 

The season terminated March 21, and the house reverted to the 
owners of the Gilsey estate. 

Gea C Brotherton leased the house Aug. 22, 1885, 
years, and reopened it Sept. 21, with Prof. Kellar the magician, 
who continued until Feb. 20, 1886. Dora Wiley and the Tissots 
contributed to the entertainment. 

Charles Frohman was the next lessee^ who opened Feb. 20^ with 

'lATny PiatPj.": 

Isaac Roast . 

Pie .... 
The Veteran . 
O' Dona van . 
Lancelot Hu.itler 
Dora Mi SoUar 
Atirora Montana 

. . Tony Hart 
. J. B. Mackie 

R. Jackson 
T. J. Cronin 
D. G. Longworth 
. Annie Adams 
. Annie AUistoo 

Colorado . . 
Chatter . . . 

Gracie . . . 
Messenger Boy 
Murray Hill . 
The Swell . . 

. Mallie Feigoson 
. Bertie Amberg 

. Es-a Granville 
Vera Wilson 
Minnie Williams 
. Lena MenriUe 

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The house closed to reopen with a variety troupe under the man- 
agement of Richard Fitzgerald, but business was so bad that "the 
season " lasted only one week. On April 26 the b urlesque. " Ar- 
j^^^U^^ was presented, and the cast was: Tom Tom, Liaie 
Quentin; Trumpetta, Hattie Delaro; Bulbul, Hattie Richardson; 
Sallie Waters, Ada Boshell; Capt Clubber, Florence Thropp; 
Lootella, Maud Goodwin; The Piper's Wife, Alice Hosmer; Pog- 
owo;, Geo. Richards; Bluffy, John W. Ransone; Blow, P. F. 
Ward; Bluster, Robert Mclntyre; Chinn, Geo. Campbell; Raka- 
tork, Albert Hart; Clerk of the Court, J. Andrews; The Piper, 
Wm. Gill. 

This was the first appearance in New York of Lissie St. Quentin. 

This house was thoroughly overhauled, and reopened Sept. 17, 
1886, as " DocKSTADER S MiNSTREL Hall," with Frank Siddall, a 
Philadelphian, as financial man. No matinees were given, and 
the ushers were colored men in English livery. Lew Doclc- 
stader, Pete Mack, Edwin French, Wm. Welch, T. J. Cronin, 
Barry Maxwell, Cool Burgess, Harry Pepper, R. J. Jose, J. E. 
McWade, Chas. Noble, and W. S. Mullalay (musical conductor) 
were the organization. The spring season opened May 3, 1887, 
with a musical comedy called "Th^j|^4J2^|ei|grten," by Robeit 
Morris. The cast was: 

Sweet WnUe . 

Widow Macgee 
Iva Macgee . 
Leonora . . 

Charley McShane 
. Fred MencJoza 
KheU Mann 
Mtnadie GeoAoys 

Montmoicfici . . . Ben F. Grfainell 

Orlando Harry Booker 

Grioder Fred S. Sanford 

Tommy Macjree . . . Harry Cottrell 
Gcorgie Goodson . Tommy McShane 

"^'ttir-Traitr'T ^^if**" was given matinee June 28. On July 26 
there was a performance of " A WQ pgji^'s TJe/' with this cast: 

Ethel Eva McManus 

Blanche vanTyne, Little Georgie Levard 
Poppy Featherstone . Liuie Elmore 
Mme. Tenyke . . . May Rfibcrta 
Martha Waibiiyton 

Mn. Frank TannehHI 
Norma Tenyke > * Linda Bainbridge 
Baby Ethel .... Dot Clarendon 
Blaadie van Tyne . . Helen Mowait 

Jack Earle Hal Clarendon 

Lord Carlos .... Ralph Dorman 
Dr. Harold Ldghton . W. H. Stuart 
Norman TeiqrM . . . C. F. Mootaine 
Vandel .... Thomaii Chapman 

Greyson Charles Foster 

Rufus H. D. Blakcmore 

Joe James Prentiss 

Grace Earie . . . Floreoce Stover 

Lew Dockstader commenced his second season Sept. 7, 1887, 

and continued until Feb. 25, 1888. Corinne appeared Feb. 27, 
under the management of H. R. Jacobs, for several weeks, 
" i^mai^^ensis " was produced April 23, for the first time on any 
stage n~iuui this cast: 

ModDI Pratt . 

Dan Debow 
Cowden Skaird 
Abel Skiaoer . 
Joe Kerr. . . 

. Geo. R. Edeson 

. Tony Farrell 
. . F. M. Drew 
William Paul Bown 
. Will £. Burton 

Vera Sweet . . . 
Trollie Laher . . 
Soprania Noyes . 
Alto Vos<5 . . . 
Scrubbie McQean 

Mabel Sterlinfr 

. Jennie I.eland 
Louise Sanford 
Mattie Ferguson 
Emma Maddern 


Victoria Siddons, supported by what was -called "her society 
company," made her professional d^but as Rosalind, in "As You 
Like It," May 2. The house had been dark the preceding nights, 
on account of the withdrawal of " Amani]p;p <;i {^ " the backer of 
which had paid for a fortnight's use of the theatre. Miss Siddons 
was supported by Beverly Sitgreaves, Alfred Young, and one or 
two other professionals, as well as by a number of amateurs. 
Afternoon of May 3 the company repeated the performance at 
the Madison Square Theatre. Evening of May 3 they played 
"Pygmalion and Galatea" here, and afternoon of May 4 the same 
bill at the Madison Square Theatre. Friday night, May 4, they 
produced, for the first time on any stage, ".Twp Lives of Dr. lekyl l." 
a new version of R. L. Stevenson's story, h.. j. Henley played 
the dual rdle, with Miss Siddons as Ethel Winton, R. F. Cotton, 
Alfred Young, Helen Fuller, C. P. Doyley, P. Stern, and others 
in the cast. E. J. Henley withdrew after the initial performance, 
and matinee of May $ VV. F. Gill read Henley's part to a small 
audience. At night Miss Siddons and the other amateurs re- 
peated "Pygmalion and Galatea." Berger's "Scenorama" was 
exhibited, for the first time in America, Sunday afternoon and 
evening, June 3. 

Dockstader reopened with his minstrel company for the season 
Sept. 3. The end men were Geo. Marion, Barry Maxwell, Lew 
Dockstader, and W. P. Sweatnam. The soloists were J. H. 
Davis, H. W, Frillman, R. J. Jose, T. B. Dixon, Marion, Sweat- 
nam, and Dockstader. In the olio Franks and Marion, Edwin 
French, Baker, Jones, Manning and Davis, and Dockstader 
appeared. W. S. Mullalay led the orchestra. The company 
closed their season Dec. 29, 1888. 

The Mestayer- Vaughn " Kitty_" company came here Dec. 31, 
with this cast : 

Tariff Bill .... Wm. A. Mestayer 
Dennis Mudd. . . . W.J.Russell 

Hi Prince Chas. Kirke 

Jay Montgomery Mudd Harry A. Pike 
Kilty O'Mulligan . . . Mary Gray 
Sally Mudd .... Belle Laverde 

May Celie Vaemer 

Rose Viola Randall 

Daisy Ida Hazletoa 

Arabella .... Theresa Vaujjhn 
Cinch Spinach .... John West 

Fashions " was acted Jan. 18, 1889, and had this cast: 

Manhattan Sharpe 
Dclancy Dodge . 
Fritz Clausen . . 
Willie Hitts . 
J'PRS . . . 
Hobhv Short 

. . Charles Jerome 
Charles \'. Seamon 
. lidward Edwards 
Will H. Armstrong 
Arlie Latham 
Charles .Sawtelle 
Mr. Charles 

Lady Flora Flyrton . . 
Mrs. Sharpe Manhattan 

Hilda Thomas 
Julia Elmore 

.Miss Madison Manhattan 

Katie Conway 
Trixy ...... Lillie Laverde 


Fannie Stevens 


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Kellar, the magician, commenced Jan. 28, and continued until 
April 6. The Georgia minstrels came here April 8, followed April 
22 by a painting. "Washington Taking the Oath of Office," the 
house beieg closed week of AfMril 15. Dockstader signed a renewal 
of his lease on March 25, 1889. The theatre was closed night of 
Dec. 2 for a reheasal of a one-act opera, " The Tallapoosa^ " freely 
adapted from the German. It was sung^Dec 3, in white face, 
and this was its first perfomiaiice on any stage. The cast was: 

Capt. Roural . . . Lew Dockstader 
SkiDey Oakam .... Jay Tajrlor 
Dr. Capicum .... Geo. Manon 
Barney Ketcbam , , Luke Schoolcraft 
Aphonia . . . Emma Mabella Baker 
Otto Janet A. Leahy 

Frank . . . 
Emij . . . 
Mrs. 0*Gr«d7 . 
Mrs. Flynn 
Mrs. Burns . 
Gabta Boy * . 

. Edith Mason 
. Nera Vernon 
. SelinaRouKh 
Marie Glove 
Annie Gross 
Edwanl Sknmn 

During the opera Violet Newham introduced some dances ot the 

London Gaiety type. A white face minstrel first part preceded 
the opera. The regular season was closed abruptly by Mr. Dock- 
stader after the performance of Dec. 4. The new departure, how- 
ever, was not kindly received, and the house did not open Dec. 5, 
and remained closed until Dec. il, when it was reopened by New 
York's minstrel entertainers. Joseph Gardner, Geo. Marion, Monte 
Collins, R. Cruger. Geo. Rose, Thos. Ebert, John W. Myers, J. 
C. Taylor, Chis Mills, Rench and Edwards, acrobats, and Master 
Harrison were in the organization. In spite of the briskness of 
the performance it did not draw. So few persons gathered Dec. 
13 that the house was closed. It was reopened Dec. 33, under 
the management of John H. Smith, with a variety company con- 
sisting? of Prince Flotow, Guyer and Lord, Beatrice Leo, Daly 
and Dcvcre, Marie Majilton Trio, Murphy and Murphy, Dot Pull- 
roan, Frank J. Dyer, Buffalo Trio, Flora Chester, Sheridan and 
Flynn, and Joe Leslie. 

"The Mascot" was produced here Jan. 13, 1890, tor one week, 
by the Howard Opera company. The house reopened Feb. 18 as 
"The New Gaiety Theatre," with "Three Only Dauffhters." 
thus cast: 

Josiah Plumtree • 
Lieut. Hiffton . . 
Oscar Whipple 
RoUiDtSpkUow . 
Frad Fleetwood : 
Rodirer O'Rourke 
Frank .... 
Dockmaster . . 
Kathaiyo Plumtree 

» . C. H. Brooke 
Al. Henderson 
. . Ed. Temple 
Harry F. Winsman 
. . . ArtKor Bell 
. . . Dan Kelly 
George McKenzic 
. . W. D. Prince 
. . . . Patrice 

Emma Plumtree . . . Nini Bertolini 
Fay Plumtree . . . Gertrude Dawes 
Mrs. Oakes . . . Anna McGregor 
Mrs. Spidhnr .... Isabel Alum 
Sraaa Dwi Davidaoo 

Sod.i Fountain Girl . . May Jordan 

M.-irlh.i May Hubon 

Alice .... Emma Wlnttingham 
Lizette ...... Emma Monita 

The last performance of " Ilijiec^QnlyDaiighters *' was given 

Feb. 24. The theatre was then closed 

K. Prcscott, who had 

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leased it for six weeks, preferring not to continue the struggle 
against adverse circumstances. 

The next manager of this theatre was the nagidan, Proi Herr- 
nann, who reopened it Saturday night, Oct. ii, 189a 

The house was now redecorated and many alterations and im- 
provements made in its interior. It was called "Herrmann's 
Theatre." The opening attraction was "Suzette," a comic 
opera by Oscar Weil, based upon a French work, the libretto 
being by MM. Chivot and Duru, and was first sung in America 
by the Boston ians. The cast was: 

Marqoia of Tottebtauche 

Charles S. Dickson 
Marchioness .... Bertha Ricci 

Captain Vieubec . A. VV. F. McCoUin 
Domingo . • . . . T. J. Cronin 
]<Mtirda ...... Gcaii]ge Lauri 

ttoM Hany HOlard 

Jeanne Ray Walton 

Michel's Pilot . . . W. J. D. Prince 
De Frontignac Mn. Florence Myatt 
Marigny .... Lilian Martinez 

Hubert Kate Vost 

SuMtie ..... Minnie Palmer 

On Nov. 6, in consequence of a strike among the company for 
salaries, no performance was given. The house was then closed 
until Dec I. when Prof. Herrmann anieared, assisted by Mroe. 
Herrmann and Prince Awata. " Strottbeika " was the name of the 
new illusion produced by Herrmann Dec. 15. Rosita, the Spanish 
danseusi, who had been in "Nero" at Niblo's Garden, commenced 
Dec. 29. The theatre was closed Jan. 3, 1891, in consequence of 
slight damage from water, occasioned by the destruction by fire 
of the Fifth Avenue Theatre the night previous. The house was 
reopened Jan. 5 with Prof. Herrmann, and he continued until Feb. 
14. The theatre was closed Feb. 16^ 17, I& ** AlUh^Xomforts 
of Home " was presented Feb 19. The cast: 


Alfred Hastings . . 
Rol>ert Pettibone 
Christopher Dabney 
Augustus McSiMth 

W. Faversham 

Chas. A. Smiley 
, Scdley Brown 
T. C. Valentine 

Fin Oritaoski LiUa Vane 

Roxana J. Bennett 

Then, lender .... . C Daly 
Josephine Rose Eytioge 

Evangeline . . . 

Rosai)tlle . . . 

A. Struthers . , 

Emily . . . , 
Judson Laaghom 

Victor SiD]fflie . 

Thompson . .. . 

Katy . . . . 

. Maude White 

, Bijou Heron 
. W. J. Magee 
Kslherine Gray 
. . L. Baker 

Julian Greer 
. . E. Mackay 

Pearl Means 

The one hundredth performance of this comedy in New York 
occurred April 10. Anna Dickinson lectured Sanday, May 3. 
The season terminated May 16. 

The season of 1891-92 opened Sept. S» Charles Frohman as 
manager, with Henry E. Dixcy as the star, in " The Solicitor/* 
for tiie first time in this city. The cast was: 

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Mrs. Sterudale . Vitsinla Buchanan 
Mn. Midhnnt Joaepnine Plows-Day 

Bella Daisy Hall 

Mary Kingston . . . Maude White 

Hobson M. J. Bowron 

Baxter F. W. Marlow 

Gilbert Brandoo . . . H. £. Dizey 

Col. Stemdale . . . Sidney Drew 

Capt Midhurst . . Burr Mcintosh 

Lieut. Arlington . . , Lewis Baker 

Private Manners . . R. N. Hickman 

Peter Flannagan . . Jos. Humphreys 
Mn. Brandon 

utoisc Tbomdyke-Boucicaolt 

J. W. Herbert assumed the r61e of Midhurst Sept. 29, 1891. 
"The Mai| With a ^^t^pdreri H<>adii" was first actcd here Nov. 
2, and the cast was: 

Cockayne . . 
Senator Britton 

John .... 
ames McGregor 

Alice Britton . 
Mrs. Dunkirke 

. . Henry £. Dixey 
. . . Lewis Baker 

. . , Sidnev Drew 
. Robert Hickman 
Josephine Plows-Day 
> Virginia Buchanan 

Mrs. Betty Cockayne, Marie Greenwaid 
Fanny McKeever 

Gladjrs Rankin Drew 

Louise Fanny Cohen 

Mari« Nellie Ung^ 

In consequence of illness, Gladys Drew withdrew from the cast 
Nov. 30, and Grace Wilson acted Fanny. Sidney Drew le£t Nov. 
30^ and JoMph Franluu took the rdle of John. The theatre was 
closed Dec 7. " Th«> f n pior Partne r" was acted for the first time 
on any stage Dec. 8, cast thus: Gustavo Roulcstein, E. J. Rat- 
cliffe; Arthur Hastings, Vincent Sternroyd; A Patient, T. Wil- 
kins; Dominiqae, Sedley Brown; Iffrs. Stockson, Mrs. McKee 
Rankin; Helen Stockson, Henrietta Crosman; Charlotte, Mrs. 
Louise Thorndyke-Boucicault. 

** Th<» Jnn iQ/Partni^r " ran utttil Fcb. 13, 1892, and "Gloriana ." 
by James Mortimer, was first acted in America Feb. 15* and with 
this cast: 

Leopold Fits Joodyn 

Timothy Chtdwick 
Count Evltoe . . 
Baron Aronikoff . 
Major Stranldcif. 

Charies B. Welles 
. . Joseph Allen 
. . £.1. Henley 
. . C.R. Gilbert 
Fred Chippendale 

Spiaka Jos. Humphreys 

Edwards Sedley lirown 

Mrs. Idoveitef (Gloriana) 

Grade Wilson 
Jo^Chadwkk . . . KateBealby 
Kitty MayRobsoB 

This was the New York d^but of Kate Bealby. She had been 

en tour with "Tl^ Ti'1*t 3 ^j d4/' having made her American d^but 
at Hartford, Conn , Novl "2^" 1891, as Winny. Owing to illness, 
Henrietta Crosman was prevented from appearing after Feb. 18, 
and her rdle in that play was taken by Gracie Wilson. " JFrederick 
t^ernaitre " was acted Feb. 27, for the first time, with Henry Miller 
and Netta Guion in the cast. After playing Mrs. Lovering, Miss 
Gracie Wilson retired, and Louise Thorndyke-Boucicault acted the 
character on and after March id "Chugis" was acted for one 
night only (March 23), preceding "^Gloriana." Its cast was: 
Lieut. Jack Bandle, Henry Miller; Mr. Patterby, Charles B. 

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Welles; Lelia Sterling, Netta Guion; Mrs. Patterby, Kate 
Bealby. "Gloriana" had its fiftieth consecutive performance 
March 3a Joseph M. Humphreys retired from the cast April 4, 
SDd Spinks was taken by Frederic Bond for one week, Mr. 
Humphreys resuming April 1 1. 

" ^r. W ilkinson's Widow s " was presented April 18, followed 
May 16 by " Elysium7*"^WT!h Clement Bainbrid^, Max Figman, 
A. W. F. McCbllin, Pearl Eytinge, Alex. Markharo, Qisiko, 
Lionel Lawrence, Jennie Goldthwaite, Maggie Deane, Avita 
(dancer), and others in the cast It was acted until June lit 
1892, when the house closed for the summer. It was reopened 
Sept. 17, with Prof. Herrmann as the attraction. He first pre- 
sented his trick of "Ko-Yo" on Oct. 24. "Little Tippett/' by 
Bisson, followed Nov. 12. The cast was: 

Oliver Newtoo ' 
Austin Tfppett 

Evcrcd nrodside 
George Gibb . 

Charles Bowser 

Harry Allen 
Harry Morgan 


RufusDelaney . - - 

Madge Tippett .... Mabel Bert 

Clara Newton . . . Ida Watermann 
Geranium Gibb, Mrs. Harry Bloodgood 

Clara Lipman acted Madge Dec. 3. The Marion Manola-Mason 
Company commenced here Dec 10, in " The Armv Surgeo n " and 
-If I Were You.- _ 
• The cast of the first play was: Richard Neville, Stanislaui 
Stange; Col. Bloodgood, Lionel Bland; Kate Annitage^ Adeline 
Stanhope ; and the cast of the latter play was : 

Sir Timothy 
Major Fyvie 
Ltevt. Lwnl^ 

Herbert Archer 
Robert MeWade 


Junius B. Booth 
Jdm Mmoo 

inra. 1 1 mil UN 

Doris Carew . 
Pbilopoena . . 

Charies Adams 
Annie' M. Ckrke 

Marion Manola 
HatUeE Schell 
. Folty Winner 

The Manola-Mason company reappeared Jaa 9^ 1893, in 

George D'Ahoy » * . John Mason Dixon . . Charles Adamt 

CapC. Hawtree . . . Myron Calice Marquise . . Annie M. Clarke 

Ecdaa . - . Robert McWade, Sen. Esther Marion Manola 

GeiTi4|e . . . Edwaid P. Tenple Polly Hattie E. SchcU 

.- "L'Aml Frits," by Erckmann and Cbatrian, ivas produced Jan.- 

26, for the first time in this city in English. It was called " Friend 
Fritz," and was a translation by S tanislaus Stang e, and bad this 

cast : ~" 

Fritz Kobus 
Hanezo . . 
ChrisM* • 

. . . John 
Robert McWade, Sen. 

. . Seth M. Crane 
. Edward P. Temple 
. Edmud McWade 

I Ibdieriae .... Georj^ie Dickson 
I Ltebeth Hattie E. Schdl 

\farie Mabel Torrey 

Suzel Marion Manola 

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"The Rough Diamond " was played the same night, ctat thus: 
Lord Plato, F. H. Tackaberty; Sir William Evergreen, Sewcll 
Tappan Tyng; Capt Blenheim, Sidney Hubbel Treat; Cousin 
Joe, W. T. Wood; Lady Plate, Edith Gale; Margery, Rita Law- 
rence. On Fth. 28 a curtain raiser'* called " Yesterda y." byl 
Stan |slaus Staijge . was produced, with this cast: Robert rfrrin, 
E. J. rienley; Martin, W. M. Hatch; Margrrie, Irene Everett; ^ 
Cecil, Arthur Byron; Dorothy, Kathryn Kidder. This was fol-^v* 
lowed by Bumand's "Our Clvh,** thus cast: 

Mods. Dabutsson 
Stanislas Rodetzki 
Henry Leonard 
Doctor Stanmore 
Capt. Fanbccongh 
Capt Ranger . . 
Buffley .... 
Tom Rippendale 

. E. J. Henley 
William Hatch 
Lawrence Hanley 
. Bert G. Clark 
W. J. Lonergan 
James K. Kearney 
John E. Incc 
C. F. Gibney 

Dick Frobisher 
Lady Crawford 
Mrs. Dubuisson 
Nellie GurdOQ 
Mrs. Wray . 
Robert . . . 
PoUy. . . . 

. Arthur Byron 
. Dorothy Dene 
. . Lisle Leigh 
. . Irene EvelCtt 
. . Ida Vernon 
. C.H. Taylor 
Hester Mowway 

The theatre was abruptly closed on March 3 and reopened March | 
23 (for one night only) by the "Theatre of Arts and Letters" | 
company, in the following programme: " The Decision of the \ 
Court," comedietta in one act, by Brandcr Matthews, and TKe cast" I 
was: Stanyhurst, J. H. Gilmour; Mrs. Stanyhurst, Agnes Booth; \ 
Maid, Mary Sanders; Telegraph Boy, Master Harwood Eldrid^; ' 
also " The Othe r Woman," a drama in one act, b y R. R Davis . | 
with th\s cast: "T^rsTiop, Frederic Robinson; Latimer^ Nelson I 
Wheatcroft; Ellen, Maud Monroe; followed by " llaL o' the ' 
Hall/' a romantic comedy in two acts by Jo hn Ha rrison, 

Hal o' the Hall 
Melville . . 
Roland . . . 
Steward . . 

Paul Arthur 
Eugene Ormonde 
W. D. Hanbury 
. F.W. Sidney 

Lawyer John Findlay 

Innkeeper John Bunny 

Bejcgar Edward See 

EUaor . Grace KimbaU 

After being closed for several weeks this theatre was reopened 
May I, 1893, with Lillian Lewis as the star in "Cr^it Lorraine/' 
and the cast was : 

Minister of Polioe . Edmund Collier 
People's Advocate . . Arthur Elliot 
Banker and Broker . Walter Evtinge 

toumalist Ralpti IJcil 
•aralytic Spy . . . Frederick Monle 
Inspector of Police . . Frank HUUard 

Doctor Robert Temss 

Widow of the Marqub 

Louise Pomeroy 

Speculatw Mildred Hall 

Lenoia di Caat|^ioiii . liDiaii Lewie 

Alex. Comstock was the mnnaj;er, but his reign was a brief one. 
He had leased the house for ten weeks at a rental of $$00 a week, 
and had deposited $goo as a guarantee to pay the rent in advance 
each Saturday at noon. He paid the first week's rent, but no more. 

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Comstock had retired a loser Irom Niblo's Garden some weeks 
before, but had secured a "backer" in C. M. Rusk for this ven- 
ture. The receipts for the week were ^238, there being one night 
but $18 in the house. 

The house closed May 18 until May 25, when an amateur per- 
formance occurred, and among the attractions was Tacatanee, an 
Indian coachman toe Miaa Lilliatf Ruasellf aa the Mocr, in the 
jealous scene from "Othello." Leonard Fletcher was the laga 
Prof. Alex. Herrmann returned May 29, 1893, for a brief period, 
after which the house was closed until Sept. 25, when a vaude- 
ville performance was given, including Mrs. Gen. Tom Thumb, 
and Count and Baron Magri, who appeared in a sketch called 
" The Countess> " Two nights of this was sufficient for everybody 

Richard Mansfield reopened this theatre Oct g, with "J geau 

Brum mell," which was repeated Oct. 13 and matinde Oct 14. 
Hr"aft"erwards acted "Piince Karl " Oct 10; " The Scarlet 
Letter," Oct 11; " AJ^anMarTTrSmanM,'' Oct 12; "pr. "Telcytt 
and~^r. Hyde," Oct 14, and Tor The "week of Oct 16. ** Jrriiicc 
Karl.'^^'^Beau Brummell," "The Scarlet Lettcc" " A Parisian Ro- 
mance ." and "Di". Jekyll and Mr. H^de." On C5ct 23,'^'Thc 
^Merchant of Venic^ with Mansfield as Shylock, lor the first 
time. The cast of "Beau Brummell*' was: 

The Prince of Wales . D. H. Hvkim 
Lord Manley . . Lorimer Stoddard 
Ridiard Brinsley Sheridan 

Harry Weaver, Sen. 
Mr. Bniroroell Richard Manifield 
Regfnald Coartney, Aubrey Boocicaalt 
Mortimer .... A. G. Andrews 
Mr. Abrahams . . W. E. Bonney 

Oliver Vincent . . W. N. Griiltbs 

Mariana Vincent . Beatrice Cameron 
Kathleen . . . Rolinda Bainbridge 
The Docbcse of Leamington 

Kate Lester 

Lady Farthingale . . Maod Venner 

Lodging-House Keeper . Alice Leigh 
Mrs. St. Auby . . Alberta Gallatin 

Mr. Mansfield closed Nov. 4, and the house remained dark until 
Nov. 16, when it was reopened with the opera, "Philemon and 
Baucis," by C. Gounod, for the first time in America. The cast 
was: Jupiter, William McLaughlin; Vulcan, William Pruette; 
Philemon, Richie Ling; Haucis, Flloise Morgan. It was preceded 
Nov. 22 by "King Rent's Daughter," with this cast: King Rend, 
William Pruette; lolanthe, Eleanor Mayo; Tristan, Charles Bas^ 
sett; Geoffrey, H. M. Ravenscroft; Almeric, W. H. Faucherard; 
Eben Jahia, Joseph Fay; Bertrand, Charles Miller; Martha, Minnie 

This was the first appearance on any stage of Eleanor Mayo, 

daughter of Frank Mayo. A vaudeville entertainment began 
here Dec. 4. " The . rringe jof t he Froth of the Crust of Society " 
was a burlesque acted Dec. 18, with tliis cast: Woman witn a 

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Past, Kate Davis; Impassioned Lover, Edward J. Connelly; 
Knowing Friend, W. J. Fitzgerald ; Guileless Benefactor, Jacques 

Kruger; French Maid, Miss Galloway. 

J. M. Hill became manager of this house Jan. 8, 1894, and 
opened it with a "continuous performance," but he soon got 
tired of the place, as he sold his lease to Charles Barton & Ca 
After April 21 the house was closed. Prof. Herrmann transferred 
his lease May 22 to Jennings Demarest. The house was reopened 
July 14 as "St. James Hall," with Alex. Comstock as manager, 
and an opera company in "The Bohemian Girl," with this cast: 
Count Arnheim, Alfred Seaton ; Thaddeus, Payne Clarke; Flore- 
stein, Charles Lang; Devilshoof, S. H. Dudley; Captain, M. D. 
Wilt; Arline, Amelia Harrison; Buda, Miss Alton; Queen of 
Gypsies, Lizzie Annandale. "II Trovatorc " was sung July 16. 
There was no performance after this until Sept. 29, when Com- 
stock gave a minstrel entertainment, with Willis P. Sweatnam and 
Burt Haverly on the "ends." Symonds, Hughes, Master Rastus, 
Ramseyer, Currier, Yundt, Raymond Shaw, Emil Bauer, Andrada, 
McWade, and others were in the company. The minstrel season 
closed Dee. 15, and Richard Golden appeared Dec. 17 in " Q\d Jed 
Prouty." Golden was incapacitated (?) on several evenings during 

York, Oct. 20, 1899. The house was closed Dec. 31 and Jan. 1895, 
and was reopened Jan. 2 with William T. Gr^g as lessee, who 

began his tenancy of the house with a series of Ic tares, the first 
of which was by Garrett P. Serviss. After a few nights the house 
was closed, but reopened April 18 (for one night only) by the 
young men of the Hasty Pudding club of Harvard, who romped 
through an impressionist dell of a place in Arcadia, and wound 
up in an Aubrey Beardsley Hades. The cast of " Pro serpina " 
was: Pluto, W. K. Brice; Exeroplicus, W. Ames; Dan Cupid, j. 
Purdon; Chief Clerk, V. S. Thomas; Cnrydon, R. D. Wrenn; 
Jupiter, J, L. Stackpole, Jr. ; Mrs. Ceres, C. M. Flandreau; Pros- 
erpina, I. S. Adams; Mrs. Venus, £. G. Merrill. 

An amateur organisation called the Idlers gave a performance 
May 18, of " f;iin1ig||t and Shad ow s,*' for the boiefit of the pension 
fund of the Sandy Hook TTTots^association. The house reopened 
Sept. 2 as "The Gaiety Theatre," under the management of 
Alfred E. Aarons, with "The_\Vh ite C rook," when Zelda Nicolaus 
made her d(^but in this city TsKam's Octoroons appeared Sept. 
16; the "Night Owls" burlesque company, Sept. 23; "The 
Gaiety Burlesquers," Sept. 30; Sam Jack's Creoles came Oct. 
7; the Rentz-Santley minstrels, Oct. 21. On Dee 27, the 
theatre was closed by order of the sheriff for non-payment of 
rent. It was reopened Saturday noon, Feb. 8, 1896, by John B. 
Doris, with continuous performances. After a few months the 

Wells, who died in New 

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house was closed again, but was reopened on Sept 28 by H. W. 
Becker, with a vaudeville entertainment. A change of policy 
occurred the second week of the new management, and on Nov. 
30, the house opened with Charles Arthur's stock company, in 
"-Egf get-Me-Not, " with this cast: Sir Horace Welby, Frederick 
PauldingT Pallato, Robert Paton Gibbs; Prince Malleotti, Wra. 
Robyns; John, Frank Sutherland; Porter, Alfred Johnson; Alice 
Verney, Caroline Rudolph; Mrs. Foley, Sylvia Hariman; Ste- 
phanie de Mohrivart, Jeffreys Lewis. 

X The week of Dec. 7 the house was closed, but was reopened 
Dec. 14 as the "Savoy Theatre," under the management of 
Lionel Lawrence, with "Society Shadows," by Ho ward P. Tay lor, 
with this cast: '"^^ 

Rodney Gray . . . W. A. Whitecar 
Willard Blair .... Paul Everton 
Gerald Clayton . . . Geo. Sprague 

Billy BIy Jos. Le Brandt 

Joseph Frank Sutherland 

Alaroeda Clayton . . Maud Winter 

Minnie Ciajton .... Nora Mack 

Jane Lillian Space 

Mrs. Scandal . . . Sylvia Hariman 

Mabel Grace Sheridan 

Martha Moulton . . Jeffixys Lewis 

This play was acted all that week and Jan. 4, 1897, but the 
bouse was closed abruptly Jan. 5. When the curtain rose on 
the first act of "Society Shadows," Jeffreys Lewis came to the 
footlights and announced that owing to the absence of Maud 
Winter, one of the members of the cast, the play could not be 
given. She added that the theatre would be closed for the rest of 
the week. It continued closed until it was reopened with a " Vere- 
oscope" exhibition, but soon closed once more. On Oct 27, the 
house was reopened as the "Jonah Theatre," with a Corbett and 
Fitzsimmons prize fight exhibition. After a few weeks it closed 
and reopened Jan. i, 1898, as " Sam Jack's Theatre," with a 
burlesque company. Sam Jack died April 27, 1899, and the house 
closed April 28, the commissioners of the Board of Police refusing 
to grant a license for it. It nevertheless was reopened Nov. 20, 
1899, as the "Theatre Comique," by Leo C. Teller, with a bur- 
lesque performance. Gus Hill became associate manager Dec. 
18 by advancing $1000. He retired from the management in 
March, 190a " Sapho " by Geo. Paxton, was presented April 
16, with this 'cast: Jean Gaussin, William Bonelli; Uncle 
Cesaire, Joseph Dailey; Coudal, Mcllville Collins; Deshelette, 
Ernest Howard; Hettema, Charles Burbidge; Fanny Le Grand, 
Agnes Ardeck. The house closed April 28, and was reopened 
Dec. 17, 19CX), as the "Theatre Comique," by G. Weil, with 
vaudeville acts, including Julia Morrison (the woman who shot 
and killed an actor in the South a short time before), in a sketch 
called "Th e Mo del." The burlesque "L/Onleg " was also given. 

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The house closed abruptly December 28, 1900. After remaining 
closed for several months the place was leased by Sam S. Shubert, 
wbo made many alterations, and the bonte was opened Oct. 6, 
1902, as "The Princess," with a three-act comedy called "The 
Night of the Party," by Weedon Grossmith. Mr. Grossmitb was 
the star, supported by an entire English company. 


THE Third Avenue Theatre was situated at 443-445 Third 
Avenue, east side, below Thirty-first Stieet. Another 
instance of transferring a house of worship into a place of amuse- 
ment was that of the Third Avenue Theatre. It was opened for 
dramatic performances July 26, 1875. In August J. S. Berger 
became manager, and turned it into a variety theatre. Later in 
tbeseasoo he introduced dramatic performances. It was opened 
by Benj. W. Hitchcock, with variety performances, Oct. 11, 1875. 
The next season Mr. Hitchcock continued as manager, and after 
making alterations, opened the house in June, 1876, with a dra- 
matic company. On June 12 Fanny Herring appeared in "The 
French Spy;" June 19, she acted Jack Sheppard. W. J. Fleming 
came here Nov. 20, in '^.^yaistJUJiL-tiis Avenger." .After being 
closed for a short time the theatre opened Jan. 29, 1877, with 
Charles Chevalier as manager. He offered Hooley & Rice's min- 
strels as his first attraction. "The Two Orphans" came Feb. 5 
for two weeks; "Wic^tling Joe^" Feb. 26; Thomas G. Riggs, 
March Si in '''QifiJiaalU^e^ive," for three nights; and finished 
the week with The Fastest Boy;" Charles Foster, March 19^ in 
"Saved at Se ;ven." The season terminated March 24. 

A colored organization appeared week of July 3, in " Under the 
yolcfe^ or Boil&ljlQ Free." " 

In September, Mr. Chevalier commenced with the following 
dramatic company: Jos. P. Winter, Frank M. Wills, J. S. 
Rooney, M. B. Pike, C. Howard, Harry Tayler, W. A. Greg- 
ston, Brower, C. W. Francis, J. Bryban, T. Hamilton, Fannie 
Lewis, Maggie Ferris, Miss A. Laurens, Katie Chevalier, Dot 
Abom, Minnie Hatch, and John H. Mulligan. 

The house was reopened as "Aberle's AMERfcAN Theatre," 
on Nov. II, 1878. The prices of admission were ten, fifteen, and 
twenty-five cents. "WJld Bill" was presented, with Julian Kent 
as the star, who also had a wrestling bear. A variety entertain- 
ment was also given Nov. 18. Minnie Oscar Gray and W. T. 
Stephens appeared in drama, with performing dogs. For several 
weeks a variety entertainment was presented. The house was 
closed Jan. 4, 1879.. J. Aberle. was also manager at this time of 

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■ — t 


the Tivoli on the south side of Eighth Street (St Mark's Place), 
between Second and Third avenues. 

In September, 1879^ H. C. Miner and Thos. Canary opened the 
house as "The American Theatre," and closed in November to 
reopen Dec 26, as "Dick Parkek's American Theatre," with 
a tpecialty company, including Delehanty and Hengler, John 
Morris, the Three Rankins, Manchester and Jennings, Nully 
Pieris, Sallie St. Clair, Otto Biirbank, and Dick Parker in the 
company. A benefit for the famished Irish people matinee March 
17, i88a For the season of 1882-83, Richard Parker was the pro- 
prietor and Harry Montague, manager. Then the premises were 
reconstructed by McKee Rankin, and its old name of "The Third 
Atbhub Trsatrb" was resumed Sept. 3, 1883. with Joseph Jef- 
ferson and his company in 'LRipVan Winkle." The cast was: 
Charles Plunkett as Den-ickrHrT^~Ta"yT?yr, Cockles; Percy 
Shelly (right name Percy Plunkett), Nick Vedder; Geo. Lynch, 
Stein; Rosa Rand, Gretchen; Tommy Russell, Hendrick; Fannie 
Gonzales, Meenie; T. H. Spencer, Hendrik Hudson; E. S. John- 
son, Dwarf; and in act three R. L. Downing as Hendrik; Lillian 
Lee, Meenie; Mrs. Gonazles, Katchen; and T. Lockyear, Seth. 

Mr. Rankin erected an entirely new theatre, and commenced in 
September. The auditorium had a parquet with six hundred and 
fifty seats, a balcony circle with six hundred and thirty seats, and 
a gallery with six hundred seats. Frank Curtis was associated with 
Rankin in the management. Clara Morris appeared as Camtlle 
Sept 17. Mr. and Mrs, McKee Rankin appeared Oct. 1, in 
'IForty-nine " and " Carrot s:" Kate Claxton, Oct 23, acted in 
'TThe'^S orice;" Effie Ellsler came Nov. 5, in " Coura^^e ." 
with this cast: 

Blanche Grey .... Effie Ellsler 
Ignatio Ortiz .... Frank Weston 

Pomp Matt Holmes 

Alfred Grey . . . . H. B. Phillips 
Howard Temple . H. A. Weaver, Jr. 
Geo. Dennison . Geo. W. Howard 
Dominique Meadoza . . Jno. Burlce 
Lttit Cespedes . . . C. de Bcvoise 

Juan Cespedes . « . S. K. Chester 
Lieut. Gonzales . . . I. M. Colrille 
Maria Cespedes . . . Josie Wilmeie 

Col. Villalonga ... CM. Potter 

Tado F. M. Kendricks 

Jose Garcia .... Robt Bourne 
Laura Morales .... Mattie Earle 

William Barry and Hugh Fay appeared Nov. 12 in " Trish -^ |s- 
iQcracyi" Nov. 19 Maggie Mitchell acted " Fanchp^" and "Litt|$ 
Barefoot" diirinc: the week; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Florence began 
an engagement Nov. 26 in "M.i&.^ty D.oUar]" William J. Scanlan, 
week of Dec 3 in Bartley Campbeirs piay, " Friend and Foe;** 
Richard Mansfield acted Parisian Romance " weef oT Dec. 
10: Madame Janaiischek commenced T5ec. 17^01 "Mary Stuart," 
and during the week acted " Ble ak House; " M. B. Curtis, Dec 
34, in '*SaiTQ^ of_Posen;" Dec 3X "^Isbury't Troubadours in 

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" Three of a Kiqd ;'* Harry Lacy and Emily Rigl week of Jan. 
7,~i884, starred in " A Planter's Wife ; " John A. Stevens came 
Jan. 14 in " Fusion's Slave; " Mr. and Mrs. McKee Rankin 
offered Bret ifatte'a " Gabriel Conroy " Jan. ai, and it proved a 
great failure. 

Kate Claxton purchased McKee Rankin's interest Dec. 24, but 
did not assume the management until Feb. 4, 1 884, when " That 
Man," by Celia Loga n, was acted. "Wanted a_ Partner" came 
Tet). 11; THe'*"Sparks Company," h^3eH~By Willie Edouin, 
were seen Feb. 18, in "A Bunch of Keys ; " Sol Smith Russell 
was aeen Feb. 35 in " Edgewood' FoIEs?' Oliver Doud Byron 
appeared March 3 in "Across the Continent;" "Le Voyatje en 
Suisse" was done March 10; "A Bunch of Keys" returned March 
17; The Madison Square Theatre company came here March 24 in 
"The Rajah;" John T. Raymond came March 31 in "For Con- 
gress;" "Romany Rye" was played April 7; the Bijou Opera 
House company were seen April 14 in "Orpheus and Eurydice;'* 
Maud Granger appeared April 21 in " Claire and the Forge 
Jdaster;" Annie Pixley was teen in " Zara7 April 38, 29, andln 
"M'liss" April 30, May i, 2, 3; Dion Boucicault appeared May 
5 >n "The Shaughr^yp;" Robson and Crane were seen May 12 in 
** Qur Bachelo rs; " Ada Gray produced "JEast Lynnc" May 19; 
Kate Claxton was seen May 26 in "The Two Orphans." Barry 
and Fay appeared June 2 in " Njnetx-seven or Seventy-nine?" 
After having been closed for the summer,lK![cKee Rankin resumed 
the numagement Aug. 30^ reopening with female ushers. On Oct 
13 Joseph Arthu r's nameless comedy, "A Play — a Plot," was orig- 
inally acted. 'T)n Oct. 27 ** lohn Logan, or the Silent Man," was 
seen ; Nov. 3 John A. Stevens came, in " Ufa kfl6W .** Mr. "Stevens 
appeared Nov. 7 as Richelieu, "^tioe to ^uit " was first acted 
in America Nov. 24. A cooperative stock company was then 
formed, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. McKee Rankin, D. H. 
Haikins, J. J. millace, The& Hamilton, Frank Mmdaunt, and 
Mr. Halley. " Brough t to lust ice" was i»oduced Dec. la The 
house closed Dec. 23, and'^did not reopen until the Christmas 
matinee. The illness of Mrs. Rankin was announced as the cause 
of the closing of the theatre Dec. 23, and Alma Stuart Stanley as- 
sumed her rdle Dec. 24, and during the remaining performances. 
McKee Rankin retired from the management Jan. 3, 1885. " Hearts 
of Oak " was the closing attraction. ' 

Ad. Neoendorff bectune the next manager. He began Jan. 5 
with German performances. He called the house the "Apoli.o 
Theatre," and opened with " Der Fechter von Ravenna," with 
llagda Irachick, Louise Muldener, Herr Murray, and Herr Lederer 
in the cast. Owing to bad business Mr. Neuendorff closed in a 
fortnight. On Jan. 26 Tony Pastor and M. B. Leavitt became 

VOL. »L— IS 

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the manaf^ers, and opened the theatre with "An A f^'"nlBt^Eri<*" " 
Their partnership expired June 6« and the house was once more 

It was reopened by J. M. Hill, Sept. 7, 1885, with Frank Mayo 
in " Nordeck ," supported by Kathryn Kidder and F". F. Mackay. 
" NorBeck 'was acted five weeks. "-^ Myra] -Q"'?^ " 
Oct 12, followed, Oct. 26, by J. Newton Gottnoid in " For a 
Brotl^er ig Liff " D. E. Bandmann appeared here Nov. i in 
"Hamlet;" Nov. 2, "The Merchant of Venice;" matinee Nov. 
3, " East ^ -vnne; " evening Nov. 3, "Othello;" Nov. 4 and 
natin^e Wov. 67 "Romeo and Juliet;" Nov. 5, ** Narcisse : " 
Nov. 6, "Richard III." Louise Rial occupied the theatre the 
following week, in " Fnrt^pp'i; pfwil " Ida Mulle made her debut 
as a star Nov. 6, in "Dimglj; s; " "yncle To^nils C^i" ^'"^s done 
Nov. 23; Frank Frayne came in "Si Slocum" Nov. 30; M. B. 
Curtis in "Sam'l of Posen," Dec. 7; F. S. Chanfrau in "JECit," 
Dec. 14; Lester & Allen's minstrels, Dec 21. John L. Sullivan, 
the prize fighter, and Muldoon, the wrestler, were features of this 
company. Jan. 4, 1886, Tony Denier's Pantomime company was 
seen in " Humpty Dumpty;" Jan. 11, J. J. Dowling in " Nobo dy's 
-Claim;" Jan. la, Murray and Murphy, in "Qur ^^ish Visi tors:" 
Jaa 25, " A liofl^f G^ld ; " FeK i, the Madison Square Theatre 
company TrT" The Rajah;" Feb. 8, "Ths^B^ker's Daughter;" 
Feb. 15, "A Bunch of Keys;" Feb. 22, 23,' 24, Jos. Alurphy in 
"Kerry Gow-^ Feb. 25, 26, 27, in " ^haun Rh ue;" March i, 
"The Mikado;" March 8, "The Colleen "TCwn ; " March 1$, 
Carrie Swain in "Jack^Jn the Box." 

F. B. Warde opened in **Virginius " March 22, repeated March 
23; " Ingomar" was given matinee March 24, " Damon and Pyth- 
ias," March 24, 26; "Richelieu," March 25; "The Lady of 
Lyons," matinee March 27; "The Shaughraun," evening March 27; 
April 5, " The Banker's Dau^ter;" April 12, Neil Burgess in 
" Widow Beaott ; "" ^Ttpri'l 19, Itiah-Jiiisiacracy ; " April 26, 
"ftazcl Ttlrke;^' May 3, Ada Gray in " EastJ-ynne ; " May 10, 
Milton Nobles in "The Phoenix," for three nights, and " \.Q3i£. and 
Law " the rest of the week ; ISIay 17, " Ilnly a Farni^r s Daughter ; " • 
Tliyf 24, "Uncle Tpja^S Cabin;*' May 31, John A. Stevens in "Pas- 

t'on's Slave ;^ a specialty company week of June 7, followed"^y 
ose' Lisle, June 14, in "The Sea of Ice;" Pauline Markham in 
"The Lady of Lyons," June 21. The season closed June 28. 

The house was reopened Aug. 16, 1SS6, with Bristol's trained 
horses. H. R. Jacobs purchased J. M. Hill's lease on Dec. 21, 
and the house was then known as " H. R. Jacobs' Third Avenue 
Thbatio.*' "The Long Strike" was the first performance. Frank 
Mayo returned Jan. i;, 1887, in "^ord^ck." On Jan. 24 cheap 
prices went into efiecL Among the'cimibtnations which played 

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during the remainder of thii wason (1886-87) were; Ada Gray's 

" Taken ironi Life ." Pauline Markham, "May Blossom," Pat 
Rooney, " ^y Aunt Bridg et." "Her Atonement, " MTchael Stro- 
goff." "feck's Bad Boy," " Ikfi^lMCISoFH:'' Gray & Stephen's 
'OJncle TonTs Cabin," " Inshavogue. " Hick's ft Sawyer's min- 
strels, and Ada Gray, the season closing June 25. The season of 
1887-88 opened Aug. 22, 1887, with " ?jission|s Slav e. " Edmund 
K. Collier appeared Aug. 29, in " Jack CaHe ." a!id during the 
week acted in " Metamora" and " Virginias ; ^' " Zitk a " was done 
Sept 5; Frank Frayne came Sept. 12 in "Maida ;^' Sept. 19, the 
spectacle of " Zozp " was acted ; Sept. 26, CKarles A. Gardner in 
"Karl^* FranEie Kenible appeared May 14. 1888, in "ISxbil." 
with this cast: 

Brown Madder . . . Harrjr B. Bell 
Horace Paxtoa . . . Howard Kyle 
John Dart .... Fred C. Brooke 
James Benson , W. J. Constant) ne 

Mark O'Donacfl . . George Schaefler 

Rachel Pendleton . MariE^aret Hatch 

Grace PeadietOD . Annie Lockhart 

Hesaie Little joaie Uoyd 

Crooked Mike . . . Bart Wallace t 

Lottie Church was to have followed in "Unknow n." but the 
theatre was closed May 18, by the Department of Public Build- 
ings. The building that stood on the corner of Thirty-first Street 
next to the theatre had been torn down, and that left the theatre 
wall without support. As there was danger of the wall falling, 
the theatre was closed. " Passion's Slave " was produced Aug. 16, 
for the opening of the regular season ot 1^)88-89. 

N. S. Wood. Aug. 20. acted " Waifs of New York ; " Aug. 27, 
".StrggtS of New York;" Sept. 3, "Wa^^esof Sin" company; 
Sept. 10, Australian Novelty company; SepC 17, "True Irish 
Htauts ; " Sept. 24, "The Two Johns;" Oct. 1, for two wee&s, 
^' MgTfte CristQ» Jr.," was acteH^ with Jennie Kimball as the fea- 
ture. -The season closed July 16, 1889, with " Hi&^a tural Life." 
The next season opened Aug. 12. 1889. with "A Dar|t Stde^ of a 
Great City ." Aug. 19^ "JDmsLWill T^l" was acted; the raielo- 
JramaT^n^the iCinki'' Aug. 26; "Blue and the Gray," Sept. 2; 
" Out in the]^5treets, " Sept. 9; Corlnne acted for two weeks in 

an engagement Oct. 21, in " Barred Out : " Hardee and Von Leer 
Oct a8, in "i^n the Frontier;" Nov. 4, "Alone in London" 
was acted. Feb. 2, 1890, " A T^'V Sftfr***^ ; " Feb. 9, "Beacon 
Lights;" Feb. 16. R. D. MacLean and Marie Prescott came in 
"Xhfijtikdiaipri" fcb. 20. matinee Feb. 21, "As You Like It;" 
night Feb. 21, *'Ridiafd IIL;" Feb. 2$. "Lost in New York;" 
March 2, Cleveland's Colored minstrels; March"9»^j: H. WalHck 

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in "The Cattle Kin 
Johnson, was Seen fli 
30. ''Siberia;" ' " 

Man, April 13; _ ^ 

oT^he Sea," Aprir^277 "The ^lemejiceau-Xaag," with i.aura 
Big^r as Iza, Wm. Haworth aTTIerre, M. J. Jordan as Con- 
stantine, and Josephine Laurens u Mme. Clemenoeau. " The 

Burglar" came May 11. During the matinee performance, May 
iiTHelen Ottolengui was taken ill, and her rdle was assumed by 
Hattie Schell. " The Broom Mak er," with James Reilly as the 
■tar, ^>peared May 11^ xoiiowea May 2$ by "Alone in London;'* 
June I, "Toni Sawyer;" "The Queen of the Plains" was seen 
June 8; an^ the last weet of iHe season was to have been 
Ayrai pst \iVom.i n/' but the management closed the house 

June 13. 

The season 1890-91 opened Saturday evening, Aug. 22. "Th e 
Javma|teL." was the attraction week commencing Aug. 25. Nel- 
aon t 6rnt World show commenced at special mating Monday, 
Sept I (Labor Day), followed Sept. 8 by Charles L. Davis in 
" Alvin Joslin; " Sept. 15, "D evil's' N| ine." Oct. 8, Corinne ap- 
peared here in "Carmen," andi^contlnuw for two weeks. "Fabio 
Romani " was seen for the first time in New Yorlc Oct. 22. 'Tt is 
not the first dramatization of that novel. "jPoy^^ Qaud io. " by 
Robert L. Downing (done at Detroit, M ich. Sept 2,^ 1^89), and 
r' The Vendetti " by W. A. Whitecar (acted at Concord, N. H., 
•June 13, i^)t are from the same source. The cast at this 
•theatre was: 

Walter Lawrence 

: Fabio Ronaal 

Count Cxsar Oliva ^ 
Guido Ferrari . John Fay Palmer 
Respetti .... Cbas. L. Farwull 

Fra Aotonia F. Bernard 

I Gaiparo Pontremolo, Horatio Appleby 
iFnadaco GoaUro . . T. R. Uambiia 

Piatro Geo. C. Denton 

Vincenzo Flamma . . Chas. Ashley 

Plavano Harry Linton 

Mother Biacaidl • . . Addle Farwell 

Lilia Belle Mortimer 

Nina Fiances Fidd 

On Oct. 13 N. S. Wood acted in "Out in the Stre ets;" Oct. 

20, " Fvanfrglin**;" Oct. 27, KatlC Putnani, .iT" 'I'k^ AP ^^^aaitir 

Shop;" Nov. 3 J. J. Downing and Sadie Hasson were seen in 

'^he ^_§pider"and "N obody's Claim ;" Nov. lo, " The Fat 
^^er^s' ClubJ*Tr6v. 17, dKas. K. vemcr> in "Shamus O Brie nT" 
Nov. 24, Geo. C. Staley, in " A Royal Pass Dec, i. '' 'l he Ivy 
Leaf;" Dec. 8, "J^ Bunch of Keys,' followed, Dec. 15, by Chas. 

T. Ellis, in "Caspar the Yodlcr;" Dec 22, " Wjfe for Wife; 
Dec 29, "Ibt^^Jteat Metropolis;" Jan. 5, 1891, " Qne of the 
Pinest" was presented; Jan. 12, "An ^y'^mail'a Tfl"*" 
first New Yorlc performance. The cast was : 

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Ed . . . 
Lany . . 
£Ueeii . . 
Roste . . 

Mrs. Nagle 

T. H. Maguire 
. Wm. R. Murphy 
Udk Holden Lester 
Blanche Bover 
Maurice Holden 
Little Dot Clarendon 

Sheriff Wn. PMoa 


Teddy Patrick Miles 

Dennis Frank Davis 

Sqohtt Av«ry . . . Percy^Kiu pJey 
Shamos H. rl. Hoiion 

Arthur .... W. H. Prenderpast 
Justice Wright . . . Tom O'Brien 

Phalin Young Ireland 

Jim J. W. Flood 

"A Tin Soldier" was seen week Jan. 19; "Money Mad," J 
26 r^'AJ3ark Secret," Feb. 2 ; " Beacon Lights," Feb. 9. MacL< 
and Prescott, FcK. 16 in repertory; "LmI in New York," Feb. 
23; Cleveland's minstrels, March 2; J. H. ^^Tick, March 9; 
" I ^iry's Well," March 16; "^^wfl^^ T^'mptnti""^, " March 23; 
",^%pr'a " March 30; "Held by the Enemy," April 6; "Master 
ajpd M an," April 13; " Runaway W ife." April 20; "BotfJSRT of 
t KTSea ," April 27; " ClemenceiuXase, " May 4; "The Furglar;" 
May II ; James Reilly in "XhgJBr oom Maker," May 18; "Alone 
in London," May 25; "Tom_ SawyefT* June i; and the season 
doted June 20, with ** Woman Against Woman." 

The next season began Aug. 22, with "TJifijCmidweLLawn,'* 
which ran for two weeks, and bad this cast : 

.Dublin Dan 
Silas Stone 
Mike Kelly 
Gill Riley . 
Paddy Mile* 
Mr. Carney 
Warden \lurphy 
Capt. Connor 
John Henry . 
Gnaid . . . 

. Paddv Murphy 
. H.'P. Keene 
Robert Sheridan 
. W. H. Ketts 
. W. J. Mason 
. . J. C. Garr 
Wm. McMahon 
Charles McNurney 
. W. F. Perkins 
T. O'Connor 

Clanqr . • • 

Cuckoos . . 

Kate Carney . 
Mrs. Kelly . 
Neil Carney . 
Nora Ma|{uire 

. . . . H. Madden 

{Wm McMahon 
W. F. Perkins 
Charles McNamey 
T. O'Connor 
. . . . Nell Keene 
. . . Maggie Lcland 
. Little Kittie Murphy 
. . . Eva Wheeler 

"X llg. World Against Her " was given Sept. 7, by the Wallace* 
Viflacompany, I&ltowed, Sept. 14, by "The Orphans of New 
York;" Sept. 21, 'IFabio Romani ; " Sept. 28, " TjHJelrisli 
Heart s;" Oct. 5, Gracie Emmett in " The Pu l s e_of NeW^ork 
UGC 13, Pat Rooney's company in " Xord R ooney"; Oct. 19, 
Corinne in "CaxaifiP up. to Date;" del. '2G^"'*^flLCure for the 
Blues," preceded by "The Cape Mail," was presented by H. M. 
PUT and a number of his pupils from his Boston (Mass.) schooL 
This oonedy ia better Icnown as "Playing with Fire," and was 
written by John Brougham. Clement Scott's one-act play, "The 
Cape Mail," was first acted in America in 1883, at Wallack's 
Theatre, with Herbert Kelcey, Adele Measor, C. P. Flockton, 
Rose Coghlan, and Mme. Ponisi in the cast. "The_^iry'a 
Well" appeared Nov. 2; "Held by the Enemy" commenced 
matinee Nov. 9; "Mngg'g J^nd'xnp." Nov. 16; "The Gr^t 
Metropoli s," Nov. 23; "The ©cvil's^Mine," Nov. joTj. H. 

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Wallick, Dec. 7, in " The Bandit King: " Dec. 14. "JheDan- 
j;Ct-,Si^nalj^" Dec. 21, " ^ste r_ and M aa ; " Dec. 28^n:Tne'of 
the Bravest " came here; Ian, a. ihq2. ^' i jij^ds. of a Feathe r" was 
aeen, with Chaa. Bowser, Frank McNish, and Louis Grisel in tht 
cast; "La Belle Marie," Jan. 11, with A^es Hemdon as the 
star; ".The }yy Tt^i^ came Jan. x8, followed, Jan. 25, by Prim- 
rose & West's minstrels; "The Fast MaiL " Feb. i, and "Xost 
in New Yo rk " Feb, 8; *' TjF^TrujJEeejriaJH),'' Feb. 15; '^ TEe 
Stopniy^iyT'' Feb. 22; Ed wuTT^ rden^ Feb. 29, in " Night an d 
HflDUPgt an altered version of "Raglan's Way;" AoaGray, 
March 7, in ••JEaat-ijiin£i " "T he, Dciir Irish Bo y." March 14, 
with Gus Reynolds as the star; "T he Fea^ | nff fo^c in " March 21 ; 
"Forg iven, " March 28, Ralph Delmore and Frederick Bryton as 
tlie"starsT^' The White Slave." April 4; " A Dark Secre t," April 
11; ". McCarthy's M ishapsT^Vprif 18; "H ands Acrosslhe Se a," 
April 25; '' Grimes' , Cellar Do or," May '2?" 

" Th e Burglar" came May^; " U an dj," May 16, with T. J. 
Cronin as the star; "jO n e of the Jjrav'est , " May 23; "Uncle 
Toiala-Cafein." May <o: ^ TheJWagtt oran . ' June 6; " Vight - 
HigFortune," June 13. The season closed June 18. 

THelEeatre opened Saturday night, Aug. 20, with Decker Bros,' 
minstrels. "The Cruiskeen Lawn " came Aug. 29, for two wedks; 
Sept. 12 " TiieJ^axlTrain " was seen, with Florence Bindley as 
the star ; " I hc BurgTar^" Sept. 19; Dan McCarthy, Sept. 26, in 
" The Ramblers from Clare 1" Oct. 3, N. S. Wood; " Good Ol d 
Times/' Oct. lo, with H. M. Pitt as the hero; "Mr. T oT FeT'of 
Texas," Oct 17; Ada Gray in "East Lynne," Oct. 24; ^TJc 
..Siriigglc.jji Life, " Oct. 31; " Thc^Twa~Slstcrs," Nov. 7; Chas. 
L. Davis, Nov. 14, in " Alvin J oslin ; " Edwin Arden, Nov. 21, in 
"£agl£^sJicst." James H. Wallick came, in "Iii£i:atUc.King," 
Nov. 28; "Jerry" was played Dec. 5; " A Pair of Kids ." Dec. 12; 
" Lord Rooney , ' Dec. 19; " Shntlnw^t \ Qi^* ^i^y, " Dec 26; 
" Lniljj tggfrt^wn." Jan. 2, 1893; " Lost in New York " waa done 
Jan. 9p*TuTsc of New York," Jan. 16; "DjevirsHMine," Jan. 23; 
"A^ Kentucky Girl/' Jan. 30; "Hustler." Feb. 6; "pn^_pf Jthe 
BovsstT' Feb. 13; " _Whitc Sla veT^Feb. 20; "The D ago.'' Feb. 
27; "Stowaway/* March 6; " A Hol e in the Ground, March 13; 
"Siberia/' March 20; "_Side TracTcd/' March 27; "McCarthy's 
MisKaps," April 3; "0«t in ihc Streets/' April to; " Skipped b v 
the Light of the Moon," .'\pril 17, "Grim ys' Cellar Do or; April 
24; "Fast MiSir'*^% 1; "Shamub O'Brie n/ ' MSy"?: "Peck's 
Bad Bov'," May 15; " Mugg's Landing," May 22; " 'TJi^^i^mgrs 
Jro rn Clare," May 29; the season closed June 3. 

'I ne t'heatre was reopened Aug. 1 2, with the " Diamond Breake r ; " 
"The Ramblers from Claxe" came here Aug, 21 ; " Lost in New 
York," Aug. 28 ;"*Tat Men's Club/' Sept. 4; " Pay TrgnT^ept. 

Digitized by GoogU: 


11; "A Straight Tip ," Sept. 18; " Still Alarm, " Sept. 25; 
*Da;j£lIjlifle,'' UCt a; ^Romany "Rye, UR. 9; " Hands 
Across the S ea." Oct. 16; " pay^ger Siyn al " Oct. 23; " Capt. 
li[exiie,-U..S. A.." Oct. 30; "hj-LsnlJ' Nov. 6; "The Bottom 
of the Sea ." Nov. 13; " Tiie_ScfiUAt/ ' Nov. 20; " The Cr ulsk een 
l,awn.'' fiov. 27; " Operator ." Dec 4; ** |ifidni|^ ht Ajarm," Dec 
II; "Uncle Tom's Calun>" T^^c. 18, with Peter Jackson, the pu- 
gilist, as Uncle Tom. AVhxgjA Truce" came Dec. 25; "J'ulse 
df NewJVork," Jan. i, 1894; "A Kentucky Girl," Jan. 8; "The 
Orphims oOicKJCpri,'' Jan. 15; "tiifiL^il," Jan. 22; "Ole 
i^isen," Jan. 29; '" fhe Struggle of Life," Feb. 5: "O'Dowd's 
Ne ighbo rs. " Feb. 12; " The Stowaways." Feb. 19; " The Tlustlfir ." 
Feb. 26; '.IK^Uack," mrch 5; " JPrfJeofMayo/' March 12 ; *TTie 
Soudan," March 19; Katie Emmett was seen in " Kil larne y," March 
'36; "^ Nutmci; Match" was done April 2; " Paul Kauvar," April 
9; * * McCarthy's Mj shaps," April 16; John L. Sullivan, the pugil- 
ist, ni'"'rhat MaiTfrom BoatOD," April 23; "X^e Wicklow Post- 
nnap," Aprrr 30; "tay Train," May 7; "My Aunt Brldfiet," May 
14; "y^ Scandal in High Life," May 21; "Two Orphans," May 
28; "Peeks Ba,a iioy, ' June 4; the season closed June 9. 

The theatre was reopened Aug. 27, with " The Pro digal FaJLh^'^ '< " 
John L. Sullivan, in "A True American," appeared Sept. 3; "^b^' 
Li^e GuaH " came Sept 10; " My A unt Bridget ." Sept. 17 ; " Peck's 
^adJJoy," Sept. 24 ; " The Still Alarm." Oct I ; "Hoss and FToss," 
Oct. 8 ; Dan McCarthy was seen Oct 15, in "Piide of Mayo I " 
"The_Enaign" was done Oct. 22; "A Flag of Truce," Oct. 29; 
«« T^^ 7wn Siste rv" Nov. s; 'Jane," Nov. 12; " The P ower of 
Qay." Nor. 19; "Waifs of New York," Nov. 26; "Ivy l eaf." 
Dec 3; " Work aocT Wages," Dec. 10; " McKcnna's FTTrtatlons," 
Dec. 17; " 'Duffy 's Blunders," Dec. 24, with Barney Ferguson as 
the star; " Klcf'adJcn's Elopement. " Dec. 31; "T he Diam ond 
Breaker" was seen Ian. 7. i8o<; "T he World Against Hit" by 
the" Agnes Wallace-Villa company, Jan. 14; the Russell Bros, 
variety combination came here Jan. 21; Hyde's vaudeville com- 
nuiy, Jan. 28 ; Mme. and Augustin Neuville were seen in ''The 
Boy Tramp," Feb. 4, for three nights, and "Cell No. 22" forHre 
KSt orTTRr%eek ; " Down in Dixie " was done I 'cb. 11," The .StoW- 
yray ." Feb. 18; " Ijhe Hust ler." Feb. 25; Di.xon's specialty com- 
pany came here Marcb 4; ". ICan YQason," March 11; N. & Wood, 
March 18, in " QnL i " the Stre ets ; " Weber and Field's company, 
March 25; "In the fenderloin," April i; a vaudeville company, 
April 8; R i}»t l itzsimnions' specialty company, April 15; 
"Grimes' Cellar Door." ApriT 22; Tony Farrell, April 29, in 
" Garry Q weiTT^^TIncle Tom's Cabin," May 6; "Police Tnspec- 
torJ^' May 13; " titJLa2£2r'*» ^^'» " Wage^ of Sin," May 27. 

^The season closed June i. 

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This theatre was destroyed by fire just after midnight on June 
17. The fire originated in the upper part of the building. A new 
theatre was erected on the site, and opened in an unfinished con- 
dition Jan. 9, 1896, with " Thy Gr eat Diamond Robbery." The 
house was now called "Sanford's Theatre," Walter Sanford 
being the new manager. " A powery Q \jr\ " came Jan. 13; Frank 
Bush, Jan. 20, in " A Girl W anted ; " " Shaft N o. 2 " was done 
Jan. 27; "The FatalTard,' l^etJ. 3; "Charley's Aunt," Feb. 10; 
Joseph Murphy, Feb. 17, 18, 19, in "Kerry Gow," and the rest of 
the week in "§haun Rhue ; " Donnelly and Girard were seen Feb. 
24, in "Xhe R ainmak ers;'* "Tlie_Cotton King" came March 2; 
"jQu-tbeTBowery," March 9; "In a Big City," March 16; "Rush 
City, " March 23; " Slaves of Gold." March 30; " A Happy LiTn e 
Home," April 6; j'. K. Emmet, Jr., with " Frit? in Love April 
ly; "Sidewalks of New York," April 20; " Land qf the Living," 
April 27 ; Ihe season closed May 2, and the house reopened Aug. 
22 with Rush's burlesque company. 

Frank B, Carr was the new manager of the house, who renamed 
it "The Third Avenue Theatre," and fixed the prices of ad- 
mission at from ten to fifty cents. Frank Hoffman's company 
appeared week of Aug. 29 ; " Th< Rlark Cronk " (burlesque), Sept. 
5 ; "Xbg City r.lii h " company, Sept. 12, for two weeks; Gay New 
Yorkers in "Gay Girls of Gotham," Sept. 26; Isham's Octo- 
roons, Sept. 28; Rentz Santley's company, Oct. 5; Weber's 
"Olympia," Oct. 12; Sam Jack's " ^un/Fighters,'' Oct. 19; 
Watson "Sisters, Oct. 26; " White CrooTc7"~^ov. 2; Rose Sny- 
der's "London Belles " company were seen here Nov. 9; Isham's 
"Oriental America" came Nov. 16; The Howard Athenaeum 
specialty company Nov. 23; Field and Hanson's company, Nov. 
30; Al Reeve's vaudeville organization, Dec. 7; The Wood 
Sisters' company, Dec. 14; Rice and Barton's Gaiety company, 
Dec. 21; The Excelsiors' company, Dec. 28; and Isham's Octo- 
roons, Jan. 4, 1897. The "Merry World " burlesquers appeared 
here Jan. 11; "The Dear Irish _Home" was seen Jan. 18; Rose 
Hill's company, "Jan. 25; Robie's burlesquers, Feb. i; Rentz 
Santley, Feb. 8; Isham's "Oriental America," Feb. 15 for two 
weeks; Sam Devere's company, March i ; ^he Watson Sisters, 
March 8, in "A Hot Time;" Dan McCarthy, March 15, in "True 
Irish Hearts;" Weber's Olympia company, March 22; the "Elack 
Cipok " burlesque, March 29; The Woods Sisters* company, 
April 5; Little Egypt burlesquers, April 12; Al Reeve's com- 
pany, April 19; Rentz Santley returned April 26; Ada Henry's 
burlesque company, May 3; and "The French Folly ' company, 
May 10. 

The next season began Aug. 28, 1897, under the management 
of Harry Hammcrstein, with " The Spgn_ofJ..ife ; " "A JijiM^ld 

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Time" was seen Sept. 6; "Human Hearts," Sept. 13; "Northern 
Clihts," Sept. 20; "Two Little Vagr^ts"," Sept. 27; "The^ec- 
triciap," Oct. 4; "TJje D e ^r Irish Home ." Oct. 11; " ThT M an-o'- 
VBElMan/' Oct. 18; ^*When Condon Sleeps^*' Oct SsT^' Under 
thePolar Star," Nov. i ; Edward Harrigan came Nov. 8, in ^^The 
G£ipp^Shaljwc Forgive Her?" was played Nov. 15, with Mane 
WainwrigKninTie leading part. " The Girl I Left Behind Me," 
Nov. 22; "The Russell Bros.," Nov. 29; Katie J^mmett, Dec. 6, 
in "Waifs of ^ew Yor k." Harry Hammerstein was obliged to 
sever his connection with this theatre Dec. 7, Mr. Peter B. Cahill, 
who owned the houte, having dispotsesaed him for non-payment 
of rent. Solomon de Fries, treasurer of the house, was appointed 
temporary manager, representing the owner. " Darkest America" 
was seen Dec. 13; " I hs Sunshine of Paradise Alley," Dec. 20; 
**Xhe GreaLJ^ianJflllilRpbiicry,''' Ilec. 27; "Dangers of a Great 
_City,^*"'Jan. 3, 1898; " The Ladder of li fe." Jan. 10, "A Hired 
G)rl." Jan. 17; " MxiSor ley's Twins, 'Jan. 24; "Qiiinmie Fad- 
den," Jan. 31; "Who is Who.?" Feb. 7; "Darkest Russia." Feb. 
14; "AJi^JLAJ^nteT.'^TeF 21 ; "•Qie._\VonKin in Bl.ick," Feb. 
28; "Land of the Living," March 7; Go-Won-Go-Mohawk, the 
Indian'star, appeared March 14; " A Guiltv Mothe r " was seen 
March ai; f Tha l,Mt anoke," March 28; "A Trip to Ghina- 
_tawn," April 4; " The F'lectr ician," April 1 1 ; "The" WorHT Against 
Her," with Agn es^ Wa 1 1 ace V ilia as the star, April 18; ",Side 
Tracked ." April 25; and the season closed April 3a ^ 

The theatre was reopened Oct. i, 1R98, under the management 
of Henri Pincus and Geo. IL Brennan, with a stock company, pre- 
senting " Mon te _£risto," also a number of specialties between the 
acts. " Eagle's Nest" was done Oct. 10; "The Fire Patrol.** 
Oct. ty'^ntr-J ^y]] f i^d Mr Hyde," Oct. 24, with Dor6 David- 
son in the title rdle; "Cyrano de Bergerac," by Edmund Rostand, 
adapted from the French and produced under the direction of 
Dore Davidson, was produced Oct. 31, with Edward R. Mawscm 
as Cyrano. Nov. 7 "The Str eets of Ney_Y ork " was played, and 
" Out in the Sea " was done Nov. 14; Henry Brunell now became 
lessee and opened the theatre Nov. 21, as a variety house, with 
two performances daily for two weeks. A dramatic company ap- 
peared Dec. 5 in "X^ 1^"^^ Paradise;" "The Phoenix" was given 
Dec. 12; "Thfi t^j^ratnp^" T)pr 19; "Alone in London," Dec. 
26; j. K. Emmet came Jan. 2, 1899, with " Ffitz^ in a Mad- 
house;" "Xhs^aughraun/* Jan. 9; Henry Chanfrau, in "Kit," 
Jan, 16 ; Cameron Clemons, Jan. 23, in "The Paymaster;" "The 
Cherry Pidcers " was done Jan. 30; Tony^arrell in~"^My Col" 
IsSB," Feb. 6; Adelaide Cushman, Feb. 13, in ".^st Lynne," and 
" The Sporting Duc hess" was seen Feb. 20. H. Brunell retired 
from the house Ftb. 2$, and the owner, Peter B. Cahill, became 

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manager. "Mr. Potter of Texas" was played March 6; " True 
Irish "Heart s. March 13; "Xkui^^Stratcgist," March 20; Robt. 
FitzsTmmons, the pugilist, with a specialty company came March 
27; a stock company was seen April 3, in " Hands Across t he 

.Sea;" "in Trpflrhp*;" and the curtain raiser '^ ^he He n- 
pe cked Husban d " were given April 10; " Shacj l ^ws ot ^ or eat 
Cj^ty,'^ April 17; Weber's " yifl f ie T pm's Cabin" company, April 
24 ; and the season closed April 29. 

The house was reopened Aug. 5, with A. H. Sheldon as manager. 
The attraction was Aidcn Benedict in " Fabio Roman i ; " "^ost in 
New York" came Aug. 14; " The Sleep i ng Cit y." Aug. 21 ; Myles 
McCarthy in " Dear H^yts ot ir^ia^ ^ Aug-. ; " Town Topi cs " 
was given Sept. 4 ; " A_I^actorv Wa if. " Sept. 11;" The Span q| L ife. " 
Sept. 18; " Uaughters^of|( he Po or." Sept. 25; IsTiam's Octoroons, 
Oct. 2; Carl fTnswmnTn '' A, y.jftn'^ H<*arr," Oct. 9; " Knobs of Tcn- 
nessee," Oct. 16; " A Grip of ^^tee l " was seen Oct. 23: ^'kiI- 
Ta rney^0|f the Rhine ." Oct. ^o; "Th ^ Two Wanderer s." Novr"6; 
'* How Hopper Got Sidetracked " was done Nov. 13 ; " On Sea an d 
Land," Nov. 20; " The Sidewalks of New York, " Nov. 27 ; " ^Hea rt 
<^ Chicago," Dec. 4; Dec. 11, '* 5^Tiar^pnn of the Six th;" Dec. 18, 

"'kicked London;" Dec. 25, " Under the Do me : " Jan. i, 1900, 
" A Soldier of the Empire " was given ; Jan. 8, ".BjemgUlber the 
Maine ; JanrTjr-nTiHubbard ; " Jan. 22, "A Nkht in CHina- 
town ; " Jan. 29, " A~Ma n of Mystery ; " Feb. 5, "Chattanooga;" 
Feb. 12, "Fallen Arnon^"Tllleveii ; ** Feb. 19, ".S jowaw ay ; " Feb. 
26, " DeviTs Is land r ^^rarcTTg. "The Missouri GirTT' March 12, 
" lust,Ji£laixJheIDawn ; " March 19, ^Tbe Q*ueen of Chinatown " 
was seen ; March 26, "Te n Tpn Doir : " April 2, "The California 
Detective;" April 9. "thfi_Elack Flag;" April 16, "TCclcTom's 
Cabin;" April 23, "Peck's Bad Boy;" April 30, " A Fair ofTHa ck 
E^;" May 7, "The Burglar; " a version of " Sapho " was pro- 
duced here May 14, with this cast: 

Fanny Legrand . . . Nellie Elting 

Jean Gaussin Basil West 

Dechellette .... Rogers Parker 
Uncle Cesaire . . Randolph Murray 
Caoudal .... Harry D. Clifton 
" Papa " Legrand . James A. Barnes 
Mons. Hettema . . . Harry Buckley 

Flaraant I. Arden 

The Janitor . . . William Howard 
Aunt Divonne . . . Arline Booth 
Madam Hettema . • Mary Stuart 
Machaume .... Nellie Haydea 
Irene Mu»sette Charles 

On May 21, " Wages_of_Sin " was given; May 28, " The Mid - 
n ight F ltxxl ; " and the season closed June 2. 

The theatre was reopened Aug. 4, 1900, with "JI he Tide o f 
Life;" Aug. 13, "Fabio Romani " returned; Aug. 20 came the 
"Romance-flL-Cflca^Ilollow;"^ Aug. 27, " Only a Priva te." by 
Charles K. Champlin ; Sept. 3, " Red, White, and J^lue;" Sept. 
10, J. E. Toole in "Gypsy German"; Sept. 17, "The Real 


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Wido w Brow n " was seen; Sept. 24, "Xh^ ^p ^n of Lif e;" Oct. 
T- ^idna^p erf-" Oct. « " A g^ ide for Life; ''Oct. 15. "A Night 
iaXhinatqwn ; " Oct. 22, "Uncle SjiDijD China;" Oct. 29, "Old 
Si SteLbins;" Nov. 5, " The \VoIves of N ew York" came; " Slayc s 
ri£ Opium," Nov. 12; "Remember the' Maine," Nov. 19; "The 
Katzeni^mmer Kic^." Nov. 26; "Heart of Chicago," Dec. 3; 
"For T^fr ^fty Lov e," Dec. 10; "An American Girl," Dec. 
17; " The Sle eping City," Dec. 24; "Fogg's Ferry," Dec. 31; 
" Down~j n Mobile," Jan. 7, 1901 ; "Cooney s Isle" was done Jan. 
14; " Midn ight in Chinatown," Jan. 21 ; "Qit^of New York," Jan. 
28; "THFr the Sea." Feb. 4; "J^carts of tTie 'ftlue Ridge," Feb. 
11; '^ic White Kat," Feb. 18;' "Octoroon," Feb. 25; "Quo 
Vadis" was presented March 4; "Heart of the Klondike," March 
Ti; "Tiis_oi_Li£e." March 18; "Hogan's Alley," March 25; 
"AfiroasJheTxail." April i; "jiiirapty Dumpty." April 8; "The 
Denver Express," April 15; " The World Against H er." April 22; 
and the season closed April 27, when Mr. bneldon withdrew from 
the management of the house. 

HE house now known as the " Manhattan Theatre" was 

M. originally named the "Eagle Theatre," and is on the 
westerly side of Broadway, between Thirty-second and Thirty- 
third streets. It is really on Sixth Avenue, near Thirty-third 
Street, but by grace of the city authorities it is numbered on 
Broadway. It was built on leased ground by Josh Hart and Ex- 
Judge Dowling. The entrance from the street to the parquet was 
lined all the way with mirrors of embossed glass. The walls and 
around the interior and up the staircases were covered with glass 
mirrors. The stage was forty feet deep, one hundred feet wide, 
and seventy-five feet from floor to top. The drop curtain was 
painted in imitation of white satin, a white medallion in the 
centre representing "The Home of Washington." The building 
seated about fifteen hundred persons, and was erected at a cost of 
$175,000. After much progress had been made in the building, 
it was discovered that no house on that block had a public sew- 
erage. In consequence, a house was purchased on Thirty-third 
Street, for the purpose of making proper sewerage. This place 
was afterwards used for dressing-rooms, scene room, etc. 

It was opened Oct. 18, 1875, with a variety entertainment, under 
the management of Josh Hart. The company consisted of J. S. 
Maffitt, W. H. Bartholomew, Harry Kernell, Luke Schoolcraft, 
Geo. H. Goes, Jennie Hughes, Walters and Morton, Edna Mark- 
ley, Louise Franklin (Louise Searle), Welsh Edwards, James F. 



Crossen, Angie Griffiths, and others. In addition to a programme 
of songs, dances, sketches, acts, and farces, the burlesque " Crusoe, 
or Friday and the Monkey " was preaented. Commodore Nutt, 

Little Mac, John Wild. Mr. and Mn. Whittingham, Master New- 
man, Jolly Nash, and the Garnellas were seen here Oct. 25. Julia 
Mathews, the English comedienne, appeared in "The Irish 
Heiresa" on Nov. i, and Barney and Rickey were heard in 
"Ambition." " Bibo and Barberette," a pantomime, was pro- 
duced, with Marie Gorenfio in the cast. Julia Mathews was 
seen Nov. 8, in the burletta " lenny Lind at_ Las t. " There 
were also added to the company iiila Wesner, Prof. I'obin, Larry 
Tooley, and Geo. Fortescue The burlesque 'ID ij She Qg^ or 
Was Sh^ ^^ti A°*""'Y ■ " a travesty of " Led As^a^ " was acted 
SopCiaFloim Heilbron, pianist, was heara imov. ik2, as was G. H. 
Macdermott, the London comic singa*. Julia Mathews, and Millie 
Cooke (first appearance here) were seen in "Jfhe Dead Sh ot, " Dec 
6. Charley White and Crossley and Elder made their nrst appear- 
ance here on tbia date "GirofK-Girofla," altered and rearranged 
into one act for Julia Mathews, was done Dec 13, with Miss 
Mathews in the title r61e, Mr. Macdermott as Bolero, and Louise 
Franklin as Marasquin. " f-Iarlfgnin ppmn^ Stnfnp" was pro- 
duced Dec 27. There was change 0/ bill Jan. 23^ 1876. Sydney 
R oaen f eld's burlesque " Rosemishell, or Oh, My Daughter ! Oh, 
My payjj|hter i ' was done^ WUb lETf. Fortcscue in title rdle, Mr. 
Macdermott as Pierremi-ahell, and John Wild ts Halein-Hay. 
The Langlois Bros. , Gorman and Roroer, and A. W. Sawyer also 
appeared. Dave Reed was first seen here Jan. 31, as were Mr, 
and Mrs. R. A. Brennan. "The Ticket of Leave Man" was 
pradnced Feh. 14, with John W. Jennings as Melter Moss, Mr. 
Macdermott as Bob Brierly, and John Wild as Green Jones. 
Barney and Rickey reappeared ; also Paddy Murphy, comic singer. 

" Uncle /y.nthony. or^f rom the I'arlor to the Cabin," by ^. L . 
^tout, was done Feb. 21, with CRarles TTowanTas XTncle AntEoay. 
Frank B. Converse, Kd Murray, Alice Ross, Seeley, Murray, and 
Runnells also appeared " Peaked ," a satire hy jC^niyarri Philp, 
with Geo. Fortescue as Sable Henfrou, was first acted March 13. 
Harry G. Richmond, James Messenger, and the sketch, " Lost in 
New York, " were the attractions March 20. "JSfintencedtoDeath " 
was done March 27. "The Skidmore Guards" was given fbf the 
first time, with White, WiWrKeed, Richmond, James Bradley, 
Kernell, and Larry Tooley as the guards. "jQheek," a burlesque 
on "Brass," was played April 3, when John vVilliams appeared. 
Minnie Palmer made her debut here sks Laura in "Home from 
School." N. C. Goodwin, Jr., made his first appearance here in 
the fxrce '.^First Rehea-sal." The sketch "Jessie," by Geo. L. 
Stout, wasalso presented. It had previously been done at the 
Theatre Comique. "Cinderella" was played May 8, with Minnie 

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Palmer, Jennie Hughes, Wild, and Fortescue in the cast. On 
this date Adelaide Lennox made her hrst appearance here in a one« 
act "society drama," called "Adelaide" This so-called "society 
draina*' had been purchased by ivir. Hart from a well-known gentle- 
man connected with the New York press, as a translation from the 
French. It proved to be a condensed version of Tom Taylor's 
"An Unequal Jnatcn." Miss Lennox was a failure, and although 
shS~RTQained throughout the week, stage mana^'cr Stout continued 
cutting the play from over one hour to less than twenty-five min- 
utes. It preceded a variety entertainment. ^ 
The theatre was closed week of May 29, and was reopened June\ 
5 with Mrs. F. S. Chanfrau in 'Jikited^ Cimon W. T ayleure. / 
author: Dorsey Shirley, Frank Mordaunt; Courtland' de Woo If, j 
Chas. Waverley; Silas Stansbury, T. Egbert; Harry Anson, W.I 

F. Burroughs; Luther Kirkland. F. D. Allen; Frank Bailey, H. 1 
N. Wilson; Tim Grain, Wm. Manrico; Theo. Fink, G. A. Morti-' 
mer; Peter Scribner, Angelo Toriani; Grace Shirley, Henrietta | 
Chanfrau; Louis de Woolf» Helen Tracy; Hannah Kirkland, Mra^ I 
E Vanderen; Maud Shirley, Nellie Maurice; Ida de Woolf« t 
Annie Bleakley. --^ 

"During the summer of 1876 Mr. Hart made alterations in the 
house, floid it was reopened Aug. 3i, with a vaudeville entertain- 
ment which contiinied for two weeks, together with the jaurlesoue , 
*Ujiioik" Julia Beauclerc, Nellie Sandford, Mrs. A. H. Sheldon, 
Lizzie Kelsey, Maud Branscombe, Marie Gorenflo, John Wild, and 
A. H. Sheldon were in the burlesque. Pat Rooney and Marion 
Fiske appeared Aug. 28. Kate Castleton made her American 
d^but Sept. 4, in the b urlesque " Blue Jackets." Jennie Beau- 
clerc appeared Sept 11, m t he burlesque Young Rip Van 
JWinklCj^" and "Wash " Norton was seen at the same time. IXtip 
^galni poj'^j l' i ng_ M atch " was first done Sept. 18 ; also the bur- 
le 8quc^"Xa3y of the Lions," with Fortescue as Pauline. Dcnman 
liioinpson commenced a fortnight's stay Sept 35, in ^Joshu^ 
JSQytSCtpb." A burlesque on "The Two Orphans," called "The 
Jwo Awfuls," was presented Oct. 30. Geo. S. Knight made his 
(^but here Nov. 21. Prof, Hartz, magician, and Siegrist, with 
his performing dogs, came Dec. 11, followed Dec. 18 by A. H. 
Sheldon^s burlesque "^iss Multon." Kittie O'Ncil, jig dancer, 
and James McKee, vocalist, appeared Dec. 25. ^ 
Oliver Dond Byron commenced Jan. 23, 1877, in " Across the 
Continen t** which was also played Wednesday mating ana even- 
ing, xhe cast was: 

ilfMS Kate Byron 

John Adderly . . . Cbu. T. Nichols 

Bridget Carrie Jamison 

Caesar John Wild 

Sellewfeather .... Liztie Kelscy 

Joe Oliver Byron 

Thos. Goodwin . . Louis Mestayer 

lienika Sadie M.irtinot 

Knucklebone John • . A. U. Sheldon 

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"Ben, McCullough " was acted Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and 
Saturday roatinde. 
A season of comic opera was given Jan. 25, 26, 27, 29, by 

Marie Aim^ and her company of French singers. Their reper- 
tory was: Jan. 29, 30, mating Feb. 3, evenings Feb. 5, 22, 
March 15, "La Jolie Tarfumeuse;" Jan. 31, Feb. i, March 10^ 
"La Vie Parlsienne;** Fob. 3, 3, matinee Feh. 24, and IforehS, 
"La Fillc dc Madame Angot ; " Feb. 6, "La Petite Marie" was 
sung for the first time here, and kept the boards until Feb. 15, 
when " La P^richole " was presented for five nights, also March 7 ; 
Feb. I9k 20^ matinee Feb. 22, and March 6. "La Grande Du- 
chesse" was sung;" Feb. 23, matinee March 5, "Girofle-Girofla;" 
Feb. 26, 27, 28, and March i, "La Boulang^re a des £cus;** 
March 9, "Les Dragons de Villars;" March 12, 13, 14, "La 
Belle Hdine;" March 16, "La Petite Marie;*' March iq, for the 
first time in New York, Aim^e sang Marietta in " Mme. L'Archi- 
duc;" March 23, first performance in America of "Mme. Angot 
et ses Demoiselles" ("Mme Angot and her Daughters"). The 
season closed with a concert Sunday evening, April I, "La Belle 
Poule" having been sung evening March 31. 
1^ A nna Dickinson made her ddbut in this city as an actress, April 
2.^iTrher o wn pla y, " A Crown of Thorns, or Anne Bo leyn." which 
bad this caif ~ ' 

Anne Bol^a . 
Laihr Jane . . 
Mad^ Shelton 

Cardinal VVolsev 
Duke of Norfolk 
Page ... 
King Henry . 
Geo. Boleya . 
Wm. iai]f»toa . 

Anna Dickinson 
Henrietta Vaden 
. Stella BonlCace 
. W. H. Leake 
. D. U. Cabse 
Frankie Hishop 
Fraak Evans 
Herbert Ajpling 
. O. L, JcBltina 

Lord Percj .... Loois Aldrich 

Cromwell J. S. Hawoitb 

Thoa. Boleyn . . . . T. C. Padeett 

Mark Smeaton . . . H. B. Bradley 

Chamberlain . . . . A. H. Brooke 

Servant ...... Chas. Copper 

Henry Norreys . • . . C. Stedman 

Magiatnte A. G. Everett 

Patch Sldnqr Saaith 

I Miss Dickinson did not adiieve success, and was severely treated 

by the press. Dissension arose between her and the manager, and 
I on April 16 she took the MS. of her drama and left the theatre, 
which, in consequence, was closed that night, and during the re- 
' mainder of the week. Feb. 25, 1891, Anna Dickinson was taken 
to the Danville, Pa., Insane Asylum, from which place she 
soon afterwards released. 
^ Anna Dickinson's career has been a remarkable one She 
I the descendant of a Quaker family, and had been a school teacher 
1 until i86r. She next occupied a position in the United States 
Mint, but was discharged for having made a political declaration. 
In 1^3 she became a public speaker in the interests of the Aboli- 
tionists. The service which she rendered the Union in the Civil 
War is a matter of history. When seventeen years of age, she 

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went to Connecticut and spoke with such eloquence that she revo-| 
lutionized the politics of that State. In 1863 she canvassed Penn- < 
sylvania for Gov. Curtin, and her speech before Congress in 1864 ' 
won her a national reputation. Her first a^ieanuice as a lecturer \ 
was in 1866. She made from $200 to $500 by every lecture, and 
in a career of eight years her fees amounted to ^i6o^ooa In 1876 j 
she wrote " A Crown of Thorn s, " producing it at the Globe Theatre, f 
Boston, Hay 8» 1^77. bbe adopted the stage too late in life. When / 
she began preparing for it she was worth $ioo,ocx>, and when the / 
curtain rang up on her opening night in Boston she bad personally 
invested ^20,000 in the pNPoduction. The public did not take kindly 
to her efforts, and she was forced to retire from the stage, having 
lost $60,000. She played a fortnight at the Fifth Avenue (Twenty- 
eighth Street and Broadway) in March, 1882. On her opening j 
night the receipts were $855. Business was very bad, and on her I 
closing night the receipts were but $32. 25. 

Sidney Smith was found dead on the floor of his room in the top 
story of No. 300 West Thirty-fifth Street, this city, May 16, 1889. 
He was a stoutly built man with a clerical cast of countenance, 
and was about forty years of age. His first hit on the New York 
stage was in the character of the Judge in "Ranch ip. " Bessie 
Darling appeared here April 23, as Julia in "The Hunchback,** 
with Stella Boniface as Helen, W. H. Leake as Master Walter, 
and J. S. Haworth as Sir Thomas Clifford; April 27, 28, "Mac- 
beth " was played, and matinee April 28, " The Lady of Lyons ; " 
the season elosed April 2^ and the house was advertised for rent, 
Hart having leased the Olympic Theatre, near Central Parle 

This theatre was reopened by Josh Hart Aug, 27, 1877, with 
the Florences in " The_ Mighty Dollar. " "The Ticket of Leave 
Man W IS played Sept. la Tfie Florences appeared Sept. 24 in 
'Uhat VV'ife of Mine^" an acj gptat ion , i rom the French, by Ernst 
and Fred Williaras; Oct. i. "The M ighty D ollar;" and they 
closed T3Cn^. W. F. Cody came Oct. 15 in "Juffalo Bill. * 
** Alatoon au>^r the Battle in-the Clouds," by Gen. Judson JCilpat- 
i^^'irasproduced for the benefit of the G. A. R. Soldiers' Home, 
Oct. 32, and continued one week. D. H. Harkins appeared Oct. 
29 in " Metamora.** a nd remained for one week. Albert Roberts 
was seen in a play called '^rring" Oct. 30, and balance of the 
week. This was his first appearance in New York. He appeared 
in "Jack Cade" Nov. 5, 6, "Othello," Nov. 7, 8, matinee Nov. 
10, "T^lCfiarfTlL," Nov. 9, 10, when he closed. Josh Hart acted 
the Earl of Richmond in "Richard HI.," for the first time in 
twenty-one years. Lydia Thompson and her company, consist- 
ing of Lena Merville, H. Saker, Alice Burville, Marion Elmore, 
Willie Edouin, Frcil Marshall, Marie Williams, Emily Duncan, 
Alice Atberton ^Mrs. Willie Edouin), Ella Chapman, and others. 

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were seen Nov. 12 in " Robinson Crusoe." On Nov. 21, " mff- 
Paff| or t he Mgyjr Armor y " was presented. ' LOxygen " was pro- 
duced uec 15, when Erame Roseau (Mrs. Samuel Loiville), Rose 
Temple, and A. W. Mafflin appeared. " .Babes in the Woo d, or 
Who Killed Cock Robin. ^" was seen Dec. 24, witn Wm . pi ll as 
Pantaloon, Willie Edouin as Clown, MafHin as Harlequin,' and 
Lena Merville as Columbine. This company retired Jan. 12, 1878; 

" ThfiJ^ottety of Life" was seen Jan. 14. The week of Jan. 21 
was devoted to an olio entertainment, given by Charles Rogers, 
Mattie Vickers, Watson and Ellis, Sam Devere, Jennie Hughes, 
the Foy Sisters, and others. "The Lyons Mail, or the Murder at 
the Lone Inn," was played Jan. 28, with D. H. Harkins, J. Clin- 
ton Hall, W. H. Leake, J. W. Summers, and Jennie Carroll in 
the cast " Chicago^ Before, During, and After the Fir^, " a drama 
with extensTve panoramic views, was seen T^eb. 11. "^Ir. Hart re» 
tired from the management Feb. 16, and the house was closed. 

William Henderson was the next manager of this bouse, which 
be called "The Standaiu> Trbatkb," and opened Feb. ao^ 1878. 
He caused all the mirrors on the walls in the parquet to be cov- 
ered with curtains. He opened with " Our B oarding House." In 
the cast were Eben Plympton. Edward j. Arfidtt, Harry Little, 
Wash. T. Melville, Hany Webber, A. H. Stuart, Ida Savory, 
Virginia Buchanan, Frances Kemble, and Rose Lisle. John E. 
Owens appeared March 1 1 and during the week in " The Victims " 
and ".SoIqq Shingle.** Maggie Mitchell was seen bere Marcn is 
in "Mignon," its ^rst representation In this city. Russell Bas- 
sett, P. A. Anderson, Aug. Levick, Harry Hotto, H. Fuller, E. 
B. Holmes, W. Walker, J. B. Mason, W. G. Reynier. Ida Jef- 
freys, and Marie Avscott were in the cast. "Fanchon " was 
played by IVIaf^gie Mitchell March 25, Wm. Harris^^cTTirgnCandry. 
Marie Prcscott and Carlotta Evelyn were in the cast. Maggie 
Mitchell produced "JLittle Barefoot " April 10, and "Thegid, 
of Savoy," April tyT^'j, K. Emmet bbgan April 24 in "^ntzT^ 
"arid for eleven weeks attracted large audiences. His LnglisK 
version of " Fritz " be produced June 24, and terminated bis 
engagement ySne^2% and the season closed. Rose and Harry 
Watkins and Amy Lee, with a dramatic company, occupied the 
house Fourth of July week with "JJjifiddcn Down " 

The next season opened Sept. 12, 1878, with the new American 
drama, " An Open Verdict." "A False Title" was produced Sept. 
21 for four weeTvS. J. K. EmrneFopened in 'iTjrltzl* Oct. 14 for_ 
four weeks. "Almost a Life," by EtUe lienderson, was first acted j 
Nov. 9, and ran untiTjan. 4, 1879. It was originally acted Oct. 17, I 
at Providence, R. I., under the title of " Two Love s." 

"JVIJISSl' Harte, was produced Jan. 6, 1S79, with this 

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MUss Katie Mayhew Judge W. H. Weaver 

Yuba Bill .... C. F. Edmonds Joe .Morse .... Chas. Leclercq 

Mrs. Smith . . . Carlotta Evelyn Jake J. B. Clarence 

Clytic May Davenport Jack ..... Cla 

Charles Gus Levick Wm. MortOD . , 

Bummer Smith . H. A. Weaver. Sen. Joe Mome . . . 

Maauel B. T. Rin^old 

The house was closed Jan. 13, 14, for rehearsals of "Pinafim^" 
produced for the first time in this city Jan. 15. The cast : 

Chas. Leclercq / 
J. B. Clarence 1 
larence Hurdelt j 
Harry Eytioge J 
Jot. Brabya I 

Sir Joseph Porter 
Capt. Corcoran 
Ralph Kackstraw 
Dick Deadeye . 
Bin Bobatay 

. . Thos. Whiffen 
Eugene Clarke 
Henry Laurent 
Wm. Davidae, Sr. 
Chas. Mackin 

TonBowlfai J.Wihnoc 

Tom Tucker .... Master Henry 

Jo.sephine Eva Mills 

Buttercup .... Blanche Gallon 

Hebe Vemooa Jarbeau 

BobBccket ..... H.J. Burt 

The one hundredth performance occurred April i6. On May 2 
it was reconstructed, when its one hundred and fiftieth representa- 
tion took place. The season closed June 14. 

" Pinafore's " first representation in America was at the Boston 
Museum, Nov. 25, i8y8. The cast was: 

Sir Joseph Porter 
Capt. Corcoran . 
Ralph Rackstraw 

Dick Deadeye 
Bill Bobstay . . 
BobBeeket . . 

Geo. W. Wilson 
J. H. Jones 
. Rose Temple 

B. R. Graham 
. J. S. Haworth 
. . W. Morris 

Tom Tucker . . . Little Gertrude 
Tom BowUn ... W. Melbourne 
Josephine . . . Marie Wainwright 

Buttercup Lizzie Harold 

Hebe Sadie Martinot 

The "W. Melbonme" mentioned is now known as Melbourne 

Macdowell. " Pinafore " was first produced at San Francisco, Cal., 
Dec. 23, 1878, at the Bush Street Theatre, by the Alice Oates com- 

rny. The cast was : Ralph Rackstraw, Alice Oates ; Sir Joseph, 
S« Taylor; Capt. Corcoran, Edward Connell; Dick Truck, Ed 
Beverly; Dick Deadeye, James A. Meade; Bill Bobstay, R. H. 
Graham ; Bob Becket, C. N. Decker ; Jack Jib, Ed Horan ; Tom 
Jacket, J. McLaughlin: Bill Quaper, J. Bugby; Harry Rackstay, 
Mills Hall; Jim Junk, J. Clare; Tom Buntline, A. Goodwell; Tom 
Tucker, C. Watkins ; Midshipman Easy, Bessie Temple; Charley 
Masher, Hattie Richardson ; Hon. Heartbreaker, Pauline Hall ; 
Charles Brassbound, Albertina Hall; Josephine, Lulu Stevens; 
Buttercup, Agnes Hallock ; Hebe, Alice Townsend ; Florence^ Ada 
Dow; Maude, Jennie Lanner; Clementina, Miss Sexton. 

During the piece Alice Oates sang " Good-by, Sweetheart," and 
several other songs were introduced by members of the company. 
It ran until Jan. 2, 1879. It was stated that this was not Gilbert 
and Sullivan's version of " Pinafore," but one supposed to have been 
** doctored up" by James Meade. In reference to thist R.E. J. 
Miles, at that time manager of the Oates company, writes me as 

VOL. III. — 16 

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follows : " We did the Simon-pure ' Pinafore' I brought James 
Taylor, who had studied the Admiral in London, and Geo. Purdy, 
who bad played in the orchestra and was afterwards leader at Bos- 
ton, from London ; also Ted Connolly and Ed Beverly, who had 
seen the piece at London. We did the piece with the same cast all 
over the country, including New York, at the Fourteenth Street 
theatre." " Pinafore " was first sung at Baltimore, Christmas week, 
1878, with Blanche Chapman as Josephine. It was first sung at 
Philadelphia by John T. Ford's company, the first Monday in Janu- 
ary, 1879, and continued to the end of the season. " Pinafore " was 
first produced May 25, 1878, at the Opera Comique, London. Geo. 
Grossmith made up the character of Sir Joseph Porter after the por- 
traits of Lord Nelson. 

James C. Duflf retired from the management of this theatre May 
24. >879, having rented the house for the production of " Pinafore." 
William Henderson resumed the direction May 26, and "Pinafore" 
was continued. The Standard's next sea.<«on began Sept. 10, with 
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Bandmann and an English company, who closed 
their engagement Oct. 18. Herr Bandmann s opening bill was 
" Narcisse." The cast was : 

Nardsse .... D. Bandmann 

Choiseul Gerald Eyre 

Du Barre .... Henry Aveling 
Du Grammont Lawrence Denham 

Silhouette Percy Lyndall 

Baron de Holbach . . Ed. S. Uofton 
Dederot .... Leonard S. Outram 

Grimm Harry Barfoot 

Due de Brinvilliers . Harry Roberts 
Vicomte de Cerall . M. Chaloner, Sr. 
St Lambert .... L. L. Victor 

Bargac Chas. Lobbett 

Mme. La Pompadour Bella Murdoch 
Mme. Bonfleur . . Charlotte Adams 
Mme. d'Epinay Marjfuerite Benoison 

Collet Miss A. Myrtelle 

Duchesse Miss L. Moss 

Mme. D. Chateaudun, Miss Carrington 
Comtesse de Suzieres . Mrs. Walton 
Doris Quinault Mrs. D. Bandmann 
(Millicent Palmer) 

Leonard S. Outram died in Carbondale, Pa., May 6, 1 901, aged 
forty-six years. 

The next play was " A Radical Cure " : E. S. Gofton as Fosbrook, 
Philip Beck as Dr. EastTTTTDenBam as Stanley, and Marguerite Benoi- 
son as Dora. '* Hamlet" followed, with this cast: Claudius, Henry 
Aveling; Hamlet, D. Bandmann; Poionius, Edward S. Gofton; 
Laertes, Gerald Eyre ; Horatio, Percy Lyndall ; Osric, Philip Beck ; 
Rosencrantz, Wilmot Eyre; Guildenstern, J. R. Anderson; Mar- 
cellus, Leonard Outram ; Bernardo, M. Chaloner ; Francisco, Rob- 
ertson ; First Player, Charles Lobbett ; Second Player, Holliday ; 
Priest, Coliett ; Messenger, Miss Warrington; Fool, Lester Victor; 
First Gravedigger, Harry Barfoot ; Second Gravedigger, Lawrence 
Denham ; Ghost, Mr. lonidas ; Gertrude, Elinor Aicken ; Ophelia, 
Mrs. Millicent Bandmann; Player Queen, Marguerite Benoison. 
This was the American ddbut of Elinor Aicken. "Pinafore" was 
revived Oct 20, preceded by " Trial by Jury." The cast: Admiral, 


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Thos. Whiffen ; Ralph, Alonzo Hatch ; Hebe, Vemooa Jarbeau ; 
Josephine. Miss Mills; Captain, Wallace Macreery. The cast of 
"Trial by Jury " was : Ptaintiff, Vernona Jarbeau ; Judge, F. A. ftd- 
mental; Defendant, H. R, Humphries; Counad for Plaintiff, W. A. 
Paul; Usher, Alfred Holland; Foreman of Jury, A. H. Pelbam. . 
"Fatinitza" was first sung Nov. 17, and bad this cast: 

Vladimir . 
Fatinitia . 

Princess Lyd 
Count KaiUsI 

Inct Paiha 
Wasili . 
Osipp . 

Julian . 
I van . . 

Fcodor . 
DcBitri • 

. A. FnUMMCh 


ArtfrarVan Houghton 
. L. N. Guyon 
CHotOB Stevens 

. Louis Lcncion 
Geo. S. Weeks 
. Geo. Caldwell 
. Laura James 
Minnie Hartman 
Sara Browning 
LiKtte Wilson 

Zuleika IdaCaateldo 

Dtooa CIm Imfrey 

Besetka May Silvie 

Mas.saldsha Kzra Lyon 

Mustapha Izidore Kline 

Winka Geo. Moss 

Hanna Miss Jackam 

Adjutant H. Willianjs 

Jussuf A. Osborn 

Surema Edna Brovvninj; 

Ueniaroia F. Goodwin 

Niridah Clara Williams 

Fatima Amie MaiUand 

Acbmet Jolin Humphrey 

" Prinoest Toto," by Gilbert and Chy, was flrat aung in America 
at this theatre Dee. 13, 1879. The caat waa : 

Princess TotO 

]^»lett .' .* 

Divine . . . 
King Portico . 


Vemooa Jarbeau 
MIm Lawrence 
Miss Shandley 
W. Montgomery 
Was. Hamilioii 

Jamileek . » 
Prince Ooro . 
Prince Caramd 

Count Floss . 
Baron Jacquier 

. . W. A. Paul 
H. C. Campbell 
. O. W. Wr«n 
Alfred Holland 
H. R. Humphries 
, . J. A. Oliver 

This was Leonora Braham*s d^bat in America. 

E. E. Rice's "Evangeline" company followed Jan. 5, 1880. Rich- 
mond & Von Boyle's company appeared in "Our Candidate" Jan. 
19. They gave place to Rice's " Surprise Party, " in "Jlorrors,'" 

Feb. 2; Feb. 21, "Jliaiotha'* waa seen, and March 8. " RobTi 


Crusoe." A matinee performance was given March 17 in aS o^ the 
Insfi Relief Fund. " RobinsaiL Crusoe " was acted. 

Annie Pixley made her New Vbrk d6but, March 22, in " Mliss." 
which had this cast: 

Mllsa . . 

Yuba Bill . 
Juan Walters 
Geo. Smith 

John Gray 


. Aftnte Ptdey 

. E. McDonougn 
Robert Fulford 

Wm. T. Johnson 
. Flank Kilday 
Ben). G. Rogers 

Templeton Fake . . . MnrfT Woods 

Harry Ringwalt .... Rob fLiys 
Clytie . . Miss Marion (daughter ui 
Joha E. McDonnugli) 
Mrs. Smith Alice Gray 



N. C. Goodwin opened April 26 in " 
May 22, when the theatre closed. A 
May 34, with *' Uncle Tom's Cabin." 

?bie§j " and continued until 
summer season commenced 


This theatre was sold in foreclosure June 28, 1 880, for ^ 29,000. 
Wm. Henderson commenced his next season Aug. 14, with " Our 
Gentlemen Friends," which had this cast : """^ ' 

Jos. Moorhousc 
Walter Morton 
Frank Gillespie 
Aug. DooUtUe 
Geo. Jones . . 
Doct. Chapman 
Mike Hooligan 
Helen Gillespie 

. Ceo. Ih^limd 
Harry Kainftirth 
Harrj 'S. Duftield 
Jos. J. Holland 
£. D. Tannehiil 
Chaa. Waverly 
. . Jerry Lant 
Agnes Proctor 

Mrs. Mcl'epper 
Belinda . . . 
Mrs. Moorbouse 
Rose . . . 
Caroline . . 
Minnie . . . 
Liisie . . 

Mrs. M. A. Farren 
Ida B. Conway 
Mrs. J. J. Prior 
Nellie Boyd 
Dean McConnell 
. Nanita Lewis 
. Jennie Boyd 

" 1^ ^^i^''" fiainri Spii^t- "-'1 py" was produced Aug. 30» 
with tliTs cast : 

Chevalier Carniolla . Geo. K. Edesvon 
Cyril Brinkvvorlh . . S. K. Chester 
Henry Brinkworth Lawrence Eddinger 
Gaspard . . . John W. Bankson 

Clara Strauss . . Annie Boudinot 
Adelaide Plummer . Laura Le Claire 

Max Strauss .... Geo. Parkes 
Bob Sampson .... Chas. Dade 
John Larkapor . . . H. S. Duffield 
Oliver Thorndyke . . B. Wharton 

Old Peck Cora Tanner 

Mrs. Strauss . . . Laura Le Claire 
Baron Mobetski . . Jot. W. Shaanon 

This play was withdrawn after Sept. It. 

Maurice Grau's French Opera company appeared here Sept. 13, 
and was composed of: Paola Marie, Mary Albert, Josephine Schaef- 
fcrt, Cecilc Gregoire, Pauline Merle, Clement Nigri, F. Tauffenberger, 
M. Alphonse Bernard, M. E. Duplan, J. Merieres, M. A. Poyard, 
M. M. Vilano, M. K. Vinchon, and James Mauras. "La Fille du 
Tambour Major " was presented for the first time in America, and 
the cast was : 

Marquis M. Povsrd 

Duke M. Mezieres 

Griolet M. Tauffenberger 

Ciampus M. Vilano 

Morin M. Vinchon 


Stella Paola Marie 

Cl.iudinc Marv Albert 

Duchess Mile, belorme 

Princess Mile. Armand 

Monthabor M. Duplan 

Robert M. Nigri 

The first appearances in America were: Mary Albert, M. Nigri, 
and M. Tauffenberger. ."Les Cloches de Corneville " was SUDg Oct, 
4, 6, 8, and matinee Oct. 9, with Paola Marie as Scrpolette, and M. 
Mezieres as Gaspard; Oct. 5, 7, 9, " Le Petit Due." Paola Marie as 
Raoul, and M. Duplan as Fumiousse; Oct. 1 1, 12, 15, and matinee of 
Oct. 16, " Mignon," with the American d^but of Josephine Schaeffcrt 
as Philine, and the first appearance of M. Mauras as Wilhelm, Paola 
Marie in the title r6le; Oct. 13, 14, 16, " Girofl^-Girofia," Paola 
Marie as Gtrofl^Girofla, and M. Nigri as Moorsook \ Oct 18. 19, 
"I^ Fille du Tambour Major;" Oct 20, " Les Clochcs de Corne- 
ville," when Mary Albert sung Serpolette for the first time in this 
city. P or the benefit of I'aula Marie, Oct. 21, " Babiole" was given 

Digitized by Google 



for the first time in America. Paola Marie was Babiole, and Mary 
Albeit, Madeline. On Oct. 25, 26, '* La P^ricbole." For the fiftieth 
and last performance of this company, Oct. 27, the following was 
the programme: First act of " La Belle Hel^ne," second act of " La 
Grande DodMSiie.'* song of "La Maguena" by Mary Albert, second 
act of '* La P^ricbole,'* and third act of *' La Fille da Tambour 

"The Upper Crust " was acted Oct. 28, with this cast: Marie, 
Ann^uranam; Mme. de Rives, Mrs. Chas. Poole ; Cornelia, Maud 

Mowbray; Lillian, Pearl Eytinge; Gertrude, Amy Northcott ; Pre- 
fect Police, J. W. Eggleston ; Duke, Chas. Loveday ; Baron, \Vm. 
Scallan ; Count de Rives, Lewis Morrison ; Count Legare, J. R. 
Grismer; Paul, Raymond Holmes; Germain, Wm. A. I^velle. 

Robson and Crane began an engagement of four weeks, Nov. 8, in 
" .Sharps and Flats/ ' which had this cast : 

Cutler Sharp • • 
Capt. Emtott 
DuUstone Flat 
Richard Blaze 
John PembsTlOii . 
Kattle .... 
Rev. Percy Gosling 
Harvey Stnpe 
Mrs. Capt. Edward 

Miss M . ShlppiDgtm 

. Stuart RobaoD 
. A. S. Llpmao 

. W. H. Crane 
Seldon Mitchell 
. R. J. DiUon 
. John Marble 
• P. M. Bnrbeck 
F. E. Ambrose 

Mrs. Decker 
Miss Guppy 
Miss Prim . 
Reuben Craze 
Bell . . . 
Otis Mott . 
Marian . . 
Mrs. Lowndes 
Mrs. DuUstone Flat 
Nellie Flat. . . 

Miss A. Townley 
Harriet Din^es 

. Miss A. Mart 
Mr. Fessenden 
Thos. Noyes 
Manuel V. Duro 
Acnes Proctor 
. Alicia Robson 
Mary Myers 
May Gallagher 

^lJlat.rim ony was presented here Dec. 6, with this cast : Dick, 

Edwin F. Thome; Ralph, J. Newton Gotlhold ; M. La Tour, Edwin 
F. Knowles ; Littleton, VV'm. M. Maurice; Alice, Mrs. Edwin F. 
Thorne; Mrs. Dorcas, Emma Skerrett ; Sophia, Charlotte Neville; 
Col. Flayford, Chas. A. McManus; St. John, Clarence Gibson; 
Laura. Louise Muldener; Madeline, Emily Baker; Nora, Sarah 
Goodrich; Maude, Lillian B. Conway. The house was closed^ 
evening Dec. 20 for a rehearsal of Baroey Campbdl's " Mv Geral 
diae. " originally acted Dec. 2 1. The cast was : 

Geraldine .... Louise Muldener Mary Carroll 
Maurice Arden . . . E. F. Thome Phil. Carroll 
Nora Brophy . . Mrs. E. F. Thorne Teddy Cregan 

Squire Arden John Jack Mike .McSfil 

Larry Loane . . . W. M. Maurice Terrence 
Utde Geraldine .... Little Elko 

Ennily Baker 
. J. N. Gotthold 
. . W. Scallan 
. Frank Lawlor 
C A. McManus 

This same play was produced in Chicago, 111., April 27, 1884, at 
Hooley's Theatre, under the title of "_Ardendale." 

On Jan. 17, 188 1, '.' B igamyJ ' by EuTe Henderson and Fannie 
Mathews, was produced for the first time, and cast thus: Miriam, 
AdaDyas; Adele, Louise Sylvester; Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. M. A. 
Farren; Philip^ Eben Flyropton} Henry, Nelson Decker; Judge 


Digitized by Google 


Ashton, Jos. W. Shannon ; Abraham, Henry Chanfrau ; Dr. Paine, 
J. J. Spies ; Ada, Lillian VVestbrook ; Lulu, Ernestine Floyd ; Annie, 
May Maurice; Marie, Charlotte Adams; Alfred, Wm. Fitzgerald; 
Laurence, Albert Tavemier; Edward, Chas. W. Day. 

" Drink '^ was played Jan. 31, with Rose Eytinge and Cyril Searle 
in the principal rdles, and continued for two weeks, except matinees 
Feb. 5, 12, when "East Lynne" was acted, and repeated Feb. 14, 
15, 16. The theatre was closed Feb. 17, 18 for rehearsals of Solo- 
mon's " Billee Taylor," presented for the first time in America Feb. 
19, with this cast : 

Capt. The Hon. Felix Flapper 

J. H. Ryley 

Sir Mincing Lane . W. H. Seymour 
Ben Barnacle . A. W. F. McCollin 
Christopher Crab Wm. Hamilton 

Billee Taylor . . . Arnold Breeden 
Arabella Lane .... Alice Burville 
Susan .... Madeline Lucette 
Eliza Dabsey . . . Nellie Mortimer 
Phoebe Farleigh . . . Carrie Burton 

During the progress of the opera, T. M. Hengler, of Delehanty 
and Hengler, Major Burke, and the La Verde Sisters, in sailor's 
hornpipe, appeared. " Billee Taylor " was first represented in Lon- 
don Oct. 30, 1880. 

" ^fing^nd ^Ifix jpaids " was produced June 4, 1881. In the last 
week of August, 1 887, B. McAuley opened in "A Messenger Irom Jarvis 
Section." That was followed on Sept. 22 by Gilbert and Sullivan's 
'TaTtrtice," which was the greatest financial success the house ever 
knew. About $100,000 was made by this opera, " Pinafore" coming 
next, with receipts of $60,000. The cast of " Patience" was: Bun- 
thorne, J. H. Ryley ; Grosvcnor, J. Barton Key; Colonel, Wm. T. 
Carleton ; Major, Arthur Wilkinson; Duke, L. Cadwallader; Pa- 
tience, Carrie Burton ; Lady Jane, Augusta Roche ; Lady Angela, 
Jeannette Edmondson ; Lady Saphir, Marie Hunter; Lady Ella, 
Jennie Stone ; Solicitor, Wm. White. 

This was the American d6but of A. Wilkinson and L. Cadwallader. 
All the theatres in New York, and in many other cities throughout 
the country, were closed evening of Sept. 20 in consequence of 
President Garfield's death. All except Daly's, the Windsor, and the 
variety theatres were again closed Sept. 26, when the final obsequies 
were performed. The one hundredth performance of " Patience " 
occurred Dec. 26, when there was a change in the cast. Mr. Carle- 
ton appeared as Grosvenor, W. H. Hamilton as Col. Caverly, Jean- 
nette Edmondson as Lady Angela, and Marie Hunter as Lady Ella. 
"Claude Duval " was first sung March 6, 1882, and played alternate 
three nights with " Patience" until March 25, when the last-named 
operetta was withdrawn. 

The Actors' Fund benefit occurred April 3. The programme was 
"Claude Duval," with W. T. Carleton, L. Cadwallader, A. Wilkin- 
sorvTWT GtnSw, J. A. Furcy, F. Dixon. J. H. Ryley, Carrie Burton, 


Marie Hunter, Jennie Hughes, Victoria Reynolds, Clara Allen, Alice 
Arlington, Ethel Champneys, Annie Dayton, Marie de Noel, Nellie 
Devere, Sophie Hummel, Marie Langdon. Eugenie Maynard, Agnes 
Merrill, Lizzie Miller, Lillie Shandley, Grace Sherwood, Belle Ur- 
qubart, Lillie Walters, and Clara Wisdom in the cast. May i the 
Heaa ** Acme Opera" company began and played nntil the close of 
the regular season, June 3. 

Baker & Farron began a summer season June 5 in " Max Mullc r." 
which had this cast : 

Max Muller 9 
Emil Mullsr$ • • • 

O'Connel T. J Farron 

Blackburn Frank Lose« 

Luke Ooiriiag . . J. W. Summers 
Sheriff E. D. TannebiU 

P. F. Baker 



0»Nell Harry Rice 

Kee >er Hawes . . Charles Wilson 

Keeper Jones F. N. Lee 

Rita Muller . . Mrs. W. G. Jooes 
MiJuiMtillMr . . .UkUe Elsie LMoe 
MiaaMiillsr . . . VielorjrQMdk 

Miss Creese is now known as Victory Bateman. 

The season of 18S2-83 began Sept. 6, with Laura Don in "A 
Dauehtei_Df the Nile^l' which had this cast : 

Anpus Somerdyke 
Col. Bellows . . 
Drexel Grewges . 
Sir Charles Dangle 
Uncle Pitts AUyn 
Katrina Allyn . . 

. . Henrv Lee 
E. M. Holland 
Linclsey Harris 
. Edwin Cleary 
. . Sol Smith 
Helen Tracy 

Toto Turfiana 
Aunt Penelope 

Angelique . . 
Mother Drury 
Egypt . . . 

. . Lillian Edeington 
. . Mrs. Sol Smith 
Henri Louise Bascomb 
. • . Mary Buker 
.... Lmts Don 

D*Oyly Carte's Opera company opened Sept. 26 in " Les Man- 
tea ux Noirs," with this cast: 

Louis de Rosamonte W. T. Carleton 
Dromez .... Richard Mansfield 
Philip of Aragon . . A. Wilkinson 

Nicolas W. Gillow 

Manuel \Vm. White 

Palomez j. A. Furey 

ijmi J. H.Ryky 

Isabel Fanny Edwards 

Cloriada John Rivers 

Gomes Billie Barlow 

Lazarillo . ... . . Mina Rowley 

Rcsina Sophie Hummel 

Guzman Clara Wilson 

Girob SdhiaOolaco 

They produced " Rip Van Winid e " Oct. 28» and tlie cast was : 

Rip van Winkle 
NickVedder . 
Derrick van Slaos 
Capt. Rowley . 
Tom Tit . . 
Peter van Dook 
Cretchen . . 
LittiL' Alice 
Little Hans . 

Ifianle . 

W. T. Carleton 
Richard Mansfield 
W. H. Seymour 
Arthur Rousbey 
. A. Wilkinson 
. Billie Barlow 
, . J. H. Ryley 
Sallie Reber 
Linda Da Costa 
Maggie Gonzales 
. Pollie Gillow 
. Mina Rowky 
. Alice Gresliam 
. Ina Weddle 


Hermann . . . 
Katrina . . . . 
Hendrik Hudson . 
First lieutenant . 
Second lieutenant 
Third lieutenant . 
Fourth lieutenant 
Fifth lieutenant . 
Goblin Dwarf . . 
Alice van Winkle 
Lieut, van Sbras 
IiB Veddcr . . 

« . Clara Wisdom 
. . AdaVickan 
. . Selina Dolaro 
. Arthur Rousbey 

L. Cadw.illader 
. . . W. Gillow 
. UUie Shandley 
. . BttHe Barlow 
. . Alice Gresham 
. . Wm. White 
. . Sallie Reber 

L. Cadwallader 
Ridiaid MiHiffifM 
. . . W. White 


This was Arthur Rousbcy's d^but here, and the first appearance 
of PoUie Gillow, daughter of William Gillow, an English comedian — 
right name, Moss. She died in this city Oct. 3, 1891. 

Gilbert and Sullivan's " lolanthe" was sung Nov. 25, for the first 
time in America. It bad this cast : 

Lord Chancellor . . Henry E. Dixey 
Earl of Tolloller . W. H. Fessenden 
Earl of Mount Ararat 

Edward P. Temple 
Private Willis . . Gus Kanimerlee 
Fairy Queen . . . Mary A. Sanger 
Fleta Sylvia Gcrrish 

Strephon Sig. Broccolini 

Train Bearer .... Jos. Hamblin 

lolanthe Clara Poole 

Phyllis . . . Jeannette Edmond.son 

Celia Annie Galloway 

Leiia Hattie Delaro 

It was first produced at London, England, on the same date. 
" Estrella" was presented Dec. 1 1, and had this cast : 

Count Pomposo . . . Hubert Wilke 
Sig. Lorenzo .... W. S. Rising 
Uoge of Venice . Edward P. Temple 

Phylloxera Horace Frail 

Tommaso . . . George A. Schiller 

Estrella Amy Gordon 

Tartarella .... Jennie Hughes 

Brigetta Fanny Rice 

Page Kathleen Lvnne 

Ninetta Polly Wfnner 

Violetta Emma Calef 

Henrietta .... Madeline Dixon 
Notary Mr. S lattery 

" Micaela," adapted from " Le Coeur et la Main " by C. Lecocq, 
and produced at the Bijou Theatre, this city, Feb. 15, as "Heart 
and Hand," was first sung here Feb. 26, 1883, and the cast was: 

The King J. H. Ryley 

Don Gaetau .... George Sweet 

Morales W. Macreery 

Don Mosquilos . H. W. Montgomery 
Baldomero M. Loe 

Capt. Barros .... J no. Vernon 
Lieut. Moros .... Jno. Compton 
Prince Micaela . . . Marie Conron 
Doiia Olastica . Mrs. Fred Williams 
Jos^ Vemona Jarbeau 

" Pinafore " was revived March 17, with J. H. Ryley as Sir Joseph ; 
William Hamilton, Capt. Corcoran ; Wallace Macreery, Ralph; J. H. 
Stuart, Deadeye; Alex. Henderson, Boatswain; Marie Conron, 
Josephine; Vemona Jarbeau, Hebe; and Julie de Ruyther, Butter- 
cup. " Patience " was revived March 26, and ran until April 9. It 
had this cast : 

Bunthorne J. H. Ryley 

Grosvenor Jas. Barton 

Colonel W. H. Hamilton 

Major Geo. Gaston 

Duke .... W. P. Hampshire 
Solicitor Wm. White 

Lady Jane .... Au^sta Roche 
Lady Angela . . . Hattie Anderson 
Lady .Saphir .... Helen Lowell 

Lady Ella Ruby Rogers 

Patience Mane Jansen 

Salsbury's Troubadours followed April 11 in " Greenroom Fun," 
thus cast : 



Mr. Booth McForrest . . N. Salsbury 
KUtf Plttoipet and Indian 

Princess . . . Nellie McHenr)- 
Rev. Ernest Duckworth, John Webster 
HemyOpdyke ... 

Prompter . . . 
Herr Shrickonghoat 

Stage Carpenter . 
Camilla Westlake 

Fred A. Howman 
. W. \V. Furst 
G. W. Bouvier 
. Marie Hunter 

They closed the rq^lar season May 5. 

Blanche Revere made her d^but June 6 (matinee) as Gilberte in 
" Frou ^ToUi" A summer season under the management o£ Joseph 
Brooks antTuines B. Dickson began June 9, with **Jgitaai^/' and 
lasted ten nighte and two mating ** SataneUa" had this cast: 

Count RiqMrt 
Hortensius . 
Karl . . . 
The Vizier . 
Fabian . . 
Fnas . . 

» Geo. Traverncr 
■ . J. H. Stuart 
W. P. Hampshire 
. . Wm. White 
. . Helen Lowell 
. Sophia Hnaund 

Braccasio . • . \V. H. Hamilton 
Ariroanea .... Fred Bornemann 

Satandh Alice May 

Leiia Marie Jansen 

Stella _ Rose Temple 

, . . . . Liade Parr 

This was the first appearance in New York of Fred Bornemann, 
and the American d^but of Alice May. 

Brooks & Dickson commenced their next season Sept. 8 with the 
new English operette *'Tbe Meny Duchess." 

Bnbaioii Sykea . 

Freddy Bowman . 
Farmer Bowen 
Sir Loth bury Jones 
CapL Walker . . 
Loid Johnie . . 
Inspector Green . 
Alderman Gog 
The Trainer . . 

Harry E. Dixey 

. John E. Nash 
Edward Connell 
W, Forrester 
Walt. Hami 

. . W. Jones 
W. Dohrman 
. . G . WOioa 

The Ducbeas o£ Epsom Downs 


Rowena (iirst appearance fai 

New York) . . . Louise 

Doretha Bowman (first 

in New Yoik) 
SyMa . 


Martin . 

Chloe . 

Marian . 

Hod|g^ • 


Jean Delmar 
Sophie Hammal 
. iHdde Delaro 

Addie Davis 
Fanny Knight 
Belle Urquhart 
Eva Walton 
Annie Dayton 

"In the Ranks," a London melodrama, was first produced in 
America Nov. 1, and had this cast: 

Ned Dravton . 
Richard Belton 
Gideon Blake . 
Col. Wynter . 
Capt Holcroft 
Farmer Herrick 
Joe Buzzard 
Sergt. Searle . 
Private Curtis 
O'Hara . . . 
Lechmere . . 
Barker . . . 
Kurcher . . 
Turvey . . . 
Trimmins • 
Old Thomas . 
BkMwm . . • 
Constable . . 
Police Sergeant 

Frederic Bryton 
. F. F. Mackay 
. J. R. Crawford 
. . Leslie Allen 
. Nelson Decker 
J. H. Fitzpatrick 
Sidney M. Howard 
. . R. C. White 
. Walter Denier 
Frank Lane 
. Leater Vktor 
. . L. Peterson 
. Oliver Waters 
. J, B. Santley 
. Alfred Becks 
. . F. Sartine 
. Wm. Wendell 
. . W. Gillow 
. . J. Antoine 

Wymple G. Landis 

O'Flannigan .... J. F. Watson 

Spivina Ddancey Barclay 

Workingmaa R. V. Percy 

O'Leary T. AUton 

Mr. Brown J. Comstalk 

Sentry H. Phillips 

Tiger W. Drexell 

Warder A. Fisher 

Ruth Herrick . . . Kate M. Forsyth 
Barbara Herrick . . . Sydney Cowell 

Mrs. Buzzard Dora Stuart 

Dina Turvey .... Emily Bancker 
Mrs. Trimmins . Mrs. Charles Peters 
Mrs. Wymple . . Elizabeth Andrews 
Mrs. O'FUuuigaii . . Helen Tweed 
Grandmother .... Mrs. Naylor 
Polly Trimmins .... Little Dolly 
Child Little Alice 


This was the American debut of J. R. Crawford. Elizabeth 
Andrews became an inmate of the Edwin Forrest H<mie, Aug. 

10, 1892. 

This theatre was destroyed by fire on the afternoon of Dec. 14, 

1883. All the members of the company and of the chorus were 

A new house was erected on the site; McElfatrick & Sons were 
the architects. The seating capacity of the new house was: or- 
chestra, five hundred; balcony, three hundred and twenty-five; 

and gallery, five hundred. John A. Duff was the lessee, and 
James C. Duff the manager. The opening took place Dec. 23, 

1884, with an adaptation of T ri£_toj^fricaf " with this cast: 

Titania Fanfani . . . Marie Conron 
Kanfani Paaha . . Charles Stanley 

MiradiUo Alex. Kkin 

Antasid A. L. King 

Tessa Mae St. John 

Buccametta .... Hattie Nefflin 
Pericles Jolui£.Nssb 

This was the American d^but of Mae St. John. Emma See- 
bold made her first appearance Dee. 24, in the character of Titania. 
"Gasperone" was simultaneously produced, for the first time in 
America, at this theatre and Thalia Theatre, Feb. 21, 1885. The 
cast here was: 

Nakid Fred Clifton 

Sebil Miss Englander 

Hosh £. Sullivan 

A. Muezzin Sig. Jamino 

First Sais ..... C. L. Rosario 
Second Sais .... Wm. Giliow 

ZeooUa Hattie Nefflen 

Nlariett.T Alice Vincent 

Macassio Chas. Stanley 

Clerk Wm. Gil more 

Ruperto Wm. Gillow 

Goarino C. L. Rosario 

Carlotta Emma Seebold 

Babolena . . . Richard Ntansfield 
Sindulfo . . . Wm. H. Fitzgerald 
Count Eminlo . . . Harry Milliard 

Luigi John £. Nash 

Beoozto Alex. Klein 

Sora Mae St John 

" Pinafore " was revived April 4, with Mae St. John as Josephine, 
Thos. VVhiffen as Sir Joseph. The farcical comedy, "The Twins," 
by Joseph Derrick, author ol "Confusion," was produced for the 
first time in New York, April 2a It was originally presented on 
the American stage at the Boston Museum, Sept. i, 1834. The 
cast here was: 

Dr. Titus Spinach ) 
Timothy Spinach J 
Amos liillings . . 
Adolphus Bulings 
Richards .... 
O'Havcruck . . H. 


Raropunkah . . . 

John A. Mackajr 

Charles Stanley 
. J. H. Browne 
Fred Qifton 
W. Monusomery 
. . J. Naeb 


Arrack J. W. Pigott 

Mrt. Billion . . . Louisa Eldridge 
The Hon. Mn. Grand, Emma (lr.1i tan 
(Mrs. Harry Courtaine) 
Edith Gracely . . . Olga Brandon 
Matikla Si^nach . . . liattieNeffien 
LynUsHsven^. . Agnes 

"The Mikado'* was sung Aug. 20^ and the cast was: 

Digitized by Google 



The Mikado 

KoKo . 
Pooh-Bah . 
PtrifTiiah . 

. W. H. HamilUM 
. Harry S. HfHitrd 

. . . J. H. Ryley 
. Thomas WhiiSen 
. AloMO Stoddard 


Peep- Bo 
Katisba . 

Vernona larbeau 

Came Tutein 
. Zelda Sequin 

Chas. Harris was the original Mikado in America. 

N. C. Goodwin followed Nov. 23, in " The Skating Rink " — its 
first representation in this city: Ronald Delaine, N. C. Goodwin, 
Jr.; Erasmus, J. B. Radcliffe; Timothy, Henry V. Donnelljf; 
Mickey, Edward F. Goodwin; Philander, Major Newell; Ignis 
Fatuus, Chas. Fletcher; Hither and Thither, Wm. Fletcher; 
Clarence O'Dear, Frank £. Morse; Amelia Tubbs, Daisy Mur- 
doch; Sallie Tubbs, Marietta Uait; Franchita, Lillian Fletcher; 
Matilda Squibbs, Helen Lowell, Phoebe, Hattie Schell. 

Lotta appeared here Dec. 7, in "The Old Curio sity Shop. " 
This was the first engagement at this house under John Stet- 
son's management, he having leased the theatre for a few weeks. 
Rosina Yokes, with an English company (brought to America by 
John Stetson), was seen here Dec. 21, in "In Honor Bound," "My 
Milliner's Bill," and "A Christmas Pantomime Rehearsal." All 
three pieces were new to this city. With the exception of the star 
all of the people named made their metropolitan del)ut. In "My 
Milliner's Bill" were: Jack Merridew, Brandon Thomas; Mrs. 
Merridevr, Rosina Yokes. "A Christmas Ftmtomime Rehearsal" 
was cast as follows: 

Tack Deedea . . . . W. G. Elliott 

Tomkins J. Kolfe 

Lofd Arthur Somersault 

Weedon Grossmith 
Sir Charles Grandison W. R. Stavely 

Capt, Tom Robinson, Brandon Thomas 
Lady Kota Traiee . Miia Carlingford 

Violet Leslie Chester 

May Agnes Miller 

Lily Rosina Yokes 

Kate Castleton was seen here Jan. 18, 1886, in " Crazy I'a tch " 
— its first performance in this city. The cast was: SybillaTubbs, 
Kate Castleton ; Sarah Tubbs, Esther Williams ; Mignonette, Belle 
Nicholson; Chrysanthemum, Courtney Haviland ; Hyacinth, Elsie 
Graham; Lucy, Ada Oilman; Jupiter Tubbs, L. R. Stockwell; 
Arthur Sullivan, I. N. Long ; Arthur Mivins Tubbs, Willie Royston; 
William Smith, John D. Gilbert; Felix McGlue, Kddie Girard. 

"The Mikado" was transferred from the Fifth Avenue Theatre 
on Feb. i by John Stetson, and was given here until Feb. 27, 
when it returned to the Fifth Avenue. 'IBlackmair* followed 
here March 15, and stayed for two weeks. Its castWas : 

Leoo Dcnuiz • 
Cheval Vandel 

Alfred Dorni . . . Lawrence H.inley 
Doctor Florio .... Evelyn Evan.s 

Sipio T. J. Herndon 

Marquia Domi . . . Jamea F. Dean 
Giistave Aninir Giles 

Will C. Cowper I Governor of Toulon 
, James Wilson | Scarbrand . 

Jailer . . 
Servant . . 
Emilie . . 
Hetty Florio 
Mme. Deranx 

. . Alfred Selig 
. . Harry Horn 
James AndiLvvs 
. T. F. Howers 
Eleanor Moretti 
Addie Plunkett 
Adcle aark 

Digitized by Google 


"J!h£_Llttle Tycnnn " was sung for the first time in New Yoik 

March 29, and bad this cast : 

Ahrfn Barry . 

Rufus Kcadv . 
Lord Dolpln'n . 


. R. E. Graham 
. Wm S. Rising 

. R. N. Dunbar 
H. Van Vcghten 

Teddy . . . 
Montgomery . 
\'iolet . . . 
Dolly Dimple . 
Milt Himricaiie 

. . Joseph Mealey 
. . Frank DareV 
GMrrie M. Dietrick 
. . NetU Guioa 
. . Elma Ddiio 

Custom House Officers) J- W. Daniels 

j John Banner 

"_A Tin Soldier " had its first representation in this city May 3, 
and ran until July 3, when the season closed. 

"tThe Maid a n d the Moonshine r." a comic opera, by Edward 
Solomon and C. h. HWt , haTlts first performance Aug. 16^ and 
the cast was: 

Viisinia . . . 

Coarbon Miller . 

Col. Peyton . . 
Upton O. Dodge 

Capt. Beach . . 

Capt. Barr . . 
Capt. Sparrow 

. Lillian Russell 
. John K. Brand 
James Radcliffe 
. . Tony Hart 
Joseph Armand 
Geo. Wilkinson 
. A. L. Nicholls 

Mrs. Lee • . 
Lconore . . 
Violetta . . . 
Capt. Fahrbach 
Rev. Mr. Tlu|«r 
Pomp . . . 

. Emma Delaro 
Carrie Tuteio 
Annie Leslie 
Qveeoie Vaanr 
Frank Boudinot 
Fred. Solomon 
John P. Hogan 

It was a failure, and the theatre was closed after Aug. 28. 
f^The theatre was reopened Sept 20, 1886, with "A Wall 
* Bandit/' by A. Q . Gunther. The cast was: ' ^ 


Weston Minton . . Chas. Wheatleigh 
Justus Sharkev . . Robt. McW'ade 
Joshua Joab Jinks . Charles Bowser 
, Dr. Ralston .... Frank Losee 
, Broadstretcher . Lysander Thompson 

iro"„s:u • w.j.F«r»o" 

jjooatban Wayne, Jr. Tommy Ruaaell 

Bijoa Femandei 
Fannie Addiaoo 

Ethel Wayne . . 
Patience Mavvley ) 
Patience O'Flynn $ 

Annie Marion Russdl 

Mattie £dith liird 

Katie tittle OIHe 

Gentleman Jimmy . • J. H. Farn II 
Ethel Minton . . . Georgia Cayvan 
Marion Longdate . . Sadfie Bigelow 
Katie Morton. . . • Anna Boyle 

It was withdrawn Oct. 17. About six months before this date 
Henry Rochefort, the Parisian editor, agitator, and duellist, wrote 
a play called " L'Irlandaise." It was secured for this country bv 
I^uis Nathal and F. Mons, who had it tianslnted, and, as "A 
Daughter of Ireland," it was acted for the fiwT time on any stage 
at the Standard, Oct. 18, with this cast: 

Una Campbell 
Lady Edith 
Lord H.i>nii^s 
Richard bwccoy 
Col. Watson . 
Costigan . . 
Sir Edward Love 

Georgia Cayvan 
. . Sadie Bigelow 
W. J. Constant! lie 

Robert Milliard 

Hardie Vernon 
. . AUredFoUin 

Chariea Brandt 

Speedwell . . 
OKelly . . 
Capt. Jonathan 
Lieut. Ferguson 
Sergt. Sam 
Cornelius O'Brien 
Thomas . . . 

. W. H. Pope 
. Frank Kemble 

. Harry Clifford 
A W. Gregory 
Walter Retves 
Chas. Hawkins 

. Geo. Wagner 

Digitized by Google 


Dion Boucicault's comedy " The li lt " was seen for the first 
time here Oct. 29, when it had this cast: 

Myles O'Harm . . Dion Boucicault 
Sir Bodkigh Woodstock 

H. J. Lethcourt 

Lord Marcus VVylie 
Col. Tudor . . 
Geoflfirey Tudor . 
James Daisy . . 
Jiev. Mr. Spoooer 

Frank Norcross 
John Sutton 
. Fritz Williams 
. Mr. Herbert 
J. B. UoUis 

Wilcox . . . . 

Cripps . . . . 
Kitty Woodstock 

Mrs. Welter . . 

Phyllis Welter . 

Mrs. Pincott . . 

Lady MilUnnt . 

. . Mr. Murray 
. . .Mr. Belton 
Louise Thorndyke 
. . Mar\' Barker 
Miss M. bannister 
. Maude Mowbray 
Helen Baacraft 

The Rosina Yokes company appeared here Nov. 15, without 
Miss Yokes, who was ill, in "In Honor Round, " "A Pantomime 
Rehearsal/' and "Cousin Dick," the last-named then acted for the 
first time in this city, and thus cast: Richard Dalston, Gordon 

Dalzell ; Constance, Helen Dacre; Florence, Mabel Millett; 
Mary, Geraldine Dalzell. " ^\ Kittle Cfia rge" was first acted 
here Nov. 18. "The Schoolmistress" received its first New 
York representation Dec. 7. Salsbury's Troubadours opened 
Feb. 7, 1887, in " Xhe-Hummiug Bird." acted for the first time 
in New York. Sol Smith Russell followed Feb. 14. in "Pa,'^ 
which had this cast: 

Perkimen Guinney (Pa) 

Sol Smith Russell 
Kajmond Dawsey Fred Percy Marsh 
Spsrtacas Hiibbs . . Frank Lawton 
Sydnqr Bnafia . . . Fred P. Ham 

Capt. Startle 
Mrs. Ryu 
Sybil . 

Albert H. Warren 
. Mattie Ferguson 
. Viiginia NeUon j 
Emily Baacker | 
Emma Hagger 1 

Marshall's company of Japanese performers appeared here June 

13, for a brief stay. 

The next season opened Sept. 12, with "The Arabian Nights, 
or Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp," which had this cast: 

Haroun At Rascbid 
The Sultana . . 
The Macician . . 
Spirit of the Lamp 

Spirit of the Ring 
Ski Hi .... 

Tckiky Nokra . 
Chow-Vhow . . 

KIub-Lubba . . 


. . Geo. Clare 
Hden Harrington 
. . J. H. Ryley 
. . MiM Cogan 
. Miss Pierrepont 
Frank W Holland 
. . . Celic Klli^ 
. . Thos. Martin 
. . , J. M. Ryley 
. . E. Connelly 
. . Lena Merville 
. . . Loie Fuller 

The Widow 
Fol-Dol . . 
Zal Am- Bo . 
Genie of the Lamp 
Fal-lal . 
Ni-Scc . 
Chid- Dee 
Loot. Lee 

. Lillie Alliston 
• Jennie Ellison 
. . ZoeVieUi 
. Arnes Burke 

. Miss Cogan 
. Rose Franks 
. Rose Wilson 
. Linda Bamett 
Linda Linnet 
Miss Chamberlayne 
. . Marie Austin 

The theatre was closed for five nights the week of Oct. 31, and 

was reopened Nov. 5, with "Dorothy," sung for the first time in 
America. In it Harry Paulton and Marie Halton made their 
American d€bttt. The cast was: 

Digitized by Google 


Squire Bantam 
Geoffrey Wilder 
Harry Sherwood 

ioba Tuppit . 
.iiidier . . 

Wm. Hamilton 
. Eugene Oudin 

John K. Brand 
F. Boudinot 
. Harry Paulloii 

Tom Strtitt . . 
Dorothy liantam . 
Lvdi.i Hawthorne 
Mrs. Privett . . 
PbylB* . . . . 

. . J. E. Nash 
. Lillian Russell 
Agnes Stone 
. Rom Leishton 
. If arte Haltm 

It was sung for the last time Dec. 17. This opei^ was first pro- 
duced at the Gaiety, London, Eng., Sept. 25, 1886. After being 
closed for one week the theatre was reopened Dec 24, by the 
Meech Brothers. John and Henry, and Frank VV. Sanger, who 
leased it for the production of Steele Mackaye's '^J^auL^gyvar," 
originally played at Buffalo, N. Y., under the title of *' Aparch Vi" 
May 30 of the same year. The cast at this theatre was : nm\ 
Kauvar, Joseph Haworth ; Honore Albert Maxime, Edwin Varrey; 
Marquis de Vaux, a/ias Gouroc, W. A. Lackaye ; Gen. Delaroche, 
Nestor Lennon; Ahbi de St. Simon, B. F. Horning ; Gen. Kleterre, 
Jerome Stevens; Col. La Hogue, Leslie Allen; Dodolphe Potin, 
Sidney Drew; Carrac, Geo. D. Fawcett; Bourdotte, Edward 
Coleman; Goujon, Ed. M. Hurd; Taboose, Cbas. Mitchell; First 
Orderly, E. R. Spencer; Second Orderly, A. E Lohman; First 
Sans Ciilotte, Fred. Clifton; Second Sans Culotte, C. H. Went- 
worth; Diane de Beaumont, Annie Robe; Nanette Potin, Louise 
Rial; Scarlotte, Lillie Eldridge. Annie Robe acted Diane for 
the last time Jan. 21, 1888. Adele Belgarde played Diane, and 
R. C. Hiliiard, Gen. Delarochc, Jan. 23. Steele Mackaye ap- 
peared Feb. 20 as I'aul Kauvar. This was his first appearance on 
the New York stage in seven years. Carrie Turner appeared as 
Diane the same nij^L Wilton A. Lackaye acted Paul Kauvar 
March 14, 15, in consequence of Mr. Mackaye's indisposition. 
The latter reappeared March 16. Cora Dean played Diane 
mating March 17. "Paul Kauvar** ended its ran March 31. 

Miss Dean was afterwarcTs^Tcnown as Cora Hawkhurst, and also as 
Cora Edsett "A^£essible Case," by Sydney^giig^eld, was first 
acted in this city April 9, and was thus cast : 

Otto Brinrkerhoff 
Lawrence Gouki . 
Allan Weeks . . 
Seftor de Vidas 
DiekHertel . . 
Cyrus A. Wishton 
Aurelio .... 
Gomez .... 
Pedro .... 

M. A. Kennedy 
Frank Burl>ecl( 
. Robert Hiliiard 
W. H. Thompson 
. £. D. Tannehill 
Geo. F. Devere 
, . Dan Leeson 
. Robe rt V. Perry . 
James H. Browne \ 

Bridpeman . . 
Willie Carter . 
Violet Mendoia 
Ethel Sorrero . 
Mrs. WisbtoO 

Charles SUndish 
. . Edgar Smart 
Genevieve Lytton 
. Dorothy Dorr 
. . Lootse Rial 

Gladys Lelia Wolstan 

Juaniu Kate Oesterle 

Kitty Canisjadnoo 

^ "^yinj," with Neil Burgess as the star, was produced April 3a 
""J^i^ts and Shadows," by Chas. S. Gayler, was acted for the first 
time in this city May 2 1, and had this cast : 

Digitized by Google 



Mary Bland ) 
Mabel Milburn; 
EAMi Dmj^lifoii 

Kate Stanhope 
Mrs. Bleeker . 
Madam Gerard > 
Mother Meg >■ 
Jeanette ) 
Mark Milbum 
Kufus Milburn 

. May Newman 

maijone uonner 

Jennie Williams 
Emelie Kickaby 

Ida Jeffreys 

. J. H Gilmoiir 
. John Hannon 

Jud^ Broughtoo 
Arcbv Bleeker 
Max Wilton 

Claude Maul 
Tom . 
Sam Bruno 
Tom Spinner 
Chief of Detccdm 
SeigtolPoHoe . 

. . James Dunn j 
Ai^sttia Cooki 
. Tamea E. WBeonl 
M. W. Rawleyl 
. . Fred Warren i 
Thomas McCartney i 
James Beckvith , 
. Mlltoo Robloe ^ 
WiUiun Footer : 


'iJPhilipkJifirne '' was seen here Oct. i, and had the same cast as 
when played at the Fifth Avenue Theatre. 

After having been closed for three nights, this house was re- 
opened Nov. 17, for the American d^but of the London Gaiety 
Theatre Burlesque company in "Mo nte Cri sto, Jr.," the cast of 
which was* ^ 

Edmond Dantes . . . Netlie Farren 

Nortier Fred Leslie 

Mercedes Marian Hood 

Femand .... Fanny Marriott 

Mariette Lctty Lind 

Victorine Sylvia Grey 

Cape Phoebus . . . Nellie Farren 
Claude FraOo . . . Fred Leslie 
Esmeralda ..... Marian Hood 

Fleur-de-Us Letty Lind 

Lafitte Sylvia Grey 

Ernest Fanaj Marriott 

Anita Lilly Post 

Inez Marie Halton 

Gen. Homhordos Wm. McLaughlin 
Prince Giuzman . . Frederic Clifton 

PedriOo Edward Lowe 

Inigo Harry Paulton 

Gen. Pataques . . Richard Golden 

De Villeiort . . . Charies Danby 

Morel Fred Storey 

Danglars .... Charles Medwin 
Caderouiise .... Alfred Balfour 

Albert Jenny Dawson 

Carconte Linda V'erner 

Mme. Goadalaorier . . Linda Verner 

ZiUah May Russell 

Corporal GriqgQire . Charles Danby 

Quasimodo Fred Storey 

Judge A. Balfour 

Clopio C. Medwia 

Gomez Hattie Delaro 

Hanz Mr. Holland 

Manuel Mr. I.uckstone 

Roderigo Mr. Holbrook 

1' aquiu Mies Minard 

Lola Miss Atherton 

I'aola Miss Hawthorne 

" Monte_Cri^o. Jr ." was followed by "Miss Esm eralda," Dec. 
17, for the first time in America. The cast was : 

Duflf's Comic Opera company reappeared Jan. 7, 1889^ in "The 
Queen's Mate," which had this cast: 

Lilly Post died in San Francisco. Cal., April 4, 189a 

Toe London Gaiety burlesque company reappeared Feb. 25 in 
" Esmeralda,** and etayed for one month. The Howard Athenaeum 
Specialty company opened March 25, for a fortnight. " Dovetta," 
a comic opera, music by Mrs. Emma Marcy Raymond, and the book 
Mary E, Bmcker and Charles Raynaud, was sung for the first 
time on any stage, April 32. The cast was : 

i^iyiu^ca L/y Google 


Broken Arrow 
Rainbow . 
Mnskimt . 

Harry Brown 
. Emily Soldenc 
. Joseph Lynde 
. Fatmah Diard 
Ficd Mattbewt 

U. S. 


Frank D.i\ id 
. Rose Leii^hton 

Klorrie Brambleton . 
Robert Brambleton . . W. S. Risins 
Qubbjr • • • Hattie Ddaro (Banw^ 

*' Dovetta ** was g^iven at matinfe April i. " Th e H I ack Crook " 

was produced March 29, and continued week of^^Iay 5. Tt gave 
place May 13 to "I^JaiuIni." The house closed week of May 20, 
and was reoi>cncd May 27 for seven performances of the London 
Gaiety company. "Miss Esmeralda" was given May 27, 28, ig, 
and matinee June i; "Monte Cristo," May 30^ 3I, and June I, 
when the house closed for the summer. 

' The next season opened Sept 19^ with " Hands Across the 
Sea.** which had this cast: 

Tack Dudley . . . 

Jean de Loanc . . 

Totn BaHetl . . . 

Dick >fclford . . . 

Robert Stillwood . . 
Count I'aul du Reoal 

Capt. Land . . . 

Joseph Stillwood . . 

Hiram Hiccory . . 

lieut. Victor . . . 

Gus. Levick 
W. J. Feiiguftoo 
John Bnckitoae 

Wm. H. Wallis 
. Jos. Adelman 
J. R. Furlong 
J. W. Atkinson 
James Oiley 
. . Gus Hyde 
. George Duval 

De Cotticdlea . . 

Governor . . . 
Inspector Thompson 
Ike Johnson . . 
Chief Officer . . 
Officer of Geniiarnaes 
Lilian Melford 
Lucy Nettleford . 
Mme. Vallerie 
Polly .... 

Bruce Hayes 
. Chas. Morton 
Robert Haadhi 

Wm. Richardson 
. Fred Sherman 
W. Thompson 
Edna Carey 
. Percv Has well 
Liuie J. Scanlan 
. Miss Vizetell 

" The Seven Atpe s " was acted for the first time Oct. 7, and the 
cast was: 

Bertie Van Loo ... H. E. Dixey 
DoUy .... Gerakline McCann 

Clara Marion Giroox 

Imoj^ne Minnie Miller 

Edith Ella Rock 

Myra Van TwiUer . Marie Williams 

Tripp E. H. Aiken 

Shakeqpeare . . . Geo. W. Howard 

Geraldine McCann replaced Marie Williams in the cast Dec. g. 
She was followed Dec. 16 by Kettina Girard (Mrs. Padelford)^ who 
then made her New York debut. 

James M. Hill leased this theatre Jan. 25, 1890, from James C. 
Duff until May i, 1893. Elvia Croix (Mrs. Thos. O. Seabrooke) 
retired from the cast of "X hc Seven_ A^ es. " Feb. i. Geraldine 
McCann assumed her rdle of Myra "Van Twillcr, Feb. 3. "J3ie 
Sntn AtTTT " closed Feb. 15. The one hundred and fifty«seoond 
consecutive performance was Feb. 15. Marie Williams reappeared 
Feb. 10 as Myra Van Twiller. " Thf— ^atcfi ping Ston e " had its 
iirst representation Feb. 17, with this cast: 

Mrs. Arden . . 


Cynthia Vernon . 
Roeschen . . . 
Cicely Newman . 
Thorman Noyes . 

Royal Mnckenzie 
Johnstone . . . 

. . Rose Eytinge 

I onise Halfe 
. . Minette .Mills 
. . Kate Oesterie 
Marguerite Fields 
. Gustavus Levick 
. . Robert Taber 
Thos. Q Seabrooke 

Chnrch Twinkler 
Doctor Wyke . 
Nick Vale . 
Ruth . . 
Phyllis . . 
Caleb ICnoz 
Jessie . . 

Chas. S. Dickson 

J. H. Fitzpatrick 
Frank B. Hatch 
Linda Dielz 

Victory Bateman 
. Frank Ru.sseU 
SaUie WUttams 

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Carrie Jackson replaced Minnette Mills (Mrs. W. O' Sullivan 
Dimpfel) Feb. 18, and J. H. Fitzpatrick was relieved Feb. 24 by 
Frederic de Belleville. On that date Selina Fetter joined the 
cast to play the part originated by Linda Dietz, while the latter 
in turn relieved Carrie Jackson. A professional matin6e of 
Stepping Stone " occurred March 7. Rose Eytinge's place was 
filled March 10 and thereafter by Jennie Reiffarth. Selina Fetter 
replaced Louise BaUe as Miranda March 14. Other changes were 
made March 17, as follows: Thurman Noyes, Frederic de Belle- 
ville; Royal Mackenzie, J. E. Kellerd; Dr. Wyke, Chas. M. Col- 
lins; Johnstone, J. H. Ryley; Church Twinkler, Chas. S. DicVson; 
Caleb Knox, Frank Hatch; Nick Vale, Chas. Dade; Miranda, Se- 
lina Fetter; Ruth, Ada Leviek; Cynthia Vernon, Linda Diets; 
Phyllis, May Haines; Mrs. Ardcn, Mmc. Ponisi; Roeschen, Vida 
Croly; Jessie, Sally Williams; and Cicely Newman, Alma Doerge. 
Mme. Ponisi retired after March 17, on account of severe illness. 
.Matinees were then given Thursdays and Saturdays. " The St ep- 
> j)ing Stone " closed its season March 29. During the last week of 
its stayTHa Vernon played Mrs. Arden; Howard Kyle, Church 
Twinkler; and Frank Hatch, Nick Vale Thos. g. Seabrooke 
also returned to the cast March 24. ^ 
The house was closed the week commencing March 31. for re- 
hearsals of "Money Mad /' by Steele Mackaye, produced for the 
first time April with this cast: 

S Murray .... GeckWeneb 
Haskins ... E. J. Henley 
W. H. Thompson 

Bill Burke .... Harry Gwynette 
Hugh WaUaoe . . £. H. Vanderfelt 
JacK Adams . . . Wilton Lackaye 
Miley ^^cCann . . H'.irison I.iston 
Kale O'Neil . . . Minnie Sclicman 
GrueMaaaiqg . . . Leila Wolftaa 

Gortha Gnhaia . . Maiy Hampton 
Aunt PhiUis • ■ Mrs. Annie Yeamans > 

Appiana Wilford Ives i 

Bridge Tender . . Geo. A. Dalton ! 
Caleb Cutter . . . N. C. Forrester . 

Teddy Qaeenls Vsftsar ' 

J.ine Annie Morris' 

Falty H. B. Birdsall' 

Bleek ftairy Meredith 

Harry Meredith died in New York, Feb. 28, 1898. N. C. Forres- 

ter died in Boston, Mass., Feb. 19, 1892. 

On April 19, between the acts, Steele M^^kaye made a speech, 
explaining that Manager Hill desired the auSi^Ce to cast ballots 
on passing out of the theatre as to whether the old negress' prayer 
should be retained in the drama, inasmuch as the incident had been 
criticised as sacrilegious. Ballots were furnished for the purpose, 
and only twenty-four voted to discontinue the prayer. The votes 
in favor of it were several hundred in number. A professional 
matinde of " Money Mad " occurred May i. Wilton I>ackaye re- 
tired from the cast May 19, and Steele Mackaye plaved his part. 
Maiy Bird, Jerome Stevens* and Nestor Lennon joined the cast 
the sane dat^ in the places of Mrs. Yeamans, Gea Wessels» and 

vou ni.— 17 


E. H. Vanderfelt. Several changes were also made in the play. 
Murray and Murphy did a specialty May 24, during one of the 
acts. Helen Leslie replaced Minnie Seligroan June 6 as Kate 
O'Neil. Howell Hansell appeared June 13 as Jack Adams. The 
seventy-fifth performance occurred June 19^ and the season dosed 
June 21. 

The theatre was reopened Aug. 16, 1890, with a vaudeville com- 
pany, which appeared the same night at the Union Square Theatre, 
as this house was kept open only one night. The scheme of play- 
ing at two theatres on one night was a failure. This house was 
reopened Sept 15, with ^^f^fj^ccau Cas e,'* for the first time 
in this city, and the cast was: 

Picne Clemenceau . Wilton Lackaye 
ConitantiD Riu . . John £. KelJerd 
Mom. Ritz ... F. A. Tannebill 
Count Voinoff . . . Daniel Jarrett 
Countess Dombronowska, Alice Fischer 
Mme. ClenenoMV . Elizabeth M. Post 
Mne. Letpemn . . . Harriet Ford 

Mme. de Nddoidd . Ella Gardiner 

Caasignal Wm. Watson 

Bertin H. Franklin 

Theodore G. Thompson 

Footman A. B. John 

Geoi|etle Mary Dowling 

la Pearl Eytioge 

Pearl Eytinge withdrew from the cast Sept. 19, and Sybil John- 
stone appeared as Iza. W. A. Lackaye retired Sept. 25, and John 
£. Kellerd played Pierre Clemenceau, and Daniel Jarrett, Con- 
stantin. A professional matinee of ''dUu^ClcmfiissaiLJCase** was 
given SepL 23. and the final performance occurred Sept. 27. The 
^theatre was closed Sept. 29. Helen Dauvray appeared Sept. 30^ 
in " Xhe. Wllitiaind," acted for the first time, and with this cast: 

Samuel Clai^gee 
James Cameron 
Robert Brent . 
Eugene Forbes 
Press Fenwick 

Theo. Hamilton 
. . Jas. Dunn 
. J. G S.-ivilIe 
. Wm. Harcourt 
Sidney Drew 

Geoffrey Van Renaeelacr 


Jerolamon Pritcbard 

Chas. H. Bradshaw 

Walter Prime . . . Louis Carpenter 
I'elle Cameron . . . Agnes Miller 
Mts C]arg/e»t Mrs. Benry Vandenhoff 
Valentine . . . ' . . Helen LoweU 
Polly Fargus . . . Hdcn Dmvnj 

Mrs. Vandenhoff withdrew from the cast Oct. 3, and Mrs. 
Clarges was played by Kate Denin Wilson. Helen Dauvray 
closM her engagement Oct. 25, and was followed Oct 27 by 
'iiEecklusij Temple," with Maurice Karrymore as the star. This 
was its first New York production. The cast was : 

Edgar Tpmple 
Jean Clautice 
Geo. Hamlin . 
Iu4ge Hamlin . 
Dr. Baldwin . 
Beaumont Five 
Granville Orton 

M. H. Barr)"more ! Mason 
Joseph Holland James 
. Frank Lander 
. Charles Harris 
Charles A. Smiley 

Mrs. Billinesley 
Dana Hanuin 
Estelle Turner 

Edward Belknap Sophie Newcome 
W. H. Pascoe Susan . . . . 

N. C Forrester 
. Henry Tomly 
Caroline HiU 
. Dallas McLean 
. May Dowling 
Lillian Cummings 
Lottie Bums 

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This play was withdrawn after Nov. 8, and "Jfa p Clem enceau 
Case" was revived Nov. 10, Wnit Eleron, the adapter, having 
rented the theatre for eight weeks. Custavus Levick played 
Pierre Clemenceau, and Sybil Johnstone, Iza, 

The house was closed the night of Nov. 18, and no performance 
was given of "Thfi Clfiiiusnceau.Qise," owing to a failure on the 
part of Mr. Fleron to pay the rent. The house remained closed 
until Nov. 24, when "^jscjt?'^^ T^rpplp " was revived. Lelia Wol- 
Stan as Mrs. Billingsley, formerly played by Caroline Hill, was the 
only change in the cast. " ShipAhoy ! " a comic opera, was given 
for the first time in this city, DecTS, when the cast was: 

Lieut, of the Marines 
Midshipman . 
Mile. Auburni 
Mile. Georgie 
MUe. Lnla LaUa 
Branetta . . 

. Ida Marsh 
May Ford 

Bertha Ricci 
Edith Sinclair 
Cairie Tutdn 


Commodore Cook I'd M Favor 

Col. Mapleson Mulberry, Tom Ricketts 
Lieut. LoUypop . . Walter H. Ford 
EosigD Toddles . Newton Brown, Jr. 
Barnacle Duff . . . C. W. Allison 
Simpson Christy . E. Schnitz Edwards 
Capt. of the Marines . . Dora Webb 

During the second week Eddie Headway appeared as Simpson, 
W. H. Allen as Executive Officer, May Arkason as Midshipman, 
and Jessie Giles as Brunette. Benrtha Ricci retired Dec. 2^, and 
Addie Cora Reed took her place as Mile. Auburni, Dec. 29. Jan. 
5, 1 891, Thomas Ricketts gave way to P rank Blair. Edith Sin- 
clair (Mrs. Favor) and Ed M. Favor also withdrew from the cast. 
''Ship Ahoy" closed Jan. 10^ and was followed by Hallen and 
Hart in " Later On," for two weeks, 'liiero " came Jan. 26, for 
one week. Sunday evening, Feb. i, a benefit was given to the 
employes of the Fifth Avenue Theatre. 

Lydia Thompson appeared here Feb. 2, in ** TligJDaizler, " pro 
duced at the Park Theatre, this city, a few weeks before. Sol 
Smith Russell, Feb. 23, in "A Poot,^R^ation. " "The J"akir" 
came March 3, for one week. " Only aTFafmer's Daug^er" was 
seen March 9. March 16 a specialty company began a week's en- 
gagement, followed March 23 with " U and I," which had this 
cast: ~ ■ *" 

Proi. Ungerblou . . Gas Williams 
O'Donovan .... JobnT. Kdly 
Oliver Twist Haphaard 

Charles Wayne 

. . Harr\- Kelly 
Charles F. Walton Clubber 
Percy van Astor 
Another Johnny 
MUe. VcmiiceUi 
Mrs. Uiigerblotf 

Seymour G. Hess 
. Gertrude Zella 
. Row Leighton 

Babette Florrie West 

Maud ...... Anna Caldwell 

Bella Jone Fairbank 

Carrie Florence Carlisle 

Gracie Itl.^ F.iirhank 

Jennie Zelma R.iwlston 

Alice Agnes Sherwood 

MoUie Ftorencc Franton 

Billy Birch took a benefit Sunday evening, April 5. A vaude- 
ville entertainment was preseiited, and he realized about |i,2oa 

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A benefit for the mother of the Iste John A. Mackay took place 
afternoon of April 17. The programme: "A Strai ght Tip " (first 
act); John T. Kelly, in "Irishisms;" Charles Reed, with funny 
stories; recitation, E. J. Henley; Japanese acrolMrts; Win. Collier 

and Joseph Ott, specialties; 'l A Gold Mine" (second act), N. C. 
Goodwin and company; " The. Sfiven_Aj^es " (second act), H. E. 
Dixey and company; " A Man Q|f WnrlH," Maurice Barrymore 
and company. May Yohe w. A. McCormick joined the cast 
of " U aq d I." April 20, Charles Wayne and Gertrude Zella retir- 
ing.^ Anna Caldwell also left April 17. Louis Robietooka bene- 
fit Sunday evening, April 26. 

Daniel Sully began an engagement here May 4, in " The Mj l* 
JJqnaire, " and stayed two weeks. '^ h'P ^]}^ - " was revived 
May TS. The house was closed May 30^ but was reopened June 
15, with Sam T. Jack's Creole Burlesaue company, for two weeks. 
The house was closed for the summer June 27. 

The next season began Aug. 24, with "Fleurettc." Emma 
Steincr, who composed the music, directed the orchestra. The 
cast was: 

Fleurette Mamie Scott 

The Duchess . . Marie Louise Day 

Victorine Bebc V'ining 

Mme. Pumpcraickel ■ Marie Sanger 

Kanchette Rose New ham 

Dinorah Rose Heaudet 

Mile. Duval . . . Adelaide Banks 
Lady Cyrille . . VesU I>ora Hastings 

"The Struggle of Life ." with Frederick Paulding as the star» 
was acted tor the first time on any stage Sept. 7, and the cast 

Mile. Blanche 

Colordcau . 
Marcel . . . 
The Haron 
Corporal Csesar 
Lucien . . . 
Edouard . . 

Dorotliy Beninger 

. Edward M. Favor 
. . Edward Webb 
. Fred Bomemann 
. . Thomas Guise 
. . Herr Borodkin 
. Guitaws Rival 

Hamilton Spread, Frederick Paulding 
Rev. Andrew Saltaire . Kdwin \'arrey 
John Holton Lorley . . ('>uy Lindsley 
Mr. Skirks . . . Geo. W. Denbam 
Bob C fabler .... Morry Woods 
Samuel I'.i/T'le . , , . Kliis Ryse 
Sylvester Marketree (iuy Lindsley 
Johnny Casey Master Chas. Thropp 
Breeze Walter Stuart 

Margaret Saltaire Adelaide Fitz-.Allcn 
Nathalie Duncan . . Maude Peters 
Mr.s. Bolton Lorley Clara Baker Rust 
Molly McCue . . Mrs. Charles Peters 
Nan Casey .... Mageie Dean 

Snifty Tommy NlcCiuire 

Bouncer .... C. F. Montaine 

Samson Wm. Bentley 

Joseph Thos. £Uis 

" Robin Hood," a comic opera by Reginald de 
Smith, was sung for the first time in this city 

" llostonians ". The cast was: 

Robin Hood Tom Karl 

The Sheriff ... H. C. Barnabee 

Liule John . . W. H. MacDonald 

Will Scarlet . • . Eugene Cowlcs 

Friar Tuck . . Geo. Frotbingham 

Guy of riisborne 
Dame Durden 
Annabel . . . 
Maid Marian . . 

Koven and Harry 
Sept. 28, by the 

. . . Peter L-^ng 
Jessie Bartlett Davis 
. Josephine Bartlett 
Lena van Dyke 
Caroline Hamilum 

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Kdwin Hoff sang the title r61e the night of Sept. 30, and after- 
wards alternated it with Tom Karl. Oct. i Flora Finlayson re- 
Heved Jessie Bartlett Davis as Alan>a>Dale, and on Oct 3 Lena van 
Dyke succeeded Caroline Hamilton as Maid Marian. 

The theatre was closed Nov. 2, and was reopened Nov. 3 with 
Sarah Bernhardt in "Jeanne d'Arc." The prices were $3, $2, $1.50, 
$1. The cast was: 

Doncris M. Thefer 

Xaintrailles . . . , M. Deschamps 

Loyseleur M. Piron 

Maitre Jean ..... M. Charton 

Pierrelo M. Mattel 

Un Vieillard M. Dubola 

D*Aulon M. Cartereau 

D'Estivet M. Lagrange 

Gordon M. Villiers 

Fr^re Martin M. Dupont 

Le Booman . • . • • M. Pcifct 

Teaaoe d*Are . . . Sarah Bernhardt 

Iseult Jeanne Me.i 

Isabclle Mine, (irandct 

Loys Mnie. Se\lor 

Mengette .... Mme. Simonson 

Lahire M. Duquesne 

Warwick M. Rebel 

Charles VI I M. Fleury 

Jacques d'Arc .... M. .Xngelo 

De Thouars M. Darmont 

Siward M. .Munie 

Thitxaut M. Duberry 

Sardou's "Theodora" was presented Nov. 9, with Sarah Bernhardt 
in the title part ; " La Tosca" was played Nov. 13 ; Sardou's "Cleo- 
patra" was played Nov. 16 ; " Camille," Nov. 23, and matinee Nov. 
28; "Frou Ftou," Nov. 34; " Adrienne Lecouvreur/' Nov. 35 ; ** La 
Tosca," Nov. 26; "Pauline Blanchard," Nov. 27, 28, for the first 
times in New York. The theatre was closed Nov. 30, Dec. i , 2. and 
" La Dame de Challant" was produced for the first time Dec. 3, and 
with this cast: 

Blanche .... Sarah Bernhardt 
Dofta Ip[)olita Mme- Gilberte Fleury 
Dofia Sylvia . . . Mme. Simonson 
Dona laabeUe . . • Mme. Merle 

Martbe Mme. Grandet 

Le Pire Matteo Bandello M. Munie 
Aidiniiio Valpeixa . . . M. Rebel 

Luchino M. Angelo 

Le Seigneur Scarampi . . M. Thefer 
Le Seiioeur laimbardi M. Deschampa 
GniUaome M. Piraa 

Young Clerk M. Duberry 

Host M. Charton 

Executioner M. Dubois 

Dofia Clara . . . Mme. Jeanne Mea 
Fiammetta .... Mme. Nadrey 

Roberto M. Darmont 

Don Pedro M. Fleury 

Soldier M. Cartereau 

Serxeaal M. \'i!lieri 

Aicber M. Mallet 

*'La Dame de Challant " was continued until Dec. 8. " Camille" 
was seen Dec. 9; " La Tosca," Dec. 10; " Pauline Blanchard," Dec. 
II, 13; *'Frou Frou," matinee Dec. 12. Mme. Bernhardt closed 
her engagement Dec. 12. and was followed Dec. 14 by Amy Lee and 
company in *! Euchered." acted for the first time. The cast was: 
Ralph Butler, Frank Doane ; Gerald Wisehead, Al. Harris; Abram 
Rusk, W. H. Stuart ; Elijah Quick, Littledale Power; Aunt Belinda, 
Josie Bacon ; Hannah, Addie Cummings; Belinda, Amy Lee. A 
miscellaneous entertainment was given Sunday evening, Dec. 20, 

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for the benefit of a lady called Dorothy. A child seven years of 
age, named Mildred Ewer (de»cribed en the bill as * La Regalon- 
cita") made her d^but in a recitation. It was intended that this 
child should appear in a dance, but she was prevented by the agent 
for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. *lJhat 
ifidJrQmJ^exico'' introduced to diis city as atar^ Dec. 3i, Mr. 
Mn. Sidney Dfew. Tlie &roe luki tiiis cast : 

Jack Randolph 
Mr. Smythe . 
Richard Bird . 
Mr. TttUkm . 

, . Sidney Drew 
. . Harry Brown 
. Lorimer Stoddard 
Nonnan Campbell 

Jerry ..... Donald Harold 
Fannie Speaoer .... Nita Sykes 

May Phyllis Rankin 

DiabeHa Smythe . Mrs. Sidney Dmr 

"Miss Ijtelje^t" was transferred from the Star Theatre, opening 
here Jaii. II, 1B92, with Mrs. Leslie Carter as the star. Laura 
Qement resumed tier place as Manuela. Gea Lyding on that date 
replaced Geo. W. Travemer as the Irish tenor in the cast. Marie 
Cahill was announced for a new dance, but she burst a blood-vessel 
during the day, while rehearsing at her home in this city, which pre- 
vent^ Imt from appearing. Her part was played by Elise Kruger 
until Jan. 20, when Miss Cahill appeared. The one hundredth per- 
formance of "MissHelyett " was Jan. 29. Laura Clement was too 
ill to appear Feb. o, ana Miss Morse played her part. There was a 
benefit to Walter Gale Sunday evening, Feb. 7. " Jan e " opened Feb. 
15 for three weeks, and was followed March 7 byj! K. Emmet, Jr. 
"-IncQg. ^" having closed at the Bijou Theatre March 19, was pre- 
•entea bere Ifarcli 3i. 

Fggads" was acted May 9 for the firrt time in New Ywlc, and 
f had tnis casT 

I Marguerite Otto . 

Hans Otto . . . 
; Harold Hunting . 

John Paden . . 
\ John Paden, Jr. . 
; Adriaa Karie . . 

Selins Fetter 

Edmund Lynns 
John Giendinning 
Theo. Hamilton 
. £. M. Royle 
Lndiis Hendersoo 

Mrs. Merrywetlier . Mn. Sol. Smith 

Jennie Abi Stange 

Miss Hartman . . Fannie Jackson 

Marie Louise Wakelee 

Miss WoU Marioo Giioiix 

Hcmy .... Augtutus Hildrath 

I Seltna Fetter is now known as Mrs. E. M. Royle. 

: E. J. Henley was cast for John Paden, Jr., but " illness" prevented 
^ his appearance, and E. M. Ro^lc . the author of the play, acted the 
part The season closed June 4. Fanfo Rebnee made ner d€but in 
a speaking part as Miss Wolf in " J^ien^s " afternoon of May 30. 
The house was reopened June 11 for one night, when an amateur 
performance took place for Geo. L. Frankenstein's benefit. The 
tiieatre remained closed until Aug. 16, when the seaami of 1893-95 
commenced with " L*dy Lil," which h«l this cast: 

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Semiade RokM 
VadsT Hatna 

Joseph Rreiina 
Andras liuryan 
Eduard Israel 
SICDor Luigi . 
J<NMon Houloi 
Francis Skala 
Moiijj. Vidocq 

Gttttavos Levkk 
W. A. Whitaau- 

\Vm. Yemnce 
Claude H. Brooke 
. Sam'l Edwards 
Walter Evtinm 
. Frank KeniMe 
. Alexis Gisiko 
Geo. K. Sprague 

Jpaapb B«da .... Hany Tarria 
Frans Havlik .... Frank Kenbin 

Yelinck Alexis Gisiko 

Horka ...... Paul Pearson 

Marie . ' May Galyer 

Mlk. Ada . . . Josephine Eytinga 
aaterk Uigu a ilte, Faaajr Barry Spragna 
Ladjr Lil tlRlaa Lavria 

Frank Keroble retired from the cast Aug. 23. Claude Brook 
retired Aug. 27. " Thc Pp^atl^ ^ftCrff'"'iK " followed Aug. 29, with 
Edwin Tnvm h Douglas. W. J. CoMtantine ai pMeraiole, Wn. 
FairiNUlkt as Spaulding, Jane Grafton as Edith. "«Jane " was re- 
vived Sept. 5. In consequence of Johnstone Bennett and Lottie 
Collins being on an Atlantic steamer in quarantine, they did not 
appear here as annoanced. Grace Sherwood, who was engaged for 
the travelling "Jane" company, acted the title role until Sept. 9, 
when Miss Bennett appeared. Lottie Collins made her reappearance 
in America Sept. 19. between the second and third acts of "Jane," 
in her song and dance, " Ta-ra-ra Boom-de^ijr.'* Lottie Cdlins did 
not appear at the extra matinee Sept. 21 and evening of Sept. 24. 
" XI>c^FjBUlyXiisl£i|' preceded by 'iYoun^ Love 's J)xeam " (derived 
{jroinXKarles Dickens's "Boots at the Holly Tree Inn "), was done 
Oct. 31. The cast of *' Th e Family ili rcle** was ; 

lack Biaiaard 
Hodaoa Lorrimer 
Gara Lorrimer . 

Valentine . . . 
Jasper Quigley . 

. Frank Bwhadc t Ton . 

. . Thomas Burns | Dr. Choate 
. . Kate Meek ; UeUe 

Nanette Comstock i Mrs 
W. H. Thompson | Vic 

. . Harry MHea 
Adotph Bernard 
. Lena Mervilie 
May Robson 
. Lillian Black 

YoungLove's Dream had this cast: Harry, Master Wallie 
Eddinger ; ~Norah, Little Ethel Black ; Captain Walmer, Frank Bur- 
beck ; Cobbs, W. H. Thompson ; Landlord, Adolph Bernaid. John 
Drew, who closed at Fslmer's Theatre Nov. 12 with " Xto Maske d 
BalU" came here Nov. T4 with the same play. The oneBllUredth 
performance in New York was Dec. 28, 1892. 

" Drayton Hall *' was acted Jan. 20, 1893. " M/ Officia l Wife" 
was produoeii Jan. 23 for the first time in this city, and Gi3~^thi8 
cast : 

Arthur Batobrklge Leans 

Wniiani F. Owen 
Baron Friadrlcll • . R- Paton Gibbs 
Col. Petroff . . . Coulter Brinker 
Sacha Weletsky . Robt. L. Cutting, Jr. 
Udcae Marie, MinoieSelignMUi^oning 

Laura Effie Gennoo 

Eugenie de Lannay, MIMred Meredtth 
Princess Palitzin . . . Viola Deacon 
Princeas Doxia Palitzin Alice Fixley 
Mne. Olgs^detskv 

Alexandrina Ramanj 

Viola Deacon's right name is Norton, daughter of Isabella Free- 
man ; her father is Captain Norton, editor of the " N. Y. Marine 


Journal." The theatre was closed Feb. 1 1 , and was reopened Feb. 14, 
with " Jhe fud^ e i and the Burplar." which had this cast: 

Justice Gyves . 
Parkhurst . . 

M. A. Kennedy Joe 
T. C. Valentine 


This was followed by "The Sportsnum ." tbna cast: 

Harry Briscoe 
Bob Briscoe . 
Dr. Holroyd . 

Mr. Perkins 
Inspector Roby 

Joseph Holland [ Mrs. Harrjr Briscoe 

. Cbarka Abbe | Gcorgie Drew Barrymore 

M. A. Kennedy Mra. Frilchley . . . Minnie Tittell 

Roliert Hickman ' Ada Stella Teuton 

T. C. Valentine , Emily Margaret Craven 

Both plays were failures, and were succeeded Feb. 16 by "JThe 
'SeUOL^ststt" when Frank Gilmore first appeared in this city as Tom 
Raynor. "The SHant Battk,'* under the title of ** Agatha," first 
acted in Anwiica at Brockton, Mass., Sept. 22, 1892, by the Boston 
Museum company, was made known to the New York stage March 
27. The play is based upon Isaac Henderson's novel, "Agatha 
nige.** and was first produced at the London (Eng.) Criterion, on 
May 24, 1892, by Charles Wyndham. Hiia was the cast at the 
Standard Theatre: 

Fllippo Frank Gilmoic 

Agatna ..... Evelyn Campbell 
Costana . . . Kate Denin Wilson 
Gaeta Faviola .... Agnes Miller 
Col. da Vigno . . . Byron Douglas 
Mercede da Vigno Grace Henderson 
I<eo da Vigno . . . .Olive Homans 

{".en. Ricci . 
Sig. Sebaati 
Antonio . . 
John Dow . 
MatUde . . 

Thomas Valentine 
Charles S. Abbe 
William Barnes 
Joseph Holland 
Margaret Craven 
. . AdsQiRy 

It was a failure and was withdrawn April 4 for " Mr. Wilkins on's 
iiiidows^" which stayed for one week. *' Sweet WHF,*' by HHenry 
ArtTiur Jones, was produced April 11, with this cast: Will Darby- 
shire, Frank Gilmore ; Mrs. Darbyshire, Mrs. McKee Rankin ; Mary 
Darbyshire, Phillis Rankin; Judith T-oveless, Evelyn Campbell; 
Barker, Joseph Humphreys. Also "The Arabian Nights," a farce 
comedv adapted from the German by Sidney Grundy, was given, 
with this cast: 

Artlinr Hammingtop Joseph Holland 

Ralph Ormerod . . Frank Gilmore 

Joshua Gillibrand . Charles S. Abbe 

Dobson Robert Hickman 

Mrs. Hummingtop . Evdyn Campbell 

Mn, Gillibrand 
Daisy Maitland 
Barbara . . . 
Roae Columbier 

Mrs. John Drew 

Maro^arct Cr.Tven 
Minnie TittcU 
. Agnes Miller 

The house was closed the weeks of May i, 8. and 15, and was 
reopened May 17 with " No. j^A^'J^by WaltgrjCIar ke B gjlows, first 
time on any stage. It had this cast: - 

Digitized by Google 


Chauncey Pell . . . E. J. Henley 
HamiUon Wadworth Geo. W. Leslie 
John Flower . . . W. H. Crompton 
SillKHiB .... Charles W. Hutler 
PoUceman .... Lawrence Sterner 

George . . . 
Belle Flower . 
Rosabel Flower 

Arabella ! 

. . Hyde Robsoa 
Nanette Comalock 
. . Grace Klnball 
Mrs. E. A. Eberle 
. . May Robson 

"The Missis/' by Walter Clarke Bellows, preceded this. It was 
one of the "New York Herald's" prize competilion plays. £. J. 
Heakv, Grace Kimball, and Mrs. E. A. Eberle were in tbe cast 
The theatre was closed May 27 until Sept. 4, when "Fanny' 
acted for tbe firat time in America. It had this cast; 

Saunden Max F| 

William . . . 
Paquita Mantoa 
Grace Dormer 
FtoRBoe Bamea 


. Lisette Le Baron 
. • Ekune Ellison 
JohnsKMift Beaaelt 

Beni. Manton ... W. J. Fer|[uson 
Pror. Bizley .... George Alison 

MamiAduke Dnrtleigh, Sej'mourG. Hess 
Reginald Kangbam . Franlc Burbeck 
Tlwinas TapiHOf • Frederic Strong 
Joseph Barnes . . . Robert Cotton 


After the farce Loic Fuller executed her " serpentine dance." 
"Fanny" proved a failure and was withdrawn Sept. 7, when "Jane" 
WM revived. Loie Fuller continued witb bar "teipentine danoe** 

after the play. 

"Charley's .Aunt," by Brandon Thomas, was seen f<ur the first 

time in America Oct. 2, and had this cast : 

Stephen Spettigue . W. J. Ferguson 
Oh. Sir Franm Chesney 

Frank Burbeck 
Jack Chesney .... Percy Lyndal 
Charley VVykeham Henry WOOdruff 
Lord ^ancourt Babberiy 

Etienne Glraidol 

Brassett, College Scout Henry Lillford 
The New Footman, Charles Henderson 
Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez. EUie Wilton 
Kitty Verdun . . Nanette Comstock 
Amy Spettigaa . . . Hattie Harvey 
Ala Delany .... Jessie Buslcy 

Tbis was tbe first appearance in America of £tlenne Girardot 
and Percy Lyndal. The two hundredth performance of "Charley's 
Aunt" took place March 23, 1894. It was withdrawn after March 
'2B. M. B. Curtis appeared here April 30 in " jam'l of Pos en,'^ 
witb tbis cast: "~ 

Sam'l Plastrick 
Mr. Winalow, 
Frank Bransa 

Jack Cheviot 
Fitiurse . . 
Con Ouinn . 

Reginald .- . 
Uncle Goldstein 

M. B. Curtis 
C. Boniface. Sea. 
'. Onrftt Jolinton 
William Courtlciah 
Charles V. Seamon 
Edward L. Walton 
. GenUdChandos 
Bertram Bndd 

Green . . 
Jei«. Welch 

Ceieite . . 


Ellen . . 

Fleurette . 

Gladys . . 

Robert M. Eberle 
. .WnuF. Mack 
. . Eleanor Barry 

Merri Osborne 
Ada Marie Valleau 
. . Clara Knott 
. Laura Christian 


The house closed June 23, and the next season began Sept. 17, 
with "The New Boy," cast thus: Felix Roach, W. J. Le Moyne; 
Doctor Candy, Frederic Robinson; Archibald Rennick, Willis 
Scarle; Theo. de Brizac, George Backus; Mrs. Rennick, Helen 
Kennard ; Nancy Roach, Jennie Busley ; Susan, Ella Gatdner. 



James T. Powers appeared Oct. 9 as Archibald; Robert Cotton 

first acted Felix Roach on Nov. 5. "Too Much Johnson," by 
William Gillette, was first acted in this city Nov. 26, and the cast 

Joseph Toliaaoii . . Ralph Delmore 
Moos. Leoa DatUt . . . Hacry Bell 
Frederick .... Robert Hickman 

Steward . • . Benjamin Hendricks 

SeUery Thomas Erisoo 

" .... CedllJoiid 

. Augustus Billings William Gillette 
, M n. Aqsusttis Billings Maud HasUun 
, Mrs. S. Upton Batterson Kate Meek 
, Francis Faddish .... Sam Reed 
Leonora Faddish . . Marie Greenwald 
I Hemy Mackttttosb . . S. Miller Kmt 

^Maiid Haslam alterwards becune Mrs. Samuel Groone. She died 
Feb. 24, 1899, at Liberty, N. Y., from consamption. 

The one hundred and fiftieth performance of "Too Much John- 
son " took place April 1 1, 1895. The season closed June i, and the 
TOUse was reopened Aug 8, 189$, with Cellier and Stephenson's 
comic opera, "Dorothy." Elsie Irving appeared Aug. 26, as 
Lydia and Maude Courtney as Phillis in this opera. "Charley's 
/'Aunt " was revived on Sept 2 for one week. "The ^apitol," by 
Anguatns Thomas, was produced Sept 9^ and luMTiETs cast:*" 

Thomas A. Rustdl 
Wright Hontiourloo 
. . . Mary Snaw 
. . Helen Lowell 
Madeline Lack 
. Flofida lOngiri^ 

Will Dale . . . 
Dr. Kennard . . 
Herburt Garretson 
Mr. Carroll . . 
Senator Whipple . 
Wetmore Bofi . 
Vincent . . . 

Aadraw Robson 
Ernest Hastings 
Frank Keenan 
Frazer Coulter 
E. A. Locke 
John de Gez 
. Bingley Fales 

Lorimer Hopkins 
Lieat. Malcom 
Margaret Doane . 

.Mrs. n.iK' . . , 
Cherry Whipple 
Editb ^ 

*~ On the afternoon of Sept. 25 there was a special performance 
of "The (^^ pitol." when a large number of the Roman Catholic 
clergy attended by invitation of Mr. HilL 

** Honour," by Herrmann Sudermann, was seen Sept. 24, with 
this cast: 

Adelc Moser . . . Carrie Sandford 
Constance Hartmann . . Ellen burg 
Renata Muhling . . . May Wheeler 
. FkMreoce Robtoaoa 

Count Trast Frederic de Belleville 
Old Hartmann . . . F. F. Mackay 
Guntliei Hartmann . Geo. F. Nash 
Bernard Muhling Chat. Harbtuy I Mm. Mnhling 
Mr*. HartoMan, Fanny Denham Roue | 

"Honour" was a failure, and was withdrawn Oct. 18 for " 
tbc Nijrht/' which stayed two wedcs. The cast was: 

Harold Thome 

Manuel Rames 
Leslie Thome 

Frank Kjurington 
, . Louis Glover 
£d. J. Buckley 
. . Susie Wnb 

Cvnthia Rita 0*Nen 

Aoemma Lillian Price 

Dolly Florence Marion 

Joiay Baatiioe Glov«r 

"The Strange Adventures of Miss Brown.*' was seen for the 
first time in America Dec 3. Robert Buchanan and Cliarles 
Marlowe were tlie authora, and it bad this cast: 

i^iyiu^ca L/y Google 


Major O'Gallagher 
Captain Courtney 
Private Doughwty 
Bugler liaies . . 
Sergeant Taaner 
Hen Voa Moaer 
Mr. ffibbertsoD . 
Angela BrightweU 
Miss Komney . 
MiB. (yGtmglbier 

Harry Brown 
John T. Sullivan 
. . G. Nichols 
W. A. Eastwood 
Herbert Sparling 
Louis Mann 
Charles Harbury 
. . EUen Burg 
. LiUie AJliston 
Jenide Satteriee 

Clara Loveridge . . 
Matilda Jones . . 


Euphemia Schwartz 
Millicent Lomi^ge 
Miss Stilts . . . 
Miss Perkins . . . 
Miss Sommerton . 
Miss Darling . . • 
MiM Heath . . . 

Gara Lipman 
. Ollie Redpath 
. Annie Dacre 
. . Nita Allen 

Carrie Sandford 
. . Kate MUier 
. Virginia Pad 

Frances Wilson 
. . Amy Lesser 
. . Lnltt Hahn 

Robert E. Graham appeared in the rdle of Capt. Courtney on 
Jan. 6, 1896, and Miss Clara Lipman was seen as Angela on the 
same eveninrr. The house was closed the weeks of Vch. 10 and 
17, but was reopened Feb. 24, with " Cbimm^e Fadden. " J. M. 
Hill sold his lease of this theatre to WilllamScflron Feb. 18, 
when Mr. Sells assumed the management. Joseph Callahan came 
May 18, with "Faust." The theatre closed May 23, and was re- 
opened Aug. 29, with vaudeville performances. A change of 
poli^ was b^n Sept 21, when "continuous performances*' 
were given, commencing at i p. m. Another change was made 
after Oct. 12, when two performances each day took place. On 
Nov. 9 " A Migh t Circ us " was seen ; Nov. 16 the Howard 

Athenaeum specialty company came; Dec. 8, Robert F. Shqard, 
one of the owners of the theatre, commenced dispossess proceed- 
ings. He stated that Mr. Sells leased the premises and agreed 
to pay the sum of $26,000 per annum; that on Dec i there was 
due $8,666 for four months' rent, from Sept. i to Jan. i, 1897. 

This house was reopened Aug. 30, 1897, with A. H. Woodhull as 
manager, who called it "The Manhattan Theatre." " WM< ^ 
iian^Blsdjo^ 29H!^^> ' H. Broadhurst, was produced with 

this cast: 

Tones . . . Geo. C. Boniface, Jr. 
Ebeneier Goodlv . . Geoi:ge Obcr 
Rtfr. Anthony Goodly . R. F. Cotton 

Richard Heatherly . William Bernard 
William Bigbee . . . Frank Currier 
Thomas Holder . . . . J. W. Cope 
Henry Fuller .... Chas. Greene 

Mrs. Goodly . Mrs. McKee Rankin 
Alrloa Starlight . . Mr*. £. A. Eberle 
Cissjr Anna Belmont 

Marjorie . . . Kathryn i 

Minerva Rose Stuart I 

Helina Pearl Andrews '| 

This was withdrawn Oct. 5 for "A Night Session," by Georges 
Fevdeau ; also " Th>q ^j tH \ P "rn." by Fr ancis Po wers. The cast of 
" A Night Sesson " was : * 

Fauconnet E. M. Holland 

(jcntillac Paul Arthur 

Rigplia Hugo Toland 

JOMph Robert F. Cotton 

Artemise May Robson 

Clarissa .... Ysobcl Haskins 
Emilie Bonbache . . Maud Haslam 
Emitie Mai^ret Gordon 

The cast of "The First ^gsn " was: 

Digitized by Google 



Loey Tsing 
Cho Pow . . 
Chan Lee . . 
Dr. Pow Len . 
Man Low Yek 
Chan Wang . 
Hop Kee . . 
Chum Woe 
Kwalcee . . 
Duck Low . . 

. May Buckley 
Ellen Cummens 

Carrie E. Powers 
George Osborne 
Charles Bryant 
Francis Powers 
. J. H. Benrimo 
Harry Spear 
John Armstrong 

George Fullerton 

Sum Chow . . . 
A Chinese Ragpicker 
A Provision Dealer 
Chan Toy 
Way Get . . 


Harry Levian 
Walter Belasco 
Fong Get 
Venie Wells 
Joseph Silverstone 
Ysobel Haski DS 
Florence Haverleigh 
L. I. Fuller 
. Hugo Toland 

On Oct. 23 a new company was seen in " The First Bor n;" all 
the members of the first cast sailed for London that day and ap- 
peared there in November, but as the play was a failure, they 
^returned to America after one week's performance. On Nov. 
/ 8 "Mi ss Francis^ of_Yale." by Mich ael M orton, was presented, 
with this cast: 

Frank Staynor 
James Fitz Allen . 
Fred Anderson 
Byron McStuff 
Soaper . . . , 

£tienne Girardot 
Owen Westford 
Raymond Capp 
George F. Farren 
Louis Grisel 

Edna Fitz Allen 
Miss Mann 
Mrs. Chetwynd 
Cosette . . . 

Gertrude Homan 
Sarah McVicker 
Lavinia Shannon 
. Idalene Cotton 

"His Little Dodge" was seen Nov. 22. It was an adaptation 
from the French of Georges Feydeau and Maurice Hennequin, by 
Justin Huntley McCarthy. The cast was: 

Hercules Littlo . . . Harold Russell 
Mandeville Hobb . M. A. Kennedy 
Pollaby Henry Bergman 

Brooks Charles Sturgiss 

Maid to Miranda . . . Sally Ikrg 
Lady Miranda . . . Mabel Amber 

On the same evening the curtain raiser called "A Close Shave," 
by George Day, music by Edward Jones was given. The cast was : 

Ebenezer Addleshaw Geo. W. Anson I Arabella Pettifer . . Louise Hepner 
Josiah Giggins . . . Chas. H. Drew] 

On Dec. 6 "My Bop>" by William Gill, was produced. The 
cast : ~^ 

Silas George Richards 

Sam Eugene Canfield 

Charley .... Madison Corey 

Jack George H. Rickets 

; Dan George E. Martin 

David Philip Robson 

Jessie Sterling . . . Florence Earl 
Alice Jones . Harriet Willard 

Beatrice Throgmorton May Montford 
Clara Celestene . . . Carrie Roma 
Barbara Allen . . Sallie Stembler 
Mrs. lone McCune Mattie Keeoe 

The original title of this play was "A-iiatted Calf." J. Leon 
Vincent had a matinee benefit Dec. 16; "The Ballet Girl," by 
James T. Tanner and Adrian Ross, with music by Carl Kiefert, 
was first acted in America Dec. 21, and had this cast: 

Digitized by Google 


Reuben van Eyt 
Earl of Kilbeegan 
Lord Comartny . 
Eugene Twadelte 
Perai .... 
KopsdoppeB . 
Baton Blanc . . 
Floots .... 

David H. Lythgoe 
Edgar Halstead 
. . James Lindsay 
J|acqoe8 Kniger 

Christopher Bruno 
, . . Gus Bruno 
, . Sol. Solomon 
Chas. Seagrave 

Vizier Claire Palma 

Fritz Irene Vera 

Karl May Hamilton 

Bedalia MMe HHton 

Violette Violet Dene 

Niu Vanderkoop Christine Anderson 
Leading Actress . . Lillian Cbolqr 

On Jan. 19, 1898, W A- Brady and Florence Ziegfield, Jr., 

leased this house and opened it Feb. 7, with " Vyay Do wn East/' 
by L ottie Collin s Parker. The cast was: 

Sqaire Anasa Bartlett 

James O. Barrows 

Louisa Bartlett 

David Rartlett 
Kate Brewster 
I'rof. Sterling 
Hi HoUer . . 
Anna Moore . 
Lennox Sanderson 
Martha Perkins . 
Reuben Whipple 

Sara Stevens 

Howard Kyle 
Minnie Dupree 
Geoige Backus 
Fenx Haney 
. Fluebe Davics 
Fnmk Lander 
Ella Hugh Wo«xl I PnsciUa 
Chas. V. SeuMHi I 

Seth Holcomb . Bartlcjr McCullum 
Dr. Wiggins . . . Homer Graovllle 
Sam P. Merry 

Jim William Welsh 

Zeke John deVerne 

Bill S. R. Grey 

Cynthia Jane Forrest 

Amelia Caro Leigh 

Betsey Lucy deVerne 

. . . Louise Lehman 

Leoaie . . 

WjJ^. Ferguson 


Briquet . 


Mrs. McKee Rankin 

M. A. Kennedy 
Geo. W. Leslie 

Jumard ..... Henry Bergman 
Doctor Signol . . . Geo. Wamock 
Madame Giboleau . . A|rnc8 Findlay 

Juliette Grace George 

GilKilciu ...... H.irry Alien 

Angele Merri Osborne 

The house was closed Jan. 30, 1809, and was reopened F"eb. i, 
with " \jll<»- F'fi/' hy Leo Ditrichstcin, from the French of MM. 
Demaaoir and darr^, and the cast was: 

Bess Safford .... Rose Co^hlan 
Vicorole de Puissac, Aubrey Boucicault 
Florence de Pulssac . (liraee George 

Due de Puissac . . Thomas H. Burns 
Israel MendOM . . John T. Sullivan 
Mens. Lebmi^e . . . Lovat-Fraser 
Justan Ulric B. Collins 

.Michel . . . 
Tb^rise . . 
Pierre . . . 

Madame Duret 
Marie Corlctte 
Jean Morel . 
.Mile. Fifi . . 

. A. L. Trahern 
Kate Sanger 
Richard C. Barry 

Josephine Knight 
Mabel Owens 
Horace Bent 
. Louise Beaudet 

Geo. W. Leslie played Hi Holler on March 15, owing to the 

death of the mother of Felix Haney. Louise Galloway succeeded 
Minnie Dupree as Kate Brewster. Archie Boyd appeared May 
16 as Squire Bartlett. The theatre was closed for the summer 
June 18, and the next season began Sept. 3, with the first Ameri- 
can production of "The Turtle," adapted by Joseph W. Herbert, 
from "La Tortue," by L^on Gaudillot. The cast was: 

On April 24, 1899, "Th^ Manicure," a farce comedy in three I 
acts, a^^jjigd by Joseph ^^^Q^rismcr from the French of Sylvane \ 
and Artus, was produced, with this cast : 1 

Digitized by Google 



Inbel St Leger 1 Victor Delmar 

Louise Thorndyke Boucicault | Louis Dort 

Lucette Edith Hall 

Ursulc Isabelle Bowman 

Captain Stephaoopolis Jamei Colville 
Adam Homard . Janet O. Barrows 
Pandora ... HenrietU Osborne 
Eugdnie Estella Dale 

. Wn. H. Paaeoe 

. F. Newton Lindo 
Mens. Marteau . . . Chas. K. French 
Jean DanWM . Richard G. Williams 

GrifToQ Alfred E. Adaioa 

Tardif . . . Master Arthur Ebbett 
Fiancots . Master Samod Michadson 

It was a failure and was taken off after one week. Matthews and 
Bulger came May i, with " _Bv the Sad Sea Wav es." when Anna 
Held appeared in her «p^^i^i»i^ "a F#.m ^ie Dnirero er" came 
May 8, for two weeks, and the season closed May 20. The theatre 
was reopened Saturday night, Sept. 2, with " Mr._Smooth/ ' by 
Willie C olKer. with this cast: 

Mr. Smooth .... Willie Collier 
Cornelius Smooth George W. Parsons 
Arthur Chilleigh . . John F. Ward 
Frank Chilleigh . . . John B. Maher 

Hickey Thomas Evans 

George Dobson . . Thomas Garrick 



Rose Chilleigh 
Angelica Chilleigh 
Miss Langdon . 
Vera Vane . . 

. M. L. Heckert 
. . Dan Mason 
. HdeaaCdlior 
. Helen Reimer 

- . Myrtle May 
Louise Allen Collier 

' A Stra nger in a Strange Land," by Sidney Wilmer and Walter 
Vincent, was produced Sept. 23, and had this cast: 

. . CtoIScMC 
M« A. iCennedy 

. Walter Hale 
. Geo. Osborne 
Walter Clifford 
James T. Galloway 
. Chas. W. Swafai 

Chas. Dudley 
John Boiler 

L Arthur Lowe 
Watson. . 

On Nov. 13, " p apa's Wif e," founded on two French farces by 
MM. Hennequin ana Milau3, with book by Harry B. ^pith and 
music by Reginald de Koven was seen. The cast Was: 

Jenkins Frank Burke 

Alice WelUni^n . . Mande White 

Mrs. Barton Holcombc . Kate Lester 
May Holcombe . . Angela McCauU 
Grace Thorndyke Katherine Mulkios 
MatiUa JaneCotooran 

Anna .... 
Baron Hochheimer 
Major Bombardes 
Artistide . . . 
Coralie . . . 
Tobias .... 
The Governess ? 
La Petite Zulu J 
Pierette > . • 
Fifine . « . . 
Paula .... 
Fanchon • • * 

. . Anna Held 
Henry Bergman 
. George Marion 
Henry Woodruff 
Isabelle Evesson 
Charles Sinclair 

. Agnes Findlay 

. Olive Wallace 
Vivian Blackburn 
Emmt Levy 
Frances Wilson 

Zizi May Levigne 

Ninette Anna Archer 

Tita Marie Allen 

Lieutenant Mercier . 
Lieutenant Gallffet . 
Lieutenant Gonse . 
Lieutenant Boisdeffre 
Lucienne .... 
Gabrielle .... 
A Waiter 

Anita Austin 
. Gladys Claire 
Beulah Coolidge 
Valerie Douglas 
Adelaide Orton 
. Olive Wallace 
Charles Sturges 

Professor Celestin Charles A. Bige&w 

On Jan. 8, 1900^ Henry Woodruff gave way to Cyril ScotL 
The theatre was closed week of April 2, also nights Ajnil 9 and 

Digitized by Google 



10. "Women and Wine," bv Arthur Shirley and Benjamin Lan- 
deck, was preiented for the nrst time April 11, with this cast: 

Hugh Seymour, R. A. 

George Osborne 
. . Howard Kyle 
. . Julien Barton 
David Torrance 
M. A. Kennedy 
. . Daniel Halifax 
Roland G. Edwards 

Richard Seymour 
Phineas Collins . 
Mark Parkins 
Prof. Sawter . 
Charles Sawter . 
Bob Tipton . . 

Alphonse Beandet • Frankly n Roberts 

Caliban Frank Hatch 

Proprietor of the Caf^ Georee Courtney 
Antoine .... A. L, Traherne 
A Neapolitan Singer Alexis Gisiko 
Adams J. G. Brammall 

On the afternoon April 13, "The Weather Hen," by Berte 
Thomas and Granville Barker, was seen, with this cast: 

Foreman of the Jury 

.An Usher . . . 
Clerk of the Court 
Marcel Rigadoat. 
La Colombe . . 
Mary Andrews 
Janet Marlowe 
Fifi Gauticr . . 
Marie Germaine . 
Josepliine Dubois 
Annie Dmand 
Flearette . . . 

. Geo. Mnrray 

. Marshall Farnum 
Bernard Thornton 
EliU Proctor Otis 
. . Mabel Eaton 
Minnie Dupree 
. . Millie James 
Mau-ion Winchester 
. Lulu Porter 
. . Alice Kinedon 
. . Eleanor Allen 
Franceses dl Msria 

Richard Battye . . John H. Bunny 
Ridhard Battye, Jr., George S. Probert 
Daniel Macartn^ • • Felix Hanev 
Marvel Prior . . . Harold Hartsell 
Benson Howe Will T. £llwanfi;er 
James Ferguson . . . Geo. Backus 

Martin . . . 

William John 
Eve Prior . . 
Maude Vertue 

. . FranlcBeU 
. J. H. Davies 

M. Converse 
. Sylvia Lyndon 
Mabel Strickland 

Lady.MillicentBattje, EUaHt^fb Wood 

The theatre was closed May 10. The next season be^n Sept. 
17, 1900, with "Caleb W est." by Michael M orton, dramatized] 
from F. Hopkinson simiih's novel, ine cast was: 

Caleb West 

Captain Toe 
Mr. Saniord 
Bill Lacv . 
Lynny Bowles 

Edwin Arden 

George Fawcett 
. Frank Lander 

Malcolm Williams 
Elmer Grandin 

Captain Bob J. W. Cope 

Mr. Carieton .... Robert Lowe 
General Barton . . Louis Hendricks 
The Butcher . . . Hany HolUday 

Deacon Potts 

Betty West 
Mrs. Leroy 
Auntv Bell 
Peebles . . 
Taft . . . 
Ann Nevins 
Rebecca Nevins 

. . Henrj Jame 

. . May Buckle;^ 
Y.sobel Haskins 
Kate Denin Wilson 
. . Ada Gilman 
. Emily Wakeman 
Helen KinK Rus»ell 
. . . Alice Hunt 

Oct. 15, " Hef Maje sty, the Girl Queen of Noxdenmarki'' drama- | 
tized from Elizabeth Knight Tompkins's novel of the sane name | 

by F. I. C. Clarke, was produced, with this cast: 

Honoria Grace George 

Hu^o, Count Wakleck, Frank Worthing 

Baron HausoMU 
Goldamhein . 
Prince Engelbert 
Prince Cassimir 
Captain Jepsen 
Colonel Gorda 
Papa Schmidt 
Gofcmor of Oladel 

Fraaer Coulter 
Lonia Payne 
George Osborne 
Ernest Hastings 
. Morton Selton 
Thomas MeiEban 
. Frank Hatch 

William Murchison 

Clara Von Eltersburg 

IsabeUe Bowman 
Renira Von Altenheim I 
Aagosta de Forrest \ 

Sister Agatha .... Annie Mifflin ' 
Lisa, a sewing girl Fernanda Eliscu 

Nanon . Mary Davis 

Covntett Sidor Zeil-Zeil 

Agnes McCarthy 
Countess IsabeUe . . LUyon Graut^ 


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Lulu Glaser appeared here Dec. 3 in " Sweet .^pn Pa^ e.' a comic 
opera; the book by Louis de Lange and Edgar Smith, mtuic by 
W. H. Neidlinger. The cast was: 

Anne Pap;e . , . ♦ . Lulu Glaser 
Squire Piu« Pa^e . ■ . Fred Frear 
Dame Martha rag» • Josie Introjpidi 
Tom Style* . . . Arthur Donaldson 
Juitioe Portle^ . . Gilbert Clayton 
Cbefalier St Heniy . Harold Uake 

"The Burgtnnaster," with boolc and lyrics by Frank Pixley and 
music by Gustave Luders, was produced Dec. 31, with this cast: 

Peachum ..... Greta Risley 
Kafoozalum . . . Alexander Clarke 
Prince of Orange Randolph Carry 
Mynheer Van Schaak 

WUliam H. West 

Peter Stuyveiaat 
Doodle VoD Ktttt 
Col. Krall . . . 
Capt. Spuylen 
Blue Feather . . 
Terrencc Kaifef^ , 
William Haagea . . 
Jan de Peyster . , 
D.imc Stuyvcsant 
Katrina V'aaderbeck 

. Henry E. Dixey 
. . Knox Wilson 
William Riley Flatch 
. Joseph S. Welsh 
Beaumont Kalston 
. James T. Kelly 
. . GeoiM Town 
Harry Andrews 
. Ada Deaves 
Lillian Coleman 

Lieut Sweetser . . . Ruth White 
Officer Clancey . George E. Ronaine 
Foreman of the Street Gan^ 

L. W. Lewis 

Newsboy Annette Duval 

Willie van AatorWlt Zelma Kaivlatoa 

Daisy Miss Mae Lowery 

" ~ * ... Richard Carroll 

E. Booth 

Mrs. Splurger 

Harry Murdock 
. Maude LeRoy 

The theatre was closed all the week of Jan. 28, 1901, until 
Wednesday, Feb. 6, when " Lovers' L ane." by Claude Fitch, 
was acted, with this cut — 

Rev. Thomas Singleton 

Erasst Haadiigs 

Herbert Woodbridgc 

Edward J 

Uncle BiU . . 
Hosea Brown . 

Mr Skillig . 
Deacon Steele 

L. R. Stockwell 
Frank Hatch 
Chas. W. Swain 
Julian Barton 

Billy William Betts 

Harry James Coyle 

Dick Woodbridge Master Jack Ryan 
_ Maiy Larkin . • Nanette Comsiock 

Mrs. Herbert Woodbridge 

Brandon Douglas 
Simplicity Johnson . . Millie Jatnes 

. A^nes Fiiuilay 
Sadie Stringham 
Uxsie Conway 

Aunt M 

Matty .... 
Bridget .... 
Mrs. Lane . . . 

Mrs. Brown . . 
Miss .Molly Meafey 
.Mrs. Steele . . 
Mrs. Jennings 
Bessie Steele . . 

Rachel Sterling 
. . Zelda Sears 
Emily Wakeman 
. Annie .Mifflin 
. . Lillian Lee 
. Lillian Sinaott 

When "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was produced at the Academy, 
March 4, T7. R. .StockwiTT withdrew from the cast of "X-o^ers* 
Lane, " and Charles Hawkins acted Uncle Bill. Brady and Zieg- 
Beid's lease of this house expired Af>ril 29. The season closed 

April 27. " Lovers' Lane," which had its ninety-fifth continuous 
performance on that date, was then taken to the Republic Theatre. 
The next lessee and manager was Harrison G. Fiske. 

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SITUATED at No. 1239 Broadway, west side, between Thir- 
tieth and Thirty-firat streets, was a place of amusement 
known at "Tee Buorton Theatre. " It wat formerly John 
MofiiMey'i wpotting and drinking saloon. Jeriy Thomas was 

the proprietor. It was fitted up and opened Aug. 26, 1878, for 
variety performances, by J. W. Warren and John Farrington, 
Stock broken. The latter waa formerly aeeretary to William 
M. Tweed. It was the intention to make this house the resort 
of those who were fond of seeing a lively entertainment of the 
"can-can" kind, but Capt. Williams, of the " Tenderloin " police 
precinct, threatened to " pull " the honae if audi an entertainment 
were offered. George L. Stout was stage manager, and the audi- 
torium consisted of one floor and a gallery. In the company were 
Belle Howitt, Julia Sheldon, Aggie Wood, Florence Stover, W. P. 
Sheldon, G. L. Stout, Larry Tooley, Charles Clarke, Hannah Birch 
(Mrs. L. Tooley), Ivey Grey, Frank Bell, the Ulm Family, Tierney 
and Cronin, Master Barney, and Hattie and Bennie Grinnelh 
The extravaganaa "The Inviaible Prince," was given, together 
with a vaiawvlUe performance. 

Neil Burgess appeared here Sept. 9, as Betsy Puffy, in '!-V^ip " 
(originallv called " , Io si ^ /^ ikn'a ^'^^^ "). The Bohee Bros, and 
Belle la Verde were aodeo to the company on this date. The prices 
of admission were fifty and seventy-five cents for reserved seats, 
and twenty cents for the gallery. Business was very bad; and the 
house closed in seven weeks. It was reopened by P'rank Harrison, 
Nov. 13, 1878, with a dramatic company in "T**^ Shay-If " J^ny 
Thomas next opened the house as "Thomas' Opkra Hoi* si:," Dec. 
31, 1878. Bob Hart was stage manager and a minstrel entertain- 
ment was given. It closed Jan. 23, 187^ and was reopened 
March 24, with the Count Joannea in "Our American Cousin.** 
The name of the house was then changed to "The St, Jambs 
Opera House." The cast of " Our American Cousin " was: 

Dttodreary .... Count Joannes 1 Mary ...... Viola Mdloa 

BttdAeooiM . . . John T. Craven Georj^iana Pearl Clifton 

Florence . . . .Avoni:i Fairbanks ' .^s.t Trcnchard . . G. G. ^fars^alI 
Augusta .... RoseUa Quintard Capt. de Boots . . . D. C. Cartwell 
Sir Edwrwd .... A. Glassford Abel Murcott .... Chas. Howard 

Binney Jaa. Marmoa Mrs. Mountcbeaiingtoo Ada Dalton 

Covie fCGn||M» Ueot Vemoo . . . Walter Adrian 

Wickeas Tlios.Muna7 

The Count continued one week, and closed March 'i, with 
"Richard III." (two acts). Walter Adrian's right name was 
Andrew Glassford, Jr. 



"Wood's Broadway Theatre" was the next name given to 
this place, with George Wood as manager, who opened it Sept. 
29, with J. C. Padgett & Bassett's entertainment, entitled "Bric- 
&>Brac/' prior to which was a fketch, with a medley of fantastic 
characters, quaint dialogues, humorous songs, and recitations. J. 
C. Padgett, Mr. Bassett, Miss B. Norton, and Cora Daniels com- 
prised the entire company. They continued three wedcs. The 
Miniature (^teretta company appeared in " Pinafore " Oct 2Q, and 
stayed for one week, when George Wood closed his management 
of the house. It was reopened Nov. 10 as " The Broadway Opera 
House," under the direction of J. C. Fryer, with James Meade 
& Gorman's Philadelphia church choir "Pinafore" company. 
" Pinafore" was sung until Nov. 29. John C. Hall appeared Dec. 
I, with "The Strategists. " Mr. Hall. T. j. Hind. Mr. and Mrs. 
Sol Smith, John F. Heme, W. H. Lytell, Sam Ryan, Louis 
F. Howard. Ada Monck, and Lizzie Newell were in the company. 
It was acted until Jan. 3, 1880, followed Jan. 5 by "First Life 
Guards," by the American opera company from Philadelphia, con- 
sisting of Harry Allen, Eugene Clark, Edward Connell, Charles 
F. Lang, W. H. Seymour, Chas. Foster, Jerry Taylor, W. H. 
Meyer, T. Wilson, Florence Ellis, Laura Joyce, Elraa Delaro, 
Mme. A. Sanger, and Hattie Arnold. "Mme. Angot*' was sung 
Jan. 19, and continued throughout the week. Caverly's English 
Folly company were seen Feb. 2 in "Princess Carpillona." Lulu 
and Josie Richmond, May Ten Broeck, James iSturgess, J. H. 
Stuart, Ida Morris, John R Henshaw, Emily Maynaid, Capitola 
Forrest, Jennie Don, Louise Dempsey, Lillian Doane, Nita Gerald, 
Carrie Fuller, Blanche Raymond, and Florence Delmanning were 
in the cast. It lasted only four nights. This house of many 
changes and many names may be said to have settled down into a 
life of solid respectability when John A. McCaull, a Baltimore 
lawyer, and Charles £. Ford took charge of it, and called it " The 
Bijou Opera House." Considerable money was spent and when 
these gentlemen reopened the house on March 31, 1880, it bad all 
the appearance of a modern and well-rcEjulated theatre. 

The Bijou Opera House. J. G. Saville was director of amuse- 
ments and Ben Sherwood, machinist. The initial programme was 
"Ages Ago, or a Musical Legend," and the cast: Rosa, Marie 
Neilini; Mrs. McMotherly. Marie Beauman; Columbus Hebble- 
thwaite, Wm. Courtney ; Ebenezer Tare, Digby V. Bell ; Steward, 
Wm. Herbert Frederic Clay was conductor. This was followed 
by the operetta, "Charity Begins at Home," cast thus: .Susan, 
Carrie Burton ; Mrs. Bumpus, Marie Beauman ; Gorringe, Wm. 
Courtney; Bumpus, Wm. Herbert; Joe, Digby V. Bell. This 
bill continued until May 32, when " ThL S pectre Night , or a 
Romance of Other Day^ ' was presented. The cast mSTCnxnd 

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Duke, William Herbert; Lord Chamberlain, W.Courtney; Steward, 
Frank Pienon; First Lady in Waitings, Marie Beauman; Viola, 

Carrie Burton ; Ghost and Otho, Digby V. Bell. The fiftieth night 
of " ^haritj Re y^jna at Home" occurred May 19. The season closed 
May 22! 

Willie Edouin appeared here Aug. 30, 1880, in '*-Tire^^ or 
tph Ga llery." which had this cast: 

John Sinks .... WHUe Edouin 
Tboi. Sinks . . , Jaoqves Kniger 
Fred FruSvr. Sanger 

Harold George Le Clair 

Bob James T. Powers 

Rally Alice Atbertoo 

Kitty Binks 
Grace Binks 
Maud Binks 

Hortense . 
Porter . . 

. . Julia Edouin 
. . Lotta Belton 
. . IdaShapleigh 

. Annetta du Mare 
Walter Williamson 

The theatre was closed Oct. 11, 12, and was reopened Oct. 13, 
with Kate Claxton and company in "Jlhc- ^ow Flo w er," thus 
cast: " 

Maurice . . . Chas. A. Stevenson 
Bernard .... Edward J. Arnott 

Michel Lin Marris 

Martin R. J. Dustan 

Intendant J. T. Burke 

Louise . 
Marie . 

Kate Claxton 
. . DoUie Pike 
. Margaret Cone 
Alice Mansfiekl 
Gertie Johnson 

''The Two Orfdians" was presented on Nov. 19^ and Kate Clax- 

ton's engagement terminated Nov. 20. The Comley-Barton comedy 
company commenced Nov, 22 in " Jiawn T ennis " and " D'J^^h 
- P'JiP " In the company were Digby Bell, Jas. Barton, H. W. 
Montgomery, J. C. Armand, Fred Lennox, Hettie Tracy (Mrs. 
Jesse Williams), Lillian Brookes Bell, Marie Jansen, Nelly 
Dickson, Mrs. J. H. Rowe (Georgie Dickson), and Jesse WiU 
liams, musical director. "Olivette" was announced for Dec. 24, 
for the first time in America, but its initial performance took 
place matinee Dec. 25. 

"jPur Boarding House " was seen Jan. 31, 1881. The cast: 

Prof. Gilhixxi .... J. B. Polk 
Col. M. T. Elevator Leonard Grover 
Fioretti . . . • . Herbert Archer 

Walter Donald Smith 

Matthew W. J. Percival 

Dr. Sbouter .... Arthur Collins 

Clarence Sidney Drew 

Jack Hnidj . . Robert M. Sheridan 
Tim Walker 

Alonzo . 
Maria . 
Violet . 
Betty . 
Miss Nast 

.... Psiker 
Lillian Cleves Cbrk 

Virginia liuchanan 
. Gecrgie Dickson 
. Josie Batchelder 
. BcUe Mackensie 
Little Eva French 
. Gertrude Hight 
. . Annie Jarvis^ 

Neil Burgess appeared here Feb. 14 in "W idow B cdott," thus 


Digitized by Google 


Widow Bcdott 
Elder Shadrach 
Tom WinocttC. 
Melissa . . . 
Mrs. Magoife . 
Lottie. . . . 

. . Neil Burgess 
. Geo. Sloddart 
Andrew Mallon 
Mrs. Geo. Stoddart 
. Mias L. Pelham 
. . Maiy Taylor 

Widow . 
Tim Crane 
Fred . , 
Tramp . . 

Mrs. Thompson 
. . Harry Rich 
. Walter Fessler 
J. T. Wyndham 
. H. Btackmove 

The house was closed evening of Feb. 28, and Ed 
I comedy " Sixes and Sevens " presented March i, wiT 

Mn. Vandenroort Henrietta Irvinp 

Tapioca . . . Georgie Dickson Rowe 

Mrs. Spanker. . . . Lizzie Hight 
' Walsiogham . . . . A. H. Canby 

Smllie Sidney Drew 

'^usaa Nellie Dickson 

Julian . . . 
Watkins . . 
Dr. Delehaaty 
Angelica . . 
Lemuel . . . 
Isabel . . . 

this cast: 

Herbert Archer 
Geo. Parker 
. . J. B. Polk 
Belle Mackenzie 
. Harry Linden 
. Jeffreys Lewis 

The bouse was closed the week of March 14, except Saturday. 
The Acm6 opera company presented " Olivette " March 19^ with 

this cast: 

Valentine . . . Wm. T. C.irleton 
Capt. de Merrimac • . Henry i takes 

Coquelioot Jas. Peakes 

Manre^ George Olmi 

Veloutine Belle Gerard 

Moustique Nelly Clifton 

Olivette Selina Dolaro 

Countess . . . Faanv Wentwoitli 

Ducdeal& J. H.Janrb 

Houssole Writer 

.Soup de Mer Bennett 

Jayouf Henrietta Irving 

*V Won at Last " was acted April 18. The cast was : 

John Fleming . . . Steele Mackayc 

Major Bunker. . . H.irry Courtaine 

Baron von Spinel • J < Imton H.ill 

Dr. Sterling . . . Herbert Archer 

Flora Helen Ottoleneui 

Jane Mary HarTee 

Prof. Tracy . . . . F. F. Mackay 

Will Tracy . 
Mrs. Tracy 

Tom Broggs 
Grace . . 
Mrs. Bunker 

. Mark Pendleton 
Mrs. H. Couruine 
(Emma Grattan) 
J. B. Curran 
. . Belle Archer 
. Louise Sylvestsr 

The Wilbur Opera company sang "The Mascot" May 5, for the 
first time in this city, when it had this cast: 

Lorenzo Harry Brown 

Frederick . . . . C. H. Thompson 

Pippo John Brand 

Rocoo W. Paul Bown 

Scfgcaat CM. Pahncr 

Matteo John T. Craven 

Physician Ed. Morris 

Bcttina Emma Howson 

Fiametta LlUieWest 

C. H. Thompson, the tenor of Dr. Cuyler*s church, Brooklyn, 
took the part nf Frederick at a moment's notice, the first night 
of the performance, as J. £. Conly had been enjoined from ap- 
pearing. He sang from the score, and had to read the lines. 
The one hundredth performance occurred Aug. 5, and its last 
Aug. 13 

" KooiB &ior R ent" was first acted here Aug. 15: 

Digitized by Google 



Harrjr Haccleman . W. J. Ferp^uson 
Fred'k Dahl .... Edward Hoist 
Bomhast .... Edward Coleman 

Qeveland Win. Herbert 

Cutter W. L. GiMMOB 

Albert Raymond . . Florence Gibson 

John Joseph VV.ilters 

Mrs. Cutter .... Mina Crolius 
RosaviUa . . . Genevieve Reynolds 
Alice Fannjr McNid 

On Sept. 5 " The Mascot " was presented for the hrst time in 
America in its entirety, and with the composer's original orcbestra- 

tion, by the Audran opera company. A. J. de Fossez was man- 
ager; Jesse Williams, musical conductor: 

Bettim Selina DoUro 

FnmccMS Bessie Temple 

Antonia .... Emma Duch.iteau 

Paola Alice Townsend 

Pietro Julie Irving 

. . Blanche CJupiBWi 

.... Geo. W. DenhwD 
Frederic Alonso Hatch 

Pippo Lithgow James 

Rocco Jos. Greensfelder 

Sergt. Parafoate . . . . E. S. Guise 

Matteo £. S. Grant I Fiametu 

Phystdan Fred Leanoxl 

The two hundredth and final performance occurred Oct. 27. 
Tlie house was closed Oct. 28. " The Great Mogu l, or the Snake 
Charmer," had its first representation Oct. 3^ "1 he cast was: 

Migiupour Selina Dolaro 

Nicobar Geo. Denliam 

Astrakan . . . Jos. S. Greensfelder 

Tao Tsin .... Fred W. Lennox 
Grand Brahma Cardoza 

Officer . C. Tucker 

D'Jcmma Lillian Russell 

Princess Bengslliie Maache Chapman 

A Slave Greenville 

First Vender .... Bessie Temple 

Second Vender . Emma Duchateau 
Ti)ird Vender . . . Kate Livingston 
First Minister . . W. P. Hampshire 
Second Minister . . . . J. C. Smith 

It was withdrawn Dec. 19, for "Olivette," with Selina Dolaro 
in the title rdle, Lillian Russell as Bathilda, Emma Duchateau 
as Veloutine, Raymond Holmes as Due des Ifs. J. S. Greens- 
felder as De Merrimac, and Fred Lennox as Coquelicot. Corinne 
appeared matinees Thursday and Friday, Dec 29, 30, at two 
o clo^, and Saturday morning, Dec 31, commencing at eleven 
o'clock, in "Th&Ma^ Slipper," supported by Geo. K. Fortescue 
and others. A matm^^Twas also given Saturday, Dec. 31, at two 
o'clock, of "'I,'_be S j nake C harmer. " and the last performance oc- 
curred evening of bee 31, when the programme was: the second 
and third acts of "Olivette," the third act of "TUfi Snake 
Charmer," and an original comedietta, "The Reading of a Trag' 
edy,"'in which Harry St. Maur made his American debut. 

On Jan. 2, 1882, J. H, Haverly's comedy company appeared 
in " The Sti^tegi^ ts. " Frank Aiken and J. B. Polk were in 
the company. Corinne continued at the Tuesday, Wednesday, 
Thursday, and Friday matinfes, in "The Magic Slipper." and 
matinee of Jan. 10 as Bettina in "The Mascot." Corinne toolc 
a benefit matinee Jan. 13; among the volunteers was Lillian' 
Russell. Willie Edouin returned here Jan. 16 in "Dreams." 

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In the cast were: Willie Edouin, John A. Mackay, James T. 
Powers, Alice Atherton, Marion Elmore, Sylvia Gerrish, Carlotta 
Parker, Lotta Bclton, F. B. White, and Rica Murrilli. 

"L'Afrique" received its first performance in New York, Jan. 

23, when it had this cast : 

Mootague Jones . 

Tops . . . . 
Van Zwickenboot 

. Fred W. Lennox 
. . Philip Branson 

Jos. S. Greensfelder 
Harry Standish 

Zayderbausen £. S. Grant 

Corpord Hops . . . J. S. PefdTal 

Georgiana Marie Clover 

Alice Liriie Keiler 

This was the first appearance in New York of Philip Bran- 
son, Marie Glover, and Lizzie Keiler. During the last week of 
"L'Afrique" Noiabelle Bowler sang Georgiana. The Emilie 
Melville opera company appeared Feb. 20 in " The Royal Midd y." 
The cast was : 

Fancbette .... Emilie Melville 
Don Jannario .... Ton Casselli 

Mungo F. W. Lennox 

Don Norberto . . . Chas. Dungan 

Gomez Isabel Martin 

Gilpeto Hattie Swift 

Joeie I^UyingstoD 

AboqiMfqiie ... J. T. Sherwood 

" ftp"]'""* *^ yfi»*'^r sprite^ ** was produced Feb. 25, and had 

th i s cast : " ~ 

Don Lamberto Wallace Macreeiy 
Don Domingos . . . Al. Henderson 

Antonia Elma Dolaro 

Maria Lilly Post 

Hennques ^'^^ Ayera 

Manud Anna Caldwell 

Henderc Julia Coyle 

Princess Heloise . . Elma Dolaro 
Nataletza .... Emilie Melville 
Alexandria . ... C. W. Dungan 

Iliuka Lilly Post 

Prince Wm, Cilbert 

Marco T(Nn Casselli 

Gosa . . 
Capt. MaaoUn 
Ivan . . . 
Jacob . . 

J. S. Greensfelder 
. E. S. Grant 
. Fred Lennox 
W. H. SUnley 
Harrj Staadish 

"The Pirates of Penzance" was sung March 13, with this cast: 
Richard, J. S. Greensfelder; Samuel, Harry Standish; Frederick, 
Wallace Macreery; Major-Gcncral Stanley, Wm. Gilbert; Isabel, 
Susie Winner; Edward, Tom Casselli; Mabel, Blanche Roose- 
velt; Edith, Lilly Post; Kate, Tilly Vcrlergo; Ruth, Augusta 
Roche. On March 20b 21, 22, Sallie Reber acted Mabel in con- 
sequence of Blanche Roosevelt having three concerts (previously 
arranged) to give. She resumed the part March 23. 

Prof. Herrmann, assisted by Mmc. Herrmann ; Katinishi, Japan- 
ese juggler; £. D. Davies, ventriloquist; and Howell and Darvin, 
illusionists, came here April 3. £x>uis and Alice Harrison and 
their company, appeared April 17, in **,Photpff," cast thus: 

Lottie Cuinne . . . . Alice Harrison Relvidere Potter 

Clara Harleigh . . . \'irginia Koss .Mr. Huchner . 

Milly Dickie Martinez Hrindle . . . 

Marston Moore . . Ed. J. Connelly Mr. Sky • . 

W. C. Mandeville 
, . Jerome Mills 
, . E. D. Stone 
Arthur Sbewell 

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On May i Neil Burgess returned, with 'UMidpw £[^ott." Selina 
Dolaro was seen May 8, in " The Lesson of Love " and "XhfiJEkst 
^Night." Eva Barrington, Minnie Lee, Nellie Mortimer, Harry 
St. Maur, Ed. Temple, E. M. Holland, and Clinton Stuart were 
in the company. This bill was continued until June 5, when 
"Patience" was revived, and the cast was: 

. . Ed. Temple 

Harry St. Maur 
Augusta Roche 
Marion Lambert 
Emily Lawrence 
"'-^C. Bowler 

Colonel John E. Nash 

The Duke Harry Pepper 

i he Major Wm. Gillow 

Bunthome's Sottdtor Wm. Ridgewav 
Fatieace JLiUian RuMell 

Bnntliome . • • 

Grosvenor . 
Lady Jane . . . 
Lady An^'L-la . . 
Lady Saphir . . 
LadjEIb . . . 

On June 26 there was a change in the cast : John Howaon play- 
ing Bunthorne; Digby Bell, Grosvenor; Chas. Dungan, the Colo- 
nel; Alonzo Hatch, the Duke; Lilly Post, Patience; Laura Joyce, 
Lady Jane; Emma Guthrie, Lady Angela; Vic Revnolds, Saphir; 
and Sosie Winner, Ella. "Fatience" was withairawn July 29, 
having reached its three hundred and eightieUi performance in 
this city. 

On July 31 "Olivette" was revived, with Selina Dolaro as Oli- 
vette, and Lilly Post as the Countess. "The Snake Charmer." 
with Selina Dolaro as the Princ^ was revived Aug. 14, and con- 
tinued two weeks. 

Edward Solomon's " Billee Taylor " was presented Aug. 26, for 
the first time here. The cast was : 

Phcebe Carrie Burton 

Anbella . . . Emmie Weatheraby 
Saian Amy Harvey 

Eliza Jennie Hu<;hes 

Sir Mincing Lane Albert Henderson 

Billee Taylor . . . . C. T. Campbell 
Capt. Flapper . . . Edwin Chapman 

Crab Ed. Connelly 

Bea Barnacle .... A. O. Barker 

It was withdrawn after Sept. 8 for "Patience," revived Sept. 9, 
with Lillian Russell as the heroine. Matinees were given daily 
the week of Oct. 2, commencing at three o'clock, except Saturday, 
when the performance opened at eleven o'clock in the morning. 

The attraction was the Braharo-Scanlan Boston Miniature Ideal 
opera company, in "Patience.'* Mroe. Thto appeared at this 
theatre Oct. 9 and matinee Oct. 14, in "La Jolie Parfumeuse;" 
"Les Cloches de Corneville," Oct. 10; "La Mascotte," Oct. 11; 
Oct. 12 and 14 (for the first times in five years), "La Timbale 
d'Argent;" Oct 13. "Mme. L'Archiduc;" *The Sorcerer" was 
seen for the first time at this house Oct 16^ and the cast was: 

Aline Lillian Russell 

Lady Sangazare . . . Laura Joyce 
Constance .... Madeline Luc.-tte 
Mr*. Bartlett . . . Julie de Ruytber 
John Wellington Weill John Howson 

Dr. Daly Digby Bill 

.Marmaduke Geo. Olmi 

Alexis C. J. Campbell 

Notary Geo. Schiller 

Buttons A. W. Mallln 

Digitized by Google 


In consequence of the illness oi Lillian Russell in November, 
Madeline Lucette was the Aline for a few nights. "The Sor- 
cerer" was acted for the ninety-second and last time on Jan. 6, 
1883. The house was closed Jan. 8 for a rehearsal of Stephens 
and Solomon's opera, "Virginia," presented for the first time 
Jan. g, and with this caat: 



John Howson 

C. J. Campbell 
Geo. Olmi 
. Digby Bell 
A. W. Maflin 
Enmie Weatheisbj 

Virglnhi Lnqr Coach 

.Mrs. Cowslip .... Laura Joyce 

Amy Emma Guthrie 

Alice Vic Reynolds 

Mildred NeUyHowaid 

Leoocq's "Heart and Hand" had its firat representation in 
America, in English, Feb. 15, when the caat was: 

The King . 
Micaela . 
Scolatdca . 
Anila . . 
Bnlde Maro 

John Howson 
Marianne Conway 
. . Laura Joyce 
Mamie Seigfried 
. Edith Brandon 
Gao. S. Schiller 

Don Galtan 
Don Mosquitos 
Morales . . 
JiMcph . . . 
Firat Officer . 
Third Officer 

. . . Digby Bell 
. . . Geo. Olmi 
. . C. J. Campbell 
Emmie Weathersby 
. . . Ed. Grant 
. . Frank Howafd 

A ._C. Gunn er's " The.JIiBiejJos8L** ^ representation 
on March 5, and had this cast : 

W. J. Ferguson 
Geo. A. Schiller 
NeUie Howud 

Tom Hilton . . 
Capt. Kidd . . 
Bill Higgins . . 
HaroldMorton ) u. 1 u 
Barry 0*BttrkeJ • J* **• oxemm 
AdMflbm Suckuqg . . Geoige Gaston 

Bleary . . , , 
Lillian Lawrenoa 
Agnes Lawrence 
Miliicent Lamence 
Sossn Fending 

. Mr T. Hilton 
. Louise Faullin 
Julie de Ruythcr 
Viiginla Fairias 

Mjrra Martin Joaie Dell 

The house closed after March 10, and reopened March 26, with 
Neil Burgess in " ViniJ' On April 12, for the Actors' Fund bene- 
fit, " Vim " was played, with Joseph Palmer, George Woodward, 
Will A. Paul, S. Miller Kent, Albert Horn, O. C. Darling, Mary 
Taylor, Clara Stoneall, Tommy Russell, and Neil Burgess in the 
cast The house was closed April 16, and was reopened Apiil 17, 
by H. M. Pitt's company, with Robertson's " Caste " : 

Georfe D'Alroy . . Eben Plympton | Ecclea Wm. Davidee 

Sam Gerridge . . . Felix .Morris I Captain Hswine . . . H.M.Pitt 

Dixon Victor Harmon Esther ...... Fanny Addison 

Maiqufie . Emily Jordan Gwniberlain | Polly Sel&ia Dobro 

On May 5, Alberry's *'The Two Roses'* was presented, with 
this cast: 

Lottie . . . , 
Digby Grant . . 
Jaclt Wyatt . . 
Caleb Deccie . . 
Oar. Mr. Jenkins 

. Nelly Howard 
. . H. M. Pitt 
Eben I'lympton 
Earl Sterling 
Fdijc Morris 

Mr. Furnival . . . Wm. Davidge 

Id.a Bessie Kobbins 

Mrs. Jenkins .... Emily Thome 
Mrs. Cuppa .... Miss Newman 

Digitized by Google 


" Fo r g iv en/' by Alberry, was acted for the first time in America 
May 16, and the company closed May 19. " Rice's Surprise Par^" 
appeared May 21, with " Pop. " The cast was: 

Adolpbus . 
AntnoBT . 

Chas. rajre 
Jem Smith 
Knous . 
Sprigeins . 

. John A. Mackay 
Geo. K. Fortescue 

. . Frank Wright 
. . W. T. Doyle 
. . . D. Gtirman 
Albert Murdock 
. . . £d. Taylor 


SopRia . 
Iklle Adams . 
Adcle Pop 
Telegraph Boy 
Jtmee Barlow 

N. S. Burabam 
Kate Cutlelon 

. Irene Perry 
Mav Slcmbler 
. Lillie (iruhb 

. Ida Smith 
Jas. MOla 

Lillie Gnibb died in Baltimore. Sept. 7, 189a 

Tbe fiftieth performance toolc place July 6. The last perform- 
ance given in this house was on July 7, and was for the benefit of 
Capt. Porter, the doorkeeper of the theatre. " Pop" waspresented, 
wmt two dianget in the cast: N. S. BnrnbamlBfted Cnas. Fage^ 
and H. L. Rattenbery appeared as Bags. During its run a musi* 
cal act entitled "The Dudes. " composed by Edward E, Rice, was 
introduced, and later Mane Vanoni was added to the company. 
The piece was condensed into two acts. The theatre, owing to 
its small size, never yielded much profit to any of its managers. 
Preparations for tearinp: down the building were at once com- 
menced. R. E. J. Miks and Gen. W. B. Barton leased the prem- 
ises for five years from the owner, F. James» and agreed to advance 
sufficient funds to erect a new house. 

The new managers of this house rechristened it "The Bijou 
Theatre," and it was opened Dec. i, 1883, with "Orpheus and 
Eurydice," an adaptation, by Max Freeman, ol Offenbach's 
"Orphte aux Enfeis." The cast ww: 

Jupiter Dlgby Bell 

^^"l Hrtrnwuk. 

Styx *>*.... Hairjr Pepper 
Emydiee If arte Vaaonf 

Diana LSWB Joyce-Bell 

Cupid Ida MuUe 

Veoos Augusta Roche 

^100 • . • . Amelia Suamerville 
inenra .... Gcale Hattzmeyer 

Hebe Daisy Murdoch 

Fortuna Jennie Prince 

Mercury • . . . . Billie Barlow 

Man Henry Leoni 

Vnleaii E. S. Grant 

Bacchus .... Clara Davenport 
Orpheus . . . Ceo. C. Boniface, Jr. 
Public OpIakHi . . . .PauUnsHall 

The one hundredth performance was given March 7, 1884. 

The house was closed March 17, and March 18 was produced, 
lor the first^time in Amercia, " La Vie," with this cast: 

Heba . , 
Apollo . 
janos . 
Thalia . 
Aglaia . 
Calliope . 
Clio . . 
Erato . 
IVania . 

. . Kitty Ford 
E. H. Aiken 
. Miit MeNotty 
Andrew Metwef 

. . Wm. Silver 

Master Murdock 
Minnie Thomas 
. . Lolu Frdtk 
. Usde Tiaenr, 
. Lottiee Martfn 
Hattie Maynard 
Alice Aymes 
. Albertine Hall 
Mionie Flagg 
. . Lime Gknrer 
Victorine Girard 
Carrie Tutein 


Von Schnitzel Richard Mansfield 

Joe Tarradiddle . . Jacques Krugcr 
Delancv Splinterbarre . .I.N. Long 
Guy Silverspoon Charles W. Dungan 
Mr. Muggins . . . Arch. McDonnell 
Gabrielle Strassbourg . . Fanny Rice 
Christine Von Schnitzel, Blanche Corelli 
Petty Coat Lane . . Maggie Arlington 
Katnerine Wyverne . Victorine Girard 
Taunton Tarrington Mollie M. Power 
Victor Emanuel . . . Bessie Carlton 
First Custom House OfRcer 

Hattie Rcber 
Second Custom House Officer 

Minnie Flagg 

Captain Fluker . . Carrie Donnellv 
Earl of Skve . . Maude VVentwortfi 
Lord Gamboyle . . . Carrie Baldwin 
Baron Shandegall . Grace Sherwood 

Snip Samuel Reed 

Toby Geo. A. Schiller 

Arion Busch .... Alex. M. Bell 

Knobstick Frank Howard 

Club 'Em Henry Rolland 

Baby Green Percy Sage 

Jones Joseph Silver 

Florence Marie Bockel 

Extra Sally Cohen 

MissMugi^ins .... Laura Burt 

"La Vie" was acted for the fiftieth and last time on May 3. 
The house was closed May 5 for a rehearsal of "Blue Beard," 
produced May 6 for the first time. The cast was: 

Blue Beard 
Adonis . . 
Selim . . 
Sister Anne 

Jacques Kruger 
Arthur W. Tarns 
Chas. W. Uungan 
Geo. A. Schiller 
. Emma Carson 
. . Irene Perry 
Genevieve Reynolds 

Hassam Pauline Hall 

Fatima Fanny Rice 

Beda Jessie Glassford 

Fez Mattie Ferguson 

Said Marie MuUe 

Zef ...... Maggie Arlington 

Its run terminated June 14, when the house was closed, and was 
reopened July 21, under the management of John Donnelly and 
Gus Kerker, with "The Chimes of Normandy." The cast was: 
Robin More, Alfred Wilkie; the Marquis, Ed. Connelly; Migno- 
nette, Adelaide Randall; Germainc, Rose Leighton; Susanne, 
Kate Hoyt; Sheriff, Arthur W. Tams; Notary, H. S. Dale; 
Gaspard, C. P. Flockton ; Gertrude, Kate Hatfield ; Mamette, 
Josie Hanley. "The Bohemian Girl" was given July 28, with 
Adelaide Randall as the heroine, Enrico Campobello as the Count, 
Alfred Wilkie as Thaddeus, Rose Leighton as the Gypsy Queen, 
and Edward Connelly as Devilshoof. " Fra Diavolo" was sung 
Aug. II, with George Appleby as the hero. " Maritana " was 
heard Aug. 18; "The Bohemian Girl," Aug. 25, 26, 27; "The 
Chimes of Normandy," Aug. 28, 29, 30. W. H. Hamilton made 
bis first appearance in America Aug. 25, as the Count in "The 
-Bohemian Girl." The theatre was closed Sept. 1, 2, 3, for re- 
hearsals of ",^onis^" produced for the first time in New York, 
Sept. 4. The cast was: 

Adonis ...... H. E. Dixey 

Bunion Turke . . . Geo. Howard 
Marquis .... Herbert Greshain 

Lady Nettie Ida Bell 

Talamea Lillie Grubb 

Duchess .... Jennie Reiffarth 

Artea Louise Eissing 

Rosetta . . . Amelia Summerville 


Mollie Fuller. Bertie Fiseb, and Jenny Reeves were also in thcJ^ 
cast I 
(Js*' was first seen on the stage July 6b 1884, at Hooleyy 

Opera HouSCT'Chicafjn, III. It was by ^lliam F. GH l. On Oct. 
2, 1885, it reached its four hundredth presentation. E. K. Rice 
conducted the orchestra, and a promenade concert preceded the 
performance. Amelia Summerv-ille reassumed her original part 
of Rosetta Oct. i, and Geo. K. Fortescue retired. The five 
hundredth performance took place Thursday evening, Jan. 7, 1886. 

At exactly double prices, the house was packed. In the midst 
of the first act John A. Maclcay, who had come over from Ev ange- 
line " at the Fourteenth Street TTieatre, in his Le Blanc costume, 
wafked upon the stage, shook Adonis' hand, said " God bless you 1 " 
and made his exit. A few minutes later Geoive Thome came out 
from the wings in his Ko Ko "make-up" (he had run in from the 
Fifth Avenue Theatre, where he was playing in "The Mikado"), 
and, having informed Adonis that be was not "on his list," be- 
cause he sadly "would be missed "> retired also to great applause. 
Next, a life-size floral heifer went over the footlights, as a re- 
minder of Mr. Dixey's early days, when he played the hind legs 
of the cow in " Evangeline." At the close of the first act a bronze 
bust of an Indian chief was brought in, set on a pedestal and pre- 
sented to Mr. Dixey, in behalf of the Mohican Club. In the . 
second act Francis Wilson managed to get over from the Casino 
in his " Amorita " costume, and hastily extended his congratula- 
tions. Then the curtain came down, and a large portion of the 
audience repaired to the Dixey ball at the Metropolitan Opera 
House. Bernstein's orchestra and Gilmore's band furnished the 
mnsi^ and the dancing continued until late in the morning. On 
the afteniooB of Jan. 7, Dixey was breakfasted by the Mohican 

The final performance of " J^donis/ ' at the Bijou Theatre, April 
17, 1886, was its six hundred and third consecutive time in this^ 

Dixey and his company sailed for England on May 12, and ap- 
peared at the Gaiety Theatre, London, May 31. 

This theatre was closed Holy Week, and was reopened April 
26, with "Arcadia," it was withdrawn after the performance, May 
15. Thatcher, Primrose, & West's minstrels commenced a fort-^ 
night's stay May 17. " Tiiejkidal.jrrap, " by Sydney BLogerjitld^ 
(a version of '*Sennent d' Amour"), was first acted (Decoration j 
nu^in^e) May 31, and had this cast: | 


Belazazob Paul Vernon , 

Roset Laura Clement ' 

Marion Jennie Prince * 

Baptists Daisy Temple , 

Ecutelard Roland Reed 

The Count . . . Francis Gaillard 

('rivolin Harry Mills 

Martial £. S. Gnwt 


Annette Bessie Semon [ Drummer Boy .... Ray Semon 

Edmond Madge Ferry Vivandiere .... Grace Addison 

Fabian Lulu Tutein Javotte Maud Leicester 

Adolpb« Addie Lee Franciae Liizie Wiaoer 

Hyacintii Helen Sdioler 

This was the New York debut of Laura Clement. 

Miles ft Barton renewed the lease of this theatre June ij for six 
years at a yearly rental of $27,000. Considerable e.xcitement was 
caused by the managers of this theatre and the manager of Wal- 
lack's Theatre — directly across the street The McCaull company 
were singing "Sermcnt under the title of "The Crowing Hen," 
at Wallack's. The competition had been fairly respectable until 
June ly, when the Bijou management put a stereopticon on the 
roof of their building, and threw pointed allusions to and jokes at 
the Wallack production on the wall of the Wallack Theatre build- 
ing. When Col. McCaull had recovered from his indignation he 
sent out fur a lot of calcium lights, and, by turning them on the 
wall, drowned out the st««opticon pictures. Meanwhile a noisy 
crowd blocked Broadway in the vicinity of the houses, and Capt. 
Williams had to bring out the police reserves. The night of June 
18 the contest was renewed witn more vigor, and even less decency. 
The Bijou stereopticon was ready for its work on Wallack's wall, 
when an injunction, granted by Judge Brady, was served on Man- 
ager Barton, restraining him from carrying out bis purpose, so far 
as the Wallack wall was concerned. As an alternative Mainger 
Barton hung out a canvas screen from the Bijou itself, and turned 
the stereopticon on that, repeating the tactics of the previous nip^ht. 
About this time Col. McCaull and Theo. Moss retaliated. They 
had hired the building next to the Bijou, and their stereopticon 
was soon at work discount in<^ the jokes of their rivals. The night 
closed with the Wallack orchestra vigorously playing "The Barn- 
yard Polka " from the roof of the Wallack porch. Saturday 
night, June 20, the street was blocked at an early hour, the daily 
newspapers having aroused great interest in the silly squabble. 
But managerial "enterprise" had exhausted itself, the stereop- 
ticon, calcium and red lights doing the same work as on the 
preceding nights. All this cheap and rowdy method of adver- 
tising was profitable to neither house. On the contrary, the at- 
tendance actually fell off at both theatres. It had been light 
enough at the Bijou, prior to the hostilities, and it diminished 
at Wallack's^ which up to that time had been doing a very fair 

June 26 witnessed the last performance here of " The Bridal 
Trap. " The house was then closed for two nights, and was re- 
"opened June 30, with Roland Reed and his company, in "Hum- 
,^bu^" which was played until Aug. 14. The cast was: 

Digitized by Google 



, ack Liutcr . 
||ed Ramsey . 

Dick Pocids . 

ackson Luster 
Albert Worth 
Jacob Bartz . 

, Rotaad Reed 
A. S. Lipman 

Ancustus Cook 
. Ferd. Hight 
Fritz Williams 
S. \V. Glenn 

Ju^eShaw . . 

Annloda Bertram 

Nettie . . . . 
Mrs. Shaw . . 

. . Joseph Gflbqr 
. . Paul Vernon 


Alice HastinjjfS 
. . . Loie Fuller 
. . . Mary Myera 

" Sold iersjnd Sweethearts " was acted for the first time on any 

stage Aug 

Major Ashley . 
Licnl. Ashley . 
Conoral Flint 
Dany Downs . 
Sergt. Dancker 
Private Sloane 
lobn Snicdl . 
Jonacus Jaggs 

"ih, and had tHis cast : 

. Charles Overton 
. Frederic Darrell 
. . Chas. Allison 
Henry V. Donnelly 
. . Henry Leone 
. Mr. W. H. Ryno 
. . Thos. Welch 
. Owen Westford 

Marie Hartlett 
Maggie Smith 
Legrand Foudre 
Nan McGilder 
Katie Ray . . 
Hattie Clay . 
Phoebe Day . 
Sadie May. . 

. Sylvia Gerrish 
. Loaisc Edgar 
Ra||;na Linn^ 
. Susie Russell 
Ada May Drew 
. . Leuna Koss 
. Agnese Hoik 
. . Lulu Hesse 

The house was closed Sept. 4 for renovation, and was reopened' 

Sept. 13, with " Li ule J ack Sheppard," cast thus: 

Jonathan Wild N. C. Goodwin, Jr. 
Little Jack Sheppard . . Loie Fuller 

ThaawaOaixeii . 
Winnlfred Wood 

Mrs. Sheppard . 
Edgewora Bess . 
Captain ' 

. Rose Leightoo 
. Addle Cora Reed 
Jennie Weathershy 
Helen Sedgwick 
. . Ida Van Osten 
• . Mabel Morria 

Ireton Maude Leicester 

Dlueskin C. B. Bishop 

Sir Rowland . . . . £. F. Goodwin 

Kneebone Frank Currier 

Mendez F. T. Ward 

Wood A. Hart 

Pa% ...... LetinFarreD 

William Yarcllcy, the author of this burlesque, made his Ameri- 
can d^ but Nov. 15, acting Blueskin. N. C. Goodwin first played 
Caraway Bones, in " Tuniaj__Up^'' Dec. 1 1 — its first representa- 
tion in America. "The Mascot was revived Jan. 24, 1887. The 
cast was: Bettina, Lillie Grubb; Pippo, Stuart Harold; Doctor, 
H. S. Goodwin; Lorenzo, N. C. Goodwin, Jr. ] Fiametta, Lelia 
Farrell; Frederick. Flora Irwin; Rocco, C. B. Bishop. After 
the usual performance of "The Mascot," the night of Feb. 9, 
the company took the 11.30 o'clock train to Boston, to which 
was attached a special car. They had supper em route, and ar- 
rived in Boston at seven o'clock, morning of Feb. la Then all 
repaired to the Boston Theatre, where N. C. Goodwin and his 
company gave an act of "Tiirn^^' ^^P'" '"^t 11.30 o'clock, opening 
the programme for the benefit of the Boston VAki Lodge. The 
company Xock. the one o'clock train to New York, arriving at the 
Bijou Theatre exactly at eiyht o'clock. "Jdc Skatin^Rink" was 
revived by Mr. Goodwin l eb. 28. Eliza Weathershy (Nfrs. Good- 
win) was dying Thursday night, March 24, about the time the Bijou 
audience were waiting for the curtain to go up on "The Sk^ng 
_Ri nk. " They waited patiently until 8.30 o'clock, when. an at- 
tempt to put on "The Mascot ' having failed, stage manager Paul 


Vernon announced the condition of affairs, and the death of Mrs. 
Goodwin, and the audience left the theatre. Friday night " The 
Mascot" was sung, with A. W. F. McCoUin as Liorenzo, and 
Henry Moulton as Prince IVederick. 

The house was closed March 28. " Big Pony ^r the Gentlema nly 
Sava ge," the music by Edward I. Darling,^tfeTtTJretto by Andrew 
CTwbeeler ("Nym Crinkle**), was acted for the first time, March 
31, and had this cast: 

Big Pony . . , 
Don Fillousto 
Sancho Mendingo 
Lieut. Arlington . 
Sergt. O'Giory . 
Polecat Pete . . 
MtutaoK Mike 
Gopher joe • • 

. Nat. C. Goodwin 

. . C. B. Bishop 
. . Stuart Harold 
. Henry Moulton 
. * E. W. Leon 
Edward F. Goodwin 
. . H. C. DeWitt 
. . Robert Vance 

Billy the Stag . . 
Scilorita Inez . . 
Senorita Marie 
Sajjastina . 
Oo- ka-h o w-ya-jah 
Un-ka-ki-yi . . 
SoH^sivsi . . . 
In-ki-tink-i-mink . 

. ottownuM 

. Lillian Grubb 
. . Lote Fuller 
Estelic Mortimer 
. DoUie DeJroy 
. Madge Pcny 
I. Lmence 
. . . H. Dye 

Henry E. Dixey became half partner with Miles & Barton in 
the management of this house May 2. It was closed May 20, to 
reopen June 21, with Minnie Maddem in " Caprice . " Wm. Morris, 
T. J. Hcrndon, Chas. Stanley, Cyril Scott, Percy Brooke, F. A. 
Tannehill, Sen., Harry Reeves, J. S. Madero, F. W. McClelland, 
Chas. Webster, Odette Tyler, and Lulu Kline were in the cast 
"Tom C raig's W ife *' was acted for the first time on any stage 
the ailernoon of June 28, when Delia Stacey made her New York 
debut as Irene Craig. Minnie Maddem terminated her engage- 
ment July 9, and the bouse closed for the summer. On Sept 12, 
1887, the season opened with " A Circus in Town " by ^d;_iiolst, 
with John A. Mackay as the star VV H. Hamilton, PauTArthur, 
W. C Mandeville, Thos. Lewis, Ed. Hoist, Adah Richmond, 
Hattic Delaro, Grace Wilson, Emma Hanley, Josie Hall, Evelyn 
Granville, and Richard Golden were in the cast. 

Salsbury's Troubadours came here Sept. 23, in "The Hum ming 
Bird," with Nellie McHenry, John Webster, and FranOIair in 
th^^st. The house was closed Oct. 1 7, for a dress reheaml of 
" The Cora a>r," produced Oct 18, with this cast: 

Connd . • 
Bhbanto . 
Seyd Pacha 

Synir Sniaul 
Yiirsul . . 
Gulnare • 
Abined . . 

Annie Summer>'ille 
Frank David 
H. Broocolini 

Geo. Schiller 
. Ed. .Morris 
. C lara Lane 
Maud Waldermere 

Zuliema Rosa Cook 

Hauan Carrie Behr 

Ganem KaleUart 

AH Jennie Bnrtine 

Bachsheesli .... D. P. Steele 
Medora LouiM Montagw 

Julia Marlowe appeared here Thursday afternoon, Oct 20^ in 
"Ingotnar." The cast was: 

Digitized by Google 



Parthenia Julia Marlowe 

Ingomar .... Eben Plympton 
The Timardl .... Milnes Levick 

Polydor W. H. Croinpton 

Afatttor Oms. D. Hennan 

Mvron C. Leslie Allen 

Lykon Ed. McWade 


Elphenor Mjton Rice 

Neocles Henry Arthur 

Ambivar Junes Cooper 

Trioobantet ..... Paul Davis 

Samo Henry Mathews 

Novio Dodson Mitchell 

Actea . . . Mrs. M. A. rennoyer 
TbMM EnuM Htoddcy 

Julia Ifariowe's right name it Sarah Frances Froit. She was 
born in 1870^ in Cumberland, England, eight miles from Ketwick, 

in the village of Coldbeck. She came to America at five years of 
age with her parents. At twelve years of age she was with the 
Juvenile Opera company, and was Itnown as Frances Brough. This 
was her first appearance before the public. The first part she ever 
played was Sir Joseph Porter in "Pinafore;" then she played 
Suzanne in "The Chimes of Normandy," and the Page in "The 
Little Duke" She then retired from the stage for three jrears to 
study under the guidance of Ada Dow. With Josephine Reilley 
as the star, under R. £. J. Miles' management, she acted Balthazar 
in "Romeo and Juliet," Stephen in "The Hunchback," Maria in 
"Twelfth Night." Her first appearance as a "star" was at Bay- 
onne, N. J., for the benefit of a church, when she played Parthenia 
in "Ingomar," to Frank Currier's Ingomar. On April 25, 1887, 
die was seen as Parthenia at New London, Conn., while making 
a three weeks' tour through the eastern country under R. E. Miles' 
management. During this tour she played Pauline in "The Lady 
of Lyons," as well as other characters. Wm. G. Beach was the 
leading , man. Miss Marlowe then came to this theatre and made 
her d^but, as stated above. She next appeared at the Star Theatre, 
this city, Dec. 12, 1887, as Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet." She 
was married May 27, 1894, in Philadelphia, to Robeit Taber, and 
obtained a divorce from him in December, 18991 

"The Pearl of Pekin," a new adaptation of Lccocq's "Fleur dc 
Th6," was sung for the first time on any sta^c March 19, 1888, the 
run of "The Corsair" having ended March 17. The cast was: 

Pesflol Pekin . . . Alice Johoaoa 
r iimiB •••••« itvnv veiuua 

Pierrette . . . Clarette Vanderbilt 

Aniidique Carrie Behr 

Pepinc ...... Grace Wilson 

Faotioe Bertie Fi»cb 

Petit Pierre 

Paul Mathot 
Sine Hij{h . 

Mne ti 

Philip Branaoo 

iiiip . 

Joseph W. Herbert 
Herljcrt Charter 
John C. Leach 
unUs Haniioa 

"The Pearl of Pckin " was first sung in America in its original 
French form Feb. i, 1869, at the Theatre IVan^ais in this city. 
In consequence of the illness of Irene Verona un May 8, Carrie 
Behi^appeared as Finette 

^or a Paper City" had its first performance here 



"May 28, and ran through the week. "Lost [n '^ { c w Yor k" was 
acted June 4, it being the first "tank play" seen at any 15roadway 
theatre; The cast was : 

Thomas Wise 

Geo. Wright 
Walter Fessler 

Arthur Wilson . . 

Horatio Chester . 
Hackeosack George 
Martin Faicdl ? 
Tnmp $ ' 
Anomally Wm. Ryno 

Frank Dayton 

Mtm. Wilson . . . Marie AtcMson 

Jennie Wilson P.-itrire 

Caroline Peabody Eugenie Lindeman 
Matron ...... Mary Sutton 

Marl» ..... MoUie iLawman 

Little Sosie Baby Stover 

- The house closed for the season June 9. The lease held by 
Dixey, Miles & Barton, and having eight more years to run, was 
purchased June 11 by J. W. Rosenquest. manager of the Four- 
teenth Street theatre. This theatre was sold in July to Sire & 
Sons for $350»ooa The property paid ^33,000 yearly rental, 
$27,000 of which came from the theatre, and $6,000 from the 
frontage of fourteen feet on Sixth Avenue. There is a Broad- 
way frontage of forty feet, and the side meaaurenaents are two 
hundred and thirty*8even and two hundred and forty-two feet 

The season opened Sept. 3, with "T he Woman Hatc r." Roland 
Reed as the star, thus cast : 

Samuel Bundy 
Horace Mulbridge 
Dr. . , 
George Dobbins . 
Tom Ripley . . 
Orlando Hawkins 

. Roland Reed 
Harry A. Smith 
H. Rees Davies 
Ernest Bartram 
George W. I.eslie 
Julian Reed 

Thompson . . 

William . . 

.Mrs. Lucy Joy 
Alice Lane 
Mrs. Walton . 

Oct 8, " gatti. t hil Pjimi ly Help , 
star, was seen with this cast : 

W. W. Plum 
W. A. Shaw 
S. A. Gordon 
Alice Hastings 
Annie Lewis 
Minnie Moock 

with Marietta Nash as the 

Finikin Fluffy .... Geo. Lniiri 

Hob Harry Evcrstield 

Richard Fluffy . . . Harrv H. Bell 
Dr. Eastman . . . Harry Vaughao 
Joliffe T. B. Presley 

Mrs. Finikin FluflTv . . Helen Reir 
Mrs. Richard Flufty . . Louise Rial 
Alice Somers . . . Jennie Kennark 

Perkins Marie Uart 

Katti Marietta Nash 

I " Chas. Hoyt's ^rass Monkey " had its first representation in 
• this city, Oct 15, when the cast was: 

Jonah . . . . 

Dodjje Work . . 

Badger . . . . 

Frisco Fogg . . 

Mr. Barnes . . 

Mr. Potter . . . 

Doolittle Work . 
.Aiitiust Frost 
.Madderii Sinn 
The Roval Bengal 
Savage Hogg 

. . Charles Reed 
. . Tim Murphy 
. . Otis Harlan 
. . . las. Horan 
. . Otis Harlan 
. . W. F. Mack 
« Atf. M. Hampton 
Ceo. A. Heine, Jr. 
. . Wm. F. Mack 
Tifer M. Heckert 
Geo. -A. Beane, Jr. 

Charily ( rrace 
\'iri;ini,i Brij^ht 
Ruby Royal 
Fowle BaU 
Birdie . . 
F.dilli Grace 
Hope Cjrace 
Mrs. Hogg 
Mrs. Badger 

Fannie Mclntyre 
. May Montford 

Josephine Zahn 
. Flora Walsh 

Frank Baldwin 
Alice Walsh 

Hattie Walters 
. . Marie Belt 
. Alice Evans 
. . Marie Zahn 


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On the afternoon of Jan. 24, l889» an entertainment was given 
by children. Recitations and songs were heard from Lillie Hey- 
man, Edith Widmer, Fannie Case, Frankie Reynolds, Dot Claren- 
don, Elma Smith, Gracie Heckler, Louis Miska, Ida B. Travis, 
and La Petite Dunn. Mabel Menzies recited, and lima Marie 
Pratt played a piano sonata. The quarrel scene in " The School for 
Scandal," was given by Carrie Webber and Master George Dainty. 
Miss Webber afterwaid sang and danced. Master Tommy Russell 
came before the curtain and apologized because he had been too 
busy to learn a piece for recitation. A scene from " A Midsummer 
Night's Dream," in which Charles A. Heckler, E. J. Mackay, 
Lillie Heckler, Fannie Case, and Edith Widmer took part, closed 
the bill. Clarence Worrall played the cornet and sang ; little May 
Bishop sang "I 'm so Shy;" and the Misses Arango gave several 
airs on the banja 

" A Midni|fht B ell." by Chas. Hoyt, had its first performance in* 
this city March 5, the house having been closed March 4 for re- 
hearsal. The cast was : 

Clergyman .... R. J. Dillon 
Deacoa .... Thos. Q Scibrooke 
City Lawyer Frank Lane 

Bank Cashier 

Bank Teller . 
Bank President 
Country Boy . 
Village Doctor 

W. J. Humphreys 

Hart Conway 
T. J. Herndon 
Eugene Canfield 

Jesse Jenkins | Help 

Village Fiddler . . . Percy Gaunt 
Schoolma'am .... Isalx-lle Coe 
Minister's Sister . . . Maude Adams 

Old Maid Annie Adams 

Widow Marie Uart 

Soprano of the Choir . . Elvia Croix 
Village Midden . . . Beth Bedford 


The one hundredth performance took place May 29. T. Q. 
Seabrooke retired from the cast June 8, and Geo. Richards as- 
sumed the rdle of Deacon Tidd June 10. The performance 
here of " A Midnight Bell " was July i, for the benefit of the trea- 
surer, J. Thomas Ma^juire, when Mr. Seabrooke acted the Deacon. 

The house was reopened July 15, with "Th e White Elep hant.'* 
which had this cast : 

Hezikiah .Sultry 
Timothy Tottles 
Frank Kisk 
Getsome f 
Seedy Man f * 
Takesome > 
Sporting Maa> 

Harry C. Clarke 
E. A. Locke 

Guy Nichols 

. Alf. Hampton 
. Lee Harrison 

Ruby Georgic Parker 

Geraldine Risk . . Bessie Cleveland 
Mrs. Sultry . . . Frances Arline 
Maud Carrie Francois 

Bell Olive Tremaine 

Alice Miss Potter 

There were changes in the the second week, as follows: 
Fred Corbett, in place of K. A. Locke, as Timothy Tottles; 
R. A Roberts, in place of Guy £. Nichols, as Frank Risk, and 
Lillie Alliston, in place of Frances Arlin^ as Mrs. Sultry. The 
play proved a white elephant for the manager, as the company 
struck for salaries July 26, when the house was closed, and re^ 

VOL. HI. — 19 

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maincd dark until Aug. 5, when it was reopened with " The Lion 
Ant\ tfii* T.ant|K," which had this cast: 

Lyon Lamb . . , 

Arthur Rush . . . 

Capt. Kill Gory . . 

Cain Hunserblood . 
Rev. AbeiKiitberibnl, 

Dr. Carver . . . 
Thomas Fulsome 

. Charles Coote 
. Fritz Williams 
. Tyrone Power 
. R. F. Cotton 
Sheridan Tupper 
Adolph Lestina 
. Harry Trayer 

Scroggins . 
Daisy Wilde 
Grace Love 
Mile. Nodoc 
Rachel Saint 
Hulda . . 

. Harry B. Wilsion 
. H. D. Ulakemore 
. Leonora Bradtej 
. . £Ae SbannoD 
GabrieOe da Saald 
. . Annie Adams 
. . . Jessie Wt-st 

Prof. Herrmann's vaudeville company appeared Aug. 19. 
ral G^ g " was produced Sept. 9. 

TKe next regular season opened Sept 23, with '*^__Holc in the 
Ground. " Oct. 7 the Howard Athenaeum specialty company were 
seen. Hallen and Hart came Oct 28, in " t^ate rj^n ," and stayed 

three wedES. "Jhe Tourists jLn a J*ul Imanjbar^appcared Nov. 
18, with Wni. AT Slestayer as Tom Slum, Mid Emily Soldene as 
Aunt Pamelia. Roland Reed returned Nov. 25 in "The Won^an 
Hater," followed Dec. 2 by " A Brass Monkey ." with Chas. H. 
|-^rew as Jonah. This was acted ior live weeks, and was succeeded 
I Jan. 6b 1890^ hy "A Tin Soldier." The cast was: 

I R! 

Rats Louis Wesley 

Vilas Canby 
6rookl3m Bridge 

Col. I. n Hoosey ) 
VVriKlit Handy i ' 
II Comte Luna f 
Col. W. B. Fuller V . 
Trip Walker > 

Paul Dresser 
Robt. C Vernon 

C. F. Lorraine 

W. H. Murphy 

Steele CdBn W. Jordaa 

Rob Graves F. F. Goss 

Violet Hushes . St George Hussey 
Victoria mdge . Nellie Hawthorne 
I'alsy .... Fanny Bloodgoud 
Carry Story . . . Lotta Hdywood 
Mrs. Fulum Ferry I |^^- 
Nora Marks \ • ' «*J««» 


M • 

Midnight B ell " returned Jan. 13, and stayed four weeks. 
ifi City U irectoTY" had its first New York production Feb. 
lov and the casE'was: 

John Smith, a detective Charlie Reed 

John Smith, a capitalist John W. N. Jennings 

John Smith, an athlete Alf. Hampton 

John Smith, a ballet master Ignacio M.irtinetti 

John Smith, an actor William Collier 

John Smith, a boiuDO steerer Wm. F. Mack 

John Smith, a messenger boy Joseph Jackson 

John Smith, an elevator boy joele Sadler 

Mrs. John Smith Helen Reimer 

Mile. Nanon Marguerite Fish 

Laura Maude Wilson 

Dora Sadie Kirby 

Cbca OUie Archmem 

Little Fawn Amelia Gkmr 

Rosa France replaced Marguerite Fish Feb. 24. On account of 
the illness of Sadie Kirby, Dora was played by Julia Glover, Feb. 

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29 1 

25. A matin6e benefit was given Feb. 27, to Geo. S. Knight. 
Alice Harrison joined the company Feb. 14, to play Nanon, her 
original rdle, and Miss France took the part made vacant by the 
retirement of Miss Wilson, Feb. 13. "The City Directory " ter- 
minated its season June 21, with its one hundred and fifty -sixth 

A summer season opened July 28, with " The Can uck." The 
cast was: Jean-Baptiste Cadeaux, McKee Rankin ; Cyrus Stcb- 
bins, Charles Cowles; Tom Stebbins, S. Miller Kent; Jim 
Hogan, Wilton Lackaye; Zeb Hawley, Charles H. Claric; An- 
toine Marentette, Clarence Arper ; Archange, Mabel Bert ; Hester 
Keene, Alice Fischer; Tilly, Jennie Yeamans; Martha Ann 
Stebbins, Mrs. Annie Yeamans; Fanny, Lorcna Atwood. 

James A. Heme delivered a lecture to actors and their friends 
afternoon of Aug. 26. The subject was " Why Are So Many 
Actors Idle?" Alice Fischer withdrew from the cast of 'IThe 
Canuck" Aug. 25, and Mattie Earle assumed her part 

jyunt Bridget " came here Sept 8» for a fortnight, fol- 
lowed ^SepfT 22 by the Howard Athenaeum specialty company. 
"The pity Dir ectory" returned Oct 6 and closed Nov. i. George 
Tliatcher's minstrels commenced Nov. 3, and stayed one wedL 
" A Tex as Steer" had its first New York production Nov. 10, and 
had rhis'cast r' 




Maverick Brander . . Tim Matphy 
Fairieigh Bright . . . W. S. Harkins 

Messrs. Yell, > . . Charles Stanley 
Braf^g, and > . William Culliugton 
Blow ) . . Raymond Ftndlay 

Braisy Gall . . . Newton ChitneU 
Colonel Pepper . . James F. Horan 
Christopher Columbus . Will H. Hnv 

Knot Inilt Julian Mitchefl 

Othello Moore . . . Harry Maxwell 
Lieut. (Ireene . . James F. Horan 

Sergeaot-at-Arms . . C. L. Warren 
Inspector Slowboy . . John Deady 

Mrs. Brander . . Alke Wabh 

Mrs. Major Campbell 

Alice King Livingstone 

Aoatole Newton Chisoeli 

Oab John Deady 

^^l^^ \ OlneyGrlAn 

Dixie Stile Georgie Lake 

Bossy Flora Walsh 

It attracted excellent houses until Jan. 24, 1891. 

N. C. Goodwin appeared Jan. 26, in "The^ Nominee." This was 
its first representation in New York by~Slr.nGooJvvm, but, under 
the title of "XllC-jCandidate," it had been played here by Charles 
Wyndham and his company. It was adapted from the French by 
Lomder Richardson, and the cast was: 

Jack Med ford . 

Leopold Hunyon 
Colonel .Murray 
Fortcr \'ane . 
Mabel Mcdfonl 

Nat. C. Goodwin 

Paul .-Xrthur 
. Lindsay Hurst 
. J. H. Browne 
. .Mabel Amher 

Mrs. Van Barclay, Margaret Fitzpatrick 
Kos.a Van Barclay . . Grace Kimball 
Annie Harringtoo . Aanie Sutherland 
Pete Stewart Allen 

This was preceded by "JTlu- Viper on the Hearth." The cast 
was: John Baxendale, Nat C. Goodwin; John Lydyard, Robert G. 

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Wilson; Georf^e Heriot, T. H. Browne; Ethel Lydyard, Grace 
Kimball; Heskitt Price, Mabel Amber. John H. Browne, in 
consequence of illness, was out of the cast Feb. lo, ii. 12. He 
reappeared evenings of Feb. 13 and 14. On Feb. 16 he resumed 
his original part for the rest of the engagement. Stuart Brodock 
played Porter Vane matinee Feb. 14, and Lin. Hurst acted George 
Heriot Feb. 10, 11, 12. Annie Sutherland played Mabel Medford 
and Heskitt Price matin6e and evening Feb. 7, also evenings of 
Feb. 9, 10, in consequence of the illness of Mabel Amber. Vesta 
Dore Hastings assumed the r61es previously played by Miss Suther- 
land Feb. 7, 9^ la Liszie Hudson Collier appesovd matinee Feb. 
11, as Mabel Medford and Heskitt Price, and continued until 
March 30, when Mabel Amber returned to the cast. The fiftieth 
performance of "XheJlj omin ee " took place March 24. Mr. Good- 
win closed his engagement May 2. 

0'D owd'j _Ncighbors " was seen for the first time at a Broad- 
way~tll^re May~v~vith Mark Murphy, Sam J. Ryan, Hattie 
Delaro>Bames and others in the cast. Millie Price-Dow joined 
the company May 11, for one week. " Aunt Bridget's Ba by " was 
produced May 18, for the first time in this city, and cast tTTus : 

Bri4get McVeigh 
Owen McFee . . 

Shadow I'iiicliem 
Captain Asteroid 
Dudley Asterokt • 
Bruce Ashton 
Jonas Dobbini 
Henry Joplin . . 
Sola La Mont 

. Geo. W. Monroe I Dolly . . 
Ed. Hefferman | Davy Jooes 
Thos. le Mack i Cilis Thoiics. 
Frank W. Holland Sophie . . . 
J. Aldrich Libbey Eloise . . < 
W. Andrew Mack Annette . . 
. J. P. McSweenev ExdamatkMi . 
. J. I! Cavanaugh Splioten . . 
Charlotte Buiby 

. Frank Casej 
Royce Alton 
. . Kate Davis 
Catherine Gerald 
. . Ada Dare 
Sadie McDonald 
Leo Gofdon 
Nellie Rosebud 

The season closed June 13. The house was reopened Aug. 3, 
with ^tA_liii:h,Jicl]er." In the cast were Barney Fagan, Barry 
Maxwell, Harry W. Kmmett, Leslie Fursman, James Russell, 
John Russell, Louise Sylvester, and others. Barney Fagan was 
out of the cast matinee and evening Aug. 8. Harry Emmett left 
the company Aug. 10^ and Billy Rice appeared, making bis d^but 
in white face. Jessie Villers was seen Aug. 10. Francis Leon 
joined Aug. 24. 'INJobe" had its first New York presentation 
Aug. 31, when it had this cast: 

Mrs. E. A. Eberle 
, Jessie Storey 
Maud Edna Hafl 
Josie Stoffer 
Ruth Hamilton 
. CanieTnnier 

Wm. F. Owen 
Charles Coote 

Peter Amos Dunn . 
Cornelius Griffin . . 
Phineas Innings 

Arthur Falkland Buchanan 

tefferson Tompkins . . Revel Germain 
>«rker G. Sik» . . W. T. MdvUle 
CaroUne Dttim . . . Iiabelle Coe 

Helen Griffin . 
Hattie Griffin . 
Beatrice Silox . 

Madeline Mifton 
Niobe . . . 

Geo. R. Edeson succeeded Mr. Owen in the part of Peter Sept. 
12. Beatrice Lieb returned to her old part in " Niobe " Oct. 30, 

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in consequence of the illness of Isabelle Coe, and continued until 
Nov. 9, when Miss Coe resumed. Carrie Turner retired from the 
cast Nov. 16, and Eleanor Carey was the Niobe. It was acted 
lor tli9 one hundred and third consecutive and last time Nov. 21. 
*''*^'JIustler" was seen here Nov. 23, with this cast: 

Con McFaddcn 
Anna DanU . 
Cooler Sorith . 
" Bud " . . . 
Faraway Jones 

John Kernel! 
ey Reynolds 
. . Gus Mills 
. John S. Marr 
Lee Harrison 
Leonard Somers 
. . MUaKniU 

Arthur Allow 
Lower Base 
Pussy Wines 
Susie Miller 
Chickey New 
Violet . . 
Daisf . . 

Harry Leighton 
Mack M enter 
Mollie Thompson 
Zelma RawlstOO 
. Hilda Laporte 
. Rose Laporte 
. . BelteHarts 

"The New Cit^ jPirectory " was produced Dec 7. J. C. Miron 
was'not inlEe cast7anJ"^, 1892, and Julius Witnaric acted bis 
rdle. "Incog." was acted afternoon Feb. ^2, for the first time in 
New York, and had this cast : 

Kate Ormiti^ .... Ellen Burg 

Mrs. Nfinerva Winters Alice Shepherd 
Molly Somers .... Clara I.ipman 
Isabella Howard . . Nellie Buckley 
Gen. Rufus Stanhope, Harry Davenport 
Hmy Wintsn Robert Edeeon 

Dick Winters . 
Ned Moreland 
Dr. Hartmann 
Matthew . . 
Moses . . . 
T^NB Sfanliope 

Louis Msnn 

Earie Browne 
L. Ottomcyer 
Louis Mason 
. Edgar Allen 
Oiailei Dkkson 


The comedietta, " The ^ajtcellar. " was also acted. J. L. Otto- 
meyer retired from the cast March 14, and Max Freeman appeared as 
Dr. Siegfried, and also was stage manager. Nellie McHenry came 
here March 21, in "J^ Nifrht , at th<^ ^jrrn s." with John Webster, 
Ben Lodge, J. H. Bradbury, W. H. Mack, John Gilroy, Roger 
Ibrding, H. B. Bamum, Genevieve Reynolds, Helen Harrington, 
Margaret MacDonald, Alice May, Helen Byron, Henrietta Byron, 
and Snowball in the The little colored boy called "Snow- 
hp^i," who was seen in the second act was prevented from appear* 
*Tng after March 23, by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty 
to Children. Fanny Rice came May 9, in " JoUy ■*^l"T*''**'*i " fo' 
one week, followed. May 16^ by "Sport ^ p/\.ll^ ^t er." with Bobby 
Gay lor the star. 

The house was closed suddenly June 1 1, but was reopened for 
the season, Sept. 5, 1892, with Jennie Yeamans as tlie star, in 
"12 p. M." The cast was: 

Ezra Bancroft 
Charlie Column 
Baron Goodbluff 
Count Indebt . 
Swift . . . 
Frances Bancroh 

. Daniel J Hart 
. Alf Hampton 
Ned Munroe 
W. S. K. Mack 
. Richard Hunt 
. . Adele Reno 

Jessie Bancroft 
Edna Vandergould 
Maddine Vandeisould 

Belle La Verde 
Helen Murray 

Nurse to Baby Jack 
Jacqneliae. . . . 

Mav Whittemore 
Marie McGinty 
Jennie Ycnmant 

i^iyiu^ca L/y Google 


Evans and Hoey appeared Sept. 19 in "A ^flo'' Match ." Mabel 
Clarke, dancer, joined this company Oct. John K Sheridan 
was seen here Oct 13 in " Mrs. O' H Hen " — its first performance 
in America, and his reappearance after an absence of several years 
in Australia and England. The cast was: 

Bridget O'Brien . 
Dora Sparks . . 
Mrs. Henry Sparks 
Richard Sparks . 
Benjamin Brewster 
Charles Bleeter . 

John F. Sheridan ! Friti Julius Errickson 

Fannie Liddiard | Alfonso NapoleOD . . Sam .Marion 

Hffie Germon .Nora Grace Whiteford 

Will R. Bernard Rose Ida Ormc 

George Sinclair } Major Tlffen .... Alfred James 
. Percy O'Brien , Peter Dunn Ralph I'ost 

The entire company, with the exception of Mr. Sheridan, Effie 
Germon, Marion, and Post, were new to America. " Fun on the 
Bristol " was revived Nov. 14. Russell's comedians followed in 
'VAj Spciety Fad." Dec. 5, with this cast: 

Lord Francis Farandolc, Tyrone Power 
Job Matchbang . . . John Jennings 
Hamilton Jefferson . Julius Witmark 

W igging Dan Daly 

Hickory Jackson . . Luke Schoolcraft 
Alec McDuffer . . William Cameron 
Dan Shadow J- C. Miron 

Sickels Joseph Jackson 

Mrs. Maria Matchbang 

Margaret Fitzpatrick 

Margaret Nellie P.irker 

Vestalia . . L)'dia Yeamans-Titus 
Luella Snowdon .... Kate Uart 
Bella Livingstone . Ethel Ormonde 

II A Society Fad " was followed Feb 27, 1893, for two weeks, 
by 'LA-Miid Bargain," with this cast: Arthur Jones, James T. 
Powers; Albert Jones, Peter F. Dailey; Worthington, Richard 
Carle; Rose, Rachel Booth; Mrs. Timothy Tracy, Louise Sylves- 
ter; Camilla Montague, Rosa Cook. 

' LHoss and Hos s " came March 13, followed April 10 by " A Texas 
Stecr,*^ with Tim ^lurphy as Brander and Mamie Gilroy as Bossy. 
This comedy continued until June 3, when the house was closed for 
the summer. The next season began Sept. 2 with " ThcjCity 
Pircctojy;" " JTie^Coldjpn Wedding" was produced Oct. 2, with 
this cast : 

Penobscot . . 
Thomas Topack 
Philip Fairfield 
J.inctte . . . 
Robert . . . 

. Robert Evans 
. . Dan Daly 
Walter Vanderlip 
Chas. A. Burke 
\'iola Fortescue 
Florence Dunbar 

Foxev Elsie Adair 

Charlotte .... Grace \'aughan 

Camelia Lizzie du Roy 

Josephine .... Evelin Hamilton 

Eugenia Lizzie Sanger 

Victoria Marion Le Roy 

The Howard Athenaum specialty company, with Lottie Collins 
as one of the features, came here Oct. 16. 1893, for two weeks. 
" 1 uiji£S_" was revived Oct. 30, with Robert Hilliard as Jack 

Mcuiuui.and Paul Arthur as Leopold. Marie Janscn appeared in 
" De lmoni co's at ?i jx^" on Nov. 6; Evans and Hoey returned Nov. 20, 
n " A Parlor, Match : " Jennie Yeamans was seen Dec. 18, in 
Jane," preceded by "Chums; " " A Country Sport," with Peter F. 
ailey as the star, came Dec. 25 : 

Digitized by Google 



Harry Hardy . . 
Coooeiv . . . 
Jabez /orbin . . 
Washington Strait 
Andy . . . 
Asa Clubbs . . 
Ben Tarlioe 

Arthur Suball 
Michael Cohen 

P«ter F. DaSkf 
John G. Sparks 
Frank R. Jackson 
. Kichand Carle 
. Lillie Allvne 
. Ed. A. Begley 

. Jas. F. Callahan 

. Carl Richards 
. Robert Carter 

WatMM . . . 

Maf^pie Mclntire 
(iladys Connely . 
rild.i WcUvorth . 
Mrs. Thompson 
Mrs. Sampaoa 
Mrs. Johnson . . 
Olla Lone . . . 
Carrie Weight . 
Elizabeth Alwright 

. George S. Gates 
. . . Ada Lewis 
. . . Agnes Paul 
. Georgie Lingard 
. . May Levigne 
. . Freda Depew 
Kathleen G. Warren 
Fkmoce Thornton 
. . Ljdia Darrcll 
. . May Irwin 

Marie Jansen reappeared March 26, 1894, in " Delmonico' s at 
Six ; " " The Sleep-walker " was seen April 9, with this cast: 

Jack Pointer . , 
Major Blister . . 
Frank Hcieward 
Mrs. Harlawajr • 

. Robert Hiliiard 
. • . John Morris 
. Gcom W. Leslie 
. . Ifand Hadam 

Sophia Blanche Burton 

Gwendoline Blister . Josepha CroweU 

Sharp JenneMe Farrdl 

Rev. Hallejr-H]^ . . .Panl Arthur 

'liS ^lKe," a farct comedy, was produced April 23, witii this cast': 

Willie . . . 
Lemuel . . . 
Nathaniel . . 
Jason Pontifex 
WtUiam Sctwyii 

. Charles Dickson 
. L. R. Stockwdl 

. Thomas A. Wise 
. Kd. J. Connelly 
Joha H. Bimay 

Mrs. Bignold . . 
Florence Bignold 
Ada Selwyn . . 
Sarah Tugstock . 
Ensna Roecby 

Vin^pia Buchanan 
. OlKan Barichart 

Orice Filkins 
. Gertrude Whitty 
. . KateOestorle 

"Charley's Aunt," May 7, for the first time in this city, cast 

Andrew FuUalove 
Charles Fullalove 
Bulwer Brady 
Prof. Tranz . . 

Peter SMge . . 
MTaters . • . . 

George Woodward 
Charles IJ. Welles 
Raymond Hitchcock 
. Albert Bruning 
* . £. J. Henley 
. W. J. Wheeler 

Call Boy Thomas I nee 

Winifred Tiverton Bettina Gerard 
Gertie Fullalove . Beatrice MorL-land 

Tilly da Val Cora .Macy 

Jenny Alice £sdea 

E. J. Henley died at Lake Placid, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1898. 

In England this comedy was called "The Noble Art," and was 
first seen in America March 26^ 1894, in Chicag^o. 'tjhe.£katin^ 

_Rink" was seen May 21. The house was closed June 9, and TTTe 
next season began Aug. 25, with Fannie Rice in " Miss Innoce nce 
Abroad," which had this cast: ^ ~ 

Richard Bunhary 
Ranald Foster . 
Herbert Tamworth 
John Waring . . 
Angostes Cnven 

Geo. R. Edeson 
Charles Coote 

F'rank Jones 
Melville Stewart 
Wm. Heodenon 

, Mrs. Col. St. Mlrhn Rose Beaudet 
I Ada Cairie Birke 

Mrs. Craven . . . Emily Wakeman 
Molly Flower .... Fanny Rioe 

'iLemJifiUlc," by Henry Guy 
Tim Murphy aa the atar. The c 

Qarleton . was seen Sept. 24, with 
cast was: 

Digitized by Google 


Lem Kettle .... Tim Murphy 
Sam Jericho .... Samuel Reed 
Matthew HoUiwood George Macomber 
Arthur Brenton Clarence Handysides 
Bunce Williams . ■ Richard Cotter 
.Brooks John E. Ince 

Jeff . . . 
B'lindy . . 
Jess . . . 
Miss Buckey 
Mrs. Kettle 

James Manly 

Dorothy Sherroa 
Clara Thropp 
Loraine Dreux 
Sadie Stringham 
Louise Schroeder 

Hallen and Hart came Oct. 8, in " Later On " for a fortnight ; 
Lew Dockstader minstrels were seen Oct. Z7. Canary and George 
Lederer then became lessees of this house, and it was closed the 
week of Oct. 29, and was reopened Nov. 5, with Marie Jansen in 
" Miss Dynamite," which had this cast: 

Drexel Day 
Ned Vance 
Eugene Weber 
Tom Morton . 
Marquis . . 

Frederick Bond 
. C. B. Welles 

William N orris 
. Chas. Mason 

Soldene Powell 

Bouridon .... Fred W. Peters 
Henrietta Crugjer . . Mav Merrick 

Marion Day l4ope Ross 

Dasher Annie Shindle 

Georgia Day .... Marie Jansen 

" The South Before The War" came Nov. ig, for the first time in 
this^city ; Wm. Y7 FToey followed Nov. 26, in '^_FIams," with this 
cast: Coriolanus Flam, John C. Rice; JoseplT van Kopf, Matt 
C. Woodward; Aunt Jane, Lillie Alliston ; Eva, Jessie Mcrriles; 
Marmaduke Flam, Wm. F. Hoey. 

J. Wesley Rosenquest withdrew from the management Dec. i, 
and Lederer and Canary took charge. Peter F. Dailey reappeared 
Dec. 24, in *' i\jCj)unt ry Sp ort," followed Jan. 14, 1895, by " A Ruti 
on the Bank," by ChasTET Blaney, which had this cast: ' 

Percy Soakup . . . Happy Ward 
Baron Harold Harr)* V'okes 

Bow Legs . . . Harry Clav Blaney 
General Note Shaver Tony Williams 
Ready Money . . . Sid de Gray 
Willie Chase .... Alfred Grant 

Con Man Chas. Jerome 

Barley Com Joe Russell 

Lager Hops . . T. Wilmot Eckert 
Nera Man ... Gilberti Learock 
Estelle Shaver Marguerite Daly Yokes 

The house was closed week of Jan. 21, except Jan. 25, when " Hie 
T^wenticth Cent ury Girl " was seen for the first time. It was a 
musical comedy, text by Sjfdney Rosenfeld, music by Ludwig Eng- 
lander. The cast was ■ ' 

Michael McNamara 
Nick Weddlc . . . 
Judson Dinglewort . 
Paul Whiffletrce . . 
Prof, von Bilderbogen 
Geoffrey .... 

John T. Kelly 
Sidney Drew 
Edwin Stevens 
Archie Crawford 
Al. H. Wilson 
William Lavine 

Ginger Samuel Fisher 

Percy Verance . . Helen Dauvray 

Grace Lillian Thurgate 

Ethel Nina Farrington 

Mrs. Potts . . . Jennie Weathersby 
Molly ..... Minnie Landers 

Helen Dauvray withdrew from the cast Feb. 4, when Bettina 
Gerard appeared in her place. Sidney Drew closed Feb. 6, and 
Harry Kelly was seen as Nick Weddle. Catherine Linyard ap- 
peared Feb. 18, as Molly, and Minnie Landers retired. Camille 


d*Arville began an engagement Feb. 25, in " Madeleipe. or Th e 
Magic KUa," by Sta nialaua S tange and JuJian Edwards: 

Baron de Grimm . Aubrey Boucicault Marj* Doudee . . Marie Dressier 

Dr. Gourmet . Geo. C. Boniface, Jr. .Vlargot Hilda Hollis 

Frederic . . . H. M. Ravenscroft Vivette Maud Hollins 

Jules .... Henry A. Stanley Madeleine .... Camillc d'Arville 

Hilda Hollis appeared April 10, as Madeleine; Mae Drew acted 
Margot ; Marie Dressier withdrew after matinee of April 27. Carrie 
Perldna was seen April 30 as Mary Doodle. Sadie Martinot came 
here May 13, in "The Passport," by B. C. Stephenson and William 
Yardley. It was founded on the novel of " My Official Wife/' The 
cast was : 

Ferdinand Max Fi^an 

George Greenwood 

Algy Grey . . . 

Henry Harris . . 
Bob Coleman . . 

Sam Edwards 
Joseph F. Brien 
Harold Hartsell 
Oscar L. Figman 
Charles Thropp 

The house closed abruptly on May 22 in consequence of the actors 
having "struck" for salary. On June 5 Mr. Rosenquest was dis- 
poaaesaed, and H. B. Sire, toe owner of the building, took poaaeaaioo. 

Aher being closed for several weeks, the theatre was reopened 
Sept. 16, under the management of Rudolph Aronson, with **Tbc 
Widow Jones," by John J. McNally. The cast was: ~ ' " 

Grace Vaug;han 
. Agnes MiltOQ 
Richard J. J< 

Billy Byke ..... John C. Rice 

John ...... Jacques Kruger 

Beatrice Bylce .... May Irwin 

Senor Romero Canovas 

Geo. W. Barnum 
Felicity Jones .... Ada Lewis 

Michael McCarthy Joseph M. Sparks 
Cassie Cactar • . . . Sally Cohen 
Fleatfe Outer . . Kathleen Warren 

Janet Johnson . . 
Dalsey Davis . . . 
Cliflford Prout . . 
Marcia Mendelsshon 

Maud M. Chandler 
. . Mabel Power 
. . Roland Carter 
Gertrude Mansfield 

Marie Pose . 
A. J. Premium 
Mandj Noir . 

" The Night Clerk " followed, Nov. ri, cast thus 

Owen More 
Adeldde Starr 

Willie wnt . 

Harney BrQgan 
Conn A. More 
LotuMoi* . 
Hannah More 

Lizzie Lester . 
Dolly Uent 

. Peter F. Dailey 
Jemde Yeamans 

Raymond Hitchcock 
John G. Sparks 
. Michael Sullivan 
. . Freda Depew 
. Gertmde Port 
. Rita F.merson 
. . . I (hi Rock 

Pattison . . . 
Mrs. Coleman . . 
Mildred Coleman 
Violet Tracy . . 
Markliam . . . 
Mrs. Darcy . . 

. Erskin Lewis 
Mrs. Sol Smith 
Goldie Edwards 
Georgie Welles 
Cushman Tuttle 
Sadie Martinot 

Violet Ballon . . . NcUie V. Parker 

Kitty Give Eva Butler 

William Lumber . . Hugh Mack 
Gusty Ladd .... Bertie Dyer 

Hardy Upp . . . Charles Sturgess 
Sergeant Grabb . . William K«»h 
Jones ...... Peter Raadttl 

Roundsman Rush Lawrtoce Shaehan 

Minnie Palmer came Dec. 30, in "The School Girl," by George 
Manchester and Albert Maurice, seen for the first time in America. 
Tliecaat was: 


Prof. Gainsbury . . . William Gill 
Jack Gadsden . William E. Wilson 
Timothy O'Flanagan Richard Gorman 
Policeman .... Emmet Uevoy 

Mrs. Allison . . . 
Madge Gainsbury . 
Bella Gladsden . . 
Susianah St. Aubyn 

Jenny Dickerson 
Frances Kosseau 
. . Maud Noel 
Minerva Adams 

This was Minnie Palmer's reappearance in America, and proving 
a failure the house was closed after Jan. 4, 1896, until Jan. 30, when 
" Gentleman Joe, The Hansom Cabby," words and lyrics by Basil 
Hood, music by Walter Slaughter, was acted. The cast was: 

Gentleman Joe 
Ralli Carr . . . 
Pilkington Jones . 
Lord Donnybrook 
William . . . 
Miss Lalage Potts 
Mrs. Ralli Carr . 

. James T. Powers 
Louis de Lange 
Geo. K. Fortescue 
David Terrence 
Dorothy Usner 
. . . Flo Irwin 
Grace Huntington 

Mabel Cavanaugh 
Pilkington Jones . . 
Lucy Pilkington Jones 
Ada Pilkington Jones 
Amy Pilkington Jones 

Mabel Montgomery 
Emma Clara Weiland 

. Ida Brooks 
Grace Belasco 
Fannie Briscoe 

. Josic Allen 

" The Widow Jones " returned Feb. 16. 

The house was closed May 16 and was reopened Aug. 31, with 
" ^arty Malone ^." for the first time in New York. The cast was : 

Easter Munday . Dave Braham. Jr. 
Sally Jordan . . . Catherine Lewis 
Marie Pinto . . . Maggie Fielding 
Henrietta van Snyder . . Jane Burby 
Pauline Jordan . . . Pauline Train 
Maudy Lucus .... Gussie Hart 

Marty Malone 
Hippolite Ducrow 
Moses (iugcnheimer 
Heinrich Vanderdam 
Bernard Kelly . . 
Capt. Ernest Duncan 
Lord John Fox wood 

Edward Harrigan 
Dan Collyer 
. Harry Rogers 
Harry A. Fisher 
. Thomas Mack 
Maurice Drew 
. John Hollis 

There was a special matin6e performance Tuesday, Sept. i, when 
Louis d eLange's farcical comedy '* Whe n the Cat's Away " was acted 
for the first tmie on any stage. The house was closed Sept. 26 and 
reopened Oct. 6, with H. A. du Souchet's farce " .My Friend from 
India," for the first time in this city. The cast was: 

Erastus Underholt 
Charles Underholt 
A. Keene Shaver 
Tom V'alentine 
Rev. James Tweedlc 
Jennings . . . . 

. . . Fred Bond 
Edward S. Abeles 
Walter E. Perkins 
Charles Arthur 
Joseph Adelman 
Frank G. Parry 

Bill Finnerty John Finn 

.Marion Haystc . . Marion Giroux 
Mrs. Beekman-Streete . Helen Reimer 

Bernice Kenyon Bishop 

Gertrude .... Louise Galloway 
Tilly May Yokes 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bourchier followed, Nov. 30, in " The Chili 
Widow," adapted by Messrs. Bourchier and Sutro from " M. le Direc- 
teur," by MM. Bisson and Carre, The cast was: 

Sir Reginald Delamere 

Leslie Lavender . 
Duckworthe Crabbc 
Frederick Martindale 

Arthur Bourchier 
Charles Troode 
W. Blakeley 
. W. G. Elliot 

Patrick O'Dwycr Ernest Hendrie 

.Macpherson . , . Mark Kinghorne 
.Mrs. Jeffreys .... Helen Rouse 

Gladys Violet Vanbrugh 

Honor Bliss . . Katharine Stewart 

I On Dec. 7 " The Queen's Proctor," adapted by Herman Merivale 
from the French of " Divor^ons," was played, with thi.s cast: 




Victor Crofton, Arthur Bourchier; The O'Paque, Henry Vibart; 
Cnesar Borgia, W. G.Elliot; Hon. Miss Pilkington, Helen Rouse; 
Mrs. Mayclew, Mabel Beardsley; Williams, Katharine Stewart; 
Lady Crofton, Violet Vanbrugh. 

" Kitty Clive, Actress," by Frankfort Moore, was acted Dec 10- 
II, in addition to " The Queen's Proctor," with Irene Vanbrugh 
(Mrs. Bourchier) in the title part. The theatre was closed Dec. 14, 
1 5, but was reopened Dec 16^ with ".The Gay Mr. Lig htfoot," which 
bad this cast: 

Mr. Lightfoot 
Mra. Ligbtloot 
Jcmine . . • 
Mrs. Rcaumont 
Lieut. Farsley 

W. H. Thompson 
. . Agnes Stone 
Wright Huntington 
. . Mabel Amber 
Frederic Conger 

Helen Bijou Fernandez 

O Rafferty R. D. Abbey 

Opte Arnes Findby 

Bell Boy .... Herbert Baldwin 
Jim Charles Bradshaw 

This farcical comedy had been seen at this house and called " When 
the Cat's Awav ." The theatre was closed Dec. 28, and reopened 
Dec. 29, with May Irwin in ** Coorted into Court." which had this 
cast: ' 

Dottie Dimple .... May Irwin 
Worthington Best, Jr. . John C. Rich 
Worthtngton Best Raymond Hitchcock 
Mrs. Worthington Beit Clar.i Palmer 
Mile. Nocodi Ada Lewis 

Gen. Vladimir Vladistoff 

Geo. W. Bamam 
Judge Jeremiah Geoghan 

Joseph M. Sparlcs 
Pop Dooley . . . Jacouea Krnger 
Sylvia Rotebod . . . sally Cohen 

Miss Irwin continued until April 22, 1897, when she closed, and 
the theatre was darlc until April 26, when Fanny Rice appeared in 
" At a ^^TBff*ft ft^" " cast thus: Lawrence Patch, John S. Terry; 
Tommy Smart, Reba Haight ; Joe Lightfoot. Ralph Bickncll ; Hani- 
mermystern, Charles H. Drew: Geraldine, Kate Michclcna; Dolly, 
Alice Gaillard ; Nancy, Fanny Rice. " Erminie" followed, May 24, 
and the house was closed June 5. The next season began Sept. 6 
with "Th>» vyr^ng Mr \f^rijht" by Qcq J. Br oadhurst, and the 

cast was: 

Seymour Sites . . 
Wayland Clingstone, 
Frederick Bonds 

Captain Crosby . . 

Lord Brazenface . . 

David Clews . . . 


. Roland Keed 
Sheridan Tupper 
Charles S. Abbe 
Holbrook Blinn 

. Charles Cootc 
John H. Bunny 

Front Julian Reed 

Henrietta OHfcr . . . Isadore Rush 
Julia Bonds .... Moote Dooico 

TillieBird AletheaLuce 

Arabdla Mary Myers 

" What Happ ened to Jones " was transferred from the Manhattan 
Theatre to this house X!7Sfr4. The management promised "cold 
tea" souvenirs to the audience, which consisted of two smalt bottles 
of whisl^ in a satin box. Excise Inspectors, however, stopped the 
giving away of liquor in the theatre, but the management got around 

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this diflRculty by giving their patrons checks for the ' 
^hich were honored at the bar next door to the theatre. 
' May Irwin appeared in " The Swell Miss FitMwell / 

dtt Soucbet, and the cast was: 

On Nov. 15 
by H. A. 

Marquis de Cagiac 
Count de Qigiac . 
Countess . . . 
O' Donovan Dugan 
Rudolphe Kleinagle 
Louise Laredo 
Julio Laredo . . 
Genevieve Othello 
J. RobiniOB Butts 

William Burress 
Ignacio Martinetti 
. . May Irwin 
Joseph M. Sparks 
Charles Jackson 
. Alice Johnson 
.Ed. Mack 
Marion Giroux 
. Ronald Carter 

Caroline Maguire 
Sibyl . . . 
Marie . . . 
Laara Butler . 
Nellie Morton 
Clara Thompson 
Parker . . , 
janitor . . * 

. 'Jane Hurby 
. Gussie Hart 
. . Julia Baird 
Marda Treadwell 

. Harriet Bond 
. Roland Davis 
. Ned VVayburn 
Gewge Gedder 

'iWhat Happened to Jones" was revived Feb. 21 

was followed by " T^ie ^an frofp M exico." March 21. 
for the first time in New York, " 
drice, was seen and had this cast: 

1898. This 
On April 4, 
Ihe Old Coat," by W. H. Aller- ' 

Lieut. Reginald Hartwell 

Frederick Bond 

Montgomery Wood 
Thaddeus Brown 
George Meridetb 
KenipatiHi • < • 
Michael HooUhan 

John F. Ward 
Clayton White 
John B. Maher 
Joseph Addnan 
. . Jdha FluD 

Mrs. Montgomery Wood 

Helen Reimer 

Ethel Wood Nita Allen 

Gwendolen Wood • Clara Hathaway 
Mrs. Fitsht^ . . Meta Mayuard 
Beatrice O'Rafferty . . . May Vokea 

t was a failure^ and " My Krjend Iroin India'* was revived April 18, 
followed May 9. for the first time in NevTVork, by ** A Taiirytown 
Wido w," by X:. Daz ey. The cast was : 

Benj. Bascom 
H.irry Sinclair 
Count Rainault . 
Augustus Bascom 
O'Shaughaessy . 

W. J. Ferguson 
. S. Miler Kent 
Geo. W. Barnum 
Charles Lothian 
. Frank Russell 

Bob ... . 

Mrs. Raymond 
Maria Bascom 
Aun Morris 
Annie Morris . 

. . C^ril TouBg 
Madeleme Bouton 

Jennie Weathersby 
. Mabel Strickland 

The house was closed May 21. 
with " JThc M arquis of^ljchigan," 
W. Xifiwnsend. The cast was : 

The next season began Sept. 21. 
by Glen McDonou gh and Edward 

Hermann Engd • . . Sam nernard 
Bob Tyke .... Charles Jackson 
Leaky Loomis . . . Daa CoUyer 
Chevalier Maginnice) u*-. 
AboerGoocli f Wm. Burress 

Helen Hastings 
Tony Tostevin 
Georgiana Dunn 
Etna vesttvlns 

Harriet Sterling 
. Maud White 
Grace Freeman 
Alice Atherton 

Oct I " Kate Kip, Buy er," by Glen McDonough, was produced, 

with this cast : * . . 

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Hod. WUbdm Gkmem Joseph Sparks 
Hon. Montezuma Gashwiler 

Stephen Maley 
Hod. Flashby Keene V. M. de Silke 
Gustave I'Akmvette 

Ignado Martinetti 
Kate Kip May Irwin 

Tom Kip Robert Lowe 

Mme. Yomi Tano Marcia Treadwell 

Mrs. Wilhelm Coonn Hden BradKett 
Mra. Montesama uashwiler 

Helena Lacy 

Polly Parsons 
Willie Trailer . 
Gladys Brown 
Mies Bneje 


Jane Burby 
. Roland Carter 
Viviaa Blackbam 

5 Beth Erlich \ 
\ liobbie \ iclor J 

".BrovULA ia.XpwQj" by Ma rk E. Swan, was seen here Feb. 20, 
1899, with this cast: Dick Preston, l^diward S. Abeles; Abel Pres- 
ton, James O. Barrows; Arthur Howard, John Lancaster; Worth 
Carew, Edward Poland; Pollack, Andrew Lee; Suzanne Dacre, 
Anna Belmont; Lettj^, Kathryn Ostermann; Frede Von HoUen- 
beck, Josie Sadler; Primrose, Belle Davis. It was a failure, and was 
followed, March 6. by "That Man." The theatre was closed the 
weeks of March 20, 27, and was reopened April 3, with " The Purple^ 
Lady," adapted from the German by Sydney Rose nfeld, which had 

Walter Sevcnu . . W. F. Canfietd 
Constance .... Blanche Weaver 
Adelaide .... Bijou Fernandez 
Eric Rogers .... Sidney Booth 
Archibald Gtlworthy Etienne Girardot 
Lnqr Minnie Dupree 

Philip Daaenbuiy . Chas. Plunkett 

Hetty Ruby Bridses 

Jack Severns . . Henry Stockbridge 
Atirian Baglev . . William Berjiard 
Clarissa Winkelwort Jennie Neville 
Peggy ProikUiMit . . Maude Harrison 

Maude Harrison retired from the cast April 17, and Laura Burt 
took her place. Queenie Vassar appeared on the same date as 
Lucy. Henry E. Dixey came here May 9. and revived "Adon is." 
It was a failure, and the house was closed May 20. " 

The next season began Sept. 4, with ' Un Paradi se." adapted from 
the French of Hennequin, Billhaud, and Carr^T^y Louis Harrison 
and B. B. Valentine, The cast was : ' " 

Madame Pontbichot Hattie Russell 
Madame Gresillon . Flora Fairchild 
Jeanne Pontbkhot . . Belle Stokes 
Justine .... Marearet McDonald 
Rosalie ficatrioe Moigan 

Moos. Pontbichot Richard Golden 
Raphael Delacroix . Theo. Babcock 

Mons. ("ire.sillon . . Theo. Hamilton 
Baron 1- lechard . . Harry St. Maur 

Pico William Bonnelli 

Clair Taupin . . . Minnie Seligman 

The house was closed nights of Sept. 23, 24, 25, and was reopened 
Sept. 2^, with Majj Irwin in " ^igt^r M^^y^" by Glen McDonough, 
with this cast: Daisy Rose, Little Lawton ; Vi<Het Buttercup, Marie 
Willward; Mignonette Marshmellow, Madeleine Anderton ; Mrs. 
Kilty Weed. Queenie Vassar; Percival, H. Gresham ; Alice, May 
Irwin; Cornelia, Louise Rial. The house was closed Feb. 19,20, 
21, 1900, and was reopened mstin^e Feb. 33, with *' Auum^P.Q^h/* 
by Matthew J. ^oyal, lyrics by Claj[Ji»^reene, music by A. B. 
Sioane. It bad this cast : 

Digitized by Google 


Aunt Haonah 
Jack Hammerslnr 
Mik« UeCutr • 
Gnnws • * « * 
Jim Madden . . 


Agnes Find lay 
Frederic H alien 
. Bobby Gaylor 

Bndd Ron 

Martha Bella Bucklin 

Folly Madden . . . MoUie Folkr 
Grosvcaor Monlmorenci 

John H. Bnnnr 
Eveljn .... Qko Goidon Leign 

This proved a flilare. It was withdrawn after two weeks. A 
company of Japanese players, on their way to the Paris exhibition 
and tarrying awhile in this country, and who had appeared at the 
Berkeley Lyceum Ifarch i, came here March 12 in a Japanese ver- 
sion of " The Merdiant of Venice." April 9 Tim Murphy was seen 
in ''jrjTe_Car|)etJbagger,'' with the same cast as at the Fourteenth 
St. Theatre. During Murphy's engagement the Japanese company 
appeared each afternoon m the week. On April 16 "Sapho** was 
acted by the Japanese players. The house was closed April 28, and 
the next season began Sept. 10, with " Cupid Outwits ^ ^Adam," a 
farcical comedy in three acts, by Fredenck^^^nTorHTl he cast 

Alderman Straight . . John E. Finn 
Lydia Letitia Fairbanks, Julia Hanchett 
Virginia Fairbanks . . Stella Kenny 
Mrs. Cipher Wiodust . Ida Darling 
Olivia Bland . . . Frances Arthur 
Hortmse .... Hdene Ciaven 

Columbus Sample Geo. S. Probert 
Barzilla Brackett Charles H. Bradshaw 

Bunyan Adam 
Cipher Windust 
Wiikins Wrinkle 
Gulliver Chinn 
Jonas Rubber . 

Frank Farrington 

. Lewis 
William Herbert 
Jacques Martin 
. James Manky 

— The house was closed the week of Oct. i, and nifjht of Oct. 8, as 
the play was a complete failure. " Mist ress Ne ll." by George C. 
Huston, Jr., was produced Oct 9, anS Kad this cafit: 

King Charles II. Aubrey Boucicault 

James, Uukc of York J.inies A Kcciie 
Duke of Buckingham Gcoflrcy Stciii 
Earl of Rochester Herman Hirschberg 

jack . . 

Strings . 
Dick . . 
Bunaid . 

Hallet Tbompsoa 
. William Herbert 
. Theo. Thompson 
Edward Fowler 
James F.. Jennings 

Landlord . . . . T. J. McCarthy 

ofTicer Louis F. Mints 

I'age Clara Lima 

Lady Hamilton . . . Flora Moisan 
Loaiae, Duchess of Portsmoath 

Adelaide Ff t> Allan 

Moll Nellie Hancock 

Nell Gwynne . . Henrietta Crosman 

A special perfomiance was given the afternoon ci Dec. 6, of 
" Madge Smith, Attorney " hy Raniwy Hoirja, when it had this 


Shn Smith . . . George A. Beane 
adge SmiA May Irwin 

Ajaz O'Shanghnessey 

Joseph M. Sparks 
Count CMton . Ignacio Martinetti 
Gunningcon Swift . . Bert Thayer 
Wilson Jacques Kn^r 

Mnntressor King ^ 
Judge oi i'olice Court > 

Roland Csrter 

Clerk of Police Cburt 
Detective . . J. S. 

Anotlier Detective . 
Clarice Gay . . . 
Bijou Leech . . . 
Cissy Peachblow 
Flossy Greensleeves 
Katr Mnxwell . . 
Diana lilu&h . . . 

Cbaries Church 
M. MacDoaongb 
Edward Sowen 
Mat>el Florence 

Sadie Peters 
Anne Woodward 
Grace Almy 

Alice Sands 
. Edytbe Blair 

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" Be lle of Bridg eport " was acted until Dec. lo, when " Madge 
JSnuth was presentecTand continued until Dec. 14, when rwin 
terminated her engagement. The house was closed Dec. 16, but 
was reopened Dee. 17, with Amciift Biaghtm as manager. Then, 
initial performance was "The Climbers,'* by OydcFitch, for the first | 
time on any stage, which had this casi: 1 

Richard Sterling . . Frank Worthing 
Edward Warden . . Robert Edeson 
Frederick .Masnn . John Flood 

Johnny Trotter Ferdinand Gottschalk 
Dr. Steinait Gso«|S C Boniface, Sen. 

Godesby J. B. Sturgess 

Ryder Kinard 

Servant ..... Henry Warwick 
Jordan . • . . Edward M oreland 

Leonard Henry Stokes 

A Footman . . Frederick Wallace 

On May 16, 1901, there was a matinee performance for the bene- 
fit of the "4-iltleMothers," when " Klorinda, or The Rose and The 
Pearl," libretto by~^R. E. Phillips, music by Eduardo Marzo, was 
presented, with this east: 

Richard StcfiiaK, Jr. 

Master Harnr Wrfght 

Mrs. Hunter . . Madge Cart Cook 
.Mrs. Sterling . . . Amelia Uingham 
Jessica HunMr . . Maud Monroe 
Clara Hunter . . . Minnie Dupree / 

Mis.<i Hunter Annie Irish 

Miss Godesby . . Clara Hloodgood 
Miss Sillerton . . Ysobel Haskins 

Thompsoo LiUe Eldridge 

Marie ..... Fkmice Lloyd 


First Fairy 
Second Fairy 

Carrie Bauerfej 

Mary Neubers 
Betta Mever 

Vala ... 

First Witch 
Second Witch 

CUy Reynolds 
Kittle Smith 
Julia Hofan 

'iThe Climb^" ran until June i, when Miss Bingham's first 

season ended. 


UNTIL May, 1879, there stood on Eighth Street, between Broad- 
way and Fourth Avenue, St. Anne's Roman Catholic church, 
which in earlier years bad been one of the most popular places of 
worship in New Vorlc But its eongregation had seemingly drifted 
to other parts of the city about 187R, and the following year its doors 
were closed. In April, 1879, the property came into the hands of 
Jacob Abcrle, who entirely remodelled the church and turned it into 
a variety theatre, which was opened Sept. 8. 1879. He commenced 
his second season on Auf^. 16, 1880, with a minstrel company, which 
included Johnny Allen, Dave Reed, Bobby Newcomb, J. M. Norcross, 
Ben Gilfoil, Favette Welch, Billy Bryant, and Archie Hughes. On 
Sept. 6 Marie Zee, the " Cuban Sylph," was seen in *• The French 
Spy; " Sept. 20, Qhai jcs Foste r's drama, "JHie Old Straw Man of 
^New York ; " Sept. William Rightmire came to this house in 
•Elhfi __?oung Avenger, or Thro wn Upon thfi W^'^M ** The attrac- 
tions thai ioliowea were: Oct. 4, Rose Goodall in "The Prairie 


Flower : " Oct. ii, John H. Ransone was seen in " A cross the 
Atlantic; " Oct. i8, Geo. Thompson in ' LYacy p." In adi^ition to a 
drama an olio entertdnment was given eacti evening. Lena Aberte 
appeared Oct, 2$, in " Jhe L ily of Poverty Fla t." Matinees were 
given Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. NovTT, " Lost in London " 
and " filack Eyed Susan." Annie and Andy Hughes appeared in 
the olio. Nov. 8, Lena Aberle was the feature, in ** Thg New York 
Firemen," with Emma Prettn, Genrtjie I'arker, and Mr. Parker with 
T)is performing dogs in the olio; Nov. 15, Julian Kent in "Wild 
JBill. " Charles Diamond in the olio; Nov. 22, Harry Clifford acted m 
1-Ecmp;" on Thanksgiving Day three performances were given. 
W. H. Rightmire was seen in " The Two Wand erers ; " Dec 6, Marie 
Zoc came, in "The French Spy ; " Dec. 13, the Carrolls. Richard, 
Edwin, and Dick, in " The Italian Padrone ; " Dec. 20, " VmirjA^nH, 
I^ard, Your 'And," Rose Lisle the star, J. M. Johnson (of Johnson 
and Bruno), the three Carrolls, and Katsnoshine. in the olio. The 
pantomime of '* The Four Lovers " was also given. On Dec. 27, a 
wrestling match, a drama and an olio. John McMahon and Wra. 
Kennedy, the wrestlers, appeared. On Jan. 3, 1881, Maud For- 
rester came, with "Mazeppa;" Jan. 10, Geo. A. Bailey in "Ten 
Nights i n a Barroom; " Jan. 17, W. J. Thompson and his dogs. In 
"-EfiLajyie, or The Orphans' Trust ; " Jan. 34, Geo. A. Hill in " The 
5enient's Sting. ofTwixTTTngel and Devil ; " Jan. 31, W. H. RigKt- 
mire in "Xhc. Boss, orXTving for Vengeancej " Feb. 7, J. Winston 
Murray in "High, I^w, Jack, and the Game;" Feb. 14. John T. 
Hinds, supported by Ivian Lawrence, in " The Shancrhrgiip • " 
Feb. 21. Maud P"orrester as Mazeppa; Feb. 28, "The StafT of 
Diamnnria " was produced ; March 7, W. J. Thompson and his dogs, 
in *' ViaiotLpf Death, or The 5oldicc!aJiEs ; " March 14 "Around 
th<L World in Eighty Days" came, George Metldff as FoggTtfcna 
Aberle as Princess Ouda ; March 21, the spectacle of " The Wood 
Demon;" March 28, W. J. Fleming in "The Three Guardsm^.D ; " 
April 4, Fanny Herring in " J.ittle Bucksl t . r l ; u;- ■ t j^ Light/ ' 
Jennie Enfrlt; in the olio; April 11, U'. J. Fleming in "Custer;" 
April 18, Maggie Weston in "D- D., or Dora^th e^ Detec tive ; " 
April 25, the spectacle "The White Crook,**^ rep^esTted May 6, 7, in 
addition to " The Lost Ship ; May 9, " The Wild Flower of Mexico " i. 
("Sea of Ice") was acted, I^na Aberle and W. J. Fleming in the 
cast; May 16, " Life in New York " and " Box and Cox; " May 23. 
Maud Forrester in " Mazeppa .'HlTso a ballet under the direction of 
Sig. Novissimo. Jac Aberle took a benefit May 25 ; Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry J. Seymour, May 30. in " Quasimodo, or The Dancing Girl of 
Paris" ('* Esmeralda"); June 6, E. F. Goodrich came in " Grizz ly 
Adams;'* Jane 13, "Cartouche, or The Robber, of Paris," C. L. 
Fsirwell in the cast; jTmc 20, "The Child Stealer," Kate D. Pell in 
the cast and Frank Bush in tbe olio; July 11, Harry Le Clair 

Digitized by Google 


and W. J. Russell, in " lust in Tim e;" July 18-^5, variety en- 

" Michael St rogoff" was acted Sept. 5. Its first American pro* 

duction was at Booth's Theatre, this city, Aug. 31, 1881. J. H. 
Ryan appeared Sept. 12, in "-Fitz,_A_True Irishman's £ricnd ; " 
Sept. 19, " Ouida. o f A Wnman'5^ fievenge/' with Lena Abcrle as_^ 
the star. For two weeks, Oct. 3, "JSteps to Ruin " was presented, \ 
and it was said to have been writteri^elfpTcssTj for this house, and I 1 
question if any other place of amusement would have wanted it. 1 
Oct. 17, Maud Forrester in "Mazeppa; " Oct. 24, T. J. Hinds and I 
Ivian Lawrence in " Rory O'More; ** Oct. 31, Geo. W. Middleton in 
" A Pirate's Legacy ; " Nov. 14 " Quida " was repeated, when 
Nestor and Venoa, gymnasts, appeared ; Nov. 28, Rose Lisle and 
Valentine Love, in " The Strangle rs of New York." with Ramier's 
Spanish students in the olio ; t>ec. s, Iiiau3 Forrester in " Mazeppa; " 
Dec. 12, Forrester in " Pirates of the Savannah; " Dec. 19, "Under 
the Lights of London ; " Dec. 26, "Tony Denier's company in 
" H umpty Du mpty ; " Jan. 2, l883, the spectacle "The White Crook" 
canne for two weeks; Jan. 23. "Avenged," by the Lorenzo Bros., 
with their dogs ; Jan. 30 H.J. and Carrie Seymour came, in " Esmer- 
^alda ; " Feb, 6, "The Flying Dutchman; " Feb. 13 Charles Frew 
ancT Gus Reynolds acted in " Eviction " for two weeks; Feb. 27, 
" MichaeLSttogoff." E. D. Davies, ventriloquist, in the olio ; March 6, 
Lorenzo Bros, and dogs in " Dog Spi es." also " Michael Strogof!; " 
March 20, N. D. Roberts, with his pantomime company, In'** Humpty 
Dumpty;" March 27 "Bachelora' Frolics" was given for the 

On May 8, Jessie Garratt's British blondes, announced as their 
first appearance in America, were seen in " The Sunflower and the 

Wasp." Blandowski had a ballet, in which Arnold Kiralfy, MUe. 
Posta, and others danced. July 10 Bobby Newcomb, the Worrell 
Sisters, Mrs. St. George Hussey, and many others gave variety per- 
formances ; Aug. 7 " Pinafore " was sung ; Sept. 25 " The Great 
Divorce Case" had its first production, with I^na Aberle in the 
leading part; Oct. 9, the liurlesque "Merry War;" Oct. 30, the 
extravaganza "Aladdin;" Nov. 7-14. the Tfibemian minstjrds; 
Nov. 21, the burlesque "Pocahontas;" Dec. 25, Tony Denior's 
" Humpty Dumpty?'" After having been closed for several months 
the house was reopened Nov. 5, 1883, as " The Gkano Cen- 
TRAL," with a variety and specialty company which included 
Kelly and O'Brien, Mrs. St. George Hussey, St. Felix Sisters, 
Hallen and Hart, Fred Roberts, Ashley and Hess, Andy Collom, 
John A. Toole, and Prof. A. E. Voss, musical director. After being 
open a lew weeks tiie house was closed, to reopen on March 36, 
1884, with a dramatic company in *' Xhe-Qorsictn QiQthers " and 

VOL. ui.->ae 

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" Black Eyed Susan.*' April 28 Col. T. £. Snelbaker's combination 

The next manager of the place was John Thompson, who re- 
opened it on June 2, 1884, as "John Thompson's Eighth Stkfft 
Theatre;" "Ingomar" was presented, with Bertha Dumont as 
Farthenia. She was adveitiaed as a French artist, and this ber first 
appearance in America. " Around the World " came June 16, with 
John Thompson in nine characters ; June 30 a company of colored 
actors, called the Astor Place combination, appeared in " Othello; " 
Julv 7 " Around the World" was repeated ; July 28 Charles Thorn- 
ton s combination were seen in " The U^adkssJgfirafflBan ; ** Aug. 
1 1 Mile. Estelle's Silk Stocking Serenaders appeared. 

After remaining closed for two years John F. Poole leased the 
house from the Stewart heirs, and opened it as a popular price 
combination house Sept. 6, 1886. On Oct. 4, l886> William J. 
Scanlan appeared in " Shane-na-Law n." 

Lotta came Oct. it, in "JliaJiitle Detective; " Fred Biyton was 
seen Oct. 18, for two weeks, in •'Forgiven;" W. T. Bryant and 
Lizzie Richmond came Nov. i, in " Keep it Dark; " Roland Reed 
Nov. 15 in "Humbug;" '* StreeTl^andit," Nov. 22; Louis 

Aldrich, Nov. 29, in " My Partner ; " Dec. 6, Monroe and Rice in 
"My Aunt Bridget; "Dec. I3, "The Silver King," with Carl 
Ha8win~Slid Eleanor Morretti in the leading parts; Dec. 20. Pat 
Rooney, in " Ealls_Wa.rclrobe ; " Dec. 27, James M. Ward in " Tlie_Red 
Fox." After being closedTor eight months the house was reopened 
August 22, 1887, with "Monte Cristo." The prices of admission 
were 10, 20, and 30 cts. On"August 29 " The ^^j^f '*_P^Mgt?*^ * 
was seen ; Sept. 5, " The Galley Slave," with Addaide Thornton, as 
the star; Sept. 12, The Pauline Harvey Opera Company, in "The 
Mascot;" Sept. 19, "The Sea of Ice; " Sept. 26, David Murray, 
Joseph Brennan, and others, in " l ynj^nrtH " On Jan. lo, 1888, A. 
H. Woodhull appeared in " EH WheatfieldT^ Jan. 17 "The Kinder- 
garten " came for three weeks, with Stanley Macy and Laura Dins- 
more as the stars. On Feb. 7, " The Banker's Daughter ; " Frankie 
Kemble» Feb. 14, in '^Sib^ vaudeviiie was done week of Feb. 
21, and the prices were 25, 50, and 75 cts. Ada Gray was seen 
March 21 for two weeks, in "Fast Lynne," and the cheap prices 
were resumed. "Camille," by Ada Gray, week of April 3. This 
theatre was open the memorable bliszard night, March I3, 1888. 
J. B. Studlev acted " Nick of the Woods" the week of Aug. 13. 
" The Sea of Ice " was played tTTe week of Aug. 20, followed Aug. 27 
by 'iJJicXQli^en J3awn." Mr. Poole closed the house Sept. i . Re- 
opened as a Hebrew' theatre Sept. 21. with *'King Solomon." It 
was opened as a German theatre Feb. 18, 1889, with " Der Pfarrer 
Roechin " It failed lo attract and was closed the following week. 
It was shortly afterwards reopened as a German theatre, but did not 

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coBttnne so long. It was reopened July i, under the management 

of L. Hangen, with Stanley Macy and his oomptny in 'jl £/0. D. ** 
After having been closed for some time it was reopened Nov 16 by 
John Wild and Dan Collycr as "The Comedy Theatre," when 
!lRiiiillillgWildj.' was produced ; " A T^pi ^ Holiday " wu acted 
Dec. 30. The season closed Jan. 11, 1890. Dan Collyer, through 
illness, was out of the cast for one week, and his part was played by 
Eddie Collier. The Arizona Joe company played " Rlarlf [ iawks" 
Jan. 37. On Jan. 28, as the result oC a dispute over the contract 
between Joseph Bruce (Arizona Joe) and Leonard Hangen, man- 
ager of the theatre, the gas was shut off at 7.30 o'clock at night, and 
the company were virtually locked out. This house was reopened 
April 21 as "Harry Kennedy's Theatre." Jennie Yeamans, 
Maggie Clinc, the Acme Four, Two American Macs, the Tissots, 
Marco and Reto, the Mackleys, Fred and Jennie, Fred Roberts, 
the Gamdias, and Harry Kennedy (ventriloquist) were hi the com- 
pany. Leonard Hangen, Sept. i, 1S90, reopened the house with a 
bu rlesqa fi, called " ^j;2ilfifiL£lflUlXt" with Gus Bruno in the leading 

The nest managers of this theatre were Borro ft Co., Fred J. 

Mackley acting manager. It was reopened Dec. 29, 1890, with a 
vaudeville entertainment at popular prices. The house was abruptly 
closed Jan. 12, 1891. The house was again opened Jan. 19, with 
Webb ft Smith's company in " There 
was also an olio performance, Borro & CoTslease expired Jan. 24. 
The house, after a few performances, closed until April 27, when it 
reopened with the Muldoon-Kilrain athletic and specialty company. 
On receiving information that the house was still open in June witlt- 
out a license, the Mayor ordered it closed on Saturday evening, 
June 13. Hebrew performances were again presented in Septem- 
ber, 1891. 

After having been dosed for some time, the house was reopened 
Sept. 14, 1894, newly painted and decorated, and called "The 
Gbrmaiiia Theatre," with Adolf Phillip manager. The initial 
programme was*<Arme Maedchen** timnslatied nmn the French. 
It was preceded by " Im Neuen Hatt8e"0*In the New House"). 
Tlie cast ol the first named play was : 

BoaumMam . Hcrr Ati|[rastus Walter 
Sdnsid Borasmano . Herr Carl Sfck 
FlMIQ ... Herr Arthur Eggeliiig 
Hedwig . . Friiulein Marie Mavnau 
Helene .... Friulein Elsa Leon 
Carl Herr Carl Gmbe 

Marie . . . Frl. Eiwenie SchmiU 
Schroeder . . . Herr Rud. Sinnhold 

VV'ilhelm .... llerr Ottn NTeyer 
Klappe ... 1 Herr Uernh. Rank 

Brandt Herr Max Lube 

Proller .... Herr Hcrm. Ceroid 

This same play was acted at the American Theatre the weeks of 
Jan. 22 and 29 as Our f " " Kyriu-Fvri tz " was produced 
Sept. 28, with this east: 


Peter Herr Walter 

Piepenbcrg Herr Meyer 

Rux Herr Rank 

Eulalia FrI. Rossi 

TheudeUode Frl. Herbst 

Illrike Frl. Schmitz 

Eroil Frl. Bonne 

Ebert Herr Sick 

P rau Soitmann . . . Krl. Werner 
Susanna ..... Frl. Reinhold 

Klobig Herr Lube 

SchwMtlnuuiB . . . Herr Ceroid 
Naocke Har Sinabold 

"Jhe Corner Grocer of Avenue A I' was first acted here Oct. 19, 
and condnued until iHarch i, 1895^ when '«Th*> P& ynbroker of the 
Ea>t Side" by Adolf Phillip had its initial performance, witn tnit 

cast : 

Theobald Eogelbrecht 

Arthur Eggeling 

Kathl Marie Maynan 

Anna Maria Soplie Katharina 

BrauDschweiger . . Bcrnhaid Rank 
Annie Hulda iuiaUerbofam 

Eugenie Schmltt 
Isaac Rosenstcin . . . Max Lube 
(kittlieb Furchtennicht . Otto Meyer 

Wilhelm Carl Grube 

Meyerstein .... Hera. Ceroid 
Frau Melleberger . Franziska Rossi 
Frau Bruiler . . . Auguste Frankel 
Mr. McCarthy . . Rudolf Sinnhold 
Mrs. McCarthy . . . Frieda Heitet 
Baron von Schoorrer . . Carl Sick 

Mapgie Kathe Reinhold 

(jeorgi Adolf Phillip 

This play continued until April 27 when "The Corner Grocer" 
was revived; also the second act of "The Pawnbroker" for the 
manager's benefit. *^r^J^rkhorst " was first acted here May i, 
with this cast: FerdinandTCarl Grube; Louise, Lucier Werner; 
Auguste, Anna Franosch; Dr. Reinold, Carl Sick; Mehlwurro, 
August Walter; Hattie, Kathe Reinhold; Georgi. Rudolph Sinn- 
hold ; Kitty, Minnie Renwood; Darkhorst, Max Figman. 

The house was reopened Sept. 15 with a revival of 'LlheJGor- 
ner Grocer;" also "A New York Brewer and His Family," by 
Adetr Phillip. The play was withdrawn ApnTTs, 1896, the two 
hundredth performance having taken place April 13, and was fol- 
lowed April T" by " Der Hutcher aus der Erste Avenue ("The 
Hiitcher ot First Avenue"), by Adult i'liillip. It had this cast: 

Charlie .Max Lube 

Minnie ..... Ku^enie Schmitz 

Marie Marie Keichardt 

Baldrian .... Aup^st Walter 

Aiialtu' lUriili. Rank 

Civsar Cl.ira rioiino 

Kittie Rud. Sinnhold 

Dehnicke Herni. Gotz 

Kalinke Paul Weigel 

Stolz Eduard Renard 

Fcodor Emil Beria 

C risclian Adolf Philipp 

Having been closed all summer the theatre was reopened Sept. 28 
with a revival of "The Corner Grocer." "Little Germany" was 
produced F'eb. 9. 1S97. It contained dovetailed parts of " .My 
Lcopc'ld." a plav in an F.nglish version of which John T. Raymond 
tried to escape from low comedy, with bits of " Eris der Baron," a 
Berlin play of some years ago. 

Frau Geistinger reappeared in America April 15, 1897, after an 
abaence of a dozen years. She acted Therese Krones in " Three 

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Pairs of Shoes," " The Seamstress," and " The Bat " the week of 
April 26; "Three Pairs of Shoes " was played by Frau Geistinger 
the night of May 11, instead of "The Bat*' at announced, in con- 
sequence of an injunction having been obtained by Conried restrain- 
ing her from acting in that play, " Die Fledermaus," or in "The 
Seamstress." Geistinger closed her engagement May 15. 

The house was reopened Sept. 29, 1897, with Adolf Phillip in 
" iDnllnrw nnt] Ce^iytt " Emil Richards made his American debut 
March 27, 1898. in " Bk med W ives." He appeared March 28 as 
Inspector Braesig in the comedy of that name. The next season 
began Sept. 15, 1898, with a revival of "The Corner Grocer.** 

On Oct. 6. ".6J2^ ia Ma^ia," by Adolf PhiUip and Wegern. 
was produced, with this cast: 

Haberfield ...... Otto Meyer 

Freldy f • ■ • • Lcooa Hergere 
Amalu Mehlthau . . Eup- Schmitz 
August Wichtig . • . Fred. Urban 
Charley Feldstein . . Adolf PbUlip 
~ Aug. Waher 

Wilhelm Prcfldcopf ... Max Lube 
Atex. GraMmlth . . Paid Weigel 

Julsalkina Marie Wegern 

Yetta Hilda Norden 

Aeuinaldo Rud. Horsky 

Aojniral Dewey . . . Aiig. Walter 

On Jan. 16, 1899^ the T^^emseer German peasant actors, lately 
at the Irving Place Theatre^ appeared here in some of their local 

plays. The next season began Sept. 28, 1899, with Leon Rose- 
mann and his company from Germany in "Koenig Heinrich," for 
the first time in America. '*Der Wilde Rentlingen. ' by G. van 
Moaer and Tbilo von Trotha, was produced on Oct. 19. "The 
Scapegoat " was seen on Nov. r. This play was done at the Irving 
Place Theatre the same night and previously was acted at the Bijou 
Theatre as " The Purple Ladx . ' ' Anna Faehring made her Amert- 
can d6but I^ov. li as Mane Stuart. A burlesque called " 1900^** 
by Gustav Amberg, was seen here Dec. 25. "II Trovatore" was 
sung in German, Jan. 15, 1900. Herr Julius Perotti was the 
Manrico and Fran Moran-Olden, Anioena. 

The theatre was reopened Sept. 15, igoo, with "Secrets of New 
York," by Adolf Phillip, the author pUying the part of Jochcn 

On Nov. 10 "The Legacy" was seen for the first time in 
America. Also "The Gold Mine/' by Carl Lauf and Wilhelm 

Jacoby, which had this cast: 

Juluard Timmendori 

Gttstav von Scyffeitftz 

Mina Met.i Hunirer 

Betty Mane Reichardt 

Paula Marie Kisenhut 

Robert Kensler . . . Otto Ottbert 
Vice Conmd HeUwig, Franz KienehiMr 
.... Adolf 2SninMrnuum 

Thee Benaccke . . . Man Hander 
Therese . . Johanoa Cfaniaen Koch 

Franz Brommel . . . r.eortr Baselt 
Pepi Gschwandner . . Frida lirandt 

Krui; Adolf Teleky 

PiaoaenmuUer . . . Jnliua Ascher 
Lotte GoMie FVuikel 


"Rose Monday," a play in five acts by Otto Erich Hartelben, 
was produced Dec 6, with Adolf Zimmermann as Hans Rudorff, 
and Fraulein Hedwig Lange as Gertrud. "A Coarse Shirt," by 
C. Karlweiss, translated from "A Rich Man's Son" produced at 
Walladc'a Theatre, by W. H. Crane, was presented here Dec. 13. 
**nie Wholesale Merchant," by Oscar Walther and Leo Stein, 
was given with this cast: Schwandorf, Franz Kierschner; Franzc, 
Marie Eisenbut; Thercse, Meta Bunger; Erwin v. Procklewitz, 
Adolf Zimoieniiaon; Lucie Ada Merito; Schneppke, Max Han- 
sler; Karoline, Johanna Clausen Koch; Anna, Frida Brandt; 
Balthasar, Gustav v. Seyffertitz; Fritz, Carl Frischer; Minna, 
Anna Sander; Frau Schulze, Lina Hanseler. "The Moralists," 
by Blumenthal and Kadelburg, was played Dec. 31, and "Uiiel 
Acosta," Jan. 14,1901, with Carl Emmerich as the hero. "A Car- 
nival Jest," by Gustav von Seyffertitz, was produced Jan. 22. " Be- 
hind Papa's Back," by Richard Kessler and Arthur Lipschiltz, 
was seen, for the first time in America, Jan. 31 : Papa, Ilerr Ott- 
bert; Johanna Hansler, Papa's Daughter, Frl. Eisenhut. "The 
Millionaire Swabian " began its fourth month on March 9. Its one 
hundredth performance took place March 23, when a festival play 
by Adolf Phillip, called "New York Spell-binders," was also 
acted. April 15 "The Potato King," by Adolf Phillip, was pro- 
duced, and the season closed in May. This house terminated its 
theatrical history, April 13, 1902, with "Anne Maedcben/' and was 
torn down for business puipoaes, January, 1903. 

HEN Lester Wallack resolved to retire from his old theatre 

W at Broadway and Thirteenth Street, he determined to fol- 
low the " up-town " movement, and in February, 1 881, he leased four 
lots of land on and adjoining the northeast corner of Broadway and 
Thirtieth Street, under a lease ma^le by Susan White, dated Feb. 
13, 1881, and owner in fee of two lots of land adjoining, with the 
houses thereon, known as Not. 31 and 33 West Thirtieth Street. 
The leases were for twenl^-one years, with privileges of two re- 
newals of twenty-one years each. Mr. Wallack subleased the lot 
on the northeast corner of Broadway and Thirtieth Street to 
Oliver Livingstone Jones, who took the comer of Broadway and 
a part of the front, and a depth of one hundred and twenty-twc feet 
in Thirtieth Street It stands one hundred and five feet on Broad- 
way and one hundred and twenty-two feet on Thirtieth Street. 
Ground was broken May i, 188 1. On this site he built the 
present handsome playhouse at a cost of $247,782.47. The dedi- 
cation of Wallack's Theatre took place Jan. 4, 1882, and very ap- 
propriately, too, with a magnificent revival of "The Sdiool for 


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Scandal/' which had an exceptionally fine cast, as the programme 
shows : 

Sir Peter Teazle 
Lady Teazle . 
Charles Surface 
Lady Sneerwell 
Joseph's Servant . 
Lad " 

John Gilbert ' Snake . 
Rose Cot^hlan Sir Toby 
Osmond Tearle 
Agnes Elliott 
. H. Holliday 

.... W. H. Pope 

F. G. Kerr 

Joseph ' Gerald Eyre 

Crabttee Dan Leesoa 

Moses W. Elttm 

Careless Wflmot Eyre 

Trip ....... C. E. Edwin 

Mrs. Gwdour . . . Mme. Ponisi 
Maria Stella BooUkoe 

ly Sneerwell's Servant . H. Pearson 
Sir Oliver .... Harry Edwards 
Sir benjamin . . . * E. V. Sinclair 

Rowley H. Gwynette 

Harry Baraper ... J. C. Taylor 

Between the third and fourth acts Lester Wallack addressed the 
audience, and was followed by John Gilbert with a few remarks. 
Those of the company who did not appear on the opening night 
were EflRe Germon, Fanny Addison (Mrs. H. M. Pitt), Kate 
Bartlett, Emma Loraine, E. Blaisdell, and Minnie Vining. John 
Gilbert was acting manager; Arthur Wallack, stage manager; J. 
S Wright, prompter; Theo. Moss, treasurer. Lawrence Bardon, 
who took tickets in "House No. One" (Broadway and Broome) 
thirty years before, and never missed a night in "House No. 
Two " (Broadway and Thirteenth Street), and who was on duty 
in "House Na Three/' died in this city May 26, 1887, aged 
seventy years. 

"The Money Spinner," by A, W. Pinero, was played for the 
first time in America Jan. 21, when the cast was: 

Loid Kengussie . 
Baron Croodle 
Harold Boycott . 
Mme. Montlosus 

Clcs Faubert . . 
UUcent . . . 

Osmond Tearle 

. . Wm. Elton 
. . Gerald Eyre 
Hattie Elliott 
Harry Edwards 
. Rose CogUan 

Doottia Stella Boniface 

Mockett £. V. Sinclair 

Sobofslcee W. H. Pope 

Porter ....... S. Dubois 

Margot £. Blaisdell 

''Youth." an English spectacular melodrama, was first acted in 
America Feh. 20, 1882, and had this cast: 

. H. HolBday 
• H« Pearson 
. RoaeCogblaa 
Mme. Poniii 
Fanny Addison 
. Stella Boniface 
. Minnie Vining 
Cecilia PIdgerton 
Emma Lonune 
. . £.BiaiideU 

Darlington . 
Frank Darlington 
Col. Dalton . . 
Major Kcddey . 
Aftnmr Lavender 
Capt. Loverton 
Willie Spratley . 
Larry O'Phesey . 
Tom Gardham 

. . John Gilbert 
Osmond Tearle 
. Harry Edwards 
. . Gerald Eyre 
. . Wtlmot Eyre 
C. E. Edwin 
Ainu Stuart Stanley 
. . William Elton 

Fowler . » • 
Waiter . . . 
Eve Malvoisie 
Mrs. Darlington 
Mrs. Walsingbam 
Alice Wcniock 
Kitty Athol . 
Amv Athol 

£. V. Sinclair Bessie 

Dctecdve F. G. Kerr| Mn. Gnimnog^ 

It was produced under the direction of Charles Harris. A 

matinde performance of "Youth," April 3, was for the benefit 
of the Actors' Fund. The season closed June 28, with "La 
Belle RussCj" produced May 8: ^~ 

Digitized by Google 


D[udiev Hrand . . 
Sir Ph'ilip Calthorpe 
Monroe Quiltoa . . 
Lady Calthocpe . . 


The next season began Sept. 9, 1882, with "Taken From Life»" 
the cast of which was: 

Osroood Tearle 
Gerald Eyre 

. lohn Gilbert 
Mme* Pooifli 


Roberts C. E. Edwin 

Burton H. Holliday 

Gcraldine Rose Coghlan 

Little Beatrice . Mabel Stepheoaoo 

Walter Lee .... Wm. HertMrt 
bbn Denby .... Arthur Forrest 
oe Gallon . . . . Chas. E. Edwin 
Michael .... Harry Holliday 
Richard .... Harrv Gwynette 

Bella Adela Meaaor 

Alice Celia Edgerton 

Philip Herbert Kelcey 

WiHIam CP. FlocktoB 

Titus Knott ..... Wm. Elton 

Jack Mabel Stephenson 

Sargeant ..... . H. Pe.irson 

Kate kose Coghlan 

Mary Effie Germon 

Robert Cbanoell . John C. Buckstooe 

This was Herbert Kelcey s American d^but. Sept. 30 'tlhe 
ftrvenu " was seen for the first time in America* and had tfiia 
aSt: Claude Glynne, Wm. Herbert; Joseph Ledger, Wm. Elton; 
Sir Fulke, Harry Edwards; Lady Pettigrew, Effie Germon; Charles 
Tracy, H. Kelcey; Thompson, H. Pearson; Walker, S Dubois; 
Gwendolen, Ellie Wilton; Mary Ledger, Adela Measor. This 
was Ellie Wilton's first appearance at this theatre. Emily Char- 
lotte Langtry made her American debut Nov. 6 in "An Unequal 
Match " at this house, and had an English company, the burning 
down of the Park Theatre necessitating her coming to this house. 
The cast was: 

Harry ArnclifTe . . . 
Sowerby Hooeywood, J. 
Mrs. Montmior . . 

Lady Honeywood, Miss 
Hester Grazebrook . . 
Herr Dunankeff . . . 

Frank Cooper 
T. Macdonaid 
Kate Pattiaon 

N. Wolverson 
Mrs. Langtry 
. R. Deering 
£. Shepherd 

Blcakinaop . 
Ober . . . 
.Miss Leech 
Bettie . . 

. J. L. Carhart 
. J. G. Tavlor 
Morton R. Seiten 
. W. Carpenter 
Eliza Young 
. KaleHodMNi 

Nov. 13 Mrs. Langtry acted Rosalind in "As You Like It," 
and J. G. Graham made his first appearance in America as Jaques. 
Mrs. Langtry acted Juliana in "The Honeymoon" Nov. 27 (for 
the first time), with Frank Cooper as Duke Aranza. 

The regular company returned to this theatre Dec. 4 in "The 
Queen's Shilling," which had this cast: 

Frank Esmonde . 
Sam Pitcher . 
Col. D.iunt 
Sergt Sabretache 
Jack Gambler 
Mack Sweeney . 
Mickey O'Bride . 

. . Wm. Herbert 
. William Elton 

. .CP. Flockton 
Herbert Kelcey 

Jolin C. Buckstone 

. Charles K. Edwin 
Harry Gwynette 

Sam Flaughter 
Tom Forsyth . 
Frederick . . 
Kate Greville . 
Mrs. Iraotidca 
Jennie Doe 

S. Dubois 
Paul Vernon 
. H. Pearson 
Rose Coghlan 
Mme. nuM 

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"SUdJita^AJind Young Hearts " was produced for the reappttr- 
ance of John Gilbert Dec. 20, and had this cast: 

Jesse Rani .... John Gilbert 

Bob Wm.£hoa 

Tom Coke CP. Flockton 

Earl of Pompion . . . H. Gwjnette 
Alice Hawthorne . . Rose Coghian 
Mme. Pontet 

Littleton Coke . . • Wm. Herbert 
Col. Rocket . . . Harry Edwards 
Charles Roebudc . . J. C. Buckstone 

Stripe C. E. Edwin 

Russell H. Pearson 

Kate Adda If casorj 

" Old Hea ds and Young Hearts " had its first performance 
March 4, i^4u arXbridon, "Eng. In 1844, Mme. Vestrls acted 
Lady Alice; Charles Mathews, Littleton Coke; Benj. Webster, 
Tom Coke; William Farren, Jesse Rural; J. B. Buckstone, Bob; 
Julia Bennett Barrow, Kate Rocket Its first production in 
America was Jan. 6. 1845, at the Park Theatre in this city, with 
Harry Placide as Jesse Rural, and on the same evening at the 
Bowery Theatre, with John R. Scott as Jesse Rural. On F"eb. 
21, 1848, it was played at the Old Broadway Theatre, with W. 
R. Blake as Jesse ; John Lester (Wallack), Littleton Coke ; Thos. 
Hadaway, Bob; Fanny Wallack, Lady Alice; and Mrs, Win- 
stanley, the Countess. On. Nov. 30, 1852, it was acted at Wal- 
lack's Theatre (Broadway and Broome Street), for W. R. Blake's 
henefit, with Blake as Jesse, and Lester Wallack as Littleton 
Coke; Laura Keene, Lady Alice; John Brougham, Col. Rocket; 
Mrs. Vernon, the Countess; John Sefton, Bob; Mr. and Mrs. 
Chas. Walcot as Lord Roebuck and Kate Rocket Laura Keene 
produced it Sept 22, 1862, at her theatre, at the opening of the 

Lester Wallack 's first appearance in this theatre was made on 
Jan. 3, 1883, in "Ours/* which had this cast: 

Alexander Shendryo 
Lady Shendryn . . 
Prince Petrosky . . 
Sergeant Jones . . 
Mapr Saaqmy . . 

iohn Gilbert 
line. Ponisi 
C. P. Flockton 
C. E. Edwin 
. H. Gwynctte 

Hugh Cbakotte . . Lester Wallack 

Meg Effie Germon 

Blanche Adela Measor 

Ellen Cecilia Eldgertoa 

Angoa Wni. Herbert 

On Jan. 17 Mr. Wallack acted Charles Marlowe in "She Stoops 
to Conquer." "The Silver King" was given for the first time in 
America Jan. 27, and had this cast : 

^Vilfied Denver 

Nellie Denver 
Capt. Skinner . 
Eliah Coombc 
Hanrv Corkett 
Fnak Sdwyn . 
Olive Skinner . 

Oamood Tearle 

. Rose CoRhlan 
Herbert Kelcey 
. Daniel Leeson 
Sidney Howard 
J. C. Budcstooe 
. Agnes EUlott 

Tabltha Dmden 

Mrs. Gammage 
Cissv . • . 
Ned .... 
Daniel Jaikea 

MlM E. Bhtiden 

Mrs. J. En>erta 
. Carrie Elberta 
. May Germon 
John Gilbert 

Sam Baxter . . . .CP. Flockton 
Crippe Harry Gw^ictte 

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Geoffrey Wan .... Harry Bell 

Parkyo C. E. Edwin 

Tremens Chariet Foster 

Bilcher James Shannon 

Tubbs John Germon 

G.iffer Pottle .... Harry Meeker 

Leaker W. Butler 

Teddy H. 

Inspector ..... .F.N.Salter 

Porter S. Dubois 

Binks J. Gibson 

Jenninfi^s . T. Joyce 

Detective C. Bumell 

Newsboy Master J Lein 

Susy Marion Booth 

"The Cape Mail " was seen for the first time in America April 
30, and the cast was: Major Maraden. Herbert Kelcey; May 

Preston, Adela Measor; Mrs. Preston, Mme. Ponisi; Mason, Mrs. 
Elberts; Quicke, C. P. Flockton; Bartle, C. E. Edwin; Mrs. 
Preston, Rose Coghlan. May 14, "X^Jicllc Russc " was pre- 
sented, and on May 26 " The Romance o f a Tbor yojing ManJ' 
was given for the first time in this tb^ttre, andTthe season cimed 
June 3. 

The Thalia Comic opera company began a summer season June 
9, in "The Prince Consort": Helene, Miss Raberg; Papischecf, 
Adolphi ; Eustachia, Miss Koenig; Hotterotte, Lube; Kosina, 
Miss Hecht; Arthur, Wilke; Evergreen, Stcinberger; Mack, 
Proehlicb; LoUerfeld, Blohm; Barmen, Stemheim; Gertrude, 
Miss Stork. 

The dramatic season opened Oct. I, 1883, with "Masks and 

Faces," and the cast was: 

Peg Woffiogton 

Triplet . . 
Sir Charles 
Mabel Vane 
Kitty Qive. 

Rose Coffhlan 
Carrie Elberts 

Jolin Howson 
Wilmot Eyre 
Adela Measor 
Agnea Elliott 

Ernest Vane 
Colley Gibber 
Quin. , . 
Snarl . . 
Soaper . . 
Burdock . 

. Gerald Eyre 
. . Dan Leeaon? 
Harry Gwynette 
. C. E. Edwin. 
J. C. Buckstone 
. John Germon 

This was the d€but here of John Howson. ' ^loths." dramatized 
from Ouida's novel of the same name, was produced Oct. t8, with 

this cast : 

Raphael de Conrece 
Prince Zouroff . . 
Lord Jura . . 
Duke of Mull . . 

Oamond Tearle 
Gerald Eyre 
Charles (Henney 
. Wilmot Eyre 
. . S. Dubois 

Vcre Herbert . 
Lady Dolly 
Fushia Leach 
Princess Nadine 
Docheaa . . 

. Rose Coghlan 
. Caroline Hill 
laabelle Evesson 
Helen Tracy 
Fkm UvingHaa' 

This was Caroline Hill's (Mrs. Herbert Kelcey) American 
d^but, and the first appearance here of Isahelle Evesson, Helen 

Tracy, and Flora Livingston. "The Road to Ruin," Dec. 3, 
jvith John Gilbert as Mr. Dornton, Mr. Tearle as Harry Dorn- 
"ton, and Adela Measor as Sophia. J udge.,G;C.^Jiajj£tt's comedy 

drama, " Aa^AoxodcaQ.Wife^^' was seen foirthe first tine on any 

stage, Dec. 18: 

Digitized by Google 



John Garner .... John Gilbert 

Tom C. E. Edwin 

Col. Gordon Lindsay Osmond Tearle 
Le Conte de Beaumar . Gerald Eyre 
Raili LMrtfnot . * Cfaaika Glenney 
Frank Adcap . . . J. C Backatooe 

A Telegraph Boy . • . Carrie Elberts 
Paul de Beaumar . . May Germon 
Edna de Beaumar . . Rose Coghlan 
.Mrs. J<^ Garaer . . Mme. Ponisi 
Flora GaiMT .... Adda Meaaor 
Jeaeia If cnmraalhar . HdaaRaiMll 

'I JDld Heads and Young Hearts'* was revived Jan. 2, 1884. 
" Deception^MTad its first American performance Jan. 17, and 
had this cast: Mr. Merrion, John Gilbert; Patrick Merrion, Os- 
mond Tearle; George Etherage, Charles Glenney; Dennis, John 
HowBon; M. de CasMooeur, D. Leeaon; Rer. David Malone, Harry 
GwyneCte; Ctpt. Karlsbratter, Charles E. Edwin; Fritz, Arthur 
Lee; Ann Daley, Rose Coghlan; Frances Farintosh, Adela Measor; 
Emily Merrion, Helen Russell. "Lady Clare," dramatized from 
Geo. Ohnet's " Le Mattre des Foi^got," was first acted in America. 
Fek 13, 1884, ■nd had this cast: 

Jolin Mlddleton . . Osmond Tearle 

Lord Ambermere . Charles Glenncv 

Cecil Brookfield . . J. C. Buckstooe 

Mr. Woosman . . . Daniel Leeton 

Gould Smale . . . . H. Gwynette 

Captain O'Connor ... J. Germon 

Cooat ht GfavBB . . C. E. Edvia 

Mary Middleton . . . Adela Measor 
Melissa Snu^ . . . Helen Russell 
Mrs. Foster . . . Mist £. Blaisdell 

Montgomery 5. Dubois 

A French waiter .... A. Lee 
Lady Clare .... Rose C^hlan 
' MaM.Pi»lsi 

^ " Betsv " was first seen here April 14. The cast : 

Mr. Birkett . 

Mrs. Birkett . 

Adolphus . . 

Mr. Dawson . 
Capt. McMsnus 

Dick Talbot . 

William . . 

John Gilbert 
Mme. Ponisi 
Charles Gleaney 
. John Howson 
• Gerald Eyre 
. Wilmot Eyre 
. . Arthur Lee 

A Hairdresser 
Mrs. McMsnus . 
Madame Polenia . 
NeUie Bsssett . 
Grace Peytoa • 
Bet^ . . ' . . 

. . John Irwin 
. Helen Russeli 
Eily Coglilan 
Vifxinia Marlowe 
. LDItea Sinclair 

"A Scrap ef hiper," was presented, April 33, and bad tbit cast: 

Prosper Couramont . Lester Wallack 
Brismouche .... John Gilbert 
Baroo de la Gladere . Gerald Eyre 
Aaatole FrHsWIUfams 

Haptiste James Weldon 

Francois Jolin Irwin i 

Mile. Snzanne . . . Louise Moodie 
Louise (le la Gladere . Helen Russell 
Mile. Zenobie .... EBie Germon 
MUe. Mathilda . . . Kate BarUeCt 
Madame Dupont . . Ida Waterman 
i Pauline Agnes Elliott 

This was Louise Moodic's American debut. Lester Wallack 
acted Charles Marlowe in "She Stoops to Conquer" on May 3. 
The season closed May la 

Wm. A. Mestayer began a sammer season May la, in ^Mad ame 
Pipe r,** for the first time on any stage, and the cast was ; i 

Digitized by Google 


Madame Pip«r 
Mary Piper 
Milly Piper 
Dora Piper 
Uolly Piper 
Winnie Piper 
Susie Piper 
Lucy Piper 
Bella Piper 
Polly Piper 
Gillian Piper 
Minnie Piper 
Cora Piper . 
Katie Piper 

Elma Delaro 
Theresa Vaughn 
. . Edith May 
Frankie Kemble 
. Belle Deering 
. Carrie Drury 
. Edna Graham 
Rita Carroll 
. Grace Grover 
. Mabel Stuart 
Adelaide Praeger 
Edna Courtney 
Belle Urquhart 
Maude Cavendish 

Sarah Piper 
Stella Piper 
Simon Simple . 
Tilly Piper 
Dizzie Piper 
Fanny Piper . 
King Cole . . 
B. Spratt . . 
Jack . . . . 
Eugene . . . 
Shanks . . . 
Captain Quick 
Corporal Slow 

Irene Hamilton 
Josic Knight 
Gracie Wilson 
Nellie Devere 
Daisy Wood 
Ada Clifton 
John Howson 
W. A. Mestayer 
Harry Rattenberry 
. Will S. Rising 
. Geo. Froisart 
. A. D. Barker 
Jos. Sturgess 

"Madame Piper," " Wai ted a Partne r," and '' Touris ts." on June 
i7,~for W. A. Mestayer's benefif. Tn the latter, I Long and 
Jennie Reiffarth appeared. Lulu Hearst, "The Georgia Wonder," 
made her d6but in this city July 7. The exhibition given by this 
lady was simply to illustrate the power she possessed to resist and 
baffle strength by merely placing the palms of her hands against 
an object, thereby preventing the strongest man from keeping it 
under his control. She neither held nor pushed the object but 
merely kept her open hand or hands against it. 

Mme. Th6o, with Maurice Grau's French opera bouffe company, 
came in "Mme. Boniface," Sept. 8, then performed for the first 
time in America, and thus cast: 

Friquettc Mme. Th^o 

Isabelle Mile. Nordall 

Clorinde Mile. Vallol 

Cydalise Mile. Astruc 

Boniface M. Mezi^res 

Annibal M. Gaillard 

Miette Mile. Gatineau 

Civni ..... Mile. G. Barrot 

Miraval Mile. Dass 

Balville Mile. Daniel 

Lavrillirrc Estiot 

Fridolin M. Guy 

La Vielle M. Duplan 

Jacquot M. Ducos 

Varoquet M. Vinchon 

Un Valet Perret 

Leuisen Mile. Caw 

Jeanne Mile. Gabrielle 

Catherine Mile. Barrot 

Jacquotte .... Mile. Vandame 

This was the American d€but of Mile. Nordall and M. Gaillard. 
On Sept. 15, 23, "La Jolie Parfumeuse," with Theo as Rose 
Michan, Cecile le Fort (American d^but) as Bravolet, and M. 
Larry as Poirot; Sept. 18, 24, "La Mascotte," Th^o as Bettina; 
Sept, 22, "Mme. L'Archiduc, " Theo as Marietta; Sept. 29, 
" Francois Les Bas Bleu " (sung in F'rench for the first time in 
AiMd^iHMilM title changed to "Fanchon," Th^o in the title 

ccio;" Oct. 8, "La Fille de Mme. Angot; ' 
mbale d'Argent," and the season closed, 
s first produced in America Oct. 13. Among 
in America were W. H. Denny, H. J. Leth- 
Annie Robe, and Maude Cathcart. The first 
theatre were C. J. Metcalf, Fred Ross, Mrs. 


G. C. Germont and Ada 

was : 

Deaves. The cast of "Nita's First" 

Irascible Fiuteton . . W. H. Denny 
MiB. Fred FixfleMMi Annie Robe 
Miss Prim . . . Mrs. G. C Germon 
Mary ....... Ida Sollee 

Fred H. J. Lethcourt 

Will Fred Rom 

St. George 
Jemmey . . . 
Cabman . . 
Mrs. Fizzleton 
Nita . . . . 
Jane . . . . 

. J. W. Pigott 
. Fritz Williams 
. C. J. Metcalf 

Mme. Ponisi 
Maude Cathcait 

Ada Deavea 

The next season opened Nov. II, 1 884, with "Constance. * 
which had this cast: 

Feveral . , , 
The Duke . . 
Dr. Thornton . 
Frank Uarlowe 
Lady Constance 

Oainond Tcarle ' Mrs 

£. J. Henley 
. John Howson 

Herbert Kelcey 
. Row Coghlan 

Melville .... Mme. Ponisi 
Lady Lydon . . . Flora Livingston 

Ranger John Germon 

Carios Jas. Graham 

Alice Helen Russell 

** ^ -*^hgyp in Wolfy Clot hmg " was (^resented Nov. 26, and the 
cast 'was: Jasper Carew, Osmond Tearle; Percy Kirke, Herbert 
Kelcey; Kester Chedzoy, John Howson; Col. Churchill, C. E. 
Edwin ; John Znyland, John Germon ; Flintoff , J. Graham ; Hackett, 
J. Farrell; AnnCarew, Rose Coghlan; DameCarew, Miss. E. Blais- 
dell ; Sibyl, Carrie Elberts; Zeziah Mapletop, Helen Russell. " A 
bachelo r of A^-ts " followed, and had this cast : Andrew, John GTl- 
bert; 'fhorntoTi7 Harry Edwards; Adolphus, J. C. Buckstone; 
Frederick, H. J. Lethcourt; Mathew, H. Gwynette; Martin, J. 
Graham; Parker, J. Farrell; Mrs. Thornton, Flora Livingston; 
Emma, Adela Measor; Harry Jasper, Lester Walladc. This was 
Lester Wallack's first appearance this season. 

" London Assurance " was acted Dec 2, for the first time at this 
house Mr. Wallack was the Dazale; John Gilbert, Sir Harcourt; 
Harry Edwards, Max ; John Howson, Meddle ; Osmond Tearle, 
Charles Courtley; W. H. Denny, Dolly; Rose Coghlan, Lady 
Gay; Adela Measor, Grace; and EflBe Gennon, Pert '*She 
Stoops to Conquer" was played Dec. 8, with this cast: 

Tony Lnmpkln . . . John Howson 
Gcom Hastings . Harry J. Lethcourt 
Sir Cbirtes Marlow . . If. 

Young Marlow 
Miss Hardcastle . 
Constance Neville 
Mrs. Hardcastle . 
Mr. Hardeasde . 

Lester Wallack 
, Rose Coghlan 
> Adela Measor 
Mme. Ponisi 
John Gilbert 

Diggory. ..... Daniel Leeson 

Jeremy Charles Ldwin 

Stingo John Germon 

Muggins .... James Grabnm 

Slang R. G. CharieK 

Tim Twist .... James Eakins 

Dolly Mrs. J. Elberts 

Barmaid . . . Virginia Marlowe 

" Yk^yr D^rand. " by Henyy Q^y C^rleton. was played for the 

first time on any stage, Dec. 18, and had this cast: John Vaughan, 
John Gilbert; Henri Favart, Osmond Tearle; Dr. Randolph, 
Harry Edwards; Baron de Mersac, Lewis Morrison; Septimus 

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I Tubbs. J. C. Buckstone ; Paul Dean, H. J. Lethcourt ; Antonio 
rSfona, Daniel Leeson; Jacques Renaod, H. Gwynette; Mons. 

/ Febvre, John Germon ; Ruth Favart, Rose Coghlan; Violet, 
j Adela Measor; Mrs. Dudley, Helen Russell. This was the first 
I appearance at this theatre of Lewis Morrison, who was obliged to 
retire from the cast on Jan. l$, 1885, owing to prior engagements, 
and Baron de Mersac was thereafter phiyed by Richard Mansfield. 

"Impulse" was first acted in America Feb. 16^ when the cast 

Col. Crichton . . 
Major Macdonald 
Mrs. Beresford 
Mrs. Macdonald . 
Sir Heory . . . 

Lester Wallack 
Osmond Tearle 

. Rose Coghlan 
Annie Robe 
. John Gilbert 

Victor . . 
Parker . . 
Mrs. BMietc 

Harry Lethcourt 
. John Germon 

Jas. Graham 
. Eifie Germon 
. Jennie Elberts 

A special matinee was given March 12, of " Camille, " for the 
American debut of Nadia de Rotchkoff. 

Diplomacy " was revived March 16, and had this cast: 

Henry Beauclerc 
Julian Beauclerc 
Count Ortoff . 

l5aron Stein 
Algie Fairfax . 
CountcM Zidca 

Osmond Tearle 
Heriwrt Kelcey 
Harry Edwards 
J. C. Buckstone 
. Rose Coghlan 

Marquise de Rio Zares . Mme. Ponisi 
Lady Fairfuc . . . Flora Livinolon 


Mark ham 
Dora . 


John Germon 
James Graham 
. Annie Robe 

jr J oan was first acted on any stage April 7, when the cast 
was: Captain Brandon, Osmond Tearle; Arthur Meredith, Her- 
bert Kelcey; Martin Trevenna Harry Edwards ; George Trevenna, 
H. J. Lethcourt ; Joe Pengelly, Daniel Leeson; Vernon, H. Gwy- 
nette; Williams, James Graham; Joan Trevenna, Rose Coghlan; 
Alice Pengelly, Adela Measor; Lady Ruth Bumey, Flora Liv- 
ingston ; Martha, Jennie Elberts. A matinde performance of 
ll fieauty " was ^iven April 16, when Charles Coote made his 
first appearance m New York, and Agnes Hiomas, her American 
dibut. It was also Alice Welch's first appearance at this theatre. 
The cast of ".^»uty " was: 

Tom Robins . . 

De Mogyna . . 

McSplurge . . 

Joel Sligatc . . 

Frank Trevor . . 

John Merkle . , 
Russian Duke 
Hector Handicap 

. Harry M. Pitt 
W. O. Partridge 

Jacques Marm 
Chas. Coote 
. Geo. F. Rowe 

Harry Edwards 
. Harry Clarke 
. J. W. Plgott 

Lady Handicap . 
Maude de Comcy 
Mrs. Merkle 

Flora . . 
Susan . . 
WauoQ . . 

. 0\gA Brandon 
Adelaide Arthur 
Lisrie Dure7 

Agnes Thomas 
Alice Welch 
. Etta Hawkins 
. Marion Booth 

"Old He:^fls and Vniinjjr |4pari;«t " was revived April 30, for three 
nights and a matinee, and the season closed May 3. 

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John A. McCaull commenced a season of comic opera May 4 
with "The Black Hussar." The cast was: 

Hans von Waldemann Edwin W. HoS I Piffkow Dieby B«U 

Mathikk Cottrelty I Mefllin Harry Standith 


Von Helbcrt 
Theopbil . 

Mark Smitn ; Rosctta Lilly Post 

De Wolf Hopper | Barbara Marie Jaosen 

Osmond Tcarle took a benefit the afternoon of May 28, when 
Minnie Conway reappeared on the stage, acting Mrs. Younghus- 
band in "Al arried Life ." Lillian Conway was also seen on this 
occasion. E. j. kenie^ and the beneficiary announced this aa 
their "last appearance in America." *'Tb€ -Black Hussar" was 
withdrawn after one hundred and four performances. "Chiltter" 
was sung Aug. 17, for the hrst time under that title, it being 
^ress/* rechristened. The cast was: 

Dennis Charles Plunkett 

Coachman .... Charles H. Tones 

Mary Kitty WilMO 

Bttndes If oon^ Walker 

Bill Gnslsvc Frankel 

Veachy L. M. Hall 

Bridget Kate Ethel 

Lotti .... MatlUUe Cdttiellj 

Jeremiah Hackett . De Wolf Hopper 
Mrs. Hackett . . Genevieve Revnolds 
Frederick Hackett . . Edwin HoS 
Roae Hackett .... Olga Brandon 
Mamm.-i Cooper . . Hannah Miller 
Mrs. Winter . . . Jennie KeiHarth 
Gannymede . . Harry Macdonoueh 
Papa Cooper .... Thomaa WiUt 

The German original, "Die N&herin/* was first seen in New 

York Oct. 20, 1 88 1, at the Thalia Theatre, with Geistingcr in 
the leading part. "Die Fledcrmaus " The Bat") was first 
sung here Sept. 14, and the season terminated Sept. 36L 

The house was closed Sept 28, 29, 30, and reopened Oct. i, 
1885, when Mme. Judic made her American d^but in "Nitouche," 
then acted (jn its original form) for the first time in this country. 
Judic played Dcnise de Flavignjr. "Niniche** was first acted in 
America* Oct 9b 10^ and had this cast: 

Countess Mme. Judic I Anatole de BeaupersU 

Georjjina Mile- Vallot 

Annette ...... Mile. Andrde 

Errand Boy Mile. Ellen 

Amanda Mile. Delest 

Cora Mile. DeWiit 

Widow Sillery . . Mme. Delorme 
Cagtagnette . . . MUe. Mirybelle 

A Fisherwoman 
Gr<5goirc . . 
Count Comiski 
Dopiton . . 
Deeablettes . 

M. Germain 
Jeanne Blanc 
. Mile. Ferin 
. M. Cooper 

M. Mesi^ 
. PaalGinet 

M* Gf^pilre 

On Oct 12 and 13 •*La Femme 3l Papa" was given; Oct. 15, 
16, " Le Grand Casimir," with the American d^but of Alice Ray- 
mond as Ninetta; Oct. 19, "Divor^ons;" Oct. 23, "La Mas- 
cotte,** and for Madame Jodic's benefit, Oct 24, the second act c£ 

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" Niniche." second act of ** La Femme i Papa," and second act of 


The next regular teason commenced Oct 26, with * *Jn His 
Pbwcr ," which had this cast: 

Hubert Haslingi . . . Kyrte BenewlReii^ Ivan Sbirley 

Dr. Camenm . . . Harry Edwards Johnstone .... Austin Browne 

Eoj^ene ...... Geo. Clarke I Marie Sophie Eyre 

Edward Walker . . . . Wn. Elloa|Mrk Walker .... EffieGermoo 

This was the New York d^but of Sophie Eyre and Kyrle Bellew. 
Kyrle Bellew was christened Harold Dominick Higgins. His 
father, Rev. John Montesquieu Higgins, of the Church of Eng- 
land, changed his own name to Bellew and opened a chapel in 
Bloomsbury Square, London, Eng. He afterwards became an 
elocutionist. Kyrle Bellew was not a midshipomn in the British 
navy, as has been stated. His life at sea was that of an apprentice 
on the Money-VVigram line of steamers running between English 
and Australian ports, when he was known as Harry Higgins. 

" The Rivals " was played lor the first time at this theatre Nov. 
2, 1385. The cast was: 

Sir Anthony .... John Gilbert 
Capt. Absokte . . . Kyrle Bellew 
Bob Acres ..... Wm. Elton 

Sir Lucius. .... George Clarke 

Falkland Ivan .Shirley 

David Dan Leeson 

Fag C. £. Edwin 

Francis Gripe .... John Gilbert 
Geofge Airy .... Kyrle Bellew 
Tealous Traffick . . Harre Edwards 
Marplot Wm. Elton 

Charles Ivan Shirley 

Whisper Charles Edwin 

Thomas John Germoa 

Servant Austin Browne 

Boy Carrie Elberts 

Lvaia Annie Robe 

Mrs. Malaprop . . . Mme. Ponisi 
Julia Helen Russell 

Lacy Kate BarUett 

Thomas John Germon 

Smythers Austin Browne 

Miranda Annie Robe 

Isabinda Helen Roaselt 

Patch Kate Bartlett 

Scentwell .... Miss £. Blaisdell 

"The Busybody," Nov. 19^ had its first production in New 

York in fourteen years. It was last acted at Wallack's (Thir- 
teenth Street) Theatre, Oct. 30, 1871, when Chas. Mathews, John 
Brougham, John Gilbert, and J. B. Folk were in the principal 
r61es. The cast at this house was: 

John Gilbert, seized with a momentary weakness, fainted during 
the performance of "The Busybody," on Nov. 27. The curtain 
was rung down for a few minutes, but Mr. Gilbert recovered, and 
the play proceeded. 

" IJoodman Blind," an English melodrama, was first acted .in 
America Nov. 30, when the cast was: 

Digitized by Google 



• » « 


fad wnW Iran Shirfev B«n Clitbblcs 

JimDadgc .... C. Edvio Kndfe . . 
ukniM ..... John Ccrwe Noah • . 

A be . Ws. I^PMe TflMit . . 

Inspector ..... hnm SUntj • Kl ... 
Footman .... Eoticrt Soowdeo ! Jelks . . . 

Nipper Chas. Daly ; To» Laitiker . 

Nance YOTktt ... - Annie Robe GrannT Quodlinz 
f^j j^jeBM i i im l Un. Chan 

. Wro 

Dan LecMM 
E. T. Webber 


Edward Charles 

Harry Gwvnette 
Alme. I^onisi 
MiM E. Blaiadctt 

Hieoiore . . 
The .Mac Toddy 
Jellicoe ... 
GngpKf . . 
Cab Dihm . 

«M praduoed Jan. 20^ 1886^ and had this cast : 

w. H. Pop* 

Ivaa Sbirley 
Harry Edwards 
Harry Gwrnette 



Annie Robe 
Kate Harllctt 
Helen Russell 
Mne. Pooisi 
MMid Matthtva 


Wallack fint 
CMt thtis: 

appeared this 

Fell. 15, in "VaU 

Jameson S. Dubois 

Helena Sophie Kyre 

Valerie Annie Robe 

Agnes KaleBartlett 

Xavier Harry Edwards 

Alfred Betdy .... Ivan Shirley 

Dr. Rusbtoo .... Dan Leeson 
Roberta ..... John Germon 

Julia Helen Russell 

Walter Lester WaUadc 

Sir Kdward Challoner . Kvrle Belle w 
Lady Bettly .... Mme. Pooisi 

"Home" was produced March 15, when the cast was: Mr. 
Dorrison, John Gilbert ; Capt. Mountraffe, Harry Edwards ; Bertie 
ThoiniMon, Ivan Shirley; George, S. Dubois; Mrt. Pinchbeck, 
Sophie Eyre; Lucy Dorrison, Helen Russell; Dora Thomhough,- 
Kate Bartlett. Col. John White, Lester Wailack. "Central Park" 
was revived March 20, and cast thus : ' ' ' 

Wyndham Otis . . Lester Wailack 
Kerr Flamberry . . . John Gilbert 
Harry Demsford . . Ivan Shirley 
Mn. Kerr Flaabcnv . Sophie £]nc 
BcfdietTooHgaa . Mln E. Bbladdl 
RolNrt Crutch .... Wm. Elton 
Mr. Myrtle . . . Harry Gwynette 

I B.iy!cv John C.crnion 

Skeesicks Chas Kdwin 

William S. Dubois 

Grabblea John Germon 

Flora Myrtle Aaait Robe 

MittMM McU Bartlett 

"The Captain of the Watch" and "The Palace of Truth" were 
given April 19. **The Palace ol Truth " had this cast; 


Prince Pbilamir . . . Kvrle Bellew | Mirza Sophie Eyn 

King Phaoor Wm. Elton Pri Dcess Annie Robe 

Chrj-sal George Clarke Queen Altiniie . . . Mine* Pooisi 

ArisUeus .... Harry Edwards 

Zoram Ivan Shirley 

Gdanor Daniel Leeaon 


Hden Rnaaell 

The cast of "Captain of the Watch" was: Viscount de Ligny, 
Lester Wallack; Baron Vanderpotter, John Gilbert; Adolph de 
Courtray, Fred. Corbctt ; Sub Officer of the Watch, W. H. Pope ; 
Kristina, Helen Russell; Katryn, Kate Bartlett. This was the 
American d^but of Fred. Corbett. F. Frederici had a benefit 
concert April ii. The season closed May i, 1886, and John A. 
McCaull's opera company appeared May 3, with the first repre- 
sentation in New York of "J Don Caesa r " : Sig. Perugini as Don 
Caesar, Edwin HofF as Carlos, and Mathilde Cottrelly as Pueblo 
Escudiro. Joseph Howard, Jr., made his first public appearance 
as a lecturer Sunday evening, May 9. ''Don Caesar" was with- 
drawn May 28. There was no matinee May 29. "The Crowing 
lien " was first sung in America evening May 29. Selina Dolaro 
took a benefit Sunday night, April 25. Agnes Consuelo made 
her American d^but June 26, singing La Marquise in '*The Crow- 
ing Hen," which was heard for the last time here July la 
'*Falka" was sung July 12. The McCauU opera company closed 
July 17, but reappeared August 20, in "Fallsa." The cast was: 

Fallca Bertha Kicci 

Edwige Alice Gallard 

Alexins Joaie Knapp 

Minna Gare Allen 

Janotha Zoc de N'iellc 

Von Folbach . . . De Wolf Hopper 
Bolealaa HabertWilke 

Arthur . . 
Lay Brottier 
Konrad . . 
Tckcli . . 
Hoboky . . 
The Seneschal 

Geo. C. Boniface, Jr. 
Hairy Macdonough 
. . Alfred Klein 
. . Lilly Waltere 
. . , A. Mnina 
. . Leona Clark 
H. A. Cripps 

"Josephine Sold by Her Sistm" had its first American produc- 
tion Aug. 30. Emily Soldene sang Mother Jacob, Louise Parker 
was the Josephine, Mathilde Cottrelly, the Benjamin. Eugene 
R Oudin made his d^but on the operatic stage as Montosol. 
Prof. Herrmann, the illusionist, gave an entertainment Sept. 26 in 
aid of the Charleston, S. C. , sufferers, when was given, for the 
first time in America, "The Vanishing Lady." The McCauU 
company closed Oct. ^ and the house closed two nights. The 
next season opened Oct. 13, with the first American performance 
of "Harvest" Henry Hamilton, author of the drama, and Crts- 
ton Clarke made their American debut. The cast was: 


Noel Musgrave . 
(ieoffrey . . . 
Captain Tressider 

. Kyrle Ueilew I Hamish Harry Edwards 

May Gennon I Brenda Moagnve . . Annie Robe 
Herbert Kelceyl 

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. KvrieBellew|Mra.Mantoa . 
Heraert Kelcef Nora Fttsserald 

Harry Edwards Miss MacLeod 
Henry Hamiltoo 1 LetUce Vane . 

. . Annie Robe 
. Helen Raasell 

Katharine Rogers 
Carrie Coote 

acted for the last time Nov. 5. 
acted, for the first time in America, Nov. 4: 

Noel Mnagnnre 
Col. Tremder 

Hamish . . . 
Bevil Brooke . 
Roj Mmmoo • 


Tom Jones .... Kfile Bcllew 

Squire Oui Leeson 

Farmer Copw . . . .W. H. Pope 

Fotbergay S. Dubois 

Sophia Annie Robe 

Partridge ..... Chas. Groves 

Bilfir £. J. Heoiey 

TabMw Mm. P<aM 

Tbit was the reappeaiaDce in America of Charles Groves, who^ 

ou his previous engagement here, was with Ed. Rice's " Evaa^ 
linej' Two special matinee performances of " Jack " were given 
Dec. 2 and 4. " Sophia" was acted for the last time Dec 7, and 
*'Moths'* was revived Dec. 8. "The School for Scandal " was 
playM" Dec. 27, with John Gilbert as Sir Peter, Kyrle Bellew 
as Charles, Harry Edwards as Oliver, Charles Groves as Moses, 
Mroe. Ponisi as Mrs. Candour, and Annie Robe as Lady Teazle. 

" Harbor Lights" was seen for the first time here Jan. 27, 1887, 

Mollie .... 
Dorothy . . . 
Geo. Seagrim . . 
Lady ffaiffitliTti • 
Mistress Hanover 

Squire WestOtt . 

. Carrie Coote 
Evelyn Granville 
. Creston Clarke 

Katharine Rogem 
Kate Barttett 
.Harry Kdw.irds 

W. J. Constantine 

Lieut. Kingfsley 
Mark Helstone 
Capt. Nelson . 
Nicholas Moreland 
Detective Wood 
Detective Pull 
Peggy Chudleigh 
Harl>or Master 
Mrs. Chudleigb 
Capt Hardy . 

. Kyrle Belle w 
Herbert Kclccy 
Harry Edwards 
£. I. Henley 
. David Shelly 
Alfred Perkins 
Carrie Coote 
. J. W. rotten 
. Mary Barker 
W. S. St Clair 
W. H. Popn 

Dora Vane . 
Polly . . . 
Fishorwoman . 
Tom Dossiter 
Jack Urriper . 
Frank . . . 
Dick . . . 
Lina Nel 


Annie Robe 
Evelyn Granville 
. Knola (irant 
. Cbas. Groves 
Dan Lesson 
Creston Clarke 
Herl>ert Aylint: 
. Hckn [Russell 
Miss £. BlaisdeU 
. . AUceGny 

A benefit to Fred Lyster occurred Sunday evening, Feb, 20. W. 
Bishop, "mind reader," appeared Sunday evenings, Feb. 27, March 
6, 1887. ** Harbor Lights " was acted for the last time March 12 ; 
"Motha" was revived March 14, and acted until March 22. 

Rose Osborne appeared afternoon of March 17, in " Frou Fro u," 
which had this cast: " 

Henry Saitorys . . . D. H. Harkins 
Mme. de Csmbrl . . . Mary E. Hill 

Louise Sibyl Johnstone 

Brigard H E. Walton 

Pauline Helen Corlctte 

Georgte Tommy Russell 

De Valreas .... Fred G. Ross 

Vincent Frank Kemble 

Gilberte Rose Osborne 

Baroo John Howson 

Piton Evelyn Evans 

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l"JJ)c Dominie's Daughter " was acted for the first time on any 

/ stageMarch 24rTFius~BsntT 

Rev. John Van Dervecr 

Harrj Edwards 
. Cresttm Clarke 
. . Annie Robe 
Min £. BlaitdeU 

Lieut Van Derveer . 
Mdly Van Derveer . 
Annie Sirj^r . . 

Dorothy Helen Russell 

Mrs. Bedcnan . . . Mme. Ponisi 

Dyke I^leficUew 

Barton . . . < . HerMit K e lc e y 
Hinuii Brown • > > • 

Geo. Faw gett Ro we appeared in an entertainment called "A 
J^icnic witJT Cook ^& Q.o. am ong ^h e Crocodil^ /' on Sun3a^ 
evcningT March 27. " Qld~Hea (j^^fl3 ^ Young flf earts " April 18. 
** The School for Scandal " Wis revived May JT Deacon Erodie^ 
or the Double Life " was acted for the first time in America at a 
matinee May 5, when it had this cast: 

Deacon lirodie . . . i. J. Henley 

Kivers T. G. Patten 

Old Urodie W. H. Pope 

Doctor John Lewis 

Moore Chas. Groves 

Smith Chas. Cooke 

Ainslie F. F. Mackay 

Hunt Luke Martin 

Jean Watt Carrie Coote 

Servant Florence £ber 

Walter Leslie . . Eben Plympton 
William Lawson . . . . F. tvcrall 
Mother Clarke . . ■ Eliza Cbudler 
Mary Biodle Annie Robe 

The season terminated May 7, and the company went to Daly's 

Thcntre, May 16, for two weeks, in "The Rnmnnre {)f a }'q nr 
^oung Man," which, on May 30, ended the career of the Wallack 
stock company, strictly as such. 

John A. McCauil commenced a summer season May 9» with 
"The Hlack Iliissar " The lease of this house was transferred 
to Theo. Moss May 10, by Mr. Wallack, for a period of ten 
years, Mr. Moss to retain and have full use of the title "Wal* 
lack's Theatre" as the business trade mark, at a yearly rental of 
$10,000; also to pay all interests upon mort(];af(es, f^round rents, 
taxe.s, assessments, and water rents, until tiic expiration of the 
lease. Mr. Moss took possession Oct. i. 

"Jacquettc" ("I.a IVarnaise " ), Andre Mcssager's three-act 
comic opera, anglicized by J. Chee per Goodwin , was sung for the 
first time in America June 13, and had~this cast : 

Duke Alfred Klein 1 Perpignac Hubert Wilke 

Countess .... Marion Manola I Cadet ... Harry Mac Donoagh 

Chevalier ... De Wollc Hopper 

bettina t t-lie KIlis 

Girafo ...... Jeff de Angelis 

Lorenzo Tillie Frank 

Amilcharie Leona Clarke 

Ascanio Rose Murallo 

Grabosson Carl Irving 

Carlo ...... Grace Scavy 

Achille Louise Cox 

Officer Louis Schrader 

Jacquette .... Matilde Cottrelly 
Landlady Annetta Hall 

"Jacquette " was sung for the last time July 2; the house was 
closed for one week, and reopened July 11 with the McCaull com- 
pany in "Indiana." Marion Manola sane Indiana; Laura Joyce 
(Mrs. Digby bell;. Lady Prue; Digby Bell, Matt; John £. Brand, 

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Lord Dayrell; and Jeff de Angel is, Sir Mulberry. "The Beggar 
Student " was sung July 25. " The Bellman " was heard Aug. 22, 
for the first time (in English) in America, and the cast was: 

Clausen Jeff de Angelis 

Kolmodin C. W. Dungan 

Tronda Laura Joyce 

Lntte ToUe Fettit 

Carl Bellroan . . 
Niles Elvegaard . 
Otto Funk . . . 
Cbttotcss UlU . 

. . Hubert Wilke 
. De Wolf Hopper 
Harry Macdonough 
HMrion ManoU 

The season closed Oct. 8. 

The next dramatic season began Oct. 1 1, 1887, with the following 
company: Rose Coghlan, Mme. Ponisi, Louisa Eldridge, Miss 
E. Blaisdell, Kate Bartlett, and Netta Guion, Enid Leslie, Effie 
Listen, Maude Litchfield, Osmond Tearlc, John Gilbert, J. W. 
Pigott, Charles Dodsworth, Charles Groves, £. D. Ward, Mrs* 
Henry Abbey. W. T. LovelL 

Henry E. Abbey, John Schoeffel, and Maurice Grau were man* 
agers. Lester Wal lack's name appeared as proprietor and H. E. 
Abbey as manager. Harry Edwards was stage manager, and C. H. 
Mathews, acting manager. 

"The Mouse Trap," by Sydney Grundy, was the opening per- 
formance, and had this cast: 

Lord NomaDtower Osrooad Tearle 
Sir Peter Lund . . . Chu. Groves 
Kate Derwent . ■ . RoM Ccwhian 
Beatrice . . . Mrs. Henry Abbey 

Mrs. Abbey, formerly Florence Gerard, made her first appear* 
ance in New York in three years. E. D. Ward made his American 
d^but on this occasion. He died at Edinburgh, Scotland, Nov. 
!$• iS^Q* "Caste" was played Oct. 24: George D'Alroy, Os- 
mond 'fearle; Captain Hawtree, E. D. Ward; Eccles, Charles 
Groves; Sam Gcrridge, F. W. Robertson; Esther Eccles, Rose 
Coghlan; Polly Eccles, Mrs. Abbey; Marquise, Mme. Ponisi. 
"Caste" was withdrawn after the performance Nov. 14, as it 
failed to "draw.** This was F. W. Robertson's first appearance 
here. He had been engaged in England by Mr. Abbey as actor 
and stage director of several of his father's (the late T. W. Robert- 
son) comedies. He was a failure both as actor and stage manager. 
Robertson's ** School" was presented Nov. 15, with this cast: 

Pliilip E. D. Ward 

Tom Sam Sothern 

MUdrad Enid LesUs 

Dr. Sutcliffe 
Mr. Krox 
TiUy . 
Kitt . 
Cora . 
Little Girl 
Naomi Tighe 
Lord Beawoy 

. John Gilbert 
. C. Dodtwortb 
. Kate Bardett 

F.ffie Liston 
Patrice Boucicault 
Florence Estor 
Annie Cadiz 
Florence Waldram 
. Ollie Dickson 
Mrs. Abbey 
. E. D. Ward 

Vaughan S. Dubois 

Bella Nettn Guion 

Laura Enid Leslie 

Miliy Helen Hosmer 

Clara Verrie Graves 

Julie . ^osie Hall 

Ellen Maud Litchfield 

Beau Farintoih . . . J. VV. Fi);ott 
Jack I'ovnt? . . . Osmond Tt-arlc 
.Mrs. Sutclitie . . Louisa Eldndge 

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This was the American ddbut of C. Dodsworth and Effie Listen 
(Mrs. £. D. Ward), and the first appearance in this theatre of 
Nctta Guion. " School " was acted for the last time Nor. aS, and 

Nov. 29 "Caste" was revived. "Forget Me Not" was presented 
Nov. 30, with Rose Coghlan as Stephanie and Harry Edwards as 
the Prince. Mme. Ponisi, J. W. Pigott, Effie Listen, and Osmond 
Tearle were also in the cast. This was another failure 

The house was closed on Dec. 26, for a rehearsal of ScHna 

f Dolaro^s play, "In the Fashion," produced for the first^Time 

j^bec." 27, 1887: 

i Captain Denalguez 
{ M. Philippe Valnay 
I Adelaide Lapierre 
1 Marion Pieraon . 

j M . Pierson 
l^iaron Sarcy . . 

Osmond Tearle 
Eben I'lympton 
. Rote Coghlan 
. Kate Bartlett 

Harry Edwards 
. E. D. Ward 

Footman S. Dubois 

Footman Mr. Rayne 

Attendant Mr. Crosby 

Clare Kinuud .... Netta Gvion 

Sara Miss Kstor 

Dora Valnay 

Mrs. Abbey 

" L'A1)W Constantin 

The cast was : 

was first acted in America Jan. 20, 

Mrs. Richard Scott Minnie Conway 
Countess . GeOlgle Drew- Barry more 
Angeli^ue Morin . . . Enid Leslie 
Seraphine Morin . . . Kate Bartlett 
The Abb6 Constantin . John Gilbert 
Paul de Lavcrdens T. W. Robertson 

M. de Larnac • • Harry Edwards 
Mile. Cynthia Ray . . Mrs. Abbejr 

Suzanne Mme. Fonisi 

Baroness .... Louisa Eldridge 
Jean DauhWf . . . W. T. I.oveIl 
Bernard .... Charles Dodsworth 

It was withdrawn Feb. 18, having proved a failure. W. T. 
Lovell made his American debut in this comedy. Minnie Con- 
way (Mrs. Osmond Tearle) and Georgie Drew (Mrs. Maurice 
Barrymore) were specially engaged, and it was given out that 
this would be the final appearance on the staple of Mrs. Abbey 
(Florence Gerard). The management announced that a season 
of 8tan<lird comedies would b^in FeK 20, which would end this 
stock career. In addition to prevailing upon Rose Coghlan to 
return to the scenes of her many triumphs, Lester Wallack also 
lent a helping hand, as Mr. Abbey's management had not been 
a success. Mr. Robertson was dispensed with as stage manager, 
and Harry Edwards resumed his old position. 

" London Assurance " was presented Feb. 20^ with this cast : 

Sir Harcourt Courtly 
Max Harltaway . . 

Mark Meddle . . 
Dolly Spanker . . 
Solomon Isaacs . . 
Lady Gay Spanker . 
Grace Harkaway . . 

John Gilbert 
Harry Edwards 
Charles C'.rove.s 
. C. Dodsworth 
Charles Edwin 
. Rose Coghlan 
Netta Guion 

Daxsle Osmond Tearle 

Charles Courtly ... E. D. Ward 

Cool J. W. Pipott 

Martin E. Williams 

James S. Dubois 

Pert Kate BartleU 

"Old Heads and Y oung Hearts" was seen Feb. 29^ cast thus: 

Digitized by Google 



Jesse Rural 
Tom Coke . 
Bob . . . 

Stripe . . 

Groom . . 
Kate Rockett 

John Gilbert 
E D. Ward 
Charles Groves 
Charles Edwin 
. . S. Dubois 
Netta Guion 

Lad? Alice Hawthorne 
Littleton Coke . . 
Colonel Rockett . . 
Earl of Pompion . . 
Lurd Charles Rodwdc 
Lady Pompion . . 

Rose Coghlan 
Osmond Tearle 
Harry Edwards 
. J. W. Pigott 

\V. T. Lovell 
Mme Ponisi 

"Town and Country" was announced for March 12, but owing 
to the great snowstorm known as "The Blizzard," it was not done 
until March 13. This theatre was not the only one that was un- 
able to open its doors on the memorable night of March 12, as the 
Fifth Avenue theatre, the Academy of Music, Niblo's, Four- 
teenth Street theatre, the Windsor, People's, Thalia, Grand Opera 
House, Harlem Comique, Bijou, Standaid, Harrigan's Park, the 
Lyceum, Madison Square, Broadway, and the Casino were all 
closed by the "blizzard." Performances were given at Daly's, 
the Third Avenue, Tony Pastor's, Poole's, the Star, and Dock- 
stader's. but to wnfully meagre audiences. All the Bowery vaude- 
ville houses, as well as Miner's Eighth Avenue, gave their regular 
entertainments. The cast of " Town and Country " was : 

KftCosey . . 

Trot .... 
Charles Plastic 
Hawbuck . . 

Reubeo Gtenroy . 
Ci^in Glcnroy . 
Rev. Owen Glenroy 
Ross, a Welsh 
Rosalie Somers . 
Hon. Mrs. Glearof 

Osmond Teaile 

. E. D. Ward 
. J. W. Pigott 
. C. Dodsworth 
. Rose Coghlan 
Minnie Conway 

Mrs. Moreen 
Mrs. Trot . 

. John Gilbert 

Harry Edwards 
. W. T. Lovell 
Charles Groves 
. Mme. Ponisi 
Louisa EMridge 

Poor houses ruled during the run of this comedy, which was 
withdrawn March 22, and " Money " produced Mardi 23, for the 
6rst time in this theatre. The cast was: 

Alfred Evelyn . . 
Benjamin Stout . . 

Mr. Graves . . . 
Sir John Vesey . . 
Capt. Dudley Smooth 
Sir Frederic Blount 
Lofd Glossinofe 
Mr. Sharp 
Tope . . . 
Old Member . 
Mr. Stanley . 

Osmond Tearle 
John Gilbert 

Charles Groves 
Harry Edwards 
E. D. Ward 
. J. W. Pigott 
T. Lovell 

Charles Dodsworth 
Charles Edwin 
A. H. Shelley 
R. E. Snowden 

Mr. Beede . 
Mr. Fbt . 

Mr. Green . 
Perkins . . 
Kent ... 
(Mara Douelas 
Lady Franlilin 
Geoi]^na Vesey 

Cbas. Valentine 
E. W. Winter 

H. Marlowe 
W. H. Crosby 
Alvin Robinson 
. C. Walters 
. .S.Wenk 
Rose Coghlan 
Mme. l^onisi 
Netta Guion 

" She Stoops to Conquer " was presented April 9, 1888^ with 

this cast : 

Young Marlow 
Mr. Hardcastle . 
Tony Lumpkin . 
George Hastings. 
Sir Cnarles Mark>w 
Diggory. . . . 
Jeremy . . 

Osmond Tearle 
. . John Gilbert 

Charles Groves 
. . W. T. Lovell 
. . J. W. Pigott 
Charles Dodsworth 
. . Charles Edwin 

Stingo . . . Ad<riphus H. Shelley 
Manias S. Dubois 

Slang Leon Williams 

Tim Twist .... AlTfn Robinson 

Roger John Mack 

Miss Hardcastle . . . Rose Coghlan 

Constance Neville . . Netta Guion 
Mrs. Hardcastle . . . Mme. Ponisi 

Dnlly Maud Litchfield 

Barmaid Fanny Bart 

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. Adolphas Shelley 
. . KoMCoghlaa 
Harry Edwante 

Charles Groves 
. . W. T. Lovell 

\V. T. Leonard 
. Chas. £. Edwin 
. . Mme. Pooisi 
. . Enid Leslie 

"She Stoops to Conquer'" was first acted in 1772. 

Rose Coghlan, going home from rehearsal during April 17, fell 
and sprained her ankle. She was unable to appear that night and 
at the matinee, April 18, when "She Stoops to Conquer" received 
its final performances. Minnie Conway took her place as Miss 
Hardcastle. "The School for Scandal" was the final comedy 
presented (April i8>, and the cast was: 

sir Peter Teazle . . . John Gilbert Snake . . 

Charles Surface . . Otmoad Tearle Lady.Tcaile 

Sir Benjamin .... J. W. Pieott Sir Oliver 

Servant to Joseph . . . S» Dubois M<iscs 

Servant to Lady Snecrwell C.Trtless 

Alvin Robinson Rawley • 

Lady Saeerwell . . . Sadie Bigelow Trip . . 

Crabtree . . . Charles Dodsworth Mrs. Candour 

Harry Bumper Walter Hampshire Maria . . 

Joseph E D. Ward 

In consequence ot illness, J. VV. Pigott did not appear matinee 
and evening April 23, and Albert Roberts acted Sir Benjamin. 
This comedy was also played week of April 25. Eveninpjs of 
April 29, 30, John Gilbert was too ill to act, and Harry Edwards 
played Sir Peter Teazle; Mr. Pigott, Oliver; and Mr. Roberts, 
Sir Benjamin. With the performance of "The School for Scan- 
dal " the end came of the thirty-sixth regular season of Wallack's 
Theatres, on April 3CX ' . . 

At one time during the Wallack management a bar-room was 
opened in the basement, and English bar-maids were in attend- 
ance. It bid fair to be a success, as many people liked the idea 
of bar-maids mixing their drinks; but the police would not permit 
it to continue, as there was a stairway to the bar>room, leading 
from the lobby of the theatre, and that was a violation of the law. 
The first English bar-maids ever seen in this city were introduced 
by Alex. Henderson, husband ol Lydia Thompson, in a saloon in 
New Street, near the Stock Exchange. There were eight of them, 
but the vciituic was a failure, as the "boys" so guyed and 'insulted 
them that they soon it tor returned to England. 

John A. McCaull commenced a season of comic opera on Msy 
7. with the first performance on any stage f*^ **Thm nr fhi» 

IjgfiL? " which had this cast: 

Lani;irhus , 
Theot\ chides . 
First tphor 
Second Kphor 
Third Kphor , 

. I)e NS'oH Hiip]>cr 
I'.ujjfiK" OiiHin 
Jefferson lie An^flis 
Francis < lallard 
. . Alfred Klein 
. . C. H. Jones 
. Lind.say Mori-son 

Fourth Kphor 
Fifth Kphor 
Irene . , 
Dilaria . . 
Daroona . 
Polyxena . 

. . Geo. W. Kvie 
Louis Schrader 
Caterina Ntarco 
Madeleine Lucette 
. Maud Wilson 
Mathilde Cotu^y 

The season oi " Ihe Lady or the Tiger.'" terminated June 3a 

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The house was closed for two weeks, and reopened July 16^ wifh 

** Prince Methtisalem . " The cast was : 

Prince Methiualem . Marioa Manola 

Poldnena Annie Meyers 

Sophistica . . . Marie A. Sanger 
Sigismand . . . . De Wolf Hopper 

Cyprian J. de Angelis 

Trombonins .... J. J. Rafiul 

Carboanani . . . Lindsay Moriwm 
Count Vnloinfo . . . Aimd fCMn 
Mandlcbaum .... H. A. Cripps 
Feueriitein .... Fred Hedlund 

Spadi Josephine Knapp 

GaaiMTO Cimoe Scavy 

On Aug. 20, "Lorraine," by Rudolph Dellinf^cr, was sung, with 
this cast: Lorraine, Eugene Oudin ; Louis XIV., Charles W. Dun- 
can; Gaspard, De Woli Hopper; D'£ffiat, Jefferson de Angelis; 
Ollivier de la Tour, Annie Meyers; Pierre, Herbert A. Cripps; 
An Old Man, Lindsay Morison; Captain of the King's Guard, 
Angel Barbara; Madeline, Marion Manola; Oudardei Alice Gal< 
liard; Louise de La Valli^e, Josephine Knapp. 

On Sept 3 "Boccaccio" was nrtt aung in this city, by McCauH's 
company. Thecaatwas: 

. Edmund Stanltf 
. De Wolf Homr 
. . . DigbyBclI 

Jefferson de Anpclis 
John J. Kaftael 

Scalza . . 
Fresco . . 
CUoo . . 

ccio . . . • Marion Manola 
Fiammetta ..... Laura Moore 
Perenella .... Laara Joyce-Bell 

Tsahella Annie Meyers 

lieatriche .... Josephine Knapp 

Phillipp.x Tolie Fettit 

Prince Ptetro . . Cliarlea W. Dungaa 

On Thursday afternoon, Sept. 27, a performance was given in 
aid of the yellow fever sufTercrs in Florida. Col. McCaulI closed 
his season Oct. 6, and Wallack's Theatre, as such, seemed to have 
passed out of existence, its new lessee* A. M. Palmer, having sev- 
eral days previously ordered his own name to be substituted for 
that of Wallack's. John Lester Wallack died at his country home, 
Elmsmere, near Stamford, Conn., Sept. 6, 1888. He was born 
in New York, Jan. i, i93a At an early age he went to England. 
His first appearance on the stage was under the name of Allan 
Field*. He had been in the army. He acted in Dublin, Ireland, 
and Edinburgh, Scotland. His d£but in London, Eng., was at the 
Old HayinanEet Theatre, Nov. 16, 1846. His first appearance on 
the American stage was at the Old Hroadway Theatre, New York, 
in the fall of 1847, as Sir Charles Coldstream in "JJscd Up ." when 
his stage name was John Larter. After his Broadway Theatre ex- 
perience he went to the Old Bowery Theatre in this city, then 
under Thomas Ilamblin. His next engagement was at " Brougham's 
Lyceum/' afterwards Wallack's Theatre, Broadway and l^ruome 
Street, during the season of 1854. He opened Wallack's Theatre, 
Broadway and Thirteenth street, Sept. 25, 1S61, as manager. The 
play be produced was "The New President, " by Tom Taylor, in 

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which he acted the part of De la Rampe, a theatrical manager. 
On Dec. 25, 1864, his father died, when there appeared at the 
heads of the announcements of the tlicairc, " Mr. Lester Wallack, 
Proprietor and Manager." Mr. Wallack's earlier successes were 
made as the heroes in what is called "Old Comedy," the fascinat- 
ing unnatural gallants of Sheridan, Tobin, Goldsmith, O'Keefe, 
and the rest, and those really clever imitations which Brougham, 
Boucicault, and a few others have given to the stage. His appear- 
ance in each of those characters was ideal, and few could flirt the 
mirror-headed cane of the " beau " as he did, while there was 
something in his wearing of a chapeau and his swinging of the 
ribbon shoulder*knots that must have driven all imitators to 

He quarrelled (in the young men of those comedies) with a 
finished grace which was distracting; he flirted and made love to 

the wrong women, or to two or three at once, with an abandon 
which suggested that the process was rather natural than the 
reverse. He went through a duel with a coolness that appeared 
much better on the stage than it would have done in the field. 
Indeed it may be said that he made the young men of "old 
comedy" almost too much his own. His Charles Surface in "The 
School for Scandal," Captain Absolnte in *'The Rivals," Young 
Marlow in "She Stoops to Conquer," Littleton Coke in "Old 
Heads and Young Hearts," Rover in "Wild Oats," and Don Felix 
in " The Wonder," were really great impersonations. They were 
of the same stage family, and they were his in the fullest sense of 
the word. To have seen him in one and to be familiar with the 
other plays was to know very nearly what he could do with all 
their heroes. His Young Doroton in "The Road to Ruin" was 
a character of the same class, but wider scope, and in it Mr. Wal- 
lack touched the extremes of his excellence in comedy-acting. Per- 
haps the most thoroughly perfect of his renderings, after Young 
Domton, was the part of the Vicomte in "The Captain of the 
Watch." Nothing could be more perfect than the high-bred vaga- 
bondism of his rendering throughout. His Hugh Chalcote in 
"Ours," Featherly in "Everybody's Friend," Vacil in " How She 
Loves Him," Badger in "The Poor of New York," the title rWe 
nm^on TTaesar de Bazan.'^^Horacc'de BeauvaT, in " Pauline ," and 
Captain Cozzens in "Knights of the Round Table," were afl great 
creations. So far, types of character have been presented princi- 
pally, and it only remains to group from memory a few of the many 
parts strangely varied and having no connection with each other, 
in which Lester Wallack shone resplendently. These are: Man- 
uel in " The Romance of a Poor Young Man," Otis in " Centra l 
Park," ElHot Gray Tn "Kj'sed.ile,*' Reuben Glenroy in "Town 
and Country," Orlando, Benedick, Young Rapid, Mercutio^ Alfred 

Digitized by Google 


Evelyn in "Money," Randall McGrcf^or in "Jessie Brown," and 
O'Callaghan in " ^ ^rfg^i" with a good Irish brogue. 

I maintain that Wallack's Theatre, as managed Lester Wal- 
lack, was never in itself a benefit to ihc profession at large, but 
5»a« to the drama, by placing before the public at certain intervals 
the best old and modem plays. As a school for the public it 
was the most useful of our theatres. As a school for actors it was 
worse than useless. No actor in America, old or young, dates 
the growth, either of his ability or reputation, from Wallack's. 
John Gilbert, John Brougham, Cbas. Fisher, and many other great 
favorites at Wallack's were acknowledged actors long before they 
became connected with the name of Wallack's. Pretending to 
pay little attention to "lines of business," Lester Wallack was 
veiy chary of offering opportunities to young actors; and for this 
reason lost some of his best actors one by one; When he played, 
the young men of the company complained that they were re- 
stricted in their work, from his real or fancied hatred of rivalry. 
There is one fact that cannot be disputed. It is this: Wallack's 
Theatre, while it employed many good actors, never made one. 
It has been the grave of many. Lester Wallack never did any- 
thing for the "native drama;" he never attempted anything like 
a development of the American drama. A writer not long since 
stated that he had expended more moaiey in the purchase of Ameri-. 
can plays than any other manager or actor. This I deny most) 
emphatically. Mr. Wallack presented an American play "occa-i 
sionally" it is true, but when he did, it appeared as It he hadl 
hunted up an author with little or no reputation, who had written 
an American play. This he would produce with the "expected" 
result. Mr. Wallack was essentially foreign, altogether English 
in his tastes, habits, ideas, and associations. 

This house was reopened Oct. 8, 1888, as " Palmer's Theatre," 
with M. Coquelin, Jane Hading, and a French company, under 
the direction of Henry Abbey and Maurice Grau. Constant 
Coquelin made his American d^but Oct. 8 in "Les Prteicuses 
Ridicules," "La Joie Fait Peur," and two of his monologues or 
recitations. The cast of the first play was: 

Mascarille If. Coquelin 

Jodelet Jean Coquelin 

Gorgibus Deroy 

Lagrange Borel 

Du Croisy Ramy 

Premier Portier Staart 

Detudime Portier . . T. UqKoenet 
Um Violiiio Pitoti 

Cathos Mme. Patry 

MadeloD Lemercier 

Maiotte • Kcrvich 

Mme. Berthe Stuart (formerly Berthe Girardin) and MM. W. 

Stuart and Abel made their American reappearance. Ddbuts 
in America were these: MM. Jean Coquelin (son of Constant 

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Coquclin), Diiquesnc, Deroy, Borel, Ramy, Th^ophile, T. Hugue- 
net, F. Huguenet, Pitou, Mmes. Patry, Lemeicier. Kervicb, Jenny 
Rote, B. Gilbeite, and others. Mme; Hading waa seen Oct 9 
as Claire in " Lc Maitre des Poiges,** acted here in its original 
French form. The cast was: 

Philippe Darblay . . II. Duquesne 
Le Due de Ulijpiy . . ... Abel 

Moulinet JCSA Coquelin 

Bacbdin Dcroy 

Octave Rany 

Le H.iron de Prefont .... Borcl 

Lc I'refet Stuart 

Gobert ...... T. Huguenet 

Le Docteur Th^ophik 

Francois F. Huguenet 

Un iJomestique F6l\x 

Un Ouvrier BoovUlais 

Claire de Beaolieu . . Jane Hadiog 

Athenais B. Gilberte 

IJaronne de Prefont Lemerrier 
La Marquise de Ueaulieu . Jenny Rose 
Soiaaae Kervich 

M. Coquelin and Mme. Hading appeared together Oct. 10 in 
L'AventuriSre " (the original of T. W. Robertson's "Home," 
which had its first French performance in America); Oct. i|, 
"Gringoire" (the original of Alfred Thompson's "The King's 
Pleasure^" and of William Yardley's "A Royal Revenge") had 
also ito first performance here, and " Le Depute de Bombignac'* 
(the source of Justin H. McCarthy's "The Candidate"); Oct. 12, 
'*Les Surprises du Divorce/' by MM- bisson and Mars, and the 
original of Dalv'a "The Lottery of Love;** Oct. 13. "Don Caesar 
de B izan," by MM. Dumanoir and D'Ennery. Mme. Hading ap> 
peared as Gilberte in " Frou Frou " Oct. 15, with M. Coquelin as 
Brigard. "Tartuffc" was acted for the first time in America, in 
its original form, Oct. 16; "Don Caesar de Bazan," matinee of 
Oct. 17; "Mile, de la Seigliere," Oct. 17; " Lcs Surprises du 
Divorce," Oct. 18 and 20; "L'fitourdi" (by Moliere) and "Jean 
Marie," Oct. 19; matinee of Oct. 20. " Le Maitre des Forges." 
Coquelin appeared alone Oct 16 and 18, Mme. Hading Ming 
seen at the matinee Oct. 20, and both at the other perforiiiances. 
Evening of Oct 22 " La Dame aux Caro^lias " was presented, 
with Hading as Marguerite Gauthier, M. Duquesne as Armand, 
and M. Coquelin as M. Duval; matinee of Oct. 22, "Le Maitre 
des Forges," with M. Coquelin and Mme. Hading. M. Coquelin 
appeared Oct. 23, as Brichanteau in " Un Parisien " (its first 
American performance); Oct. 35 Mme Hading was seen as Du- 
chesse de Scptmonts. and Coquelin as Due dc Scptmonts in Alex. 
Dumas' play, " L l^trang^re." A special mat in(^ was given Oct 
26, for the Cuban sufferers by the recent hurricane. The three 
weeks' engagement of Coquelin, Hading, and company ended the 
night of Oct. 27. 

The advertisements of this theatre for several days were as 
follows: "Palmer's Thbatkb, Ancient Wallack's." 

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* lHeldbv the Enemy/ ' by Wra. 
with this cast : 

Gillette, was presented Oct. 29^ 


Col. J'rescott . . 
Lieut IlaA-ne . . 
Brigade Fielding . 
Aisittant Surgeon 

Thomas H. Bean 
Lieut. McPhersoD 

Maurice Barr> more 
Wflliam Harcourt 
. . Fnuwr Coulter 
. Geo. R. Sprague 
. WiUiam Gillette 
. . Joline Butler 

Adjutant General 
Lieut. Masscn . . 
Euphemia MacCreery 
Rachel MacCreery . 
Susan MacCreery . 
Major General . . 

I W. K. Jansen 

> Charles Fuller 

> . Alice Grey 
. Carrie Turner 
Minnie Dupree 
, M. B. Snyder 

Mary Anderson appeared at thi 
ment Tuesday evening, Nov. 13, 
The cast: 

Leontes J. H. Barnes 

Mamillius Miss Hoare 

Camillo J. Maclean 

Antifonot Geone Warde 

Cleomenes Arthur Lewis 

Dion Mr. Raphael 

Couticillor .... Sydney Reeves 

Court Officer Mr. Lintott 

Court HeraM ... R. De Cordova 
Poliaenes .... Herbert Waring 

Florizel C. Morton Yorke 

Arcliidamus ... Lemmon Warde 
A Mariner j. Stenton 

s theatre in a six weeks' enf^age- 
1888, in "The Winter's Talc" 

A Jailer P. Davis 

Shepherd ..... Mr. Sain.sbury 

Clown Joseph Anderson 

Servant to the Shepherd Mr. Lyiton 

Officer of Guard .... Mr. Porter 

Autolycus J. G. Taylor 

Paulina . . .. Mrs. John Biliin^ton 
Emilia ..... Miss Tenoison 

First Lady Miss Labtache 

Second Lady .... Miss Russell 

Mopsa Zeffie i ilbury 

Dorcas MsryAyrton 


Mary Anderson doubled the characters of Hermione and Pcrdita. 
Her dancing became a great feature of the play. She danced 
extravagantly about the stage. She wore the costume of rural 
simplicity, and the skirts were 90 aoft and flimsy, and so free of 
petticoats, that the limbs were quite as distinct to view as though 
shown in tights. She capered nimbly through this terpsichorean 
demonttration, and climaxed it by throwing herself, limp and pant- 
ing, into the arms of her ardent lover. Mary Anderson had been 
absent from America for about two years. She brought with her 
from England J. H. Barnes, Zeffie Tilbury (daughter of Lydia 
Thompson), Mrs. Charles Calvert, Mn. John Billington, J. G. 
Taylor, Joseph Anderson, Herbert Waring, J, Maclean, Arthur 
Lewis (husband of Zeffie Tilbury), George Warde, C. M. Yorke, 
Miss Ayrton, Marv Lovell, Mabel Hoare, and about thirty others. 
On the night of Nov. 17 Mary Anderson appeared as Fauline in 
"The Lady of Lyons,*' Herbert Waring as Claude Melnotte, with 
Mrs. Chas. Calvert as Mme. Deschapelles. 

"Pygmalion and Galatea** was presented Dec. 8. Mary Ander- 
son's engagement ended night of Dec. 22, "The Winter s Tale" 
having then been acted thirty-si.x times. Thomas Haker, who had 
been the musical conductor at Wallack's for many years, died at 
Brooklyn. N. Y., Dec 10^ He left a will by which $i,soo 

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was given in small bequests, and the balance of his fortune, amount- 
ing to ^35»000b was held in trust for his daughter Florence, twelve 
ytm old. 

Mrs. James Brown Potter appeared here Dec. 24, in Tom Taylor's 
'"Twixt Axe and Crown." She had not before played that rdle in 
this ci^. The cut : 

Ectwird Coartenay 

Itishop Gardiner . 
Simon Uenard 
Harrington . . 
Eaii ofSimex 
DadwM of Norfolk 

. . KyrieBdIew 

Harry Edwards 
. . Ian Robertson 
Vincent Sternroyd 
. . . Delos King 
. Louisa Eldrldge 

Tsabd Markham 

Lady Elizabeth 
John Hrydees . 
Thomas Wi 


Usde Hadaon 

Mrs. Totter 
W. J. Hurley 
B. F. Horning 
Cbaiics Budcr 
Alice Bader 

The theatre closed Monday night, Jan. 7, 1889, tor a dress re- 
hearsal of ''Antony and Cleopatra," produced Jan. 8: 

Kyrle Hellew 
. Ian Robertson 
. . Delos King 
Henry Edwards 
Sidney Bowkett 

Mark Antony . . . 
Octavius C . . 
M. /Emllius Lepidus 
Domltiua Enobarbns 


Canidius W. J. Hurley 

Euphronios . • . G. W. Stevens 

Mecxnas Livinzston 

Agrippa .... Henry Holland 

DoUbella F. Mayer 

ProculeiuB C. Marriott 

Thyreoa B. F. Horning 

Gailus George James 

Alexas .... Vincent Sternroyd 

Mardian J. B. Smooth 

Diomedes .... Chas. A. Smiley 
A Soothsayer . . . . B. F. Homing 
A Clown . . • Charles W. Butler 
Channiaa .... Helen Bancroft 

Iras Alice Butler 

Cyrrha Jay Mowbray 

Lvbia Kate Lester 

Cleopatra Mrs. Potter 

This version of *' Antony and Cleopatra** is said to have been 

arranged by Kyrle Bellew, who took a very different view of the 
characters of Cleopatra and Antony from that which generally 
prevails. Shakespeare thought five acts enough for this play, 
but Mr. Bellew required six acts, fourteen scenes, and a tableau 
curtain to do himself justice. He so arranged the play as to cut 
out Octavia, and^ thus left "Antony and Cleopatra" a drama of 
sensuality, and it's consequences unrelieved by Shakespeare's artis- 
tic contrast. 

On Jan. 10, 1889, a matinee performance was given for the 
benctit of R. Cazauran. The receipts were about $1,600. 
Theodora de Uiiiert, the aancer, appeared Jan. 11, in the Nautch 
dance in "Antony and Cleopatra." Mrs. Potter closed her en- 
gagement Feb. 16, and was followed Fob. 18 by M. Coquelin 
and Jane Hading, in " L'EtrangSre ; " "Mile, de la Scigl^re," 
Feb. 19; "Denise," Feb. 20; "Le Ma!tre des Forges," Fek 11 ; 
**Camillc," matinee Feb. 23; "Don Cxsar de Bazan," Feb. 22; 
"Gringoire," "Monologues," " Le Chasse," "Le Sous Pr^etaux 
Champs," and "Les Pt^cieuses Ridicules," Feb. 24; Feb. 25. 
^Ruy Bias;" Feb. 26, Coquelin in *'Les Surprises du Divorce;** 




Feb. 27, C«>quelin-Hading matinee, for the benefit of M. Durand: 
"Gringoire,** "Jean Marie," "Monologues," and "Les Pr^cieuses 
Ridicvna;" FeK 27. Coquelin and Hading in *'Fron Frou;" 
Feb. 28, "Le Gendre de M. Poirier;" matinde March i, benefit 
of Mme. Patry, "Chamillac;" night March i, benefit of Mme. 
Hading, "Camille; "matinee March 2, Coquelin-Hading in 
"Denise;" and evening March 2, " L'Avcnturidre. " On Mareli 4, 
**Jhe Ca valier." by Adolf d'Enneiy, adapted by H enry S. Lee and 
Geo. H. J(^^p. 

Edantioe .... Mimiie Seligman 
CnevaHerde -Lannolre . . Heory Lee 

Count de Cleremont . . F. Reinau 
Baron de Barbiniire Thos. Whiffen 
Marquis de SouvU . . S. C. Dubois 

Faivjr Walter Cnven 

De Roce Fred Corbett 

Geo. de Larcy 

Louise . • . . 
Regent uf FnUWe 

C F. Tiogay j De Lauaay 

. . . R. Clark 
Dora Goldthwaite 
. . . H. Vinton 
> . JoboEUaler 

The McCftnll opera company leappeared Maicli 11, in "Boc- 
caccio. " 

"The May Queen' 
I, and had uis cast: 

aung for the first time in America April 

The Queen .... Harriet Avery 
Lady Beatrice . . Marion Manola 

Roxana Laura Joyce-Bell 

Nancy Annie Meyers 

Harry McDonald . . Eugene Oudin 

Toby Digby Bell 

Locd Middleditch . De Wolf Hopper 
Gflei Jeff, de AngeHi 

Stiles John J. Raflhd 

Duke .... Cluu. W. Dungan 
Lieut. Wilmon . . Edmund Sunley 

Ellen Josephine Knapp 

Lydia Louise Edpar 

Betty Florence Willey 

Roee Loqr Pixley 

Marshall P. Wilder's benefit occurred matinde April 23. "The 
May Queen " was sung for the last time the night of May 7, and 

that date marked the withdrawal of Laura Joyce-Bell and Digby 
V. Bell from Col. McCaull's forces. " Clover " was presented lor 

the first time May 8, and the cast was: 

iiertram H. A. Cripps 

Martial E. Stuuqr 

Paacal Chaa. Meyers 

Stella Marion Manola 

Count Willfried Chas. W. Dungan 
Don Cristoval d'Olivarez J. de Angelis 
Marauis de Kocbefcrieres GcoWade 
Abbe Daodin * Loole Schfsder 

Senor Petronclla 

Mathilde Cottrellv F.mnie Annie Mevers 

Rudolf Eugene Oudin 

Casimir De Wolf Hopper 

Dr. Track L. Morison 

1- lorine Carrie Burton 

Roaetta ...... Josephine Knapp 

Mrs. D. P. Bowers took a benefit afternoon of May 9, i88g. 
Among those who appeared were W. J. Florence and company, 
De Wolf Hopper, Maggie Mitchell and company, Mme Cbttrelly, 
J. K. Emmet and company, Minnie Palmer, R. A. Roberts, 

Marion Manola, Tommy Russell, Gillette, Alberta Gallatin, Hany 
Edwards, Percy Hunting, and Mrs. D. P. Bowers herself. 

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" Th^ uAmerican Coun tess " was acted matinee May 16, for the 
first time in New "V^orkTTor the Southern Soldiers' Home benefit. 
It had this cast: Hortense Paliano, Julia Wheeler; Mrs. Van 
Cortland, Virginia Buchanan; Miss Van Cortland, Johnstone 
Bennett; Leopold Sylvia Baraga, £. J. Henley; Arthur Morton, 
Wilton Laclcaye; Algernon Sidney Stobbs, Charles Didcson; 
Dr. Allan McAllan. William Herbert; Giacomo Fracatelli, John 
Kcllerd. Marion Manola withdrew from the cast of "Clover" 
June 10, and her part was played for the rest of the week by 
Josephine Knapp. Miss Manola returned to the cast July 2^ 
and Eugene Oudin also resumed his part on that date; He died 
in London, Eng., Nov. 4, 1894. 

The one hundredth performance of "Clover" occurred Aug. 14. 
Tomasso Salvini reappeared in Anienci""Oct. 10, 1889. when 
he commenced an American tour, under the direction of A. M. 
Palmer, with "Samson," which had not before been seen here, 
except in its Italian form, when Sig. Salvini produced it at the 
Academy of Music during his first American engagement, in the 
fall of 1873. He was supported by an English-speaking company. 
He played "Samson" Oct. 13, this being the only evening he 
acted the first weeic "Othello" was given Oct. 16, 19; "Sam- 
son," Oct. 14, 17; "The Gladiator," Oct. 21. 25: "Othello," Oct 
23; "Samson," matinde Oct. 26; "Othello," Oct. 28, matinee 
Nov. 3; "The Gladiator," Nov. 6; "Samson," Nov. 7. The 
theatre was closed on the evenings Salvini did not xppeu, 

Charles Wv ndham and his company began an engagement Nov. 
4, in " David Garrick " : 

Mrs. Smith .... FfoUiott Facet 

Smith Wm. Blalwley 

Jones S. Howson 

Wiiliam F. Atberly 

Ada Ingot ..... Maty Moore 

David Garricic . . Chaa. Wyodham 
Araminta Brown . . . Emilv Miller 

.Simon In^t . . . Leslie Corcoran 
Squire Chivy . . . Geo Giddens 
Brown ..... Sidney Valentine 
George E. Emery 

VVm. Rlakcley, Geo. Giddens, and K. Emery had been seen in 
this country before, all the others then making their American 
d6but, as did also Edith Penrose. ** David Garrick " was preceded 
by "A Household Fairy," with Edith Penrose as Kate. On Nov. 
1 1 " The Candidate " was seen for the first time in New York, and 
had this cast 

Lord Oldacre . . . Chas. Wyndham 

Capt. Hazelfoot . . VVm. E. Gregory 

Amos Martlett ■ . Stanley Howson 

Barnabas Goodeve . . Wm. Blakeley 

Lady Oldacre . 
.Alaric BaiBa . 
Jacobs . . . 
Mrs. Martlett . 
Lady Dorothy 

Eleanor Lcyshon 
. Geo. Giddens 
. . F. Atherly 
. Emily Miller 
Mary Moors 

LadyOstcrly . . . FfoUiott Paget 

"Wild Oats " was revived Dec. 2 for one week, preceded by the 
farce, " Trying It On." Wyndham was the Rover, and Mary Moore 

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was Lady Amaranth. "The Headless Man " was scen for the first 
time in America Dec. g, when the cast was : 

Robert Hedley . Charles Wyndham 
Gen. Uletchingly . . . W. Blakeley 

Krcd Otway E. Emery 

Algernon Harcourt . W. £. Gregory 
Weotworth Bnueebridge G. Giddens 
Mr. Napley .... S. \'ilentine 
Jenkins Claude Edmonds 

Servant E. Emery 

Mrs. Torrin^jton . . Miss E. Leyshon 
Mrs. Gen. Bletchingly Miss F. Pa^et 
Miss Trimmer . . Miss E. Miller 
Lydia Marchmont . MiM E. Penrose 
Mra. Hedlejr .... Mary Moore 

" Delicate Ground " was also acted, with Wyndham as Citizen 
Sangfroid, George Giddens as Alphonse, and Mary Moore as 
Pauline. Wyndham closed his engagement Dec. 14, and was 
followed Dec. 16 by Richard Mansfield in "Richaid III.," cast 

King Henrv VI. . 
Prince of Wales - 
Duke of York 
Duke of Gloster . 
Duke of Buckingba 
Duke of Norfolk . 
Earl of Richmond 

Mr. Evans 
May Haines 
Isa Bowman 
Mr. Mansfield 
D. H. Harkins 
Mr. Roberts 
. Mr. Lawrence 

Lord Stanley . . . 
Sir Richard Ratcliflfe 
Earl of Oxford . , 
Queen Elizabeth . . 
Duchess of York . . 
Lady Aiiae . . 

Charles Dide 
V Smiles 
. . Mr. Stuart 
. . Ada Dyas 
. Mme. Ponisi 
Beatrice Cameron 

Mr. Mansfield's support contained several people new to this 
city, among them the Misses Isa and N. Bowman, Hubert Druce, 
and Edgar Norton. Mating Dec. 2I the members of Mr. Mans- 
field's company gave the first English performance in this city of 
an Ibsen play, "Nora, or A Doll's Home," Beatrice Cameron as 
Dora. A German version of this drama had already been seen 
here at the Amberg Theatre. *' Nora" was given for the roatinte 
Jan. 8, 1890. 

In consequence of illness, Mr. Mansfield did not appear Jan. 11, 
and D. H. Harkins played Richard, and Hubert Druce acted Buck- 
ingham. Marion Earle appeared Jan. 13 as Queen Elizabeth, Ada 
Dyas retirinj^. "Richard HI." ended Jan. 18, followed Jan. 20 
by "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" " PrinccKarl^Jan. 27. 

The theatre was closed Feb. 3, 4/ ^or a fClicarsal of " Master and 
Man," acted, for the first time in America, Feb. s> when it had this 

Jack Walton . . . . J. H. Gilmour 
Robert Carlton . . . E. B. Norman 
Humpy Logan Richard Mansfield 
Tom Honeyirood . Russell Bassett 
Jim Bm'Ieigh .... L. Eddinger 
Crispin St. Jones W. J. Ferguson 

Levano Hubert I)ruce 


Ned Barton . . 
John Willctl . . 
Little Johnny . . 
Kesiah Honeywood 
Letty Light foot 
Hester Thornbury 

Frank Smiles 
Franklyn Roberts 
D. H. Harkins 
Wallie Eddinger 
Katharine Rogen 
Beatrice Cameron 
Isabelle Evesson 

Mr. Mansfield closed his engagement Feb. 15. 
vol.. ni. — sa 

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Mr. and Mrs. Kendal were to have appeared here Feb. 17, but 
were transferred to the F'ifth Avenue Theatre, and this house was 
closed Feb. 17 for a rehearsal of "The Gondoliers," by Gilbert 
and Sullivan, produced here for the first time Feb. 18; and with 
this cast: 

The Duke 

Luiz . 

. . F David 
Mr. I.e Maistre 

Don Alhambra . . . F. Billinglon 
Duchess Kate Talby 

Giuseppe K. Temple 

AntOMO Mr. Rowlands 

Francesco Mr. Boole 

Giofffio Mr. Kavanafb 

AnniMk P. Gbarbs 

Rfchard CL^rke i Casilda Nora Chylli.'s 

Giaoetta Esther Palliser 

Tean Mary Dunan 

Fiametta .... Mattie Geoffrey 

Vittoria Cora Tionie 

Iocs Rose Le^loa 

Richard Temple and Mr. Rowlands made their American d^but, 
and Mr. Btllington his American reappearance. Lenore Snyder 
sang the part of Gianetta Feb. 25, in place of Esther Palliser. J. 
W. Herbert appeared March 12, as the Duke. Frank C. Bangs, 
who had been ill for some time, took a benefit afternoon March 
13. In addition to other attractions, W. H. Crane and his com- 
pany appeared for the first time in New York in "Le Voyage de 
M. Perrichon ; " also an act of " Coii nty Fair " with Neil Burgess 
in the cast: " i\ Mnn of the World " with Maurice Barryraore as 
Captain Bradley; a one-act comedly, "J^ada nce Rudd " in wbich 
G^ige Edgar played the chief part, and a recitation by Mr. 

A performance of "The Gondoliers" took place Thursday after- 
noon, April 17, by F>ancis Wilson's company, who were playing 
it in Philadelphia. The company came over from Philatlcljihia 
on a fast train Thursday forenoon, arriving at the theatre shortly 
before one o'clock, p. m. The full orchestra and costumes were 
carried The cast was: Giuseppe Palmieri, Francis Wilson; 
Marco Palmieri, Hubert Wilkc; The Duke, Chas. Plunkett; Luiz, 
Thos. H. Persse; Don Alhambra, H. Macdonough; Antonio, 
Geo. H. Carr; Francesco, James Glisson; Giorgio, B. F. Joslyn; 
Annibalc, Richard Guise; Ricardo, F. W. Steiger; Gianetta, 
Laura Moore; Fi;imetta, Lucile Garccau; Vittoria, Jessie Quig- 
ley; Guila, Ida Eissing; Duchess of Plazo-Toro, Elma Delaro; 
Casilda, Nettie Lyford; Inez, Effie Chamberlain; Tessa, Marie 
Jansen. After the performance, at four o'clock the company 
took carriages to the ferry and made the trip to Philadelphia, 
arriving in ample time to give their regular evening performance 
at the Broad Street theatre; The last performance of "The 
Gondoliers" at this house was evening of April 19. 

"-Ihc ^tcjjp ing Stone " was first acted here April 21, and had 
this cast: " 

Digitized by Google 



Mrs. Ante Ida Vernon 

Rath Ida Walcman 


Phyllis . 

Bttttfce Moreland 

Adelaide Stanhope 
. . May Maines 
, . Kate Osterle 
Sallie Williams 

Cicely . . . . 
Thumuui Noyet . 
Royal hUelamd^ 
Church Twinkler 
Nick Vale . . . 
Caleb Knox . . 
Doct. Wyke . • 

Maifuerite Fields 
Aqg. Levkk 

. H. Hills 
S. Bowkett 
F. Russell 
J. A. Lane 

No performance was given April 28. It was announced from the 
stage that John A. Lane of the cast had been taken suddenly ill, 
and the house was dismined It was reopened April 29 with " The 
Ste pping Stone ." The aaniial benefit of the Actora* Fuadlook 
|dace afternoon May 2. 

"Th^ ^>iitnr " was actcd for the first time in this city. May 5, 
and bad tbiacast: 

Ruby .... 


Josephine JefiEr«ys 
Ellen Barrinetoo 
Laura Hawluns . 
Pattie .... 

Frank D. Hatch 
Frank Lamb 
Dora Goldthwaite 
Vir|pnia Harned 
. Jessie Storey 
Etta Gardoar 

was seen for tbe fint time on any 

cast was: 

Col. John Hawkins . . LoalsAldiieb 
Sir Montague Moon 

Charles W. G art home 
Stephen Mortoa • . . J. £. Kellerd 
William Barriagfao . . J. L. Edwards 
Otatoa Barrinfttm . . Robert Edeaoo 

Clarisse^ or a Wife's WiL ' 
stage matinee May 15. Tne c 

De Hauteville . . . £t>en Plympton 

D« Momo Fraacr Coolter 

Maiqoisde Hauteville 

W. H. Crompton 
Ds Blcuvaaaa ... HomU Haaiai 

The last-named lady was a pupil of Mrs. Macauley, and made 
her professional debut, as Marie. At a matinee May 22 '_^he 
f-tlito r " was given, for the benefit of the Post Graduate Hospital. 

"Thff Fditor" doeed tbe bouae May 31. An autbofa* netinde 
took place June 17, wben ** Foiegone _Con chMion " was done, 
with this cast: * 

Clarisse de HautevUla 

Gotilde Brown . . 
Susanne .... 
Maria da Haatevilla 

Rachel Macauley 
Ida Waterman 
May DowUng 
leaue Dunbar 

Don Ippolito 

Sidney Bowkett 
MaleebD Bradle 

3 ley 

Thomas W. F. Randolph 

Mrs. Venraiii .... Adclc Clarke 

Kitty Ruth Carpenter] 

Miraoda Bessie fioothj 


Count ael Feori 
Florida Vervain 

Henry Fenria C Dixon 

Ceoco • • . • Jerome F. Stevaas 

This dramatization of W JD. Jiowells' novel was originally acted at 
a matinee at the Madison Square Theatre, Nov. 18, 1886. " Loraine " 
was acted for the first time afternoon of June 18, when TThad this 

Romanof{ Perovna, 
VlMlimtr Basaroff 
Ivan Marltovaa . 

Gregor)' Petrovntch 
Lord Carnsford . 

Peter Tomoffsky . 

Adelaide Fitz-Allao 
. John £. KellenI 
. Harold HartaeU 

James E. Jackson 
. . Walter Perkins 
. Henri Lynn 
. Livingston Morse 

. John Lewis 
Kate Bartletti 

Michael , 

Mabd Drysdak . . . 
Mrs. HaAoo Powderiy 

Mrs. Emily Ravner 

Clarisse ^ypsy Alcott 

MnWk Vcrikoff ... . Aiuia Ward 


^Th\9 play was originally produced at Detroit, May lo. 1888. 
Friday afternoon, June 20, " Lara," a seven-act drama, was first acted ; 


Due de Courval . 
Antoine La Rue . 
Tom Meredith 
Marcos Geldhdner 
Monsieur Leon 
Picot .... 

Frank Mordaunt 
Joseph Holland 
Robert HiUiard 
. Geo. Osborne 

Edward Coleman 
Thomas McGrath 


Mis. John Chanberiala 

Duchcsse . . . . 
Madge Ravenscroft. 
Nanon Baudet . . 
Sister Elise . . . 


. . Ida Vernon 
Virginia Harncd 
Mrs. Sol Smith 
AKoe Brown 

Phyllis Rankin 

Sara Lyons 

Little Dot Clarendon 
. Mrs. McKee Rankin 

This was the debut of Phyllis Rankin, and the first appearance in 
several months of Enaily Tborne (Mrs. John Chamberlain). 
"XllS-^^^^'"^ " produoed for the firat time in this city 

June 23, the casl^f which was : 

Don Bamboula . ■ . . .Ed. Stevens 
Dolores Esther Palliser 

Rosha Annie Meyers 

MiRtjel Lena .Merville 

Donna Olima .... Hlma Delaro 
Don Pedrillo . . . Thos. H . Persse 

Pedro J. C. Miron 

Palmo ..... Charles H. Jones 

Pompo George W. Cerbi 

Marcella Tolie I'ettit 

Aretta Cecile Eissing 

Naaetta .... Angela TegaUoi 

Ooita ....... Eva Evans 

Pepita Lulu Farrance 

Carmencita .... Ma^ Eckhard 

Oreta Cflara Allen 

Nanita Blanche Howard 

Angelo \Vm. Steiger 

Marco Ed. Everett 

Beppo £. B. Knight 

Marcetto Josie Knipht 

Onoto ..... Alma Desmond 
Macoto .... Edgeworth Wallace 
Mateo de Qnevedo . . Hubert Wllkn 

Hubert VViIke, in consequence of hoarseness, retired after July 5, 
and his part was song by Wm. Steiger. J. C. Miron retired alter 
July 7. and Frank Howard took his place July 8. Richard Stahl, 
co-author and composer of the opera, conducted the orchestra 
evening of July 11, for the first time in this city. "The Red 
Hussar " was produced for the first time in America Aug. 5, when 
the cast was: 

Ralph Rodney . . Herndon Morsell 
Sir .\Ii(idle.scx Mashem, J VV. Ilandley 
Corporal Bundv • • William Gilbert 
Sir Harry Leigntoo . . James Sauvage 
Mr. WilOam fiyles . . .Jos. C. Fay 
. . . Melvi" - 


Ivilie Stuart 

Maybud . . . 
Barbara liellasys 
Dai-sy . . . . 
Mrs. Magpie . . 
Kitty Canoll . . 

. Carl Hartbcrg 
Isabelle Urquhart 
Leona Clarke 
Fannie Edwards 
Marie Tempest 

This was the American d€but of Marie Tempest. Wm. Gilbert 

retired from the cast after Auf^. 20, and R. F. Carroll took the part 
of Corporal Hundy Aug. 21. Marie Tempest was too ill to appear 
Sept. 5, 6, and her place was taken by Maud Collins. Birdie Irving, 
a dancer, made her first appearance in this country Oct. 6. She 
danced in the second and third acts of " The Red Hussar." This 
opera was withdrawn Oct. 13, and the Jefferson-Florence company 
began an engagement in ** The Heir at Law/' cast thus : 

Digitized by Google 



Zekiel Homespan 
Deborah Dowlas . 
Cicely Homespun 
Caroline Dormer 
Daniel Dowlas . 
Dkk Dowlas . . 

W. J. Florence 
. . Mme. Ponisi 
. . . Viola Allen 
. . Elsie Lombard 
. . F. C. Bangs 
Fredorick PauMiiig 

Dr. Paneloss . . 
Henry Moreland 
Kennck * . . 
Waiter . . . . 


Alpboose . . . 

Jos. Jefferaoa 
. F. G. Rots 
G. W. Denham 

. Jos. 

.H. C 

" The Heir at Law " was played for four weeks. *• The Middle- 
man" had its first American performance Nov. 10, wheo Edward 
S. Willard made bis American d^but. The cast was: 

Cyrus Blcnkam . 
Captain Chandler 
Batty Todd . , 
Jesse Pejcg. . , 
Maude Chandler 
Daneper . . 
Vachell . . . , 

. . E. S. Willard 
, . . E. M. Bell 
. . . Harry Cane 
. E. W. Gardiner 

. . . Vida Croly 
. . Percy Winter j 
Lysander Thompson ' 
Harry HoUkUy 

Dutton Hugh Hastings 

Joseph Chandler . . Charles Harbivjr 
Sir Seaton UinphaviUe, Sant MaUbews 
Lady Umpha?ille . Kadiariae Rogers 

Mrs. Chandler Mrs. E. J. Phillips 
Felicia Umphaville . . Maxine Elliott 
Nancy Blenkam . . . Agnes Miller 
Maiy Blenkam . . Marie Burrougba 

Poalman Sidney Booth 

This was the American debut of Messrs. Cane, Matthews, and 
Gardiner. Mr. Harbury was here with Henry Irving. A special 

raatinde, Nov. 17, was given for the benefit of a Christmas toy fund 
for poor children. " Judah " was seen Dec. 29, for the first time in 
America, when the cast was : 

Judah . . 
Prof. Jopp . 
Sophie Jopp 
Mr. Frail . 
Juxon Prall 
Koper . . 
Papwortiqr . 

. E. S. Willard 
Sant Matthews 
. Mav Brookyn 
Harry Cane 
E. W. Gardiner 
Hu^h Hastings] 

Grainger . . . 
Dethic .... 
Vashti . . . • 
Lord Asi^rby . « 

Lady Eve .■Xsgarby 
Mrs. Prall . . . 

Harry Holliday 
Royce Carleton 
Marie Burrougba 
Cbarlee Harbury 

. Bessie Hatton 
Katharine Rogers 

Tilit was the American d^t of Royce Carleton, and the first 

appearance on the stage of Bessie Hatton, daughter of J. L. Hatton, 
the English journalist. " Judah " had its last representation Feb. 2, 
1891. The house was closed evening; of Feb. 3, and " john Nccd- 
ham's Do uble " was acted, tor the first time on any stage, Feb. 4, 
cast as follows: 

Joseph Norbury | 
John Needham i * 
Richard WoodviUe . 
Horace West . . • 
CoL Calhoon Booker 
Sanders . . , Lysander Thompson 
Kate Norbury 
Dorothy Norbury . 
Mrs. Needham . . 

. . Mr. WilUrd 

E. W. Gardiner 
Charles Harbury 
Burr Mcintosh 

Marie Burroughs 
. Cccile Rush 
Katharine Rogers 

Virginia P lsst WOOd . . Maxine Elliott 

Grant Royce Carleton 

Noland Sant Matthews 

Percy TeUant .... Bessie Hatton 

Thomas Harry Cane 

Jim Hugh Hastings 

Hannah Cora Ldsall 

Atkinson . . • . Fanny Jackson 
Sadie May Buckley 

" Wealth " was presented Feb. 91 for the first time in AmerieC 

The cast was : 

Digitized by Google 


Matthew Kuddock . . .Mr. Willard 

Edith Kuddock . . Marie Burroughs 

John Ruddock . . Rojee Caileton 

Dr. DrficoU . . . Sant Matthewi 

Wakelty .... Harry Holliday 

I' . . . Charles Harbury 

Mrs. Palfrcyman . Mrs. E. J. Phillips 

Percy PaUreyman . £. W. Gardiner 

Rev. Mr. Cheeaelcj • Percy Winter 
Mrs. Checselej . . Katharine Rogefs 

Buckmaater Harcr Cane 

Paal Davoren .... Loots Massen 

Madge Dnvtirtn . . Bessie Hatton 
CUve Dashwood . . H. G. Lonsdale 
Gaakfal Hi^ Hastiiig 

A mating performance was given Feb. lo for the benefit of Annie 

Russell (Mrs. E. \V. Presbrey), who had been ill for about two 
years, when " Sweet Will." by II. V. Jones, was acted, for the first 
time in New York. / 
This house was closed Good Friday night (March 27). "The 

Middleman " was revived March 28. Bessie Hatton played Nancy, 
and L. F. Massen was Joseph Chandler. Sarah Bernhardt gave a 
special performance of *' Femora " Monday afternoon, March 30, for 
the benefit of the Dispensary of the New York Bacteriological and 
Pasteur Institute. That night Bernhardt also played in New Haven. 
A benefit on the afternoon of April 2 was in aid of the Actors' Fund. 

E. S. Willard appeared April 6, in " John Needjia m's Double.'* 
and he closed his engagement April 11. with "Old Solcfiers " and 
" My VVife's Dentist." The cast of " Old Soldiers^\\'as : Lionel 
Leveret, Mr. Willard : Cassidy, H. Cane; Captain McTavish, Royce 
Carleton; Gordon Lockhart, E. W. Gardiner; Kate, Jennie Eus- 
tace; Mary, Mnxinc Elliott; Mrs. Moss, Ethel Douglas. Mr. Wil- 
lard's engagement was not a financial success. This was not the 
fault of the actor, but of the public, who had become so accustomed 
to the ••musical comedies" of the day that they preferred horse- 
play to good, legitimate acting; for Mr. Willard was a legitimate 
actor in every sense of the word, — an actor who possessed rare 
talents, and a better actor than England bad sent us in many years. 

Mr. and Mrs. Kendal appeared here April 13 in '* The Weaker 
Sex," which was repeated April 14 and matinee April 18; "Im- 
pulse " was seen April 15 ; "A Scrap of Paper." at matinee April 1 5 ; 
"The Ladies; Battle" and '*A Happy Pair," April 16. 17; "The 
Queen's Shilling," evening; April 18. "The Ironmaster" was given 
April 20, repeated April 21, matinee April 22, and evening April 25 : 
"A Scrap of Paper," evening April 22 ; ** The Money Spinner " and 
"Uncle's Will," April 23, 24; "The Queen's Shilling," mating 
April 25 ; and the engagement closed evening April 25. Rose 
Cogblan presented, April 27, "Lady B arter ," by Chas. Coghla n. 
pr^eded by " Dream Faces." "fUesc 7)r;iysTben bad( tkeir firsmew 
York representation. The cast of • Dream Faces" was: Robert, 
Arthur Dacre; Phillip, Hugo Tolaml; Margaret, Amy Rosellc 
(Mrs. Arthur Dacrcj; Lucy, Bijou Fernandez. The cast of " Lady 
Barter" was: 

Digitized by Google 



Col. Pearce . . 
Lord Brent . . 
ArchdeacoQ Short 
General Peten . 
Wright .... 
Servant .... 

John T. Sullivan 

. Hugo Toland 
. Thos. Whiffen 

Herbert Carr 
Chas. £. Edwin 

John Conlon 

Marv Brent . . Beatrice Moreland 
JustTne . . Etta E. Baker (Mrs. Luke 


Juliette Fanny Nelson . 

Lady Barter .... Roee Coghlan J 

Herbert Carr was taken from the cast evening of April 28» and 
Luke Martin played the General. At the end of the first act, 

April 30, Mr. Martin was seized with a hemorrhage, and Arthur 
Dacre read his part. Herbert Carr played the General May i. 
" Dream Faces " was acted for the last time April 28, and " The 
Lost Thread " was produced matinee April 29, with Arthur Dacre 
as Sir George Seymour and Amy Roselle as Lady Seymour. Yon- 
kers amateurs appeared afternoon April 30 in " The Mikado," in 
aid of a room for the theatrical profession in the Hahnemann Hos- 
pital. "Nance Oldfield " was first acted in this city May 5. 

" The_Tar_and the Tartar " was SUng, for the first time in this 
city, May 1 1, when the cast was : 

Muley Haaian .... Difi^y Bell 

Farina Helen Bertram 

Alpaca Laura Joyce Bell 

Taffeta Annie Meyers 

Kh.irtooQ • . . . W. F. Rochester 
Pajama Fred Frear 

Yussuf Chas. Meyers 

Tolu Grace HamUton 

Odeliska Carrie Noyes 

CardamOD Hubert Wilke 

Lambrekia .... Joseph Knapp 
Moket Charles H. Jones 

Adamjkzelj^the author of "Tar and Tartar," died in Baltimore, Md,, 
Sept. 5, 1893, of consumption. He was but twentyyears of age. 

Helen Bertram withdrew from the cast of *' The Tar and the Tar- 
tar** after May 22, and Josephine Knapp sang the part of Farina. 
A benefit was given afternoon of June i to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 
Dacre. Charles Wayne succeeded VV. F. Rochester in the cast of 
"T he Tar and the Tartar" June i. Elise Wanen first appeared 
June 8, as FarinX Julian Edwards became the musical director 
the same night. Elise Warren retired June 16, and Josephine 
Knapp assumed her part. Omene, otherwise known as Madge 
HargreaveSt and Naadine Mutry, formerly assistant of Yank Hoe, 
the juggler, was seen June 22, doing a dance in the courtyard scene 
in the second act. She was barefooted. She did not appear after 
June 23. Digby Bdl did not play at the matinee July 4, and Fred- 
eric Frear took his place. Hubert Wilke was out of the cast several 
evenings, commencing July i, owing to illness. His place was filled 
by Ravenscroft Annie Caldwell acted Taffeta at the matinee 
Aug. I. The one hundredth consecutive performance of "The Tar 
and the Tartar" took place Aug;. 18. Annie Meyers retired Aug. 19, 
and Annie Caldwell again acted Taffeta. " The Tar and the Tar- 
tar" closed Sept. 5, and was followed, Sept. 7, by " Am^ Robsart," 
the cast of which was: " 

Digitized by Google 



Earl of Leicester . 
Earl of Sussex 
Mike Lam bourne 
Wayland Smith . 
Lord Shrewsbury 
Giles Gosling . . 
Lawrence Goldthread, 
Queen Elizabeth . . 

Henr)- Miller 
Alfred Hurnham 
. Sidoev Booth 
Edwara Eisner 

Frederick Guest 
Robert V. Percy 

Herbt-rt Smcdlcy 
Blanche Walshe 

Janet Foster .... Kate Blancke 
Duchess of Rutland Kate Magnus 
Amy Robsart . . Marie Wainwrisht 
Richard Vamey .... Barton Hfll 

Tresillian Wm. Ingersoll 

Bowyer Wallace Bruce 

Tony Potter .... £. Y.Backw 

" Alabama" was presented Nov. 2. The cast 

Col. Preston . 
Col. Mobeily . 

Armstrong . 
Lathrop I'age . 
Decatur . . 
Mrs. Page . . 

i. H. 


Kdward Hell 
K. S. Aheles 
Reuben Fax 
Mrs. Agnes Booth 

Mrs. Stockton . . . Emily Sewaf4 
Carey Preston . . . Agnes Miller 
Squire Tucker Charles L. Harris 

Captain Davenport, Maurice Barrymore 
Raymond Page . . Walden Kamsay 
Atlanta Moberly . . . Nellie Howanl 

Walden Ramsay had retired from the profession at Chicaf^o while 
the "Alabama" company were playing there in the summer of 
1891. H6 reappeared on this occasion. On Nov. 26 Theo. Moss 
purchased the house No. 99 East Thirty-first Street, adjoining the 
tage, for the purpose of increasing its depth about thirty feet. 
Dec 9 a matinee performance of " Margare t Flejning" was given, 
! widi thiacast: 

Philip Fleming . 
Dr. Larkin . . 
Joe Fletcher . . 
Inspector of Police 
Detective . . . 
Officer .... 
Bill Haegerty . . 
OflBce aw . . . 
Charlie Burtoo . 

. . E. M. Bell I Johnny Lynch 

. E. M. Holland^nret Fleming 
Chas. L. Harris .Mari.i Hindly . . 
Walden Ramsay Mrs. Purton > 
. E. S. Abcles I Ellen Cook J * 
. W. H. Pope Mrs. Brady .... Nellie Linipud 
Reuben Fax Old Lady . . Mrs. Wallace Britton 
. Bennie Singer 1 Miss Edwards . . Adelaide Rowe 
Master Hqgbea 1 Uttle Lacy Viola NdU 

Campbell Mowat 

Mrs. James Hcrne 
Mattic Earle 

. Helen Goohl 

Mrs. Scott-Siddons returned to the dramatic stage the afternoon 

of Dec. 17. when was acted for the first time " What a Woman ! " an 
adaptation of " L'Aventuriere " ("Home"). The cast: Mrs. Jud- 
son Stripworth, Mrs. Scott-Siddons; Jonquil Wesseley, Flora Wool- 
vcr , Susy Ketlaw, Flora Clithcrow ; Horner Hcarne, Miss C. Bums; 
Charles Hector Bulby, W. Granville; Charlie Sturton, E. Tarleton; 
Squire Wesseley, Mervyn Dallas; Harry Wesseley, H. St. Maur. 

The one hundredth performance of " Alabama" took place Jan. 6, 
1893. Agnes Booth sprained her ankle duriog the performance 
evening Jan. 7, and when she arose the pain was so great that she 
had to continue the act sitting on the little settee outside the house. 
Mrs. Hdland, her " understudy," played her part during the re- 
mainder of the performance. A professional mating of " Alabaroa " 
was given Jan. 11. " 

"Jim the Penman "was revived here Jan. 20. when it had this 
cast : James Ralston, Frederic Robinson ; Louis Percival, Maurice 

Digitized by Google 



Barryinore; Baron Hartfeld, Charles Harris ; Capt Redwood, £. M. 
Holland; Lord Drdincourt, E. M. Bell; Jack Ralston. Walden 
Ramsay; Chapston, Reuben Fax; Netherby, E. S. Abeles; Petty- 
wirs, Lysander Thompson; George, Ralph Bartlett ; John, Harry 
Hogan ; Nina, Agnes Booth ; Agnes, Maud Harrison ; Lady Duns- 
combe, Mrs. E. J. Phillips; Mrs. Chapston, Emily Seward. In 
Cfmsequence of illness, Mrs. Booth was unable to appear, and Ada 
Dyas played Nina until Jan. 25, when Mrs. Booth reappeared. 
" Jim the Penman " was withdrawn Feb. 3, when " The Broken 
Seal " had its first American representation. It was acted in Lon- 
don, April 3, 1890^ under the title of '*A Village Priest." The 
cast here was : 

Marguerite de TremeiUan 

Mattd Harrison 

Jeanne Torquenie . . JuHa Arthur 
.Madeline . . . Mrs. £. J. PhilUps 
ComtMse de TraneUlan Ag^ Booth 

AbM Dut>ois . . Frederic RobtDsoD 
Jean Toroueuie . . . J. H. Stoddart 

Armand aArcay . . . . E. M. Bell 
Captain of Gendarmes Reuben Fax 

Francis E. S. Abeles 

Mme. d'Arcay . Mrs. D. P. IJowers 

A matinde was given Feb. 15 for the benefit of the Sorosis Club. 
Maud Harrison was out of the cast of " The Broken Seal " Feb. 22, 
and her part was acted 1^ Agnes Miller. Mme. Irma Diligenti, an 
Italian actress, who had made her American dd>utat Philadelphia, 
took a benefit afternoon of Feb. 25. 

The Kendals returned here March 7, when "A White Lie" was 
produced, with this cast: 

Sir John Molyneox . . . Mr. Kendal 
Geo. Detmood . . . Mr. BucUaw 
Capt Tempest . . . George AUison 

Wheatcroft . . Gcoigt P- Huntley 
Dixon H. Deane 

Lady Molyneu . . ■ \'iolet Raye 

Hanoah Barbara Huode/ 

Maid Mfn FairtMrolhcr 

Daisy Desmond . Juliette de GrigitaA 

Kate Desmond ... Mrs. Kendal 

It was repeated March 8, matinee and evening March g; "Im- 
pulse," March 10; "A Scrap of Paper," March 11; "The Iron- 
master/* matinee March 12; "Still Waters Run Deep," night of 
March 12. " JCathcrine Kavanagh " was played for the first times 
in this city March 14 and maHnt-c March 16. Its cast was : 

PRO LOG uf:. 

Reginald Hawley . . . Mr. KencLil 
Sir Philip Udjaid . George AIILson 

Edouard H. Nye Chart 

M.ManeU .... J. L. Mackajr 

.\ de Quayros 
Jenkins . . . . . 
Mn. Oudletgh . . 


Reginald Hawley . . .Mr. Kendal 
Cotonel Kavanagh . . Joseph Carne 
Hoell Brinnilow . . . j. E. Dodson 

Sir F'hilip Lidyard George Allison 
Fenman ..... H. Deane 

Lady Kutterworth 
.Mrs. Dabb Hendley 
Margery Kavanagh . 
Mrs. Kavanagh . . 

Florence Cowell 
Miss Fairbrother 
Mra. Keiidal 

Harhara Huntley 
Fioreace Bennett 
NiHitt Campbell 
Mrs. Kendal 

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**The Squire" m revived March 15, 16; "A White Lie," 

March 17 ; " The Queen's Shilling " and " Uncle's Will." March 18; 
"A Scrap of Paper," matind-e March 19 ; *' The Ironmaster," even- 
ing March 19. The house was closed March 21 for a rehearsal of 
" Col. Carter of Cartersville ." by Augustus Thomas, first acted 
March 22, and with this cast: 

Cbad. . . . 

Klotchea . . 

Wlndom . . 

Ann Carter 
Light Barlx)ur 

Hcnnv . 

Mrs. Murray . 

Charles L. Harris 
Reuben Fax 
Walden Ramsay 

Adelaide Rowe 
. Agnes Miller 
. Nellie Vivian 
. Emily Seward 

Col. G. Fairfax Carter E. M. Hplsad 
T. B. Fitzpatrick Maorice Bsrrymore 
htin Kcrioot . Lysander Tbonnpson 
Major Thomas C. Yancy 

Charles W. Butler 
Adolphine Kramer . . Mr. Bartlett 

Greystone £. S. Abeks 

jyilBsMoisaa . . . . E. M. Bdl 

A performance of "Pygmalion and Galatea/' by children con- 
nected with the profession, and for the benefit of the Actors' Fund 

Fair, was given March 26. The cast was : Pygmalion. Master 
Tommy Russell; Chrysos, Master Wallie Eddinger; Leucippe, 
Rosalind Webling; Agesimas. Little Walter Leon; Mimos, Nan 
Fowler; Galatea, OUie V. Herkley ; Cynisca, Edith Widner; Daphnev 
Lucy Webling; Myrine, Gertie Homan. 

• On the afternoon of March 27 Helen Barry played N'g*'*'* 
JFrolic," for ttie benefit of the Actors' Fund. Attemoon March 99, 
another entertainment was given for the benefit of the Fund. Tlie 
programme was " A M odero St. Anthony," with this cast : 

Madame Dupres . 
Marie • . . . 


La Fanchette . 
Pile Atttoine . . 

. Julia Arthur 
Clara Barrow 
Ma^' Haines 
Weevie Vivian 

Lord Ashmore 
Jules du Maurier 
Baron Scliinidt . 
M. de Fontaine . 

Edward Bell 

. Philip Stanton 
. E. S. Al)t;les 
Horace Mitchell 

" A Stag at Bay ** followed, with this cast : 

Fled Lfvln^tone . James K. Hackett 
Geoige Lathrop . . Adolph Jadison 
All American District Mes- 
senger Boy . . . Qoecnie Vasaar 

Policeman X . . Ralph Bartlett 

Kate Van Tassell . . . Anna Boyd 
Jennie Lathrop . Genddine McCann 
Sophnmia Lhniigstnie . . Loie FaUer 

"' Jupite r" had its first representation May 2, when Digby Bell 
msMlIirMew York d^but as a star. The cast was : 

Dentatos H. M. Imano 

GrampuB Fred Clifton 

Pyrrhns .... Charies Meyers 

Oictopus C. H. Jones 

Patricias Malonius . . J. Waddington 
Marcos Comdas . . E. Forrest Jones 

Publiui Mr. Ravenscroft 

Pandom .... Laara Joyce- Bell 

Sergios Josephine Knapp 

Juno Hilda Hollins 

Claudia Maude Hollins 

LodUa Sylvia Thome 

A mating was given June 7 for the benefit of W. A. Mestayer. 
The season terminated July 9. 

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Digby Bell's first appearance in America was at a concert in 
Chickering Hall, New York, in 1876, when he mtde his American 
d^but as a concert singer. He made his d6hut in grand opera the 
followinoj season, at Montreal, Canada, as lieppo in " Fra Diavolo." 
When McCauU and Ford opened the Hijou Theatre, this city, on 
llttPCh 31, 1880, he appeared in " A^cs A^^o ," and "_C harity Beg ins 
at Horoe." Digby Valentine Bell went to Italy in iS^toTlQdy 

notic* Karly in 1883 he married Laura Joyce. 
. Tbit bouse was reopened Julv 18 with " The Mascot," when 
Canine d'Arville was Bettina ; William Praette, Beppo; Yolande 

Wallace, Fiametta; and Henry E. Dixey, Lorenzo. Grace Harper 
made her New York debut Aug. i, as Giuseppe ; Kate Uart took 
Hilda HoUins' place as Frederic. Camille d'Arville did not appear 
Aug. 25, owing to illness, and llande HoUins was seen in her place^ 
as Bettina. Camille d'Arville reappeared Aug. 26. 
"Patience" was sung Aug. 30, with this cast: 

RMinald Bunthome Hennr £. Dixey 
Araibitd Grasvenor Walter Browne 

Colonel Calvcrley Willtam McLnii^hlin 
Major Murgatrovd . . Fred Lennox 
.... HaraldBlske 

Patience Lenore Snyder 

Lady Jane .... Fannie Edwards 
Ladv Angela . . . Yolande Wallace 

Lady £1U Maade HoUioft 

LadjS^ftUr . . . Triiie Frfgama 

lllis was the first appearance in America of Walter Browne, an 

Australian actor. 

*' Patience " was sung for the last time Sept. la " lolanthe " 
was revived Sept. 12, and had this cast : 

Tlie Lord Chancellor . H. E. Dixey Queen of the Fairies Flora Finlavaon 
Earl of Mountararat . Fred Lennox lol.iotbe. ... . YolAnde Wallace 

Eari TroUoUer . . . Harold Blake Celia Trixie Frigania 

PrivaM WnUs . . Wm. McLaughlin Leila Lillian Hawthorne 

Strmon .... Walter Browne FleU Lola Hawtbome 

Train Bearer Master Henry E. Dixey Phyllis Lenore Snyder 

Sept. 26, " Trial by Jury " and " The Sorcerer." Dixey closed 
Oct. I. The performance was to conclude with the third act of 
"The Mascot," and Camille d'Arville had prnmiscd to appear as 
Bettina. The comedian waited for her for some time, and was 
finally obliged to go before the curtain and announce the fact that 
she was not in the house. The performance began with tlie secmd 
act of " The Sorcerer," and was followed by the second act of 


John Drew made his diibut in this city as a star Oct. 3, in "_Th£ 
Masked Ball," which had this cast : 

Paul Blondet . 
loufh Poulard 
Loiifs MarthMt 
M. Bergomat . 
Casimir . . . 

. . John Drew 
Harry Harwood 
. Harold Rtiasell 

. C. Leslie Allen 
Frank £. Lamb 

Zuzanne Blondet 
Mme. Poulard 
Mno. Bei]pMiiat 
Roie . . . 

. . Maude Adams 
VUginia Buchanan 
. . Annie Adams 
. Lniiaa Floraice 


/'^ " Aristocracy ," by Bronson Howard, was presented Nov. 14, for 

/ the hrst time in this city, and had this cast : 

I Jeffersoa Sux:kton . Wilton Lackaye 

; Vinfinfa VI0U Allen 

• Din 11 Stockton . . Blanche Walsh 

I Sljcridan Haul Arthur 

) Mr. HamiltOO Stuart Lawrence 

\ W. H. Thonpton 

\ Mrs. Lamwnoe . . . Helen iVacy 

\ Katlierine Tea Bioeck Lawrence 

^ Josephine Hall 

^tuyvcaant Lawreoca . S. Millar Kant 

Prince Emil von Haldcnwald 

Mnniani Faveraham 
Octave, Due da VIgn7>Volante 

Frederick Bond 
The Marqnia of Nonnandale 

I. W. Pigott 

Tlie Eari of Carfatoa-Leii 

Bruce McRae 
Grimthorpe . Henry W. Monl^omery 
Martin £dwin Moidaat 

A benefit to the widow of Charles L. Harris was given the after* 
noon of Jan. 10, 1893. Neil Warner appeared. matin<Se Jan. 14, in 
the part of Hamilton Stuart Lawrence, VV. H. Thompson retiring. 

Neil Warner died in this citv, June 15, 1901. His right name was 
William Barton Lockwood. He was bom in London, England, in 
1830, and made his first appearance on the London stage at the 
Marylcbone Theatre, in the character of Horatio in '* Hamlet." 
After playing for several seasons in England he went to Australia. 
In 1868 he came to America, landing at San Francisco and playing 
across the continent to New York. He made his first appearance 
in this city at the old New York Theatre, on Feb. 20, 1869, as 
Othello, to the lago of McKean Buchanan. When he was leading 
man at Brooklyn, in Mrs. F. B. Conway's company, he met and 
married Belle Chi[ipenclale. daughter of Frederick Chippendale, the 
noted old player. He took up his home in Montreal, Canada, where 
with the late Eugene MacDowell he managed the Theatre Royal, 
and afterwards, with the late Felix Morris, he managed the Academy 
of Music. He resided in Montreal for about ten years, during which 
time he taught elocution and the art of acting. Finally, Mr. Warner 
grew tired of the monotony of teaching, and determined to begin 
active stage work again. He was engaged by the late Augnstin Daly, 
on a four years' contract, to play in New York. He came here with 
his family, but a ditHculty arose between Mr. Daly and himself, and 
the contract was cancelled by mutual consent He was immediately 
engaged for the " .Vistncracy " company. Afterward he became a 
member of Kate Claxton's company, and it was while with her that 
he suffered the apoplectic shock that put an end to his public career. 
Mrs. Warner and three daughters survive the old tragedian. Marien, 
the eldest daughter, retired from the profession in 1900, to become 
the wife of E. S. Butterfield, of Boston. Leonore is known profes- 
sionally as Leonore Lockwood, and Aflle. the youngest dmi^hter. 
played until the close of the past season the leading part in 
fflard of I'"rance." 

** Aristocr a^c y!"' was acted the last time, Feb. 4, and on Feb. 5 

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'* Lady Windermere's Fan " was done for the first time in this city, 
A. M. Palmer's "stock" then returning to the home theatre. The 
cast was: ^ 

Lord Windermere . . Edward Bell 

Lord Darlinsjton Maurice Harrymore 
Lord Augustus Lorton E. M. Holland 
Lady Windermere . . . Julia Arthur 
Duchess of Berwick, Mr*. D. P. Bowers 
lady Pljrradale . . Fannv Jackson 
Ladj Statfidd . . Marie HendacMM 

Mrs. Cowper 

Chas. Dumby 
Cecil Graham 
Hopper . . 
Parker . . 
Lady Jedburg 
Lady Agatha 

Roae Banrlngtoa 
J. G. Saville 
Wsdden Ramsay 
Edward S. Abeles 
Gttido Marbuix 
. EmiljrSewafd 
. . Ana Urfaart 

" Twiligh t." adapted from "Le Village" of Octave FeuiHet was 

produced May i, with this cast: Stephen Prynne, J. G. Saville; 
Mary, Jennie Eustace ; Jack Klfvvip, E. M. Holland; Delia, Emily 
Seward, "^erced es,'' by Thos. Bailey Aid ric h, was given on the 
same occasion, withlms cast : Captain Achille Louvois, E. J. Henley ; 
Lieut Laboissiere, Maurice Barrymore; Padre Josef, J. L. Otto- 
roeyer i Mercedes, Julia Arthur; Old Ursula, Mrs. D. P. Bowers; 
the bill closing with " J\y q {)\d Ij oys." by James Mortimer, which 
had this cast: Merriweather, J. H. Stoddart, Chalmers, E. M. Hol- 
land ; Frank Jocelyn, Waldea Ransay; Perkins, Alfred Bedcs; 
Kate Mowbray, Ellen Burg. 

The burlesque " 1402 i Jn to Dat e." was first seen in this city 
May 15, libretto by K. A. Barnet and musks by Carl Pflueger. It 
had this cast: 

Ferdinand of Aragon . Walter Jones 
Alonzo de QuinttnilU 

Edward M. Favor 

Felix Will H. Sloan 

Martin Pinzon . • Chas. F. Walton 
Ooo Pedro Maigarrite John C. Slavia 
Charles VIII. . . tools dc Smith 
Maid Mabel . . . YolaadeWaUace 

Maid Marian . . 

iim Confidence . 
Erasmus . . . 
Isabella of Castile 
Kraulein . . . 
Infanta Catalina . 
Bridga de Murphy 
Christi^her Colunbes 

. . Eileen Karl 
. . C. J. Alden 
Gilbert Gregory 
Richard Harlowe 
Theresa Vaughn 
Hattie Williams 
. Edith Sindair 
Mark Smith 

The theatre was closed July i, and the next season began Aug. 26, 
with "1492." On the afternoon of Nov. 21 there was a performance 

of " As Tbu Like It," when the Forest of Arden was turned into an 
Adamless Eden, ah the parts being played by women, as follows: 

Jaquea Mmc. j.tnauschck 

Duke .... Mrs. E. A. Eberle 
Frederick . . Ida Jeffreys Goodfriend 
Le Bean . . . Marguerite St. John 

Charles Marion Abbott 

Oliver Olive Oliver 

Jacques de Bols . . . Kosulk- Knott 

Orlando Maude Banks 

Adam . . Mrs. Chambers-Ketcbum 

Touchstone Kate Davis 

Corin Sarah McVicker 

Silvias Grace Filkins 

Wnnam Lanra Bort 

Rosalind Mary Shaw 

Celia Emma Field 

Phoebe Bijou Fernandez 

Audrey May Robson 

" 1492/' terminated its run Feb. 3, 1894. Johu Drew reappeared 

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Feb. 5, in " The Butterfl ies/' by Henry Guy Carleton, which bad 
this cast: " 

Frederick Otsha 
Aodrew Stuonf . 
Hinun Green • 
Harrington . . . 
Nathaniel BiUer 
Coddle . . . . 

. . John Drew 
Lewis Baker 

Harry Harwood 
. Arthur Byron 
. . Leslie Allen 

FraalcE. Lamb 

Mrs. Ossian .... Annie Adams 
Suzanne Elise .... Olive May 
Mrs. Beverly Stuart-Dodge 

Kate Meek 

Miriam Maude Adanu 

Henry E. Dizeycame May 7, in " Adonis ." The season closed 
April 15. **The Theatre of Arts and Letters, " gave its final per- 
,'^fonnance for subscribers, April I/, when *' Giles (j!<] fw»y- y^j^an ** 
]| was acted, with this cast: 


Giles Corey . . 
Martha Corey 
Olive Corey . . 
Paul Baylcy . . 
S.imucl Parris 
John Hathorne 
Jonathan Corwin 

Eben Plympton 
. Agnes Booth 
. Gnu» Kimball 

. Arthur Elliott 
James L. Carhart 
. K. \V. Sidney 
. Frank Young 

Anna Hutchins . 
Widow Hutchins 
Mercy Lewis . . 
Phoebe . . . . 
Nancy Fox . . 
Jailer . . . . 

Netta Guion 
Mamie Johnson 
Margaret Raven 
. Viola McNeil 
. Liuie N. Hall 
Chas. A. Bwfce 


The next regular performance of the " The Theatre of Arts and 

Letters," in this city was April 18, when the programme was " Thfi 
Decision of the_ Court," by lirandcr Matthews, and " Giles Corev . 
Teoman.'*' TEe' first-named play had this cast: Stanyhurst, jSagene 
Ormonde; Mrs. Stanyhurst, Mrs. Agnes Booth; Maid, Maf;g;aret 

The Arts and Letters company appeared April 24, in " T he D e- 
ctston of thQ. Court/' and " Xbfi-^^uirrel Inn," a pastoral play by 
Fra nC R^ Sto ckton and Eugene W.^resbrey, which h^d this cast: 

Walter Lodloe 
Mrs. Christie . 
Stephen Fetter 
Mrs.Petter . 

Paul Arthur ! Ida Maybeny 

. Netta Guion 
Alex. Fisher 
Sarah McVicker 

lea Rose 

Lanigan Beam 

. Grace Kimball 
. F. F. Mackay 
May TyrreU 
John £. Kellerd 

\nrginia Stuart, an amateur actress of Philadelphia, first appeared 
on the regular stage afternoon of May 1 7. in '* The Lady of Lyons'*: 

Claude Melnotte, Robert Taber; Colonel Damas, Nelson Wheat- 
croft; Hcauseant, Richard Ganthony ; Deschapelles, T. C. Valen- 
tine; Glavis, Alfred Fisher; Gaspare], Charles liahn; Landlord, 
John Whitman; Capt. Gervats, C. H. Bradshaw; Mme. Descha' 
pcllcs, Sarah McVicker ; Widow Melnotte, Carmen Lange; Jean- 
nette, Louise Williams ; Pauline, Virginia Stuart. 

Miss Stuart died in New York. Jan. 23. 1901. The house was 
clOBcd May 19, and the next season began Sept. 19, with Aug. 
Thomas' puiy, " _New Blo od," which had this cast : 

Digitized by Google 


UMbna Sawyor . . C W. Couldock 
Corthnd CnndaB . . E. M. Holland 

Van Ruren Crandall Wilton Lacknye 
Theo Crandall . William E. Wilson 
Barstow Adams . Maurice Barrymore 
Rev. Ferguson Clarke George F. Nash 
Dr. Hardy CnuuUl . . J. G. Savflle 
Hodgman Spencer James O. Barrows 
Haswdl .... Louis R. Grisel 
J.W. F« 

Cortia Frank CaUwrt 

Thomas Kcrwln ... J. H. Barnes 

Kramer Thos H Findlay 

Hannister Kay Fairchild 

Henry Frank O. Hall 

Chef Walter Raymore 

Mr. Cortland Crandall, Ffolliott Paget 

Gertrude Crandall . . Annie O'Neill | 
Eleanor Sawyer . . Lillian Lawrence I 
Gladjrs Spenoer . . . Gladja Wallia V 

The theatre was closed the week of Oct. 8. It was reopened 
Oct. 15, with the American d^but of Olga Nethersole ia A. W. 
G at tie 's drama "Jj'he Transgressor." and the cast was: 

Sir Tbomas Horncliffe, E. M. Holland 
Hon. and Rev. Haury Meredith 

Grant Stewart 

Rfllbeit HanyHollklajr 

Anna .... Miis F. C. Jackson 

Eric Langlcy . 
Constance . . 
Gendd Hurst . 
Mrs. Woodrllle 


. Wilton Lackaye 
. . Ida Conquest 
. . . G. F. Mash 
Mrs. D. P. Bowcn 

Olga Nethersole 

Col. Foster . . . . J. H. Barnes 

" Camille " was presented Oct 29, and continued for two weeks. 
The cast wm: 

Nairfne Ida Conquest (Gaston . . 

Nichette . . . Evangeline Irvin<: I T)e Varville 



Olympe Marion Grey 

Camille Olga NctlicrscjlL- 

Annand Duval . Maurice Barrymore 
Mons.Dttval. ... J. H. 

Doctor . . 
Messenger . 
Madana Pmdenoe 

. E. M. Holbod 

. George Nash 
J. B. Buckstonc 
. Grant Stewart 
. Kay Fairchild 
Mia. E. J. PhUHps 

■■The Neir Wonuui/' by Sidney Grandy, was produced Nov. 12, 
for the first tiaM in AoMrica, when it Iwd this cast: 

Lady WargnWB * Mrs. D. P. Bowers 
Margery ..... Annie Russell 
Mrs. Sylveslsr . . Virginia Hamed 
EakI iiethuae . . . Macwlioe Bouton 
Victoria Vivasb . . Georgia Bnsby 
Dr. Maiy Bevan . . . Emify Sawaro 

Gerald Cazenove. • Wilton Lackaye 
Col. Cazenove . . . E. M. Holland 
Capt. Jack Sylvestar . C. J. Richman 

James Armstrong . . Reuben Fas 
*crey Bysahe Pettigrew 

Thomas Terriss 
Wens H. Holliday 

This was Annie Russell's reappearance on the stage after several 
years' ahaence through ill health. There was a iKiformance the 
aftonoon of Dec. 5, for the benefit of the Church Hospital and Dis- 
pensary, when " Kcq)ing U ;)," by Louis V'iellcir, was acted, with 
Annie Russell as Mrs. Thofnton, Reuben Fax as Randolph, and 
W. Smith as Mr. James. An act of " In §nite of AH" followed, 
with Minnie Maddern as Alice, and Fred Paulding aVT*arroll. The 
programme ended with " One Touch of Nature," J. H. Stoddart as 
William Fennbolder, and Maud Harrison as Constance. " The New 
Wooan** was a kSSmt, and " Esmeralda " was revived Dec. 
anthors were, Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett and W. H. GilloK 
and the cast was ; 


Digitized by Google 


Elbert Rogen 
Mrs. Rogers . 

Dave Hardy . 
EtUbrook . 

E. M. Holland ! Nora Desmood 
Minaf e Monck I Kate Desmond 

C. J. Richman [ \f arquis 
£. J. Henley I George Drew . 
Reuben Fax I Esmeialda . . 

Vbcinla Haraed 
MadeKne Bootmi 

T. Terriss 
. Harry Talbot 
. Anaie Ronell 

"The Fatal Card," by Haddon Chambers and R. C. Stephenson, 
was Men for the first time in America Dec. 31, when it bad this 

Gerald Austen 

Georee Forrester 
Jim Dixon . 
Harry Burgess 
Terence OTlynn 
A. K. Austen 
Hiram Webster . 
Cyrus Wackford . 
Dutch Winnigan. 
Bully Jack . . . 

. E. J. RatcHfiFe 
VV. H. Thompson 
VV. J. FerjTuson 
. R. A. Roberts 
. . J. Barrows 
J. H. Stoddard 
. C. J. Richman 
. . E. Lawlor 
. . J Kearney 
. W. Cummioj^ 

KM WflHans . . . . J. E. 

Barr Tom Geo. Lennox 

Perrero Robt. Giddons 

Thomasso James Bell 

Margaret Marrable • . . Amy Busby 
Mercedes . . . Adrienoe Dairolles 
Cecile Austen . . . Agnes Miller 
Miss Penelope Austen May Rohson 

Kate Georp;ia Busby 

Servant Harriet Sterling 

This was followed March ii, 1895, by Mrs. Langtry in 
by Clyde Fitch and Leo Ditrichatein, the cast of which anuT: 

Mrs. Barry . . 
Mr. Barry . . . 
Mrs. Stanford 
Mr Stanford . . 
Myriam Sunford 
Mrs. Ciunminga . 

Mrs. Langtry 
James VV. Pigott 
. Effie Shannon 
. C. J. Richman 
Blanche Burton 
Louisa Eldrfdge 

Cl.ira Cummtnga 
Hallows . . . 
Dr. Robbins . . 
Gaston Barney . 
Count Marcy . . 

. . Ada Curry 
T. B. WiUiamson 
HoldeB Chandler 
Ivan Wataoa 

Ebcn Plymptaa 

The house was closed April i. but was reopened April 2, with ^ 
"The^ XKP Colonels," by Richard Goodall^ son of the old actor, * 

Wrniam GoodalTT which had this cast: Andrew Sloanc, Frank 
Mordaunt; John Whittaker, George C. Staley; Ralph VVhittaker, 
Charles S. Abbe; Hubert Knowlton, Henry Godden ; Stephen 
Benton, Lawrence Kddinger; Hiram Skinner, Robert Ranaom; 
Theophilus, Willis P. Sweatnam ; Squire Benton, Walter Lawrence; 
Clara Thornton, Edith Crane; Charlotte Sloane, Georgia Welles; 
Mrs. Whittaker, PauKne Markham; Mammy, Louise Larendon. 
The burlesque " Little Christopher," which had closed its season at 
the Garden Theatre April 13, was transferred to this house. April 15. 
' Jhe Viking," a comic opera, by Estelle Clapton and E. J. Darling, 
was siing the afternoon ot May 9. It had this cast : 

King Burt Haverly 

Saga Gilbert Clayton 

Prince Bernard Dyllyn 

Otaf ChariesKirk 

Ivan William MandevWIe 

Bjohnson Bjones . . . ilarry Diets 

Thora Grace Reals 

Saflfa Clara Unman 

Froda Lillian Greea 

Helga Rosa Cooke 

Princess .... Beatrice Goktie 

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The Actors' Order of Friendship had a benefit the afternoon of 
May 1 6, when Thomas Q. Seabrooke appeared in the first act of 
" The Grand Vizier." WiHiam H. Crane in the third act of " Hii 
Wife's Father." and Kathryn Kidder in the second act of "MrnF. 
Sans (j6ne ; " William. Gillette delivered an address, Bessie Bonehill 
sang, and the Merriles Sisters danced. " A Duel of Hear ts," 
aixangesLicDro the mannacript of Jean Davenport LandCLLoy maida 
Craigen and Frederick Paulding, was acted the afternoon of May 24, 
to dttriTcharitable institution. It had this cast: Lady Stanhope, 
Maida Craigen ; Countess, Bertha Welby ; Alicia Beauchamp, Clara 
Glendinning; Therese, Maud Winter; Eugene, Arthur Forrest; 
Louis, Edward S. Abeles; John Brooke, Harry St. Maur; Harry 
O'Donnell, Herman Hirscbbers; Bertram Talcott, George C. Olm- 
stead; Pierre Raton. Benjamin Monteith. " JLittle Christop her" 
cloted the season June i. A novel amnaement scheme was put 
in operation for the first time the afternoon of July 30, under the 
management of Chas. Jefferson. It was an automatic base-ball ex- 
hibition, wherein games played by the New York teama with their 
competitors were faithfully reproduced ; but the experiment was a 
failure, and the house was closed after a few exhibitions. 

The next season opened Aug. 29, 1895, ^^^^ " Fleur de Lis ," J. 
Cheever Goodwin and Wm. Forst's comic opera from the PKnch. 
The cast was: 

Count dea Escarrfoilles JcfF de Angclis 
Frederick .... Melville .Stewart 
Marquis .... Alfred Wheelan 
Cbrtolophe . . . Chas. J. Campbell 

Balot Cbai. Dungan 

Jacob .... Edward Knight 
Uaptiste Steve Porter 

There was no performance Aug. 30, 31, owing to the illness of 
DeUa Fox. ** The Shop Girl." by H. J. Dam and Ivan Caryus was 
first heard in America Oct. 28, and the cast was : 

Isnbcllc Ida Fitzhugh 

Charlotte Kate Uart 

Madame Jsoob . . Alice Cameron 

TheicM Ella Aubrey 

Nanette Lanim Wainalbrd 

Flenr dc Us Ddla Fox 

Hooley W. H. Rawlins 

Charies Apoleby . . Sfmaonr Hicks 
Bertie Boyd . George GitMsmith, Jr. 

John Brown M. Dwyer 

George Appleby . . Walter McEwen 
Geoige Honey 

Count St Vanrlea . Herbert Sparling 

Tweets Alfred Asher 

Mig^les Bertie Wright 

Bessie Brent ... Ethel Sydney 
La^y Dodo Singleton . . Aonie Albii 

John Drew reappeared here Jan. 6, 1896, in " The Bauble Shop** 
by R. C. Carlton. This was followed by an adaptation from Dumas 
called " The Squire of Dames," seen for the first time in America. 

In Paris this play was called " L'Ami des Femmes." John Drew 
closed his engagement Feb. 8. The house was dark Feb. io, and 
was reopened Feb. 1 1, with I'. Coppee's " For the Crown," translated 
from the French by Cliarles Kennaulds. The cast was : 
yoL.iu.— S3 

Digitized by Google 


CoBstaaiiii .... Edmud Vroom 

Midid Charles G. Oaig 

EtiCMie John A. Lane 

Benko Charles Kent 

A Turkish Cbtef . . . F. M. Pa^et 
.... Beajamin Hormog 

OunMch Harry Allen 

Page Ida Soltce 

Watchman FM. Pa^et 

Princess Kose Cogl-.lan 

Militxa ..... Maud Harrisnn 

ADoa Olive West 

A number of prominent actors and actresses were seen at each 
performance as supernumeraries. A benefit was given on the after- 
noon of Feb. i8 in aid of a Church Hospital and Dispensary, when 
" Saints and Sinners " was presented. On Feb. 24 there was a 
change in the cast of " For_the Crown," Charles Kent playing 
Michel i F. M. Paget, Benko; arid~Marcus Moriarty, the Watchman. 

Julia Mariowe Taber began an engagement March 9 in " Romeo 
and Juliet," cast thus: 

Paris . . 
Moniagnc . 
Capalet . . 

Romeo . . 
Mercutio . 
Tybalt . . 
Friar Laurence 

Edwin Howard 
. Arthur B. Price 
Dodson L. Mitchell 

. . Robert Taber 
Thomas L. Coleman 
. Frederic Murphv 
Henry Meredith 

Peter . . 
Lady Capalet 
Juliet . . 
Nurse . . 
Lady McnUfiie 

. . William F. Owen 
Edmund Lawrence 
. Eugenia Woodward 

. Julia Marlowe Taber 
. . Mrs. Sol Smith 
.... Eda Abeile 

" She Stoops to Conquer,'* was presented March 16-17; and "The 

Hunchback" March 18. 

" Henry IV." was presented March 19, 20, 1896, and had this cast : 

Henry IV. ... Henry Meredith 
Prince of Wales Julia Marlowe Taber 
John of Lancaster . . . Alice Parks 
Westmoreland . . Frederic Murphy 

Blunt Arthur B. Price 

Worcester .... Henry Doughty 
Northumberland Dodson L. Mitchell 
Hotspur Robert Taber 

Douglas . . . 
Sir John Falstaff . 
Poins . . 
Peto . 

Bardolph . 
Lady I'ercv' 
Mistress Quickly 

Thomas L. Coleman 
. William F. Owen 
Edmund Lawrence 
. T. L. Cartwright 
Dodson L. MitcheO 
Edwin Howard 
Euj'cnia Woodward 
. Mrs. Sol. Smith 

" As You Like It." was played at the mating, March 31 ; "Romeo 
and Juliet," the night of March 21. 
j-^Rose Coghlan returned here March 23 in ** Madame " by Chas. 
{ Coghfain, which had this cast : 

Gerald Hazel . . HaningUMi Reynold 
I Vincent Bellamy . . . Charles Kent 

Arthur Fitzmorria 
Freeman . . . 
Mr. Owen . . . 
Capt. Jones . . 
Capt. Gist . . . 

. . Arthur Forrest 

Frederic Robinson 
. Harry St. Maur 
. . George Honey 
Chartes Edwin 

Fletcher . . 
Spencer . . . 
Priscilla Bellamy 
Wilson . . , 
Annie . . . 
Madame Morensky 

. . Harold Vizard 
Franklvn Roberts 
, . Amy lJusby 
. . Kate Magnus 
. Margaret Wald 
. . Rose Coghkn 

This was its first representation on any stage. On the afternoon 
of March 31 a performance was given for the benefit of the A. C. 
Sisterhuod, a Hebrew charitable organization. Students of the 

Digitized by Google 



Empire Theatre dramatic school presented three one-act plays, viz: 
" Your Very H umble Servant," "The Major's Appointment.** and 
" Thg Plying Wylpe." Se\ cral prorcsslonal actors also contributed 
to the programme. " Madame Sans Gene," came April 6, for two 
weeks. The theatre was closed the week of April 20, and was re- 
opened April 27, with Prof. Herrmann, the magician. On May 18 
there was a special performance for the benefit of the New York 
Herald Ice Fund, when Prof. Herrmann gave his latest trick in 
which SIX bullets were supposed to be fired at his breast by six 
aharp-shootere from the National Guard. The theatre closed after 
May 18, and was reopened Oct. 5, with ' J^Mary Pennington," by W. 
R. Walkes, which had this cast : Timothy Hale, George Woodward ; 
Geoffrey Armstrong. Frank Atherley ; Algy Bloomfield, Orrin John- 
son; Mary Pennington, Georgia Cay van; Lady Mait)and» Annie 
Sutherland ; Prudence Bering. Mary Jerrold. 

" Squire Kate," by Robert Buchanan, was produced on Oct. 19, 
with this cast : 

Lord Silversnake 
Dr. DattOtt . . 
Jabes .... 
Catherine Thoqw 

Hetty Thorpe 

. Lionel Barrymore j Silas 

Thomas Bridgeland Gaffer Kingsley . 
Charles Thropp I Jeoffrey Doone 

Georgia Cayvan 
Florence Conron 

Amanda Jane Thistledown 

Annie Sudierland 

C^corge Heathcote 
Jasper Arundel 
Nash .... 

Henry Howe 
Geo. Woodward 
Frank Atherley 
. Orrin Johnson 

William Herbert 
Albert Browne 

Prof. Herrmann reappeared Nov. 2 for one week. The house was 
closed week <rf Nov. but waa reopened Nov. 16 with ".Roaring 
Dick and Co.,** by Maurioe Banymore, the caatof which waa:* 

Pontifex W. J. Le Moyne 

C. A. Smiley 

Dick Pontilex . . Maurice 


Dr. Lightwood . . 
I)ougla.H liranscombe 
Ghrimes . . . . 
Mr. South 

C Leslie Allen 
Henry Hagge 
J. L. Wooderson 
Edward Coleman 

Dr. Behrctts jay Wilson 

Pattkk H. J. HoUklay 

Dole . . . 
Cassidy . . 
George Spiller 
Evelyn Dare 
Martha Price 
Mrs Bulger 
Hester . . 

Janes R. Smith 
Mornn Coman 
L. McLaughlin 

. . S. Guilford 
Kditli Crane 
Eva Vincent 
. Alice Gordon 
Grace Bahmtine 
France* Wheeler 

A. M . Falmer anrrendered the lease of thia theatre on Nov. 16, 
and Theo. Moss became manager. On Monday, Nov. 30, the name 

of Palmer which had been over the two main entrances to the theatre 
was painted out. On Saturday, Dec. 5. the name of Palmer was 
painted out on the high wall of the theatre. 

December 7, 1896, was memorable in the history of this house, 
for on that date it received back its original name of " W'allack's 
Theatre. ' In the course of an interview with Mr. Theo. Muss, be 
aaid that Mr. Falmer'a lease did not expire on Dec. i next, but ran 

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until October, 1898; that Mr. Palmer owed him $30,000 for rent ; 
Mr. Palmer had agreed to pay the ground rent, taxes, interest on 
mortgages and insurance, and to give Mr. Moss a percentage of the 
profits on all plays produced in the house, and on some of those 
played by his travelling companies. In the body of the lease, it 
appeared that Mr. Moss was to have twenty-five per cent of these 
profits and a clause at the bottom of the document appeared to fix 
it at fifty per cent. E. S. Willard returned to this theatre Dec. 14. 
in " The Rogue's Comedy," by Henry Arthur Jones, acted for the 
first time in New York, and with this cast: 

Bailey Prothcro . - . E. S. Willard 
Lady Dovergreen Virginia Buchanan 
Thomas Dovergreen 

Bromley Davenport 

Mi.<is Jennison 
William Clarabut 
Lady Clarabut . 
Nina Clarabut . . 
John Bucklow 
Marquis of Bicester 

Olga Brandon 
Frank Cornell 
Mrs. H. Cane 
Maude Venner 
Stewart Allen 
Percy Winter 

George Lambert 
Sydenham . 
Reffell . . 
H ubbock 
Chester . . 
Miss Proye 
Mrs. Reffell 
Palmer . . 
Robert Cushing 

. . Oswald Yorke 
E. W. Thomas 
H. G. Lonsdale 
Earle Brown 
. Charles Robinson 
Violet Armbrustcr 
. . Agnes Knight 
. Harry Barfool 
, . . Harry Cane 

This play was repeated Dec. 21, 22, 23; "The Middleman " was 
revived Dec. 24 and Christmas matinee Dec. 25 ; " The Professor's 
Love Story" was heard Dec. 25, also night and matinee Dec. 26; 
" In Gay New York," came Dec. 28, for one week. Lucy Daly, 
Alice Veazie, Nana Fairhurst, Gertrude Zella, Stella Gray, Grace 
Spencer, Rene Kgan, Jessie Haines, Josephine Stanton, Gussie Dean. 
Walter Jones, Arthur V. Gibson, E. S. Tarr, James G. Peakes, Frank 
H. Hammond, Pelham Wilkes, Lee Harrison, Gilbert Gregory, 
James A. Furey, Wm. Sellcry, William Torpey, Peter Curley, F'oster 
Farror, James Prouty. Wm. E. Ritchie. J. C. Newell, William Dunlay, 
Frank Farrington, Rose Witt, and Heloise Dupont were in the 
company. The opera of " Kismet, o r Two Tang le d Turks " by 
Richard E. Carroll and Gustave lverker,~was producea Jan. 4, 1897, 
with this cast: 

Kismet Camille d'Arville 

Haideez R. F. Carroll 

Chinchilla Wm. .Steiger 

Dan de Lyon .... Wm. Hatch 

Ovah Henry Leoni 

Gerlad Gerome 

Lillian Cooley 

uezzim . . Kred A. Tracey 
b Julian Horton 

B-Jeebers . 
Absinthea . 
Fat Mah 
Lazeli . . 
Lena . ■ 

Chas. Randolph 
. Belle Buckiin 
. Rose Leighton 
Crissie Carlyle 
. Nellie Parker 
Emma Levy 
Edith Atkinson 
Grace Freeman 

_he Sorceress of Palmistr>'." by Giles Reynolds Warren, was 
acted afternoon of Jan. 7, 1897, for the benefit of a local charity, 
house was closed Jan. 25. and Margaret Mather presented 
mbcline," Jan. 26, with this cast: 

Digitized by Google 




Cymbeline . 
Cloten . 
Gulderhn . 
Arviragus . 
Pisanio . . 

. O Kane Hillis I Queen . 
li. T. Ringgold [ Helen 
Harrison J. VVolfe Imogen . 

. E. A. Eberle First Page 

Gound Cmumd lachftno 
Frederick Hartley Phihrio 

. . L^on Pratt I Caius Lucius 

. P. b1 Marnqrl ARoouwCaplain 

Angusta De Forrest 
. Elsie Sturkow 
Margaret Mather 
Fanaie Oe Wolfe 
. . Mark Price 
C. E. Larned 
. W. V. Raaous 
Walter Momw 

Julia Marlowe followed Feb. 8, as the heroine in " Romeo end 

Juliet," with Robert Taber as Romeo. On Feb. 15, "JFor^onnie"^ 
Fringe^ Cj^afHe." adapted from the French of Francois Copp^e"^/ / 
T. I. C. Cl ark, was produced, witli this cut: i 

k I 

Charles Edward 
Lord Clan morris 
Cameron of Lochiel 
Gordon McLaren 
Marquis D'Eperon 
Angus .... 
MacDuff . . . 

. . . Bassett Roe 
Dodson L. Mitchell 
Henry Doughty 

H. A. Langdon 
Algernon Tassin 
. Robert Taber 

Duncan G. W. Anson 

Old Enoch . . . Hawley Francks | 

Donald E. L. Stuart f 

Joe Alice Parks | 

Lady Clanmorris Eueenia Woodward I 
Lady Munmy . . . Katherine Wilson I 
Mary Julia Marlowe | 

. . Frederick Murphy 

The house was closed Feb. 22, but was reopened Feb. 23 with 
*' Miss Manhattan, " the book by fi^orge V. Hobart, music by F. 
Pnebrin^ flSTHenMa Perkt. The cast was: 

Nicholas Knickerbocker Renbca Fas 
ChoUie Knickerbocker 

WiHtam Cameron 

Dodge Kay-Belkars . . . John Young 

. . Budd Ros.s 
. Harry Watson 
. H. G. VerooD 
. . JohaKoefe 

Patrolman Pynche 
Bun Kojames . . 
Greene S. Gcaaa . 

Marjorie Manhattan . Mamie Gllroy 
Mra. Vaaaatei|;ool 

Genevieve Reynolde 

Hattie Harlem . . Helen Byron 
(irace Goulet- Reims Inez .Mecusker 
Ma0le Fitttlromons 

May Steveos Boyeseo 

Tins play was originally acted in Pfiiladelptiin April 20, 1896. 

The theatre wa;5 reopened Sept. 13, 1897, with " A fcoat of Many I 
Colors," by Madeline Lucette Ryley, cast thus: 

Saunders Edward See 

Waiter Edwin James 

Mn.Maieodie . . . ElUe Wilton 
EstlMHT (Sanninf . . . Effie Shamion 
Lola MeWUrter Walboys 

Georgia Busby 

Florian Walboys, William J. Le Moyne 
Herman Walboys . Herbert Kelcey 
Hamiltoa Walboya . . Bnioe MacRas 
Wmiam MeWhhter EAnand D. Lyons 

Spoflbrd Robinson . . Burr Mcintosh 
Teddy Whiffler . . Richard Brinton 

E. S. Willard returned here Oct. 4 with the first American repr 
sentation of "The Physician,** hy Henry Arthur Jones. The cast 

of which was: 

Lewin Carey . . . 
Walter Ampbiel . . 
Rev. Peregrine Hiads 
Dr. Brooker . . . 
Stephen Gurdon . 

James HebUogs 

John Dlbtey . . 

Viccars .... 
Edana Hinde . . 

. Mr. WUJard 
. OiwaUYorke 

Verner Clargers 
. . Mr. H. Cane 
. . J. G. Taylor 
Bromlnr Davenport 
. . Stewart Allen 
. . George Gaston 
Maud Hoffman 

Lady Valerie CamviUe 

Mrs. Bowden . 
Mrs. Dibley . 
Louisa Pack . 
Sarah Gurdon 
Saadeis . . 
Lizile . . . 

Keith Wakeman 

. Mrs. H. Cane 
May Rot>erts 
Oswald Yorfce 

• . Rabyl 

Mrs. K. a. 
. Mary Van Bnien 

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"The Middleman" was presented Oct. i8, 19,20; "The Pro- 
lessor's Love Story," Oct. 21, 33, 33, 3$, 26 and matinee Oct. 37; 
"The Rogue's Comedy,'* Oct 37,38; *'Tbe Middleman" the rest 

of the week. 

Julia Arthur came here Nov. i, with the first performance in Uiit 
city of " A Lady of Oualitv," a dramatization, by Frances Hodgson 

Burnett and StephelTTbwnscnd, ol Mrs. Bumetrs novel of the 

.name. The cast was: 


ijoba Oxoa .... Edwin Arden 
• Dulceof OHnoode . . . Scott Inglis 
•Eariof DoBStsnwolde 

Stephen Townsend 

" Humphrey Ware 
. Lord EJdenhaira 
I Charles Lovelace 

Loffd Twemlow 
. Jeoffrey Wildairs 
Christopher Crowell 
Harry Granville . 
' Joatph Gnimble . 

Albert Browne 
T. B. Bnd pland 
Heilieit r ofticr 

Lawrence Miller 
George Woodward 
Joseph Allen 
. . W.^Thorold 
J« il. Arnold 

Chaplain .... KobsctMcWade 
Dick Hardy . . . Wiman Herbert 

George CaBSiOfe George N. Foster 

Jenifer Marcus Moriarty 

Gregory J. H. Lo|fan 

Lady Betty TaatUkm 

Edid Knlgbt MoIBmb 
Anne Wildairs . . Florence Conron 
Mistress Wiinp>ole . Marie Bingham 
A Country Girl . . . Maad Norman 
Oorioda WUdaifs . . . Julia Arthur 

^ On Dec. 13 
TW. Presbery. 

I Marquis de Cas 

Jean Lafitte . 
George Villais 
Felix Laussat . 
Victor Laussat 
Dewey Bedford 
Father Angelo 
Dclchaiso . • 
Col. PreatOB . 

" A Ward of France," by . Frankly n Fy lcs and Eugene 
was produced, with this cast : '""^ 

a Calvo 

Joseph E. Whiting 
Maurice Barrymore 
. Geoige Osborne 
Henry Herman 
Stephen Grattan 
. . Max Figman 
Stephen Wright 
. T. T. Whitting 
. . Frank Cornell 
. . .Mr. Wilson 
. ElHa ProMor Otis 

Flower Moyne 
Mmc. Calvo 
Sister Agnes 
FstrcHa . . 
Mile. Dufour 
Mile. Nanon 
Marie . . 
ConstSBOe . 
Elsie . . 
Jacquette . 

. . Una Abell 
. Maud Granger 
. Maude Winter 
. . MabdBcrt 
Ursula Gumett 
Annie Thornton 
. Miss Hoffman 
JeMie Woodward 
Uanche Johnson 
. Miss Morrow 
. .Edith Ward 

" The Sal^ o f t^|fi.£illt^»" Jos eph A rthur, was produced Jan. 3, 
1898. It bad I1&is cast : 

Tom Theodore Babcoclc 

Mathew May . . George W. Wilson 
Jean A'Lairabie . . . Frank Lander 
" Doctor " McBriggs . K. A. Robtrts 
Isaac Kelly . . George W.